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Animation Portfolio Vicky Punjabi 2012



Exaggerated Feeling Its a feeling of a drunk person. In that particular state. The extreme state of a emotion. The flow with the Emotion. Exaggerated Feeling. Here this man is on top of the world. He is enjoying to the fullest.

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Innocence Emotions exist in all ages. But being a child he doesn’t know much about emotions. Robbin has got a Balloon as a surprise for Marie but looking at her crying he tries to hide it and offer her a hanky. Being at this age he doesn’t realize the Balloon he is trying to hide can still be seen.

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an attempt to create a Disney style eyes for a person with small eyes.

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Caricature of a friend with a lot of thick hair. so decided to exaggerate that feature.

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Character Designs Chracter Designs for my graduation movie Little magicians. These are designs of a grandson Tom who is listening a bed time story being narrated by this Grandpa. Grandpa tells him a story about three little baby ginnies who play around and learn magic. . . The story also has three baby ginnies. Gollu is the smartes guy of the three, responsible. Ginne is the youngest, yet too small to understand things. So also the dumbest. Garry Garry is the eldest and funniest. For more Character Designs


Character Designs Gollu, Ginne & Garry respectively. the ginnies mostly have the floating smoky tail but do get legs whenever reuired in the movie.

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3D Modeling A model of a submarine toy creted in maya. This was the first model I ever created while learning maya. It was innitially very time consuming but slowly by practise in this software i got my hands on it and have now also started to like modeling. But my first preference will always be animation. Here i was more curious to get the lightning and reflections right.

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3D Modeling A model of a Warrior. This was quite an interesting assignment for me to create a cartoony human character which lateron i also rigged and created some blend shapes. Modeling was never one of my liking but I thing this assignment led to to think about it.

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The Missing Ingridient A movie for a competation at Mit Institute of design 2011. A music piece was provided which had to be interpreted. This movie was very much experimental and a great learning. Right from first day many natural calamities took place but finally movie got completed on time. And also a reson to title it THE MISSING INGREDIENT.

The Pig Story This was a group project guided by Mr. Vaibhav Kumaresh. My first project where we properly followed a pipeline. We dint only learn interms of animation but also to a large extent photography(framing), lighting, set designing, and also softwares like after effects, premiere and soundbooth. A girl named lolo bored of her daily homework looks out of the window and shock to see a pig flying... I think she is dreaming. Check this here.

Clay Transformation An experiment with stop motion animation in semester 4, just when i had learnt basics of aniamtion. clay animation without armature this learning then i used in the making of the pig story.



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About Me Want to specialize in Animation. But don't want to restrict myself to that only. I want to do everything that goes into making a Movie. I get my inspiration from Animated, Live action movies & Children. I usually follow a process which has evolved with me and my experience, but if the work allows me to grow and learn new things I can be Flexible. I am easy to work with. My other Hobbies are Acting, Photography, Creating Sounds & Music and Story telling.

Vicky Punjabi College

: Mit Institute of design(pune).

Hometown : Mumbai (India) Age

: 22


TVP Animation Maya (basic) Corel draw Abobe Cs 5 : flash Photoshop Illustrator Premiere AfterEffects Soundbooth Indesign


End Credits Email : Contact :

+91 90 29 31 93 37

Blog :

Channels : Skype Id : vicky_punjabi


Vicky Punjabi  

Animation Portfolio 2012.

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