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Ramakda Fables A colourable story book

The story of a toymaker


Contents The Proud Barahsimgha


The Bawra Oonth


The Irate Elephant


The North Horse


The Heart of Gold



The Proud Barahsingha


Chapter 1

The Proud Barahsingha O

nce upon a time in a village there lived a Toymaker. His name was Kailash. He was well –versed in the art of making toys just like his father and fore fathers. Kailash’s family made the best toys in the village out of wood and metal wire. The toys they made were often human figures and small houses. The toys were loved by all. But Kailash wanted to create something different .Something unique. One winter, business was slow . The sales had dropped. Kailash’s father, now an old man , was on his deathbed. He said, “ Kailash, you must make something new . People are bored of our toys . You must create something more beautiful, and you must make them worth the smile of children who play with them.”Saying this kailash’s father took his last few breathes. His last words touched Kailash and he took an oath to fullfill his father’s last wish. To make new toys.


Kailash after completing his father’s funeral rites set off at dawn to find inspiration for new toys. He had to cross the Great Grand Forest which had lots of animals. He entered cautiously and started venturing . After walking one day and one night, he came across a pond with water as clear as glass. Exhausted and thirsty from travelling he ran towards the pond of fresh water. As soon as he took a palm full of water to his lips, a loud voice echoed“ Who dared enter my land and drink from my pond?” asked The Proud Barahsingha, enraged. Kailash scared of the Barahsingha, humbly replied ,” O great Barahsingha , forgive me but I have been travelling for one day and one night and now am thirsty. Kindly let me drink from your splendid pond .” The Proud Barahsingha took a moment and replied, “You humans have a habit of taking without giving back .You build houses on our homes and banish us. If you have to drink from this pond you must give something in return.”


Kailash looked around to find something to give to the Proud Barahsingha. But he could only find some animal hides, some dry hay and some wires which he was carrying with him. He was instantly struck with an idea . Kailash said, “O great Barahsingha! I have no prized possessions to give in return but please let me make a toy of you, like one you have never seen before. The one that feels like you and looks just like you. Every child that owns your toy would be reminded of your generosity and kindness.” Proud Barahsingha, who took a lot of pride in his appearance instantly agreed and said,” Okay but you must make the one that has my strong antlers and my big eyes.”


Kailash happily agreed and set to work making a beautiful toy of leather, and hay and wires. After working for 3 days and 3 nights he came up with a beautiful toy of leather stuffed with hay over a wireframe of wires. He also saved a small amount of leather, hay and straw for further use. Kailash showed the beautiful toy to the Proud Barahsingha who was very happy and said, � You sure did a beautiful job Kailash. .After you cross the jungle you will come across the Great parched Desert. You will need this clay pot for your way.�, and handed him a magical clay pot which always had water and was never empty. Kailash was very happy. He thanked the Proud Barahsingha and he set out to walk across the Great Parched Desert.


The Bawra Oonth


Chapter 2

The Bawara Oonth A

s Kailash set out into The Great Parched Desert, he knew that he was in for hard time. His food stock was long gone and he was hungry . He walked and walked until he saw an oasis lined with tall date palms. As he ran towards it he soon found that it was just a mirage. Lost and scared as dusk was nearing , Kailash sat down with his head in his hands.


Suddenly he felt a nudge on his shoulder. Surprised, he looked up and saw a smiling camel squinting down at him in amazement “Hello, my dear friend! You look very tired and distraught. Are you lost? Do you need help? People call me the Bawara oonth. I am the happiest camel in this desert. How may I help you?” grunted the Bawara oonth while trotting in circles around him. Seeing him so happy, Kailash found new energy and smiled slightly. “ Hello! Yes sir I am lost and hungry. I seek food, company and a place to rest. Do you know where I could find something to eat and sleep?” The Bawara Oonth who was very happy indeed said, “My friend, do not fret. I am the Bawara Oonth. I can take you to a place with tastiest dates you have ever eaten .Let us enjoy an evening full of happiness and good food. Climb on my back and I will take you to an oasis nearby which is also my home.” Kailash hearing about the oasis, quickly climbed on the camel’s back. Camel quickly trotted happily, singing and dancing to the camel’s house.


At the oasis, camel fulfilled his promised and gave him the tastiest dates Kailash had ever eaten. With his stomach full , and with new energy recalled the Barahsingha’s wise words. He felt he should also give something in return to the camel for his company and hospitality. Kailash said, ”Dear sir I cannot repay either your hospitality or your kindness. But kindly let me give you me small token of thankfulness. Allow me to make a toy of your features, with your big eyes and broad smile. Every time a child plays with it he will remember the fun-loving Oonth. Your company will be cherished forever.” And Kailash quickly made the toy in a way similar to the Proud Barahsingha’s, with leather, hay and wires which he had saved.


After listening to Kailash‘s words and accepting leather toy of his features, the Bawara Oonth danced his most happy little dance and exclaimed, “Thank you my dear friend. I am a happy camel who people call the Bawara Oonth .I am happy that people would like to keep a toy of me .I will have so many new friends. Here is something else I would like to give you. It is a plate that you will need on your way into The Circus Town.” said the camel, handing a magic plate, which filled with dates every time somebody knocked on it three times. Kailash was very happy and slept soundly without anymore worries. Early morning, Kailash, along with the camel crossed The Great Parched Desert and both parted ways at edge of the desert with good happy memories to remember.


The Irate Elephant



The Irate Elephant K

ailash continued his journey on foot and soon entered the Circus Town. Refreshed and energised by camel’s company he was more confident and more excited about finding inspiration for his toys. As soon as he entered the town he came across a scurry of colours and a lot of hustle and bustle. An acrobat, dancing on a tout rope here, a juggler and a mime there, and a lot of cheers. It surely was a sight for sore eyes. Kailash walked around looking at the different shows but came to standstill at a desolated cage at the end.


He saw an angry elephant lying down with its back to the audience. Its feeble trumpets were that of anger and pain. Kailash who felt a bond with animals did not like animals in pain. Since there was no one around, Kailash gently asked, ” O great Elephant! Are you in pain?” To which the elephant replied very angrily, “Do not come here and mock me ,you selfish human. Your kind has imprisoned me and beaten me with whips and bull hooks. Go away. Nobody likes the Irate Elephant.” Kailash feeling sad for the elephant quietly replied, “O Great Irate Elephant ! I mean no harm. And I am here to help. Please run while I keep the door open. Run while you can and take all your animal friends with you. No animal should belong in a Circus.” Saying this Kailash quietly opened the cage of Irate Elephant and let him out. He quickly unfastened the bolts of cages of the rest of animals but the ring master quickly came running and caught Kailash. The Irate Elephant who was helping other animal escape stopped and ran in their direction. Right in front of the ring master he let out the most ferocious trumpet and attacked with his front two feet. The ring master who had never seen Irate Elephant like this got scared and backed off. Irate Elephant wrapped Kailash in his trunk and swirled him on his back and ran off from the circus. Along with the other animals , Elephant and Kailash travelled far away from the Circus Town.


At dusk , while parting , Irate Elephant said, “Kailash , thank you for showing me kindness. I have now realised not all humans are bad. Here is a musical harp for your tough journey ahead. Just say play and it shall sing to you beautiful melodies of far-away lands. Thank you once again.” Kailash who couldn’t accept the gift, politely refused saying, “O dear friend thank you for your kind gesture but I must decline. You should keep this beautiful harp and learn to not be so angry. Let its sweet melodies take away your pain and anger. If you really want to give me something, allow me to draw a toy of features which would be as ferocious as you are and any man who would do wrong would be reminded of your wrath and strength. “


The Irate Elephant laughed a bellowing laugh and said, “Well said my friend, I must work on my anger. Please go ahead and make a toy of me so people remember the story of the Irate Elephant and so that they learn never to hurt the animals. Farewell my friend, May the fortune favour the heart of gold.” Confused by the Elephant’s confusing words Kailash took his leave and once again set off guided now by a brightest star of the early dawn, The North Star.


The North Horse


Chapter 4

The North Horse A

s he went further away from home, he realised he had come a long way . So he decided that he will make one more toy before than going back to his home and family. So once again he went on looking for inspiration for his toy.


Soon he found himself in the Mighty Mangrove Forest. He knew he must tread carefully or he will be stuck in one of many quicksand puddles of the forest. He carefully walked while dodging the dangerous swamps. He had almost reached the edge when he heard a cry for help, neigh,!!neigh!! help me!!! Neigh!!” As soon as Kailash turned, he slipped on the slippery mangrove roots and ended up right in the swamp next to a horse. “ I am really sorry human. My call for help distracted you and now we both are in trouble, what should we do to escape this quicksand? We must hurry or we will soon be engulfed by it.” exclaimed the North Horse . Kailash who was now very scared thought for a minute and said, “Sir, to escape this obstacle we must work together .I will make a rope out of these reeds and wind it around us and the tree. You must swim with all your might towards the edge of this puddle.” Kailash quickly braided a long rope out of reeds and tied it around the horse and him. “ But i have been stuck in this swamp for hours now. How do you know that this plan of yours will work.?” Said the disheartened North horse who was now very tired. Kailash , who had understood the meaning of team effort with Irate Elephant, firmly said, “Sir, We must work together to achieve success. As you push the sand away with your strong legs I will pull the rope and we shall move towards the shore. Do not be disheartened .We shall soon be free,” .The horse, with a heavy sign agreed to give his best one more time.


Together they started fighting the quicksand. As The North Horse kicked, Kailash tugged on the rope tied to the tree. “Heave! Ho! Push! Ho!” chanted Kailash, encouraging the North Horse to forget his tiredness and give his all. Inch by Inch they moved, gaining momentum. Soon the horse and Kailash reached the bank and they crawled onto the dry bank. “ Thank you human. I owe you my life. People call me the North Horse. I am very good at following the stars and finding ways.I am also the fastest horse on all lands. My old master died with no heir and I was left all alone. I was tired and failed to see this swamp. Let me accompany you and guide you towards your home to which you must return now.” Kailash who remembered about the last toy he had to make , suddenly asked,” O Noble North Horse, I will be honoured to be accompanied by you, but could I also ask for something else ? Can I make a toy with your features, and your strong legs ? Every child who would play with the toy will remember your perseverance, hard work and nobility.”


The North Horse, who was a wise old horse said, “Kailash you may make a toy of me, but when you tell the story you must also tell them that how few words of encouragement brings out the best in us and the Importance of team spirit. Come now. Let us leave for your home for the stars are shining and your family awaits your return.” Kailash who was very happy for he had fulfilled his dream of making something unique and his father’s last wish, He readily agreed and climbed on North Horse back and rode under the stars, back to his home.


Heart Of Gold


Chapter 5

Heart Of Gold K

ailash soon accompanied by the North Horse rode through the Mighty Mangrove Forest, The Circus Town ,The Very Dry Desert and through the Grand Jungle ,all the way to his house , at lightning speed. He met the all his friends and soon thanked them for their kindness and helpfulness.


Back home, He soon sat down with his sons to build out toys of leather, straw and wire. Every day he would wind hay along with a wire and wrap in leather. He would wet the leather, beat it to soften it, and let it fall elegantly over the wireframe.


He would then paint it with natural colors and nail small nails to make it firm. Soon Kailash and his sons made enough toys to open shop. He set up a stall and the toys sold like hot cakes .Nobody had seen toys which had such a real feel to it and everyone bought it.


He soon became famous and his toys were sought after from all around the globe. He became rich and prospered .But he did not forget his friends and often went to meet them, in Great Grand Jungle, in the Circus Town, and in Very Dry Desert. Every now and then he would find inspiration in nature itself and make toy of it. In His stable, next to Kailash’s Big House, North Horse, quietly thought, Fortune sure favours the Heart Of Gold.


The End.

Credits: Illustrations: Sakshi Goel, Shreya Mistry Digital painting: Rubashi Brahma Written content: Samragyi Chamoli Editing: Mayank Tyagi Layout: Mayank Tyagi, Sakshi Goel


Ramakda Fables is a fictional story of a real hero, Kailash Bhai Mochi of Gamdi village, Anand in the state of Gujarat. He is an artisan who creates leather toys. Read as the author take you along with Kailash on an adventure to revive his dying craft and fulfill his father’s last wish.