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Animation Film Design National Institute of Design (Batch 2008)

(M) 9864848724

I am 23 years old. I completed my schooling in Guwahati Assam, having studied science at the +2 level and then joined NID. My interests lie in children’s book illustration, hand drawn animation, doodling, dreaming, experimental animation, making comic strips and cooking! At leisure I make ear rings for fun!


Award’s and Accolades

-Claymation Film ‘Baxa’ was nominated for ASIFA Award’s. -Awarded the Ford Foundation Scholarship for the diploma project on organic farming. -Interview Featured in the Hewlett Packard website as an children’s book illustrator.


National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad Animation Film Design (2008 Batch)


Tulika Publisher’s Auroville Consulting


Stopmotion workshop with Vaibhav Kumaresh. Comicbook workshop with Sekhar Mukherjee. Experimental animation with RCA students. Maya workshop with Arjun Gupte. Story Book Illustration with Isabelle Heguera.


Scripting, Visualization, Story boarding, Character Design, Animation, Illustration, Editing, Photography, sound design.


Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, InDesign and working knowledge of MAYA and final cut pro


Extremely good at conceptualization and tickling the funny bone!

Illustrating the word-flibbertigibbet. It means a whimsical young lady!

Medium:Crow-quill on buff paper. the brief was to show impressions of your own state. I am from Assam so I illustrated the gamusa.

A little doodle that I made for fun!

Made as part of a course called history of art. The brief was to draw a poem in a a painter’s style. I took the poem Macavity the mystery cat by T.S. Eliot and drew it in Dahli’s surreal style!

On the spot sketching with dry pastels!

As part of a comic book work-shop we had to come up with a 10 page comic book. This story is based on my childhood experiences with my best friend Shreya Sharma from school. I used to never study the questions on the map and to compensate that I used to practice the tentative questions on the my friends back, assuming that it was the map !! I would poke and she would nod her head if she approved of it! This workshop was conducted wonderfully by Sekhar Mukherjee.

Done as part of intership with Tulika Publisher’s in Chennai. Books name-Work. The unconventional pictures offer clues to words in a familiar language and to their translation in an unfamiliar one. Children can string together the words to tell a story, any story. A list at the end of the book helps to remember new words. id=2&s_id=12&b_id=157

Internship -Tulika Publisher’s Book’s name: Padma goes to space. This book believed that Somewhere in the universe, little children in butterfly-shaped time machines eat scrumptious star-rock salad from Galaxy Stellar 5689, and a volcano erupts fruit juice that freezes into ice-cream. As the story was written in a very beautiful way by Shweta Prakash ,so was illustrating it a lot of fun for me. I experimented with various mediums until fixing on water colours. It was a fun ride with ‘Padma’ all the way.

Illustrations done for Katha! A publishing house in Delhi. The theme of these stories were very exciting and different as these stories were written by children for children. Which added a new dimension to the stories. I had oodles of fun working on this story as I tried a very new look of digital paint over a texture which gave it a very fun and raw look.

As per the curriculum in National Institute of design Ahmedabd. We are supposed to make a short film using all the knowledge and expertise that we had gained over the last four years of college life! Well I chose to make a film on the fun moments with my music teacher Roselim Chetia Phookan and me. She would always come on Tuesday’s to teach me Hindustani Classical Music. I used to always make an excuse that I have my exam and used to always drive her away. To my very dismay one day she stopped

comming ! That meant enjoyment for some days after that even I started getting bored and missed her arrival. This film is dedicated to all the wonderful teacher’s all over the world who work so tirelessly to teach kids! I hope one day will come when we understand this.

This film took six months from story formation to execution to sound design. It was one of my biggest learning as everything from story to script to execution was done by me. This film was manually animated frame by frame on the light box.

Later this film was also screened in ‘Max Muller Bhavan’ In Kolkata. To watch the film click here.

The final year project undertaken by us is called the diploma project. We had the liberty to do a self sponsored project or work with an organization. I wanted to work with an organization and wanted to do a socially relevant film and moreover I was also bent a little towards sustainability.

on a very nice project in Auroville near Pondicherry. I made four films pertaining to the topic of organic farming and sustainabilty. The entire process of research to sound design, conceptualization to final animation was single handedly done by me! It was a lot of hard work but at the end it paid off.

So I started looking for projects on these lines and finally I got to work

This project was funded by Ford Foundation!

To watch the film’s click here!

Later the film’s were put up on social media sites!

Smart Shopping

Food Wastage

Visiting the farm

Do it yourself

Animated shots for the first film called sustainable shopping!

Charcter design for a story, done as part of a course in college.

An illustrated scenario for the same story.

Character design done for the diploma project.

Stop motion workshop conducted by Vaibhav Kumaresh. The story of our film is about a little boy who studies in school and he get’s tensed about trivial things. Whatever he get’s tensed about comes out of his head and he stores it in a ‘Baxa’. As for the treatment we worked with paper. The set along with the character’s were made of paper. Later this film was nominated for A.S.I.F.A 2012.

The best companion anywhere is the sketchbook. Whether you are travelling by train or just going for a cup of ‘chai’ a sketchbook always comes handy.

Some recent explorations!

Some comic strips which got featured in the chitrakatha newsletter! Chitrakatha is a wonderful animation festival conducted by Sekhar Mukherjee!

As part of a photography course in college we were given a manual camera to click pictures. The pictures below are clicked by a manual camera! This course was also a very big learning for me.

Film’s made in college! SABOON : Maya : This was made in Maya as part of 3-D course! In this course we learnt how to do modelling, texturing and rigging. Finally we all had to make a 20 seconder.

DEAR DIARY : Motion Typography. The brief was to make a trailer for a fictitious film. We had the liberty to select the genre. I chose the genre as Romantic.

Rimpa and Baido : Classroom project: This film was made by animating completely on the light box frame after frame. This film is dedicated to all the wonderful teacher’s in the world.

Diploma Project : These films were made with ‘Auroville Consulting’ for creating awareness about organic farming and urban agriculture.

MOODSWING : Experimental animation: This workshop was conducted by a three enthusiastic students from the Royal college of London. The final film that I made was made by animating cellophane paper against light.

BAXA: Claymation : This film was an outcome of a group project in college. The entire set was made up of paper. The story is about a small kid who is always tensed about things around him and whatever he is tensed about comes out of his head.

Some animated shorts! To watch these click here-

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Recently I again worked with Auroville Consulting and this time the client was Manipal University! We created poster’s which would be put up across their Jaipur , Singapore and Bangalore campus! These poster’s were made to create awareness. This was a very exciting project as the target audience was college students so it had to be

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made appealing for them. It had to be made eye catchy and plus very informative. It was a very big learning for me as it meant getting out of my comfort zone!

In this project I worked under a friends guidance. A couple of illustrations had to be made for a children’s magazine. This is under the process and will be published soon.

As a pass-time I really enjoy craft work ! Some times when I get time I make ear- rings and other fun stuff. Here I have put up some of the ear-rings and toys that I have made.

Address: Shreya Sen C/0 Madhurima barua Sen Near Primus Diagnostic Centre Bhangagarh G.S. Road Guwahati 781005 Assam E-mail: Phone: 09864848724 Quick links to work:


This is a portfolio of all my work over the last four years!

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