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The star issue....Sadia

Belly dance

The tradition of belly dancing is assumed to date back to ancient times. Its accurate origins are a matter of some controversy in Academia. Bellydance in its contemporary form is a fusion of oriental and occidental traditions: the pictorial descriptions of early British and French orientalists had a significant impact on European and American art of the 19th century. At around 1900, dancers like Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis created their own versions of belly dance and revolutionised the realm of dance. The legendary spy, Mata Hari, captivated the world with her exotic oriental fantasies. Unsurprisingly, the mysterious Middle East and its dancers soon became an important part of early cinematic repertoire. In turn, orientally inspired films had a massive effect on Middle Eastern culture and dance, most notably on Cairo, which was then known as the «Paris of the Middle East». It was there that Bellydance reached its period of full bloom, a time that is still referred to as «The Golden Era» today. Egyptian dancers were inspired by occidental art and fashion; they worked with Russian ballet choreographers and elevated belly dancing to a standard never known before. This new generation of dancers performed at the newly established elegant night clubs and, of course, in dance films that enjoyed tremendous popularity. The most celebrated stars became legends and are still loved and admired today. Samia Gamal was proclaimed National Dancer of Egypt by King Farouk in 1949. Belly dancing developed into a contemporary means of expression for oriental artists, and as a form of sophisticated entertainment, it is also becoming increasingly popular in the western world. On her travels through the Middle East, Coco studied with those artists who had impressed her the most. Among her teachers are such legends of the 20th century as Mona Said, Nagua Fuad, Dina, Randa Kamel, and Sorraya Saied, as well as the choreographer of today stars, Raquia Hassan, and countless other teachers.

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The star issue....Sadia

Sadie’s Biography

Sadie is an International performing artist, instructor and choreographer recognized worldwide as one of today’s most exciting and innovative Belly Dance artists. First seen as a “Rising Star” on BD-TV Vol.II in 2004, Sadie is now featured in dozens of instructional and performance DVDs displaying her dynamic style of belly dance which has captivated audiences and inspired students around the globe. As one of the most sought after performers and teachers of Belly Dance, Sadie has visited over 80 cities in more than 30 countries and is the most watched belly dancer on you tube with over 24 million hits on just one video clip alone. Sadie’s fans and colleagues have crowned her “The Queen of the Drum Solo”. Recently Sadie and her dance partner Kaya wowed the judges of “America’s Got Talent” and the American public all the way to the “Top 48″ out of 70,000 auditions on season 5 of the program. They are the only Bellydancers to make it that far on the American version of the show. Sadie’s unique expression of Bellydance fuses together athleticism, grace and precision; attributes instilled in part by training in gymnastics and swimming for 14 years in her youth. In her late teens Sadie took up a new passion, Belly Dance. As a student, Sadie studied with many reputable Middle Eastern dance and music teachers from around the world. Her first inspiration and mentor in Bellydance was her teacher Joynan from Denver, Colorado. Other key, influential moments in her education include two extended trips to Turkey (including a dance tour with Eva Cernik) where she studied and observed the dance and learning to play the Tablah (Middle Eastern hand drum) via master percussionist and musician Souhail Kaspar, which impressed a great understanding for the compexity of Middle Eastern

music as well as the relationship between its distinct rhythms and the dance. Sadie continues to enrich and pursue her knowledge of this beautiful art form which is continually evolving and at the same time firmly rooted in traditions which can be traced back hundreds and even thousands of years. Sadie has held a lifelong passion for dance, music and culture. In addition to Bellydance Sadie has studied and practiced other forms of world dance such as, Brazilian Samba, Salsa and Tahitian to name a few. This diverse background has given Sadie a style that is uniquely hers and a great command of movement and wisdom of dance that comes to life not only in her inspiring performances but also in her gift to teach and share her knowledge with her students. Sadie has had the honor and privilege of working with thousands of students from all walks of life and cultures around the world giving her great

insight as an instructor. Students of Sadie comment on her down to earth, witty teaching style that breaks down her movements in a way that literally Sadie’s styling and belly dance techniques, along with those developed together with her dance partner Kaya, have marked a n by students and teachers around the world. Together Sadie and Kaya have trained many up and coming dancers in the Denver area and the US a Sadie is not traveling the globe she can be found teaching her award winning belly dance classes as well as dancing at some of the city’s finest rest Sadie has received accolades such as “The Critic’s Choice” by the Denver Post and Westswords “Denver’s Best 2006� for shows and dance classes a James Bond commercial produced by Starz/Encore and choreographing for, and dancing in music videos and musicals.

y anyone can understand and begin to work with. new genre of belly dance defined by their signature isolations known as “Pops” and “Locks”, and is sought after and followed as well as internationally. Many have been featured in their cutting edge dance company “Groove du Monde”. Based out of Denver, Colorado, when taurants, nightclubs and events where, she has performed up to 300 shows in one year. s. Other career hi-lights include dancing for celebrities like Will Smith and Kevin Fitzgerald of Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets”, TV appearances in

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this magazine is devoted to bellydance stars.the first star issue is sadia the bellydancer

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