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RETAIL PACKAGING AWARDS: AND THE WINNERS ARE… SHANGHAI, March 8th , 2011 Looking to enhance its presence within the fashion world, Consumeo, specialist in store packaging solutions since 2000, has begun a partnership with The International Fashion Academy (IFA) of Paris. Together they created an award ceremony in celebration of Consumeo’s 10 year anniversary. The Retail Packaging Awards of the Decade acknowledge the best store packaging in terms of design and environmental impact . The awards are open to any retail store that produces in-store packaging. The event was split into three categories, Manual Paper Bags, Reusable Bags, Gift and Jewellery Boxes and the finalists were chosen by the judging panel, IFA.

“The awards go to… ” The voting took place at The IFA Paris School from February 28th to March 7th 2011. The judges consisted of 5 fashion experts from the school, who’s based their decisions on the specific criteria for each category. “We are very pleased by the competition and the international dimension it has taken. We received positive feedback from all the sectors, as the awards were open to all stores. This allowed us to present several different retail packaging to IFA Paris” declared Charles Collot, founder of Consumeo.

The winners chosen by the judging panel are:

Best Design Paper Bags

Best Design Reusable Bags

Best Design Gift & Jewellery Boxes

Best Eco-friendly Paper Bags

Best Eco-friendly Reusable Bags

Special Mention Jury All categories

Visit for more details about the competition.

After the Awards Cynthia Boury, Marketing Manager of Consumeo said she “thoroughly enjoyed organizing the event and hopes that these awards will become an annual event. It is always interesting to hear views from fashion professionals on in-store packaging”.

The Winners The winners will receive a trophy with a certificate signed by IFA Paris. This trophy will symbolize the achievement of their packaging in the last decade.

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FOR MORE INFORMAT ION If you require any further information, please visit IFA Paris webpage or Consumeo’s webpage CONTACTS: Cynthia BOURY,, or Charles COLLOT,, both at +8621 64 318 133