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American Life : From The Eyes Of An Indian Wife Life is different in US from India; yes! I have started getting an idea U say good day, good night n hello, to anyone here whether u know them or no People dress up in the weirdest way, but if u stare at them a big price u may have to pay What size u are, it doesn’t matter; u get all kinds of clothes for petite n fatter U get to see whites n blacks, browns n yellows, on the street u hear their

yells n bellows

Like opposite of East is West, the things here are truly opposite from the REST. To switch on a light u have to push it up, the plugs are not round but flat n sharp Any grocery u buy is weighed in ounces n pound, 1 pound is approx half a kg I got to know now The prices of things have the last digit nine, why rounding out to zero was not fine? No!! A penny less is a penny saved they say, though they do not believe in saving; anyway. The use of napkin is maximum, not the cloth that we think, it’s the paper thing To cover the distance it’s the blocks, yards n miles, car runs faster so it surely gives smiles

‘Keep to the Right’ is the slogan here, whether it’s driving or walking anywhere

But be prepared!!

It can be hot in the morning, cool at noon; with rain in the evening, the weather changes soon

Temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit, you’ve to learn the conversion if u wanna get it right In Indian calendar a week starts with a Monday, in US calender it begins n ends with a holiday. Don’t get confused when they say 9/11, they write the month first n the date second The news channel is quite an entertainment program, there’s music, dance n guests at random

Comfort and facilities are at its best, keeping the needs of people in mind was the test Cops, ambulance n fire brigade come in the scene, in minutes where an accident has been

Self help n being busy is the key to live, coz people don’t have any time to give Family is the thing u miss the most, it’s fun to have all to raise a toast Spouse is the only company to call; he is your family your friend n all.

Composed by Shraddha Shah

American Life: From The Eyes Of An Indian Wife  

American Life: From The Eyes Of An Indian Wife

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