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By Jonr Jony -

Pink throw pillows can change the way your room feels and looks, without putting too much of a dent in your wallet. Throws are a great way to add color and texture to your room - you can go from "shabby chic" to contemporary, simply by changing the throw pillows and blankets. Use a light pink throw to give your sofa an elegant and timeless look, or modernize it by using a brighter hot pink throw. You can use throws to change the style of your room along with the changing seasons. Learn More About Pink Sofa

Throws come in tons of styles - you can choose pink throws in floral prints, dots, stripes, solids, Asian motifs, and many others. Mix and match them to suit your tastes - combining different shades and textures will provide you a new look without limiting yourself to a single style. Choose throws that will tie the look of the whole room together and complement your other decor. When you're buying your pink throws you need to decide whether you want new pillows or just slipcovers. If you want new pillows, you need to figure out what kind of pillow insert you need - you can choose from down, polyester filling, or feathers. That choice is up to you and your personal tastes.

Feathers and down are more expensive than polyfill, but polyfill is easier to take care of since it can be machine washed. If there's nothing wrong with your pillows, you may be able to just buy pillow covers. This is a lot cheaper than buying new pillows, and you'll still have your comfy old throws. If you like to change your decor often you should buy throw covers with a zipper or envelope-style closure. These let you remove the pillow insert and change the cover easily. Closures also make for easy cleaning- just take the cover off, and toss it in the laundry. Pink throw covers can also be easily folded and stored when they aren't being used. When you're looking to buy new pink throws, you have a lot of choices. Most department and home decor stores carry throw pillows and blankets, and they can also be bought online from a multitude of sources. Buying in-store will allow you to see all the different colors, textures, and styles firsthand, but buying online lets you decide without having to deal with a pushy salesperson.

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The colour pink has a calming effect on us and could help us achieve a stimulating and creative work atmosphere.