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A Place-based Urban Regeneration Strategy

MASTERPLAN The site is characterised by industrial functions that are complimented by office and commercial areas.There is however a general lack of cohesion of functions which do not cater to the needs of the greater population. This proposal aims at enhancing the pedestrian walkability, giving access to economic activities and public spaces to fit the life of the community. The project is comprised of two main sects: 1. The Green Line 2. The Community Centre.

Palm trees planted leaves can be havested as raw material to make crafts like mats and baskets among other things.

Trees planted as a protection belt between the train tracks and the moving pedestrians

Productive Belt along water channel

Green Line

Proposed Tram Line

Building shelters integrated within the empty surroundings. These could be used as break out spaces for the workers in the neighbourhood; and linking the two roads to the channel .

The master plan is zoned out in a way that best maximises landuse. The proposal entails several landscape strategies that remodel the walkways and streets (paved and shaded), enhancing the pedestrian movement and also providing a sustainable way to supply raw materials for the craft makers by planting useful trees from which raw materials can be harvetsed. The Green line is a result of an adaptive reuse of an abandoned rail track that acts as a short-cut for pedestrians to and from the city. It connects the slums in Namuwongo to the central district - Kampala Downtown. This project proposal remodels the railway line to ease pedestrian movements. This proposal will maintain the economic activities existing along the line and will enhance and provide the required landscapes and infrastructure to support it. The new development strategy for this area proposes mixed, cohesive, evenly distributed functions that cater to the everyday needs of the local population.The Community Centre at the end of the green line is a proposed place where children, young mothers, teenagers and others can escape to in order to: learn, play, dance, sing and all other activities.

Tram stop

Reception/ info point

Family friendly


Street stalls

Chess school


Street food

Weaving Knitting Ballet dancing

Riding allowed



Fast foods

Pedestrian movement

Utility and other services

Street lectures

Shows entertainment

Community Centre


Shreyaa Jaya Architecture Porfolio 2017  
Shreyaa Jaya Architecture Porfolio 2017