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NEW BEGININGS Well if you are reading this that means everything went to plan and the mag is finally finished. After many months of planning, hours in front of a computer and many litre’s of coffee and beer later, It’s finally here. A big thanks goes to the all the people who contributed their work and locked in some serious hours to make this happen. We are aiming to start something new and fresh - something a little bit different and just bring some serious stoke to people from all walks of life. Whether you Skate, Surf, Bodyboard, play music, take photos or make art of any kind, we are here to share their stories, work and expose some of the most talented and underrated people from each industry and hopefully get you guys stoked on the mag, life and your hobby. So here’s to a new beginning and a long future with all you incredible people. Thank you, Shrelp team.


Contributers Jye McDonald Beau Davies Warwick Gow


ELI STEELE So Eli tell us a little about yourself. 17 years old, Caloundra, I thoroughly enjoy being in the ocean. How did you get into surfing? When I was young dad would take me our on the front of his clubbie board’s and catch waves and in the back of the surfboats. Then when I was 6 I got my first foamie surfboard and it just seemed to carry on from there. We hear you have just returned from a pretty rad trip, where did you head to and how was it ? I recently quit school, just wasn’t working for me. I now do a bit of labouring, and saved up a few dollars and decided to go to northern West Australia. Camping in the desert for 10 days, just surfing all day, fishing, snorkeling. It was by far one of the funnest trips of my life. After that I realized how cheap flights to Bali were from Perth, so I just booked some flights and ended up staying over there for 16 days. I went solo, but made a bunch of new friends, had a fun night out with a few mates from home, and just surfed a bunch. It was really good to get away, score some waves and make new friends. Has 2012 been a pretty good year for your surfing? 2012 has been a good year for my surfing, in the personal/freesurfing aspect. I think that I have learnt a lot more about myself and what I want out of it, like where I want to go and what I want to do, and also where I see myself in the future. Anything big planned for next year ? At this stage, I don’t have anything planned or set in concrete yet, but I have a few ideas of places I want to go. But for now I’m just going to try and work as much as I can and save money while the waves are average at home. And does the red hair give you extra attention from the opposite sex? No, not at all. If anything, I think it’s the opposite… Thanks for taking some time out to chat to us champ, any sponsors or people you want to give a shout out to? A huge thank you to all my sponsors- Quiksilver, JR surfboards, creatures of leisure, sexwax, Macbeth Footwear, Otis Eyewear, Future fins


Photos Jye McDonald

E L L I O T B U T L E R So elliot tell us a little about yourself. My name is Elliot Butler Im 18 and I live in murwillumbah and i like to party haha. How did you get into bodyboarding ? Just started out when my brothers got into it they used to take me. Current sponsors? Summerset, Bsc, Vs, Dunes. what do you get up to when you arnt bodyboarding ? Lately I have been working a bit trying to save for a trip, I love my soccer and tennis though mabye the odd standup session as well. So we hear you have a pretty funny nickname but chug how did this come about ? Some fag made it up for no reason and now its stuck haha nah its not too bad. Was 2012 been a good year for your bodyboardng so far? Yeah its been real good the start of the year with Hawaii and that but the surf has been kinda hit for the last couple of months. Anything big planned for next year ? Next year I want to do heaps of trips will be pretty hard to get the cash but I want to do Hawaii then Tahiti then Mexico towards the end of the year. Thanks for your time man, any sponsors or people you want to give a shout out to? Bsc, Summerset, Vs, Dunes and Jye Mcdonald he is always keen to shoot and we get on really well and charles beak legend.


Matthew B o g g i s So Matt tell us a little about yourself: My names Matthew Boggis, I am 13 years old, I live on the Sunshine Coast and have a huge passion for skateboarding. How did you get into skating? When I was 7 and I saw other people doing it and it looked so fun so I decided to start skating. My first board I got for my 7th birthday and I think it was some BigW board or something ha ha, but I loved it so much I just kept going. Then when I was 8 this guy from a surf shop hooked me up with a little mini sponsor and just gave me some decks and stuff. Are you currently sponsored? I haven’t got any sponsors at the moment but in December a shoe company named Fli shoes is launching and I’m pretty sure they’re interested in making a few clips for them and stuff. What do you get up to when you’re not skating? When I’m not skating its usually raining so ill probably be at home playing my drums. We recently had the pleasure of viewing the clip of you doing that 15-stair set, is it true you are one of the youngest guys to nail this set? Yeah that stair set was pretty fun, I don’t really know the history or anything behind it but I just saw it one day and wanted land it pretty much ha ha. Has 2012 been a pretty good year for your skating so far? Yeah 2012 has been sick I’ve started skating a lot more street and have landed a lot more gaps. Anything big planned for next year? Not really just skating way more comps than this year and skating a few more spots, I really wanna try get a major sponsor to kind of start me off, I don’t know how that will go but that’s what I’m planning ha ha. Thanks for your time buddy we are looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the future… any sponsors or people you want to give a shout out to? Yeah, Nick Jones and Charlie McCann, ha ha best filmers, they’ve been filming me lately, and are sick at what they do!


Jake Fissenden x Photo MC

Elliot Buttler x Photo Jye McDonald

Mitch Surman x

Elliot Williams x Photo Jye McDonald

Kye Mclenahan

Mitch Wake

brandon roon


a u h s Jo n o s p m o Th

Photo:Warwick Gow

a u h s Jo n o s p Thom

A Thousand Words

With Beau Davies

They say that a Photo speaks a thousand words. But we thought we would let the photographys give you some insight into the story behind some of there favourite images.

One late autumn afternoon in 2011 after the first day back at uni nothing else to occupy my time with, I decided to search for dad’s old Nikon F50 film SLR to accompany ritual of checking the surf. Fortunately for me, I’d haphazardly upon quite a good distraction from the flat-spells of surf which the Sunshine Coast.

and with me on my stumbled frequent

Halfway through the process of letting myself down - with each spot bearing no fruits for savouring my appetite - I spotted this Osprey flying high above the signal tower on Caloundra Headland. It was circling well out of sight of the helpless baitfish floating unaware among the wind distorted ocean surface. I’d never shot a roll of black and white film prior to this, let alone anything with an iso rating as low as iso50, though once I saw the results I began to realise the beauty of the monochrome and have been shooting in this style/area/type most often since.