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Showtime Group Creates a Stunning Launch Party for Mini Countryman

The much-awaited, big ticket launch of the Mini Countryman took place on the evening of 4th May 2013. The offbeat venue: the 7th level of Eros Corporate Tower multi-level car parking. The entire parking level – all of 34000 square feet – was transformed into a glitzy nightclub. In fact, the expansive set-up and the array of experiences truly resonated the adjectives that best describe the Countryman – edgy, funky and trendy. The “Not Normal” experience began right at Level Zero where Mini brandings welcomed the guests and, as they drove up or the reserved parking at Level Five; they were greeted by motivational Mini brandings at each turning on each level. From Level Five, the guests were escorted to Level Seven through a dedicated elevator, fully enveloped in Mini brandings. As the guests exited the elevator to enter the registration area, a huge branding greeted them with the message: Enter at your own risk”. The guests treated themselves to cocktails and finger food service even as DJ Jayant belted out popular Progressive track mixes. As the music tempo pumped up, the focus shifted to the Main Stage LED leading up to the Mini Not Normal video showcase. The next surprise was the 25 models fashion show featuring national as well as international celebrities such as Indrani Dasgupta, Sonalika Sahay, Tamara Moss, Alesia Raut and Vika. In fact, Alisia’s ensemble was specially created to reflect the event theme – Not Normal – and inspired by the Mini brand. The models then assembled around the specially created hexagonal tunnel from which emerged a Mini Countryman with acclaimed fashion designer Manish Arora and BMW India Head Philipp von Sahr inside, all this amid some pulsating electronic tracks being performed live by the troupe Jalebee Cartel. Ushers then led the 700-odd guests to a curtained area which opened up to yet another surprise – the reveal of the slick Outdoor Lounge. Even as the guests were soaking in the string of surprises, came the masterclass act – the rear façade of the 18-storey Eros Corporate Tower came alive with 3D video mapping projection on a massive area of 137 feet x 59 feet! And, immediately after this, the reveal car drove up to the ramp located at one side of the lounge. The surprise experience continued, with guests, in turns, being escorted to Level Six in Mini cars to witness stunt driving first-hand, even as expert stunt drivers did skids and drifts. RFID cameras installed in these cars provided a live feed of this experience on the LED screen inside the main event area.

Celebrities such as Sunil Sethi, Suneet Varma and Nasser Abdullah could be seen near the media wall The Mini Not Normal party continued with DJ Jayant recreating his magic for a second session. At the end of the show, guest reactions were quite definitive – “Delightful.” “Definitely not normal!”

Set-up highlights: • • • •

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34000 square feet of multi-level parking area was transformed to create an edgy set-up which included the Pre-function Zone, the Main Event Area and the Outdoor Lounge. All the walls were painted in black to complement Mini’s house colors. The indoor set-up was entirely truss-free. Another highlight was the showstopping hexagonal tunnel area which also had a 28 feet by 8 feet LED screen as the backdrop. Nearly 150 light fixtures were installed in this area which, along with pixel mapping technology, created the spectacular illumination and projection. The 235 feet long and 13 feet wide ramp was given a paved road feel, replete with dividers and herb lines. The set-up employed over 400 special light fixtures. An international light design specialist was flown in from London to create the spectacular variable light wash illumination. One Hippo Server and a Media Server were employed to create seamless content projection across all the LED screens in the event area. A 20000 lumens Coolux Pro Server and a four-projector set-up on the 8 th parking level created the magic of 3D video mapping projection. Thirty two 7.5 ton ACs, twenty 3 ton ACs and 6 1.5 ton Jet ACs were stepped into service to keep the servers running and help the guests chill out. Branding was everywhere. Right from the parking entry point to Level Eight, the entire venue was washed in Mini branding. The stunt area had a massive 40 metre by 2.5 metre branding. Fifteen gensets ranging from 150 kVA to 250 kVA were used to power the entire show.

Event challenges: The “Not Normal” venue brought with it “Not Normal” challenges as well!

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The entire set-up had to be completed in a compressed timeframe of seven days. And that also meant recreating a 34000 square feet space with un-levelled terrain. Entry to each level had a clear height of only seven feet; only mini-vans and tractors had access which resulted in substantially increased number of to-andfro trips to Level Seven and Level Eight. Over 150 trips were undertaken to transport all the material and equipment to the site. Given the typical architecture of multi-level car parks, all the curve-stones, bumps and mounds had to be removed to level the floor for seamless guest movement. The gensets could not be taken up to Level Eight because of the low clear height. So, over 150 feet of cables were hung from Level Eight down to Level Zero, where the gensets were stationed. The main event area had a clear height of only 10.5 feet, making trussing impossible. The ceiling, therefore, was rigged up with clamps and metal pipes to install the light fixtures. It took some dramatic coordination levels to ensure that all the eight vendor partners’ teams as well as the performing artistes worked in tandem to produce this party of the year!

Showtime Group Creates a Stunning Launch Party for Mini Countryman  
Showtime Group Creates a Stunning Launch Party for Mini Countryman  

The guests treated themselves to cocktails and finger food service even as DJ Jayant belted out popular Progressive track mixes. As the musi...