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mailbox INTERESTING INSIGHTS I am an IT professional and a parent. I am getting a number of insights on children’s growth phases and behaviour-related issues, all of which are very useful. In the past, whenever we had doubts about these, we could only ask our parents or our friends. But now, after reading Parent Circle, we are confident of becoming better parents. SANDEEP THALLOORY


NEED FOR SLEEP The article ‘Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?’ (February 2014 issue) is an eye-opener for all teachers and parents. Children who face board exams do not sleep for more than 5 to 6 hours a day. The reality is that children can survive with little food and no exercise, but all children need sleep. I would also like to add that television viewing significantly relates to lack of sleep.

Vasanthi Suresh Baabu

The article ‘5 Tips for Working Moms’, in the February 2014 issue, gives useful ideas to moms for managing their day-to-day lives. Articles like these will help working women tide over the pressures at work, at home and in one’s family. They are the utmost need of the hour. Priya Rajseshan

CAMBODIA, WITHOUT AIR FARE I enjoyed reading ‘The Beautiful Ruins of Cambodia’ (February 2014). I am 75 years old and I cannot make a trip to Cambodia with ease. But reading this article gave me the feeling of stepping on the golden soil of Cambodia, thus fulfilling my urge to visit the place. Kudos to the team for writing about this historical wonder!



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ONTHEWEB a reader asks When can I start taking my babies for long outings or movies? Sandeep T, dad of 10-month-old twins. There is no hard and fast rule about taking babies on outings, and when it should be done. A successful outing with an infant depends a lot on the clothes, toys and food that you carry for them, and their temperament. Some babies are reserved and intimidated by new places; others love outings and will easily attune themselves to their new surroundings, as these outings expose them to new and exciting experiences. Sometimes, babies can also behave unpredictably when it comes to new experiences. Be prepared and deal with this calmly. As a parent, you just have to adapt to your twins’ evolving social skills and learn to cope. More than this, your mindset is important. If you are conditioned to think that the outing will be disastrous, it will end up that way. But if you feel happy and optimistic about the outing, it will be a fun outing for all of you. Remember that it is all in the mind. Also don’t forget to take your sense of humour with you. Going to a friend’s house or a beach or a park is fine for a 10-month-old, but a movie is not advisable. During formal gatherings like engagements or weddings, try to sit at the back, so that you can slip out easily if either of your babies becomes restless or starts crying uncontrollably. Take turns with your spouse in taking the baby outside to settle him/her down. MINI RAO, PSYCHOLOGIST

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