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Mission Statement Showcase Theory is a digital magazine that highlights independent talent. Our aim is to bring you quality entertainment and info about artists from your garage bands to hip-hop introductants. Showcase Theory plans to keep you updated on all your events, live shows, news, and event photos. This is a new ear of entertainment, at your finger tips. Included in this digital magazine are models that are right in your area. So come join us on this adventure into the entertainment world. Thank you. Showcase Theory


People R Crazy

So my friend and I were sitting outside in the sun. Sun always brings people, considering it’s not sunny that many days in Vancouver and surrounding areas. So while we were sitting and planning our day, going back and forth whether we should cookout or just go get something to eat at restaurant, something happened that we both could have never expected in a million years. I haven’t seen anything like it before, maybe in a movie, but not just walking around like normal people. I had to take a picture of it.

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