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RESONANCE A school project requires breadth and intimacy as opposed to the current trend of globalisation of new schools. Recording the physical consistency of the urban context and the surrounding architecture, which comprised mainly of tall repetitive housing typologies, and low public buildings, all randomly scattered with no real reference to their own sites or each other, indicated a need for structure and order. The building’s footprint is a perfect square that occupies the entire site and acts as a reference for the surrounding buildings. The main challenge was the efficiently integrate the private function of the school with the public function of the FabLab and cafe. Therefore, the kindergarten and fablab are placed in two linear blocks separated by a courtyard and interconnected by a series of galleries enclosing green spaces. The galleries made of colonnades are essentially extensions of the building itself that can be opened or closed as required to provide access to public. Thus there is a controlled flexibility that gives the entire building the potential to be a multifuncitional community centre as opposed to the monofunctional typology of traditional schools. Materials, typology, dimensions, proportions, character and decorum are key elements. Modern and contemporary rhetoric on transparency and a sort of nudity have evoked an attempt to explore the other qualities of space, including light, opacity, richness, heaviness, decoration, structure, expression, darkness, etc. This project tries to establish a dialogue between the interior and exterior by exploring the dimension of meaningful spaces.

A Hybrid Design of a Kindergarten and a FabLab





Shreyaa Jaya Architecture Porfolio 2017  
Shreyaa Jaya Architecture Porfolio 2017