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Issue 5 . July 2011 . Page One

The PRiME Update keeps our physicians posted with the latest happenings in the area of education and research in SHP.

PRiME Time News GDFM Revision Workshop

PRiME Training Update highlights the happenings around SHP

14 doctors attended the recent GDFM Revision Workshop organized by PRiME on 28 May in preparation for them to cope and manage the coming GDFM examinations. 12 of our examiners took on the different stations to test our examinees on the various clinical and non-clinical aspects.

A BIG Thank You! to Dr Adrian Ee, Dr Chow MH, Dr Derek Tse, Dr Goh LH, Dr Hwang SW, Dr Jason Chan, Dr Jonathan Ting, Dr Lim HB, Dr Sally Ho, Dr S Mitesh, Dr Sng WK, Dr Swah TS who took their Saturdays off to help us in the workshop.

Pedagogy Workshop Dr Tay Ee Guan, together with Dr Gilbert Tan and Dr Shah Mitesh, conducted some training for our new FPs on 30 May and 13 June. They learnt many techniques including presentation skills, communication, small group teaching etc.

Jul’11 3rd Clinical Update Symposium (9 Jul 11)

SingHealth Family Medicine Clinician Leadership Programme (18 – 29 Jul 11)

Research Workshop (14 Jul & 2 Aug 11) MSP + Derm Workshop (25 Jun & 30 Jul 11)

SingHealth Family Medicine Clinician Leadership Programme

Medical Student Attachment (4 – 14 Jul 11)


Medical Student Attachment (29 Aug – 9 Sep 11)

International SOS (ISOS) Training

SHP hosted 26 delegates from Fujian province for the SingHealth Family Medicine Clinician Leadership Programme (medical group) that was held on 21 March to 1 April 2011.Read more on One Voice.

16 doctors under the International SOS (ISOS) programme were attached to four polyclinics in March 2011 Bedok, Queenstown, Outram and Tampines. Read more on One Voice.

Diabetic Retinal Photography Workshop Dr Edmund Wong, senior consultant of Singapore National Eye Centre Cataract and Comprehensive Ophthalmology Service conducted a two-day workshop on 26 March and 2 April for SHP doctors on reading diabetic retinal photography (DRP) images. Read more on One Voice. Brought to you by SHP Education & Research

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Issue 5 . July 2011 . Page Two

The PRiME Update keeps our physicians posted with the latest happenings in the area of education and research in SHP.

Clinical Tips

: When do you refer patients with suspected Dengue fever to the hospital ?

The management of patients with Dengue Fever is supportive. Rest , adequate hydration and antipyretics would be the mainstay of treatment. But in severe cases, it can lead to shock and hemorrhage. These patients need to be admitted for inpatient care. The role of the primary care doctors is to identify patients who needs referral to the hospital for admission. According to the Clinical pathway outlined by CGH, the following are indications for admission:

PRiME Training Update highlights the happenings around SHP

1. Platelet level of <60,000 2. Hematocrit > 50% or 20% more than baseline 3. Relative hypotension of 20 mmHg from baseline 4. Patients with severe abdominal pain 5. Severe vomiting or diarrhea requiring intravenous replacement 6. Significant bleeding such as epistaxis, bleeding GIT 7. Elderly patients with co morbidities and looks unwell So, asking relevant history , an assessment of hydration and hemodynamic status, and a look at the platelet levels and hematocrit would identify high risk patients that require admission for further management.

CME Report Target: SHP targets clinics conduct 2 clinic CMEs per month Target of 2 CME in a month

PRiME Reports

3 Monthly Clinics CME (Feb - Apr 11)

6 Bedok


Bukit Merah 4

Geylang Marine Parade


Outram Pasir Ris




Sengkang Tampines

0 Feb-11


During the mid of the posting, trainers will go through with the MOs how they are coping in each area, which allow early deviation and improvement to be done.

Clinics CME per posting (Feb - Jul 11)

Those areas which see the highest jump in competency level include:


33 30 27 24 21 18 15 12 9 6 3 0

20 MOs completed the Training Checklist during the beginning and end of the posting. Amongst all Learning Objectives, there were all positive improvement in their learning gaps. Major key areas like DM, Hypertension, Lipids, CVD, Asthma etc.


Accumulated Clinic CMEs over 6 months (For posting period from February 11 to July 11) Target of 12 CME in 6 months

MO Training Checklist 2011

28 24



Ta m pi ne s

is ue en st ow n Se ng ka ng

• Child Health (Average of 25.1% increase) • Women’s Health (Average of 23.2% increase) • Asthma (Average of 16.5% increase) • Dermatology (Average of 15.1% increase) • Cardivascular Disease (Average of 14.3% increase)



Pa si rR

ut r O

Pa ra de

ey la ng

ar in e






uk it


ed ok

M er ah



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Issue 5 . July 2011. Page Three

The PRiME Update keeps our physicians posted with the latest happenings in the area of education and research in SHP.

PRiME Research Highlights Comments from 1st author, Dr Tan Teck Shi The research on communication with hearing patients opened my eyes and helped me better manage this group of patients. I never realised we can do much more than just shouting to them. Hope tips given can be passed on to other doctors as well.

Good communication with the hearing-impaired SCREEN: Do you have a hearing problem? ASK: Are you able to hear me now? MAINTAIN face to face contact. LIGHTING should be bright. NOISE in consultation room kept to minimum. SPEAK LOUDER at a normal conversation rate and tone but do NOT SHOUT. DISTANCE between patient and doctor close. CHECK UNDERSTANDING. AVOID prolonged conversations.

Abstract Highlight

Effective Communication With Hearing Impaired Patients : An Approach For Family Physicians Dr Tan Teck Shi, Ms Esther Lim Ching Yee, A/P Low Wong Kein, Dr Tan Ngiap Chuan Abstract With a rapidly ageing population, family physicians will encounter more patients with disabilities, including those with hearing impairment. Effective communication with these patients, especially those with chronic conditions is becoming increasingly important. A case study is included to illustrate the difficulties faced by the hearing impaired patient in the community and consequent poor control of his chronic medical conditions. The discussion includes: the main causes of hearing impairment locally, recognizing a patient with presbycusis, hearing aids and assistive devices, communication methods, enhancing effectiveness of communication, and finally community resources available. SFP2011; 37(1): 61-66

New Publications S/ N


Name of Journal

Year of Publica tion

Volu me Num ber

Page Num ber




Aetiology of Communityacquired Urinary Tract Infections and the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of the Uropathogens Isolated

Singapore Medical Journal




Dr Juliana Bahadin

SSH Teo, S Matthew

New Research Projects S/N



A study of the prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in a primary care setting in Singapore


Evaluating Vitamin B12 deficiency in Diabetic Patients of the Family Physician Clinic (FPC) of Marine Parade Polyclinic

PI Dr Tay Wei Yi Dr Goh Soo Chye Paul

Dr Andrew Wee


Start Date Jul -11



Family Medicine Residency Program Faculty and residents gathered at Dr Gilbert Tan’s house for an afternoon of program orientation and getting to know one another on 18 June 2011. The program started this month. Our ten Year 1 residents, who are currently doing hospital postings in SGH and CGH, will return to Outram and SengKang Polyclinics one afternoon a week for continuity clinics in a section of the clinic designated “Academic Family Medicine Centre”.


SingHealth Family Medicine Residency welcomes its pioneer batch of residents: Academic Family Medicine Center at

Residents Lau Ye Xiang Jason Poon Zhimin Lee Fang Chin

SingHealth PolyclinicsOutram

Loo Hsueh Han Wong Wei Teen Chew Chun Yang Liu Changwei Ngoh Hui Lee Sharon

SingHealth PolyclinicsSengKang

Loo Yu Xian Tan Seng Soon Dennis

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The PRiME Update - July 2011  
The PRiME Update - July 2011  

The PRiME Update - July 2011