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The condition of mind when nothing appears to provide solace, when life appears to have gone in vein; and when past, present and future appear to be null and void; one tends to start “sinking�! One becomes desperate for help and totally diffident to do anything. One’s life begins to appear a tragic story of deception and defeat! This condition of mind; when nothing and nobody appear to provide any vitality; that one needs most urgently, is like gasping for

breath or actual death! This is shattering, uprooting and devastating! In such totally dark and hopeless state of void; one “hears” a loving call from one’s innate core! “I am inviting you and waiting for you my dear; come on! I am always there with you through millennia! But you were getting oblivious to me from time to time for one reason or another! But this is how it happens. Unless your

subjective realm gets dissolved, you can not notice me!” This call fills one’s existence inside and out. It is extremely distinct. It is enlivening and recharging every molecule of body and in fact the whole being! It is unforgettable! It is haunting from within and without! This call I believe; is that of; one’s guru! I think if one cherishes this extremely energizing and

empowering call; and reminds oneself of it repeatedly; then one can proceed with NAMASMARAN in a more buoyant and more pleasant manner, without ever going into despair on the one hand and helping millions to rejuvenate and blossom on the other!