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               IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 9, 2009

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SHOWREEL MAJOR PLAYER IN HIGH-DEFINITION, LONG-FORMAT CORPORATE MESSAGING, & INTERACTIVE VIDEOS COMPANIES EMBRACE UNCONSTRAINED CREATIVITY & FLEXIBILITY IN LONG-FORMAT VIDEOS LOS ANGELES - With broadcast television on the decline and the Internet ad market booming, fullservice production company Showreel is uniquely poised to take advantage of this unprecedented transition in the video advertising industry. The response from the industry has been nothing short of spectacular, as the company received more than a hundred awards and recognitions within the past ten years, of which 90 percent are in long-format production. Visionary, niche production company Showreel has produced long-format, corporate messaging for over two decades. In fact, Showreel founder Lynne B. Jackson started the company in 1985 with the specific mission to provide companies with broadcastquality media in formats beyond the confines of broadcast networks. Now that the industry is finally catching up, few production companies can match Showreel’s extensive experience and expertise in the field. We know where the market is going and we are a major player in the corporate and interactive world,” said Showreel Senior Director Eric Jackson.

“Leading the Way in Electricity” – A corporate image video for Edison International

In this new era of potentially infinite types of media, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their visibility and target the right consumers. At the same time, they are no longer confined to the 30 or 60 second format, but as more companies embrace the unconstrained creativity and flexibility found in long-format production, the need to stand out from the crowd is even more vital.

“Infusions” – An online promotional video for SKYY Vodka.

"Brands are expected to continue shifting budgets from traditional to alternative advertising and marketing vehicles,” reported Marketing Charts from the VSS Communications Industry Forecast 2008-2012. “Marketers have become more sophisticated, often reducing spending on a case-by-case basis while shifting dollars to alternative media that more efficiently reach target audiences, provide stronger return-on-investment metrics and generate immediate responses."

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Showreel has been very successful in providing compelling messaging for numerous public and private sectors and in a large portion, government work. Clients like Edison International, Apria Healthcare, SpadeClub, The Colomer Group, SKYY Vodka, California Water Service Group, Los Angeles World Airports, Johnson Publishing, the National Transit Institute, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Rio Tinto Minerals, National Home Infusion Association, and DePuy Orthopaedics to name a few, have entrusted Showreel to produce high-profile projects. Yet, what truly sets Showreel apart is its ability to produce media with premium visual quality at affordable prices. By utilizing today’s cost-effective technologies such as HD image acquisition, Showreel has built its reputation of delivering content that far exceeds the allotted budget, surpasses our client expectations, and rivals high dollar productions. "Here is how we see it," said Showreel Founder and CEO Lynne Jackson. "It is nice to have a huge crew and a really nice lunch but is it necessary? Our crews are smaller and more efficient. They are able to work closely together as a team and stay on schedule and in budget.”

“African Pride Hair Relaxing System” -An Infomercial for The Colomer Group

High-quality video provides a critical advantage to any advertiser that is looking to make an impact in the congested media marketplace. Yet, Showreel utilizes this technological advantage not simply to be “flashy,” but as a way to effectively communicate company’s image and/or brand.

“We are storytellers,” said Eric. “We look to take a client’s message and translate it into our medium. Whether it be for corporate image, branding or any other internal/external pieces, we learn about each client’s business, industry, culture and philosophy in order to best reach its goals and target audience.” With their forward thinking strategy and decades of experience in long-format, corporate messaging, Showreel has everything in place to accommodate today’s fast-changing marketplace and interactive world. All of Showreel’s directors come from an extensive broadcast background, and are able to take all those styles and techniques and incorporate them into long-format production for non-broadcast, interactive/online and broadcast purposes.

“Advocating for Meaningful Healthcare in Home Infusion Therapy” – A public awareness piece for Apria Healthcare.

Ultimately, what attracts companies to Showreel is their commitment to making consistently high-quality content that effectively gets their message out with style, clarity and energy. With Showreel’s unparalleled combination of technology and talent, advertisers do not need to spend an elaborate amount of money to accomplish their goals – they just need to know where to look.


EDITORS NOTE: Showreel International, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service production company specializing in high-definition, long-format corporate messaging for broadcast, DVD and interactive purposes. For more information visit

Showreel Press Release_Major Player_June 2009  
Showreel Press Release_Major Player_June 2009  

We know where the market is going and we are a major player in the corporate and interactive world,” said Showreel Senior Director Eric Jack...