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HIIT – Know the Pros and Cons

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) has been the talk of the town for a while now. It is a unique workout regime that can be combined with a workout app for doing Cardio, Strength or Resistance trainings, depending on user's requirements. Its uniqueness is in the alteration of intervals of the sessions, which can easily be measured by any timer app (like a Stopwatch) or any free interval timer app. But HIIT is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ to be very honest. Though it helps you build your strength and improves your stamina and agility, its intensity often takes toll on your body (in a good way!). We discuss some of the pros and cons of following HIIT, read along.

PROs •

You burn more calories than a normal work out routine. Just customize your session intervals using any free interval timer app or a simple timer app and you would see the difference that too in a shorter period. Workout sessions are creative. Whether you are using any workout app or just sweating out in an outdoor gym–you are never getting bored if you stick to HIIT and combine it with Shredder, the best free interval timer app.

• •

It boosts your resting metabolism. As these workouts help you build your lean muscles even when you are resting. Delivers faster results. If done in a right way, doing HIIT has visible results on your body, which keeps you motivated to try again.

CONs •

Not safe for everyone. HIIT includes intense sets of workout sessions andshouldn’t be done by physically unfit and people with heart conditions, and chances of getting injured becomes high. Use a good timer app to have control over the interval timings to reduce intensity. It drains your energy and increases stress. As these sessions progress in a blink of an eye, by the time body’s adrenaline level are restored back to normal, you will almost run out of energy resulting in intense sweating, uneasiness, nervousness and sluggishness. This can affect your productivity for a while. Demands huge levels of patience and efforts. Due to its intensity, people who are highly motivated then others too often backout from doing it. Whether you are following a workout app or doing it on your own, it challenges your physical strengths every dayand can demotivate you when you are not able to keep up with the pace.

Hence as a beginner, you just need to control your workout pace by using any free interval timer app like Shredder so that you don’t burn out. Also, first try the HIIT variants at home, get acclimatized, and then signup for next level classes outdoors. Hope after reading the article you now have a clear picture of your goals about HIIT.

Hiit – know the pros and cons  
Hiit – know the pros and cons