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Or even better, welcome to our Lisbon!

We are four Lisboners that want you to know our city. I don’t know about you, but in the last few years, I have tried to mingle with locals each time I travel. This has led to some scary moments, which we call “Frank Moments”, as in Frank, a really weird guy we met in Amsterdam… We don’t want you to have “Frank Moments” in Lisbon!

This is an eclectic, sunny or rainy, but mostly sunny, and very welcoming city. As we ourselves don’t care about Tourism Tours, we thought about something completely different. Do you want to be our friend for a day? See Lisbon through our eyes? Have dinner at our house? Enjoy walks through the old part of town with a person who may not know most of the historical facts, but knows all the cool places to hang out, check out the sunset or have a nice drink?

If you identify with this, we are your guys! We will develop one day customized for your taste, for the things that you thought about doing when you thought about Lisbon! We will take you to our favorite beach, our favorite neighborhood; introduce you to our friends, our favorite market or the small coffee shop where we have brunch on Sundays!

Guest Book

Pan Jieke, Amsterdam Dear Sir/Madam, I have been a customer of your service recently; I would like to appreciate the awesome plan you have made exclusively for me! I really had great time in Lisbon! Thank you so much!!! Bรกra Audesovรก, Czech Republic It was very enriching spending our time in Lisbon with you. Without you as guides we would never be able to see so many things. We enjoyed everything, from sightseeing and eating out delicious Portuguese food to exciting Lisbonian nightlife! Simone Sa Appel, Brazil I felt at home and made friends for life! The people in Lisbon are like the weather... Sunny and mystic!

Business Packs Working hard on designing typical days of our lives. Want to be a part of one of these: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sports Drinks Fun fun fun Good food – do it yourself Portuguese Chef tasting Lisbon secrets Summer Downtown Lisbon Music in Lisbon Culture is everywhere, not only in museums A picknick in the park Wine tour Sea food & grilled fish Around Lisbon The magic surroundings of Sintra Cascais, Lisbon by the beach Ribatejo weekend Portugal Gothic tour Enguias, Natural Park and Caves tour Meco weekend with Luau and night on the beach Azeitão tour / weekend Sesimbra tour / weekend Setúbal tour / weekend Tavira, the old Algarve Comporta tour West Tour Outside the golf resort

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