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Bethel Seminary of the East ​we got a letter stating that the property was being purchased by capstone development from Birmingham Alabama we were given 60 days notice to move the local people thought it would be nice to let us know during nice weather so we could you know move when it wasn't snowing how thoughtful I don't think I live too long but October first is a little there's a little too soon oh I'm really in a situation that to have a life I need to be here nobody can't compensate for the stress that's been going on here I have looked and looked and looked until I'm just falling I can't find any place that accommodates my handicap like my apartment that I'm in now does this is our community and this is our home this is where we have established our friends our church our activities our doctors this isn't the way you treat people welcome back to moving forward today we are discussing the displacement of seniors from their community home at silver oaks in kent ohio our guest with us now our two sisters from the local banshee show vivian and mid ramon who despite their age decided to get involved two girls thanks so much for being with us thanks so much for having us can you first tell us how you first heard about the situation in Kent well the first way that we heard about what was happening in silver oaks was that our dad was reading the Akron Beacon Journal website and he read an article about what was happening so immediately it was like the last week of summer so immediately he emails me and he's like we gotta do something about this so my midge and my mom and myself we all talked about it over breakfast and we decided that we definitely wanted to do something so the first thing that we thought of was a concert so um you know because we're in the Banshee I show we have been for like seven years so we're very involved with music and the music scene and local media and connected within the music scene so that was the first thing that we thought of to do so then we also heard that um outside of am like a city hall gathering type thing the seniors were trying to rally and then they got shut down by James silver who is the law department officer so like we just thought that was completely awful so that's why we thought to have a rally so yeah how did you feel about what was the situation that was going on well obviously like it was very displeasing because this was happening in our own community and it's just unacceptable to do to people who are vulnerable and you know tired with age and disabilities so obviously I was why wasn't very happy about it of course what were some of your feelings towards the situation well a lot of these um senior citizens um were veterans in the war so now they're being bullied by these people and I think that's just wrong perhaps tarea definitely so being young what made you feel that it was you wanted to be the ones that got involved well even though we're younger we are still members of the community and we still feel that it's our civic duty to help people and you know this really this isn't so much a thing of like legal this isn't so much of a legal thing as it is a human rights thing and human rights is something that I feel very strongly about and that my family does as well so that's I mean we were just huh definitely yeah yeah we were just really drawn to that so yeah yeah so what was your intention what purpose did you want to get out of the rally well it was a rally and a fundraiser but mostly we just wanted to get attention we wanted to get the media involved we wanted to get you know other people in the community involved so they would know what's happening there was another complex kind of like this and can't and you know the same thing happened where another company came in and took it down and it just happened completely out of the public eye and we didn't want to happen again we didn't want no one to know about this okay yeah so what steps did you take to get other people to join you um what steps did we take we contacted some other members within the community you know Arlene Habib with the Community Action Council as well as a local poet and activist made Reagan and Jeff Ingram who likes to he plans a lot around kent and he plans like big events like this so those are the main people that we contacted and then with the band's you know we initially contacted bands like shivering timbers but it was on our shivering timbers and the most beautiful losers and like local bands or friends look like that but it was on such short notice that a lot of people couldn't make it but um you know the bands that did come they came on such short notice it was awesome because you know we just had like two weeks to throw this whole thing together so I just think that it's such a such a horrible thing that's happening you know that you know anyone with a heart would just want to help it's definitely made were able to invite some friends to come to the rally um well actually um actually Brooke Toussaint he couldn't make it but she felt so strongly about this that she actually made a video appearance she couldn't make it because she had a um a CD release party oh wow yeah for her CD sweetheart um but she made a special video appearance that she wanted us to show oh god the rally seller ashley is one of our friends good great so how did you choose a name for the rally um we literally sat down we were driving somewhere in the car and my dad handed me a pen and a pad of paper and he was like okay we got a brainstorm

ideas for this so um rye rally I was just thinking of you know different things that could relate to the situation and respect your elders was just like the biggest theme that I could think you know capstone needs to respect their elders people in general need to respect their elders so um the acronym for that is just Ryan I thought that kind of rolled off the tongue quite well it does it does definitely well we actually had a chance to go to the rally so we are going to take a quick look at that right now leaders of capstone development we can make our world better or we can make it worse simply by how we choose to treat one another we decided that what we wanted to do was a concert or something having to do with music because being in cha cha has opened so many doors and given us so many musical connections within the area that we thought it would be a great place to start wondering the stories that they've told me have been heartbreaking I think the people of the city it is wisdom to think the city would die there a community there a family it's been great the response that we've gotten has been amazing record shop just have a lot of other community members concerned citizens 40 but over 40 residents of silver Oaks have filed charges with the government it's just great we have so many awesome speakers and musicians positivity like this multiplies and spreads through our communities to mend the broken threads in the fabric of our society everyone would benefit from an improved society culture and soul well glad that we were able to take a look at that so can you tell us about some of the events that happened at the rally um you know there were a lot of musicians there and just right off the top of my head how Walker played and that was really awesome I'm we also had some poets like Mays Reagan and there was another Pope I forget his name but then we also had a lot of community members come up and speak so we had yeah we had a jeff ingram and he came up and he spoke and um arlene spoke and so did some some silver oaks residents as well which was awesome it was so great to have them there as um but I think that probably the act that I was the most excited about was watch yo lie and he's a resident of silver oaks and he came up and he played some traditional Chinese music and that was just phenomenal I was so excited that he would play for us go ahead yes so were you able to talk to some people then at the rally oh yeah there were so many people there all in all throughout the day I mean coming and going there about two or three hundred people there so there were definitely there are a lot of just like community member is there were also there's a lot of media so I talked to a lot of media there which was fantastic that's exactly what I hoped it happened you know so that we could spread the word about what was happening and you know a lot of the residents of silver Oaks came as well and that was just awesome you know to see them there cheering us on because you know we're fighting for them so for them to be there that was fantastic we able to talk to some of them oh yeah and I heard I've heard a lot of their stories since you know since I've met them and become more involved so you know their stories are just really heartbreaking and it's you know great to hear them definitely so what was kind of the mood of the rally you know the mood of the rally I don't know there was a lot of excitement there was a lot of happiness there you know everyone was really excited to see all the musicians everyone was really happy to see all the residents there and you know I just think there's a lot of hopefulness there as well that you know capstone in Birmingham they'll back down and you know what these people be so Mitch how did you feel about the mood of the rally well I think it was great I mean people were very excited very upbeat and um I think it was just a great mood good now you guys actually had a chance to perform yourselves yeah um we performed as our band try show we've been together for about seven years now it's just me and my sister so I play guitar and icing and then she sings and your I'm learning at the accordion actually great she'll be learning the accordion pretty soon but um we what we opened our set with was my open letter to capstone and that was awesome you know just hearing the reaction from the crowd you know I just sent this letter to capstone just explaining what the situation was and how the residents were feeling and everything so it was great to open the set within it I got a lot of really good response with that what was it like to perform in front of a crowd that's trying to fight for a cause you know it was great I mean everyone was really really supportive especially because you know um we kind of organized this thing and everyone was super supportive and everyone was like really excited to see us so that was it was a lot of fun good meant how did you feel being on stage in front of all the senior citizens that you're fighting for it was really great I mean people were at like I said yup be and it was just a great show are you guys happy with the outcome and how everything turned out after you know I am um the one thing that I'd like to see happen is capstone I just like to see them give some kind of response because I mean I sent the letter and you know we've been contacting media and Birmingham recently so I really hope that they pick up this story but you know as far as the outcome within the community within Kent I was very pleased you know so many people came out so yeah what do you want your community to kind of learn and take away from this you know what would I like the community to learn and take away from this um you know you're never too young to take up a college or never you know there's always something worth fighting for and you show is fight for that you know a lot of people think that this whole deal with capstone and silver oaks they think it's a done deal but it's really not you know we're still fighting for that and we really hope that people will support us in

that and that you know capstone will back down when you're writing the letters and you're trying to kind of fight for your cause what do you like to put in your letter um you know just a lot of you know I try not to make it overly negative like I try and put in positives with it to you know in my open letter i highlighted some things that you know I would like to see happen but I made it I try to be very upbeat in my letters so you know I'm not trying to make well I'm i am trying to make them see where they're wrong but i'm not trying to like completely you know hate on them or whatever um but yeah so try not to make it too angry or whatever yeah so why do you encourage people to get involved in their community um you know when I got involved with my community um all the response was great and it was just fantastic to see how much people really cared and I think that you know when you see an injustice like this when you see a human rights battle like this you just need to take it up and you need to go with it you need to fight for it you know when you see something that's going wrong you need to try and fix it no matter you know where you are what's happening you know yes mid do to you agree with that yes very great well thank you so much girls I'm really happy that you were able to come and talk with us today thank you for coming to learn more about DTV moving forward please visit our website DTV moving forward calm and we are going to see you here next time on moving forward energy you can feel it in the classroom and see it in the faces of our students that energy is experiencing the vitality and vibrancy of the campus with programs that are growing in quality and reputation it has transformed our campus and our community come and experience the energy for yourself join us at the University of Akron Hunter College, Upper East Side.