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About Shreya has always loved Bengaluru especially when

it blooms. A lot of her time since childhood is spent with the city.Her works are indirectly exploration of the beautiful trees and life in Bengaluru. A maveric at heart and paints to discover herself .

Present Pursing Masters in Industrial Arts and Design Practices in Srishti Institute of Art Design Technology.(Batch 2017-2019)

Past Graduated as Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science started my career as an Associate Systems Engineer and worked up to become a key resource in the same organization IBM India Private Ltd. It was a happy time , four years passed. One thing which stayed from childhood was the keen interest to explore Arts. It was a leap of faith to switch career , intuitively choose Industrial Arts and Design and never regret it. Oil painting on Canvas done while working in IBM (2013-2017) .Hampi was commissioned work.

Works done during the course The best way to explore was to indulge in all media. The following works are some of the course projects done during one year and half.

Tessellations and pattern making Patterns have always been fascinating to make and makes one think of the meaning of repetition. Using digital media , to explore and experiment with colors and textures.

Lounge Lamp Inspired from Marc Newson rattan lounge chair My key thoughts were Use curve , asymmetric shapes Reflection of light multipurpose Less usage of rattan core and hence added jute. Weaving in my mind Focusing one yarn at a time , up and down fingers move , Forms a rhythm , a song in the mind ITs endless , continuous Look out for one yarn to end and the other to join The joins are hidden with the rhythm and the song goes on again. It took me 10 days to weave the outer rattan weaving It took me another 7 days to do jute weaving. I was experiencing the thought of weaving such a big thing , it was scary , dont know when it will get over, will it look good and be as perfect as possible every stroke of weave.

Work essential Organizer We are the generation of gig economy. Homes are places for work , rest , play. All activities need tools , products and space to keep them. Initially it was a side table , but as an insight could find that not many organizers side table existing served the purpose of keeping essentials at the time of work. Thus taking a cue from that , the product is conceptualized and final outcome is a canvas top with dividers supported by a foldable wood handle and legs. The canvas cloth and wood give a unique warmth emotion.

Imbalance Book stand An attempt to get the book out of the shelf. Form inspired from Bamboo branch. Worked with basic joints , understood the strength joints and rattan peel tying techniques.

Festival Food Ready to Cook packaging A business idea to make and package ready to cook food for selected festivals. This idea comes from the insight that currently in urban lifestyle , working women find it difficult to cook the platter of festival foods. These goodies bag are made out of bamboo mats and canvas cloth bring with them a festival spirit at the packaging level. The collection has specific ready to cook food products combined as per the local traditional foods consumed for the day. This would reduce cooking time , ensure that the foods taste same as mother’s special touch on food.

Bubble Chair An Inflate deflate bean chair conceptualized to experience a relaxed seating . It comes with a detachable lamp and a flat desk. The flat desk can be used to keep reading materials like magazines , novels , tablets and so on.

Exploring Composition , colour and emotion Breaking the patterns , making patterns to explore emotion of the product.

Nest Product conceptualized inspired by Nest its form , function and emotion. Drawing nest from different birds and animals like platypus made it visible that the nest was built from different kinds of material. The inner most was soft thin choir cotton or cloth. The next layer was insulator materials like mix of twigs and choir , the outer layer is for mechanical support. The entire structure is made to accommodate the hatching of eggs and growing of chickens. With this in mind , a range of products are conceptualized. The heat insulated lunch box , the hot pad for keeping food on table warm. Also products which keep the cool inside like bucket

Hibiscus inspired floor lamp It was the bud of the ever blooming hibiscus flower which inspired the form of floor lamp. Red hibiscus is the most common flower in South India especially the hilly western ghat regions. It was the flower used in worshiping gods. The flowers also adore the house gardens in the hilly regions. Thus the floor lamp stands four feet tall . The red silk cotton fabric gives it a subtle shine as like the real flower bud. The bulb illuminates the floor lamp from below radiating a red hue in the house. This floor lamp is suitable for outdoor gardens as night decoration.

Tie and Die process Colors and patterns have always enticed me. The emotion and colors which the tie and dye process creates is fascinating. The combination of colors and tyeing process created unimaginable results each time leaving one curious to try another variation.

Prototyping This is a 1:1 scale functional handbag .hand stitched the entire bag ,material used is Rexine. Took three days to complete the bag. The paper cutting template for the bag was made using Auto cadd.It was a good experience to put software tools as well as hand skills to make this bag.

Crane desk lamp The head movement , and the body structure of the bird crane was the key inspiration for the desk lamp. The material used is concrete. Concrete was chosen as inspired by the works of Le Courbusier based on the Art movement called Brutalism. The emotion of raw , unfinished , textures for the same could be achieved using cement. This was an experimental project to work with form - material and emotion aligned towards an art movement.

Windows to memories An ode to lost memories, exploring the strong characters and strange attraction towards Window, A window represents the duality of seeing outside and yet being withdrawn from the outside world. A window is a sign of hope , its a memory , its a safe zone. Each one has their own connection with the window. This using window on the side board design. It is a memory and it blends well with Apartment indoors , living room.

The Unspoken As a part of Sustain by Design group , we researched for a month on various aspects of Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable living .As A part of the final outcome called Make a Choice to use reusable sanitary product , I came up with this painting to depict how we shy away from disposing sanitary products( pads condoms) dump it in same cover as rest of trash which eventually lands up as huge mountains right behind us..This painting was exhibited at IISC campus during the Interlude event which Srishti had organized last year ,2017.

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