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”If you cannot see yourself as a winner, it is not worth participating” Miss Universe India



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43. Cover Story

Vasuki Sunkavalli

14 Entertainment

Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Sports

50 Tulip Special

18 Tinsel Town

A look at what’s happening in town!

28 Lifestyle

A Day From Her Diary, Movie and Books’ Reviews, Art and Pets

40 Expedition

European Winter Destination - Turkey, Czech Republic & Greece

46 Wellbeing

Dance Yoga & Jazz workout

48 Habitat

Good Luck Charms

Designer Decor, History & significance of Jewellery in India, Nightlife in Hyderabad & Children’s Day

59 Kinship

Gaurav Shah with Mohini Patel & Craft ideas for Seashell

62 Automobiles

Latest in Bugatti, Harley Davidson & Deronda

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Latest in Razer, Logitech, Corum & Toshiba

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Know your fortune this month

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK This issue is a bit more unique in a way that it has covered one of the most discussed topics through the town – Fashion. Winter is yet to hit in mid-November and so, a list of three perfect winter destinations of Europe (Turkey, Czech Republic and Greece) are featured under Expedition. A small opinion on how the nature of music reality shows has been, over the recent years in India. Filmfare and National Film awardee and a gorgeous Indian actress of yesteryears – Sharmila Tagore was chosen for this issue, under Star Icon. Vasuki Sunkavalli from I am She fame graces the cover of this issue. Born in Hyderabad, she talks to Tulip about her modeling days and her journey to representing India at Miss Universe 2011 pageant. Showing various interests all through her life, she also mentions about her achievements in Basketball, beyond pursuing Law from Symbiosis International University. People around us influence a lot, don’t they? They always have and they always will! As young kids, we always dreamed to have all the luxurious facilities in life, while looking at people around us, admiring them and wishing we had similar possessions. Not to be deuced human nature or mindsets, as that’s how we were before. But as we grow, we often tend to realize - more than these, being happy matters the most. Yes, not many of us were matured enough to conceive that this was the most important precept for human survival. Now it is! We now say - success is all about being happy! We have a more perceptible definition for life now and that is – happiness and being in a position to make someone happy. These will be the moments you recall. THREE THINGS I LEARNED FROM THIS ISSUE I know it should be celebrated daily, but Children’s Day is a more special day for the young kids of the nation. The day reminds to each and every one of us, to renew our commitment to the welfare of children and teach them to live by their Chacha Nehru’s quality and vision. People of Hyderabad do not think twice on spending more on their engagements, weddings and birthdays. A one-time investment, but these best memories are cherished evermore. Beyond a mere urge to sport the trendiest of the jewellery; if looked back and delved deeper, it was one the richest cultures in India. More like a requisite, it is a blissful part of any auspicious ceremony among Indians and in other countries too, as a matter of fact.


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NOVEMBER, 2011 13





Elizabeth Hurley and her fiancé Shane Warne will wait a while before they tie the knot, so they can enjoy being engaged. The Gossip Girl actress, who split from her first husband, textile heir Arun Nayar, last December, with their divorce completed in the summer - got engaged to the former cricketer earlier this month, but she admitted the pair is not going to rush into a wedding. Liz said –‘It’s a very exciting time for me and Shane. We aren’t making any immediate plans to get married - we’re going to enjoy being engaged for a while.’ Elizabeth - who has a nine-year-old son, Damian, with former flame Steve Bing, while Shane has children Brooke, Summer and Jackson with his ex-wife Simone Callahan - said the 42-yearold sportsman makes her feel happy and she is glad her son gets along well with Shane’s kids. She added – ‘We both want to spend more time with our families and Damian and I are looking forward to visiting Australia together in the near future. We have a lot of fun together, we laugh a lot and that’s very important to me. I couldn’t put up with the seriousness for too long.’


The actor filmed close to live animals in We Bought A Zoo and was left in awe by scenes he shot so close to the jungle animal, which had a zebra in its sights. He said –‘I’d never seen a lion up close and when you look at their eyes they look like they are 1,000 years old. They look like you can see into their soul, it was really amazing. What they did to get him to look my way was they walked a zebra about 100 yards behind me and the lion looks up, boom like that! When you see that you just step back, it’s so impressive, particularly to be between the lion and the zebra. It was really, really amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that.’ Matt is currently working on Elysium - which is due for release n 2013 and says he has high hopes for the movie. He said – ‘I play a guy who’s been in and out of prison and is very different from any role I’ve ever played. I have very, very high hopes for the movie. I think it’s going to be really good.’


So apparently, fastening a little seat belt on the airplane is too much for Whitney Houston to handle. After boarding a Delta flight in Atlanta, Houston was asked to buckle her seat belt as are all flyers but she refused. When a second member of the crew told Houston she would be removed from the plane if she did not put on her seat belt, Houston still refused to buckle her belt (which was highly annoying to the rest of the passengers). Finally Whitney allowed a crew member to do it for her. At that point the plane was finally cleared for take-off. According to a close friend of Whitney’s, the troubled singer overreacted a little bit after missing an earlier flight but she’s still 100% sober and was on the way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a new movie. She missed an earlier flight so she took out her frustration on innocent passengers! The crew member of the flight quoted seriously – ‘that is just plain rude! I don’t care who you are or who you may think you are, no one is above putting on their seat belt on the flight.

14 NOVEMBER, 2011





Hrithik Roshan’s small screen debut as a judge on reality dance show - Just Dance has garnered the maximum television rating points (TRPs). Even the charisma of Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 5 and the rugged Akshay Kumar in Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 couldn’t pull his popularity down. Hrithik, 37, was one of the judges on show with choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan and choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. The show opened at a cumulative rating of 4.7, which is the highest opening of a reality show this year, media research agency TAM said. The finale was watched by 97 million viewers. The much anticipated Bigg Boss 5 with Salman and Sanjay Dutt opened at 4.3 and Akshay’s Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 opened at 3.



The Bachchan Bahu, Aishwarya Rai had her baby shower (godh bharai) recently at the Bachchan residence - Jalsa, in Mumbai. It is heard that the ceremony was being planned carefully by mum-in-law, Jaya Bachchan, who is very particular about Ash’s jewellery, clothes and even the guest list. Aishwarya Rai is currently in her 8th month of pregnancy and is due to deliver in November. In India, it so happens that this ritual is conducted by the in laws and then, the girl goes to her parents place until her delivery. Abhishek told a tabloid - We’ve not been given a date yet, but yes, it is a November baby. That will take the number of November borns in the Bachchan family to six, starting with my grandfather Harivansh Rai Bachchan, my father-inlaw Krishnakant Rai, Aishwarya, my nephew Agastya and my pet dog Shanook.’ I will be with Aishwarya when she delivers. I can’t wait to hold our baby,’ he added. Speaking of the guest list - Gauri Khan, Sonali Bendre, Sussanne Roshan, Kirron Kher, Manyata Dutt, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavna Pandey are a few guest among those invited.


BOLLYWOOD’S TOM CRUISE Shahid Kapoor’s Mausam may not have won many hearts but this hasn’t let the actor down. In fact Shahid has bagged the biggest project of his career. Well, Fox Studios has decided to cast the young actor in the Hindi remake of 2010 romantic action comedy Knight And Day, which originally starred Tom Cruise. The Bollywood version will be directed by Siddharth Anand. Fox Star the original producers of the film decided to cast Shahid in the lead role. A source told - ‘Fox Studio feels that Shahid has immense potential to carry out Tom Cruise’s histrionics convincingly. They find him to be an actor who portrays a gamut of emotions if and when required.’ The leading lady for the project is yet to be finalized; the official announcement is on its way. They will announce it soon enough as they want to go on the floors next year. NOVEMBER, 2011 15




A DECADE OF STYLE Allu Arjun has been a sure entertainer in Telugu cinema. Did we know that he has completed a decade already? He has! From the time he debuted in Gangotri where he played a bucolic lover boy in the Raghavendra Rao directorial, he has evolved as a mini style icon. While Arya made him an undeniable youngster of Tollywood, Happy showed to the world his ease at gelling with the lady lead. His sense of fashion doubled his appeal. The experimentation with his hair look in Desamuduru opened new vistas for him. He later repeated the feat in Arya 2, which stood out as the best performance by the actor till date. Parugu made the statement that he can oscillate between the suave and the middle class quite easily. However, it was Vedam that established his credentials as a committed actor. He is a tough dancer with a never-say-die spirit. He is known for nearimpossible dance moves and curious dialogue delivery. An accidental actor, who wanted to be a piano player and a martial arts coach, the Andhra Michael Jackson is an awesome hero whom the film industry could not have missed.



BEAUTY QUEEN’S COMEBACK The undisputed queen of Indian cinema Sridevi is gearing up to make a comeback on big screen. The actress quit acting after her marriage with producer Boney Kapoor. Recently, there are rumours that she might feature in Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s 150th film as heroine. But, the actress quashed all the rumours. Sridevi is known for her aura, her acting skills, her dance, her expressions and what not. Her fans are showing and expressing a keen desire to see her return on big screen. It is learnt that, she is going to act in her come back film in Hindi titled English Vinglish under the direction of Gauri Shinde. The film is produced by Balki. Keeping her star status, the makers of the film are planning to release the movie simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil as well. ‘Whatever might be the language she chooses, we want to see the beauty Queen of Indian Cinema on screen,’ says an enthusiastic fan.


If everything goes well, Pawan Kalyan will be seen as James Bond in one of his forthcoming movies. Well, we have earlier reported that director Surender Reddy wish to direct a film with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and the latest buzz seems that the director’s dream have come true. Surender Reddy is said to have narrated a story to Pawan and the Power Star who was impressed with the storyline has readily given his nod to Stylish director. The film is touted as a stylish James bond movie and it will be produced by R Venkat on RR Movie Makers banner. Though initially Surender Reddy planned it with Mahesh, due to unavailability of Super Star’s call sheets, the handsome offer landed on Power Star’s laps. 16 NOVEMBER, 2011





In a tournament played at the Disney World resort, England’s world number one golfer was not going to allow the headline Donald Ducks Challenge to be written. So, after originally planning a week off, Luke Donald is in Florida and battling with American Webb Simpson to decide which of them will be the PGA Tour’s leading money-winner this season. ‘There was never really a decision to be made - I have a chance of making history,’ said Donald. The money list title has lost some of its status in the United States with the introduction of the FedEx Cup playoffs - Bill Haas won that a month ago - but nobody has ever topped the standings on both sides of the Atlantic in the same season.




Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull are extremely motivated to continue their dominance of Formula One into next season. The German secured his second consecutive world title two races ago in Japan, while his team secured the constructors’ title last time out at the Korean Grand Prix. Vettel, who has won 10 races and qualified on pole position 12 times so far in 2011, has never been realistically threatened in the drivers’ standings since winning the first race of the year in Australia. And while he knows that it will be tough to maintain the same kind of advantage for a second straight season, the 24-year-old believes the team is well equipped to stay one step ahead of the competition. ‘We’ve put the benchmark very high, we know that it has been a special season from all sides,’ Vettel said, as he visited the Red Bull base in Milton Keynes. ‘I had a very good run, the team had a very good run and reliability was great. We’ve had no technical failures with the car so far you obviously build those cars on the limit and they’re not supposed to break but they do from time to time.’


Allen Craig’s sixth-inning go-ahead single lifted the St Louis Cardinals to a 3-2 victory over the Texas Rangers in the World Series opener. On a chilly evening at St Louis’ Busch Stadium, Craig’s pinch-hit RBI proved the difference in a contest that saw starting pitchers Chris Carpenter and CJ Wilson restrict both teams to six hits apiece at the World Series opener. Lance Berkman put St Louis in charge with a two-run single in the fourth inning, before Mike Napoli leveled things up for Texas with a two-run homer in the fifth. The game-deciding play came in the very next inning, Craig’s single to right field just evading the clutches of Nelson Cruz and allowing David Freese to run in for the run which gives the Cardinals the lead in the best-of-seven series heading into Game Two. ‘He came right at me with fastballs and I missed the first two,’ Craig said of his hit off Rangers reliever Alexi Ogando. NOVEMBER, 2011 17



JADE BLUE Outlet Inauguration Jade Blue, the luxury lifestyle merchandise outlet for men, made its way to Hyderabad now. It is the 13th and the largest store in India. The Chairman and the Managing Director Jitendra Chauhan and Director Bipin Chauhan unveiled exclusive collection of this brand and many other brands in a fashion show. Famous models like Aryan Vaid, Shahwar Ali walked the ramp in the fashion show choreographed and directed by Utsav Dholakia.

Owners with Models

Jitendra Chauhan


Exterior look


Nikitha Narayan

Harshwardhan 18 NOVEMBER, 2011

Manisha Sonal, Anushka Shah and Ashna Misra


Neha & Sameera

Hyderabad is proud to have Anushka Shah winning Miss Hyderabad 2011. Ashana Mishra, the first runner up missed the crown by a fine margin but is happy to be participating in Miss South India. The organizer of the event said that, all the participants are beauty ambassadors for Hyderabad. He also said that five girls have already made it to Miss South India and there are lots more to come. The event happened at an upmarket destination in town. Anushka Shah expressed her happiness by mentioning that this was what exactly she wanted to achieve in her life.

Satish Kanan & Sharvan

NOVEMBER, 2011 19



THEATRE PLAY WHO IS AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? For the first time in Hyderabad and also in India, Marriott had organized a theatre play - Who Is Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? recently. The major purpose of this event, was to make theatre plays in Hyderabad globally famous. The evergreen Ilayaraja provided music for this play for the first time and also stated that he is entering into a new career. This is the only theatre play which was converted into a movie and was nominated for Oscars in all categories. Guests like Jwala Gutta, Dr. Srikanth, Ashwini Kondappa and many more were seen enjoying the evening over cocktail dinner. All the guests admired the show and the characters in the play.

Kamal Kamaraju

Shweta MounikaKirthi 20 NOVEMBER, 2011

Seema Azharuddin


Laxmi Manchu

Diksha Seth

Jayesh Ranjan

Faiz & Nida

Ashwini Kondappa

Kiran & Kavya

NOVEMBER, 2011 21



PRE-DIWALI LUNCH SPECIAL GET-TOGETHER In order to make it a bit different more special this year around, Sonali Sharma organized a pre-Diwali annual lunch to all her close friends at Marriott. Invitees like - Pinky Reddy, Parvathi Reddy, Poonam Chaudhari, Sara Alam Khan, Mona Mehra, Neelu Bagga, Manjula Narsa, Aanchal Bahirwani and Fatima Arshad were seen mingling with each other while munching over Indian, Continental and Thai cuisines. It was a perfect chilled-out afternoon and they were also seen pampering themselves with foot spa and nail art. The party went on till early evenings. Sonali Sharma was glad about the fact that this was a huge hit among the ladies as she received messages from her friends on thanking her.

Sunila Eti

Poonam & Vinni

Sonali Sharma

Fatima Arshad

Lata Reddy

Amrit & Harshit

Shalini .Sneha & Sangeeta Soma

Hemmant Sree 22 NOVEMBER, 2011

Namita Kanodia

Poonam & Namita

Rekha Lahoti

Essara,Saleha & Asra

NOVEMBER, 2011 23



KRSALA 5th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS Krsala celebrated each day of Navratri with nice special discount offers on nice exquisite types of jewellery which lasted for nice days. There were special offers on Necklaces, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Oddiyanams, Tikas, Pendants and pendant sets in gold, diamond and jadau. Krsala also felicitated prominent women achievers of Hyderabad - Anju Poddar, Deepika Reddy, Jwala Gutta, Kiran Krishnamurthy, Lakshmi Manchu, Mithali Raj, Pinky Reddy, Sangeeta Reddy, Shilpa Reddy and Vasuki Sunkavalli at a glittering function at which Bunty Bajaj launched her Twilight Collection (which was an ensemble of white gold and yellow gold embedded with white and yellow diamonds, giving it a Twilight effect).

Jwala Gutta

Pinky Reddy

Shilpa Reddy

Bunty Bajaj

Mithali Raj

Vasuki Sunkavalli

Aparna Bajaj

FORMULA 1 Renault In Hyderabad As F1 races into India, Renault Hyderabad is got ready for an experience of a lifetime for its valued customers. Renault is the winner of 9 F1 championships and powers 3 F1 car engines in the 2011 Indian Grand prix. The people of Hyderabad were invited to view Renault’s winning technology at the Renault showroom and discovered the true thrill of F1 technology. Len Curran, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Renault India, said - Renault team will open two more showrooms in Hyderabad, taking the total to three, by November 2011. 24 NOVEMBER, 2011




BABY SHOWER For Her Sister Aparna, Prakriti and Vibha hosted a baby shower for their sister Divya at a star hotel. Friends came to wish the lovely mom to be, they also played some fun games related to babies and bonded over some mouth watering snacks. Everyone had a good time and while going back they were given some nice cup cakes as return gifts.





Neetu & Sonal


Sahiba & Harleen



DUSSEHRA AND DIWALI Chocolates And Gifts

Sahil Gulati 26 NOVEMBER, 2011


Vishal, Aparna & Mahima

The exhibition of Reetii had hoteliers from Westin and Novotel purchasing the chocolate boxes for themselves. This ambience of the whole exhibition was warm and welcoming. Some of the people who were a part of this exchbition were - Model Abhiram, Aparna Mulani, Gavin Joseph, DJ Sharon, Srishar Rao and many other youngsters, celebrities and socialites. The major purpose of the event was to promote the brand of Reetii in a larger scale.

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We care a lot for our passions and take it very seriously, particularly when it’s a matter of making it big or taking it to another level – a national level, perhaps! It’s a dream come true for young aspiring singers of India, if they have this opportunity to sing at a platform of a music reality show. For some it comes just like that (which we like to call is – absolute luck), but some have to work real hard to even enter into a music show. But this is not for just another wannabe because prizes like cars, bikes and even a reward can’t be won so easily. We have been watching shows like Indian Idol and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa over the years now and have seen how the participants have been making out with their voices. One who thinks could sing as good as one of those contestants, at times end up assuming she/he could do it better, while relaxing over a couch at home or might feel – ‘Auh, there was a minor deviation in the voice tone. That’s not the way it has to be sung. I know it better.’ But the fact is, one has to go through rigorous practice to strike success in any field of entertainment. Mentioned here are a few highly acclaimed singers, who have turned their passions into professions and have scaled new heights in music industry.



THE RITUAL OF MEHENDI Mehndi is one of the oldest and most traditional aspects of Indian culture. In the earlier days mehendi was applied in order to awaken the inner light. Mehendi is mostly applied during special occasions like weddings and festivals like Karva Chauth, Diwali, Bhai Duj, Teej, Ramzan Eid, Raksha Bhandan, ect. In all festivals, every woman applies mehendi on her hands and feet. It is usually drawn on the palms and feet, where the colour will be darkest because the skin contains higher levels of keratin which binds temporarily to lawsone, the colorant of henna. The Mughals introduced henna to India in the 12th century, though it originated in Egypt. Earlier, only the rich had access to mehendi. Henna is most commonly grown in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The leaves from this plant are grown in hot, dry conditions and can be just easily grown in your own garden! Medicinally, henna is used to heal wounds and is considered to be a good pain reliever! Mumtaz Modi is a professional Mehendi artist, specializing in Marwari, Indian, Indo-Arabic and many more which are latest. She provides mehendi for all occasions like marriages, engagements, parties and all kinds of functions and festivals. She had also conducted several exhibitions and also participated in many other exhibitions like society Wedding Fairs, Trendz, Deep Mela by Deepshika Mahila Club, Marriage Mantra at places like Novotel - HICC, Taj Krishna, Taj Deccan and many more. Contact - 9885285721 and 9293946869 ( 28 NOVEMBER, 2011



A Day From Her Diary...

By Aditya Tej

of working hard e pl ci in pr a in s for She believe le thanking God hi W . er rd ha ng sole and partyi gy to pursue her er en se en m im r gifting he O of ita Golechha, CE av K , ng ci an d passion about ool talks to Tulip ch S g in sh ni Fi he Panac e as well... her professional lif NOVEMBER, 2011 29



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well my son up as bed and wake m 00. 5: fro p up ar t sh ge at I t This is when ses, which star as cl g in at r/h sk tend h sends he im as he has to at t late, the coac en e. om m a is t e always on tim Even if a studen my son and I ar re in su w e e ak th m g I e, rin rticularly du back; therefor pa lt, cu ffi di he d tle is 16 an ts a lit (At times, it ge right). Siddhant rly, but that ’s al ea ing at Tank at so Sk up t es ge do to ters, ing. While he at Sk of l e mothve l le l al r cars and th is into nationa e road with ou th k I have a . oc en bl e th w , til Bund road eathing) un br p ee (d a am anay ers perform Pr l. el w as er ht ug da

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have ap k at office! We I star t my wor e – The ch na clients at Pa pointments with ve our ha e w ol, where Finishing Scho s, corpoetiquette classe grooming and , makeng ni ation, fine di veloprate communic de ity al d person up, cooking an ment classes.


esh husband (Muk 2:45 with my at e me m sa e ho th e at av I le e home nch. Kids com ve ha l al e w 30 Golecha) for lu 3: from 3:00 So . ol ho ith w sc t m time fro eek, I go ou e or twice a w for our lunch. Onc ughter will go da y r lunch. M ses as cl g in rid close friends fo e rs singing and ho classical dance, s. on iti tu s hi r fo go and my son will

4:00 – 7:00

affiliated with dance which is I teach Kathak Mahavidyalay, rv a Gandha ey te ar Bh l hi Ak s. I have differnducting exam along with co groups particim various age ent batches fro pating.

‘I started learning Kathak at the age of four. I used to hate the dance exam part! My Dad forced me to write that exam; otherwise he said, it is like an empty knowledge. Today I am thankful to my Dad for what I am today. If I had not appeared for those exams, I wouldn’t be here. I have been teaching Kathak since 14 years now and I have my shows annually at Shilparamam and Shilpa Kalavedika. I am passionate about exploring other forms and variations of Kathak. I am happy about the fact that I had performed to a shadow and poetry recital in the Kathak Abhinay form and had done two songs on Sufi Kathak as well.’ 30 NOVEMBER, 2011

I have to n hour for me! Is like a maratho ol – makready for scho get both kids them. My r and lunch fo ing breakfast me out. lp he there to maid is always s, whole rmally corn flake Breakfast is no cheese, r and chedda wheat bread ash. At pr an w and Chya honey, dr y fruits . At the leave to school sharp 8:00, kids hich is (w ave for my gym imes same time, I le et m So . e) ple for m Park like a total tem R KB to go I y, onoton ub. to break the m cl lls im at Jubilee Hi en for a jog or sw sh fre t ge I e by 9:30! and I am back hom sb hu y m ith kfast w up, have brea day with d also plan the an s w -la and in clean). I d an has to cook my staff (who 0. :2 10 r office by then set out fo

We are home for dinner ! If we are eating out, we make it a point to eat little at home, so tha t we could enjoy outside food equ ally. Till 9 in the night, we have childre n talking about their school. I hel p my kids with the homework as we ll.





This is when Kids sleep at this time! if we are indy, rea ting we start get e. But if we vited for any par ties outsid k, relax, bac sit t are at home, we jus general a e hav and on watch televisi ily fam memconversation with all the s mostly on vie bers. We go out for mo friends and h wit ays Thursdays or Frid We either s. kid my h wit ays on Saturd e on Suntsid have lunch or dinner ou h whom wit up gro days. I have a girl od pub go a at ce dan and we go out I am sic. mu where there is a good DJ muod go and g ver y fond of dancin sic.


travel throughout India, I had done an extensive children too. I wanted my where I have taken ldren, so we had done to show India to my chi mountain, ocean and trips like – wild life, snow at Dubai, where we yed lida historical. We also ho Ferrari and Water Parks had been to places like . I would like to explore and the desert safari too fond of adventures! I y more places. I am ver kking and also been to had done Himalayan tre Manasarovar. We all places like Leh, Ladakh and , Bungee Jumping ting like Paragliding, River Raf entures. I would like to and all other sporty adv ditions and histor y of know various cultures, tra every place I visit.


I was born in Darjeeling and we belong to a tea-taster background. There was still a lot of British influence around then. Fine dining, Art, Literature, Music and Painting were all a part of my growing up!


I can dance to any music! I only have to hear it and it enters within me like a ghost spirit.


I am very fond of desserts. I can eat them anytime in a day.


Whenever I am depressed, I just hit the gym and jog on a treadmill at a speed of 12-14.



I pursued my MA in classical dance of Kathak (something which I learned at Nagpur, Hyderabad and Darjeeling. I am a silver medalist national level swimmer as well. NOVEMBER, 2011 31




Canaries are well known for their beauty and varied colours. Male canaries are popular for their sweet singing. Canaries do well when kept singly or in male/ male or female/ female pairs.



Average Size - 3 to 4 inches long.

Life Span - 10+ years with proper care.



Specialized pelleted diets for canaries are highly recommended and should consist of 60–70% of the diet.

Birds acclimate well to average household temperatures! Be cautious of extreme temperature change.

Cage should be placed over the floor in an area, that is well-lit.

Use fortified seeds in moderation as they are higher in fat and less nutritious than pellets.

A cage approximately 24” W x 14” D x 18” H, with metal bars spaced greater than 3/8” apart, makes a good home for your canary.

Assortment of soft foods such as shredded carrots, dark green leafy vegetables and apple slices.

As with all animals, it is best to provide the largest habitat possible.

Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free water.

Do not feed birds fruit seeds, avocados, chocolate, alcohol or caffeine; these can cause serious medical problems .

FEEDING If your bird is used to a seed diet, convert to pellets gradually. Fresh pellets or seeds and fresh, clean, chlorine-free water should always be available. Fresh fruit and vegetable supplements should be given daily and should be discarded when not eaten within 24 hours. Canaries appreciate quality and variety in their food.

A light cage is strongly recommended.

Perches should be at least 3” long and ½” in diameter.

A metal grate over the droppings tray will keep the bird away from droppings.

Line the droppings tray with cage paper or appropriate substrate for easier cleaning.

To avoid contamination, do not place food or water containers under perches.

Bird owners should avoid non stick cookware and appliances as they can release fumes, hazardous to your birds health.

DELI 9 RESTAURANT The Deli9 now has a complete brand new makeover, bringing in a European feel. The interiors are a combination of rustic feel with contemporary furniture. The menu put together is a huge variety, very carefully worked over the last six months of travelling, seeing the latest trends, researching, experimenting and testing markets pulse. The product range has clear demarcations. They have specialty breads, apart from the loaves, multi grained, sourdough bread, pane di casa and the classical French baguette (imported flour mixes, which strengthen the breads and the softness on a crunchy exterior). Almond macaroons, with different flavors, fillings - passion fruit, green apple and chocolate red cherry are the new addition. The special cakes range from Black Forest, Rich Truffle, Black Magic, Passion Fruit, Cheesecake Classic (only made to order fresh), fresh fruit Gateus and many more. On the merchandising, they have a range of oils, pastas, cheeses and a special collection of cold meats, smoked meats and many more organic sauces, chutneys and jams which are filling up in the shelves. Special occasion gift hampers can also be ordered on discussions with the Chef and Manager and the combinations of food and packaging can also be discussed and made to order. Deli9 will have all international festive favourites from Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas and monthly chefs’ specials on various categories of Desserts. Made to order cakes are another huge dimension to the existing range. 32 NOVEMBER, 2011



No Steel Can Overpower A Man’s Courage… That’s right! Set in the near future, when a robot replaces human in boxing, a struggling promoter identifies a champion in a discarded robot. The movie is based on the 1956 short story Steel by Richard Matheson, though Levy placed the film in US State fairs and other old-fashioned American settings.


harlie Kenton (enacted by Emmy Awardee Australian actor and producer – Hugh Jackman) is a former boxing champion who attempts to earn money while involving in illegal boxing matches between robots, to pay his debts to loan sharks. During a fight, Charlie’s robot - Ambush, is destroyed by Black Thunder, a bull belonging to Ricky (played by Kevin Durand). Having made a bet that Ambush would win, Charlie now owes Ricky $20,000, which he wouldn’t leave without paying. Charlie is informed - his ex-girlfriend has passed away and he has to attend a meeting to decide the fate of his preteen son Max (Dakota Goyo). Max’s aunt Debra (Hope Davis) and uncle Marvin (James Rebhorn) want full custody and Charlie gives it to them in exchange for $100,000 from Marvin, $50,000 of it in advance, on the condition that Charlie takes care of Max for three months, while Marvin and Debra are away on a second honeymoon. Charlie and Max meet with Charlie’s friend Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly), who runs the boxing gym of her deceased father (Charlie’s former coach). There, Charlie buys a secondhand WRB league robot, the once-famous Noisy Boy and arranges for it to fight the illegal circuit’s champion, Midas, at a venue belonging to his friend Finn (Anthony Mackie). Charlie breaks into a junkyard with Max to steal scraps which he can use to build a new robot altogether during which, Max falls over a ledge, where he is saved from doom after being snagged by a lodged and buried robot arm. After Charlie pulls him back up, Max uncovers the entire robot, called Atom. On Max’s insistence, Charlie takes it back to Bailey’s gym, where they discover Atom is an obsolete Generation-2 sparring robot built in 2014. Atom has been designed to sustain massive damage, but is unable to deal out much damage itself. Max convinces Charlie to get Atom a fight and upgrades it to take vocal commands using spare parts

from Noisy Boy and Ambush. Charlie and Max take Atom to fight an unsanctioned outdoor match against a robot called Metro and Atom wins, earning back some of Charlie’s money. Atom’s string of subsequent wins and high speed humanoid boxing maneuvers which are rarely seen from a robot, attracts the attention of a promoter from the World Robot Boxing league, who offers Atom a professional fight against a robot called Twin Cities. Charlie accepts and Atom wins again, thanks to Charlie’s knowledge of boxing, which allows him to locate a design flaw in Twin Cities. Taking advantage of Atom’s subsequent novelty attention, Max challenges WRB champion Zeus, designed by arrogant genius Tak Mashido (Karl Yune) and sponsored by rich Russian - Farra Lemcova (Olga Fonda), who accepts, but first tries to buy the upstart Atom. As they leave the Twin Cities fight, Charlie is attacked by Ricky and his men, who beat him severely, assault Max and snatch their money. Feeling guilty, Charlie returns Max to his aunt and uncle so they can protect him, but Bailey convinces him he can be a better father to Max. Debra allows him one more chance and Charlie takes Max to the Zeus-Atom match. Zeus severely damages Atom - while also getting injured, a first for Zeus, which is controlled manually by a very furious Tak Mashido, who expends energy on pummeling the defensive Atom. After Zeus runs very low on power, Atom begins to heavily damage Zeus, even knocking the seemingly invincible champion down once, but doesn’t win before the round ends and the judges declare a winner on points. They favor Zeus, but his reputation is tarnished and Atom has become famous as The People’s Champion.

Director : Shawn Levy. Music : Danny Elfman, Ratings :  NOVEMBER, 2011 33







Sharmila was born in a Bengali family, in Hyderabad. She is the great-grandniece of noted poet Rabindranath Tagore. Sharmila Tagore is undeniably the Bengal tigress. Millions of hearts were stolen right away, when she appeared in her first movie with her glorious dimples and sassy smile. Her repertoire includes a wide range of histrionics from being a sex symbol to a sophisticated stylish icon to a National Award winner.


he debuted in the hindi movie industry after being cast as an incarnation of Goddess Kali in the Satyajit Ray film Devi and in Apur Sansar. According to her, those films were just an offhand chance and she acted in them out of sheer curiosity.

Sharmila began her career in Bollywood with a romantic musical - Kashmir Ki Kali in 1964, opposite to Shammi Kapoor, directed by the famous director Shakti Samantha. In 1966, she took up the titular role of Anupama in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movie. Though she sported a stylised bouffant, she vowed everyone as the simple, shy and soft-spoken girl.

She jolted everyone in 1967 and went on to become one of the hottest and glamorous actresses of her times, after she acted in a double role in An Evening in Paris. Millions went gaga over coquettish expressions in the song - Akele Akele Kahan Ja Rahe Ho. That movie sort of catapulted her as a trendbegan copying her style of knotty blouses, up particularly, those long eyelashes and

setter. All the women style of hair and makethe curvy dresses.

And then she had to appear on a magazine storm of controversy. About that she said, the other actresses of my time. My behaviour were not suitable. I was accused of being know that one was expected to lead a

cover, in a two-piece bikini! And then was in a ‘Looking back, I realize I was very different from was grossly misinterpreted. I wore clothes which snooty and arrogant, which I was not. I didn’t certain lifestyle.’


he got married to the Nawab of Pataudi, the former Indian Captain Mansoor Ali Khan, much to the disappointment of her fans. The romance and marriage of Mansur Ali Khan, Nawab of Pataudi, with Bollywood star Sharmila Tagore was the stuff that fairytales are made of, with a happily-ever-after ending, despite the lovers coming from very different backgrounds! He, a blue-blooded, who played cricket and she, a film actress! It did not help that one was a Muslim, the other a Hindu. While Sharmila’s parents, who were simple middleclass Bengalis, were sceptical about their daughter marrying a Nawab, Tiger’s parents were unsure about their son marrying a screen goddess. But eventually both sides relented and the two married on December 27, 1969, after a four-year courtship. Few expected the marriage to last and in fact, bets were placed at the time on how long the two would be together. There was a strong buzz back then that Sharmila was excommunicated by a Hindu guru and that was why she converted to Islam and took on the name Ayesha Sultana. But that was not the only change. The actress graciously moulded herself into the role of a Nawab’s wife,

34 NOVEMBER, 2011


LIFESTYLE even quitting films for a while to play the perfect begum to her real-life hero. There were enough elements in their love story to warrant a film. The two had apparently met in 1965 through common friends, when Sharmila was in Delhi for a shoot. She was the gorgeous star and Mansur, the suave young India captain - both glamorous figures. Despite the obvious attraction, it took him a while to win her heart. According to some reports, he even gifted Sharmila a refrigerator in a bid to win over his ladylove. But it was roses which finally did the trick and four long years before she accepted his proposal. Those close to the couple say it was Sharmila’s beauty, vivacity, yet mature outlook that bowled Pataudi over, while it was his great sense of humour and charming ways that had her smitten. The chemistry hardly changed over the years. But while Sharmila was a cricket buff, Pataudi was clueless about Hindi cinema. Sharmila has even admitted in her interviews that Tiger hadn’t seen any of her films and that she could never get him hooked on Bollywood. There was, however, a lot of respect between the two. Both were comfortable in their space. If Sharmila gave up films, it was not under pressure and Pataudi always respected her choices and was supportive of her decision, whether to quit or to go back to films.

Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila were declared a hit pair and they went on to give many more super duper films like Safar, Amar Prem, Daag and the artistically acclaimed Aavishkar. There was much speculation about the rivalry between her and Raakhee while they were shooting the film Daag.


In Aavishkar, her character again mostly relied on her talent with minimum makeup, no wigs and she very ably matched Rajesh Khanna as she alternated between bouts of anger and remorse as the wife struggling to save her marriage. In between these schedules she also gave birth to her first child Saif Ali Khan who is now a star in his own right.



he was back with a bang in the smash hit Aradhana with Rajesh Khanna released in 1969. In tow with director Shakthi Samantha , she went in for a complete change of image in this movie as a total deglamorised mother.

The year 1975 saw Sharmila as the obscenity-spewing whore in the film Mausam, again a dual role, opposite Sanjeev Kumar directed by Gulzar. This movie also garnered her coveted National Award. Her other movies with Sanjeev Kumar include Charitraheen, Griha Pravesh and Namkeen. She moved to Delhi after Mausam and also had two daughters Soha and Saba. Sharmila has also been paired with other stars like Shashi Kapoor (Aa Gale Lag Ja, Waqt, Aamne Saamne, Suhana Safar) Dharmendra (Devar, Chupke Chupke, Satyakaam and of course Anupama) and the superstar Amitabh Bachchan (Faraar, Besharam and Desh Premee) but these pairs did not create as much an impact.

It seems like nothing has changed for Sharmila and time has stood still for her. She still is as stylish and elegant as ever and those dimples have deepened. NOVEMBER, 2011 35






An artistic movement that arose in Italy in 1909 to replace traditional aesthetic values, with the characteristics of the machine age… then upon them rather than hypocritically enjoying the modern world’s comforts while loudly denouncing the forces which made them possible. The Futurists were fascinated by new visual technology, in particular chrono-photography, a predecessor of animation and cinema that allowed the movement of an object to be shown across a sequence of frames. This technology was an important influence on their approach to showing movement in painting, encouraging an abstract art with rhythmic, pulsating qualities. Everything was there to help them to glorify Italy and lead their country into the age of modernity. Certain Futurists vehemently promoted themselves to try to join forces with the Fascists, who were coming to power at the time. But Mussolini showed a preference for the Novecento Italiano, movement of artists who identified with the classical order and Italian heritage.




uturism emphasized and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future, including speed, technology, youth and violence and objects such as the car, the airplane and the industrial city. It celebrated advanced technology and urban modernity. The Futurists practiced in every medium of art, including – painting, sculpture, ceramics, industrial and interior designs, theatre, textiles, literature, music, architecture and others. The Futurist painters made the rhythm of their repetitions of lines. Inspired by some photographic experiments, they were breaking motion into small sequences and using the wide range of angles within a given time-frame all aimed to incorporate the dimension of time within the picture. Brilliant colors and flowing brush strokes also additionally were creating the illusion of movement. Futurism influenced many other 20th century art movements, including - Art Deco, Vorticism, Constructivism and Surrealism. Futurists mixed activism and artistic research. They organized events that caused scandal. They embraced the exciting new world that was

36 NOVEMBER, 2011

Futurism in art music paid homage to included or imitated machines. Feruccio Busoni has been seen as anticipating some Futurist ideas, though he remained wedded to tradition. Futurist music rejected tradition and introduced experimental sounds inspired by machinery. It influenced several 20th century composers. Francesco Balilla Pratella joined the Futurist movement in 1910 and wrote a Manifesto of Futurist Musicians in which he appealed to the young, as had Marinetti, because only they could understand what he had to say. Luigi Russolo wrote The Art of Noises (1913), an influential text in 20th century musical aesthetics. He used instruments he called intonarumori, which were acoustic noise generators which permitted the performer to create and control the dynamics and pitch of several different types of noises. Russolo and Marinetti gave the first concert of Futurist music, complete with intonarumori, in 1914. Most notable in this respect, however, was Antheil. His fascination with machinery was evident in his Airplane Sonata, Death of the Machines and the 30-minute Ballet Mécanique. The Ballet Mécanique was originally intended to accompany an experimental film by Fernand Léger, but the musical score is twice the length of the film and now stands alone. The score calls for a percussion ensemble consisting of three xylophones, four bass drums, a tam-tam, three airplane propellers, seven electric bells, a siren, two live pianists and sixteen synchronized player pianos. Although Futurism itself is now regarded as extinct, having died out during the 1920s, powerful echoes of Marinetti’s thought, still remain in modern, popular culture and art.


rom the best-selling author of Songs Without Words and The Dive From Clausen’s Pier, her strongest work yet - a collection of burnished, impossible-toput down narratives framed by two stunning, linked novellas. A wife struggles to make sense of her husband’s sudden disappearance. A mother mourns her teenage son through the music collection he left behind. A woman shepherds her estranged parents through her brother’s wedding and reflects on the year her family collapsed. A young man comes to grips with the joy and vulnerability of impending fatherhood. And in the masterly opening novella, two teenagers from very different families - one a tightly knit foursome, the other - a father and son who share little more than having been abandoned by the same woman, forge a sustaining friendship, only to discover the disruptive and unsettling power of sex. Swim Back to Me showcases one of our most vibrant talents at the height of her powers - a book that belongs beside Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge and Amy Bloom’s Where the God of Love Hangs Out.




n I’ll Walk Alone, Alexandra ‘Zan’ Moreland, a gifted, beautiful interior designer on the threshold of a successful Manhattan career, is terrified to discover that somebody is not only using her credit cards and manipulating her financial accounts to bankrupt her and destroy her reputation, but may also be impersonating her in a scheme that may involve the much more brutal crimes of kidnapping and murder. Zan is already haunted by the disappearance of her own son, Matthew, kidnapped in broad daylight two years ago in Central Park - a tragedy that has left her torn between hope and despair. Now, on what would be Matthew’s fifth birthday, photos surface that seem to show Zan kidnapping her own child, followed by a chain of events that suggests somebody - but whom? Zan asks herself desperately and why? - has stolen her identity. What she does not realize is that with every step she takes toward the truth, she is putting herself - and those she loves most - in mortal danger from the person who has ingeniously plotted out her destruction. Even Zan’s supporters believe she may have kidnapped little Matthew. Zan herself begins to doubt her own sanity, until; in the kind of fast-paced explosive ending that is Mary Higgins Clark’s trademark, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place with an unexpected and shocking revelation.



he partners at Finley and Figg - all two of them often refer to themselves as a boutique law firm. Boutique, as in chic, selective and prosperous! They are of course, none of these things. They are a two-bit operation always in search of their big break, ambulance chasers, who have been in the trenches much too long, making way too little. Their specialties, so to speak, are quickie divorces and DUIs, with the occasional jackpot of an actual car wreck thrown in. After twenty plus years together, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg bicker like an old married couple but somehow continue to scratch out a half-decent living from their seedy bungalow offices in southwest Chicago. And then change comes their way. More accurately, it stumbles in. David Zinc, a young but already burned-out attorney, walks away from his fast-track career at a fancy downtown firm, goes on a serious bender and finds himself literally at the doorstep of our boutique firm. Once David sobers up and comes to grips with the fact that he is suddenly unemployed, any job - even one with Finley and Figg looks okay to him. The Litigators is a tremendously entertaining romp, filled with the kind of courtroom strategies, theatrics and suspense that have made John Grisham America’s favorite storyteller.







NIGHTLIFE WITH RAPTURE On Where People Of Hyderabad Are Partying Often...

N GRILL Think of the letter ‘N’ and the grill room is what comes to our minds. Done up in dark wood furniture and resonating tasteful upholstery and decor, this grill is in a different league. If you are a hardcore BBQ lover, you will like exploring the refreshing choices on their menu. With classic favorites from around the world like Rock Shrimp Tempura, Crespelle, Brandy Braised Beef Steak, Cajun Spiced Murrel Fish, Prawns cooked ala Portuguese style, Lamb Stew in a pot and New Zealand Lamb Chops, you are in for a meaty treat. You will appreciate the great options of sandwiches and salads as well. Vegans are not ignored! They can choose from Brown Rice Risottos or Gnocchi grilled veggies and cheese in herbed tomato sauce with mozzarella. Tempting, aren’t they? When you’re spoiling yourself with such delicious food, you might as well kick it up a notch. Top it up with their yummy desserts. N’s versions of Tiramasu, Mango-Almond Cheese Cake and Chocolate Mud Cake, make the recommended list! CONTACT – Plot No. 78, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Ph No. 64644141

SYN Syn is a confluence of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese flavours in a magical setting. The interactive Sushi and Teppanyaki kitchen, a multi-faceted menu, a high-energy island bar and Synfresco - the adjoining alfresco dining area set against a stunning rock garden, make for a never before dining experience in a city known for its culinary traditions. While the teppanyaki counter whips up your favorites in scallops, lobster, sea bass, oyster, tofu and a variety of exotic vegetables, the Sushi menu offers a feast in Tempuras, Nigiri Sushi and Maki Rolls. The rest of the menu includes treasures such as the Pan Seared Scallops, Duck Liver Foie Gras, Thai style roast Duck, Vietnamese Rice-paper Rolls and of course, the ever popular Thai curries. Creative concoctions in Artichoke, Water Chestnut, Winged Beans, Silky Bean Curd and Palm Hearts will win over the vegetarians. CONTACT – Taj Deccan, Ph No. 66663939

HARD ROC K C AFÉ Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad follows Hard Rock’s world famous tradition of offering guests great American fare in a rock n roll atmosphere. The cafe features three distinct sections - including a restaurant, a bar area and Hard Rock’s signature retail Rock Shop. Memorabilia from Hard Rock’s world-famous collection, including products representing both contemporary stars and rock legends adorn the walls of the cafe. Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad is ideally situated near luxury hotels and great shopping and a short distance from the international airport, offering a convenient destination for both local fans and international travelers. Add some rock to your next trip! HRC waits to serve it to you, the Hard Rock way and all the time. CONTACT – HRC, Adjacent to GVK One Mall, Ph No. 44767900 38 NOVEMBER, 2011



KISMET Kismet is a new, multi-functional nightclub located in The Park Hyderabad. Within the context of the new hotel’s highly contemporary architecture, Blacksheep’s designs will transport guests into a new and different environment, offering a fantastic escapist experience, where the spaces we create play on the idea of fusion and where the old and traditional meet the ultra-modern. The club incorporates - a VIP bar, main bar, club space and a number of function rooms (aimed at the private hire market) and will be open to both hotel guests and the wider public via two dedicated entrances leading down to the subterranean club. CONTACT – The Park Hyderabad, Ph No. 23456789

THE C LUB The Club at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre and HICC is a live entertainment space with a lounge, an outdoor dining area and an exclusive private members’ club. Spread over a lavish 10,000 sq. feet, The Club is designed to seamlessly blend work, entertainment and leisure. The Club offers a luxurious ambience, exquisite gourmet food, private dining spaces, a boardroom with mini theater, a cigar lounge with a single malt and cognac library, excellent acoustics and an eclectic mix of never-seen-before live performances and events. The gig calendar at the Club includes events such as live bands and music nights, celebrity DJ nights, comedy acts, dance performances, book readings, art exhibitions, fashion events, cocktail events, mixed martial arts shows and more. Evenings in Hyderabad will never be the same again! CONTACT – Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, Ph No. 66824422

10 DOWNING STREET The leather may seem a little worn, the wooden furniture a little weathered, but the Hyderabadis still come in drives to this oldest pub in town. 10 Downing Street believe in the fact that they actually introduced the concept of pubs, pubbing and long liquid lunches to this city. One can find replicas of signed photos of King Philip and Queen Elizabeth adorning the walls, completing the English ambience. The pub has proudly featuring wine glasses, beer bottles and all kinds of domestic and international liquor. When you are here, you will run into a lot of professionals with nice, fat pay cheque and a lot of college goers who have been saving up to celebrate. Whatever bracket you fit into, you will have a great time! The menu is extensive and features cuisines from practically all parts of the globe – Indian, Mexican, Continental, Chinese and even Thai. Your taste buds will be satiated here. Here are a few recommendations, though by no means should you limit yourself to just these – Chicken Pepper Steak, Mince Chili Noodles with Rose Chicken, Crackling Rice with Moosooman Chicken and Blackened Fish. For the real tipple enthusiasts, there are Mojitos and Daiquiris and plenty of Kingfisher beer. CONTACT – White House Building, Begumpet, Ph No. 66629323 NOVEMBER, 2011 39




DIVERSE GEOGRAPHY - Four different climates in one day…


urkey has so much to offer - breathtaking natural beauties, unique historical and archaeological sites, steadily improving hotel, touristic infrastructure and a tradition of hospitality and competitive prices. Therefore, it is not surprising that this country has recently become one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. The rectangular shaped country is surrounded on three sides by three different seas. Its shores are laced with beaches, bays, coves, ports, islands and peninsulas. The summers are long, lasting as long as eight months in some areas. Turkey is also blessed with majestic mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and grottoes perfect for winter and summer tourism and sports of all kinds. ISTANBUL – Love of Continents and a history of more than 2500 years… Where mosques, churches, palaces, mansions and synagogues live side by side, Istanbul is the only city situated on two continents and is formed by four main areas – Sultanahmet Square, Suleymaniye Mosque, Zeyrek Mosque and the city walls of Instanbul. Hundreds of mansions and timber houses in Zeyrek and Suleymaniye, which form an important part of the historical areas, have managed to survive until today. Tourists have the option of seeing the city through Turkish eyes. Hamams or Turkish baths, continue to pamper guests as they have for centuries. Meanwhile, a walk through the city’s marketplaces offers an authentic glimpse into Turkey’s eclectic culture.

ertine deposits span a 160 meters tall and 2700 meters long cascade. With its brilliant white colour, it can be seen about a distance of 20 km. KAPADOKYA – Designed By Nature… Cappadocia was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 on natural and cultural criteria. Goreme National Park and Cappadocia are unique designing of nature with slopes full of fairy-chimneys, rich water resources at the base of the valley, abundant flora and numerous rock cut, frescoed churches. The most extraordinary underground cities are in the regions of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, Mazl Ozkonak and Tatlarin. The underground cities, for long periods used as sanctuaries, were recently renovated and made available to visitors. One can see the layout of the wine country. Whether viewed above from a hot air balloon or experienced up close, these magnificent wonders of nature create a feeling of being in another world - a magical, fantasy world that is as sublime as it is surreal. Spiritually and culturally, those seeking more

HIERAPOLIS – Sacred Land Clad In White… The thermal mineral water springs and exceptional scenery have impressed people since antiquity. Wealthy people came from Rome and other cities of Anatolia to spend their last years in Hierapolis. The Pamukkale travertine was created by thermal water depositing the calcium carbonate it contained. The natural wonder of Pamukkale travprofound divine inspiration will rejoice in Kapadokya’s Byzantine frescoes etched inside rock-cut churches. NEMRUT MOUNTAINS – The Nemrut mountainside with the tumulus containing the tomb of King Antiochus of the Commagene Kingdom and several giant statues was inscribed to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1987. Nemrut Mountain is also known as the highest open-air museum in the world. The statues made of stone blocks, each weighing 7-8 metric tons, sit on thrones about seven meters above the terrace floor. The heads of the statues have toppled down and are scattered on the terraces. The row of statues starts with a lion and eagle statue. The lion, the king of animals, represents earthly power and the eagle, herald of the Gods, represents heavenly power. 40 NOVEMBER, 2011

There is nowhere in the world you would find so many sights entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List as in the Czech Republic…



KUTNA HORA – During the Middle Ages, profits from the Kutná Hora silver mines brought fame to the lands of the Czech Crown and Kutná Hora became the richest and most powerful town in the Czech lands. The Gothic St. James’ Church (1330) and the St. Barbara’s Cathedral (1388), devoted to the patroness of miners, are among the most important architectural monuments. Among other jewels are the former mint – The Vlašský dvůr (Italian Court) from the 13th century and several patrician houses. PRAGUE – The capital’s historical center, more than ten centuries old, enchants its residents and visitors alike through its unique symbiosis of many architectural styles – from Romanesque rotundas, Gothic towers and Renaissance burghers’ houses and palaces to the Jewish synagogues, Baroque churches, convents and monasteries. The city is full of crooked lanes, gold-tipped towers and church cupolas, standing side by side with more recent Art Nouveau and Modernist architecture. This city of a hundred spires, built along the meanders of the Vltava and on the surrounding seven hills, has always enraptured poets, artists and photographers. The architectural jewels in Prague’s historical center are more than just stone-and-mortar witnesses to the past. Prague always has been and continues to be, a living city with an unusual number of theaters, concert halls, galleries, museums and exhibition spaces; its cultural offerings are rich and varied. Prague is as multifaceted a city as one could wish for; to each visitor it reveals a different, yet always charming, face. BOHEMIAN PARADISE – Unique scenery filled with rock cities, deposits of semi-precious stones and extinct volcanoes… Mystery - Extensive rock cities and also smaller rocks dotted about the landscape, ruins of medieval castles and ancient legends – all of this will dazzle you with its mysterious romanticism. Tourist trails are available, which are even suitable for children or on the other hand, rocks, which attract experienced climbers. One can visit a great number of lookout areas, caves and the distinctive local folk buildings.

VYSOCINA - A healthy environment in the middle of undulating countryside filled with forests and meadows, fishponds and villages. Vysočina is the ideal place to spend a holiday in the countryside. It is worth stopping of in Telč on your travels through the peaceful Czech countryside. One can set out into the mysterious underground and catacombs in Jihlava. Another famous place is the pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk on Zelená Hora. KRKONOŠE MOUNTAINS AND PODKRKONOŠÍ – If you are a fan of winter sports, do not miss out on the renowned extensive ski centre in the Krkonoše Mountains. In the summer, the mountain range with the highest mountain in the Czech Republic provides space for cyclists and keen hikers. Unforgettable views over the landscape - Small bluish lakes in the middle of the mountains, mysterious marshlands and deep forests, sunny meadows and stunning views from the peaks of the highest mountains in the Czech Republic – all of this awaits you if you set out on a hiking or cycling trip. In doing so, you can make use of the hundreds of miles of well-marked tourist trails and paths. If you have had enough exertion and need to take a break, cable-cars will take you to some of the peaks. Your health will return in the clean and crystal clear air of the mountains, free from industrial pollution. NOVEMBER, 2011 41



A land of hospitality and people who invented politics, democracy and theatre! Greece offers a myriad of experiences, landscapes and activities…

ATHENS – A birthplace of civilization! The city with the most glorious history in the world and a city worshipped by Gods and people. The islands off the coast of the Saronic Gulf are ideal one-day getaways. Agistri, Aegina, Hydra, Poros and Spetses are popular destinations among the Athenians, indicating their special standing amongst many islands in Greece. The best promenade would be to walk around the centre and lose yourself in the small streets of the lovely Plaka neighbourhood. Follow the Greek way of life by relaxing in a kafeneion, the Greek cafes and the tavernas or Greek restaurants, where one can take time to enjoy food and drinks and become one with the Greeks and their open and festive reputation. The beaches of Greece top the list of tourist attractions in Greece. CYCLADES - Sun-kissed outliers of rock and dappled earth lying scattered across the glittering Aegean Sea! Their characteristic white cubist houses, golden beaches, olive groves, pine forests, herb-strewn mountain slopes and terraced valleys make for an irresistible mix. Throw in a dash of hedonism and a culture that draws vividly on ancient and modern themes and the Greek Island dream can become reality. The beaches of Mykonos, Santorini and Los are awash with sun-lounger society and raucous diversions; their main towns seethe with commercialism. All of this has its appeal, but other islands, such as Andros, Amorgos and Sifnos, have kept tourism to a more sedate scale.

cricket match on the Spianada, drink under Parisian-style arcades and wander through the town’s Venetian-style alleyways. The culinary experience rounds off an Ionian journey - indulge in fresh, generous helpings of local dishes, served with a huge dollop of local filoxenia (hospitality).

FOLEGANDROS - It’s hard to leave Folegandros and its beauty, timelessness and friendly local people. The island is a rocky ridge, barely 12km in length and just under 4km at its widest point. Much of the land is over 200m in height, the highest point being Agios Eleftherios at 414m. Boats dock at the little harbour of Karavostasis, on the east coast.

IONIAN ISLANDS - It’s hard not to fall for the Ionian Islands, an archipelago that sweeps down the west coast of mainland Greece and includes Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefallonia and Zakynthos. Discovering these islands is a tantalizing odyssey. Their natural beauty embraces the visitor – the vast olive groves, intriguing mountain scapes and iridescent waters of the Ionian Sea offer something for adventure seekers, culture vultures and beach bums alike. Corfu town is where one can watch a 42 NOVEMBER, 2011

SARONIC GULF ISLANDS - This group of Greek Islands are composed of Angistri, Aegina, Methana, Poros, Salamina, Spetses and Hydra and they have a lot to offer to the visitors - natural beauty, clean sandy beaches and even small deserted islets to explore. Aegina is the closest island from Athens. The island is located only one hour away by ferry. It is considered to be the birthplace of Aristophanes and is world known for the quality of its pistachios and its ceramics. Sitting beside Lake Pamvotis, Ioannina is the largest city of Epirus that fascinates visitors with its sheer beauty and warmth. Each alley and square of the city echoes its brilliant past. Needless to say Ioannina, Greece has history in its air. The wild life and magical landscape is a nice option to escape the hectic city lifestyle. The Acropolis and the Parthenon (Jewels of Athens) dominate and the most sightseeing-weary traveler will catch an enticing glimpse and be scrambling toward it before they know it.



MORE PRIDE FOR D A B A R E HYD A I D N I D AN A small town girl who made it to Miss Universe, India - 2011! Hyderabad’s own Vasuki Sunkavalli talks to Tulip about her journey as a Lawyer, one of the most interesting and not known by many facts and her passion towards modelling. More about Vasuki I am a simple girl with complicated tastes and desires. Till my high school; I was in Hyderabad, but later I moved to Pune to pursue Law from Symbiosis. I also did a Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights, have travelled so much, but I will remain Hyderabadi by heart.

When have you first started modelling? How did your family react to this decision after doing so well, academically I was approached by Elite Model Management, while doing Law in Pune. But that time; I was not ready, as I didn’t want to neglect my edu-

cation. Later when I moved to Delhi, I started it as a part time! My family was a little apprehensive then; as any family would, but I convinced them that I will do both. It was a kind of barter with family that, I will do want you want if I get to do a little of what I want.

How and when did you plan to participate in I am She When they started I am she last year, they wanted me to be a part of their first show. But because I was in New York doing my masters and exams being scheduled at the same time, I could not participate. But this time it just worked!

NOVEMBER, 2011 43


COVER STORY Were you serious about the competition If you cannot see yourself as a winner, it’s not worth participating. You should always be confident and sure about yourself! You should always have fun in any competition, but you should’nt only have fun. A zeal and a desire to win is needed!

How was the participation at the International level Its a very global experience, you get to meet so many people from different countries coming together. But on the other hand, it’s a bit difficult and stressful.

Who were a part of your grooming team Dr. Trasi for skin, Dr. Niral Shetty for hair, Nupur Shikhre and Isar Khan for fitness and of course Neeta Lulla, my dress designer. The team was very efficient and supportive.

Where do you feel India stand on a scale of 1-10 , when it comes to beauty contests and why The only problem with India is that we majorly lack publicity. Unless your own country, your own people, your media support you by putting in their extra efforts; you can’t expect other countries and their media to do so. Another big problem is preparation time! Most of the countries are over with their National Pageant almost 5 to 6 months prior. But, we just get 2 to 3 weeks, which is too short a time to prepare for any international competition.

How has life changed after national and international pageant It has obviously changed! I smile a lot more now, than before. There are people who identify me and take photos with me. One thing that has changed a lot is that; I speak diplomatically, keeping a lot of things in mind.

What have you been doing now I am doing a lot of appearances and there are too many contracts with the sponsors.

Are you associated with any social cause International Human Right Association, is something I am associated with.

What are you planning for the future As I am associated with a social cause, I would like to raise funds for the same.

Do you have any offer(s) from Tollywood or Bollywood? Do you plan to join the film industy A few but nothing to actually talk about. Moreover, I take things as and when they come to me. I do not waste time thinking about it.

How important music is for you I am a typical desi girl, I just love Hindi songs. I love clubbing with friends! Among latest music tracks, I like Chamak Chalo, but my all time favourite is Chaiya Chaiya.

Your favourite movie and a role that you would love to play? I don’t have a favourite movie or role that I want to play. If I have the talent, I would rather do theatre.

Best hang out place in hyd? Hmmm, any Coffee shop. Of late, they all look like someone’s home anyway.

Accessory that everyone should have? A watch.

A dream that you want to live? When it becomes a reality then I will tell you that it was once my dream. 44 NOVEMBER, 2011



Your fitness regime -

I play Basketball and trust me; I am blessed with good genes, so I don’t really work out a lot.

Products you use for skin and hair -

I tend to not take care about my skin and hair and I just wish I was not like this.

Indian designers you swear by -

I just love collection by Rajesh Pratap Singh and Raghvendra Rathore. Among the Hyderabadi designers, I like designs by Anand Kabra.

A few things people don’t know about you -

I am very outgoing and love meeting people. But I am not an open book and I generally don’t share my secrets with anyone.

Are you a gadget freak -

No, I will not go out to buy a gadget. But if someone gifts me one, I am happy and enjoy it.

Your take on size zero -

It looks good on only few people. Be fit and healthy, that is more important.

What do you feel about Hyderabad and the people -

Everyone is into everyone’s life and there is nothing called privacy here in this city. And the most amazing part is that everyone complains about it.

Your piece of advise to girls who aspire to participate in beauty contests -

They have to be very confident about the way they look. If they can carry themselves well, nothing is impossible!

Your advise to readers of Tulip -

If and when I join politics, please vote for me! NOVEMBER, 2011 45



WHERE YOGA MEETS DANCE A cutting edge format that combines the vigour of dance, with the benefits of a yogic workout! Dance yoga is a wildly fun, emotionally cleansing, high-energy, healing synergy of Yoga embracing all the five elements of our existence…


Dance Yoga class begins with – encouraging the students to heal and strengthen their bodies through flowing Yoga asanas and Sun salutations. It gradually takes on a dynamic turn into an exciting journey of dance exploration through world beat rhythms. It is easy to do expressive dance movement, while incorporating various mudras. Music is a vital force that drives a Yoga-Dance class and allows the students to explore the depths of their souls trapped within their

bodies. With time and diligence, many are surprised at discovering the hidden potential of their bodies with respect to flexibility, endurance and core strength. A blend of Yoga and Dance is based on the principle of treating the body as a physical medium to achieve our goals, the only fuel required in this journey being belief in the spirit! This method seeks to guide the participants and enable them to move their way from body, through heart, mind and soul to spirit.


APAN VAYU MUDRA Description - Fold the forefinger to touch the mound of the thumb. The little finger should be held erect. Then place tips of middle finger and ring finger together on tip of thumb all touching each other (both hands). It strengthens heart and can be used as an emergency first aid for severe heart attack, if administered within 2 seconds.

RUDRA MUDRA Both hands - Place the tips of your thumb, index finger and ring finger together. Extend the other two fingers in a relaxed way. This mudra is used for strengthening organs like stomach, spleen and pancreas.

PRITHVI MUDRA GYAN MUDRA Description - The thumb and index fingers are brought together gently while all the other fingers remain upright. Used for mental peace, concentration and sharp memory and treatment of Insomnia!

Description - Place the tip of the ring finger on top of the tip of the thumb. Extend all the other fingers and keep them comfortably straight as possible. Whether or not you feel psychologically or physically strong and vital is largely dependent upon this energy. This mudra also intensifies the sense of smell and is good for nails, hair, bones.

BENEFITS Although mudras and yogic asanas can be used for healing certain ailments, regular practice of mudras will contribute to your overall good health and can be used as a preventive measure. Improvement in your general health will be noticed after doing mudras on a regular basis. Moreover, contemporary and free-flowing dance movement allows you to enhance your body’s range of motion, leading to increased flexibility and muscular strength. The different yogic asanas not only focus on relieving the body of stress and ailments, but also contribute to holistic healing and strengthening of all the biological cycles like digestion, musculo-skeletal development and respiration.

46 NOVEMBER, 2011

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A JAZZ WORKOUT CLASS Warm up section is followed by floor progressions and dance combinations. Floor progressions teach how to obtain maximum use of muscles for travelling across the floor while exercising. The dance combinations are aimed at bringing out every dancer’s individual style and originality. Every Jazz dancer interprets and executes the different moves in his/her own way. Jazz workouts are energetic and fun, comprising unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. With the music being the driving force in the class, every Jazz workout routine is broken down into a series of simpler steps before putting it all together. These new jazz steps are then incorporated into a jazz dance.



Plié (plee-AY) Flat Backs As the name suggests, these exercises aim at developing a stronger and a longer spinal cord, that is more flexible and agile.

A complete lower body workout that works the thighs, knees, calves, glutes and ankles. Plié is a French term for bending of the knee. These are different from squats as the butts are not sticking out while you go down and the torso is held upright. The plié may be demi (half) or grand (large), depending upon the degree of hip and knee flexion.

Pirouette (peer-oh-WET) -

Dèveloppé (deve-lop-PAY) -

These are wonderful leg strengthening exercises which produce stronger calf muscles almost immediately! If you are looking for nice cuts in your leg muscles, these are not to be missed!

These leg exercises focus on producing extensions of leg muscles, resulting in longer, leaner hamstrings, claves and glutes. If practiced regularly, these can help in developing stronger and toned legs.

Benefits of a Jazz Workout Consistent Jazz will help you lose excess weight, build stamina and endurance, increase heart and lung power and greatly enhance your coordination and agility. Apart from weight loss, Jazz contributes tremendously to your flexibility and core body strength. Over a period of time, you will be able to teach your body to move in several complex ways and use muscles you never knew you had! You will also gain a sense of accomplishment from learning new dance skills and will improve your social dance abilities as you get into shape!

REVERSE THE AGE ‘Aging is a normal process of body in normal people, but a Yogi defies age and logic, he is not a normal human being’ - says Yogi Ashwini. Let’s try and understand it as an experiment! Count the number of times you breathe in a minute. If your breath count is between 7-8, it indicates balance. If it is 10-20, then it indicates imbalance. Beyond 25, it indicates complete imbalance and chaos. How? Let’s understand. The speed with which we breathe is directly proportional to the speed with which we age. As we breathe in we inhale Oxygen, the prime property of oxygen is combustion or burning. As a result of this process energy is produced, this process is commonly known as metabolism. The cells of our body use this energy produced by the way of metabolism for day to day functioning of the body. Modern lifestyle believes in increasing metabolism for losing weight, staying fit, etc. On the contrary, it works in opposite manner as, the faster a cell produces energy, faster it dies and regenerates itself, a new cell comes up in its place. Every new cell which gets regenerated is weaker than the previous one. That is ageing of the body. To add on, the by-product of combustion is a toxin called ama in Sanskrit, which corrodes the internal organs of the body further weakening the body. A deeper yogic point of view illustrates that faster metabolism causes faster ageing of the body. Looking at the glow and strength Yogi Ashwini exudes and practitioners of Sanatan Kriya amply proves the efficacy of yogic sciences and the system it follows. A yogi’s health, radiance and strength far exceeds a normal person as he controls prana, with which he is able to keep the ageing process in complete control. Sanatan Kriya comprising of 5 easily comprehensible parts/steps of yoga is a powerful technique, which has led even the doctors of Indian Medical Association(IMA) to recognize and certify its efficacy and results. For validation one can check Some of the books written by Yogiji are Sanatan Kriya 51 Miracles.... And A Haunting, Thoughts........of the Inner World, Sanatan Kriya - Basic.... Essence of Yoga, Sanatan Kriya 51 Chamatkar... Aur Pataal Ka Darshan. Contact : Poonam Kapoor - 9393468680 NOVEMBER, 2011 47






GOOD LUCK CHARMS could add that missing magic to your home. Your home is sacred to you; so make it auspicious by bringing positive energy into your home. If things are not working out for you professionally, then a good luck thing may just help. If you are having problems within the family then good luck objects might turn out to be your good omen. No matter how scientifically inclined we become, no one can deny that there is an element of ‘fortune’ to everything we do. Good luck things promise to nurture that element of good fortune in our lives. There are many types of good luck charms that serve different purposes. Let us take a look at a few.

WIND CHIMES This good luck object belongs to the famous family of Feng Shui articles. They a kind of improvised bells which are Chinese in origin. They are hung from windows or doors so that whenever there is a breeze, they make a chiming sound. This sweet tinkling sound is supposed to keep bad vibes at bay and cultivate positive energy at home. Wind chimes are beautiful good luck things and the sound they make is very pleasing, so even without the aspect of luck they can compliment your home decor well. FISH TANK Having living fish in your house is good for concentration. Fish, apart from being colorful and interesting to look at are a very potent source of positive energy at home. Observing the movement of the fish is pleasant to the eye and helps your mind focus on important issues. THE MONEY PLANT One of the oldest members of the lucky plants fraternity, they are grown in a water medium like a jug of water. These plants are abundantly available and grow very quickly. A common mistake people make is to hang money plants from a height as they are beautiful creepers. The shoot of a money plant must always point upwards and only the it brings wealth to the house. FLOWING WATER Its is believed that if you have a source of flowing water in your house it ensures that you have positive energy at home. Water is the eternal source of life that washes away everything. Flowing water will wash away resentment, grudges, misunderstandings which exist in the family. It can be in the form of a fountain, a waterfall or any other show piece.

48 NOVEMBER, 2011

LAUGHING BUDDHAS You must have seen the cute, cuddly Chinese Buddhas in many homes. These Feng Shui good luck objects will bring ‘wealth’, ‘prosperity’ or ‘happiness’ into your home depending on which type of Laughing Buddha you are using. A Laughing Buddha should always be kept facing the door so that as soon as you enter, you see the their adorable smile and break into a smile yourself! One more thing, it has to be gifted to you; you cant but it! THE LUCKY BAMBOO PLANTS These home plants are made in China and have become a rage in India these days. It has become a household name and is considered great Feng Shui for homes. The lucky bamboo plant is basically a bundle of four green bamboo shoots tied together with a red ribbon. It stands for solidarity and oneness in the family. As a good luck plant it is supposed to keep the family together and the fact that makes exotic decoration is an added bonus. THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER This famously lucky plants hail from the U.S. They are tiny clover plants that miraculously have just four leaves. It scientifically is a mutant variety of the normal clover that is exceptionally rare. The references to this good luck for home plant hark back to the seventeenth century when it was said that, if you accidentally find a four leaf clover, then something good is about to happen to you. THE HORSESHOE The horseshoe is considered very lucky and used to be hung in many homes to protect and attract good fortune for the family residing inside. Many believe that to hang it with the ends pointing upwards is good luck as it acts as a storage container of sorts for any good luck Others believe that no matter which way you hang the horseshoe, good luck will come.


HABITAT Feng Shui is certainly a guide to very useful corrective methods, but needs to keep in mind customary arrangement of space and objects. To give examples of the combination - it is best to keep Lord Ganesha idol made of bronze metal, facing West for positive flow of energy. Keep gold in a Tortoise yagna shaped vessel facing North for great fortune. Joblessness usually suggests clutter in the house. Fish or pictures of them help immensely. Mangala Sutra can be converted into a lucky charm by keeping pink stones/beads with gold for healthy flow of love and emotions. Dr. Vasudeva Rao (Ph.D) Miyapur, Hyderabad. India Feng Shui Consultant for interiors and life enrichment. Teacher of Master course in Feng Shui for India. Phone : +91- 9949012244, Email: Arowana Fish are considered to be representative of unlimited wealth in Feng Shui. Arowanas are mainly used in my Fengshui audits, since Arowana is the bringer of prosperity. Many of my clients claim that this fish genuinely has got them riches. It is used to create positive energy. Many of my Clients and me too, swear that our good fortune is due to keeping Arowanas in our offices. There is an immense increase in the good luck and prosperity due to these fishes. It is depicted on a bed of coins. This arowana swimming on a seabed of coins conveys auspicious meanings of wealth! It should be kept in North, East or South eastern sector of your house or Office. Inseeya Khambati Clinic@Vikrampuri,Karkhana, Fortune Select Manohar @Begumpet. Ph: 8019553132

Trisandhya Rajasusheela, B.A., LLB, Audhambary Rajasusheela, MBA, B/4, Meera Apartments, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500029. Tel.: 040 23220519,9391134352



The Interior Park offers world-class furniture, which can be classified into antique and classic range, contemporary and trendy furniture. The store is also into furnishings, home accessories and design consultancies.

Living space is a contemporary, stylish & ergonomically designed range of furniture Living space is a contemporary, stylish & ergonomically designed range of furniture & interior solutions that transforms any space. Make the first impression of your home one with an attractive and expressive dinning set. Modular in design, the lightweight, designed according to latest trend.

CONTACT 5-8-5 to 7, Beside lepakshi furniture and interiors, Station road Nampally, Hyderabad - 500001 Tel: 040 66785577, 66680004 Fax: 040 66785500


The foremost thing in Feng Shui is the entrance of house / establishment / office should be clear without any obstruction, like plants, trees opposite to entrance. Parking vehicles in front of the main door, placing shoe rack are very bad Feng Shui. Narrow passage, dark corners should be rectified with bright lights and chimes, avoids clutters all over. The entrance should be well kept - replace broken locks, window panes and put beautiful door mats .The colour of the door mat should be harmonious with the element of the direction. If the entrance is East or South East avoid wind chimes. If there is any electric poll, trees, stairway or lift in front of your entrance hang Pakua mirror. It also repels every negativity including rivalry.

CONTACT Plot No. 62, Road No.1 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Tel : 9912103212 NOVEMBER, 2011 49






Weddings have changed exponentially! Before we used to be happy with just a bunch of flowers and primary rituals, but these days, it’s much more than that. The expenses are huge now and people want that perfect wedding scenario. And not just for weddings. In a way to live that special moment to the fullest, people do not mind spending a little more on their birthdays, engagements, Sangeet and other prominent occasion just to make them grand.

eddings today are known for their opulence and grandeur. In the earlier days the focus was majorly on the religious aspects of the ceremony, however today it’s more about the glamour around the wedding. Most weddings today are theme based. Starting from the invites to the wedding day and all the ceremonies, everything is theme based. The last season has seen a lot of celebrity weddings which were put together entirely by designers. This trend is catching

‘Décor has become one of the most important things to cater to for a wedding. People want to go the extra mile during weddings and do not hesitate to spend a few extra bucks for the occasion.’ up amongst the common people as well and everyone wants a wedding color coordinated and elaborately designed. Invites these days are not restricted to just a card but are accompanied by gift bags and the gifts ranging from chocolates to expensive silver articles or ornaments. These invites and goody bags are theme coordinated with the décor of the wedding and ceremonies. The ceremonies are not restricted to two or three days, but the tenure of weddings has now increased to 8 to 10 days. Everything is an excuse to celebrate right from appeasing the Gods with Mata Ki Chowki to cards party and bachelor’s bashes. This is intermingled with traditional functions like Dholak ke Geet to Mehendi ceremonies. The themes in vogue include traditional to contemporary to fusion. The traditional themes vary from Chettinad to the princely Marwars. The contemporary themes range from Venetian to Japanese themes. Fusion theme is put together using a wide range of flowers flown in from international destinations, fur, crystals and candles. The expense is client based. It may range from several lacs to a few crores and the challenge is to cater

50 NOVEMBER, 2011


to them according to their budget and needs. Right from destination weddings, people look out for new and interesting places. The food ranges from just Indian or otherwise a lavish spread of multi-cuisine food including a countless range of deserts and delicacies from around the world. I am a part of renowned Totaram family which is traditionally into jewellery business. I had ample oportunities to do bithhday party decorations for the kids at home which was like a hobby for me. Impressed with my innovative ideas, I was approached by my friends and relatives for decorating birthday events for them . Due to the tremendrous support of all my family members, what started as a hobby developed into full time work, culminating into the present - full fledged professional event management company that I run today. Now being into this industry for nearly the past 15 years, I have ventured from birthday parties to complete wedding decors. Right from their invitations to the decors to their gifts, this is a place where any and every need of the client is fulfilled. An experience of 15 years has made me understand the working of the business along with varied tastes of Hyderbad’s clients. In the next coming years I wish to expand business to other states and cities for which I have already started working at places close to Hyderabad such as Vijaywada Vizag and Bangalore. Contact Yamini Gupta C.E.O, T.M.S CREATIONS MOBILE NO: 9246543422

Mintu Sarna is a very popular name in wedding decor. Introduces his highest principles of art and Design with extracting attention to every detail to create an environment that exists for a few magnicificient moments. “ My Vision is to create Designs that honour Cultural Splendor , Architectural dignity and Individual Style� I am most delighted at the end of each project to see one of my vision come to life in reality. Since Sarnas Kreation inception in 2006, Mintu Sarna has been transforming Wedding and Event Dreams into spectacular reality for refined Clientele. His collaboration and inclusive spirit allow him to work with ease in both modern and traditional style. Mintu Sarna believes in the process of exploration and NOVEMBER, 2011 51


SPECIAL seeks to unfold the greatest potential beauty of every event. Passion and Elegance is what we see in all the Decors done by Minttu Sarna’s work. Every client is unique and each one has is own set of dreams to fulfill. We, at Sarnas Kreation, be a part in shaping these dreams within the customized budget without effecting Quality. Contact Mintu Sarna : 9848018880 Email :

Dinaz Noria was an Airhostess with British Airways. Never thought in her wildest of dreamz that she will be the name behind grand weddings. She started as window decorater and on a request to transform the same display in wedding she did her first wedding decor for Rashmi Gupta daughter of Mohan Lal Gupta of Mussadilal Jeweller and exporters and after that there was no looking back. 3D (design and decor by dinaz) was founded in 1995 by Dinaz, over the years she had developed a passion for party decor with inherent creative skills and excellent organising abilities with a mission to provide the best to her clients. Dinaz belives in transforming the dream wedding to reality. She designs the event keeping the latest trend in mind, requirement and taste of client as well as budget. Over the years, 3D lived up to its mission! It grew from strength to strength

and décor by 3D today is considered as a bench mark in the event management and party décor industry, patronized repeatedly by several clients of repute throughout Hyderabad and beyond. The scope of work at 3D encompasses a wide array of activities and services which are designed to present a one-stop-shop concept to clients and relieve them from all hassles associated with making the venue ready for hosting the celebration. Hundreds of successfully executed projects over the years has enabled 3D to amass highly experienced and skilled work force, remarkable inventory of props and gizmos, large knowledge bank of 52 NOVEMBER, 2011

designs, creative concepts and know-how, extensive network of reliable and time-tested suppliers and associates and lastly an enviable reputation of delivering the desired service in time within the budgets to the esteemed clients. Contact Dinaz : 3D - Design & decor By Dinaz 174/C, Plassey Lines, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad - 9. A.P., India. Phone: +91- 40 - 2775 1814 • Email :

Ms. Ch. Anuradha envisioned Anoo’s at a tender age of 16. She not only convinced her family to pursue her interest, but also set up Anoo’s when she was 18 years at the family garage, in the year 1982. Within 2 months time, the business picked up so immensely that she and her younger sister Annapoorna, who had joined the team, moved to a bigger facility. Subsequently the other two sisters also joined the team to take the company to a next level. Under their leadership, Anoo’s reached the distinction of being the first Salon outlet in Hyderabad to offer Electrolysis treatment in 1986. Soon after, in the year 1989, Hyderabadis were first introduced to ‘weight reduction treatments’ courtesy Anoo’s. It was registered as a Private Limited Company in 1992 and since then there has been no looking back. Today, Hyderabad based Anoo’s is one of South India’s leading name in Clinical and Salon Services. Why did you choose Hyderabad? And how the city is now, in terms of development and infrastructure? We are basically from AP and been living in Hyderabad. The city is ever growing and it makes complete business sense for us to have our facilities in different locations spread across the city. How easy was it for you to reach the place where you stand today? Starting a business is never easy! Startups are like children. In the initial stages they require a lot of focus and attention. Being women in those days meant dealing with societal pressures and conservatism while having a career. Also the beauty industry was highly fragmented and unorganized at that time. Hence the biggest challenge was bringing a professional approach and creating an organized structure to what was just a concept a few decades back. Also, to change people’s perception regarding beauty as a segment of one’s profession or career, was associated with a lot of social stigma. Having said that, passion, conviction and hard work along with the support of friends and family have helped Anoo’s become a household name that it is today. Your take on your success? Being happy because of what you have set your heart out for is success. To know that an ocean of opportunity is created for others because of one’s venture is to know one has succeeded. However, one should also be cautious of the fact that success is not a destination but a journey where one keeps learning. Anoo’s is already on that journey since its inception in 1982 and we are on a growth path each year taking in every opportunity that the beauty industry opens up for us. The thing which kept you going through the struggle? The unlimited support from our family and friends to pursue our passion kept us motivated even through tough times. Describe your journey so far? The journey so far has been full of experiences and great learning. It has taught us the virtue of perseverance even through most difficult times. Initially developed as a family venture, the company has today grown into a full-fledged professional set up with presence in 10 Indian cities with 15 facilities and 1 office in the USA. Anoo’s has a current work force of more than 200 professionally trained estheticians and technician. Anoo’s International Beauty School (AIBS) was launched on the occasion of Anoo’s 25th year of existence. The school offers 30 careeroriented courses at Graduate and Under Graduate level with hands on experience. Alongside, the school also offers a Postgraduate course in Cosmetology (M.Sc) in collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), which makes it India’s 1st and only beauty school with university collaboration. The Masters in Cosmetology covers entire beauty courses in the beauty industry along with clinical treatments like Electrolysis, laser, spa therapies, and skin and hair treatments. Even after 3 decades we feel the journey is yet incomplete as there are still a lot of gaps to be fulfilled in the Indian Beauty Industry.



The business journey teaches and changes everyone. So how do you think it has changed you? Initially we sisters thought to run the business unaccompanied. Found difficult when the business is expanding and growing day by day. So we taught the qualified and genuine people, shared our knowledge and we are become a family - Anoo’s Family. How do you look at your future? The future is very bright for Anoo’s as the Indian market is consistently growing. There has also been a favorable shift in the people’s mindsets. Today, beauty is not perceived as an external factor to enhance looks but something very personalized and an essential part of life. Your pass time activities? Watching movies and reading books. Any such incident, which has made you remember the most, or has affected you in more than a way? ‘It was during the long break after my 10th board exams when a family friend’s daughter visited home – she had permed her hair (which was rarely seen those days) and was looking so good that I convinced my mother to let me get the same style who in turn persuaded my father to agree to the same! Sitting at a modest parlour in Hyderabad getting my hair done and watching the hair dresser work was precisely the moment when I knew that I could invest my creativity, time and energy towards building a salon which would turn out to be a household name in Hyderabad and beyond. I was 16 years old then. By the time I came out of the parlour, I knew a confident dream has born in my heart.’ This is moment, I can recollect as the turning point of life. You owe your success to? I would credit my success to tremendous support from my family and friends and also my professional family. Success is the result of tremendous hard work from each one of us Professional or personal? Choose one. Both. Work according to me is not distinctive of a personal life. It has been my passion and true calling to work for the beauty industry and hence it’s a part of personal life as well. Any advice for our readers? In life the most important thing that we all search for is contentment and satisfaction. This can be achieved only when one achieves the goals set for oneself. Moreover it’s important to give your best effort in whatever you do to achieve goals as there are no shortcuts to success.

NOVEMBER, 2011 53




Indians have been using jewellery for adornment, since centuries. The significance in the country is evident from the fact that for many s occasions, jewellery forms a part of gifting. In India, jewellery is considered more auspicious for and among women‌


raditionally, jewellery has always been linked with wealth, power and status. To accentuate their feminine beauty, they use jewellery made of gold, silver and diamonds. Talking about the significance of jewelry in the life of women in India, they are gifted jewellery in different phases of life such as, at birth, at coming of age, in marriage, on becoming a mother, etc. Certain ornaments, such as - Mangalsutra, Nath (nose ring), toe rings, Maangtika, Bangles, Necklaces, etc. are quintessential for married Indian women. From the practice of generations, these gifts are still continuing without any abruption. Jewellery gifted to women at the time of her marriage is called Stridhan i.e. wealth of women, which in short

is symbol of wealth, power and femininity. Jewellery design is so versatile in India that it varies from state to state. If some jewelry is so much popular in one state, it might not necessarily be popular in another state. Incidentally, even today, gold is the metal most widely used for bridal ornaments and over the last decade, these are increasingly being studded with diamonds. Carat is a unit of mass and is used to measure ornaments. Metals like Gold, normally is available in these mentioned carats – 18, 22 and 24. In Indian settings, a wedding has many more connota-

MYSTIQUE OF A DIAMOND A Woman’s Best Friend… First discovered in India, Diamonds have been a source of fascination for centuries! They are the hardest, the most imperishable and the brilliant of all precious stones. The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning ‘unconquerable.’ A diamond is a transparent gem made of carbon, one of the earth’s most common elements. Diamonds


tions than visible. But, one thing is sure and that is, it too involves some good expenditure. A good part of it goes to Indian bridal jewellery. It is an inevitable part of every Indian wedding. There is no barrier of cast, language, religion, and region or for that matter, anything. It is more of a custom than desire to dress up the bride with ornate and auspicious jewels. The ornaments that the bride wears on the Dday are of great significance as they symbolize and enhance the bond between bride and the groom. There are a number of factors which are on work while choosing Indian bridal jewelry. As a very basic rule it should match with the dress of the bride. Moreover, it has got incorporated a number of factors like religious and cultural beliefs along with the latest trends. One thing which has worked more or less as a rule is the importance, rather, preference given to gold over all other precious metals and stones. At the same time, other precious metals like silver and platinum are also used at times.

became popular in jewellery and from this time the history of diamonds accelerated and many famous diamonds were cut. Women are fascinated and their fascination never seems to fade away! Be it any traditional occasion or even a private get-together, women love to wear it and can’t resist to flaunt it. It certainly is a feel-good-factor! The engagement rings are assumed as one of the most memorable jewels or ornaments gifted by a man to a woman as a indication of love which shows that this couple is going to get married soon and it also symbolizes that the woman has accepted the marriage proposal of her man. They are by far the most desired jewel for such crucial and memorable milestones in one’s life. It is one radiant stone packed with a very high value and many inspiring meanings which stirs the passion and is so important in a couple’s life together.

For Jewellery shopping you can visit : Musaddilal Jewellers 5-9-57/5,6 & 7, Below Fly Over, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500029 Ph : 66138760

Tibarumal Gems & Jewels Lumbini Jewel Mall, Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Tel: 40329900

P Satyanarayna & Sons Jewellers Opp Gandhi College, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500029 Ph : 67120197

Vasundhara Exotic Jewellers H.No:6-3-347/20,2a Dawarakapuri Colony, Near Saibaba Temple, Panjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082 +(91)-40-67115208

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Jos Alukkas Plot No 6-3-674/3, Behind Hyderabad City Central, Beside Kalyan Jewellers, Panjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082 +(91)-(40)-23404567

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Shop No 1, 5-9-60, Moguls Court, Deccan Tower Complex, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. Ph : 30245001 Fiona Moissanite Jewellery 5-9-30/1/4/4/1a, Near Paigha Plaza Building, Palace Colony, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500029. Ph : 64583318 Shree Jewellers 3-6-354/1, Beside Overhead Bridge Below Shanbagh Hotel, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500029 +(91)-(40)-23222560 +(91)-(40)-23240920, 23240537 Joy Alukkas 6-3-678/1/1, Opp Pawani Plaza HDFC Bank, Panjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082. +(91)-(40)-23418205

Meena Jewellers Punjagutta & Basheerbagh Tel: 23406666, 23406660, Mor Jewellers 6-3-883/3, 1 2 & 3, R K Plaza, Beside Centurion Bank, Panjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082 +(91)-(40)-23411434 MBS Jewellers Pvt Ltd Shop No 5-9-45, 4TH Floor, Near Syndicate Bank, Opp Old Gandhi Medical College, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad – 500029 Tibarumals Jewellers 5-9-59/2, Deccan Towers, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500029 Tel: 66663810, 23237034 NOVEMBER, 2011 55





Something more significant is associated to this occasion, to this day – a brilliant, kindhearted, humble person was born; who later went out to be the first and the longest serving Prime Minister of India – Jawaharlal Nehru. Children’s Day is celebrated all over India, especially at the school level. There are also community activities with stress on children’s involvement. Many schools and other educational institutions make a special effort to inform children of their rights according to the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Teachers stimulate their pupils to think about the differences between themselves and others and explain the idea of rights. In countries where the rights of children are generally well-respected, teachers may draw attention to situations in countries where this is not the case. Children’s Day is to celebrate childhood. On Children’s Day tribute is paid to all children in the world. Children are loved by one and all. They win over our hearts with their angelic eyes and innocent smiles. It makes one realize that maybe that’s the way God wanted us to be. Children’s Day is not just a day to let the future generation have its say. It is a day to remember a leader who, in his quiet but determined way, laid the foundation to convert a nascent nation into a world power. But why Children’s Day? Apart from being known for his skills as a statesman, Nehru was also immensely fond of children. The more popular and famous of Nehru’s pictures show him with children. In all the photographs Nehru’s joy at being with children is apparent. When he is not sharing pleasantries with them, the expression of intense concentration as he listens to them reveals his commitment and attitude to children. Children to Nehru were little adults in the making. Nehru, to children, is never an Indian political leader and Prime Minister. He is always Chacha Nehru - Nehru Uncle. In some areas, UNICEF holds events to draw particular attention to children’s rights. These may be to stimulate interest in the media around 56 NOVEMBER, 2011

the world or to start nationwide campaigns, for instance on the importance of immunizations or breastfeeding. Many countries like Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, hold Universal Children’s Day events on November 20 to mark the anniversaries of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, other countries hold events on different dates, such as the fourth Wednesday in October (Australia) and November 14 (India). Universal Children’s Day is not observed in the United States, although a similar observance, National Child’s Day, is held on the first Sunday in June.

FAST FACTS * Children’s Day was first celebrated worldwide in October, 1953, under the sponsorship of International Union for Child Welfare, Geneva. The idea of Universal Children’s Day was mooted by late Shri V.K. Krishna Menon and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954. * The story also goes that he started to wear a rose on his jacket after a child pinned one on it. The national children’s centre, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, is also named after Jawaharlal Nehru. Children’s Day is literally that. It is the day when children all over the country are pampered with goodies. From the schoolchild’s point of view, the best thing perhaps is that it is a special day at school - they need not wear uniforms and are given sweets. * The ubiquitous Nehru Jacket is named after Jawaharlal Nehru who took to wearing this attire after shunning his Western wardrobe. Barring the distinctive stand-up collar, the Nehru Jacket is similar to the waistcoats or suit jackets. It is the preferred formal wear for many Indian politicians.

‘Being a mother to three children is such a blessin g. All my three kids have experience. But nothing been a different to beat the divine feeling of having a daughter. Ina me. Faleh, my eldest son ya completes , is more my friend. Thoug h he is just 7, he advices and guides me and my youngest kid, Mohammad whom we call Moham madi is the naughtiest. All three are like a stress busters for me and to end it I would say love you my three mu sketeers.’ - Fatima Khan


‘Being a full-time mothe r is one of the highest sala ried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. 16th Januar y 2008! It was the happiest day of my life as I was blessed with my little angel Aanya. I felt so totally amazed at myself after giving bir th. It was so hard and yet ver y reward ing. I think it really helpe d me during those long nig hts of being a new parent . If I could do labor, I cer tainly could stand a bit of sleep deprivation. I hav e a lot of strengths I did n’t know I had! My husban d thinks that after being a mother, I am the most po werful woman on ear th!’

- Sonal Doshi

rhood has ‘My experience of mothe old and ths on 7m ut been just abo is just hiv Kris ! ht plig a iet qu it’s been krishlike us like his name, mischievo nt oce inn t tha t go na and has always w ho ng azi am It’s v. Shi d look like Lor rn bo new fast they grows out of a dler. Their to become a naughty tod and dad’s m mu is toy e first favorit cks! It’s so phones and granny spe their lanrn lea a’ language ! Being much fun, how we st fluant ‘ba-ba-blu-bank mo the aks r spe hiv Kris guage while en me and watching you beautiful gift god has giv st mo the en be has a parent lf.’ child grow is a blessing itse - Shubhi Garg ‘My three kids are my life line, they mean the world to me. Life has altogether chang ed once they came in my life. Listening to their cute stories is so much fun. I generally spend my evenings with them. Kids have a positive aur a around them. I forget all my ten sions while they are aro und. I love them more than any oth er thing in this world.’ - Hassan Mehdi

‘My little princess Khushi is my world. she is super cute and her little innoce give a zing to my life. she nt acts has made me responsible and more sensitive toward and now I realise that its s life because of her, that my life has a new meaning. so much my little prince I love you ss.’ - Manisha Kapoor NOVEMBER, 2011 57


SPECIAL in four months old now and ‘Our daughter Samaira is ne go has day a t No parents. a sense, we are still rookie her every little action and led rve ma t no I’ve en past wh paring smile. I guess every glance at her heart stopp I and ld chi old ir one like the ent feels like there is no ng you too l stil is aira h Sam am no exception! Thoug k en’s Day is all about, I loo ildr Ch at wh nd sta der un to to pe ho and d gical childhoo for ward to enjoying a ma lligent, smart and impish inte an into m sso see her blo y fair ed by Barbie dolls and ly cute little girl, surround ; ng every minute with her shi reli tales. For now, I am y bab eet sw her ks, e-eyed loo her gurgles, giggles, wid , darling Samaira.’ you e Lov g. hin ryt eve smell, - Aafreen Saif Quadri

anan little angel to give me true and when you have of m for in life in ‘Life is beautiful. Yes, it’s me to gift living. God’s best rth wo ly net a defi g its hin n flas the t ing to it, done by jus ws how to get her works kno girl le tty litt s pre s Thi Thi es. . tur nya lec Ma mama’s en to stay quiet to avoid naughty smile, knows wh says goodbye to so many g hu e on r He . ess pin hap an e lov eye of le nd girl is a bu ’ and the twinkle in the ile says ‘I love you mama sm r He ke . ma ms to ble is pro life in my of only aim ve. A bundle of joy whose you s che tou lly rea makes everything so positi nce oce ping, screaming. Her inn na the most by playing, jum saying ‘mama I am there by red we ans are s ion est qu is est ich gh wh tou s the tion when e of the rela hter bond is definitely on ct.’ pe ‘res ans me mama.’ The mother-daug nya tely. Ma a new turn to life comple and ver y pure, fun and gives Mamma loves you lots e.’ min in live you se cau be y, y. bab bab ul re utif the bea Life is , - ‘I am always iling and as always I say just wanna see you sm .’ life so special. I love you Thank you for making my - Poonam Kapoor

‘I consider myself lucky to have them. I never felt so much love for any body ever. I look into their warm eyes and reli eve the epitome of life. Their smile brings all joy into my life. Their warm hugs and kisses are the only things I need in my life. I play wit h them and feel life is so wonderful. Baby ma kes you fall in love again with life. My life rev olves around them and I feel life is such a ble ssing.’ - Aanchal Bhair wani

‘Ayaan has given a new me aning to my life, he is my youngest child. He is ver caring and sensitive, he y is only four years old bu t he listens to me with lot patience and tries his lev of el best to execute what is been told. He loves tell me stories and going ou ing t with me. He is the most pampered one at home feel so blessed to have him .I in my life.’ - Huma Zaidi

t she is more ‘Naba is my first child bu new things ny ma like a friend. I learn so n. She is the and w no from her every joy. Her smile full of life a bundle of ber a saying a makes my day. I remem ’s a wife but a get he son will be son till all her life.’ daughter will be daughter - Shaheen

58 NOVEMBER, 2011




‘I am a lonely seashell washed away into the sea, as the waves continue to rush up against me; I will no longer be’ - Jacqueline Graves. Every time I am holidaying at a beach, beautiful shells are washed at the shore by waves! They are so pretty and mesmerising, I have seen young girls collecting and making beautiful jewellery out of it and to be frank, I do pick up few to preserve and use in some kind of craft. Shells come in various sizes, shapes and colours and can be utilised in number of ways like beach jewellery, shell candle and other articles... So let’s explore the world of shell craft -


ick up any lamp from a store but just make sure it’s in cream or a little beige colour. You can decorate it in two ways. Either you can put some shells at the edges of the shade which is much simpler option or you can use a fill-able glass cylinder of the same size as the base


ill 1/3 of a vase with dry sand. Arrange shells do not be afraid to overlap for a natural look. You can add one or two white pearls to this arrangement. Place the vase in the center of a table or a shelf and then arrange a few stray shells around its base for a beachy tableau.

of the lamp and remove the shade and slide cylinder. Stick the edges with fevi-quick and let it dry. Then fill it with lot of shells. Your designer lamp is ready.


dd beads to make a 20inch necklace. When completed leave 2 inches of jewellery wire unstrung on each end. String the beads and seashells onto the jewellery wire starting at one end. When stringing the seashells (depending on their shape), it may be necessary to slip the jewellery wire through the little hole at the top of the seashell. From the front to the back, slip on a tiny bead; then slip the wire back to the front through the same hole. This will keep the seashell flat when worn. Pull the wire snugly to keep the beads together as they are strung. Hold one end with jewellery pliers, then slip the wire through a loop in one part of the toggle clasp. Pull it through and tie two knots with the necklace wire. Secure with a wire crimper. Do the same on the other end of the necklace.



ash them thoroughly and dry them very well. If there is water under the wax when you pour it in, the wax might not stay in the shell. Set your wicks in the shells wherever you want them, preferably in the deepest part of the shell for maximum burning time. On a protected work surface, carefully pour the wax into the shells. Ask a friend hold the shells steady or prop them on something since the bases are not completely flat. Once the wax has solidified, trim the wicks to about one quarter of an inch.

elect a wall mirror, cover the mirror surface with newspaper stuck under the edge of the frame to protect it from the glue. Choose a frame that is made of wood or plastic for the best results. Sort through your shells and lay them on the frame in different arrangements to see what you like best. Arrange them tightly together, if you do not wish to see the frame. Try to place the flattest part of your shell against the frame so it will attach easily. Pick up the shells one by one and spread glue on them using a glue gun or a tacky craft glue. Press the shell against the frame and hold it for a second before moving to the next shell. Allow the glue to dry completely before standing the frame up or hanging it on the wall.


ake a cylindrical glass vase. Fill 1/2 of vase with shells of different sizes. Pour water and put a small size Monstera deliciosa leaf. Keep it at the shelf.

NOVEMBER, 2011 59




By Aditya Tej

There is only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved! Engaged couple – Gaurav Shah and Mohini Patel talk to Tulip about their relationship and how excited they are about their soon to come wedding…

GAURAV – I am originally from Kolkata, I was born and brought up there itself, where I pursued by graduation as well. After my graduation, I started my tenure with Pepsi and then skipped to RedBull (where I was a part of it, for four years). My third company was Carlsberg which I represented for one year. I am now with Artic Vodka as a Brand Activation Manager. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and I learned a lot from every company I was with. My family is everything to me! Though I lost my Dad at a young age, it was my Mom who raised me up to what I am today and I can’t thank her enough for all this. I have two sisters (Shradha, who resides in Melbourne and her husband working for Swatch) and my second sister Shaily, (happily married too and lives back here in Hyderabad). My college days at St. Peters, Kolkata, were one of the best times of my life and I enjoyed thoroughly – life with friends and hanging out with then often. But well, I had to be a bit more serious about life after that. My Mom took the entire responsibility of bringing us up. I am happy about the fact that I have successfully managed all the expenses for the marriages of my two sisters – which is the biggest achievement of my life. And in near future, I am going to get married too. MOHINI – I was into modeling (2002), during which I participated in Miss Andhra Pradesh and won Miss Catwalk – one of the most memorable moments! I also did anchoring for ETv Gujrathi and then did several advertisements and commercials. I run a beauty salon and a gym dedicated only for ladies – Curves ‘n’ Curls, which started in 2008. I do seasonal business as well during festivals like Navratri. This has been running successfully for eight years now. I have a happy family – mom, dad, sister and I. GAURAV – It’s strange the way I met Mohini for the first time at the temple of Govardhan Nathji Haveli, in 2006. We didn’t interact much on that day. Time went by and one day I added her on social network and we had a talk with each other for the first time and that was exactly a year and half ago. After our first conversation, 60 NOVEMBER, 2011



there was a huge gap of one month (sometime around June). There were no feelings of love at that time, but. My birthday was coming up and I also invited her for a party at my residence. She apologized for not turning up, but wished me over phone. There was again a long communication gap between us, after when I invited her again for my sister’s marriage and she was there. We then had a talk with each other that day and exchanged our numbers also. I had sent her a text message, saying if we could go out for a cup of coffee. Mohini thought I was crazy enough to ask her out on my sister’s marriage. I didn’t get a reply from her, but later said that she would let me know. The coffee thing couldn’t happen that day and she took time. I met Mohini a couple of times at a night club and that was so memorable. She was there with her sisters. She was so surprised the way I ordered a drink for her – ‘Can I get a drink for the beautiful lady?’ But she refused and said she doesn’t drink. She only said she wants to have

a sealed bottle of mineral water. I had to go out to get that which took more than 15 minutes (laughs). I told her that, it was the first time I offered water to a girl and she couldn’t stop laughing. That was a special moment for me. There was again a long gap and in 2010, on February 13th, I gave her a call and asked what her plans were, for the Valentines’ Day. I was surprised to know from her that she celebrates Valentines’ Day with her family only and no one else. It was more like a shock (laughs). But we managed to see each other on 15th, at a shopping mall. I then took her to a chocolate shop, where we sat and had a talk for six consecutive hours, without even getting up from the chairs, having just coffees. We had a long conversation! I presented her a bunch of roses. The topics of discussion were only about our respective families, work, career and other general topics. I had no plans of getting married to her and was no love either. After the talk for six hours, we left and right after 5 minutes we left, I had sent her a text message which read - ‘I was not even 5 minutes that we left, but I have already started missing you.’ I also commented on her photo, on social network, which was – ‘Of all the wonders I saw, I had never looked upon anything as beautiful as you are,’ which has around ten people liking that comment. With this comment, she guessed it right that I was flirting with her.

all the guests to leave that place after their luncheon. He took a tissue, crafted it in the form of a rose, got down to his knees and proposed me. While holding my hand, he said – ‘I want to hold your hand for the rest of my life.’ I accepted his marriage proposal! We left to our homes, had a talk with our parents and we were fortunate enough that they had said yes to this relation too. We have started meeting on regular basis after that. The ring ceremony was memorable as it happened in the presence of Guruji whom we believe in and 2000 guests, at Gujarat. We were back to Hyderabad after our engagement! We are now so excited and looking forward for our marriage soon.

MOHINI – The next day, which was 16th, Gaurav called me up and said – ‘If you are free, then he would like to spend the rest of his life with me.’ I was startled and so speechless! I didn’t say anything over phone. We knew that this issue was not something which could happen over phone, therefore, one day; we met at a pub for lunch (I had a glass of water as usual and Gaurav has a beer after lunch). He was waiting for NOVEMBER, 2011 61



Who is a better cook at home -

Strengths –

Gaurav – My mom!

Gaurav – Mohini’s way of handling issues and her maturity level at such a tender age.

Mohini – My mom and I.

Mohini – I am his strength as well!

One best thing about each other -

Favourite pastime –

Gaurav – Mohini’s caring nature! She cares for my family, relatives and even friends a lot and it is something which makes me happy. This is one of the reasons why, in such a short time, she is now a very important part of my life.

Gaurav – Mohini loves playing Snooker. Mohini – Gaurav likes clubbing, listening to music and spending time with friends. Favourite colours –

Mohini – If he is angry, he turns back to normal in a moment.

Gaurav – Mohini likes black! Mohini – Gaurav likes black as well. So yeah, we both have similar tastes when it comes to colours.

One thing you love about each other – Gaurav – Mohini’s dimples, when she smiles, which makes my day. Mohini – Gaurav’s eyes! One thing you learned from each other – Gaurav – Ever since she came in my life, I learned many things from her. The right way to look at life and perceive it! She taught me how to handle and how to adjust myself to various situations. She is my friend, my philosopher and my guide. She is everything to me! Mohini – Gaurav taught me how to calm down when I am angry. This is something which I couldn’t learn from anyone before, but from Gaurav. One change you don’t want to see in each other – Gaurav – Mohini’s caring nature, the way she treats me and at times, the way she argues with me in a sweet way. Mohini – I want to see many things in him (laughs). Who remembers important occasions better – Gaurav – Mohini, always!

Favourite dishes – Gaurav – Mohini loves to have Biryani at Hyderabad House. Mohini – Gaurav is fond of Pizzas and Pastas. Latest obsession – Gaurav – Mohini’s latest obsession is BlackBerry Bold 4. Mohini – Gaurav’s got this crazy obsession of owning a chopper in the near future. (laughs). In the next 5 years – Gaurav – (I know it’s a big dream, but) I would like to see a beer brand with my own name and would like to see myself as a CEO of my own company. Mohini – I would like to see myself as a successful businesswoman, a good wife and a daughter in law and a beautiful mother for two kids. Spirituality and Devotion –

Mohini – Yeah, that’s me! Describe each other in three words – Gaurav – Mohini is beautiful, naughty and full of life. Mohini – Gaurav is my breath, caring and affectionate. Who likes giving surprises more – Gaurav – I! Mohini – Yeah I agree, its Gaurav. He is full of surprises. Who is more tech-savvy – Gaurav – that’s me again! Mohini – No, we both are tech-savvy equally! Who is a morning person – Gaurav – that’s me! Mohini – No way, it’s me! (laughs). Weakness –

Gaurav and Mohini – Fear God and no one else in this world. We have full faith in Almighty and divinity is everywhere, though we do not see with our eyes.

Gaurav – Mohini is tough and strong, she has no weaknesses. But her weakness is her family and friends, to whom she would do anything for their happiness.

Best moment(s) of your life –

Mohini – I am his weakness.

Gaurav – My never-say-die attitude, blessings from Mom and God’s grace as well.

Gaurav – My first job after my graduation and then, my promotions; when Mohini accepted my marriage proposal and when we both got engaged! Mohini – My first coffee with Gaurav and my brother’s last birthday. Watching all my family members happy, always feels good! Success mantra –

Mohini – Do good and it remains forever! 62 NOVEMBER, 2011


Happy melting moments


I don’t wanna leave you


Hey, I am striking a pose like a black beauty


Dabang Girl


Merry Christmas


Elegantly drapped


Mamma will scold me


Making a stylish entry


Getting the attention by some one

1 2


4 5



Match the f ollowing Photos with the comments


7 9

Answers: 1-D, 2-F, 3-I, 4-A, 5-C, 6-B, 7-H, 8-G, 9-E


NOVEMBER, 2011 63





BUGATTI VEYRON L’OR BLANC Bugatti have teamed up with the German company Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (Royal Porcelain Manufacture Berlin). Like Bugatti, Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin specialize in making the best products they possibly can, but instead of making supercars, they manufacture extremely expensive hand-painted porcelain dishware and figurines. L’Or Blanc, translates as white gold, which is a nickname sometimes given to porcelain. In most automotive construction – aluminum, steel, carbon-fiber, fiberglass and titanium are used. The unique abstract exterior design captivates all eyes on this car. Bugatti are quick to point out that the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc is the first car in the world to use porcelain in its design. Bugatti undoubtedly knows its market. The exterior of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc features a very dramatic white-onblue paint scheme which is dazzling and confusing at the same time. It almost looks like the car is constantly under powerful fluorescent lights which create a multitude of reflections across the bodywork. It might not be to every one’s tastes, in fact it probably only have a small percentage of likers as opposed to dislikers. But the cleverly executed paintwork is certainly eye catching. And according to Bugatti, the fastest production convertible in the world is the first car ever to wear porcelain inside and out, which could be because people don’t want bits of sculpted bog in their car. Porcelain has been applied everywhere from parts of the interior behind the seats and on the dash, all the way through to the engine oil cap, wheel caps and fuel tank cap. Five places inside the cabin are rendered in porcelain as well - the center-console surround; signed trim plates on each side of the center console; the removable, diamond-polished dish atop the center console and a relief between the seatbacks depicting an elephant 64 NOVEMBER, 2011

standing on its hind legs. According to Bugatti, that elephant was the inspiration for the partnership between Bugatti and KPM. The body is also strongly characterized by an abstract graphic theme that mimics reflections on shiny surfaces with the use of white and blue lines, inspired by porcelain painting. The safety and security package includes – antilock breaking system, driver airbags, passenger airbags, immobilizer and traction control. The interiors are a combination of cup holders, folding rear-seat, tachometer, leather seats, AM/FM radio and CD player. Currently, the car is available in black carbon, titanium grey metal, Italian red and white silver. Bugatti has achieved what many thought was impossible – improving on their own Veyron Grand sport.

SPECIFICATIONS – Overall length – 4462 mm, width – 198 mm, height – 1204 mm, wheel base – 2710 mm, front track – 1714 mm, read track – 1617 mm and kerb weight – 1968 kg. fuel tank capacity – 100 liters, maximum speed – 407 km/hour, 0-100 kmph in 2.6 seconds, engine type/model – W16 in 15.0 vee, displacement cc – 1993, Power – 1001PS @6000rpm, torque – 1250Nm @ 2200rpm, valve mechanism – DOHC, Bore – 86 mm, compression ratio – 9:1, No. of cylinders – 16, cylinder configuration – W 16 in 15.0 vee, automatic transmission, 7 gears, front and rear suspensions – independent double wishbones, alloy wheels.

Massive power meets cutting-edge technology for a nimble ride that takes dark to pitch black… The restyled Night Rod features a new tapered tail section, lighterweight wheels and improved ergonomics with reduced reach to both the rider footpegs and handlebar. Inverted front forks and retuned rear suspension enhance ride and handling. This is a blacked-out, dark and sinister power cruiser that’s at home in a back alley. It is powered by the latest version of the revolution engine, a 1250cc liquid-cooled V-Twin with dual overhead camshafts, four-valve cylinder heads and Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI). The powertrain is equipped with an assist and slip clutch, five-speed transmission and high-performance carbon-fiber drive belt. Tires are Michelin Scorcher radials, including a 240mm rear. Brembo® triple-disc performance brakes are available with optional factory-installed anti-lock braking system (ABS). ABS is part of the optional security package that also includes the smart security system with proximity-based, hands-free security fob. It is aggressively styled from the front end to the back. Engine, wheels, forks, triple clamps, swing arm - they’re all blacked out and thick with uncompromising, drag strip attitude. The performance exhaust can still be a beautiful set of pipes. The double-barrel exhaust features brushed finish dual mufflers, black end caps and exhaust shields. Performance and bold style erupt with every crack of the throttle. Behold an ultrafat, 240mm rear tire for a powerful, no-nonsense look and added grip. Harnessing explosive, off-the-line power, the rear tire on the Night Rod® Special motorcycle enhances the pure dragster look with the sticky, high-performance tread you need for staying glued to the pavement. Up to two times thicker than the competition, custom quality paint comes standard on all Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Clear-coat layering up to five miles deep and bigger metal flakes! Unique effects in the denim and pearl colors! Skimping simply is not in the vocabulary. The bike comes on strong, with a redesigned color-matched speed-screen that’s been pared down to bare performance minimum, wrapped around a sleek, newly-restyled headlamp, riding over a slotted-bracket sport fender - all for a wickedly aggressive race-inspired profile that embodies its power-first ride. When the rubber meets the road, it’s your


wheels which make the difference. Inspired by performance sports car design, these color-matched split 5-spoke wheels flash heavy-weight attitude, but do it at a full 3 pounds lighter than earlier generation VRod® motorcycle wheels, which means you roll with tighter handling and smoother suspension response. Every inch of this bike is created to sync up with the bike’s overall look and performance. The Night Rod Special is no exception! As the very first liquid-cooled rides, it is turned to styling to make sure the radiator on the V-Rod®models became part of the design instead of an interruption to the flow of the eye. The Harley-Davidson Revolution® engine is an extremely durable motorcycle engine. It survived the most brutal and aggressive durability test in the industry - the Dusseldorf Test. Simulating a grueling trip along Germany’s notorious Autobahn, the engine endured a wide range of performance tests. From idle states to city speeds, to wideopen throttle and mountain climbing torque, the Revolution® engine surpassed the goal of 500 hours of non-stop punishing performance. Settle in and experience the confident connection you get from this deep rider bucket. The brand redesigned it to improve how it holds you close, low (25.6 inches) and in control, even when you throttle up fast. Just like all Harley-Davidson® seats, it’s built with the premium material, custom stitching and attention to detail that mark the work of motorcycle makers who have been putting their own seats in the saddle for over a hundred years.



SPECIFICATIONS Michelin® Scorcher® radial tires, round reflector-optic headlight, highperformance carbon-fiber drive belt, rubber-mounted, liquid-cooled 1250cc revolution® V-Twin engine with dual overhead camshafts, fourvalve cylinder heads and electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI); 125 hp @ 8,250 rpm; 85 ft. lbs. torque @ 7,000 rpm. Overall width – 900 mm, height – 1168 mm, fork angle 34°, ground clearance 4.8 in, engine displacement – 76.28, compression ratio – 11.5:1.

NOVEMBER, 2011 65

DERONDA TYPE F Deronda is the manufacturer of extreme performance road cars, who has strengthened its ties with Audi through a supply agreement whereby Cosworth Technology deliver complete power-train packages. 1.8 litre turbo engines and transaxle gearboxes will become Audi factory approved installations in Deronda’s Type F product range. Power outputs are 200, 250 and 300 bhp, which means 375, 425 and over 500 bhp per tonne. The current Deronda F400 is replaced by the F350, F425 and F500. The Type F is designed to deliver extreme performance and to do it in style. Audi’s turbocharged 1800cc 4 cylinder engine is mounted longitudinally behind the cockpit to achieve the ultimate in weight distribution and designed with safety in mind. The engine is mated with Audi’s 5 speed transaxle gearbox, as used in the Audi A4 and Audi A6. It is a high quality machine with built-in safety features. Extreme performance is achieved from a low weight and high power output - up to 300 bhp in a car weighing less than 600kg gives over 500bhp per tonne. Acceleration times are 3.6 seconds to 60mph and 8.8 to 100 mph. Braking - powerful AP Racing 4 pot calipers are fitted at the front; 2 pot at the rear, operating vented discs. Sharp handling is achieved from a suspension design which mirrors current formula racing car practice - unequal length double wishbones, with pushrod operated inboard spring damper units. Settings can be adjusted for different conditions to optimize ride height, camber, compression and rebound damping. In terms of style, the Type F has class - it’s different and purposeful but not brash; it’s modern but with an eye to the past. Styling cues from F1 over the years include the shark nose, under-nose splitter, rear under-tray venturis, inboard suspension and distinctive side pods. Particular attention has been paid to engineering details, so that the engineering itself has quality appeal. For instance, suspension uprights are cast aluminum - not only lightweight but also an engineering art form; the exhaust system is fabricated stainless steel with teardrop exits. High quality 66 NOVEMBER, 2011

has been achieved by using the best components and assembly standards. Bought-in components are all from reputable suppliers, known for their quality products. Engines and transmissions are supplied by Audi Cosworth Technology, suspension by Ohlins, brakes by AP Racing - all highly regarded in the motorsport industry. The F reflects the formula racing series which have given the car its fundamental racing layout and suspension design. The number represents power to weight ratio in bhp per tonne. This is an extreme performance, road going, track day car. It has been designed and developed by professional motorsport engineers and utilizes racing car technology. Deronda believes that a road car should have the same safety features as a race car - so the Type F has technical features - integral tubular steel chassis and safety cage, double side impact protection bars, separate driver and passenger roll over hoops - longitudinally braced, front crash structure, rear crash bars, 6 point FIA approved harnesses, foam filled fuel tank, fire extinguisher (optional), external ignition cut-off (optional), adjustable pedals, steering column and seat.

SPECIFICATIONS – Programmable combined analogue tacho/digital speedometer; plus digital oil pressure and water temperature, VW Audi group 5 speed manual transaxle gearbox, VW Audi group 1.8 litre turbo, 200, 250 or 300bhp, 200, 250 or 300lb ft torque, electronic throttle control, 260mm ventilated discs, toyo proxes T1-R or R888 road legal track tyres, compo-motive CX-R lightweight rims and cast aluminum lightweight uprights, KKK turbocharger with intercooler, electronic throttle control, stainless steel exhaust system and double roll over hoops - longitudinally braced. 67



Shilpa & Aparna

TULIP in association

with PARIS DE SALO N presents FL AUNT OF THE ISSUE If you are at your fashio nable best, then our len ses wil l shoot you. Go by the picture will be publi she words as one d every month, in thi s section. If your pictur you get an amazing cha e is publi shed here the nce to have a free fa n cial or ha

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Tulip office. NOVEMBER, 2011 67





The new Razer Mamba returns with an ultra-precise 4G dual sensor system, that makes use of both a laser and an optical sensor to enhance tracking precision by calibrating to different surfaces and allowing adjustment of liftoff tracking distance. With up to 15% improved battery life for more untethered gaming enjoyment, a new multicolored LED for personalization and outfitted with an industry -leading gaming grade wireless technology, the Razer Mamba is still in a league of its own. Gaming Grade Wireless Technology - unrivalled gaming grade wireless technology means that the Razer Mamba performs as a cordless and as it does corded, giving the user utter freedom of motion whilst the user can win gloriously in games. With a 1ms response rate, the command gets executed first even if the players react at the same time. Experience a new standard of gaming precision, outfitted with a laser and an optical sensor to accurately calibrate the mouse to any surface for exceptional pinpoint tracking. The Razer Mamba can not only match the speed of your swipes, but also allows configuration of cutoff distance to manage liftoff tracking, empowering you with more control than ever, no matter the play style. The Razer Mamba has 15% more battery life than its predecessor, letting you game unwired for longer. When you need to recharge, just pop it on the sleek charging dock which also acts as the wireless receiver unit. Multi-coloured Lightening - With the new multicolored LED that has over 16 million colours, customize the Razer Mamba to suit your personal style or mood. This is your gaming weapon and yours alone! TECHNICAL FEATURES - 6400dpi 4G dual sensor system, 1000Hz ultra-polling /1ms response time, up to 200 inches per second* /50g acceleration, size: 128mm x 70mm x 42.5mm, dual mode wired /wireless functionality and 16 hours battery life.

LOGITECH HARMONY 1100 Logitech is all set to alter the way customers use their home entertainment system. Winner of the Best of Innovations in the Home Entertainment category at the CES, the Harmony 1100 packs in a customizable touch screen interface too. This stylish remote comes in a neat brushed-black aluminum top case along with a softtouch bottom case that makes comfortable to use. It is a natural extension of the Harmony and it promises to simplify today’s complex home-entertainment system. Boasting of a single touch control, the 1100 remote comprises of a 3.5 inch full touch sensitive screen with QVGA resolution that can be customized as per the user needs. Thanks to the revamped software. Incorporated with Harmony’s software, users have an option of putting up most used commands on the screen by simply selecting them. Other than the touch screen, users are also ensured of simple details with the Harmony 1100 remote control. With tactile guides positioned around the touch screen, the interface is easy to follow and use. The location of the guides ensures users have selected the right commands. TECHNICAL FEATURES - Innovative remote include rechargeable battery, RF-capability and optional Harmony RF extender that allow users to control devices even behind closed doors at a distance of up to 100 feet. 68 NOVEMBER, 2011


In order to treat its iconic model to an innovative touch, Corum chose to work on the baguette movement with its tourbillon escapement. Part of the bridge of the CO213 movement – normally and entirely made of 18K solid gold – has been replaced on the level of the tourbillon carriage by a transparent sapphire component. One of the major difficulties involved in this operation is the necessity of ensuring the smooth coexistence of two materials with such different degrees of hardness, rigidity and dilatation coefficient - sapphire and gold. The tensions in play are even stronger because this is a baguette-type movement and the difficulty that had to be surmounted is all the greater because the sapphire bridge is a mere 0.6 mm thick. One of the ends of the sapphire plate has been screwed to the gold bridge in the usual way, while the other has been cut to form a sharp tip and is simply nested in the second part of the gold bridge, which is specially machined to form a V shape. Within this new configuration, the tourbillon carriage of the latest Golden Bridge model is now held by a transparent crystal part that is perfectly visible and more airily light than ever. It thus affords a view of its upper bridge shaped like the Corum key emblem, along with all the mobile parts of its silicon escapement. The entirely guilloché solid gold dial is placed behind the movement rather than in front, as is generally the case. It is open-worked to ensure that Caliber CO213 is also visible through the back of the watch. The case of this Golden Bridge Tourbillon model is a study in transparency enabling one to admire the ethereal movement from either side of the case. No less than four sapphire crystals are thus required to build a case that is watertight to 30 meters and looks very much like a display showcase housing a precious object.



TECHNICAL FEATURES - Dial in gold 18K, guilloche by hand, red gold 5N skeleton hour and minute baton hands, 18K red gold 5N tongue buckle, power reserve of 40 hours and frequency or 2.66Hz, 19’200 vibrations/hour.

TOSHIBA 3D - 55ZL2 Toshiba has launched the world’s first large-screen glasses-free 3D TV in the form of the 55ZL2. To create tri-dimensional effects without the use of 3D eyewear, an array of lenticular lenslets is deployed in front of the LCD screen, which sends slightly offset images to the left and right eyes. The Japanese TV manufacturer claims that up to nine viewers can sit in different positions to simultaneously enjoy 3D content on the 55ZL2 without needing to wear 3D glasses. To make this work, the 55-inch panel is blessed with a native pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160 (Quad Full HD) and is driven by the company’s powerful CEVO video processing engine. The 3D-capable HDTV also features facial tracking technology – apparently at the touch of a button the ZL2 can detect the positions of viewers and automatically adjust the lenslets to optimize the viewing zones. 2D-to-3D conversion is delivered via the CEVO engine; users are also granted control over the depth of 3D renditions. TECHNICAL FEATURES - TV maker’s Resolution + up-scaling algorithm, auto-calibration functionality (requires separate purchase of the TPA1 colour analyzer), integrated free view HD tuner, built-in WiFi and DLNA connectivity, USB-HDD recording, as well as the Toshiba places internet-connected platform that contains some of the most popular apps like BBC iPlayer, Facebook and Youtube.

NOVEMBER, 2011 69



Komal & Omer Basith

Najaf Ahmed & Sana Siddiui


Ayesha Basith

Arifa & Sabeeha

MADE IN HEAVEN - CELEBRATED ON EARTH! The wedding of Sana Siddiqui and Najaf Ahmed at Winstor Gardens was attended by MLAs - Ahmed Balala, Afsar Khan and others. Family members, relatives and close friends of Amer Siddiqui have flown down to Hyderabad all the way from USA and UK, to wish the wedded couple. The bride was wearing jewellery which was designed during the time of Nizams. All the guests were seen feasting on authentic Mughlai cuisine, Chinese starters, three types of Biryanis and four types of desserts. The ambience was royal and had that typical Nawabi look.

Hafsa & Anjum

Abha & Rahat 70 NOVEMBER, 2011

Mohammed Shafiuddin with family

Sami Ul Haq with his son

NOVEMBER, 2011 71



Reshma & Swrabi




Vivek & Rohit Goud

Kashika & Saunaya

Roshni & Prerna

Zoya & Sushma

Rohit Goud celebrated his 23rd birthday with his family and close friends at a high class pub in the city. Celebrities like Rajesh Katikala, Anil Yadav and many more were seen blessing the birthday boy on his big day. Rohit’s brother Vivek played a very good host, warmly welcoming all the guests. While the birthday boy had cut three cakes of different flavours, the guests were seen feasting on Hyderabadi Biryanis.



Dipesh 72 NOVEMBER, 2011

Dipesh celebrated his 21st birthday with his close bunch of friends at the terrace of his residence. Both Dipesh & Prerna looked after the guests and made sure they had some fun time with Music, drinks and food. The party went on till 5 in the morning where all the guests came in after playing some dandiya. After the cake cutting all the youngsters played bollywood games like Dumbcharads and Antakshri. Many were also chilling over Hookah and food! It was setup with a lot of candles and balloons. It indeed was a fun filled affair.

Omer & Sowjanya






Samiya Alam Khan


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS The birthday celebrations of Gayathri Reddy at a top class restaurant had a good group of socialites and celebrities of town relishing delicious cuisines. Apart from receiving a lot of gifts from the guests, Gayathri Reddy was equally excited about the fact that many of her close friends have made it to her special day. Some of the socialites spotted at the event were - Sirisha Mulpuru, Nikita Reddy, Preeti, Namita Singhvi, Shruti and many others.

Shalini Badruka

Shalini Modani

Sheetal Narang


Gayatri Reddy

Trishna NOVEMBER, 2011 73



Charmaine & Dawood


(R) Gurpreet with friend

Parties @ B&C, Liquids, 10D, Rain & Kismet When it is about nightlife, Hyderabad provides unmatched combination of music and food. In order to get the most of it all, the frequent party goers headed to their favourite nightlife places with their close friends, through the recent weeks. Many television stars, socialites and celebrities too, were spotted having a gala time.


Rohit Reddy 74 NOVEMBER, 2011


Anjali & Michael






Ruhi & Jay

Sheen & Sohail


Hindu, Adithi & Sonali

Poonam & Shailu


Ladies are talking to each other about a few with socialites are so obsessed m publicity and coverage fro phothe media; they get their on tos clicked and post them social networking sites. Tanishk



Abhijit NOVEMBER, 2011 75



Suhasini is an expert Tarot card reader who covers Palmistry, Nadi Astrology and Counseling. She excels in scientific Astrology and can be contacted on Website : E-mail : Mobile : 09393026634, 09290425451. Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Tarot card Queen of Cups indicates you aren’t receiving positive results because you struggling too much to solve your financial and personal problems. Problems are caused by your thinking and action. Take it for granting that you are willing to surrender this situation to Almighty. By affirming this statement, Heaven is able to intervene on your behalf and you will experience the relief to gratify how easily and naturally your situation resolves itself, says the tarot card - The Chariot. Wear purple for good luck. Your lucky number is 8. Tuesday is your lucky day. Since your element is fire, symbol is Ram and planet is Mars, it is advisable to wear diamond and pearl gemstone. Karmic tip – Give thanks for those generous spirits who take ordinary moments and make them shine.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) Tarot card The Magician indicates financial flow. Congratulations for a new sense of abundance in your life. Your financial blocks have been removed. Your positive thoughts and desires have resulted in a rich vein of abundance in your way. The good fortune not only applies in money but also in increased opportunities in your personal and professional lives. But in case this financial flow becomes interrupted, then ask the fairies to help you to adjust your thoughts and emotions, as you can graciously and willingly accept all the gifts which you so deserve, says the tarot card - The Hermit. Wear blue for good luck. Your lucky number is 5. Friday is your lucky day. Since your element is earth, symbol is bull and planet is Venus, it is advisable to wear emerald. Karmic tip – Everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Tarot card The Sun indicates peace of mind is not something which you have to earn or acquire, since you true self is already peaceful. Instead, it requires being like a sculptor with a block of marble which works with a material until the inner masterpiece is revealed the same way. If you make peace of mind your main focus, you will inevitably feel a great sense of relief; but remember to be honest with yourself, meditation, healthy sleep habits and surrendering your problems to God, says the tarot card - Two of Wands. Wear yellow for good luck. Your lucky number is 9. Wednesday is your lucky day. Since your element is air, symbol is twins and planet is Mercury, it is advisable to wear garnet and a Chandra Yantra of eight metals on your neck next to your skill.

Tarot card The High Priestess indicates to raise your standards! Don’t settle for less than your dreams. Once you make this commitment, the heaven will surely find a way for you to deliver it to you. That’s why the fairies of heaven ask you to stop making negative affirmation and ask you to raise your standards to be in level with your dreams. Write down a list of your true desires and review this list daily with a feeling of faith and gratitude. As your dreams start to come true be sure to accept a better life, says the tarot card - Six of Wands. Wear green for good luck. Your lucky number is 5. Monday is your lucky day. Since your element is water, symbol is crab and planet is Moon, it is advisable to wear pearl and moonstone.

Karmic tip - Life is a wondrous gift tied with ribbons of laughter, love and joy.

Karmic tip - Give thanks for life’s challenges. Every sad phase will teach you to know true happiness.

Leo (July 23 – August 23) Tarot card The Moon indicates to kick up your heels. There is something for you to celebrate this month. Your soul longs to celebrate and have fun. Such as out of town trip, throwing a party or going for dancing, rekindling old friendships and sheer joy of entertaining yourself with your beloved or spouse, rightly basis, singing and dancing which make your soul happy, says the tarot card - The Ace of cups. Wear brown for good luck. Your lucky number is 11. Sunday is your lucky day. Since your element is fire, symbol is lion and planet is Sun, it is advisable to wear gemstone ruby. Karmic tip - Make life that will always bring you celebrations, jubilations and success!

76 NOVEMBER, 2011

Virgo (August 24 – September 23) Tarot card The World indicates Detoxification i.e., your are being guided to clean your body, environment, mind and heart. God and fairies of Heaven will help you with this endeavour i.e., your inner guidance that has been telling you to let go of harmful habits and release toxins from your mind, body and heart and most important your thought and emotions will veer away from judgment and fear and will change into love based mind, says the tarot card - The Bondage. Wear pink for good luck. Your lucky number is 6. Wednesday is your lucky day. Since your element is earth, symbol is maiden and planet is Mars, it is advisable to wear gemstone agate (Diamond). Karmic tip - Believe in magic, because life is full of it. Believe in your dreams only then you will have the power to achieve it.

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Tarot card The Wheel of Fortune indicates kindness in all your thoughts, deeds towards other people and environment and watch the rewards which come your way. By paying attention to the implication of every thought and action for a new energy of kindness attracts new friends to you. As you practice kindness towards animals, plants, you develop a closer relationship with nature. This way you are rewarded with inner satisfaction and peace, says the tarot card - The Star. Wear red for good luck. Your lucky number is 9. Friday is your lucky day. Since your element is air, symbol is scales and planet is Venus, it is advisable to wear gemstone sapphire. Offer water to rising Sun. Take care of your kidneys.

Tarot card The Strength indicates that your body wants to express itself through movement. Listen to your body and it will tell you the signs. Spend a moment asking your body, what it wants. Does it want cardiovascular like jogging or a yoga class! Your physical body has its own life and intelligence, demanding as well as mature and insightful. So listen to your body movement, says the tarot card - The World. Wear green for good luck. Your lucky number is 9. Tuesday is your lucky day. Since your element is water, symbol is Scorpion and planet is Pluto, it is advisable to wear Opal (Diamond) or Novratan Ring. Immense four square pieces of silver or capper in flowing water on Tuesdays, (once a month). Take care of your bowels.

Karmic tip - Within your mind and heart are the keys to open any door.

Karmic tip - Richness is not measured by money. You can also become rich by your values and discipline.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Tarot card The Emperor indicates laughter. Every cloud not only has a silver lining but also a humorous side. Try to solve your situations. Laughter will help you to see your life from a new perspective, so that you can receive creative solutions. Don’t be too serious about life. Defend your emotions with jokes. Instead you should see the humour that runs through your life. When we laugh, we relax and get creative solutions. For instance - see the new movie or buy a book of your choice, says the tarot card - The King of Wands. Wear purple for good Luck. Your lucky number is 4. Thursday is your lucky day. Since your element is fire, symbol is archer and planet is Jupiter, it is advisable to wear amber. Donate black cloth on Sundays to poor or holy place. Take care of your liver.

Tarot card The Magician indicates that change of venue is coming your way. Most likely you are moving to a new residence (also a change in the location of employment). You could be on the crisp of finding a new job or your current boss may promote you to a new location. You will work in a safe, comfortable environment in a wonderful location. The fairies of Heaven are very much in touch with graphical changes, drawing you to a new location, says the tarot card - The Six of Swords. Wear red for good luck. Your lucky number is 6. Saturday is your lucky day. Since your element is air, symbol is water carrier and planet is Uranus, it is advisable to wear blue sapphire. Donate Channa dal, jiggery, red cloth on sun at place of worship only. Take care of your ankles.

Karmic tip - Only normal people say that success knocks your door once but achievers knock the door of failure to meet success.

Karmic tip - To live is to love! All reasons are against it and all have the instincts for it.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18) Tarot card The Lovers indicates - romantic partner. The fairies of Heaven want you to know that a new wave of romance is coming your way. Romance could manifest itself in a number of delightful forms such as - meeting a new partner. Since fairies love romance and they know the importance of feeling passion in a relationship, ask them to help you with imaginative ideas to create more romance in your life. This way the fairies of Heaven help you to relax, allowing inflow of romance and ideas which stick your mind, giving you the energy to put them into action and enjoy them to the utmost, says the tarot card - The Moon. Wear pink for good luck. Your lucky number is 6. Saturday is your lucky day. Since your element is air, symbol is water carrier and planet is Uranus, it is advisable to wear blue sapphire. Karmic tip - True love is born of songs and promises and the kind of music only two hearts can hear.



Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Tarot card The Star indicates family harmony. Have patience! You are beginning to feel great healing occurring in your family relationships. As you hold loving thoughts and feelings about the souls of your family, you experience genuine harmony within your family. By your beliefs and expectation including a family member, you are advised to hold positive and loving thoughts about everyone in your family. The more loving energy you send to each person of your family, the more love will be redirected back to you, says the tarot card – The Seven of Words. Wear yellow for good luck. Your lucky number is 9. Thursday is your lucky day. Since your element is water, symbol is fish and planet is Neptune, it is advisable to wear diamond and jade. Karmic tip – People are happy when their circumstances suit their temperaments. But people are excellent when they manage to suit their temperaments to any circumstances.

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