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For me? Why, thank you! It’s true, November is for thanksgiving, with a small

a capital T .

But on the off chance some are already preparing for Christmas, this issue we’re focusing on exactly that — getting ready for Christmas. Not only do we have our first-ever Gift Guide (duplicated on for those who click-and-shop), but we have a variety of articles on ways to prepare for The Season. So curl up by the fireside (!) and enjoy!

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An-ti-ci-pa-tion ...


ovember is a month of anticipation. We look forward to cooler weather, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Christmas season. We also begin to think about what presents we are going to get for our loved ones. Each year people ask me if I have any suggestions for Christian books/DVDs/Bibles that they might buy for their spouse/child/grandchild/friend that might draw them into God’s broader story. This year we decided to put together a suggestion list that might be helpful for you in your shopping. If you like to shop online, you can find these selection on the book page on our website, I hope it is helpful.

Special Section: Preparing for Christmas 3-8 Children’s Ministry 9-10 Family Ministry 11 Tools for the Journey: Listen Adult Ministry 13-16 Mission 8, 18 Stewardship 12 Ask the Budget Guy 17-18 How About a Game of Freeze Tag? Presby Personals 12, 14, 19 SHPC Calendar 21

Also in November: "Living after graduation"


f you look in the book of Acts in the Bible you will notice that the final chapter ends somewhat abruptly. The writer chose not to tie it up in a neat package and signal the ending. And I think that is on purpose. The acts of Christ's followers are not yet done. In fact, each day that Christians live they are writing a new chapter in the work of Christ in our world. And we get to be a part of the chapter that is even now being written.


hroughout the fall we have searched the story of David to understand how God prepares to use us to make a difference in the world that God loves. We have seen how God takes us to Shepherd’s School to grow us and make us into effective disciples. However, it is entirely possible for us to be fully prepared but never take up the challenge of being a part of Christ’s work. In other words, “What are you going to do when you graduate from Shepherd's School?” This is the essential question that we will ask in worship this November. See you on Sunday —

Sermons for November Sermon Series: What are you going to do after graduation? Nov 5 7 What are you going to do after graduation? Making the Most of Your Time Nov 12 0 What are you going to do after graduation? Matching Your Gifts to the Opportunity Nov 19 9 What are you going to do after graduation? Investing for the Future Nov 26 2 Samuel 24: 18-25 Graduate Work at the Shepherd’s School


How do I prepare for Christmas?

SHPC Gift Guide You’d think we’d either be so anti-commercial that we would only have a couple of ideas, or we would be just overflowing with great suggestions. The reality seems to be both — it took me a long time to get folks going, but once some of them started, hoo boy! Enjoy. — Ed.

— Steve Beard


reparing for the Christmas season has been an evolutionary process for me. When I was a kid all I thought about was presents, baby Jesus, presents, the Christmas tree, presents, lights, presents, food, presents, the family getting together, presents, oh yes did I mention the presents?

Bibles We’ll start here — that’s what springs to mind in a church, after all. Larry Coulter writes: There are two helpful criteria for picking a Bible. The first is translation. The translations that we use here at SHPC are the New Revised Standard Version or NRSV. This is the translation that we use in worship. The second most popular around SHPC is the NIV or New International Version. I would suggest picking a Bible with either of these translations.


s a teen and young adult, I started thinking more about the birth of Jesus, presents, the overall season, and dreading having to buy presents for everybody. I would procrastinate buying my gifts until the day before Christmas, and then talk my sister into I would [...] give helping me with my someone the last-minute shopping.

spiritual s a new father, I equivalent of this started enjoying awesome display family gatherings a lot more because I could show off my beautiful girls. I also started thinking about the gift of Jesus more. I started thinking about needing to work on instilling both in my family and myself the values of a spiritual Christmas instead of the materialistic view. But the pressure to give and receive gifts is always present in some form.


After picking the translation the second criteria are found in editors’ “goodies.” This is the additional material provided in the Bible to assist in its reading. As an example, a Study Bible will have study notes, maps and other articles that will help in your study. These are really preferences, so I suggest you explore a little bit. For instance pick a scripture, for instance, Matthew 5 (the beatitudes). Look it up in several different Bibles. Look at the notes and the “helps” and see which one you prefer. Happy Studying!


oday, as a dad of teens, time seems to accelerate. The Christmas season starts earlier and earlier. I walked into Lowe’s on October 16th and was overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas stuff on display. Trees, lights, inflatable Santas... an amazing display of how commercial the Christmas season has become in our society.

The Message with translation by Eugene Peterson. The Message is a translation of the New Testament in contemporary English that many people have grown to love for devotional reading. Occasionally we will even use The Message in worship. It is helpful in study as a comparison but not as your primary study Bible.


stood there and thought to myself that this Christmas, instead of bowing to all the many pressures of decorating, entertaining, and buying, I would instead try and help give someone the spiritual equivalent of this awesome display, by trying to bring Jesus

Carol Ideker, who works for Cokesbury, makes the following suggestions: Bibles for Adults Archaeological Study Bible - highlights the archaeological, historical, and cultural continued, next page background of the Bible

continued, next page


Gift Guide, cont’d.

Franklin Holy Bible - an electronic pocket Bible

NIV Quest Study Bible - addresses common, uncommon and perplexing questions people ask about the Bible

Bibles for Tweens and Teens Teen Study Bible - ages 12 - 15

NIV Women of Faith Study Bible emphasizes Christ's message of grace and freedom

True Images: The Bible for Teen Girls Revolution: The Bible for Teen Guys

Women's Devotional Bible

Teen Devotional Bible

Men's Devotional Bible

Bibles for Children Max Lucado Daily Devotional Bible - for kids ages 8 - 12

Preparing, cont’d.

closer into somebody’s life like he has recently come into mine. I have come to the realization that buying presents and the other stresses of the holiday season should be replaced by the joy of thinking about what is really important here — about how awesome God is, to give the earth His only Son to be our Savior.

NIV 2:52 Boys Bible - boys, ages 8 - 12 Young Women of Faith Bible - girls, ages 8 12 Kid's Quest Study Bible - ages 6 - 10 The Beginner's Bible - ages 6 and under NIrV "Read with Me" Bible - ages 4 to 8


e may not be able to escape the commercialism of Christmas, but we can use its symbols to remind ourselves, our children, and our neighbors of the deeper meaning of Christmas. I found the following thoughts on the Internet, author uncertain:

Veggie Tales Bible Storybook

Books Dick Powell, our seminary intern, suggests: C. S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia The boxed set is an excellent gift for children beginning about age eight. I continue to read the stories and find them a rich addition to my theological education. Lewis an Oxford Don and Christian apologist writes with precision and weaves tales that evoke awe, wonder and soaring imagination.

Let the pure green color of the Christmas tree remind us that the fir remains green all year ‘round, depicting the everlasting hope of mankind. The brilliant star that tops the tree is the heavenly sign of promises long ago. God promised a Savior for the world, and the star was the sign of fulfillment to His promise. A candle often symbolizes that Christ is the light of the world, and when we see this light we are reminded of He who displaces darkness.

Eugene Peterson. Traveling Light: Modern Meditation on St. Paul's Freedom Letter. Peterson breaks Paul's letter to the Galatians down into bite-sized pieces, each of which ends up being a meal in and of itself. It is an excellent study of the book and written in a story style that incorporates Peterson's excellent command of the language.

A wreath can symbolize the real nature of love, that, like a circle, never ceases. The holly leaf can represent the crown of thorns worn by our Savior and the berries represent the blood shed by Him. A gift can be given to remind us that God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son. A candy cane can symbolize the shepherd’s hook. The crook on the staff helps to bring back the strayed sheep to the flock and we are reminded we are our brother’s keeper.

Frederick Buechner. Peculiar Treasures: A Biblical Who's Who Buechner brings to live the familiar and not familiar characters of the Bible. Who was Xerxes? What did Peterson think of Paul? continued, next page

And angels heralded in the glorious news of the Savior’s birth. The angels sang — Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace and good will toward men.



ow do I prepare for Christmas? As a child, I greeted this holiday the way my dog greets dinner — tail wagging the body, eyes shining, mouth watering. I could not get enough of Christmas. It was my favorite time of year. As an adult, I find that the holiday season sends a different kind of shiver down my spine. “Will I get it all done?” is my uppermost concern as I timidly accept that the holidays are upon us.

Gift Guide, cont’d.

What about Mary Magdalene? This is an excellent source book for fleshing out the qualities and character of the folks in the scriptures. Larry’s book suggestions: Here are several books that your gift receiver might find interesting. I have included a book cover blurb on some of them. I would encourage you to look online for more info or look in the Christianity section at your preferred bookstore.

Making Christmas Memories — Kathy Lewis

M. Craig Barnes. Searching For Home: Spirituality for Restless Souls Barnes creatively addresses the theme of drifting nomads searching for sanctuary. The book draws on formal and informal sociological research enlivened by the wisdom of pastoral experience. Weaving his father's story into the framework of Dante's Divine Comedy, Barnes makes the quest relevant, riveting, and prophetic.


ears ago, Madeline Brock led a workshop based on the book, Unplug the Christmas Machine by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli. (I wanted to attend but, of course, I could not find the time.) This title rolled around in my brain for years. It finally lodged into place when my youngest child was born — Dec. 15th, smack in the middle of the holiday season. That year I could not get it all done. I was forced to pick through the myriad events and choose a very few that would make Christmas real for myself and for my family.

James R. Edwards. Is Jesus The Only Savior? Just the right book to speak to those in the church who find it hard, if not impossible, to reconcile their faith in one who claimed to be the only begotten Son of God with their (often unconscious) cultural commitment to relativism, pluralism, and multiculturalism. A book that will also speak to skeptics and seekers who are drawn to Christ. (Ed. Note: see the new Adult Ministry class, page 8)


reached into my memories to find those things that defined Christmas for me and I came up with: traditions, magic, the spirit of giving, peace and comfort and a celebration of birth. Christmas is a magical season celebrating the miracle of a virgin birth. Ultimately, it is Christ’s presence on this earth that delivers peace and comfort throughout the ages. And so I have built our family traditions around these sentiments.


look to Advent to provide the physical structure around our holiday season. Every Sunday in Advent, we share a formal dinner together. The first of December signals the time to hang the advent calendar with its daily treats or ornaments to hang on the felt Christmas tree. We have adopted a tradition from my husband's growing up years. We celebrate Santa Lucia day on December 13th when we bake buns and share them with our friends and neighbors. We have a regular get-together with longtime friends to build gingerbread houses and we always find a way to share with others through the Angel Tree

Ronald J. Sider. The Scandal Of The Evangelical Conscience: Why Are Christians Living Just Like the Rest of the World? A strongly biblical, unflinching, thoughtful assessment of the attitudes and practices of self-identified evangelicals relative to American culture at large. Alan Jacobs. The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis continued, next page


Gift Guide, cont’d.

Philip Jenkins. The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History and Religious Studies at Penn State University, explores how 21st-century Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere will be more vibrant, orthodox, and culturally transforming than it usually is in the Northern Hemisphere

If you want to read just one book about C. S. Lewis, this is it. A deeply insightful yet broadly accessible intellectual biography, written in an engaging voice. Eugene H. Peterson. Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology Authoritative, vital, timely, scriptural, and urgently spiritual. This is an uncompromising thesis on what it means to let God play out his life through his broken people and their redemptive communities of faith.

And finally, any of the following by Philip Yancy: Rumors of Another World What's So Amazing About Grace? Reaching for the Invisible God The Jesus I Never Knew (Christian Book of the Year Winner) Where Is God When it Hurts? (Gold Medallion Winner Disappointment with God (Gold Medallion winner) The Bible Jesus Read (Gold Medallion winner) The Gift of Pain (Gold Medallion winner)

James Calvin Schaap. Startling Joy: Seven Magical Stories of Christmas

Memories, cont’d.

or a similar charity. But it is Christmas Eve that is the most precious time in our holiday season.


hen I was a teenager and on into my early adult life, I always looked forward to the midnight service on Christmas Eve. When children entered our household, I had to give up this tradition. I felt a great loss until I spent time considering what it was that I gained from attending service every year. When I left the church bathed in candlelight, silence all around and the sound of “Silent Night” echoing in my ears, it was then that God's peace and comfort descended upon me like a warm blanket against the coldness of daily life. So it is with this in mind that I have built my family’s Christmas Eve tradition. When we can, we attend an early church service. Afterwards, we share a modest meal together and re-read the story of Christ's birth, as a family. I look forward to the days when my children will be old enough to enjoy the magic of the midnight service, but for now, our ritual evokes the feelings of those services while being appropriate for their ages.

From Carol Ideker: Books for Children Marty Nystrom. Don't Mess with Moses!— fun poems about the Bible Stephen M. Miller. Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible for Kids Young Reader's Bible Dictionary, Abingdon Press

Magazine Subscriptions From Larry Coulter: Christianity Today Christianity Today is one of the leading Christian magazines available, both online and in printed format. The popular publication covers world, national, church and ministry news. Find practical advice on every aspect of Christian life from entertainment to shopping, parenting and marriage resources, help with college and seminary selection, community guides, and sermon aids. With Christianity Today, you will never run out of reading material.


do not always make it through the season without getting overwhelmed and many times I agree to more activities than are feasible. But having thought through those things that are the most meaningful to our family, I am always able to scale back to the essentials and ultimately rest in God’s peace and comfort.

continued, next page


Gift Guide, cont’d.

Breakaway (for boys 12 and up) Brio for guys

Christian History and Biography Each issue offers thoroughly researched accounts of the people and events that have shaped Christianity through the centuries. Great graphics, beautiful illustrations and photos, and colorful timelines and maps all enhance the interesting and informative writing.

Christmas albums by Christian artists more from Larry Coulter: The Christmas Sessions — Artist: MercyMe The worship band that brought us "I Can Only Imagine" offers their very first Christmas CD.

Books & Culture Books & Culture presents reviews and evangelical analysis of the books, trends, film, and ideas that shape our society. Some of the best-known authors of our time dig deeply into current issues and analyze them from a Christian perspective, revealing how our culture reshapes itself as society changes.

Believe — Artist: Natalie Grant A collection of Christmas classics. A Christmas to Remember — Artist: Amy Grant Handel's Messiah, The Complete Work — Artists: The London Celebration Choir & Orchestra This two CD collection offers an aweinspiring performance of George Frideric Handel's majestic oratorio.

Sojourners Published since 1971, Sojourners is an ecumencial Christian magazine with a strong commitment to social justice and activism. Articles underscore the intersection of faith, politics, and culture, and address current events and issues such as spirituality, poverty, racism, and nonviolence. Readers come from a wide variety of backgrounds within Christianity, and beyond. They actively seek the connection between their faith and social justice, and an alternative vision for the church and society.

The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree — Artists: Veggies & Wynonna Everyone's favorite animated vegetables perform original holiday songs . All I Really Want — Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman Absolute Favorite Christmas — Artists: Various This 2 disc, 25 song collection of great holiday music features Rock and Pop performances from Christian artists including "Bethlehem Dawn" (Todd Agnew), "O Holy Night" (Barlow Girl), "What I Want for Christmas" (Big Tent Revival), "Who You Are" (Smalltown Poets), "Christ Is Come" (Big Daddy Weave), and "Sing, Mary, Sing" (Jennifer Knapp).

Christian Century An ecumenical journal of opinion and news with a broad approach to topics of religion, culture and world affairs. Clubhouse (for kids 8-12) This magazine for kids reinforces values and promotes family closeness with hands-on activities, challenging puzzles and exciting stories.

Norman Rockwell Christmas Memories — Artists: Regency Singers & Orchestra A nostalgic collection of holiday classics.

Brio (for girls 12-16) Packed with feature articles and stories that encourage teen girls 13-16 to make good choices.

iWorship: A Christmas Offering — Artists: Various The dual CD/DVD collection of various artists of Christmas with worship Handel's Young Messiah — Artists: Various continued, next page


Gift Guide, cont’d.

but brightly decorated, making them both appealing to the eye and easy for little ones to handle. My suggestion is ordering now so that you have the figurines in time for the Christmas season-- it will give you a great way to re-enact the story of Jesus' birth while they play along. Don't expect to put them away after Christmas though.... a few of my recipients have chosen to keep them out year 'round they like them so much!

This contemporary version of Handel's "Messiah" brings together various artist in a more modern Christmas version of the classic masterpiece.

Toys and Games for Children from Carol Ideker: Noah's Memory Match-up Game - ages 4 and up Bible Action Heroes Match-up Game - ages 4 and up

Can be found at, item # HB6772.

from Britta Dukes, Director of Children’s Ministry:

from Kim Arthur, Director of Nursery Ministry, & Kimbol Soques, SHPC publications

If you're in the market for a nativity scene made specifically for children, then I have the item for you! In the past three years, I've probably purchased seven or eight of these sets for various special kids in my life, and every one of them has loved it! The pieces are not only nice and chunky,

A gift we love to give is the Fisher-Price Little People nativity scene. It’s the same sturdy pieces you know from the Little People Garage or Farm ... in fact, the farm animals could just come on over to Jesus’ house for a visit with the sheep! Kimbol further notes: The thing my elementary-aged children immediately yank out of the Christmas decorations box is our Playmobil nativity scene. Small parts (very small parts!) make it less appropriate for children under 3, but the detail appeals to the older ones, giving a wealth of opportunities for re-imagining the Christmas story. (The camel has its own tasseled harness!) This will be our sixth Christmas with it ... and we still have the angel’s 1 cm halo. If that isn’t evidence of God’s small mercies ... !

Thank you, IHN Volunteers! You have followed God's command and shown compassion for our brothers and sisters in their time of crisis. Several of you put in double or triple time May God's blessings be returned to you. Thank you! Mo & Tom O'Meara, Richard Chase, Gayle & Greg & Jane & Hannah Guernsey, Marsha Holt, Maria Tissing, Brenda & Alyssa Gonzales Lopez, Garland Griffith, Myrna & Kathy Lewis, Tommye Sprotte, Will Petty, Wayne Crawley, Allen Lepley, Roz Seiler, Pat Haberman, Jeannie Collier, Rich, Laura, Emily, Kaitlyn & Lindsy Morales, Barbara Christenson, Bill & Jane Hall, Karen & Dean & Greg Doscher, Rita Nowakowski, Eliza & Clay & Sarah & Chris Morgan, Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez, Karla Snell, Ryan Jones, Zoe Clements, The Lawrences, Melissa Latke, Britta Dukes, Hester Louw, Jennifer Franco, Carolyn Allen, The Warrens, Sally Jo Elliott, Larry Land, Sue Frye, Glenna Jaeger, Sarah Golliher and volunteers from our supporting churches Faith Presbyterian Church and Abiding Love Lutheran Church.

Non-traditional Submitted anonymously: I think that as a culture we've made Christmas implode, rather than explode, if you get the idea. That's why my family enjoys the Heifer International program. We still give the littler ones their gifts but the older ones really enjoy sharing with other people.

If I've missed your name or misspelled it, please let me know and I do apologize. Sarah Stranahan — 264-2319, 8

Introducing…. The Ark, KidStuf and UpStreet!


007 is just around the corner, and with its arrival, we'll also be seeing some exciting changes in the programming offered for children's ministry. I'd like to share with you some of the changes you can expect along with a glossary of terms to help familiarize you with this new "speak" you'll be hearing frequently at the church.

their own lives. UpStreet covers one virtue a month for three years, so by the time a child attends between Kindergarten and 5th grade, they will have covered all 36 virtues twice, as well as over 150 Scripture stories.

Hooray for 2 Sunday school hours…


pStreet will be offered at both the 9:30 and 11:00 services. However, because this curriculum is based on building relationships with and ased on what Jesus modeled among children in small groups, in Luke 2:52, "And Jesus we are asking that each family grew in wisdom and stature and decide by the end of December favor with God and man," we which time your child(ren) will want every child to grow up and attend. This will allow us to say: place them in small groups with a shepherd who will meet them I need to make the WISE weekly until the end of choice. the school year in I can TRUST God no matter May. what. he Ark, which I should treat OTHERS the is the new name way I want to be treated. of our nursery and preschool program ur new Sunday School profor newborns to four and fivegram for Kindergarten th year-olds not yet in school, is through 5 graders is called UpStreet. It is based on a small also offered during both the group/large group format, using 9:00 and 11:00 worship servica large group for Bible storytell- es. ing and worship and a small … and a Wednesday group for personal night program! interaction as kids learn n addition to this teaching on to apply Sunday, we will also be offerBiblical ing KidStuf on one Wednesday truths to night per month between Jan-






uary and May. KidStuf is where kids take their parents to learn. It's a fast, noisy, zany, multimedia, kid-focused, parent-centered, virtue-driven 45-minute extravaganza. KidStuf is the best way for parents to catch up on what we talked about on UpStreet so they can keep on talking about it all week long.


idStuf is a family production based on the monthly virtue being studied. Because it is family-oriented, at least one parent, grandparent or caregiver must attend with a child. Our goal is to provide a highenergy environment designed for parents and kids to enjoy a shared experience and grow in faith and character. KidStuf complements the teaching done during UpStreet on Sunday mornings and allows us the chance to give you as parents new tools to continue teaching lessons of faith the other six days of the week.

… and take-home tools for parents, too!


n addition, we will also be offering "Family Times Virtue Packs," a monthly resource to help you rediscover family time which includes: Morning Time note cards, MealTime cards for

family discussions, DriveTime CD loaded with fun should never be boring, worship can be really for kids, music and practical parenting advice loud, and good leaders really care. and BedTime cards with Bible stories to share KidStuf: Where elementary-age kids take their with your children. If you would like further parents to learn about character and faith! information about these family resources, please It's a lively 45-minute time together that hapcheck out pens one Wednesday night a month. This is our opportunity to partner with parents so Mark your calendars now to attend we can help each other in ways that allows these 5 Wednesday KidStuf prokids to grow in wisdom, faith and friendship.

ductions: January 10th :: February 7th :: March 7th :: April 11th :: May 2nd


n each of these nights, dinner will be offered from 6 - 6:30 p.m.for a nominal fee, followed by the KidStuf extravaganza from 6:307:15 p.m. We'd love to see all of our families commit to make these a priority since they're a wonderful way for parents and children to grow together in faith.

Family Time Virtue Packs: A monthly resource designed to be strategically placed within your home as reminders of a specific virtue and its related principles this month. They should be placed in the location that corresponds with the time they are to be used. These pieces will be constant reminders to you and your children and help you to prioritize each of the four family times (morning time, drive time, meal time and bed time).

Morning Time: Encouragement cards that you can fill out to tell your kids how you feel For more information‌ about them. Remember that encouraging If you would like to take a peek at a KidStuf prowords add emotional fuel to a child's life, duction so you have a better feel for what I'm providing inspiration and boosting their spirit describing, please check out these links: like no one but a parent can do. Drive Time: A CD that contains KidJam for children and Parenting Matters for adults. Ki dJam is produced in a radio broadcast format Likewise, you can find out more info about Kidwith interesting characters and fun, energetStuf at or feel free to contact ic music. Listening to Parenting Matters me at I'd love to answer any when you have some time alone allows you additional questions you may have. access to special features about current topics related to Family Times. God bless,


Meal Time: Choose one meal time a week to spend time talking about the monthly virtue with your children. The MealTime design provides your family with a unique strategy to learn virtues. The D.E.E.D. model gives you a week each month to Define, Evaluate, Encourage and Decide about the virtue.

The Ark: This is our Sunday morning environment for preschoolers. In The Ark, we want our young ones to know that God made them, Bed Time: Spend time with your child at bedGod loves them, and Jesus wants to be their time by choosing one bedtime per week to friend forever. This is our opportunity to read these cards with your child. Each card give every preschool child a first impression contains a Bible story to share with your of God as a loving Creator. child, a suggested Bible reading that relates to the story, key questions and fun facts. UpStreet: On Sunday mornings, this is a place Spend a few minutes with your child as you where kids, K-5th grade, learn to trust God, tuck them in and make notes of the time make wise choices, and build lasting friendshared in the space provided on the card. ships. On UpStreet, we believe the Bible 10


If you look hard enough at your children, you will begin to see a reflection of yourself. Do you like the person that you see?


To parent our kids we often have to “re-parent” ourselves. Now I grew up in a seriously dysfunctional home, so take this for what it’s worth. Have you ever listened to yourself? I mean really listened to yourself, to those little voices that reside in your head. You know, the ones that tell how you are doing or what you should be doing. Many people have entire conversations going on in their heads without even saying a word out loud. I invite you to begin to hear what you are saying. Can you identify whose voice is speaking and who in your family they sound like? For me, I have three that speak to me quite regularly (no I am not crazy) — and I believe that most of us have these voices (so who’s crazy now?).

The first voice I hear is of me as a child. This voice is filled with wonder and insecurity. It wants to do everything but lives in fear of getting hurt or failing. This voice is often with me when I am doing something brand new or scary. The second voice is me today. Calm rational, spiritual, parental. This is the main voice in my inner dialogue. I need to listen to this voice more! The last voice is that of a father. My dad was never a great role model. He tried but his life was a jumble of compromise and pain. My dad’s voices rings in my head with very critical messages. You’re a loser... You can’t do that....

Don’t be so emotional... Stop crying... The funny thing is that my real father has not said those things to me in about 25 years. As parents we need to identify those voices that speak to our hearts and minds and correct any mistruths they are speaking. Why? Because our kids, through us, begin to hear those broken messages that have been passed down the ages. Find ways to encourage yourself and you will find ways to encourage your kid. Find ways to listen to yourself and you will find ways to listen to your children — I’m praying for ya Pastor Mike


Third Quarter Stewardship Report

Donors 70 ½ and older are eligible.

This year God has blessed SHPC more than we could imagine. We have some exciting times ahead of us with the direction God is leading us. I ask that each of you continue praying for this church and all we have been blessed with.

The PPA option is available in 2006 and 2007 only. As much as $100,000 can be donated EACH year. The gift must be 100% charitable. It can be made directly to the church or used to establish a new permanent endowment fund or be added to an existing fund.

As of the end of September, we were behind in committed receipts by 8 percent as compared to budgeted commitments. As we approach the end of Your IRA administrator must send the 2006, I encourage you to look at where check directly to the church or charitayou are with your financial commitment ble organization to qualify. to this church and if behind, please try to catch up so that we can conThe gift can satisfy minimum tinue God’s work in the direction I encourage you to look required distributions, reducing He has led us. at where you are [...] reportable income. Also, for those of you with IRAs, recent legislation offers a new opportunity for you if you are:

so that we can continue New Covenant Trust Company can God’s work in the assist you in rolling over your 401 direction He has led us. (k) or 403 (b) into an IRA to take advantage of this opportunity.

Age 70 ½ or older

If you have questions or would like more details, you can also contact Ann Earnest, Presbyterian Foundation Development Officer at 866-746-6730 or

Own an IRA, and Regularly make charitable contributions.

The new Pension Protection Act of 2006 allows you to make distributions directly from your IRA Yours in Christ — to one or more charities without the distributions being included in taxable income and subject to Don Nowakowski Stewardship Chairman withholding. Previously, if you wanted to use IRA funds for a charitable contribution, you had to withdraw money from your IRA and then contribute it. The amount you withdrew was taxable, and the deduction for the contribution may or may not have offset the tax. Another benefit of the new legislation is that the funds transferred from your IRA to a charity count towards your mandatory withdrawal. Example: Suppose Mary has $700,000 in an IRA and will be required to withdraw approximately $35,000 this year, and suppose further that Mary wants to contribute $10,000 to her church. She can authorize the trustee of the IRA to transfer $10,000 to her church and $25,000 to herself. The $10,000 distributed to the church will not be subject to tax.

Thank you! I would like to thank all those who called, sent cards and showed concerns after my unfortunate fall the latter part of July (broken shoulder). It’s such a good feeling to know that people care and want th help. I am getting along well. I go to therapy twice a week now and work out twice a day at home, but it’s going to be a long haul. I especially want to thank those who are so generous of their time in taking me to my therapy sessions: Hal Elliott, Jane Hall, Rose Kubena, and Marilyn & Dan Lawler — who not only take me to my sessions, but always bring me a muffin when they pick me up. Thank you, each one. Joty Majika

Key points to keep in mind: 12

NEW Adult Sunday School Class begins in November!

Is Jesus the Only Savior? How should Christians think of other religions? What about the Jews? Is belief in Jesus a threat to world peace? Is Post-modernism a postmortem for the faith? These are only some of the questions that this class will address. The confusion and fusion of differing beliefs about the person of Jesus is at an all time high both within and outside the church. In this DVD series Dr. Jim Edwards presents a compelling and complete overview of the arguments, cultural situation, and confusion facing the church. You will enjoy his clear yet humorous approach. The after-the-video discussion questions will be lead by seminary intern Dick Powell.

Meet the Author of All This Useless Beauty Sherry Smith, Director of Adult Ministries

On January 11th, the SHPC Book Club will be sponsoring a visit by local author G. S. Hentschel. His book, All This Useless Beauty, is a coming-of-age story about the collision between science and faith in a college student’s life. As a young girl struggles to make sense of the events that unfold in the final semester of her college career, she becomes involved in a groundbreaking research project attempting to create the basis for computer generated life. This process becomes even more interesting because this young woman is a Christian who is working closely with a Jew and a Muslim as they all try to grapple with what constitutes creation and life and who has the right to have dominion over any life that might indeed be created.

The class format is an 8-week series but each class topic can stand alone. So feel free to come This book was an enjoyable and thoughtto any class even if you can only come to one or provoking read for me. It was enjoyable because two! it is set in Austin at the University of Texas and other Austin sites so when something was The class will meet from 9:30 to 10:30am in described I could really imagine just how it the Library on the following Sundays: would be. It was thought provoking because I November 12, 19, & 26, December 3, 10, don’t believe that science and religion 16, & 31, and January 7. ultimately have to be at odds with each other Even if this is something you don't struggle with, yet I know they frequently are. It was interesting you may learn how to answer the questions of a to see people of various faiths struggling with friend. Perhaps this information can help you to the same issues as well as dealing with people of lead someone else to Jesus as Christ. no faith and even those openly antagonistic to Hope to see you there! any faith. The whole concept of the book became even For a little more on Jim Edward’s more intriguing to me when I heard a recent radio news announcement stating that someone book of the same name, check is donating many millions of dollars to UT to out our Gift Guide, page 5. build a “supercomputer” that will be the most powerful in the world. It gave me chills when the broadcaster added that scientists from all over the world would use this to research everything “from the birth of the universe to molecular biology.” continued, next page


Gift Guide, cont’d.

I look forward to discussing these things with the author and the SHPC Book Club members. If you would like to attend this special event please see the following announcement to register.

Allen Lepley is the father of SHPC member Karen Greathouse. His recently deceased wife Audrey and he worshipped at SHPC on their frequent visits to Austin. Audrey was a pediatric nurse, and Allen was a staff research engineer with Shell Oil. They have three children and six grandchildren.

GETTING READY! We're excited about Stuart Hentschel's visit in January. If you would like to attend, we'd like to know you'll be there (so we can reserve a room large enough) and to order a copy of All This Useless Beauty for you in advance. Please call Margaret Nakamura (301-2602) by November 30th to allow ample time for ordering, receiving, and reading the book prior to this special event. The SHPC Book Club is always welcoming new members. We meet on the second Thursday of each month from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Portable A. Contact Margaret Nakamura or look at the SHPC website ( under Adult Ministry for information about other books we’ll be reading in 2006-2007.

Mark & Michelle Thompson Lauren & Morgan Gray Benjamin & Brooke Thompson 4713 Snake Eagle Cove Austin TX 78737

Upcoming dates for all interested SHPC women Wednesday, November 15, 1 p.m. Cookie Baking in the SHPC Kitchen Sally Jo Elliott coordinating, 892-0845

Wednesday, December 6, 1 p.m. Cookie Baking in the SHPC Kitchen Sally Jo Elliott coordinating, 892-0845

Saturday, November 18, 10 a.m. in Room 7 General Meeting of SHPC Women Information, call Nita Snyder. 894-3482

Wednesday, December 13, 1 p.m. Cookie Baking in the SHPC Kitchen Sally Jo Elliott coordinating, 892-0845

Saturday, December 16, 10 a.m. Location TBD Proposed Agenda Holiday Cookie Swap and Planning for 2007 Announcements of various future activities Bring 6 cookies in a small baggy (or 12 in 2 in planning for SHPC women baggies if you prefer) and swap for the same An update on our support for Malawi and number of cookies. Don't forget to bring your writing pen pal notes to women in Malawi recipe to give to the new owner of the A contest to choose a name complete with a cookies you brought. (And, yes, it's ok to prize awarded to the winner bring Oreos™!) News about baking for Christmas Selection of a family from SHPC's Angel Tree March 23-25, 2007 Plans for forming a walking group Mission Presbytery's Presbyterian Women's 2007 Gathering — Mo Ranch, Hunt, TX Wednesday, November 29, 1 p.m. Cookie Baking in the SHPC Kitchen Sally Jo Elliott coordinating, 892-0845

July 12-15, 2007 Synod of the Sun's 2007 Presbyterian Women's Gathering — Hot Springs, AK 14

Fellowship Bridge Group will play the second Friday, November 10th at 7 p. m. in Room 7. Our hostess in November will be Marvine Sass. Please call Virginia McNutt at 288-7187 or Martha Meador at 288-3341 by Tuesday, November 7th if you would like to play.

SAM Retreat Update: Growing Bolder through Christ by Ron Miller, SAM Council

a single, you may bunk in with another single e informed you last month of plans to host and share the cost. A minimum deposit of $150 for double occupancy or $75 for single occupana SAM retreat during March 27, 28 & 29, cy per person is due as soon as possible to guar2007. In coordination with the Reverend Larry Coulter, we have selected our theme — Growing antee your reservation. Please make your check Bolder Through Christ. During the summer, sev- payable to SHPC and annotate it in the lower eral council members were in a class discussing left-hand corner “SAM 2007 retreat.” You may a book written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We found make your reservation by contacting any member of the SAM Council, or mail it to Ron Miller, the way he conducted himself and his disciple7106 Fence Line Dr., Austin, TX 78749-2310. We ship to be inspiring. We learned that our Chriswill make sure that it is properly deposited to tian heritage continues to grow through the correct church bank account. extraordinary contributions made by ordinary men and women. Our retreat program will cen[P.S. This would make a wonderful gift for a ter on what we can learn from Bonhoeffer and spouse or parent.] others to strengthen our faith. f you have questions regarding this matter, you our hostesses for this event are Harriet Cavmay contact Jim Black or Ron Miller. ness, Sally Jo Elliott, Carol Gilchrist and Trinka Miller. Their goal is for every participant to have a joyous time of fellowship and discovery. Attention all members of the Brochures with information on this event and a SHPC Senior Adult Community: form for registration are available through eThe time has come to make plans for the annual mail, snail mail or in the narthex. Lunch Bunch Christmas Dinner Party. Please put





the date on your calendar right now and be looking for more information in our weekly Sunday announcements. We will be dining at the Old Pecan Street Café on East Sixth, just like last year. We will be gathering on December 7, 2006, at 6:30 p.m. As usual, there will be transportation available from SHPC for those interested. Watch for more info.

e have reserved a number of rooms in the Wynne-Flato Lodge at Mo-Ranch. Assignment of the rooms will be on a first come-first served basis. Rooms not assigned by January 14th will be released. (The balance of the registration fee is also due then.) In the event that room requests exceed the total number reserved, we will start a waiting list with the understanding that we will request additional support from Mo-Ranch if additional space is available.

SAM Council


he cost for a room for double occupancy including meals is $268.80 for a couple or $215.40 for a single. If you are participating as Mary-Martha Circle will meet November 2nd at 10 a.m. in Room 7. Our lesson is number 2, “Along Straight Lines” from our study Proverbs & Parables and will be presented by Marion Bonebrake. For more information, please call Norma Burchard, moderator, at 394-0131. 15

Jim Black Harriet Cavness Carol Cunningham Sally Jo Elliott Jack and Carol Gilchrist Faries McDaniel Ron and Trinka Miller Ruth Weese

892-2982 261-3496 441-8563 892-0845 288-4945 892-9464 892-1862 892-7652

Join us at 10 a.m. at The Park at Beckett Meadows at 7709 Beckett Road for a time of fellowship and joyful caroling. A good singing voice is not required…just a loving heart. Contact Faries McDaniel or Carol Cunningham for more details.

What is SAM Up To? “Groan”-Ups Game Day is on the 2nd Tuesday from here on out. Mark your calendars for November 14th, December 12th, and January 9th.

Soup to Nuts November 21st, 11 a.m.


Would you be interested in a trip to the Blanton Museum? On Thursdays admission is free all day The Senior Adult Ministry from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and for seniors 65+ team leaders are (or, as a regular daily admission is $4. The museum offers member of the SAM Counthemed tours on the collection and special cil, I am) happy to announce exhibitions every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m., the program for the upcoming every Thursday at 3 p.m., Thursday evenings, SOUP TO NUTS on Tuesday, November 21st at 11 and during B-scene on the first Friday of the a.m. We are very fortunate to have Michelle month. The art of Renaissance master Luca Segovia from TEXAS ORGAN SHARING ALLIANCE Cambioso is currently being exhibited through coming to speak to us about this VERY important January 14th. subject. Michelle is the Community Relations If you would be interested in getting together Coordinator for TOSA and I have had the priviwith others from our church, let a member of lege of working with her on several occasions. the SAM Council know or email She will explain to us the importance of organ and tissue donation and how many thousands of with the subject: Blanton Museum. people can be helped just by an unselfish act of charity. Please make sure you put November 21st on your calendar and bring your friends and loved ones. The program will begin at 11 a.m. and at noon we will have lunch — a traditional turkey dinner! — if you wish to join in. We are requesting a donation of $6 for this meal or more if you can. Please make your reservations by Friday, November 17th by calling Carol Cunningham at 441-8563 or emailing her at


has had some great classes examining “Crucial Questions about Christian Doctrine.” We have talked about the Trinity, Holy Spirit, and the one unforgivable sin. All of these have sparked great conversations and learning. This series continues in November with talks about:

DID YOU KNOW? People of ALL ages and medical histories can consider themselves as potential donors.

What is Salvation all about? Why does God allow suffering? We also are reading a book called Gilead to discuss as a group in mid-November.

A Gift of Song and Friendship Christmas Carols lift the heart like nothing else can. We are planning to meet at The Park at Beckett Meadows on December 19th to share the joys of Christmas with the residents. We will sing carols with them and share cookies baked by the SHPC Women. We hope to be able to share our gifts with the residents of Regency Village to cheer some of our other friends as well.

Started in December 2003, the Foundations Class is built on three principles: Bible Study, Prayer, and Fellowship. In addition to weekly meetings, we also participate in community service projects and social gatherings together. This class is open to other couples — please come join us! Questions: call John Gillis, 453-7866. 16

submitted by Allen Gunter

How About a Game of Freeze Tag? Freeze tag? You must be running out of ideas, Budget Guy, if all you could come up with this month is a kid’s game! Do kids even play that any more??

take your credit cards, drop them into a baggie, fill the baggie with water and put it in your freezer. Then if you're tempted to use them, while they warm up you’ll have plenty of time to cool off and decide if you really need them after all.

My kids do. Well, probably not my seventhgrader anymore. Wouldn't be cool. But it doesn’t matter because the freeze tag I’m talking about is for adults. Adults with credit card debt. Freeze tag is a great way to great rid of that debt. Okay, I’ll bite. How do you play freeze tag with credit card debt — run around in a circle until the bill comes in and then freeze and hope it doesn’t see you? Hmmm. Interesting idea, but no… that’s not it. My freeze tag has three simple rules, starting with…

Rule #1 - Freeze your hand

Reminds me of one of my girlfriends - she played hard to get and it took a while before she warmed up to me… Uh…moving right along, next up is…

Rule #3 - Freeze your payment Why do the minimum payments on credit cards go down each month? Because that will keep you in debt for a long time and make it easier for you to add to your debt. But if you can afford to make the minimum this month, and you follow Rules #1 and #2, can’t you afford to continue to pay that same dollar amount each month from now on.

You’ll never get rid of your credit card debt if you keep adding to your balance. So whenever you find yourself reaching for your credit card, freeze your hand and pay cash, use a debit card or write a check.

And what a difference that will make! For example, suppose you have $10,000 in credit card debt at 12% interest and your monthly minimum payment is 3% of the balance. That means that your minimum is $300 in the first Yeah, well, I like the convenience of paying month. Here's how long it will take you to with a credit card. Plus I get all these neat completely pay off that $10,000 if you just make airline miles… the minimum each month versus paying a flat You mean frequent debtor rewards? Ever stop to $300 each month: think about how much those things are really That’s right - keeping your monthly payment at costing you? $300 instead of reducing it as the monthly minimum goes down makes a huge difference — Look, credit cards are fine as long as you keep them paid off. So if you think you’re disciplined it reduces the payoff time by more than 11 years enough to always pay off any new charges each and saves more than $2,500 in interest! month as well as pay something against your old charges… Time to Pay Interest Monthly Payment Off Paid You got me there, BG. If I could do that I wouldn’t have any credit card debt in the first Monthly Minimum 4 yrs, 7 mos $4,815 place! Better lay Rule #2 on me. $300 3 yrs, 5 mos $2,225

Rule #2 - Freeze your cards The best way to keep from adding to your credit card debt is to fix it so you can't use them. So

continued, next page


There’s a table on the church website that shows more about how this works (, click on “Budget Guy Recommends”)

following three simple steps. Step #1 is…wait a minute…Step #1 and Step #2 are really the same thing aren't they? Yep. Stop adding to your credit card balances. Nada. Nothing. Not a single penny more.

That’s pretty cool, BG! Seems to me like something I can do with just a little bit of Well duh — that’s a no-brainer! Can’t get out discipline. I’ve got debt on three cards, of debt if I'm making more debt. So it’s really though, so I guess I just freeze my payment for just two steps. Step #1, don’t make any new each one? debt. Step #2, stop being suckered in by the You could. But a better way is to pick one card minimum monthly payments. Take the dollar that you'd like to pay off first and target it. amount I’m paying this month and pay that same amount from now on. If you want to get out of debt the fastest and save the most on your finance charges, start with the card that has the highest interest rate. If you want to get something paid off as soon as possible, start with the card that has the smallest balance.

That’s pretty much it. And when you find yourself needing a little boost to keep going, just think about what you will be able to do with your monthly payment when it’s no longer going to the credit card companies!

In the first month, pay the minimum on each card. That total then becomes the dollar amount you will pay each month from now on — your fixed monthly payment.

Part of my job at SHPC is to help people get out of debt and manage their finances better. It’s free and it’s confidential. Just call the Budget Guy, Allen Gunter, at 2924035 or send an email to And for a great Bible study, check out the Crown Financial Ministries Small Study Groups – call Margaret Fetty at 2889034 for more info.

In the second month, pay the minimum on all cards except for the one you want to pay off first. That card gets the rest of your fixed monthly payment, which will be slightly more than the minimum for that card.

IHN help is needed! IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network) guests are families with children who, because of a crisis situation in their lives, have lost their homes. The program provides for them to live at Austin area churches while they find housing and get back on their feet.

Do the same thing in the third month. Because the minimums will be going down on your other cards, you’ll be paying more and more each month on the card you want to pay off first. Before you know it, the balance on that card will be going down fast. When the first card is paid off, pick another one. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing - just make sure to keep your fixed monthly payment at the same level. That way the money you were paying on the first card will now go to the second card. Imagine how fast it will be paid off! Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Pretty soon, no more dandruff credit card debt! (I’m still working on the dandruff thing.) There's a table on the website that shows how this works (, click on “Budget Guy Recommends”). Okay, BG, let's see if I've got this straight. I can get rid of all my credit card debt by just 18

St. Thomas More Catholic church at 10205 RR 620 N will be hosting IHN Christmas week but the volunteer positions will be filled by volunteers from other churches. Look at this website and click on “location” to see the location: index.shtm If you are interested in providing a hosting position during that week, contact Sarah Stranahan at 264-2319, sstranahan@austin.rr. com. Positions include preparing and serving dinner, being a day or evening host, and being an overnight host.

Joys – Paul Floyd, brother of Beaman, has returned from his 3rd tour in Iraq — David & Vanessa Erps welcomed Bailey on September 30th

Sorrows – Michelle Otto, daughter of Kent & Joan Bohls (friends of Sue Lagerquist) killed in a traffic accident October 8th — Troy McVey, a co-worker of Paul Koerth, Belva’s husband, killed in a head-on collision on Highway 71 October 10th — Tony Franzolino passed away September 28th — Martha Boyd, wife of John, passed away August 28th in Bedford TX — Gene Wages, husband of APTS student Isabelle Wages, died very unexpectedly on September 26th — the grandmother of Kim Grubb recently passed away

Please pray for — the widow of Troy McVey & their three young children — Bill Ellison, husband of Lydia, recovering from an intestinal blockage — Sally Schilstra, continuing to improve after her hip surgery in June — Alan Robinson, former student of Carol Ideker, going back for a second tour in Iraq — Doris Peltzman, recovering from several recent surgeries — Aunt Brenda, who has done so much for her family, that her spirits stay high — Carol Ideker and her family, strength and healing — Pauline Beezley, recovering from eye surgery — Wilma Burchard, 99-year-old mother of Carolyn Beardslee — Dorothy “Dottie” Crouse, sister of Pat Penwell, healing — Pat Penwell, strength — Diana Gill, chemotherapy following cancer surgery —Jennifer Grubb, daughter of Kim & Bill, recovering from surgery to repair a collapsed lung — Esso Essary, recovering from hospitalization — Clyde Hudson, recovering from surgery — Sylvia Garcia, recovering from knee replacement surgery — Margo Bjeletich, resuming intensive chemotherapy for colon cancer — Kaylan Berry, daughter of Denise & Brian, tonsillectomy — Pat Franzolino’s friend Mae, not doing well because of Parkinson’s disease — Andrew Saul, 3-yr-old son of Kevin & Debbie, recovering from severe asthmatic episode — those in hurricane-stricken areas — Pastor Clement Munthali and the congregation of Manyamula Presbyterian Church — Pastor Chimwemwe Mhango and his youth ministry

Please pray for Members of the Armed Forces and all world leaders involved in war zone crises including: Quantrell Blake, friend of Tammy Boehman... Anthony Canas, son-in-law of Linda Brooke & Celestino Mendiola... Dennis Low... Jason Addison, son of Al & Jai Leigh Addison… Clay Narey, cousin of Aimee Killeen… David B. Craig, son of Linda Kimmons… Kenneth McKinney, friend of Carlen Floyd... Philip Burns, cousin of Marvine Sass... Alan Robinson, former student of Carol Ideker... Julie Kern, neighbor of Fran & Ted Miller and of Rosemarie & Vic Barnett... Brian Tiede, friend of Sherine Thomas & Tom Nuckols...

1 Nov 4 Nov 6 Nov 7 Nov 8 Nov 9 Nov 11 Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov 19 Nov 21 Nov Steve & 23 Nov 26 Nov 27 Nov 28 Nov 29 Nov

Liz Maxfield & Ross Pumfrey Richard & Karla Snell, Richard & Debbie Chase Margaret & Arthur Hanks, Lisa & Steve Crawford Diane & Martin Ramirez Dan & Marilyn Lawler Gary & Lucy Gibbs David & Cathy Busse Bill & Nancy Zuraitis, Dana & Julia Manuel Jane & Steve Thompson Chris Boyd & Richard Mattingly, Andrea Gerlach Fred & Nancy Peyton, Andy & Ana Rooke Tom & Mike McNelley Tony & Lindsey Ginko, Richard & Laura Morales Bill & Corinne Davis Scott & Paula Flowerday 2 Nov Ann & Faries McDaniel

2 Nov 3 Nov 4 5 6 7

Nov Nov Nov Nov

8 Nov

10 Nov 11 Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov 14 Nov

15 Nov

Bill Goodman, Ted Miller, Chris Boyd, Robin Lenertz, Whitney Gabbart David Jackman, Bryan Payne Al Addison, Polly Kruczkowski, Jeff Gensler, Drake Wilkes Jerry Ouzts, Anne Kirsch Norma Burchard Doris Peltzman, Lucy Gibbs Madeline Brock, Amy Balke, Clint Harnden, Albian Johnson Robert McLaughlin, Tom Kubena, Margaret Hanks, Kate Kubena, Kameron Wright, Faith Lawrence Myrna Lewis Griff Griffith, Don Greathouse, Marty Soques, Jeff Miller Bruce Brown, Mo O'Meara, Megan Philips, Bobbie Soques Michael Thomas, Jennifer Sims Debbie Schiller, Jason French, Kyle Desantis, Benjamin Thompson Colin Ashorn, Logan Zahn


16 Nov Kathryn Moore, Hannah Parsons, Alec Schultz 17 Nov Ralph Philips, Micah Morgan 18 Nov Sammye Klein, Sherry Smith, Katlin Lee 19 Nov Lynne Dickinson, Katie Garrett 20 Nov Jenny Sawyer, Scott Starkjohann, Alyssa Shumaker 21 Nov Dan Moulton, Jacob Arthur, Brandon Alexander 22 Nov Pat Penwell, Rosemary Clapham, Sharon Markham, Matthew Piskorz, Bryan Gardner, Caden Clouse, Natalie Aman 23 Nov Tom Fiedler 24 Nov Wava Brock, Glenna Jaeger, Steve Cozart, Charlie Balke, Ryan Teague 25 Nov Joel Silva, Kristin Aardema, Garrett Baschnagel, Nicole Dietz 26 Nov Nita Snyder, Beth Everett, Mia Pugh 27 Nov Gail Moore, Ricky Vaughn, Clay Morgan, Margaret Golliher 29 Nov Brian Melnyk, Samuel Teeple 30 Nov Margo Bjeletich, Grace Albertson

1 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.

Women’s Bible Study Something Fishy Evermore Evening Fellowship Chancel Choir rehearsal

16 Thursday 9:30 a.m. MYC Devotional 7 p.m. Crown Financial Ministry, portable B 7 p.m. Book Club, room 7

18 Saturday

2 Thursday 9:30 a.m. Mothers of Young Children (MYC) Devotional 10 a.m. Mary-Martha Circle, room 7 7 p.m. Crown Financial Ministry, portable B

9 a.m. Cantata rehearsal 10 a.m. SHPC Women 10:30 a.m. Vision Planning lunch, portable A

19 Sunday 9:45 a.m. 11 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

4 Saturday 9 a.m.

Cantata rehearsal

5 Sunday 9:45 a.m. Sunday School, no Faithwalk 11 a.m. Foundations, portable A 6:30 p.m. Everlast Evening Fellowship 7 Tuesday ELECTION DAY 6:15 a.m. Men’s Fraternity

21 Tuesday 6:15 a.m. Men’s Fraternity 11 a.m. Soup to Nuts, sanctuary 7 p.m. Chancel Choir rehearsal

22 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Women’s Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Something Fishy 6:30 p.m. Evermore Evening Fellowship

8 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.

Women’s Bible Study Something Fishy Evermore Evening Fellowship Chancel Choir rehearsal

Office closed for holiday; will reopen the 27th 9:45 a.m. Sunday School; Faithwalk 11 a.m. Foundations, portable A 6:30 p.m. Everlast Evening Fellowship

MYC Devotional Mary-Martha Circle, room 7 Crown Financial Ministry, portable B Book Club

27 Monday

Fellowship Bridge Group, room 7

28 Tuesday

5:45 p.m. Babysitting Co-op

10 Friday 7 p.m.


26 Sunday Christ the King Sunday

9 Thursday 9:30 a.m. 10 a.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m.

11 Saturday 11:30 a.m. Golden Years Lunch Bunch

6:15 a.m. Men’s Fraternity

29 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.

12 Sunday 9:45 a.m. 5:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Sunday School; Faithwalk Foundations, portable A Everlast Evening Fellowship Inquirers’ Class

11:59 p.m. NOVEMBER newsletter deadline 14 Tuesday 6:15 a.m. Men’s Fraternity 10 a.m. “Groan”-Ups Game Day, room 7

15 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.

Sunday School; Faithwalk Foundations, portable A Everlast Evening Fellowship Inquirers’ Class

Women’s Bible Study Something Fishy Evermore Evening Fellowship Chancel Choir rehearsal

30 Thursday 9:30 a.m. MYC Devotional 7 p.m. Crown Financial Ministry, portable B

1 Dec Friday 7 p.m.

Big Band Christmas Concert

2 Dec Saturday 9 a.m. 9 a.m.

Women’s Bible Study Something Fishy Evermore Evening Fellowship Chancel Choir rehearsal

Family Advent Craft Day Cantata rehearsal

Feel free to tear off and save this page to help you keep on top of everything that’s happening at Shepherd of the Hills! 21

Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church 5226 West William Cannon Drive Austin, TX 78749-2244


November 2006 Issue 11

The Rev. Larry Coulter, Pastor The Rev. Michael Killeen, Associate Pastor 5226 West William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78749 Phone: 512-892-3580, FAX: 512-892-6307 Pastor’s email:


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