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Thesis 1 kitchen W H I S P E R S By Shravika Bothra

What I Want to Do Food is a common point, it is a conversation starter, it is something that connects us everyday. Eating food is a social thing, but today we live in a fast paced life where we, at times even eat alone. I think that everything has an origin and a story behind it. So, by pairing food and flavors and sharing it with friends, it becomes a conversation between me and them. It becomes an exchange of stories and recipes. The ones I choose to make, either come from my own experience or while sharing my story; it comes from others, making this conversation between me and others important. The food I pair can be usual to me and unusual to others or the other way around. This then expands on the origin of where it started and where it has reached now and where it will be in the future.

Inspirations This book is a Flavour Thesaurus, and I feel like, while it writes alot it is not visual enough. However, still a great way of pairing food. This will be a tool for me to cook and experiment and to make others eat.

Inspirations This food blog has a lot of healthy ways of cooking and is mainly vegetarian. Hence, making it my other favourite example. They also have an iPad application.


Both these magazines are taken in different direction. While RE becomes personal by being an edition for a single persons life. Vintage takes other stories and the design treatment is crafty and hand done too. Vintage only takes out 2 or 4 issues a year.


Incubation is an exploration of the creative act, simultaneously addressing the creation of food, the creation of life, and the creation of art. Jennifer Rubell does these interactive food installations, hence food being art where people interact.

Inspirations Taking cookbooks to a whole new level, Ikea has put together a beautiful book of recipes thanks to the help of, Stokholmbased photographer Carl Kleiner and the styling of Evelina Bratell. Hembakat 채r B채st, in English Homemade Is Best, features 30 recipes for baked goodies.

Inspirations Nicholas Felton spends much of his time thinking about data, charts and our daily routines. He is the author of several Personal Annual Reports that weave numerous measurements into a tapestry of graphs, maps and statistics that reflect the year’s activities. He is the co-founder of, and currently a member of the product design team at Facebook.


This is the first attempt at making the zine. They will be a series of different recipes. It would contain a few parts: How it came about (the origin). Me making it. A friend making it.



After Critique What I took away from the critique: Start a blog so this exchange of conversation & stories becomes bigger. Look at designers like Feltron. Give more attention to composing the photography. Look at the event aspect.

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