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Contents 4 - Still Wearing Green

Get to know Chris Bush, Captain Shreve’s new head coach for boys basketball, as he transitions from Green Oaks.

6 - Shreve’s Got Talent

Showboat is the event that everyone at Shreve looks forward to watching, and all of Shreve’s talented look forward to performing. This year, there were many memorable and outstanding acts.

8 - Shreve’s Got the Beat

Drama Club took us back to the 80s with their spring musical, which featured songs straight from the decade.

10 - Quick and Easy Summer Recipes

Before school lets out, look at these summer recipes that are sure to satisfy.

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The Enterprise news magazine is published quarterly by students in the journalism class at Captain Shreve High School.


12 - Senior Recognition

The Enterprise recognizes the top five seniors in the class of 2018, and gives a summary of old and new student leaders of organizations at Shreve.




The Enterprise


Still Wearing Green By AntZavier Brown


aptain Shreve Boys Basketball will be under new leadership heading into the 2018-2019 season.

Coach Chris Bush from Green Oaks will takeover for the Gators. He will be succeeding Coach Todd Martinez as head coach. Captain Shreve thanks Coach Martinez for his many years of hard work and service to the school. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors. Coach Bush is looking forward to getting started with the Gators. What persuaded you to take this coaching job? “I have spent the majority of my career coaching at the 5A level and this was the perfect opportunity to get back to the level that I am most comfortable. I also have always had great respect for Captain Shreve. Shreve has a great balance of demographics, academics and athletics. It was immediately obvious that everyone here was more like family and I wanted to be part of that dynamic.” Coach Bush said. What goals do you have set for the team next season? “My immediate goal is to help each player improve individually with a strong focus on fundamental development. My early season goals will be to win at least 70% of our games and get ready for district play. We will then shift our focus to finishing as one of the top three teams in district. We will be in the playoffs if we meet those goals and hopefully make it to at least the quarterfinals.” Bush said. What is your favorite play to run? “I really love the fast break. I like to run an uptempo offense that focuses on defense first.” Bush said. What type of coach are you... a player-coach, strategist, motivator? “My coaching philosophy is a combination of strategist and motivator. I want my players to focus on putting forth maximum effort at all times. I use different strategies and practice techniques to motivate them to give the most effort each day. However, I also teach them to play with a high basketball IQ.” Bush said. Did you play varsity basketball or college basketball? “I played basketball, football and track in high school. I then went on to play college basketball at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg Kentucky.” Bush said.


The Enterprise

Stack Zone Offense The 1 will dribble over and push the 2 down to the corner The 3 goes all the way through The Ball is reversed to the 3 while the 2 sprints off baseline from the 4 The 5 will screen the center of zone as 4 curls around

What NBA team will you like to model the boys team next year? “It is difficult to build a high school team in the style of a NBA team because of the difference in rules. I simply try to prepare my guys to be successful at whatever style is suitable to the talent, size and athleticism of the players we have.” Bush said. What do you look for in a student-athlete? “I focus on the student first. Players have to be good students and good people. The basketball is the easy part because we are going to push and challenge them everyday, but it takes self-discipline and character to succeed in the classroom.” Bush said. Will you miss coaching at Green Oaks? “I will definitely miss Green Oaks. It was not a easy decision for me to leave, but I had to take advantage of the opportunity while it was available. I will keep in touch with my Green Oaks family, but I am excited to now become a member of the Captain Shreve family.” Bush said. 5

Shreve’s Got Talent story by Jaimin Bhagat


ccording to the 1984 Enterprise, “‘Showboat’ has been the title of Shreve’s talent show ever since the school opened back in 1967.”

Singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and much more were featured at Showboat, the Shreve talent show, on April 19. “Showboat is a really awesome opportunity for some of our really talented students to perform for their peers, and get the validation that they deserve for the hard work they have put in,” co-sponsor of Key Club Michael Doughty said. “To perform, students had to audition with a performance-ready act,” Key Club sponsor Michael Scott said. A total of 13 acts performed. The Danceline performed a routine before intermission and a four piece band played a complex, seven minute song. “Man, I think this was the best Showboat in recent memory,” Scott said. “I think this was the biggest crowd we had in a while, these were the best acts we had. I’m ecstatic. Our performers were wonderful, as were the MCs and everyone who helped. Words are failing me right now, I’m thoroughly impressed. Thank you to everyone that helped and pitched in, I can’t say thank you enough.” The band “In Good Condition” won first place, followed by Supriya Karki’s traditional Nepali dance, and Amelia Douglas with her singing and dancing in third place. To see more photos and videos from the show go to this link: https://youtu.be/WvO3Rg-g_KQ

Kiersten Vice

Caroline Sanders

Nathan Rowley

Nathan Rowley and Caroline Sanders worked together on their performance. “Scheduling is a huge difficulty. On top of normal school and extracurricular, you have to make plans to practice for the big performance,” Rowley said. 6

Kiersten Vice played the ukulele and sang the song “I don’t know my name” “Music has always been something personal to me. It is a way to express yourself even if it’s to someone else’s song. To some people it’s trying to put themselves out there to be heard or to become known. To me it’s just doing what I love and I love to play music.”

The Enterprise

First Place: In Good Condition 1st Place

“It’s a super awesome experience, we really didn’t think we would win,” band member Kade Dickerson said. #InGoodCondition #Awesome

2nd Place

3rd Place

Supriya Karki Amelia Douglas

Supriya Karki performed a Nepali traditional dance. Amelia Douglas performed “Pulled” from the Addams “I am really a shy person but dance has always been Family Musical. “I was so shook after I found out that one of the way to represent myself in the crowd. It I won third place, it was simply jaw-dropping. I was was really an awesome experience with the people really excited, and it made my night.” who participated for the showboat. Everyone participated to win and I did as well. The main part of it was that I made some really good memories. I am really glad that I got to perform my Nepali cultural dance in the international platform. I was gratified to represent my country Nepal. I felt really happy after knowing that I am one of the winners but everyone was equally gifted and talented.” 7

Shreve’s Got the Beat By Kelsey Harlow

The Shreve drama club took us all the way back in time to the 80s in their latest musical “Back to the 80s”. The musical featured songs such as: ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, ‘Love Shack’, and ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. “My favorite part of playing Mrs. Brannigan was being able to sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’,” said Lauren Turner. “ I feel like it’s one of the most challenging songs in the musical, so being given the opportunity to sing it was definitely exhilarating.” Mrs. Brannigan and Mr. Cocker’s (Kendall Fenner) back and forth love quarrels aren’t the only ones seen throughout the show; there’s also Eileen and Michael. (Christian Hunter and Cameron Burton) “Eileen is very shy when she first comes to the school,” said Hunter. “Eventually she begins to open up and reveal her love for boy bands of the eighties.” Eileen is also vulnerable, she often falls for the letters she finds in her locker left by the “cool boy” Michael. “All of the letters are constructed from famous lines of eighties songs,” said Hunter. “For example, one says ‘Let me hear your body talk’.” Eileen’s biggest scenes always involved her reading letters from Michael. 8

The Enterprise

¨My favorite part of playing Eileen was being serenaded by a group of boys singing ´Don´t worry/Come on Eileen´,¨ said Hunter. Eileen is also featured in a duet with Tiffany (Emily Hurst) “Walking on Sunshine” and “Lost on your eyes”. ¨I loved playing Tiffany because I got to interact with so many of the other characters,¨ Said Hurst. ¨I had a scene with almost all the other actors.¨ Tiffany was a mean girl but Hurst said she´s different because she does care about certain people. ¨My favorite scene was the one right before the song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ because it involved so many of us going bck and forth with dialogue and song,¨ Said Hurst. Corey (Keegan Koon) develops a crush on Tiffany and after denying him, she eventually comes to realize what a good guy he truly is. Corey as an adult (Bobby Shell) narrates a lot throughout the musical and reminisces on his high school days. “I really enjoyed narrating,” said Shell. “Although it can be boring from time to time,

overall it was a very exciting and fun challenge.” Corey Senior is very reflective and proud of his past without living in it. He enjoys remembering all of the good times and passing his stories on to other. “The hardest part about being the narrator, honestly, was memorizing all the lines and how the story is supposed to go,” said Shell. “It was weird because I wasn’t in the scenes but more of an outside eye.” The drama club started working on the production just before Christmas break and throughout all of the rehearsals, many new friendships were formed. “I loved being with people who continually put a smile on my face no matter what’s going on,” said Turner. “I love those guys, more specifically being in that show with Mandrell Douglas. He’s become an extremely good friend of mine and it was fun to be with him for his last musical.” Douglas wasn’t the only one savoring their last moments on stage. “This is the best cast that I have ever been a part of,” said Hunter. “ Everyone was loving and accepting of each other, and for the two months that we were together, we were a real family.” Hunter is going to miss the cast while she’s off at college but she’s determined to come back and visit. 9

1 lb fresh strawberries 3 tbs sugar 1 bottle Simply Lemonade


The Enterprise


MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL This graduating class has done amazing things during their time at Captain Shreve. I am so pleased with the academic, extracurricular and athletic accomplishments and know that life after Shreve for the Class of 2018 will be productive and prosperous. They are special and I will greatly miss them. -Mrs. Ginger C. Gustavson

Captain Shreve’s Class of 2018 Top 5 By Chase Willis

Carly Davis decided four years ago to attend Captain Shreve because it was a school that felt like home. She was also driven to Shreve because of its large and active Student Council. During her high school tenure, she has served as president of the National Honor Society, recording secretary for Z-Club, and treasurer of Student Council. She has been an active member of Mu Alpha Theta, Yearbook Staff, and the ACT 30+ Club. Davis is a Scholastic Writing Silver Key Winner and published Seedlings writer. She has made presentations at the Gayerre Conference and states social studies fair, coming in at second place. Davis attended Shreve Island Elementary School and Youree Drive Middle School. She plans to attend the Louisiana State University to major in Pre-Pharmacy. After her completion of college, Carly intends to pursue a career in hospital pharmacy. During her spare time, she enjoys traveling and hanging out with family and friends.

Emily Hurst was Captain Shreve’s 2017-2018 Student of the Year and Ms. Captain Shreve. She has served as Co-President of Z-Club, producer of KGTR, and member of Student Council, National Honor Society, Drama Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Presidents Club, and Shreve’s newest club No One Eats Alone. Shreve’s vast variety of clubs/organizations lead Emily’s decision to attend the school. Also, she loved the family atmosphere. Hurst is a twotime silver key and honorable mention winner for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and Caddo Parish Student of the Year finalist. Hurst attended Brookhaven Elementary School and Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School. She plans to attend Mississippi State University to major in English with a minor in Pre-Law. After her completion of college, Emily would like to become a criminal law prosecutor and attend law school. During her spare time, she enjoys reading and hanging out with family and friends. 12

The Enterprise

Parker Smith is 2018, Mr. Captain Shreve. He has served as president of Key Club, vice president of Youth and Government and member of National Honor Society. Smith participated in the Science and Medicine Academic Research Training program. It is a program for students interested in medicine, biomedical research, or biomedical engineering and offers hands-on research experience at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. He is a Gold Key Scholastic Art and Writing Award winner and All-Academic Soccer and Tennis Teams. Smith attended Eden Gardens Elementary School and Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School. He plans to attend the University of Michigan to major in Economics. After his completion of college, Parker plans to become a business professional. During his spare time, he enjoys working out and resting.

Sydney Fant has served as the co-president of Mu Alpha Theta, co-historian of Student Council, parliamentarian of the Louisiana Association of Student Councils of District IX, the senior representative of Z-Club, and an active member of National Honor Society, ACT 30+ Club, and Varsity Volleyball team. Sydney decided to attend Captain Shreve because she knew the school would provide her with infinite opportunities and excellence. Sydney is the recipient of the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award, All-District and Region for Volleyball, All-Academic for Volleyball and Softball, and two-time honorable mention for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Fant attended University Elementary School and Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School. She plans to attend Louisiana State University to major in mechanical engineering. After completing college, Sydney prefers to work in a profession which allows her to build sports equipment and facilities. During her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends and attending sporting events.

Rachel Dupree decided to attend Captain Shreve because she felt it was a school for everyone and she knew she wouldn’t fade into anonymity. She served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Enterprise, captain of the Girl’s Varsity Golf Team, members of National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chess/Games Club, and the ACT 30+ Club. Rachel is a two-time silver key winner for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Captain Shreve Distinguished Scholar of four years, a published writer in the Proceedings of the 5th Annual Gayarre Conference, 2017: Empire, and a participant in the state golf tournaments for four years. Dupree attended First Baptist Church School and St. Mark’s Cathedral School. She plans to attend Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma to major in journalism. After completing college, Rachel would like to pursue a career in freelance journalism. During her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing golf, writing poetry and playing video games.


Out with the Old

In With The New

By Alexis McClain

Alexis McClain Z Club Co-President

“I’m really looking forward to next year and being able to work alongside my best friend. We have a lot of new ideas for next year and we plan to keep the Gator Cook Off and improve it the best we can. I love this club and I’m so glad that it’s played such a significant role in my high school experience. We plan to make this year the best we can.”


Abigail Roberts

Chase Harner

“My favorite part of Z Club is how impactful it is. I love every opportunity that Z Club presents to make a difference in our local community as well as international communities. This club is special because the impacts are internal too, offering education to its members on leadership and personal growth. I am so excited to get to serve as next year’s Co-President alongside my best friend Alexis McClain.”

“I believe that next year Key Club will be a huge success. We have elected talented officers that will guide Key Club to complete our task of serving our community in the best ways possible. I look forward to working with all of my officers in our mission to

Z Club Co-President

Key Club President

serve our community and God.”

The Enterprise

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