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Published by Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church

January 2010

Welcome to the ‘10s Not only is a new year upon us but also a new decade. And as with any new year, a new decade holds special promise and opportunity. The story of the last decade has been marked by the changes our country has experienced as a result of 9/11 and its aftermath. We have a national story that has shaped us all in one way or another. We also are shaped by the more personal story that we have been living. Stories of births and deaths, new careers and job losses, private joys and tragedies have helped make us the people we are and are becoming. On top of that, if we pay attention, is the broader story, a meta-narrative as post-moderns like to call it, that intersects our own story and gives it meaning and purpose, direction and hope. It is the story of God's work in the world through the good news of Jesus Christ.

has unfolded for you take time to ask "Where, and in what way, has God been evident in my life?" "How has God's broader story been a part of my story?" Then take some time to look ahead. "What are my hopes and dreams for the future?" "How does my Christian faith inform that future and give me hope?"

This January I will be preaching through the Old and New Testament, looking at the story of God's unfolding work in history. We will be using The Story as a starting point for our journey. Many of you have bought The Story at church and we will continue to have it available in the narthex. If you have been frustrated by our tendency to run out, you can order it from our Amazon link at In this newsletter you will find a guide to reading that will help you follow along with our Sunday serThis gospel story is being played out mons. in our lives even as we speak. OfI look forward with you to the year, ten, however, we close our ears to and the decade, ahead. God's its clarion ring because the press of goodness goes ahead of us and everyday life causes us only to hear God's grace is sure. Happy new the sounds of the next moment; the year! tinny reminders of the next action that must be taken care of on our constantly replenished "to do" list. As the new year starts, I hope you will take time to take stock of the events and experiences that have shaped you over the last decade. As you think back over the story that

Issue 1 This month: Connect 3-4 Grow: Adult 5-8 Grow: Student 3, 8 Serve: Mission 9 Grow: Children 3, 9-10 Connect & Calendar 2, 11-13

SHPC Staff Guide Larry Coulter Senior Pastor Mike Killeen Associate Pastor Britta Dukes Associate Pastor Sherry Smith Adult Ministry Kim Arthur Nursery Ministry Zack Uzzle Music Ministry Beth Watson Music Ministry Pattie Lawrence Director of Preschool Belva Koerth Office Manager Kimbol Soques Communications

Sermons for January Jan 3 The Story, Ch. 2 Creation: the Beginning of Life as We Know It Jan 10 Ch 3. God Builds a Nation Jan 17 Ch. 4 Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh Jan 24

Ch. 5 Deliverance

Jan 31 Ch. 6 New Command and a New Covenant

The Session of Shepherd of the Hills calls for the annual meeting of the congregation at noon, Sunday January 31st. Please make arrangements to attend & join us for lunch!

The Story Reading List At its most basic level, Christianity is a story about God and the remarkable lengths he goes to in order to rescue lost and hurting people. The Story gives you just that—the story of Scripture. Condensed into thirty accessible chapters, it reads more like a novel than your typical religious text. And like any good story, The Story is filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption. Each week we will read one of these stories in worship at Shepherd of the Hills.

That’s right—we’re combining our annual meeting with a chili lunch in the FMC! Come for the fellowship & food, stay to find out what SHPC’s been doing. Childcare—with PB&J sandwiches— will be available for children through 3rd grade. (If your child prefers something else, feel free to bring a sack lunch.) See you January 31st for lunch!

The following is a reading guide outlining the chapters that will be used in worship the next Sunday. Follow along and join us as God’s story unfolds. Readings for the week, beginning with Sunday January 3 Chapter 2 10 Chapter 3 17 Chapter 4 24 Chapter 5 31 Chapter 6 February 7 14 Chapter 7 21 Chapter 8 28 Chapter 9 March 7 Chapter 10 14 Chapter 11 21 28 April 4 Chapter 12 11 Chapter 13 18 Chapter 14 25 Chapter 15 May 2 Chapter 16 9 Chapter 17 16 23 Chapter 18 30 Chapter 19 June 6 Chapter 20 13 Chapter 21 20 Chapter 22 27 Chapter 23 July 4 Chapter 24 11 Chapter 25 18 Chapter 26 25 Chapter 27 August 1 Chapter 28 8 Chapter 29 15 Chapter 30 22 Chapter 31

Have you met Jason?

Creation: the Beginning of Life as We Know It God Builds a Nation Joseph: from Slave to Deputy Pharaoh Deliverance New Command and a New Covenant

No doubt you’ve noticed our “new” accompanist for 11 a.m. Sunday worship—he’s been playing with the Worship Choir since June 2009! He tried us on for size over the summer, and we mutually decided we were a good fit. So here’s a bit more about Jason — please go up and say hello!

Wandering The Battle Begins A few Good Men…..and Women

Dr. Jason Kwak, Assistant Professor of Piano at Texas State University, is enjoying a successful career both as an artist and as a teacher. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Kwak began his piano studies at the age of four. He has earned degrees in Piano Performance from Eastman School of Music and UT-Austin. Before teaching at Texas State, he has held teaching positions at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, UT-Austin, The University of Texas Extension Program, and the Austin Chamber Music Center. He is consistently in high demand for performances, master classes, lectures, and adjudications on a state, national, and international level. His performances, prizes, collaborations, and prizes would fill this newsletter, so go to piano/Faculty/Kwak.html to find out more!

The Faith of a Foreign Woman Standing Tall, Falling Hard

From Shepherd to King The Trials of a King A Kingdom Torn in Two God’s Messengers The Beginning of the End The Kingdoms Fall Daniel in Exile The Return Home The Queen of Beauty and Courage Rebuilding the Walls The Birth of the King Jesus’ Ministry Begins No Ordinary Man Jesus, Son of God The Hour of Darkness The Resurrection New Beginnings Paul’s Mission Paul’s final Days The End of Time


Why Take Professional Portraits at the Church?

It’s that time! Portraits will be taken starting February 16th for new church directories!

Our new 2010 SHPC Pictorial Directory will help us all to better put faces with names, so we can know and pray for one another.

How to Sign Up for Your Family/Household Photo Appointment Beginning January 17th —

PLUS… What a gift … in the comfort of our church … with no sitting fee … to be able to capture a moment in time with your family or friends … to cherish for years to come. The possibilities include such things as:

1. Sign up in the narthex after church or 2. Sign up online at

… a 3-generation family pose while those you love are still around … a photo of your children with their Golden Retriever that will help preserve their special childhood memories … Individual & family portraits in plenty of time for Easter, Mothers Day, graduation gifts, etc. (Please allow one total hour at the church for your sitting, pose selection & any purchases.)

Every household photographed will receive a free 8X10 of their directory pose and a free SHPC Pictorial Directory, & will be able to purchase additional portraits if desired. Please save our afternoon times for seniors, our evening times for families, and our Saturday times for our families who can come no other day.

Looking for a Christian camp


for your elementary, mid-high, or high school student this summer? Google these Texas camps and check out their summer fun.

Summers at SHPC are a lot of fun for our children and students! As you start making summer plans, please save these dates:

Presbyterian Camps Cho-Yeh — Livingston John Knox Ranch — Wimberly MO-Ranch — Hunt

Mexico Mission Trip: June 6th – 11th (middle school and older, with parents) SHPC Vacation Bible School (VBS): July 26th – 30th (preschool through 3rd grade) Great Escape: July 19th - 27th (Evermore retreat, a.k.a. mid-highs) Everlast/Everafter retreat: July 10th - 18th (sr. highs)

Other Christian Camps Camp Balcones Springs — Marble Falls Camp Buckner — Burnet Camp Champions — Marble Falls Pinecove Christian Camps: Crier Creek — Columbus Camp Olympia — Trinity Camp Peniel — Marble Falls H.E. Butt Foundation Camp — Leakey Sandy Creek Bible Camp — Washington Sky Ranches — Van T Bar M Camps — New Braunfels

Club H2O: Aug 9th — 13th (3rd – 5th graders)




TO AN INCREDIBLE MARRIAGE People do not get married with the hope of having a boring, lifeless marriage. The reality is, however, that we just don't see too many husbands and wives experiencing a marital relationship that could be described as, well, incredible. Yet an incredible marriage is exactly what God wants you to have... and getting there is a matter of choice! Come and find out more—Sunday Night February 14th Contact the church office to reserve your seats for the dinner. $20 per person, dinner, entertainment and THE FIVE KEYS Space is VERY limited. Child care for ages 3rd grade and younger available, with advance registration, for $2 per child. 4



crapbooking also gives you a chance to shape sn't it great that, even though time really just your history and pick the good things to rekeeps rolling along, we choose times to mark it and say, "That's behind us, and now we're start- member. I don't, for example, have a picture of ing over?" What a great mental and spiritual gift being told I had lupus, or of my swollen face when I had a tooth infection, or of that big famiwe give ourselves! ly fight when everyone's feelings got so hurt, or am a scrapbooker, though more the old school when the toilet overflowed. I prefer to focus on kind than the new kind with all the fancy gizsmiling faces and beautiful places. mos. I like to take pictures of everything and he start of each new year gives us a chance choose my favorite highlights of the year to print to ask, "What will I do next?" If it has been a and save. And when we travel I really do collect turbulent or bad year, we can live into the hope scraps — a brochure, a business card from a place I enjoyed, the program from a play, a sug- that it is over and this year will be better. What ar packet in a foreign language, or a napkin with a blessing to start fresh, to let go of regrets, and a fancy emblem on it. I find as I get older these to go on to bigger and better things. So, get out your cameras and your blank pages and let's scrapbooks are really helpful when Dave and I are trying to remember where we saw a brilliant make 2010 a great year! play or had a wonderful meal and met some interesting people.



New Year, New Opportunities "Your hearts and minds must be made completely new, and you must put on the new self, which is created in God's likeness and reveals itself in the true life that is upright and holy." Ephesians 4:23-24 TEV This year you can make new friends, read new books, discuss a variety of ideas, and grow into a stronger faith. So, participate in a different class or event and experience some fresh spiritual growth. You may want to get a copy of The Story to read along with Larry’s sermon series. Some Journey Groups and the Foundations class may also be studying the book together. Larry will also be leading a Wednesday evening class on The Story and a Renovaré-based class called The Full Life on Wednesday mornings. The Men’s Life group is working on special event

activities to do together, starting with going to a basketball game. We have a new young adult group that is meeting on Sunday evenings in the Library. Later this spring we will run another Body and Soul Yoga class. There will be another Financial Peace University class signing up soon. For the senior crowd it is time to start preparing for the annual spring retreat at Camp Buckner. And for everyone there is the opportunity of another Cursillo retreat in February. So, this year is a blank slate in front of you. Choose something that is right for you.

Adult Ministry Men’s Life:

Would you like to join us? If yes, we are trying to get a rough estimate —please send a quick email to Clift Bowman, cbowman24@austin.rr .com, or Doug Wilkins, dougwilkins@, and in the subject line say “Count me in!” We will purchase the tickets (probably upper-deck) in advance, then collect about $7.00 from you two weeks before the game.

UT Men’s Basketball vs. Baylor Bears Shepherd of the Hills Men’s Life cordially invites you to join us for fun, fellowship, and laughs on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at a UT men’s basketball game. We will meet at Scholtz’s Beer Garden around 1:30 p.m. and then head over at 2:45 p.m. for the 3:00 tip off.

See you there! 5

Adult Ministry The Full Life!

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University: Thursdays at SHPC this spring!

A class exploring how to develop a full life with Christ, taught by Larry Coulter Wednesdays 10-11:30 a.m. January 20th -March 10th, Family Ministry Center

“Imagine what the people of God could do for the kingdom of God, if they were debt free.” —Dave Ramsey

Are your New Year’s resolutions of the FINANCIAL variety? Looking to gain some ground and change your family’s financial tree this year?

“Nothing less than life in the steps of Christ is adequate to the human soul or the needs of our world.” —Dallas Willard, The Great Omission

You can find out about all of this and more during the spring session of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, starting Thursday, January 21st and concluding April 1st. For 10 weeks, we will cover 13 lessons on learning how to “Live like no one else so later we can LIVE like no one else,” while developing friendships and celebrating our financial achievements. Classes will run from 6-8 p.m. and care for children 3rd grade and younger is available with a guarantee of 5 or more.

Jesus gave us a complete picture of God, and demonstrated how we can experience vitality and fullness in our life with God (Col. 2:9, Jn. 10:10). The historical Church, despite its divisions and differences, has upheld the core characteristics of Christ's life through what we now call traditions. Taken together, these traditions help us envision a balanced spiritual life. They serve as a guide to help us take on the life of Jesus—to become like Jesus ourselves—and as a result to be transformed from the inside out. Join us for an inspiring time!

Lessons include the following topics: · · · ·

n Prayer-Filled Life: Our heart's steady attention on God n Virtuous Life: Responding with integrity? n Spirit-Empowered Life: Fueling our lives from the presence and power of God? n Compassionate Life: Extending compassion in every sphere of life n Word-Centered Life: Living the life-giving message n Sacramental Life: Encountering the invisible God in the visible world

Investments Insurance Retirement Kids

· · · ·

College Planning Careers Debt Collectors Credit Reports

· Shopping for Bargains · Giving · And More!

Class sign-up is available through members., or in the narthex in January. Class materials are priced at $97.00 and include everything you’ll need and then some. We understand that some who really need this class the most may be the ones who are the least likely to have the means to pay for it. —but full and partial scholarships are available! Contact Chris Gordon (chrisandchrisg@ or Sherry Smith ( to request a scholarship.

us each Wednesday evening beginning January 20th in the library for the NEW release of BreakWEBS (Wednesday Evening Bible Study) will be ing Free by Beth Moore. Our study will include gearing up again! selected passages from the book of Isaiah, drawo you want to know God and really believe ing several parallels between the captive IsraelHim? Do you want to find satisfaction in God, ites and today's Christians, in order to show how experience His peace, and enjoy His presence? to make freedom in Christ a daily reality. To Do you want to make the freedom Christ promregister, please email Sherry Todd at ised a reality in your daily life? If so, please join (280-4145)

WEBS spinning soon



spectrum of the church, not just SAM members. This seems to have been a very practical way for our members to show their neighbors that someone cares about them. The SHPC congregation is truly a loving and caring group. One of the things I enjoyed was talking with the kids who brought their family's boxes. Many of them had ovember and December are always busy months for Shepherd of the Hills seniors, but helped select items for the boxes, helped wrap the boxes, and drew Christmas cards for the retwo events deserve special recognition. cipients. It's wonderful to get our kids involved n November, the Soup to Nuts Luncheon speakin a mission project at such an early age." er was Dr. David Evans, organizing pastor of ooking ahead to 2010, the SAM Council is Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church and planning a number of activities and events. current interim pastor at St. Mark Presbyterian We are making arrangements for an AARP Drivers Church in Boerne, Texas. David combined his Safety Program at the church so that SHPC serecollections of the early days of SHPC with a niors can reduce their auto insurance premiums Thanksgiving message that enthralled the atby ten percent for three years as well as become tendees. After David's presentation, the group enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal, catered by Dagar's better informed about safe driving practices. Watch for an announcement in church bulletins Catering. As Frances Tomlinson commented, "I in January. The February Soup to Nuts will feajoined the church after David left. I really enture a presentation by the dietician at the Heart joyed hearing about the church's beginnings." Hospital of Austin entitled "Nutritional Impacts n October, the SAM Council decided to collect on Cardiovascular Disease." The dietician will Christmas boxes for homebound seniors in the bring handouts and speak about good fats versus Oak Hill community. Council members Lawrence bad fats as well as the foods that you can eat to and Gay Langston suggested the project and lower your LDL or raise your HDL. The presentamade all of the arrangements for its implemention focuses on the importance of knowing your tation — publicizing the program, making a postnumbers (cholesterol, HCL, LDL, triglycerides, er describing contents of the boxes, printing etc.) so that you can know your risk for a heart flyers that were distributed in the narthex, colattack or stroke and take action to avoid them. lecting the boxes, and arranging for Meals on We are also making plans for the SAM Retreat, Wheels to distribute the boxes. which will return to Camp Buckner in April. Inhe response by church members exceeded formation about the retreat program and cost everyone's expectations. A total of 125 box- will be available in early February. es were collected for distribution. The SAM ince October, three members have joined the Council had hoped to collect at least 29 boxes, SAM Council: Norma Burchard, and Ted and which is the number of Fran Miller. Their willingness to serve on the Oak Hill residents that are council and share their talents is appreciated. As on the Meals on Wheels always, members of the council appreciate your route. Because of your suggestions and support for SAM sponsored generosity, other Austin events. seniors, in addition to the Oak Hill residents, will January SAM Events: enjoy the Christmas boxes. MARY MARTHA CIRCLE: Thursday, January 7th Obviously, the council is in portable B at 10 a.m. Our lesson will be most appreciative of the number 4 from our study The Thirteen Apossupport from church memtles titled “Philip, the Deliberate,” and will bers. As Lawrence combe presented by Nita Snyder. The scripture is mented, "We had so many John 1:43-48 A very small sample of the families in the church boxes! participate—a complete







Adult Ministry more January SAM Events:

S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Body & Soul this

GROAN-UPS GAME DAY: second Tuesday, Janu- Spring! ary 12th, in room 7 at 10 a.m. No reservations needed. Join us for games, or bring your Mark your calendars now! favorite game so that we can learn it. In early spring we will offer another “Body & RETIRED CHRISTIAN MEN'S ASSOCIATION: Janu- Soul Yoga” class. Our fall class was quite full and ary 14th & 28th at 10 a.m. in Portable B. No everyone seemed to have a great time. Profesreservation needed. Join us for Christian fel- sional yoga instructor and SHPC member, Jessica Goulding, led us through an interesting variety of lowship and stimulating conversation. For postures and meditations based on Psalm 51. She more information, contact Ron Miller, 892was an excellent instructor who made each per1862 or son feel welcomed no matter what level of expeFELLOWSHIP BRIDGE GROUP will play the secrience. This new spring class will be a great way ond Friday in January — the 8th — at 7 p.m. to shake off the winter doldrums and get fit for in Room 7. Please call Virginia McNutt at spring. It is also a fun way to meet new people 288-7187 or Martha Meador at 288-3341 by that might not otherwise be in your usual circle Tuesday, October 5th if you would like to of SHPC friends. We had all ages, shapes and play. sizes and both men and women. It was a great GOLDEN YEARS LUNCH BUNCH: Saturday, Janu- mix and everyone was very supportive of each ary 9th, location to be determined. Watch the other. So, join us to stretch your body and soul this spring. Sunday announcements for details. FREE SAT TRAINING COURSE AT SHPC January 9th 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m.:: 8th-12th graders SHPC is hosting a completely free SAT prep course for high school students. Our own Rachael Huntley will be leading this free course to help your student get a leg up on this tough exam. Rachael has over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience with a degree in both nuclear engineering and theater arts! She is super cool and very good at what she does. This course is for 8th-12th grade students, and (again) is 100% FREE! Contact Pastor Mike via email prior to Jan 6th to register!


Body & Soul Yoga


Wednesdays 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. March 24th to May 26th


$40 for 8 lessons



Childcare: Yes, for ages 0 to 3rd grade, but you must pre-register in February.

Join the Class of 2010 for their Graduation Dinner Celebration on Sunday Night May 2nd. You are all invited! to a night of prayers, tears and great celebrations as we look at the lives of our graduating seniors. Save the Date May 2nd Attention: Parents of Graduates Please start collecting and digitizing the photos of your grad that you want to have included in the show NOW! Photo deadline is April 1st!



We know that you’ve heard the call that God has placed in our lives to “go in to all the world,” but I’m curious—where are those places for you? We spend about 5% of our week doing churchy stuff, but where do you spend the other 95% of your service time? Some of us serve on the boards of non-profit organizations, some of us help out at camps for for kids who are hurting, some of us serve in our local hospitals and medical centers. I’m looking for stories and information about where you serve when you are not at church so I can say thanks and learn more about how God is using you. —Pastor Mike

Church-Wide Garage Sale March 6, 2010 We need your junk! There will be a church-wide garage sale to offset Pastor Chimwemwe's tuition. Our goal is to raise $5K and we need your help.

Upgrading Your Life from computers to camcorders

Start cleaning out closets and consider donating your items to support this mission. Think about furniture, clothing, baby & children's items, kitchen appliances, tools, etc. Volunteer sign ups and more information coming in the next few months.

Hey folks! If you are planning on upgrading your current computer/TV/video game system for a newer, more powerful one, please let Pastor Mike know before you throw it out or hand it down. Pastor Mike will often refurbish them and pass them on to families in need or find ways to use the equipment in the student ministry.

Questions? Wendy Uzzle 305-3145

In the beginning of December, Mo and Tom O'Meara went to Malawi, Africa to worship with SHPC's sister church in Manyamula. They celebrated the re-dedication of the sanctuary which SHPC helped renovate. They are so thankful for the send-off that they received!

Looking for a chance to get away from it all? Well, I can think of no better place than Mexico... on the Mexico Mission Adventure! You will get to mix it up with all sorts of new folks on the Mexico Mission Adventure this June 6th — 11th. It is truly a life-changing and a life-saving event not to be missed.

Mo especially is grateful to the women of SHPC for the approximately 140 drawstring bags that were made in only a few weeks (!). There was also a generous outpouring of sewing supplies, caps, and many other requested items. Mo sends a big thank you to all.

Join with the Mexico Mission Adventure Team as we build homes for our brothers and sisters across the border. For more information contact Gaston Broyles. 9

Cameron enjoyed eating the candy as much as making the house! Thks we had a great time. @deanne_rais

Children’s Ministry News Glue gun, that is the way to go!! Well almost, anyway! James & Lauren had a ball eating the candy. Next year I will pack a hammer and nails @angela_peterson

Twas a few weeks before Xmas And all through the car, Were Christmas ads, bags, and lists, I seemed to never get far. But then to the church We pulled in at last We signed up to make a gingerbread House (really fast!) I didn't really have to time To "waste" doing this~ With presents to buy to Fill everyone's wish. We went in to a table That held our own kit, We opened candies and icing Pretty cool, I'll admit. It started out slowly With sticky stuff galore. But then gumdrops became bushes, "Snow" icing on a door.

The preschool children had a festive holiday season full of creative crafts, joyous music and the wonder of the CHRISTmas story. The students and parents adopted three refugee families in which they generously donated gifts for five young children as well as HEB gift cards. As always, the Christmas program was precious and the class parties were very memorable with lots of Kodak moments. While Santa was a big hit at the Christmas parties, the special focus of the month was Baby Jesus’ birthday. Preschool will be back in session on January 6 with the Winter Wonderland unit, followed by lessons on nursery rhymes and dinosaurs. —Gina Budd, Preschool Board

Then all of a sudden It was time to go? That two hours flew by While we decorated our dough! The best part of all Was the fun that we had! Watching the kids get creative Tickled each mom and dad. As Luke proudly carried His house out to the car My "lists" became replaced With something more important, by far. It’s so hard at this time to just slow down and enjoy, But it was worth every minute For me and my boy! @elizabeth_buffler


This year's children's pageant was a big hit with young and old alike! In addition to the amazing story of Christ's birth, we enjoyed disgruntled sheep, shepherds singing the blues and angels lobbying for glitter, glitter, and MORE GLITTER! Here’s a photo to give you a glimpse of the show...

DISCIPLINE doing what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it The KidStuf team is looking forward to a relaxed, refreshing holiday season... without rehearsals. Join Cammi, Sam, Vinnie, Gordo, and the rest of the gang in FEBRUARY (February 10th, to be exact) — and wish the KidStuf team a very merry Christmas when you see ‘em!

Rev. Clement G.C. Munthali Henga C.C.A.P. Congregation c/o P. O. Box 30 Enuckweni, Mzimba Malawi

Wally & Euna Faye Pryor The Querencia 2500 Barton Creek Room 214 Austin TX 78735 phone: 330-9973

Andrew, Carissa, Charlotte & Finley Milam 3300 Big Bend Dr. Austin TX 78731 Karen Davis new phone: Barbara Ables 512.207.0488 6636 W. Wm. Cannon Dr. Apt. 918 Austin, TX 78735-8544


Joys – Paul Floyd, Beaman’s brother, has returned from Afghanistan—preschool teacher Natalie Fuselier and family, who lost their house to a fire in May, have started building a new house—Chase Breed, son of Debbie & Rollin Breed, arrived in Austin from Afghanistan on November 27th—Benjamin Forrest Houston was born Nov. 18th to Dawn & Taylor Houston and big brother Levi—Keeley Hannah Rhoads was born to Ken & Roz Seiler's granddaughter, Ashley, on November 23rd

Sorrows – Bruce Roberson’s brother, Chester Roberson, passed away recently—Kim Cline’s mother passed away very unexpectedly of a heart attack in early December—Kim Humphries passed away very unexpectedly on Thanksgiving weekend Please pray for — Lillie Bean’s great-granddaughters, preemie girl triplets of Cody & Kristen Simmons, born December 14th—Curtis Williams, hospitalized with pneumonia—residents of Karongo, Malawi, following an earthquake there on December 6th— Lori Whitmire’s father, monitoring early-stage cancer —Madeline Brock, slowly improving following an attack of diverticulitis on Dec. 12th—Andrew Brock, recovering from shoulder surgery—Julia Domicoli, that the new infusion treatments will bring healing— Jim Immitt, searching for finance employment—Tom O’Meara’s friend Janet Robinson, diagnosed with melanoma—Angela Peterson’s dear friend, Jennifer Hedrick Riedel and her family, after her father’s death—Garrett Knolle, the very premature baby born in Qatar, breathing much better and generally improving—former preschool teacher Lydie Jessin’s son, Liam, on the transplant list for lungs—former preschool teacher Jessica Graffunder’s niece, Caroline, lost her battle with leukemia—Debbie Dillard’s aunt, hospitalized with health problems—Melissa Lutke's friend, Carmen Alvarado, died Dec. 10th; strength and comfort to her family —Deb Coulter Bueide’s son’s best friend, 6-yr-old West Riley, killed in a plane crash December 8th, along with his grandfather, Kent Riley—Kathy Kalda’s father, lung cancer—Pam Gonzalez, recovering from surgery—Bill Brock’s mother, Charlotte Webb, cancer that has spread to the bones of her spine—Pattie Lawrence’s cousin Devon, missing following attending a concert in Frankfurt, Germany on November 20th, as well as Devon’s family—Sheryl Hall’s uncle Howard Long’s family, strength, courage & comfort upon his passing —Sheryl Hall’s son, Shane, safe trip to and from Costa Rica—Jim Reeves, nephew of Deb Fowler, deployed Nov 22nd for 6 months—Master Plan Committee as they move through the next phase—Pastor Clement Munthali — the congregation of Manyamula Presbyterian Church—Pastor Chimwemwe Mhango and his family

Please pray for members of the Armed Forces, loved ones, and all world leaders involved in war zone crises including: Larry Roberman, brother of Lori Whitmire... Marco Vasquez, friend of Thure & Shannon Cannon... Paul Floyd, brother of Beaman... Darrel Debbish, father of friend of Meredith Warren... Keri Reeves and Jim Reeves, niece and nephew of Deb Fowler... Scott Bossie, brother-in-law of Rachel Cloyd... Eric Huerta, nephew of Michael McNelley’s co-workers... Brian Lugo, grandson of Joy Essary and son of Jennifer Sims... Derek & Kristi Fisher's nephew, John Fisher...



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Caren Zysk, Howard Wentworth, Grant Schneider, Cole Hardwick, Jake Wentworth Lisa Simpson, Norwood Williams, Shane Wilkins, Stephen Bush, Abby Aardema, Sam Aardema Jack Gilchrist, Nicole Wynne, Joseph Soto Peggy Tinnes, Preston Wheeler Kent Stromberg, Kimber Wilkins, Keith Ashorn, Allie Spink Matthew Lineberry, Georgia Edwards Jim Black, Kate Fetty, Garrison Land, Maggie Oliver Clyde Hudson, Sarah Morgan Pauline Beezley, Marie Velliquette, Liz Flynn, Tiffany Kapture, Carissa Milam, Elizabeth Cognetti, Tsheila Ngalamulume Mike Icenhauer-Ramirez, Griffin Klein Roger Wade, Gloria Drake, Bill Trevillion Rachel Parmer, Jane Guernsey, Grace Buffler Pat Franzolino, Lisa Crawford, Ashley Franco, Cameron Stuewe, Chance Valdes Dan Bjeletich, Erica Taylor, Rita Teague Warren Hyde, Pattie Lawrence, Paky Callahan Kim Grubb, Allison Junkin, John McDaniel


7 p.m.

6:30 p.m.


7 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

6 p.m.

10 a.m.


10 a.m. 7 p.m.


7 p.m.


9:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 5:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.


Financial Peace University, port. B (begins 1/21) Worship Choir, rm 5 :: Jesus In the Gospels, library

The Full Life (begins 1/20), FMC Evergreen, Student Lounge :: Foundations, port. B (resumes 1/20) Handbell Choir, rm. 5 :: Wednesday Evening Bible Study (WEBS), library (resumes 1/20) :: The Story: the class, FMC (begins 1/13) Praise & Worship rehearsal, sanctuary :: Evermore, Student Lounge

Icing on the Cake, port. B Disciple 2, library

Disciple 1, library

The Ark, UpStreet, Faithwalk The Ark, Live B.I.G. Young Adults, library Everlast, Student Lounge :: Everafter, FMC


Prayer Shawl Ministry, rm. 7

SAM Council Meeting

No Faithwalk

Fellowship Bridge Group, rm. 7

Disciple 2, library Mary-Martha Circle, port. B


“Groan”-Ups Game Day, rm. 7

Installation of church officers

Retired Men’s Christian Association, port B Book Group, rm 7

The Story: the class (begins), FMC

Disciple 2, library Financial Peace University (begins), FMC

The Full Life (begins), FMC

Retired Men’s Christian Association, port B

12 p.m.

31 Sunday

1:30 p.m.

30 Saturday

Annual Congregational Meeting, FMC Evergreen/Evermore retreat returns

Men’s Life to UT Basketball

Evergreen/Evermore retreat departs

29 Friday

10 a.m.

28 Thursday

February Childcare Deadline

22 Friday

9:30 a.m. 6:30 p.m.

21 Thursday

10 a.m.

20 Wednesday

Everlast/Everafter Ski Trip returns

18 Monday


17 Sunday

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Everlast/Everafter Ski Trip departs

15 Friday

10 a.m. 7 p.m.

14 Thursday

6:30 p.m.

13 Wednesday

10 a.m.

12 Tuesday

11 a.m.

10 Sunday

10:30 a.m. SAT Workshop 11:30 a.m. Golden Years Lunch Bunch

9 Saturday

7 p.m.

8 Friday

9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.

7 Thursday

6 Wednesday

7 p.m.

5 Tuesday

10 a.m.

4 Monday

9:30 a.m.

3 Sunday

The church office will be closed.

1 Friday