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Kitchen Whispers By Shravika Bothra

What I Want to Do Eating food is a social thing, but today we live in a fast paced life where we at times eat alone. I want to focus on the sensory experiences of food. So while food presentation becomes important, the taste is equally important and possibly the most important. I think what I want my thesis to be is, taking examples from the Flavor Thesaurus. By choosing flavors to pair (usual or unusual or something which fascinates me), either I will modify other recipes out there or just replicate it with different flavours and have people eat it. Diffrent people will have different reactions to that, which I want to record. The flavors I choose to pair and the experiments which become of it, will be recorded in terms of video and the book. The event will either others to combine their own flavors or taste and react to flavors I choose to put out there.

Inspirations This book is a Flavour Thesaurus, and I feel like, while it writes alot it is not visual enough. However, still a great way of pairing food. This will be a tool for me to cook and experiment and to make others eat.

Inspirations This food blog has a lot of healthy ways of cooking and is mainly vegetarian. Hence, making it my other favourite example. They also have an iPad application.


Both these magazines are taken in different direction. While RE becomes personal by being an edition for a single persons life. Vintage takes other stories and the design treatment is crafty and hand done too. Vintage only takes out 2 or 4 issues a year.


Incubation is an exploration of the creative act, simultaneously addressing the creation of food, the creation of life, and the creation of art. Jennifer Rubell does these interactive food installations, hence food being art where people interact.


Inspirations Martin Kastner is the founder of Crucial Detail. Using his creations, for placing food on it, the presentation becomes important.

http://martinkastner. com/

Inspirations Next is about constant exploration of global cuisine by Chef Grant Achatz. His restaurant Alinea is also a huge success. He tries to involve creativity and innovation while making and presenting food. So eating your meal then becomes an experience for the consumer. This relates as I want to concentrate on sensory experiences of food.

Project Briefs 1. Start a blog about research, inspirations and progress about my thesis. Weekly update with 1 recipe / photgraphy / food facts about what I cook in the kitchen /food writing and critiquing. Also weekly update about the food pairings. 2. Collect content for the book - recipes by cooking, experimenting with things which are already out there, farmers who locally produce, contacting other bloggers and artists. 3. Start thinking about the event where and what I would like people to eat and experience.

Shravika Bothra - These 1 - 01  
Shravika Bothra - These 1 - 01  

A thesis on food and the sensory experience.