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Blood Pressure Monitors/Machine

Blood Pressure Machine High Blood Pressure meter is a medical condition common across all countries around the world. This condition is one of the major problems nowadays and the biggest problem with it is that it rarely if not totally displays any symptoms at all. Devices like blood pressure monitors are important especially for those have this problem of highblood pressure meter. With the help of this, they will be able to monitor their BPs by themselves. When you are knowledgeable concerning your blood pressure level, it will help your doctor to take care of you accordingly the doctor will have a head start from the reading you will have given him/her. In fact is considerable in carrying out the required measures or essential medication. It is quite helpful possessing a digital blood pressure monitor in your own home if someone there has an issue with blood pressure measurement because the problem is very common nowadays.

How to Choose Blood Pressure Monitor With all the different kinds of blood pressure monitor available on the market at present, it is a common problem for people to be confused on which product to buy. In purchasing a BP monitor, it is advisable to choose the ones that have guaranteed accuracy and stamp approval. For the highly recommended blood pressure machine, these monitors met the criteria based on the India standards for accuracy. Furthermore, you should consider the features of the monitor which contribute to the ease of use of the bp monitor like the display size monitor and the reflect button. In addition to making sure that your product is properly, working you can take it to a doctor for it to be checked. It is also important that the patient that uses the blood pressure monitor should know to operate the blood pressure machine properly to be able to achieve good results in controlling the blood pressure, and understanding medical terms that are associated with the health condition can help in the regulation of the blood pressure.




Sit without back support

+ 6 to 10

Support back (sit in chair)

Full bladder

+ 15

Empty bladder before BP taken

Tobacco/caffeine use

+ 6 to 11

Don’t use before clinic appointment

BP taken when arm is: Parallel to body Unsupported Elbow too high Elbow too low

While seated in chair, patient’s arm must be straight out and supported, with elbow at heart level

+ 9 to 13  + 1 to 7 +5  False low

“White coat” reaction

+ 11 to 28

Have someone else take the BP

Talking or hand gestures


No talking or use of hands during BP

Cuff too narrow/small

+ 8 to 10

Cuff too wide/large

False low

Cuff not centered


Cuff over clothing

+ 5 to 50

Right-sized cuff properly placed over bare upper arm


Normal BP

Newborn to 6 weeks *

Systolic 50 - 70

Infant (6 weeks to 6 months) * Toddler ( 1 to 3 years) *

Systolic 70 - 95 Systolic 80 - 100

Young Children ( 3 to 6 years)

Systolic 80 - 110

Older Children (10 to 14 years) Adults

Systolic 90 - 120 Systolic 90 - 120 Diastolic 80 or less

1. 2. 3. 4.

Wash hands & put on gloves, if appropriate Provide privacy Assist patient to a comfortable & relaxed position Back supported, legs uncrossed

5. Unplug & roll machine near the patient 6. Ensure connecter hose will reach 7. Turn on machine to self-test 8. Select proper arm cuff size Small adult cuff Medium adult cuff Large adult cuff Pediatric cuff

8. Expose upper arm completely Do not put cuff over clothing! Machine can’t “hear” the pulse with clothing 9. Upper arm properly supported at  level 10. Squeeze air from cuff & attach connector hose Check for kinks 11. Wrap flat cuff snugly around the upper arm 12. Arrow mark on cuff is at inside of elbow 13. Set machine for adult or pediatric BP 14. Press start button 15. No talking or hand gestures by you or the patient 16. Check digital display for BP when cuff is fully deflated 17. Repeat BPs may be taken if 2 minutes apart 18. Remove cuff and replace clothing

What is bp monitors  

High Blood Pressure meter is a medical condition common across all countries around the world. This condition is one of the major problems n...

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