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A Monthly Staff Newsletter :: April 2013 Issue

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Role model in primary healthcare Health Minister of Seychelles visits SHP-Bukit Merah


n 18 March 2013, Health Minister of the Republic of Seychelles, Mrs Mitzy Larue, accompanied by Mrs Peggy Vidot, Special Advisor, visited SHP-Bukit Merah. At the visit, Dr Adrian Ee, Deputy CEO for SHP and Dr Hwang Siew Wai, Clinic Director for SHP-Bukit Merah, shared about the roles and services of SHP and the implementations to bring about better patient care and experience.

Where is Republic of Seychelles? Verti cal version

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Pronounce as “Say Shells”. An archipelago of 115 islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean in Africa. They are the smallest population of any sovereign state of Africa. Source:

Pantone PMS 166C

Teamwork - the key to success Annual SHP team building 2013


ainting like Picasso and building a domino link across tables and hand-made bridges were some of the team building activities set to bring everyone united and foster closer ties. The team building organised by Clinical Services, was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel on 22 March 2013. “It is important for us to create teamwork by building on relationships and trust.“, said Mr Lucas Goh, Senior Manager for Clinic Operations. View more photographs in SHP Intranet > Events. 1

Focus Point

A day out in sweat and laughter Cheers, sweat and laughter. That sums up this year’s SHP Worklife Harmony Day 2013. Held at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Grand Lawn II, on 23 March 2013, the event saw a strong crowd of about 840 staff and family members. Stay tune for more SHP Worklife events. Up next, movie screening in June 2013.

CASH RICH: SHP-Pasir Ris bagged the first pos $300 for their clinic fund.


sition in tele-match, winning


Human DNA

It is food that bonds people In this first staff feature, Ruhaiyah from SHP-Bukit Merah shares with Eric Lim that it takes more than just ingredient to be a good cook. How many years have you been with SingHealth Polyclinics? I have been with SingHealth Polyclinics for five years. My duties include registering patients for consultation, handling IVR calls and manning the HMS. I was tip-off that you are quite a cook. What are some of your favourite dishes? Cooking is indeed one of my forte. I can whip up the all-time favourites such as ayam masak merah, begadil, mee goreng and fried chicken. So, what is begadil? It is actually fried mashed potatoes. Simple as it may sound, but if you do not know the tricks of preparing it, the begadil will end up brittle. This dish goes very well with our usual long tong, mee soto or even just rice. Has this cooking skill of yours bring new bonds with the others? Everyone loves eating and food bonds people. I like to cook and share food with everyone. On festive occasions or during my promotion, I will cook and share with my colleagues. In fact, I had prepared and sold mee goreng and fried chicken to our staff during a donation drive. From whom did you inherit this cooking talent? My late mum was a good cook and I inherited my cooking skills from her. 4

Ruhaiyah’s Secret Begadil Recipe You need • • • • • • •

650g potatoes 50g shallots, sliced, fried 2 spring onions 1 coriander leaves (optional) 1 tablespoon salt (or more) Dashes of pepper 1 beaten egg in a bowl

Method 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

Fry sliced shallots till golden brown and set them aside. Slice potatoes into thick slices and deep fry them. Cut spring onions and coriander leaves. Mash the fried potatoes but leave some chunks. Mix fried shallots, spring onions and coriander leaves into the mashed potatoes. Scoop the mashed potatoes in small portions onto your palm. Roll it into a ball, compact it and press into patty. Repeat until mashed potatoes finish. Heat up enough oil and set to medium heat for deep frying. Dip the patty into beaten eggs and fry them till golden brown. Drain the excess oil before serving.

Human DNA

Know our core values SHP’s seven core values form the foundation on how we do our work and conduct ourselves in the organisation. OUR CORE VALUES AND WORK From January 2013, SHP has incorporated the seven core values in our performance management process. Each core value comes with a set of behaviours that forms part of performance review. In the upcoming performance review, supervisors will coach and support their staff on how to demonstrate the core values to

achieve better performance. CORE VALUES ARE NOT SPREE? SPREE is a quality framework developed by SingHealth to strengthen the quality culture across its institutions including SHP. The five quality priorities: safe, professionalism, respect, efficiency and experience are our guiding principles as we strive to deliver better and safer patient care. In the next few issues of One Voice, we will focus on each core value and the set of behaviours that goes with the core values.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: No constructive change can take place in performance if the staff’s self-esteem is undermined.

Our Core Values

C ompassion I ntegrity R espect O penness C ommitment C ollegiality P rofessionalism


Your new partner in HR Let’s welcome Ms Norahs Tay, Human Resource Executive who has recently joined our Human Resource department on 8 April 2013. She will be the Human Resource partner for the administration and ancillary staff in managing their human resource matters. Prior to this, Ms Norahs has worked in Mount Alvernia Hospital for five years. Her favourite past time includes playing the guitar and listening to music. R&B and electro-pop are some of her favourite genres.


Foot Prints

Safety starts with you Patient safety is of paramount importance in our work. To create staff awareness on the importance of patient safety, SHP Quality Management department organized a training session – Introduction to Quality and Safety Course on 6 April 2013. Some topics included were basic knowledge on quality, importance of patient safety, framework for improvement and overview of SHP Quality and Safety Plan. There will be more sessions in July and September 2013 for those who have not attended.

In the recent tracer, the SHP JCI internal audit team surveyed the nine polyclinics’ facilities and infrastructure to ensure that the environment is safe for our staff and patients. The survey was conducted by from 28 February to 21 March 2013. You can view the tracer findings and recommendations in SHP Intranet > Corporate > JCI Corner.

NOT QUITE SAFE: Expired service label for fire safety equipment and over-flowing biohazard bin spells danger for both patients and staff.

Learning Hub

Your height matters Ever wondered if our height is related to our mental well being and quality of life? The answer is yes. A recent joint-study taken part by various healthcare institutions, including SHP, has shown that the predicted probability of having the best level of Mental Health was 11.2% lower in Chinese people who are short as compared to those who are tall. It was found that taller people are higher educated and live in better housing. A large number of them are married as well. The researchers hypothesised that growth in early life have an impact on human hormonal interaction in adulthood, which may in turn have an impact on mental health. Researchers also added that people who are shorter may be discriminated, leading to differences in socio-economic status and affect quality of life and mental well-being. Visit SHP Intranet > Education & Research > Research Web for a copy of the published paper. Source: Shin Min Daily, 16 March 2013


Message Board

at SHP-Geylang

at SHP-Bedok

I would like to thank Mr Ralph Teo for being helpful and responsive to my feedback.

Thank you Ms Hafizah, Patient Service Associate of Bedok Polyclinic, for listening to what patients want and attending to their needs. It is great to see such good service.

He exhibited great passion in his work and is a good role model. Sent by Mr William via email on 27 February 2013

Sent by Mr Steven Mak via email on 25 March 2013

at SHP-Pasir Ris

at SHP-Marine Parade

I would like to commend Senior Clinic Pharmacy Manager, Mr Soon Boon Tan and the staff in the referral room for their care and concern for my toddler, who was having eczema.

I had an asthma attack and visited Marine Parade Polyclinic before the opertaing hours.

I appreciate the care that SingHealth Polyclinics has provided.

I had shortness of breath and you staff spotted my condition. I received immediate care to ease my condition. Both Staff Burse Zarina Binte Yussoff and Staff Nurse Irmawati Bte Ardzli have saved my life.

Sent by Ms Lau Ying Ying via email on 19 March 2013

Sent by Ms Suguna D/O A S Sundram via email on 24 February 2013

at SHP-Queenstown

at SHP-Pasir Ris

I would like to thank Dr Natalie Lee, Dr Boey Hong Khim and the staff who attended to my father.

With the attention and concern by the doctors and nurses at Pasir Ris Polyclinic, my mother’s diabetes has shown great improvement.

Dr Natalie Lee was clear in her explanation and Dr Boey from radiology showed great patience in setting up the X-ray room as my father has mobility problem. Sent by Mr Chan Kah Fatt via email on 12 March 2013

Enrolled Staff Nurse Nurain Binte Omar has always make our visits pleasant. My mother now looks forward to her appointment because waiting time is shorter and there are nurses like Enrolled Nurse Nurain who will be there to assist in every way. Sent by Ms Soffi via email on 4 April 2013

at SHP-Outram

at SHP-Sengkang

I was at Outram Polyclinic for my normal medical check-up with Dr Ng Hsueh Mei and was touched by her care and concern. She was patient and detailed in explaining my medication.

I would like to commend Dr Kenneth Tan of Sengkang Polyclinic of his professionalism.

I would like to also thank Senior Enrolled Nurse Sapaatoon and Senior Enrolled Nurse Jeannie Chong who performed the DRP and DFS. They were courteous and professional.

He assured me of my daughter’s condition and took time to explain the condition in details. Sent by Ms Hasnah Bakar via email on 22 March 2013

Sent by Mr Teo Sang Huat via email on 22 February 2013


Work Life

All in the love for fun The Junior Doctor’s Committee (JDC) organised their annual gathering at SHP-Bukit Merah on 30 March 2013. Besides a sumptuous North Indian vegetarian dinner, there was a series of fun activities such as a movie screening, games and a surprise lucky draw. The JDC is part of the SingHealth cluster initiative to support junior doctors in their work. Such gathering events provide a platform for the junior and senior doctors from different clinics to bond and share their experience with one another.

Be out ‘n’ discover Starting from this issue, Human Resource Department’s monthly staff worklife lucky draw, Be Out ‘N’ Discover (B.O.N.D), will be announced through One Voice. For May 2013 draw, 15 staff will win a pair of tickets to Jurong Bird Park and enjoy a day of soothing chirps by the song birds!

Application period: 23 to 29 April 2013 Visit period: 1 to 31 May 2013

Find and photocopy the application form attached with this issue or download the form from SHP Intranet > One Voice, and submit to Human Resource Department (Attention: Chu Ting).

E d i t o r ’s N o t e Change is the only constant, that’s why starting from this month, One Voice is upsizing to eight pages! The new One Voice aims to: key updates revolving SHP * encapsulate staff through various events * engage entertains everyone! * Through the recent readership survey, we have received many feedback

and suggestions that will certainly help with the change. You will see some of these in the issues to come. New content. More updates. A meatier One Voice. With love Eric Lim Editor, One Voice


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