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—  Physicians have been

dictating their notes since before EMR was first developed

—  They use transcription rather than the “point and click” system that most EMR’s come with

—  Practitioners find a way to

make the two work together

—  Some practices have had

to cut down the number of patients seen during implementation stage

—  Physicians can maintain or increase patients by using transcription services

—  Many practices have to cut down the number of patients they see to understand the EMR

—  Any decrease means less money for the practice

—  Transcription helps you

keep and potentially add new patients

Transcription compliments EMR and cuts costs by:

—  Not requiring physicians to manually perform data entry

—  Allowing physicians to use their skills elsewhere

—  By using transcription

to enhance EMR, there can be significant savings.

—  There can also be an

increase in revenue for the practice, which can be seen shortly after implementation.

—  A great EMR allows you to

take the best parts of your job and integrate them with the EMR

—  Transcription results in

detailed medical records

—  Patient encounter and level of care offered is increased

—  One of the top complaints physicians have is that EMRs are difficult to get used to.

—  Physicians want to

implement them and have them work without fuss.

—  Transcription helps with easy implementation.

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How does Transcription Enhance your EMR?  
How does Transcription Enhance your EMR?  

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