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Press Kit For all you need to know about Treasure Trunk, a quirky online fashion brand.

‘Let’s make people more fashionable?’ That is how this brand started off. We are Gayatri and Shradha. Friends who adore each other, but adore fashion more. Treasure Trunk, our fashion baby, was born on Friday, 13.04.2011, with a gorgeous sundown party with cocktails, clothing and fabulous women in Pune.

it's a girl!

the first click. The first collection of TT : We were all sold out on the day of the launch.

the statement.

Our clothing is


Simple, ready-to-wear clothing which is relevant in the Indian context. We want you to wear TT. We don’t want you to hoard it in a closet dump.

the statement. Clothes priced in a budget which is true to our market. TT’s most expensive piece till date has been priced at Rs 3500/-, need we add an ‘only’ after it?

Our clothing screams


Our clothing will always be

SINGULAR They say it is more profitable to mass produce. Though it is more fun to be the only one with that beautiful statement bustier. We retail just one of each piece to ensure you truly feel fabulous. P.S: Just sometimes, if you really want something that’s sold outwe twirl the magic wand and make it happen.

the statement.

the SHOOTS All our clothing goes through a super fun shoot with our in-house model + business head: Gayatri and are photographed/styled by creative head: Shradha.

Who doesn’t like a good deal to get better? We have seasonal sales to get you a brilliant bargain at the end of a bad day.


the address

the BUZZ Zero is a new line under TT which offers girls wardrobe essentials, basics topped with a dollop of statement pieces. But there is a catch : Zero doesn’t cross a price of over Rs 1000. Zero launches on 13.01.2013 Save the date girls.

frugal wardrobe essentials

FASHION HELPLINE To know anything more about us: Gayatri S. : +91 9960 891 740 Shradha R. : +91 7738 265 316

Treasure Trunk Press Kit  

All you need to know about your favorite fashion brand - TT.

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