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Once; someone ridiculed the idea of consuming cow urine; as a therapeutic agent. I had not studied Ayurveda in those days and was not sure whether the cow products such as ghee, curd, milk, urine and dung, of cow are really beneficial for health and if so in what way and how. So I argued that it was not fair to ridicule the ideas without proper study and research, merely on the basis of some unfounded prejudices and delusions. Cow and many other animal products can be useful medicinally. Having said that; it must be realized; that mere utilitarian view point can be counter productive. It is important to acquire and practice holistic perspective and holistic rectification of our concepts and our actions in every field, which is possible only through the individual and global blossoming, through NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering your true self. (You can get more explanation about NAMASMARAN in my articles and books). Presently we are being governed by superficiality, pettiness, dullness, lassitude, parasitism, ethnocentricity,

individualistic obsessions, and many perverted elements (which we justify and feel proud of) at the cost of other living and nonliving elements in the nature, hence we come across such statements. At that time I was not in retaliatory mood, so I did not point out that every person who consumes meat in one form or another actually consumes dead bodies of animals (can be called some kind of necrophagia) and also consumes the urine and the dung of that animal (can be called some kind of urophagia and coprophagia)! Even as we uphold the principle of nonviolence we are slaves of our cruel obsession to keep on practicing not merely violence per se, but viciously perverted violence in killing and eating dead animals and glorifying and glamorizing it as if it is the ultimate pleasure in life! The shameless hype of all this leads to perpetuation of the perversion into the next generations far and wide in the world!

I do not want to blame any one but only to appeal to find out if we are in inner harmony through all this or we are simply delirious! Such introspection is possible through universally acceptable and practical process of NAMASMARAN! NAMASMARAN is like a process of oxygenation of the dying organism! We urgently need it! Through such introspection what I have realized is, eating animals is a matter of slavery to one’s own cravings, which are aggravated by media hype, promotion, glamorization, glorification of such slavish trends; upheld by many slaves in the positions of leadership (political, economic, cultural, scientific etc.)! I have begun to understand that: 1. Considering cow as a mother is far more evolved and cultured than killing and eating her.

2. Considering rivers as mothers is far more evolved and cultured than simply treating them as utility of life. 3. Treating plants as goddesses such as holy basil i.e. ocimum sanctum and ceremoniously worshipping them, is far more evolved and cultured than treating it is as a living element low in the scale of evolution. 4. This applies to the earth also. Considering earth as mother viz. DHARANI MATA is far more evolved and cultured than treating it as obvious element on which we live! 5. In short, it is a far more advanced culture, in which the nature around is worshipped with festive spirit and never exploited. 6. The cruelty, exploitativeness, ungratefulness are (even if they are glamorized, glorified, hyped and promoted as superior) counterproductive and cast detrimental influence on others; thus throttling, suffocating and thwarting the blossoming process of individuals and universe!