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A Monthly Staff Newsletter :: August 2013 Issue

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Run straight into surprises SHP bagged prizes in various categories during SingHealth Walk-a-Jog 2013


t the recent SingHealth Walk-a-Jog 2013 on 27 July 2013 held at Labrador Park , SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) surprised the crowd with the highest number of prizes in various categories. Despite the wet weather, more than 30 participants from SHP and their family members attended the running event and took home a total of nine prizes Participants, who took part in the longer route, had a breath-taking view round the Marina Keppel Island, while the others enjoyed bonding with one another. The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Prof Ivy Ng, GCEO for SingHealth Group.

Name 3km Challenge Chen Xiaorong Jay Lee Yan Jie Dr How Choon How Dr Tan Ngiap Chuan Dr Gilbert Tan Chen Chee Meng 4.2km Challenge David Seah 7.5km Challenge Goh Lee Huang Eric Lim Wei


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Position Timing

Women B division Men A division Men B division Men B division Men B division Family

1 3 2 4 6 4

14min 52s 13min 10s 13min 49s 25min 6s 26min 51s 15min 59s

Men B division


37min 5s

Women A division Men A division

6 4

52min 5s 40min 13s

Pantone PMS 166C


Focus Point

Crouching tiger, hidden talents Aren’t we all surprised that SHP has got hidden talents? In the recent Nurses Day 2013 celebration on 3 August 2013, SHP Worklife committee organised a talent competition at The Concorde Hotel. Let us recap on the event and congratulate our top three winners. Well done! Top three prizes First

Second Third



SHP-Marine Parade SHP-Sengkang SHP-Pasir Ris

As part of the Nurses Day celebration in Outram campus, SingHealth Group Senior Management visited SHP-Outram on 1 August 2013 and showed their appreciation to the nurses. Nurses – truly the pride of SingHealth.


Human DNA

Break that habit Quitting smoking is tough as you need to overcome the psychological barrier. In this issue, A/Prof Kathryn Pollak shares with us how to do it. A/Prof Kathryn Pollak is a social psychologist and Associate Professor at Duke University in the Department of Community and Family Medicine. She develops interventions to address smoking cessation for the past 15 years and conducts research on patientdoctor communication for the past nine years. In early August 2013, SHP invited her to share her knowledge of facts about smoking and the difficulty of quitting with our clinicians. What was your driving factor to take up Asian Studies in college? Well, I dated an Indonesian during college and most of my friends were foreign exchange students who came from different parts of Asia, hence I was fascinated by Asian culture and history. My interest in Asian culture has brought me a nickname - “Inverse Banana” - white on the outside but yellow on the inside. What was it that intrigued you to study about smoking cessation? Thanks to the Indonesian boyfriend, I picked up smoking during my college days. But I managed to quit smoking in graduate school when I was figuring out what to do for my career. And that pushed me to study about smoking cessation as breaking the habit was really tough for me during that period. 4

Do men and women behave differently when they quit smoking? From my studies in United States, men do better with nicotine patch when quitting smoking as their smoking habit is more often due the nicotine addiction. On the other hand, smoking in women is related to sensory factors. To quit smoking, women have to find a substitute or distraction to replace the smoking motion such as chewing on carrot sticks. How long does it take a person to quit smoking? Most people take about four to six quit attempts before they can quit smoking successfully. It may be really hard initially for one to quit. But after each try, one will get stronger and more determined as he/ she learns from the previous experience and takes that to his/her next quit attempt.

A/Prof Kathryn’s three tips to break the habit 1

Set a quit date When you are ready, set a date and stick to it. Ensure that you have enough time to prepare yourself for the attempt.


Tell your friends and family These people will make you accountable if you take your next puff. But, they act as your support as well.


Be kind to yourself on the quit date The first two days are tough. You will feel grouchy and emotional. So, pick a date that is less stressful.

Human DNA

Giving us the best years National Day on 9 August was not only a day we celebrated our Nation’s 48th birthday, it was a rejoicing day for 14 SHP staff as they were presented the Long Service Medal at the National Day Award 2013. Congratulations and thank you for the commitment in giving your best years to SHP.

Name (in alphabetical order) Aisah Binte Md Ani Chia Puay Hua Ho Mun Yeow Ismail B Baki Koh Poh Geok Koh Siok Yong Lim Geok Kim Mohamad Bin Kamis Ng Li Ka Ou Lee Hua Rohani Bte Abdul Ghani Rozana Binte Ahmat Tan Soh Cheng Yatim Bin Hassan

Clinic/Department SHP-Bedok Corporate Communications Support Services SHP-Bedok SHP-Sengkang SHP-Queenstown SHP-Tampines SHP-Queenstown SHP-Geylang SHP-Pasir Ris Nursing Administration SHP-Queenstown SHP-Geylang SHP-Outram

Staff benefits upsized In January 2013, SingHealth signed a Collective Agreement with the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU), offering benefit enhancements covering employee recognition and staff welfare for all staff across the SingHealth institutions. Below is a recap of the enhanced staff benefits: Previously Medical benefits - Outpatient Claim $25 per visit after co-payment - Specialist Outpatient $550 per calendar year - Hospitalisation Fees Ward A: $10,000 Ward B1: $7,000 Ward B2: $4,000 Family Care Leave Extend coverage for Family Care Leave Long Service Award Years of Service 10 20 30 40 50 (New)

From 1 January 2013 $30 per visit after co-payment* $600 per calendar year* Ward A: $12,000 Ward B1: $8,500 Ward B2: $5,000

Covers unwell parent or parent-in-law or Covers unwell spouse, parent or parent-insick child, including stepchild and adopted law or sick child, including stepchild and child, below 12 years of age adopted child, below 18 years of age

$100 $300 $500 $800 -

$200 $500 $800 $1,200 $1,600

* Applicable only to staff covered under SingHealth and SingHealth Medical Co-payment Scheme 5

Foot Prints

Know the importance of patient safety The SHP’s Introduction to Quality and Safety course held on 27 July 2013 at SHP-Head Office, Tower 3 saw a total of 46 staff. This course, organised by Quality Management Department, is a compulsory training programme for SHP staff. It provides basic knowledge of quality in SHP context, including an introduction of the improvement framework - PDSA cycle, an overview of SHP Quality and Safety Plan and the importance of patient safety at work. The next upcoming course is scheduled in September 2013.

Quick Blurb Remember the JCI quiz in last issue? Results are out! Check out the winners and the answers in SHP Intranet > Corporate > JCI Corner > JCI Quiz Time now!

Meet the people SHP-Outram organised a Patient Focus Group on 27 July 2013 as part of their continual effort to improve patient care and clinic processes. Chaired by Dr Sng Wei Kwan, Director, SHP-Outram, the discussion covered a wide range of topics from patient service flow to technology in healthcare. The participants provided valuable feedback and suggestions on how the clinic can improve such as waiting time concerns at the pharmacy and laboratory, and access difficulties to the clinic for inquiries. The participants provided valuable feedback and suggestions on how the clinic can improve its processes on topics such as waiting time and patient enquiries.

Learning Hub

Share our research experience to the World Dr Tan Ngiap Chuan, Director, Research Operations was invited for a presentation at the 20th World Conference on the topic “Research Consultation Clinic: Impetus Towards Facilitating Primary Care Research”. The Conference held at at Prague, Czech Republic, from 25 to 29 June 2013 was organised by World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/ Family Physicians (WONCA). At the presentation, Dr Tan shared about the research activities in SHP and the evaluative outcomes of the Research Consultation Clinic (RCC) sessions. Founded in 1972, WONCA advocates for its constituent members at an international level. They also organise conferences on a yearly basis where Family Physicians come together and share their experiences. 6

Message Board

at SHP-Sengkang

at SHP-Bukit Merah

I hate injections but my recent visit to Sengkang Polyclinic was excellent.

Senior Staff Nurse Tan Chwee Yan and Staff Nurse Anbukkarasi D/O Sakadevan Naidu displayed professional knowledge and skills during the weaning demonstration.

Senior Staff Nurse Teng Siow Hong made me feel at ease and the process was almost pain-free. Staff Nurse Sharon Priya was also attentive, friendly and helpful. Thank you. by Mr Zhang Hong Chuan via feedback form on 18 July 2013

The pamphlets and slides are useful. I learnt a lot during the short demonstration. by Ms Noorlisa via feedback form on 27 July 2013

at SHP-Geylang

at SHP-Marine Parade

My blood test and the doctor consultation, seeing the doctor was fast and smooth.

Ms Michelle Low was very helpful and efficient when I called Marine Parade Polyclinic to change my hospital referral appointment.

Dr Shah Mitesh was very friendly and helpful in answering my enquiries. Thank you Geylang Polyclinic for making my visit an enjoyable one. by Ms Pelmawathi via feedback form on 17 July 2013

Keep up the good work! by Ms Daphne via feedback form

at SHP-Bedok

at SHP-Tampines

Patient Care Associate Amy Loh was helpful and kind.

Congratulations to all staff of Tampines Polyclinic. I am proud of the refurbished polyclinic.

Though the clinic was closing, she helped me to make my next appointment with my doctor. Thank you for going that extra mile. by Mr Tan Tau Jong via feedback form on 29 June 2013

It is definitely a more comfortable place for patients now. by Ms Nurisniah Naimi via feedback form on 16 July 2013

at SHP-Queenstown I always have good memories from Queenstown Polyclinic. Even though I am staying in Sembawang now, I still visit this polyclinic for my medication. During my last visit, Nurse Manager Carol Wong Yoke Kwai helped with my medication explanation. She was helpful and cheerful. by Mr Cheah Tong Heng via feedback form on 4 July 2013


Shutter Bugs To the celebrate Singapore’s 48th birthday, let us share the memories around this lovely island that you call home. It can be an old playground, your favourite wet market or even a memorable bench that you used to hang out with your khakis.

Theme - Remembering Singapore! The three best photographs will win a $20 Takashimaya voucher! Email your photograph to by 31 August 2013 and include the following: • • • • •

Your name Designation Clinic Contact number / Email A short description of your photo in about 20 words (e.g. “This is the playground whereI met her”)

Please note: • • • • •

Only SHP staff is eligible to participate in the contest. Each staff can only submit one entry. To ensure clarity during printing, your photograph should be at least 1MB but no larger than 4MB. Photograph must be original and no editing is allowed. Refer to the rules and regulations on SHP Intranet > Events

Work Life time! Have a date with Jia Jia and Kai Kai this September! They are the famous pandas at our new River Safari at Mandai. 15 staff will win a pair of tickets to the River Safari. Application deadline: 28 August 2013 Visit period: 1 to 30 September 2013 Download the form from SHP Intranet > One Voice, and submit to Chu Ting from Human Resource department.

E d i t o r ’s N o t e I am really glad that there are staff who look forward to the quarterly Shutterbugs contest. So, let us try something different. Let us capture our memories to the places where we call our home. Save your memories and preserve them. With love Eric Lim Editor, One Voice 8

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