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PIXEL Type: Bachelor’s Design Studio Project 2011 Professors: Anita Dharmapal Location: Bangalore, India

Hotels are complex design problems as they demand the integration of various facets of architecture. This 3-star hotel caters primarily to the urban business clientele. The given site is a corner plot of about 1.5 acres in Bangalore with main roads abutting the northern and eastern side of the site. The site is located at the centre of the city with frequent vehicular movements on either side of the site. Planting of trees all around has been proposed to create a buffer. The site is surrounding by a park overlooking a lake on the remaining two sides creating soothing surroundings and negating the effects of the city hustle. A study of form-space relationships and activity analysis resulted in the linkage and heirarchy of spaces in terms of size, nature and function. As opposed to other buildings, this project required a top-to-down approach to planning starting with the layout of the rooms and proceeding with the ancillary facilites in the lower floors. The use of clean and straight lines gives it a formal appearance. The rooms are arranged and categorized according to the type of viewExecutive rooms facing the lake, Deluxe rooms facing the park and Standard rooms facing the pool/road. This resulted in the building having an L-Shaped form. The facade is treated with panels inspired by exploding pixels. The exterior treatment makes it a symbol in the urban context. These panels create varying effects of light and shadow in the interior. Hence, creating an aesthetically pleasurable experience for the hotel guests.

An Urban Business Hotel


Shreyaa Jaya Architecture Porfolio 2017  
Shreyaa Jaya Architecture Porfolio 2017