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Published by Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church

April 2010

Issue 4

A Healthy Heart


e're now four months into our study of The Story. To quickly recap, we've been introduced to the chosen family of Abraham, witnessed their deliverance from Egypt, watched them march into the Promised Land and wondered at their repeated whining for an earthly king.


ltimately, God grants their wish and they enter the era of kings. We've seen the fall of the first king, Saul, and the subsequent search for his replacement. Samuel is led by God to anoint one of Jesse's sons in Bethlehem to the position. During the parade of these sons in 1 Samuel 16 comes one of my favorite quotes in the Old Testament. It is here that God says to Samuel: "…the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart."


pparently it was Jesse's eighth son, David, whose heart was pleasing to God, for it was this youngest shepherd son whom God selected and Samuel anointed. Soon thereafter, God promised David to build a "house" for him, establishing a royal dynasty and everlasting kingdom. Things went extremely well for a while, but then…


avid experienced the domino effect of bad decisions when he stumbled one spring and sought out Bathsheba, a married woman. Her unexpected pregnancy led to a se-

groups" covered. Just ries of lies and deceptions, all of which culminated in death. And we think of it as SHPC's preventative care plan! soon see that even a person with a good heart can lose sight of keeping ere's to a healthy God at the center of their life. heart— n remorseful response to his actions, David wrote a song that has another of my favorite lines (Psalm 51:10): "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right Worship 2 spirit within me." Another translaServe: Mission 2 tion says: "Create for me a pure Grow: Student 3-10 heart! Transform me and give me Grow: Children 11-13 integrity!" Grow: Adult 3, 15-17



Serve: Endowment 14 avid ultimately realized that Connect & Calendar one's heart is the seat of their 10, 18-19 moral character and motives. And without God at the center, we are SHPC Staff Guide missing out on living the fullest posLarry Coulter Senior Pastor sible life God intends for us. Mike Killeen Associate Pastor



o, the question is… how do we ensure a healthy God-centered heart?


e worship, grow, connect, serve and invite—these provide the nutrients and balanced diet we need to fight against "heart disease." So, check out the pages inside for a full menu of ways to supplement your weekly worship experience. We've got a variety of classes, groups, studies, camps and training opportunities to help you grow; gatherings and get-togethers to help you connect; and a handful of summer mission trips to facilitate your ability to serve others. Invite someone to join you for any of these and you'll have all 5 "food

Britta Dukes Associate Pastor Sherry Smith Adult Ministry Kim Arthur Nursery Ministry Zack Uzzle Music Ministry Beth Watson Music Ministry Pattie Lawrence Director of Preschool Belva Koerth Office Manager Kimbol Soques Communications

Sermons for April April 4 Easter Celebration A Long Time Coming 2 Samuel 7 April 11 Youth Sunday The King Who Had It All 1 Kings 1-8; Proverbs 1-3 April 18 Two Kingdoms 1 Kings 12-16 April 25 Elijah 1 Kings 18

Maundy Thursday April 1st, 7:30 pm We will celebrate communion together as we remember the events of the last night of Jesus' life.

Join us this Easter Season for the celebration of Christ's Res- Easter Sunday urrection. th

We celebrate Christ's resurrection with music and song.

We look forward to seeing you there!

April 4 , 8:45, 10:10 and 11:30 am best-looking rotting house I could give. We were there to give back the respect a nice-looking house brings into your life, and to let the people down there make their own choices about if they wanted to stay or not.

One of SHPC’s traveling groups was in Galveston from March 15-18, helping with repair needs remaining since Hurricane Ike. They’ve returned, and have stories to tell... this is Lindsey Womack’s.


n the end, it is not about how many homes you rebuild or paint, it is about the relationship with God that is created through service in His name. He called us down there to paint a woman's house so that when she looked at her home she would see something beautiful standing there because God put it there through our hands. I realized that I cannot see the grand plan God has for everything I do—I just have to trust that He will lead me to places so that where I work it will be in His name. For we are his masterpieces, made in Christ Jesus to do good works that God prepared before us. Ephesians 2:10


ur project? To prime and paint and do detail painting on the outside of the home of an older woman named Ms. Sapp. We were excited to be serving, but I kept wondering if we were doing the right thing for the community. Mike posed this question to us all week: if you lived in Galveston and your home was destroyed by the hurricane, would you stay? My truthful answer? "No."


did not understand why people lived—and kept living—in an area that’s a hurricane playground. Some people had money to rebuild, or maybe their home had survived, but most had huge amounts of property damage, property where most of their money was tied up. I walked the neighborhood with Mike, and the devastation, even after two years, was huge! Yet people were rebuilding. I got more and more frustrated with the work we were doing. No matter how much paint we lathered on Ms. Sapp's home, the longest the rotting wood would hold up was ten years. Why had God called us here to just prolong the destruction of her home?

The Story Reading List: April The following is a reading guide outlining the chapters that will be used in worship the next Sunday. Follow along and join us as God’s story unfolds.


t was not until the last night in Galveston did I really understand what I was doing there. I remembered—the reason I was in a rotting-away town was to serve. I was there to serve people who needed help, and that I was there to help in the way they asked. If that was to patch up a rotted house, then I would make sure it was the

Readings for the week, beginning with Sunday April 4 11 Chapter 13 18 Chapter 14 25 Chapter 15


Easter The King Who Had It All A Kingdom Torn in Two God’s Messengers


ISSUE # 12


Re:T H IN K St ar t ing in Apr il bot h High School and M id High gr oups will be t ak ing a second look at all t hings. The idea behind Re:THINK is—how would your fait h be differ ent if you gave it a second t hought . How woul d you be differ ent ? How woul d you choose t o spend your t ime and who wit h? Along t he nor mal zani ness t hat happens at our gr oups. “Re:Thi n k” will be sur e t o encour age and challenge your st uden t t o be gr owi ng deeper in t heir fait h. All while having mor e fu n t han you can shake a st ick at !

“T he 10” : Seniors Only Recently we have changed our High School Ministry format. Currently, we have two high school groups that meet at SHPC. We have Everlast, which meets on Sunday nights from 6-8 p.m. for grades

9-12. We also have a new group that meets right after Everlast called The 10. The 10 is a seniors-only Bible study and discussion group that meets on Sunday nights 8:159:15. Conti nued on Page 5





A frica 2010 RE:connect

Leader s: Pastor Mike & Tom O ’Meara, Aimee Killeen Student s: Max Roland, Noah Killeen, & Christy W right. Goals: We want to reconnect with our frie nds and proje cts in Malawi.To see where we will be investing in the future. H ow can you help: Start praying for the trip now. Donations can be made to the Youth Africa Fund to support our efforts

A BI GGER WORLD = A BI GGER GOD . RE:CONNECT M I SSI ON God’s call for Shepher d of t he Hills t o be involved in Afr ica has been a long and clear one. Our fir st t r ip was t o see what we could do and to develop last ing r elat ionships. I n subsequ ent t r ips we have celebr at ed t he complet ion of sever al of t he pr oject s t hat wer e st art ed by t hat fir st t r ip. We now head back t o Afr ica t o re:con n ect our heart s t o our br ot her s and sist er s in M alawi. St uf f yo u m igh t wa We’re also seeing how we can assist wit h issues nt t o kn o w ab ou t t he t rip ar ound st udent educat ion as well as t he st illr ampant malar ia.

B i g Qu e s t i o n s A bo u t M a l a wi - W e are go in g beca use ou r st udent s have a passi on for A fri ca an d have fel t calle d t o go fo r t he last 5 ye ars - T hree Go als. 1. To do cu men t wh at we have do ne an d ar e do ing. 2. To discu ss wh at ou r ne xt ste ps wi ll be. 3. To en gage t h e i ssu e s o f malaria a n d ed ucati on .

Please be pr aying for t he t r ip t his J une, and be look ing for ways you might be able t o help. Donat ions can be made t o t he Yout h Afr ica Fund 2010.


The 10:Seniors Only (cont inued from page 3)



We know that seniors in high school are at a very different place intellectually, emotionally and spiritually—so we created a group just for them. At The 10 we tackle issues that just would not be appropriate to talk about with younger students present. The goal of The 10 is to prepare our high school seniors for life and faith in college. We want to get them ready with a faith that is rock solid. I know that college is often a time when many “givens” of life are tested and faith is often questioned to the breaking point. We also know that the college environment is

The Great Escape is for Mid High Students in Gunnison Co. June 18th- 26th

Fun in the Son High School Summer Conference on South Padre Island July 11th-16th

rich with opportunities to grow a deep and rich faith if they are prepared for what’s coming. There is no Big Question or controversy that The 10 will not deal with. Join us at

Fu n in the So n

The 10 on Sunday nights at 8:15 and be prepared to share your opinion as we look deep at Jesus and all the issues you will face in college.


Sunday April 25th — the Invisible Children will be making a stop at Shepherd of the Hills to screen their new film, “GO,” which tells the story of many of the struggling children in Uganda. We will also hear from Benna, one of the students featured in the film.. Sunday April 25th at 6 p.m. Bring some friends and find out how you can help. 5


Fun in the Son WILL ROCK YOU

Ent ert ainm ent O ne Time Blind &The Jason Johnson Band. Speakers Nat ionally know funny man and youth ministr y veteran Chap Clark is our speaker for the week Locations Sout h Padre Island. Food fast, slow and other types will be served. We go out often to avoid bad camp food! Bring extra $$$ Lodging We will be staying at the Bahia Mar during the convention, right on the beach . Spiritual Stuff Q uiet Times, Bible Studies and deep talks every day! BRI N G A FRI EN D !


The setting for Fun in the Son Padre could not get any better. At Fun in the Son Padre you will


be at the Bahia Mar Hotel or the Travelodge, which are on South Padre Island. You will spend your afternoons enjoying the surf and sand of the beach. Your morning

Th e S c h e d u l e Ju l y 1 1 t h -1 6 t h


and evenings will be spent at the South Padre Island Convention center, within walking distance from both hotels, hearing from speakers and worship bands that will challenge and inspire them. Every high school student should come to Fun in the Son!


700 new friends 7 days on the beach surf , sand & shop. Plus time to get deep wit h God!

T he Great Escape Gunnison Color ado 6t h- 8t h Gr ade!

THE GREAT ESCAPE White water rafting issuper fun and the guidesare really nice too.

J un e 18t h-26t h $550 Wh ite Water Raf ting, Am azi ng Scener y, Great Speak er s and Aw esom e Music. This is a tr ip not to mi ss. •••

BECCA say: “ Oh my...YOU HAVE TO GO. I f you don ’t go on t his t r ip I will st alk you and your pet s!” Becca k now s how gr eat Th e Great Escape can be. She at t ended 3 t imes while in middle school. She LOOOVED I T. Not onl y will Becca be t her e but so will Salt N Peppa ( J ohn Whit e) . I t will be M EGA AWESOM E. We end up at West ern St at e Coll ege and sleep in t he dorms. This pl ace also has some of t he best camp food ever. So t her e it is. Great

I’ve done the Taylor river and it is a blast. I can’t wait to go again..... Not scary, but lots of fun! leader s, 500 new fr i end s, fant ast ic speaker s and 2x per day chances t o r ock out wi t h t he best camp band EVER! SO what ar e you wait ing for ? ? ? Sign up now!

( whi ch ar e going fast ) . Plus we will be hanging wit h our fr iends at Covenant Pres as we shar e a bus t o t r avel up and back .

$100 holds your spot

See ya th er e!


“ M I X I NG I T UP” June

6t h- 12 t h

M id H igh /H igh Scho ol an d A du lt s! = % fu n Cost Food

The M ex ico housebuilding t r ip is t he highlight of my year. Yes, t he wor k is har d, but har d wor k and good fr i ends go t oget her very well. I hope your whole family joins us as we live out t he mission of God on t his life changing t r ip. 7

10 0 $ 25 0

A ut hent ic


Vacat ion Bible School, Club H 20 T he Sum m er M ovie Club could use not only students but more adults too. Over 150 Kids are expected this year!

ot t o n s e Mov i t hi s mi ss r ! summ e

Iron Man 2 Robin Hood

May 7th May 14th

Shrek Forever

CLU B H20 2010 ELEM ENT S.....

May 21st

Another chance to connect Toy Story 3 June 18th Vacation Bible School is and go deeper is Club H20 Eclipse Twilight another way our students “Elements.” We always June 30th need High School live out their faith in assistance as we visit the real world. The VBS Last Airbender many of the cool Austin is dependent on the July 2th spots during Aug strength and maturity of swimming 9th- 13th. This year, to its all student Despicable Me assistants. Its is a week close the week we are July 9th heading to Volente long par ty with Beach. If you live in elementary age students the pool then this is THE MOVIE CLUB RULE who not only learn from S! the camp for you! but teach a lot to our Following each flic students. VBS is also a k we see we will stick around time of fellowship, as a for 45 minutes after to ta week together anywhere lk about the film and our fa is good but at ith. Some of the films will church it’s great. be incredible, some in de scribVBS dates this able and some real ly lame, year are July but all will have so th th me thing 26 -30 . We to say about our relationship with God. I’ll save a seat for ya ! •• •

—Pastor Mike

High School Summer Internship Team Join Pastor Mike for a 3 ½week Leadership Series July 6th -9th, 19th-23rd & Aug 2nd-6th Deep Bible Studies and Everyday Mission Projects. The HSSIT members will have

deeper opportunities to serve, be served and share during the summer months in worship,VBS, Club H20. As we study God’s word, students will be challenged to live out their convictions. As we play, they will live out their 8

passions. HSSIT get $100 off their camp registration, too! Please Submit your HSSIT application to the church office no later than May 19th. Applications will be available online in April.

U P 2 Sp e e d @ a G l a n ce EVENT




Gr ad Dinner

M ay 2nd


$14 per


All J une

Wednesday & Sund ay s Ni ght s

Re:Connect Afr ica

J une 8t h-22nd

All day


M ex ico M ission

J une 6t h-11t h

All week


The Great Escape

J une 18-26t h

All Week


Fun in t he Son

J uly 11t h- 16t h

All Week


HS Summer Int er n s

J uly 6t h- 9t h


HS Summer Int er n s

J uly 19t h-16t h



J uly 26t h-30t h

7:15- 7:45

Fr ee

Club H20

Au g 9t h-13t h


Fr ee

1. Grad D inner 2. Re:Think


3. A frica 4. High School Summer Interns

5. M exico Mission 6 .TheGreat Escape

7. Fun in t he Son 8. VB S 9 .ClubH20Element al


10. T he M ovies

You do not have to do everything. We do not want to make you busier over break than in scho ol. Pick what you need and what look s like fun. Do not do everything and then collapse at the end of the summ er. See you all over the place. St ay close to Jesus. Past or M i k e

A REA BI BLE ST U D I ES For the student who likes a calmer setting we want to invite you to A.B.S. Every week students get together with their ABS leader to study the Bible in a small group format. Deeper discussions

lead to deeper studies which lead to a deeper relationship with God. A.B.S. is for both MS & HS. For more information, please contact Pastor Mike. Groups form at the start of the school year and at semester breaks. 9


Graduation Dinner

Class of 2010

The graduating high school Class of 2010 invites you to join them at The Graduation Dinner event on May 2nd 6—8 p.m... ...for a grand evening of stories and laughter. Videos and prayers will be shared. Dinner tickets are available after church and online Adults $14 Children $6

This is M ay 2nd


Will you be my friend? Please check: [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Our family has had a lot of dinner table chats recently on the topic of friendship. I can't say that our 4th grader is receiving folded pieces of Big Chief paper in the middle of class like I used to, but he's still confronted on a regular basis with tough questions and decisions on the subject. And I'm guessing that the questions we're discussing with our son are very similar to ones being asked around other Austin dinner tables. Which is why I'm excited that we're focusing on the virtue of friendship this month in our UpStreet Sunday school program. We'll be examining how "spending time with someone you trust and enjoy" (our definition of friendship) can be seen as something God does in us to change the world around us (our definition of a virtue). With this in mind, what better time than the Easter season to talk about friendship and examine this topic through the lens of our greatest Friend? "No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends" (John 15:13 NIrV). Jesus is the perfect example of a true friend, demonstrating for us that a true friend will:

Children’s Ministry News 1) love you no matter what 2) help you believe 3) make time for you 4) always be your friend. So, using Christ as our model and the Easter story as our guide, we'll focus on these four criteria of a true friend. Parents, if you'd like to join us in this study, check out the story of the Road to Emmaus in which Jesus reveals to Cleopas and another follower the meaning of His crucifixion and resurrection (Luke 24); the story of doubting Thomas and Jesus responding to His friend's doubt with patience and understanding (John 20); the story of Jesus' third appearance to the disciples after being raised from the dead when he joins them for breakfast on the beach (John 21); and Jesus' Great Commission in which He tells us: "And you can be sure that I am always with you, to the very end" (Matthew 28:20). It is our hope that this month's teaching will help us better answer some of the dinner table questions that arise, as well as enable our children to discover what a true friend is all about so they can choose theirs accordingly and be one themselves!

The preschool children have returned from spring break ready for a few more months of learning & fun. Cowboy Bob was at preschool in March and the children enjoyed a fun time riding the horses and playing Cowboy and Cowgirl dress-up. We’re looking forward to spring’s warmer weather! Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church Preschool still has some openings for 2010-2011 school year! Interested? Contact our director, Pattie Lawrence, 892-7528.

You're invited to join us at Bastrop State Park for our 3rd annual "Family Fun Day" on Saturday, April 24th. Registration is open until April 11th! Forms are available in the church narthex, Family Ministry Center or on-line at Any questions? Contact Pastor Britta at or 892-3580, ext. 107.

FRIENDSHIP sharing special times with someone you trust & enjoy 11

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

more Children’s Ministry News


tice at home.

We're excited Standby and prepare about transfor the launch of an forming SHPC out-of-this-world VBS this into the Starship Galacsummer... tic Praise this July 26th-30th, from 9 a.m.-12 noon daily, it's called Galactic Blast, and it's a cosmic adventure praising and we hope your family will come have a blast with us! God right here on our SHPC campus! This adventure is open to potty-trained 3-year-olds through For five amazing days, we'll current 3rd graders. We enjoin Galileo the Gorilla for a voyage to remember. On each day's space walk, we'll experience Bible stories at the Good News Galaxy; create at Cosmic Crafts; play

courage children in 4th grade and above who would like to participate to join our volunteer squad by contacting Pastor Britta at britta @ hard at Rocket Rec; have a light snack in the Astro Bistro; and experience cool science discoveries at the Orbital Observatory. Each day also features a Bible Booster challenge where everyone will receive a 3-D scripture treasure complete with "praise phrase" and a Bible Booster memory verse. Through each daily mission, kids will see space like never before, gain a new perspective of our planet Earth and learn easy "green" earth tips to prac-

Registration forms are available in the narthex or on-line at members. shpc .org. Deadline for registration is June 1, 2010, or when maximum capacity has been reached, so we suggest registering as early as possible! And remember... any adult who volunteers for the entire week receives FREE registration for your kiddos, so consider joining our leadership team and saving $ in the process!


more Children’s Ministry News Club H2O : A week of waterrelated adventures and wading through God's Word for current 4th and 5th graders*

ized that the time has come to restructure the camp to ensure the best possible camp experience for everyone involved. To do so, we will be training small group leaders this year to assist us with both the teaching and chaperoning of 50 campers. For a number of reasons, we feel it is necessary to cap the number of participants at this time.

Over the past few years, Club H2O has become more and more popular with our older elementary students. It's no wonder, really... who wouldn't love a week full of playing crazy-silly games, digging in and learning more about the Bible, trekking to cool water holes and hanging out with such a fun crowd of kids? Apparently, not The result of this decision means that registration will many! work a bit differently this year. The popularity of this camp, *Because this is our Children’s combined with our congregaMinistries kids’ introduction tion's population growth, has into fellowship life at the oldresulted in our camp numbers er level, we feel current 4th growing from 10-12 participants and 5th graders should be given per year to last year's all-time priority. Consequently, regishigh of 35 campers! And let me tration forms will be available tell you... that's a lot of kids to April 1st—30th for these stutransport back and forth each dents. If we do not reach our day via 15-passenger vans and maximum capacity of 50 stuany additional vans and cars we dents, registration will begin can muster! May 1st for any current 3rd gradAfter last year's Club H2O, Pas- ers wishing to participate. Regtor Mike and Pastor Britta real- istrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the 50-student maximum has been reached. A waiting list will then be kept so that any cancellations can be filled. 13

We have an exciting week planned! Our adventures this year are set to include Northwest Park, Hamilton Pool, floating the Comal River in New Braunfels (Guinness Book of World Records contender for shortest river in the world), Chapparal Ice (H2O in frozen form!) and a grand finale Volente Beach pizza party! To ensure we have enough time to enjoy each and every day to the fullest, we have extended the camp hours from 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. daily (with a willingness to make special arrangements for anyone needing a 9:00 a.m. drop-off). The cost is $100 and includes all transportation and park fees, plus lunch on Friday. Beginning April 1st, register at members. shpc .org or pick up a registration form at the Children's Ministry table in the narthex or on the front porch of the Family Ministry Center. Questions? Contact Pastor Britta at britta @ or 8923580, ext.107.

Caring Forever Endowment Fund

The Work Must Go On, So The Search Is On! submitted by Deb Erlanson, Endowment Committee

Caring Forever Endowment Fund tree in the narthex. There's a box there for you to put your completed nomination in, or you can put it in the Endowment Fund mail box in the church office. Just be sure to get your nomination in by Sunday, April 18th. All nominations will be reviewed by a Task Force appointed by the Session, and the Caring Forever 2010 Award will be presented in church on Mother's Day, Sunday May 9th.

Spring is on us, with all the family and church activities that this season of renewal brings. We are excited that it is time once again to seek nominations for The Caring Forever 2010 Endowment Fund Award. Despite the tough financial year suffered by most investment funds, we are still able to give a monetary award this year. The award is especially important as it represents how many organizations and individuals continue their good works despite tight budgets. That's where you, the congregation, can help. We need YOU to tell us who it should go to. Past awards have been made for work with the homeless, mission work in Cuba, disaster relief work, education and campus ministry work, and other efforts to glorify God and help those in need. Perhaps you know someone who could use the award for a special mission or education project?

Caring Forever awards come only from the earnings of the Endowment Fund or from special "angel gifts" when the earnings need a little lift. The principal of the Fund — your contributions — are never spent. They stay in the Fund, continuing to earn even more to be used for awards in years to come. Have questions? Just ask an Endowment Committee member (Gaston Broyles, Deb Fowler, Beaman Floyd, Marilyn Wade, or Doug Wilkins).

There's a nomination form at the bottom of this page. When you've completed it, look for the

CARING FOREVER 2010 AWARD NOMINATION FORM I nominate the following for the Caring Forever 2010 award:

I believe the award is deserved for the following reasons:

Submitted by: _____________________________ Telephone Number _________________ Nominees cannot be a member of SHPC and must use the award for mission, for education for a near-term project or for an on-going project that needs additional funding. The award is not to be used as a reward for past projects or actions. A Task Force appointed by the Session will review nominations and make a recommendation to the Session which will then make the final decision. 14

Are YOU Part of This Story?

Adult Ministry

We see the connections between God's covenants and our human responses. Even before ow many of you have wanted to really read Larry started preaching "The Story", we saw that the Bible, and not just bits and pieces taken the Bible was an epic tale of God's redemption out of context? For years, I have gone to Bible of His people, and that each event anticipated studies and Sunday school classes, but never reor prepared the way for the next, leading us to ally saw the Bible as a whole, completely develJesus on the cross. As we studied Isaiah and oped message of God's redemptive plan for us. I Ezekiel, it was as if my eyes had been opened to thought that if I read the Bible front to back, just how much of the Gospel it foretold. As I from Genesis to Revelation, that I would finally study Paul's letters, I have much more appreciasee the big picture. So I got one of those "Bibletion for how hard Paul was hit by the Holy Spirit. in-a-year" versions and set about reading. Well, Yes, I have definitely received an answer to my a year later (18 months, to be exact), I could say prayer to learn the Word. that I had read the whole Bible, but I still didn't ut I wasn't prepared for all of the other really get a lot of it. The Gospels are great, the things God has chosen to reveal to me Psalms are beautiful, Proverbs are practical, but what was the deal with those prophets? So I de- through this class. In addition to learning God's Word, I am learning how to live His Word. We cided to sign up for the first Disciple class, thinking that would be a systematic way to study discuss how the Bible would apply to us today. We pray for each other's worries and needs, and the Bible and really learn God's Word. I had we support each other through good and bad. As prayed for God to grow my faith, and I could we learn that the people God called to do His feel Him nudging me toward that class. Six months later, I am immersed in Disciple 1, and I work were ordinary folks, full of fears and insecurities (and even sin), we see that God can give realize that His plan to reveal His Word to me us what we need to do the job He asks us. In was so much greater than just a simple Bible short, we learn that God's story is not over, and study. that we are part of it. The Disciple classes are a ertainly, Disciple is a systematic Bible study. way to help us learn our parts. We study the Bible with understanding of the historical context of the people living the story. —by Karen Davis, Disciple 1 participant




An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth? —by Bob Beardslee, Disciple leader "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." Where have I heard this? What did it mean before? What might it mean today? Our language is full of sayings that we use in our daily communication. Have you ever wondered, "Did that saying come from the Bible or some other source?" Have you ever thought, "Someday I really want to read the Bible and understand what it says. I really want to understand what it says to me personally!” You may have started in Genesis full of good intentions but perhaps then you got bogged down in Leviticus and gave it up for another time.

That time could be this fall. In the company of fellow seekers, you could have some your questions answered and your good intentions fulfilled. "Becoming Disciples through Bible Study", which we call Disciple 1, will be offered once again here at SHPC. You will go from Genesis to Revelation in 34 weeks of study, meeting with your group for 2 hours each week. You will be assigned readings each week that take 30 to 40 minutes to read each day, and by the end of the course you will have read about 70 percent of the Bible (leaving out some information that is repeated). At the weekly meetings you will view a short video by a well-known scholar, share answers to questions, and discuss what you have read and how it may apply to your life, church, cont’d, page 17 15

st re

Senior Adult Men of SHPC submitted by Faries McDaniel


S A RETIRED PRESBYTERIAN minister and member of Mission Presbytery, I count it both a delight and privilege to be actively involved in the life and ministry of SHPC. A couple of years back Ron Miller caused a special group to be formed in our church for Senior Adult Men. I am an active part of this group and recognize how helpful it is for myself and for everyone who participates in it.


of interest for older Christian men. There is opportunity for everyone to speak their minds and hearts openly and honestly. We listen to and learn from one another. Occasionally, out of our discussion, we even sometimes are led to change our minds and learn new and helpful information. God's Holy Spirit continues to be felt and acknowledged as we keep learning, growing and maturing. E REGULARLY EXPLORE MATTERS

As the Sinners on the left face off against the Saints on the right, all watch as Fran Miller makes it to first base under the watchful eye of the umpire, Lawrence Langston

tch (a good time for seconds on the many great desserts), the game was tied 12-12.


and by the end of the eighth inning, the Saints held a 17-13 lead. In the top of the ninth inning with two outs and the bases loaded, the Sinners' cleanup hitter stepped up to the plate. It was do or die! After two strikes he calmly pointed to the outfield and took a huge swing. Strike 3! Pandemonium HIS GROUP MEETS ON the second and fourth broke out at the Saints triumphed over the SinThursdays of each month in Portable Building ners. A from 10:00 a.m. until Noon. We want all of AM THANKS EVERYONE WHO joined us for an enour Senior Adult Men to be part of this group and joyable afternoon with friends. we are going to be reaching out to you. Feel free to e-mail me at faries @ or call me at 892-9464. Or contact Ron at ronald. he SAM Council hopes that you'll join us for miller1333 @ or 892-1862. all the events that are scheduled for this OTH TEAMS BORE DOWN




month. I guarantee that you'll enjoy them.

Saints Triumph over Sinners

SAM Groups in April:


MARY MARTHA CIRCLE: Thursday, April 1st in portable B at 10 a.m. Our lesson is number 7 from our study The Thirteen Apostles, entitled “Nathanael, The Forthright,� and will be presented by Martha Meador. The scripture is John 1:43-51. ALL women are cordially invited to join us.

AM SPONSORED ITS INAUGURAL Winter League Beanbag Baseball on Sunday, February 28, in the FMC after the second service. As with any good ballgame, the players enjoyed hot dogs, chips, soft drinks and desserts before the game.


the Saints establishing an early 2-0 lead over the Sinners in the second GROAN-UPS GAME DAY: second Tuesday, April inning. The Saints then poured it on with a 413th, in room 7 at 10 a.m. No reservations run third inning and 3-run fourth inning. But the needed. Join us for games, or bring your faSinners came roaring back with 9 runs in the vorite game so that we can learn it. fifth and sixth innings. By the seventh inning HE GAME BEGAN WITH


GOLDEN YEARS LUNCH BUNCH will be at Marie Callender’s Restaurant on Brodie Lane Saturday, April 10th, at 11:30 a.m. Hostesses are Marvine Sass and Ruth Weese. RSVP to Ruth Weese at 892-7652.

...more SAM events in April ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED CHRISTIAN MEN: April 8th & 22nd at 10 a.m. in Portable B. No reservation needed. Join us for Christian fellowship and stimulating conversation. Questions? Contact Ron Miller, 892-1862 or

more Adult Ministry

FELLOWSHIP BRIDGE GROUP will play the second Friday, April 9th, at 7 p.m. in Room 7. Our hostess will be Barbara Challis. Please call Virginia McNutt at 288-7187 or Martha Meador at 2883341 by Tuesday, April 6th if you would like to play. cont’d from page 15

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell Psalm 43:3 (NIV)

and society. The purpose of Disciple is to be transformed into better disciples, not just to gather information. The class size is usually about 12, small enough to become close friends but large enough to make for lively discussion. You will make lifetime friends within this group as you pursue God's words and will for your lives.

Men, join your SHPC brothers backpacking the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado as we draw closer to God and fellowship with one another. September 1-7, 2010, we'll spend 5 days and 4 nights backpacking in the Weminuche Wilderness NE of Durango.

Please go to the SHPC member website at and then click on Adult Ministry and Disciple for more information on how to sign up. You can also call Bob Beardslee at 2821426 or email Sherry Smith at sherry @ Other follow-on Disciple classes will also be offered. Scholarships to cover materials are available if needed. Sign up begins in the spring so we can see what classes need to be offered and train leaders during the summer. Come join us and become a "Disciple" disciple!

Interested? Contact Glenn Dukes (gdukes @ or attend the information meeting on Sunday May 23rd at 12:15pm.

Additions to the Library Since its inception, the Senior Adult Ministry has added a number of titles to the library, books not only for seniors, but for those with senior family members. Thanks to SAM and other acquisitions, a quick look at the catalog shows an impressive collection: 305.26 HAL The super years 248.85 MAI

Aging : a time for new learning

242.65 MOR Autumn wisdom : a book of readings

646 GIL

Caregiving : when someone you love grows old

306.874 MCK When our parents need us most : loving care in the aging years

253 OAK

Working the gray years : call for proactive ministry by and with older adults

248.8 JON

And not one bird stopped singing: coping with transition and loss in aging

646 GIL

A guide to caring for and coping with aging parents

305.2 DYK

Age wave : the challenges and opportunities of an aging America

259 GEN

Aging : God's challenge to church and

248.94 FIS

Winter grace : spirituality and aging

These books will be on display in the library. If you don't have a library card yet, sign the book(s) out on the clipboard next to the computer. The library committee will create a card for you within a few days.



Even a church needs a spring cleaning! On May 1st we are having an all-church clean up day. Please plan on joining us at 9 a.m. to help keep our facility looking its best! brother-in-law of Candice & Alex Valdes, Afghanistan—Virginia McNutt’s brother-in-law, Ted, following the death of Virginia’s her baby girl Makenzi Lynn on March sister Mary —Rebecca Robertson and Bruce Roberson, moving mom and baby are doing well—Ben & Tammy to Corpus Christi immediately after Palm Sunday—Terri Wagner, Boehman (and Amaya) welcomed Isaac sister of Steve Wagner, neck surgery—Mo O’Meara, recuperating Thomas Boehman on March 12th—Max Roland has from having both feet operated on—Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez, been accepted to and will be attending UT San continuing to recover from knee surgery—Sylvia Garcia’s aunt, Antonio—Rachel Cloyd’s brother-in-law, Scott Bossie, May Lou Raff, complications following knee replacement has returned safely from Iraq—Harriet Cavness’ daughter, Linda surgery—Jane Thompson’s sister, Mary Ann Wagner, receiving Rose, cancer-free per her checkup/PET scan at MD Anderson— care from hospice—Howard Bonebrake, recovering from the Gilchrists’ family friend Jaime Kernus, whose cancer is in shoulder replacement surgery —Al Lepley, successful eye surgery remission —Bruce Roberson, recovered from a recent low blood sugar Sorrows – Jaco Steynberg’s father passed away Tuesday episode—the people of Chile and those assisting as they recover from the earthquake—Derek Brinks, his friends, & colleagues March 16th—Ken Seiler’s dad, Ceryl “CE” Seiler, passed away involved in their semester abroad program in Chile; by all March 16th after being in hospice care—Gaston Broyles’ stepreports they are fine—Frances Hopper, recovering from back mother, Joyce Prentice, recently passed away—Susan Salch’s surgery to help with rheumatoid arthritis—Dr. Reuben McDaniel father, Steve Salch, passed away February 25th his family at the loss of his wife Myra—the leadership of Thanks – Howard Bonebrake thanks the church family for and SHPC as they discern a path for our future—Master Plan all the calls, cards and prayers following successful shoulder Committee as they move through the next phase—Pastor replacement surgery Kenneth Muyira & the congregation of Manyamula Presbyterian Church—Pastor Chimwemwe Mhango and his Please pray for — Karen Davis’ mother, Billie family Robertson, recovering after a mastectomy—Benjamin Rogers,

Joys – Curtis Cline’s daughter Kelli had 23rd;

Please pray for members of the Armed Forces, loved ones, and all world leaders involved in war zone crises including: Benjamin Rogers, brother-in-law of Candice & Alex Valdes... Susan White’s friend Karen-Marie Hyland... Larry Roberman, brother of Lori Whitmire... Marco Vasquez, friend of Thure & Shannon Cannon... Paul Floyd, brother of Beaman... Darrel Debbish, father of friend of Meredith Warren... Keri Reeves and Jim Reeves, niece and nephew of Deb Erlanson... Eric Huerta, nephew of Michael McNelley’s co-workers... Brian Lugo, grandson of Joy Essary and son of Jennifer Sims... Derek & Kristi Fisher's nephew, John Fisher... BIRTHDAYS


Apr Apr Apr Apr

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Judy & Wolfgang Behr, Slade & Courtney Cooper Ruben & Suzanne Martinez Mickey & Tamara Landry Bell Edward & Angela Bell Bob & Raynell Barry, Charles & Jane Staton Lisa & Alfonso Torres Jim & Shelley Garrett Gaston Broyles & Junie Ledbetter Glenn & Jerry Ouzts Doug & Debbie Budd, Jeff & Jennifer Benner, Gene & Sue Shamburger Fred & Sharon Rothert Ryan & Julie Teague Tita & Bruce Maxwell Andy & Sheri Albin, Jimmy & Diana Simmonds Jon-Marc & Kristin Garcia Dennis & Pat Low Angela & Jeff Peterson Greg & Don Anne Williford

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Stella Warner, Jody Barrett, Angela Peterson, Jessica Landry, Whitney Worthington Pat Haag, Jennifer Bullock, Mark Greathouse, Danielle Spink, Ashley DeSantis, Riley Ruiz, Cassandra Segura Addison Macera Logan Saari, Payton Lord Melvin Deutsch, Kim Cline Jeff Gerold, Greyson Bourgeois, Isabelle Hanna Virginia McNutt, Kathy Proctor, Donny Peltier, Casey Reynolds Margey Harrison, Marian Brock, Woodrow Bush Ann McDaniel, Steve Beard, Julie Teague, Tiffany Cunningham, Drew Cole, Owen French Steven Pearson, Andrew Milam, Taiz Green Sandra Mann, Joyce McLaughlin, Andrew Loewe Chris Aardema, James Cognetti, Michaela Teague, Allison Wade Rollin Breed, Skylar Worthington, David Howard Rebecca Robertson, David Howard, Michael Breed, Cade McCrary Liz Valvano, James Schroeder


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Katy Bourgeois, Ellen Perkey, Adrian Immitt Larance Coleman, Scott Windham, David Ngalamulume, Grant Royer, Kara Kaiser Andrea Gerlach, Blair Streit, Lané Reinach Gayle Grance, Daryl Chalberg, Sam Brinks, Beth Andrade, Jason Perkey, Carmen Johnson, Lucas Forsythe, Arion Moore Steve Calhoun, Emmie Knox, Michael Bender, Delilah Huntley Greg Biles Paula Kemp, Andy Rooke, Michelle Craft, Dan Valvano, Mack Ashbaugh, Austin Stalbaum Barbara Challis, Al Heinrich, Lori Demaree, Julie Demaree, Nathan Ward, Wes Collins, Marianna Floto, Analise Fields Verna Hudson,Katie Dickinson, Kaylan Berry Ana Rooke, Michael Killeen, Susan Sprouse John Kaiser, Andrew Franco Bob Beardslee, Bruce Warren, Elizabeth Buffler, Erika Bockelman, Candice Valdes, Matthew Wheeler Andrea Powers Carolyn Beardslee


7 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

9:30 a.m.


7 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

6 p.m.


10 a.m. 7 p.m.


7 p.m.


11 a.m. 6:30 p.m.

9:30 a.m.


Mothers of Young Children (MYC) Devotional, FMC Financial Peace University, port. B Worship Choir, sanctuary :: Jesus In the Gospels, library

Evergreen, Student Lounge :: Foundations, port. B Handbell Choir, rm. 5 :: Wednesday Evening Bible Study (WEBS), library :: Body & Soul Yoga, FMC Praise & Worship rehearsal, sanctuary :: Evermore, Student Lounge

Icing on the Cake, port. B Disciple 2, library

Disciple 1, library

The Ark, UpStreet, Faithwalk, Confirmation Class The Ark, Live B.I.G. Everlast, Student Lounge :: Everafter, FMC


SAM Council Meeting

Body & Soul Yoga begins, FMC

Fellowship Bridge Group, rm. 7

Adult Day Retreat: Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, FMC

Association of Retired Christian Men, port B

9:30 a.m.

29 Thursday

6 p.m.

25 Sunday

Disciple 2, Laura Morales’ house (end)

Invisible Children & “GO,” FMC

Family Fun Day, Bastrop State Park

24 Saturday

MAY childcare request deadline

23 Friday

10 a.m.

22 Thursday


18 Sunday

9 a.m.

17 Saturday

Disciple 2, library

Body & Soul Yoga, port. B

Feel free to tear off and save this page to help you keep on top of everything that’s happening at Shepherd of the Hills!

11:30 a.m. Golden Years Lunch Bunch

10 Saturday

7 p.m.

9 Friday

10 a.m. Association of Retired Christian Men, port B SAM Retreat ends 7 p.m. Book Group, rm 7

8 Thursday

6:30 p.m.

7 Wednesday

SAM Retreat begins 7 p.m. Prayer Shawl Ministry, rm. 7

6 Tuesday

10 a.m.

5 Monday

9:30 a.m.

15 Thursday

Youth Sunday

“Groan”-Ups Game Day, rm. 7

Filo: Young Adults, library

Good Friday 14 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. KidStuf, FMC Easter

10 a.m.

13 Tuesday

5:30 p.m.

Maundy Thursday 11 Sunday Disciple 2, library Mary-Martha Circle, port. B Maundy Thursday worship

8:45, 10:10, and 11:30 a.m. Easter worship 10:10 a.m. The Ark & UpStreet; no Faithwalk or Confirmation Class

2 Friday 4 Sunday

9:30 a.m. 10 a.m. 7:30 p.m.

1 Thursday