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A Monthly Staff Newsletter :: January 2014 Issue

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Leadership appointments in SHP


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tarting from 1 January 2014, Dr Adrian Ee, has been appointed as CEO for SHP. Dr Tay Ee Guan will assume the appointment of Deputy CEO and Director, Clinical & Corporate Services from Dr Ee. Dr Ruth Lim will assume the appointment of Acting Director of Education. Verti cal version

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...I believe good things come in threes; Firstly, Focus Putting in our best to serve patients with all our hearts. Secondly, Teamwork - Many hands make light work. It is more meaningful when we work together as one. Thirdly and the most important of all, Our People. All the hardware, equipment and space means little without the warm hands, compassionate touch and hard work of all of you...

...We have good staff and great teamwork. These give me the confidence that SHP will continue to scale higher peaks in our pursuit of excellence. I hope to create a conducive and supportive environment for our staff where they feel that their work is fulfilling.

Dr Tay Ee Guan Deputy CEO, Director, Clinical & Corporate Services

Pantone PMS 166C

Dr Adrian Ee CEO, SHP

...I feel honoured to be given this new appointment and I hope that we will be able to reach out to more people through educating the community on relevant health-related topics. It is also important that we continue to bring the standards of Family Medicine training higher, as well as groom professional and compassionate healthcare staff. Dr Ruth Lim Acting Director, Education

Let us wish Dr Ee, Dr Tay and Dr Lim all the best in their new appointments! Read the full GCEO memo via SHP Intranet > News Flash.


Focus Point


Focus Point

All under one roof Now we have our vision, mission, common purpose, quality priorities and core values all under one roof! New screensavers have been launched and staffcard inserts have been issued on 2 January 2014 to remind staff what is important at the heart of SHP!

Coffee Talk is now on Vimeo! You can now watch Coffee Talk on your way to work or at the comfort of your own home! Catch all 5 episodes of Coffee Talk on Password for Coffee Talk: singhealthpolyclinics

Have you watched it yet? Catch the latest episode of Coffee Talk with CEO, Dr Adrian Ee as he talks about the achievements of SHP in the past 3 months. 3

Human DNA

It’s the passion that keeps you in line Ever wonder how one can stay in the same industry for a long time? Ms Lee Yoke Yin, Advisor for Nursing Management, shares with Eric Lim what kept her going as a nurse for 45 years before she finally decided to retire. What is the motivation behind your career as a nurse for 45 years? It is the satisfaction of seeing patients recover and how our healthcare services grow and innovate. How do you feel about your upcoming retirement? I do miss the rush and excitement at work. The people around me are always quick thinking and decisive. However as we age, our health is not as prime as what we want it to be. I think it’s time to take care of my health, and enjoy the mirth and laughter of the little ones at home. What will you miss most? I will miss the people I work with these years. No words can describe the happiness of working together. Share with us your most memorable experience at work.

What would you like to say to our young and aspiring nurses?

Back in the 1990s when I was a Nursing Officer, I was instructed to lead a team of nurses at Changi Airport to screen in-coming flights from India. There were news on a probable plague infection.

To our future nurses, you are fast learners and you can be our next generation of innovators in healthcare. Keep on innovating, researching, and generating new ideas, designs and ways in the delivery of patient care.

When we reached the airport, we started the screening immediately for the incoming flights. It was a great challenge that required quality decisions. I gained experience of overseeing the manpower deployment that came useful during the SARS period in 2003.


Ms Lee officially retired from SHP on 31 December 2013. Let us wish her all the best in her endeavours!

Human DNA

Employee engagement corner A series of initiatives were rolled out in 2013 to improve and enhance the three areas – Organisational Image, Innovation and Management Communication. These three areas were identified as the main gaps in the Employee Engagement Survey.

Organisational Image: To demonstrate the good

work that we are doing and boost the confidence in our patients and staff. •

Compliments from patients were put up on the walls in the clinics to showcase and display the good work of our staff.

Patient focus groups were conducted at all nine clinics to engage our patients and community so to better understand their needs.

Wall of Compliments SHP-Bedok

Innovation: To do things differently to improve and provide better and safer care for our patients and staff.

Innovation grant is introduced to encourage improvement of work processes and patient care.

Ideas board created by each clinic allows staff to post ideas and suggestions.

Ideas and suggestions submitted by staff are saved in the Ideas Registry in the Intranet for implementation or future consideration.

Ideas Board SHP-Queenstown

Management Communication:

To promote an understanding and cohesive environment in the workplace. • Staff engagement activities such as Coffee Talk and email channel “” were launched to reach out to staff on a regular basis. •

New modes of communication such as simulcast technology and Hmail web conference were tested to reach out to staff effectively.

• Organisational Image, Innovation and Management Communication are included as compulsory agenda items in all corporate meetings.


Foot Prints

Good practices at the clinic Clean and tidy M & E Room

Starting from February 2014, SHP JCI survey team will resume tracer activities at the nine polyclinics. This will pave the way towards the JCI recertification survey happening in the second half of the year. In the recent mock survey, our staff have demonstrated good efforts such as rigorous hand hygiene, correct patient identification process and 3Rs (Record, Read back and Receive confirmation) practice. These efforts affirmed our commitment in delivering better and safer care to our patients, helping SHP to be a better organisation – one that our patients can trust. For any suggestions or enquiries pertaining to JCI, please email to We want to hear from you.

Organised Cleaner’s Room

Learning Hub

Informed Consent Process: Why do we need it? In any research project that involves human subjects, an informed consent process is crucial to ensure that specific information are provided to potential participants of the study and the individuals voluntarily consent to participate in the project. Ms Anushia Panchalingham, Senior Clinical Research Associate, SingHealth Research Quality Assurance shared about the common problems in consent documentation during a lunch time talk on 13 December 2013 at Duke-NUS Amphitheatre. Here are some of the important points to note: •

Use only the latest version of Informed Consent Form (ICF) as approved by SingHealth Centralised Institutional Review Board (CIRB).

Principal Investigators, delegated study team members and study participants must sign and date the ICF.

Give study participants an original set of the signed ICF.

Documentation of the Informed Consent Process must be done in the participant’s medical notes and on the same day of consent.

You may refer to the Singapore Guidelines to Good Clinical Practice (SG-GCP) for more details on the Informed Consent Process and Documentation via this link:


Message Board


Work Life time! Catch a movie with your loved one! 15 staff will win a pair of movie tickets Application deadline: 28 January 2014 Visit period: 1 February to 28 February 2014 Tickets will be allocated through a ballot. Results will be announced on 29 January 2014. All winners will be eligible to claim for one pair of adult tickets up to $11.00 each (excluding booking fee). Download the form from SHP Intranet > One Voice, and submit to Chu Ting from Human Resource department.

A mini get-together To celebrate the new year, the doctors of SHP-Pasir Ris “travelled to Philippines” for dinner with Dr Honeylette as their “tour guide”. Dr Honeylette, whom is from Philippines, introduced the team to delicious Filipino cuisine at Gerry’s Grill at Cuppage Road. She also shared about the Filipino culture and taught the team some Filipino phrases. It was a good night of bonding for the team to get to know one another better!

E d i t o r ’s N o t e Hello there! It is the start of a new year and a great time to reflect on your highlights in 2013. What were your proudest moments? What can you do better this year? 2014 will be a refreshing year for everyone in SHP. There will also be new activities for One Voice this year but before that, I would like to thank you for your continual support in the publication. From January 2014, we are increasing the print circulation to 5 copies per clinic! To start the new year, I would like to share my new year resolution with you, it is to always have something new for you to look forward to in One Voice. So, what’s yours? With love Eric Lim Editor, One Voice


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