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The Tribune Akanksha Seth “I am not here because the system worked; I am here because of a series of miracles.” Though the Points of order were often not in order, the post-lunch session of the Human Rights Council did, mostly, seem to be. The debate on Capital punishments progressed with the afternoon, gathering multifarious dimensions. The debate on the oxymoronic phraseology used by the delegate of India was resolved by the chairperson’s subtle sarcasm as she clarified that the delegate of India was justified in calling their prisons comfortable as ‘India, perhaps, has more comfortable prisons than Norway does.’ ‘Jihad’ formed the core of another discussion as Libya’s interpretation of it as being a struggle against blasphemy and apostasy was challenged by several delegates who subscribed to its westernised definition entailing the waging of a war. The extensive research undertaken by the delegates of Amnesty International and India was as commendable as the enthusiasm and the critical eye of the delegate of Libya. The ‘feed us back’ session by the Secretary General was flooded by ‘points of personal privilege’ like Libya’s complaint of ‘no bhatoore at lunch’ supported by Iraq and the request for a new chair by the Indonesian delegate. The executive board struggled to have some delegate come up with a motion to ‘break off for tea’! As the session was reconvened after tea, the sound observation skills and astuteness of the Vice chair kept the delegates on their toes. While the tea proved refreshing for most, the delegate of Uruguay couldn’t help communicating his boredom to his Peruvian counterpart as their chits made for interesting reads. And yes, the passion (and the decibel level) of the delegate of Congo was certainly one of the ‘highs’ of the session! We also hope that the chips satiated those hunger pangs of the delegate of People’s Republic of China and the Mountain Dew was surely rejuvenating, especially since it came while the session was on! Aye, bro! Darr ke aage jeet hai!

Ankrish Khanna We all have seen them , the guys and the girls in the hallways that just seem to have a more liberal understanding of the terms like 'Formals' , 'Style' and seem as the most un interested in anything inside the committee. Probably, because they know that her high heels could conquer the world, leave apart the Model United Nations Conferences. Amidst all this .. Inside the Human Rights Council was serious debate over the execution of juveniles. Delegate of Spain very strongly said that whatsoever, even not keeping in view the seriousness of the crime, death penalty shouldn't be given. When several nations, alleged United States of America that they're carrying out death penalties, they defended saying that post 1964 , no such case has happened and nor will their government let it happen. Followed by that, the Delegate of Norway said Age is the not the only factor to decide anyone's maturity , then Russian Federation contradicts it saying ofcourse Maturity descends with age. Laws in every country for juvenile execution vary while in some countries it has somehow become a hallmark and some follow the 'Convention of the Rights of the Child'. Hoping for very concise solution to this problem over the coming sessions.. On the other hand, We have the War Cabinet where the Executive Board was struggling to end the unmoderated caucus which seemed to go on like forever. Some delegates wanted to start a mutual consultation process and then, prime minister recommended to have a speaker for it and one against it and Prime Minister of the Cabinet said that they'll soon declare war..

Anushka Kaushik MUNs are not only about heated discussions There are a few key things to take note of where and exhausting sessions but also high on glam death penalty is concerned, namely, the legality, quotient. We spotted many people sporting the role of the state and of course the act. gorgeous outfits, but who wore it better? Understanding the grey area could possibly hold the key for comprehending the subject. Different countries have different official provisions for capital punishments with respect to their existing legal framework. India holds that capital punishment will be given in the ‘rarest of rare’ cases which can include murder, waging war against the nation etc. China has a more stringent, or perhaps the most stringent, outlook towards death penalty. Not only is it given for humanitarian crimes and crimes concerning loss of life, it is conceded in cases of economic crimes, thereby expanding the scope of the punishment. This is in stark contrast to nations such as the European Union members that have enumerated in Protocol No.6 to the European Convention on Human Rights, the abolishment of the death penalty. Long Coats Capital punishment is, of course, executed (pardon the pun) by the State as Our pick: Delegate of Libya, HRC. We loved the it is within its legal rights to do so and thus legitimate. The concern arises peplum coat of the and the dash of pink and when we factor in the gamut of issues such as wrongful convictions, coerced front chain added to the overall appeal, not to confessions etc, and faced most in a country like Iran. Due to the expansive forget the ballerinas which we absolutely loved! scope of death penalty and the mostly clandestine ways of the Islamic Republic, it is highly difficult for international organizations such as Amnesty International or even individuals within Iran to get information about the sentences. An interesting and fast-growing concept that more and more countries in the world today seem to be adopting is that of being an ‘abolitionist’ state. US is a prime example of such a country. Death sentence is rarely given in the States and is limited to homicide, crimes against humanity, crimes against the state etc. Other examples include Burkina Faso, Russian Federation, South Korea, Sri Lanka etc. Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is perhaps the most important and widely followed provision with respect to death penalty. It states that every human being has the inherent right to life and this will be protected by the law. My concern, however, lies in the second point which states that in countries which have not abolished the death These ladies skipped the calmer tones and opted penalty, sentence of death may be imposed only for the most serious crimes in for bright hues, similar hairdo and Indian wear accordance with the law in force at the time of the commission of the crime. amidst a plethora of people going for western What are then, ‘the most serious crimes’? Given the fact that it is based on formals. the law of the State and any amendment of it will also fall under the State, Our pick : The delegate of Shorapur IEC managed the usefulness of this clause comes into question. The right to fair trial, right to get extra points owing to to seek pardon etc are also areas of ambiguity. Thus, a universal abolishment of death penalty seems extremely unlikely and " The word juvenile itself conveys what the umm, downright implausible. That said, a stronger international covenant meaning of the word is". No, it doesn't, delegate! focussing on ways to narrowing the scope of the same is the need of the -The Delegate Of Bahrain hour.


The International Press, at most conferences, may elicit a fearful response, raised eyebrows or perhaps a slow backing away (Yes, we saw that).We’ve been described numerous things, some we take pride in and some we’d rather not mention and along the way, lo and behold, we realized there were some things even our thick-skinned, professional selves couldn’t tolerate. And we decided to compile it.  Asking us to pass funny chits around because council’s getting too serious. Kindly, Sir/Ma’am, read up on the role of the International Press while you make copious notes from Wikipedia and don’t ask us such ludicrous things.  Telling us to write ‘good’ things about you, followed by some sort of haphazard winking. Instructions for point 1 apply.  Reprimanding us for not giving you the coverage you deserved and that USA was using news-mongering tactics that we fell for. No explanation needed for this one.  Flooding our overworked photographers with incessant requests of clicking pictures while you pose with your best friends or better yet, pose with your placard. Focus on council proceedings!  Not providing us with tables. This one’s for the Organizing Committee. Laptops, chits, pens, notepads, we have them too.

Anushka Kaushik Movies are always a great medium to satiate your desire for more knowledge and not to forget, they are the easiest means of finding elusive answers. The thoughts, questions and confusions backed up with a movie makes things simpler and insightful. Here are a few examples. Universal Abolishment of the Death Penalty-Human Rights Council •The Life of David Gale (2003): This film captures the nuances of an individual leading an almost perfect life and an active member of anti-capital punishment activist group . Fortune takes a turn and Gale is found guilty of killing a fellow activist and a dear friend and stands at the receiving end of capital punishment. The movie has the potential of shaking one to the core. The Thin Blue Line (1988): A film which exposes the loopholes in the judiciary where an innocent man is convicted for a crime he never did, thus exposing the hypocrisy of the death penalty and how capital punishment cannot really act as a deterrent to crime and the vulnerability of innocent people who can be wrongly framed. Establishment of Nuclear Fuel Banks-International Atomic Energy Agency •Countdown to looking glass (1984): The film has a lot of elements dealing from nuclear weapons to banking crisis and collapsing of economies. The dramatic narrative scenes behind the serious backdrop are extremely moving. A must watch! •I Live In Fear (1955): This is movie is one of the first films dealing with the horrifying fears of a nuclear holocaust and the topic of nuclear annihilation has been touched upon in a manner never done before. One is bound to think about establishing nuclear fuel banks which are progressive both in terms of security and technology.

"Ma'am, we understand that your country and Iran are establishing good relations but it seems as though you've taken up the position of the spokesperson of Iran.” -HRC Chair (to the delegate of Libya)

GA The agenda of the GA on day two seemed to be voting against any and all the motions that were put forward. Be it a Moderated Caucus to discuss "limited amount of success stories in UN peace keeping operations" or be it an Unmoderated Caucus to "discuss the topic of discussions that have to be discussed." Picking up from yesterday, the delegates continued with problems that arise with peace-keeping operations. The delegate of Cuba belittled the whole agenda by stating "when the people of country fight amongst themselves and don't want peace, why should we intervene?"


The Snail: Delegate of Tunisia; He took ample time in delivering his speech. The Joker: Delegate of Hungary; getting the best out of the chair with classics like, "delegate, please don't state yourself as a 'hung-ury' delegate", probably the best was said by the delegate himself "USA is the only developed country."

The Delegate of Chad though bought the conference back on track by breaking her silence for the first time and raising a motion to discuss the difference between peacekeeping and peace-building. Certain delegates of the committee were noticed to be very attentive and passed "wake –up� chits to sleeping delegates. Finally, the draft resolution was mentioned. Though the The Fa"shoe"n Star: Chairperson again had to assume his role of Delegate of Congo; the "beloved teacher" and the first timers Lovingly called by all as the 'guy in yellow boots' learnt from him how a resolution could be he certainly was the written. focus of many rumors An Unmoderated Caucus followed with each delegate trying to win as much the press heard. support as they could. In fact the delegate of UAE was so enthusiastic that he even asked the members of International Press to be the signatories to his draft resolution. By the end solutions to all the major issued previously raised were put forward. Bifurcation of peace building funds were suggested by delegate of China to provide funds to peace building troops. An Unmoderated Caucus was suggested by the Chairperson to write the Final Draft resolution- all the working papers and solutions were put together and we can only hope that the GA would come up with practical solutions to counter this alarming issue. -Yagnya Unnat & Raghav Goyal

45% of delegates said that MUNs can be places of hooking up. 48% of delegates disagree. Turn pages to find out more results of the Delegate Survey our press conducted


The Pumped-up-onRedBull: The delegate of Italy;

The major issue at hand in the council today was the establishment of nuclear fuel banks and the delegates were divided in their opinion. While the delegate of Russia was out and out in its favour, the delegate of Pakistan was of the opinion that it should be need based and should not necessarily through the state into jeopardy. However, the major expostulations to the establishment of nuclear fuel banks cited by Thailand included lower public support for nuclear plants in customer nations due to Fukushima disaster, a geopolitical power block could use the bank for political blackmail, a bank might not offer protection form price volatility. The hazardous consequences of uranium mining and the harmful radiations are also a cause of concern. Another important point raised by Brazil was that the developed countries should be helped to become self-reliant by the developing nations through guidance and help and technological aid. He also emphasised on the fact that the NTI proposal and the Russian proposal are more in sync with the developed nations and considering developing countries and their needs there is a need for a newer, better improved version. The countries should be dissuaded from pursuing their own uranium banks. Not to forget that among the fundamental challenges facing the non-proliferation project is that highly enriched uranium suitable for nuclear weapons can be produced in the same facilities that make lowenriched uranium for civilian reactors. One approach to this problem is to offer nations a guaranteed supply of low-enriched uranium through a fuel bank. But in potential customer nations, enthusiasm for a fuel bank has not been universal.

This delegate, throughout council, waved his placard around prompting the Chairperson to advise the delegate to not resort to such tactics to get noticed.

Thumbelina: Delegate of Poland; Given the low chair that the delegate had been provided and her gifted height, Poland was rarely visible to the Chair and the Press which is why the only thing we can be certain about is the hair colour of the delegate.

The Biggest Abuser of Points of Order: Representative of Amnesty International; This delegate was smart enough to use up points of order to secure floor time and get his point of course. The International Press takes due note, Sir.

Towards the end, the NTI proposal took the centre stage with the developed nations totally supporting it while the developing nations waning amendments. The committee was divided in blocks with the aim of a resolution to come to the table.

-Harshita Murarka

72% of delegates said an irritating co-delegate drives them to murderous heights, whereas only 12% said they didn’t care. Turn pages to find out more results of the Delegate Survey our press conducted

HRC “Homer Simpson”- the Vice Chair; Walking in late and even then not quite in the house! Was it laziness or lack of motivation, Sir?

In a Moderated Caucus to discuss alternatives to death penalty with special emphasis on life imprisonment without parole, India suggested the deportation of criminals to a ‘remote’ or ‘isolated’ area. When asked to explain their proposition further, India stated that it would be similar to what the British implemented for prisoners in pre-independence times. This proved to be a contested proposal as when asked to clarify on the existence of it as a rehabilitation centre or a prison, India stated the latter. Nigeria, which has very recently prescribed death penalty for acts of terrorism, emphasised the pointlessness of the same as no steps would be taken to get the criminals on the right track. Another aspect of this proposition that was a source of confusion was the location and subsequent jurisdiction that would be administered. Deriding this suggestion, Human Rights Watch, an international nongovernmental organization and advocate of human rights stated the lack of difference between life imprisonment and deportation (as suggested by India). What was interesting, however, is the fact that India, being a retentionist state, would not abolish death penalty in the near future. India has provides for death penalty but has rarely used conceded the sentence to convicts, the most recent case being that of Afzal Guru, convicted in the 2001 parliamentary attacks of New Delhi The discussions and talks failed, to a large extent, as a consensus on the most viable alternative could not be achieved. The United States chose to remain neutral and stated that at the present time, death penalty cannot be abolished in the country and looking at alternatives was not something they wish to do. The federal policy of USA calls for an eventual abolition of capital punishment.

“Pepe le pew” Delegate of Brazil; Sending chits to female delegates with “Wassup??” is literally like chasing them; also known as ‘stalking’ “Mr. Stutterer”Delegate of Denmark;

Was it a probe to camouflage your lack of research delegate?

-Anushka Kaushik

74% would prefer a female Chairperson over male. Turn pages to find out more results of the Delegate Survey our press conducted

horoscope -Compiled by Yagnya Unnat


: If you are the temperature soaring, desk banging, angry young person, using every fire power to justify your statements, then you’re Aries! Tip of the day : Stay away from delegates wearing red!


Your behaviour indicates you don’t have a tendency to change and your temper is quite distinct – short circuit with no panic alarm. Tip of the day: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


If you’re the delegate who finds your co-delegate to be your soul sister or you both are the new besties in the town - then congratulations soul mates, you’re most probably Gemini. Tip of the day: Carry a dupatta and knot yourself and your besty – best friends forever.

cancer Crabies! Intelligent cyber lords and superior beings of cleverness, they are actually Sheldon Cooper and Dexter in disguise and carry the entire Britannica encyclopaedia of research along with them. Tip of the day : Just stay away from Penny and Deedee unless you want to spoil your MUN conference research

leo If you consider yourself ruler of the jungle (committee) and the Simba of your grassland. You are a believer in Sallu’s Dabangeyi and want others to believe the same. Tip of the day : Take off those sun glasses tucked behind your collar. It won’t make you Salman Khan.

virgo The fresh lot of delegates who are too shy to speak. They have the funda of sitting back and watching the MUN procedures. Tip of The day : Silence is golden but it’s not getting you the award here. Speak up!

LIbra MUNing is another way of looking for beauties around, if you know what I mean. The delegates of this sign are busy promoting love within the committees. I thought MUN was about promoting peace! Tip of the day : Take the route to India – Pak border.


Just one advice to the readers reading this newsletternever mess with the Scorpios as they constitute the deadliest combination of power and intelligence which is accompanied by foresight. Tip of the day : At least bring a bunch of tissues for the delegate you just reduced to tears.

saggitarius The Shin Chans and the Jim Carreys of the committee. Unfortunately, they’re the ones who are gagged out the most. Tip of the day : Try not to pun on the word ‘Caucus’ so much.


Their desire to win Best Delegate award is just part of their fantasy of ruling the entire MUN conference. Despite theiAr evil thoughts, they’re poker faced! Tip of the day : The best song to describe you would be ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Eyes on You’.


The Aquarians are considered to be those delegates who have the talent to bring forth new, creative, innovative ideas and inputs in the committee. Tip of the day : Take a bow, Da Vincies of the forum!


Special creatures who worship only the religion of multi tasking. They are the talented ones who’re capable of both participating in the heated discussions of the committee but also managed time to play Angry Birds and Subway surfer on their phones. Tip Of the day : Keep the balance- you’re the superstars of a MUN.

• Only 32% delegates said they like to read the serious kind of newsletter. A rude 42% said they don’t read it at all

• 53% people said bad food ruins their MUN experience, with only 21% saying they didn’t come here for food • 60% delegates said a strict Executive Board is a turn off, and 25% disagreed completely. • Only 35% said they are happy with Rules based MUNing whereas 65% chose debate based

84% delegates prefer skirts over pants • A close competition between Delhi and Noida was showed by with 53% choosing the former

I want a freakkin Agenda, Newbies!

Warning! Caffiene-Overload!


O Lord above...grant me some respite from this unearthly discussion

Alas , such puny mortals! Soon I'll take over the world. My flag shall bear the Almighty Spongebob logo

THAT (intense) concentration!

Get that lens outta my face! What Am I Doing With My Life

That comment isn't aimed at me, Is it?

Bitten by the love bug…. Upon asking the Delegate of USA (IAEA) who according to him was a sight for sore eyes, he replied that it was the none other than the Honourable, Chair! The secretive couple has been dating for steady five and a half years!! Aww….perhaps that’s what’s behind all that legpulling! Eh, EB?? (wink)

“Chaos” – quote, the War Cabinet.

JMUN Confessions… “….Yes I did log onto Facebook for an update….”

“Which movie could best describe the current state of affairs at HRC?” …… “Golmaal”

The general public is hereby Caught Red Handed!! The Delegate of Brazil sending flirty informed that the IAEA Vice-Chairman is “single and chits to the ladies…!! available”. Got that, ladies??

JMUN - The Tribune (Issue 2-3)  

Jaypee Model united nation's International press council presents its newsletter for day2, session 3-4

JMUN - The Tribune (Issue 2-3)  

Jaypee Model united nation's International press council presents its newsletter for day2, session 3-4