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Providing Life Changing Opportunities Through Education & Experience

Who are Tellus Group?

Tellus Group are International Lifelong Learning, Career Assessment and Development Practitioners. In partnership with schools, universities, non profit organisations, and businesses. Tellus Group focuses on identifyng and providing opportunities through cultural, educational and vocational language programmes. To find out more about Tellus Groups’ learning programmes, please log onto:



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What? When? Where? How? We all have a vision of our future: where we want to live, the work we want to do, the society we want to live in. But how do we get there? What do we need to do to see our dreams realised? Choices made in the present may determine where we will be in five, ten or even fifteen years from now, so we need to make the right decisions now!

It is never too early to be considering the implications of individual or corporate career development. Whether in science, art and design or business, in any field of endeavour, communications, planning, creativity and innovation all play an important role. Such qualities require a nurturing environment in order to flourish. Tellus and its partners provide these environments enabling appropriate educational choices.


Courses Tellus Group offers programmes specifically developed for those studying for a career involving cross-cultural collaborations. Our teaching programmes (MEC) offer the specific skill development required by those working in Language Training. All our discovery programmes are designed to meet your - or your organisation’s - particular requirements. To find out about the courses, log onto:


Working together, wherever. In work and in our personal lives, we all want good relationships. These are often as much about one’s behaviour towards others as they are about language. Combined with contemporary language teaching techniques, Tellus Group’s 'cultural immersion programmes’ are specifically designed to develop each participant's personality, as well as improve their vocational and academic ability. Tellus provides Summer courses for both adults and juniors.


Experience necessary... Every culture has its own unique way of doing things and its own passion and vitality to share with others. Tellus arranges and manages Leonardo da Vinci Mobility, VETPRO and Grundtvig in-service training programmes in many sectors of industry and commerce. Whether in IT, marketing, accounts or childcare it makes no difference. Tellus courses are designed to enable students and interns to improve their language skills within a professional vocational environment. For example: Aspiring chef? Hotel chain manager? Tellus can provide a work experience placement in any department from housekeeping to administration, providing an all-round professional training programme including (in this example) hotel accommodation and pocket money. To explore the possibilities, log onto:


Past in the Present Tellus Group provides a range of courses aimed at exploring the socio - economic, political and historical differences between European cultures.


To find out more please log onto:

We work for you, so you can too!

Business start-up and management programmes facilitate new business planning and development. Entrepreneurial flair is always a breath of fresh air, bringing new ideas and opportunities. Tellus Group assists from the conceptualisation of the basic idea to its development, and implementation, and coping with success, thus providing a complete mentoring and support programme.


Tellus Groups

Representatives of just some of the 248 nations in the world that Tellus Group collaborate with.


Who we are & Where we are

Tellus Plymouth Tel: +44 (0) 845 673 3007 Fax: +44 (0) 870 137 1149

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Megaro Ermis 56 Panepistimiou 3rd floor, Office 17 106 78 Athens Greece

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Tellus Group Head Office: Tellus House Bedford Park Villas Plymouth Devon, PL4 8HL United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 845 673 3007