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marvellous and whose artists were challenging old ways... whilst intellectuals plotted revolution. This eight-disc set features 23 different journeys: Series 1: London to Monte Carlo  Hungary to Austria  Berlin to The Rhein  Switzerland  Amsterdam to Northern France Series 2:  Madrid to Gibraltar  Turin to Venice  Dresden to Kiel  Copenhagen to Oslo  Prague to Munich  Bordeaux to Bilbao

ATHENS TO THESSALONIKI Beginning at the Acropolis and ending in Thessaloniki, the site of a royal assassination, Michael reveals the influences at play in the creation of modern Greece. THE BLACK FOREST TO HANNOVER Michael seeks the essence of Germany from the unifying tale of Hansel and Gretel to the pioneering scientists who laid the foundation for Germany’s world-class transport technology. BARCELONA TO MALLORCA Returning to Spain, Michael traces the roots of the Civil War that divided his family, before sampling the perfect paella and paying homage to Barcelona’s most famous architect.

Series 3: Tula to St Petersburg  Rome to Taormina  Warsaw to Krakow  La Coruna to Lisbon  Haifa to the Negev Desert  Lyon to Marseille

House of Traps

Series 4: Sofia to Istanbul  Vienna to Trieste  Pisa to Lake Garda  Athens to Thessaloniki  The Black Forest to Hannover  Barcelona to Mallorca

Great Continental Railway Journeys: Series 4 (E) (DVD) Cast: Michael Portillo Dir. Dave Minchin Run time: 354 mins Michael Portillo embarks on six memorable railway journeys across Europe armed only with his 1913 Bradshaw’s Guide and sporting his trademark colourful jackets! On his travels, Michael visits towns and villages along the way exploring the sights and sampling local traditions while telling the story of what happened in continental Europe in 1913, when everything changed as the world went to war. SOFIA TO ISTANBUL Michael celebrates Bulgarian independence with a traditional Thracian dance, before crossing continents via the Marmaray metro line. VIENNA TO TRIESTE Navigating a patchwork of nations which once formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Michael witnesses the breathtaking Alpine scenery of the Semmering Pass.  PISA TO LAKE GARDA

This Grand Tour of Italy from Pisa’s famous tower to the waters of Lake Garda sees Michael exploring the cradle of the Renaissance before embarking on a misguided search for Spaghetti Bolognese...


(Dual format Blu-ray + DVD) Cast: Feng Lu, Li Wang, Tien Hsiang Lung Dir. Che chang Run time: 95 mins One of the most sought after Shaw Brothers films finally makes a return, courtesy of 88 Films! The beloved Chang Cheh classic House of Traps is a feast for classic Hong Kong Cinema fans, especially those who dig the famous “Venom Mob”, the group of actors made famous by their appearance in the Shaw Brothers classic The Five Deadly Venoms, also directed by Chang Cheh. Many of the actors return for Chang’s House of Traps, a rousing 1982 actioner about the quest to recover a valuable jade antique. The stolen antique has been hidden in the eponymous “House of Traps”, a booby trap-laden pagoda from which no one has ever escaped alive. Expect plenty of exotic weaponry, powerful fisticuffs, and above all copious bloodletting as Chang Cheh guides the Venoms through undeniably one of their most popular Shaw Brothers outings!

Intruder (18) (Blu-ray and DVD) Cast: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez, Dan Hicks Dir. Scott Spiegel Run time: 83 mins It’s 10pm the night before Walnut Lakes neighbourhood supermarket closes its



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SFF Home Movie Nov16