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People Kerr County



Dear Friends & Neighbors, It seems only yesterday that Vickie Ogilvie and Dell Sheftall were throwing a party in celebration of the first issue of this magazine, but in fact, it was November 8, 2007. That evening of fun, food, flowers, and people, gathered in the building adjacent to Mr. Sheftall’s jewelry store, is a fond memory. Vickie and Mr. Sheftall’s kindness, and that of all who attended, will always be remembered. With this issue, we begin our 4th year and would like to thank all of you for your continued support and wish you a wonderful 2011!


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EVENTS 15 Weddings 22 Baubles & Beads 24 Any Baby Can 25 Men in Pink 26 HC District Jr. Livestock Fundraiser 28 Deserving Ladies’ Makeover

ARTIC LES 5 The Tax Man Cometh 8 Current Expressions

COVER Stephen Roberts, owner Roberts Auto Sales Photo by Mia Church Photography 830.285.2645

9 Hunter House Cafe 10 Stephen Roberts 16 Most Wonderful Time 17 Landscaping & Gardening 18 Home Building 19 Title Talk 20 Spa La La La 30 Automotive Tips 31 Blepharoplasty 32 Sciatica 33 Loneliness

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34 Palliative Care

Diane Ferrell Editor & Publisher

38 Peterson RMC Volunteers

830-285-0973 Mark A. Jackson Studio Rio Art Director

Kerr County People PO Box 291402 Kerrville, TX 78029 KCP reserves the right to edit and/or refuse any submitted materials. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of KCP. Ads created for this magazine are copyrighted by Studio Rio and and may not to be used in other publications or print without permission . All Rights Reserved Copyright 2010 Kerr County People Magazine.

37 Home Health Care

D EPARTMENTS 6 The Arts 29 People & Stuff 36 Women's Health

Little Black Dress season is coming. Are you ready?

TrueFit Training Located at 5 Points, Kerrville 792-6643

THE TAX MAN COMETH by Doyle Weaver

In a 2006 IRS publication, it was estimated that in the 2001 tax year the difference between taxes owed and taxes paid, at least timely, was in the neighborhood of $345 billion. The IRS calculated that this tax gap resulted in a net of $2,680.00 “surtax” on every household. In 2010, with an ever-increasing bad economy, this “surcharge” figure has obviously grown exponentially. If, as reported, Congress had a significant tax collection problem in 2006, then, by today’s calculations, it is a disaster. Even in 2006, the IRS was ramping up its efforts to collect

If you receive an IRS “Notice of Intent to Levy,” you should not hesitate to seek professional help. these unpaid taxes; and now, the emphasis on tax collection is even more likely. Congress’ determination to collect back taxes has not and is not going to subside. With a comprehensive range of collection methods available to the IRS, the deck is stacked against the delinquent taxpayer. If you owe the IRS, you are advised to pay the tax if you can. If you are unable to pay the tax in full, you need to get ahead of the curve and find out what are your options. Getting your taxes paid is no different from any other goal or plan for your life. Using an old cliché, there is nothing certain in life but death and taxes. Generally speaking, the IRS is looking for two things when it comes to tax collection. First, the IRS wants the delinquent taxpayer to become compliant with all future tax reporting and the payment of taxes. Second, the IRS wants a reasonable

payment plan, based on the delinquent taxpayer’s financial situation. First, determine what tax you owe. It is necessary that you file a tax return. Filing also starts the clock ticking on such legal restraints as applicable statutes of limitations. For any year you do not file a tax return, the IRS can “assess” your tax. The assessment will be based on income received without any applicable tax deductions. One of those nasty tools the IRS can use for tax collection is filing a tax lien against your property. If the unpaid tax is greater than $5,000.00, this will probably be one of the first collection steps the IRS takes. The IRS tax lien will protect the IRS for the value of the tax debt. In some cases, your property could be foreclosed on by the IRS for collection. In most cases, the IRS will sit on the tax lien until the property is sold, especially in the case of real estate. The tax lien must be satisfied out of the sale proceeds or before sale so that the taxpayer can give clear title to a buyer. Another popular method of IRS tax collection is a levy on your available assets. First, the IRS will send you a final warning called a “Notice of Intent to Levy.” If the levy notice goes unanswered, the IRS may seize your personal property including any cash in the bank. The IRS can also garnish your wages or practically any other stream of income you may have available. If you receive an IRS “Notice of Intent to Levy,” you should not hesitate to seek professional help. Having your bank accounts cleaned out and property you need to make a living seized is not a pleasant experience. It is a situation much more difficult, expensive, and time consuming to unravel than it is to prevent. Most of these draconian consequences can be avoided with proper and professional assistance and advice. The greatest benefit

to hiring a professional is that you will not have to deal directly with the IRS yourself. Doyle Weaver earned his JD from Regent University School of Law in 1990; was licensed to practice law in Virginia, 1991 and in Texas, 1997. Doyle is the host of Hill Country Lawyer, aired weekly on local KVHC television.

WEAVER LAW OFFICES Doyle Weaver Attorney At Law

IRS Tax Collection Criminal Defense Personal Injury Civil Law Litigation Wills, Trusts & Estates


843 Sidney Baker St., Suite 101 Kerrville, Texas 78028 KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │5

american indian jewelry & art • paintings • sculpture • pottery

Your Source For Authentic Native American Jewelry Gift Certificates & Lay-away

Wayne J. Este, Owner 10 01 J U N C T I O N H W Y. AT I N N O F T H E H I L L S K E R R V I L L E • T E X A S • 2 5 7- 4 3 0 0

american west handbags • texas foods • fine silver • gemstone jewerly

Looking for a new hobby or ever wondered if you could spin a pot?

Learn the art of pottery making on the potter’s wheel. Master potter Mark Jackson will guide you through the basics, from centering to shaping clay into beautiful pieces of art work.

Classes held Monday and Wednesday evenings, November through February. Register now to reserve your potter’s wheel. Contact The Hill Country Arts Foundation’s Visual Arts Department for details. 830-367-5120

the arts index Eleventh Annual October 21 to December 4, 2010

Unique, Custom Crafted Furniture by Prize Winning Texas Furniture Makers ®

Reception & Awards Saturday, October 30 6–8 pm. FREE Admission


Hours: Tues. - Sat. 10–4, Sun. 1–4 228 Earl Garrett - Downtown Kerrville 830-895-2911

Danny Kamerath Dallas

Frank Strazza Waco

art... Gallery - Framing - Printing 832 Water St. Kerrville, TX 830.895.5184

the gift that lasts forever.

Landscape Oils, Jewelr y and Other Original Ar tworks THE THEATRE AT THE POINT

Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming HILL COUNTRY ARTS FOUNDATION


Lost in Scotland

Oct. 29-Nov. 13

Featuring Earlayne Chance


Nov. 19-Dec. 12

Nov. 19-Dec. 18

Featuring college artwork Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10-4 p.m.

Fri.-Sat. at 7:30 p.m. Sun. at 2 p.m.

120 Point Theatre Rd. South • Ingram • 830-367-5121 •

ARSENIC KING and Old Lace A Broadway Experience In Your Home Town ARTHUR CHRONICLES THE NOISES CRUCIBLE Much Ado About Nothing THE MUSIC MAN

Playhouse 2000





current expressions

ancientconnections From rustic to refined, TEXAS etc. offers a diverse range of authentic Native American jewelry. Located at 1001 Junction Highway at the Inn of the Hills, this shop of treasures features quality jewelry, selected by owner Wayne Esté, from a number of accomplished Native American silversmiths and artists. More than jewelry, these pieces are wearable art. The traditions and spirits of the maker are found in each item. Most items are one of a kind. Sterling silver and turquoise abound in the jewelry collection, though artists also use gold and a variety of stones — Onyx, Coral, Lapis, Spiny Oyster, and many other semi-precious and precious gems. Texans and other Southwesterners have worn Native American jewelry for decades; now the rest of the world has discovered this enchanting fashion. TEXAS etc. boasts a wide client base throughout Texas and other states, both men and women. Visit the store to discover new items arriving weekly. You’ll find Old Pawn, traditional, and collectible – all ready to wear. You’ll also see Zuni fetishes, Navajo rugs, and many other interesting collectibles. Outstanding leather handbags and other leather goods make excellent gifts. Available gift certificates allow recipients to choose their own delights. Items can be placed in layaway as well.

TEXAS etc. is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. and on Sundays 9:30 until 2:00 P.M. To contact, phone 830-257-4300; also on Facebook. 8 │ KCP │ Nov.Dec 2010

Hunter House Cafe´

by Wayne J. Este

represents the heyday of Hill Country cooking

A local café you don’t want to miss is the Hunter House in Ingram. Here you’ll enjoy some of the best authentic home-cooking in the Hill Country. You’ll also experience the traditional diner atmosphere Lesa Baird serving reminiscent of a by-gone blackberry cobbler to Wayne Este era. At the Hunter House you’ll rub elbows with artists, ranchers, deputies, shop owners, retirees, hotel guests and many others. After meeting Diane Ferrell and Mark Jackson there for lunch, one of my long time favorite breakfast places is now high on my “plate lunch” list. The decision was to choose something from the menu or one of the day’s specials. Meat loaf or stuffed pork? It was amazing how quickly orders emerged from that tiny kitchen during such a busy lunch hour! Lesa Baird, our friendly server, brought the crisp green salads and freshly baked rolls to our table

immediately. The stuffed pork, accompanied by mixed vegetables and creamy, house-made mashed potatoes, soon followed. I had the full order, Diane had the half order. Mark tried the meatloaf and gave it high marks! I was warned that the half order would be sufficient—so Mark got an extra meal by taking home what was left of our stuffed pork! Even a big eater will be filled with the half order!

Master short order cook Juan Palacio

The pork was tender and moist—the stuffing reminded me of my mother’s holiday stuffing (some know it as “dressing”). I would have to say “excellent,” for the entire meal, including blackberry cobbler with ice cream and whipped cream. WOW! What a meal! The Hunter House Café represents the heyday of Hill Country cooking—outstanding and unpretentious. Modest prices and a great meal value. The café is located at the Hunter House Motel at 314 Highway 39 in Ingram. They serve from 7 A.M. to 2 P.M., Tuesday through Sunday.

y f s i t a s o t e r u S man ’s appetite! any

Daily Specials Sandwiches Hearty Soups


Baked Potatoes Homemade Desserts

Ta s t e Of Ol d M e x ico Bistro Style

When you dine at Francisco’s, whether inside or out, you are warmed to the soul. There’s a hint of history, a concoction of traditions going back for centuries. A Taste of Old Mexico in the Heart of Downtown Kerrville!

Fresh Breads and More And yes, we still have the freshest salads!

Newly Added R E S T A U R A N T

Lunch 11 - 3 Mon - Sat Dinner 5:30 - 9 Thurs - Sat

201 Earl Garrett ● Kerrville ● 257-2995

Taco Bar Mon-Fri 7am - 3pm Sat-Sun 11am - 2pm

225 Earl Garrett Kerrville

896-0107 KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │9

Building Relationships do everything up close with Stephen or nothing at all Roberts cover story

by Skye Alexander

I realize I’m not the only person who feels a bit daunted at the prospect of buying a car. Like most women—and many men—I don’t know much about cars. I know the salesperson knows this, and I suspect my ignorance will work against me. When I met Stephen Roberts, owner of Roberts Auto Sales, however, my stereotypes about car salesmen quickly disappeared. He welcomed me with a warm handshake and an unexpectedly authentic smile. Personally greeting everyone who visits his business is a priority for Roberts, who opened his doors at 2410 Memorial Boulevard in Kerrville five years ago. “That’s one of the advantages of buying from a small dealership,” he points out. “You get personal service. Here you deal with the owner, one-on-one.”

Bringing It All Back Home

Stephen Roberts and Mayor David Wampler 10 │ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

Raised in Kerrville, Roberts graduated from Texas Tech with dual degrees in accounting and finance. He quickly landed a coveted position with Ernst and Young, one of the largest and most prestigious financial institutions in the world. In fact, it was his financial expertise––not his salesmanship savvy––that launched him into the automotive world, when a major car dealership in Burnet recruited him as its financial manager. But Roberts wanted to become more involved with the public. That desire brought him back home to Kerrville, where his father and brother are respected members of the business community, to a position as sales manager of a local car dealership.

The Key To Success Building Relationships Trust is a big factor in any business, especially in a small town. In order to succeed you have to build long-term relationships. “I’m not interested in just making a sale,” explains Roberts. “I want to grow relationships with customers.” He notes that we build relationships with all kinds of local professionals: doctors, hairstylists, plumbers, and insurance agents. We find people we trust, and we stay with them. “It should be the same with your car dealership. In the end it’s all about relationships, referrals, and repeat business.” One way he builds trust is by being upfront

“Women have great intuition, and this is an area where they need to pay special attention.” and direct right from the start. He quickly ascertains what customers want, need, and can afford. That way, he doesn’t waste their time or lead them in the wrong direction. Perhaps you’ve had the following experience or know someone who has: You see a car on the lot that’s a little out of your price range, but the salesman takes you for a spin around town, explains all its wonderful features, and you fall in love with it. Then when you’re ready to drive the car of your dreams home, you discover you can’t qualify for the loan. You feel disappointed, angry, and deceived. “I’m not going to put someone in a car or truck he or she can’t afford.” With his strong financial background and established relationships with area banks, Roberts assures, “Not only can I help you choose the car that’s right for you, but I also know how to get you financing.” He even offers in-house financing and works with buyers to help them build credit. When Jason Scanlan, a Kerrville electrician, was looking for good, reliable transportation he visited Roberts Auto Sales. “This was my first time buying a car on my own,” Scanlan says. “There’s such a stigma around buying

a pre-owned car that I was dreading the experience. I knew I didn’t know how to buy a pre-owned car and was sure I would get taken advantage of. I was pleasantly surprised to find the process friendly and completely painless. I’ll do business with Roberts again, absolutely.” Roberts understands that women, especially, can be intimidated by the process. “Women have great intuition, and this is an area where they need to pay special attention,” he emphasizes. “If you don’t like working with your salesperson or don’t feel comfortable for any reason, don’t buy from that person. If anything about the relationship feels bad, it is bad. Walk away.”

The Keys to Success In this challenging economic climate, companies must adapt to the times. “This is a fiercely competitive business,” Roberts says. “You can no longer rely solely on your marketplace to support you. If you’re not open to new ways of doing business, you simply won’t survive.” One way he does this is by utilizing information technology. Linking his website with forty similar sites on the Internet enables him to buy and sell cars across the country. However, Roberts realizes local buyers check out cars online, too, before they start shopping in person. He’s continually developing his business from a small-town car lot to a full-service dealership, which includes finding the best deals nationwide, arranging competitive interest rate financing, and offering a wide range of vehicles to suit every taste and budget. All Roberts’ cars and trucks are checked out thoroughly by two different mechanics and a third knowledgeable driver. Any necessary repairs and parts are taken care of before the vehicles go on the lot. “I strive to have the best, highest quality used cars in the Hill Country,” he states proudly. What if you don’t see what you want? No problem. Roberts provides a vehicle location service. “Just because it’s not on the lot doesn’t mean I can’t get it. I locate cars for people all the time, including our mayor,

Stephen with his children, Caden and Anna Kate

David Wampler.” Let him know what you’re looking for and give him a couple weeks to find it. Because he knows buying a pre-owned car or truck can be stressful and emotional, Roberts encourages car buyers to do their research before they set foot on the lot. “Read Consumer Reports, go to, craigslist, and eBay to check market prices to make sure you’re not overpaying,” he recommends. “Then when you’re ready to start shopping, you’ll be much more relaxed about the process.” To further help Hill Country residents avoid the pitfalls of buying pre-owned vehicles, Roberts writes a regular column for Kerr County People called “Automotive Tips” (see page 30). Visit Roberts Auto Sales online at www. or in person at 2410 Memorial Boulevard in Kerrville, open Monday through Friday 9–6, Saturday 9–4, or you may phone 830-257-0625. Skye Alexander is the author of more than two dozen books. She teaches an ongoing writing class at the Dietert Center. For more information, call 830-896-1275.

Come All Ye Faithful Shoppers Elegant Awesome Fun

November 18-20, 2010 YO Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom 2033 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, TX 78028

Thursday, Nov 18 - Preview Party – Be the first to shop! ● 6pm-8pm ● $25/person Friday, Nov 19 - Hill Country Market Shopping ● 9am-5pm ● $5 Admission Saturday, Nov 20 - Hill Country Market Shopping ● 9am-3pm ● $5 Admission Saturday, Nov 20 - Santa’s Magical Breakfast Kids enjoy Breakfast and Professional Photo with Santa, And Child’s Craft Fun in Santa’s Workshop! Two Seatings this year! 8:30am - 10:00am and 10:30am - Noon Children must be accompanied by adult, please. Sorry, No Strollers or Wagons Allowed in Ballroom Shopping Area $25 per person ● Reservations Required ● Limited Seating

For more info, Call 830.257.7114 or visit our website

Hill Country Market benefits Hill Country CARES, a 501c (3) non-profit

Napa FireLites Produce a dramatic flame that crackles and dances as if to music. Napa FireLites are an unexpected addition to any romantic evening, dance party, poolside celebration or whatever you might imagine.

25% Off Until

Christmas Melissa & Doug Elegant Victorian style dollhouse has never been so affordable! No detail has been overlooked in the design of this easily assembled wooden dollhouse. Excellent quality and distinctive detailing throughout the interior and exterior of this house will make it an heirloom to be cherished for years to come! Folding Princess Castle decorated with regal accents. This wooden play castle is fully assembled and ready for royal play! Two removable turrets, balconies and a flying buttress, an arched walkway, towers and a working drawbridge.

Dilemma Jackets Fine art-inspired. Hand painted on silk. There’s sure to be a design to suit your style.

Your Gift From

Izzi Bear 

Now Featuring Fine Ladies’ Wear Still The Most Complete Children’s Store in the Hill Country

Popochos watch skins With a simple click, your watch will be different every day! Dozens to choose from.

227 Earl Garrett • Kerrville, Texas • 830.896.1033 • Open 10-5 Mon-Sat

Lindsay Phillips Kitten heels in black patent or gray snake. Choose from 30 fabulous cute, glitzy or sophisticated snap-ons!

KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │13

$25 OFF



We have the perfect gift for the gardener on your list.

ď ŤShine



Laundry • Windows • Housecleaning Move Ins & Outs • Construction Cleanups Floor Buffing/Polishing • Carpet Shampooing

830.370.7223 ask for Sheri Reasonable Rates Free Estimates Excellent References


Plant Haus 2

528 Jefferson St., Kerrville 792-4444

:+$7:,//<28),1' $77+(&(17(5"

:+$7¡6$77+(&(17(5)25<28" <28

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9,6,7NHUUYLOOHNURFRUJ25&$//.52&72'$< 14 â&#x201D;&#x201A; KCP â&#x201D;&#x201A; Nov-Dec 2010



Dr. Erika Mr. Justin Sutton

Barry Knox Kathy Dietert

(Dr. Erika Kuklewski) October 23, 2010 Camp Rio Vista Ingram, Texas

Jane Alexander, Eddie & June Sutton

Kim & Kerry Kuklewski

Kevin Kuklewski, Tim Shephard, Kathy Shephard, Marlene Kuklewski

Kyle & Kole Kuklewski

Jane & Jerry Hertzog Geneva Pruitt

Jim & Kathy Hertzog

Stephen Dietert

Gracie Leigh Sutton

It’s The Most Wonderful Time

custom picture fr aming

Of The Year! It

by Kevin & Linda Pillow

is migration time in the Hill Country, which is a wonderful time to feed and watch the birds. Many birds over-winter here, but you will also find a great number of birds passing through to even warmer climates.

Creative Design Excellent Selection Quality Craftsmanship Professionally Trained Staff 410-b Main St • Kerrville • 895 - 2006

POINSETTIAS A Gift of Christmas (order yours now)


Rose Shop 410-A Main Kerrville, TX 257-8311 16 │ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

But what makes the birds travel thousands of miles each winter? The most common reason is to take advantage of food supply, water and shelter. As the temperature drops, food supplies become limited and birds and animals will travel in search of a viable food supply. There are several different types of migration. The most common though is the seasonal migration. As summer turns to fall, the days become shorter, which usually triggers the birds to prepare for migration. Birds are our most obvious migrators. Their wings enable them to travel great distances and their bodies are especially light since their bones are hollow, which allows them to stay high in the air for extended periods. Did you know that birds don’t eat during migration? They have fat stores which give them enough energy for long flights. Another tidbit-geese fly in a “v” formation to decrease drag. One more tidbit-ducks can fly at night using the stars as their guides. Neat, huh? Certain birds such as chickadees, woodpeckers and jays usually stay put. These birds and many other permanent residents will take advantage of your backyard feeders during the winter months. It is advisable to keep at least two large capacity feeders full so that you won’t have to run out in the cold to fill them every day. This is a time of the year when you also want to have plenty of water available too. So keep your eyes to the skies this migration season. You never know who might drop by your backyard.

Happy Birding! Kevin & Linda Pillow are the proud owners of Wilds Birds Unlimited Nature Shop located at 855 Junction Hwy in Kerrville. Each staff member is a Certified Bird Feeding Specialist and can help you discover a refuge in your own backyard. 830-8957393.




by Zack Derese

The Outdoor Guy

my time of year!

Fall is my favorite time of year— and could break off when one of those blue northers blows into town. Save the drastic the brisk mornings, pleasant trimming (more than 20% of the canopy) for days, the leaves changing color. wintertime when the tree is dormant. It’s a time of giving thanks for Greens what we have, a time for giving, IfPutting you want a little patch of green all year a time to look back over the ‘round, consider installing a putting green year and make plans for the (or a patch of artificial turf, if you aren’t an avid golfer). Putting greens are beautiful upcoming one. and make a perfect accessory to any patio, Some people go into hibernation from gardening and landscaping now, thinking that it’s too cold to landscape. Don’t let a little frost scare you—this season is conducive to lots of activities.

Planting Trees

Fall is the optimal time for planting trees. Field dug trees (also called balled and burlapped, or B&B) are dug after the first frost. Planting now will give you the maximum amount of time to get roots established before the blistering heat of next summer.

Winterize Your Lawn

A good winterizer fertilizer can do wonders for your lawn next spring, and make it more cold hardy through the winter. What you want is one that has potassium and phosphorous (the last two numbers of the analysis), as well as some iron and sulfur to combat our alkaline soil.

Outdoor Entertaining

The perfect season to relax on your patio, throw something on the grill, and gather around the fire pit.

Tree Pruning

It’s a good time to lop off the dead limbs while you can still tell the difference. When the leaves fall, dead limbs are indistinguishable

providing an activity other than telling lies around the fire pit. For winter green on your whole lawn, consider seeding winter rye grass. It’s not near as bad mowing your lawn when it’s not 100 degrees!

Winter Color

Possumhaw Hollies, American Beautyberry, and Nandina provide a little splash of much needed winter color. If you have an area inaccessible to deer, try some pansies, our most dependable winter annual. Plant blocks of all the same color. Most people are tempted to try all the pretty colors at once, but monochromatic mass planting has breathtaking impact. Thank you Kerrville, even in a down economy we are on course for our best year ever! We have worked on many diverse and exciting projects, and feel blessed to be a part of this beautiful community. Until next year… Zack Derese has deep roots in Kerrville. As owner of Kerrville Landscaping, Inc., he has been in the landscape business for over 15 years. He is a Landscape Designer, holds an Irrigation License (LI#9453), a Backflow Prevention License (BPAT #10754), is NCMA certified for Segmental Retaining Walls, and is a Water Feature Specialist. You can reach him at or call him at 830-377-4861.

Kerrville Landscaping. Inc KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │17

home building

Does High Efficiency Mean High Dollar?


o you have to spend a lot of money upfront to build a highly energyefficient home? Absolutely not! Of course, it’s easy to become dazzled by all the high-efficiency products on the market today and get carried away. But, you can avoid over-spending by doing your research and using a contractor with years of experience in building high-efficiency houses. The first rule of thumb is keep it simple. Focus on two basic things: structure and insulation. An airtight, highly efficient home can be constructed using typical stick framing techniques combined with new high-tech spray foam insulation. A house built this way requires an HVAC unit only one-half the size needed for a conventional house––this sav-

ings alone will almost pay for the spray foam over fiberglass insulation.

the next edition of Kerr County People. Be prepared to be surprised!

Because the house is sealed tighter and better insulated than a conventional home, you won’t use the HVAC unit as much. This means lower energy bills––and who doesn’t like that? The majority of our clients recoup their entire initial investment on foam within one year (depending on their heating/ cooling lifestyles). From Year 2 on, they reap continual energy savings––money that can be spent on other energy efficient products. A win-win situation for sure!

HCMM Homes is owned by Derek Meier, whose family came to the Kerrville area in the mid-1800s. John Merritt is the company’s Project Manager. The two have almost fifty years combined experience in the construction trade. As members of the National Association of Homebuilders, they are certified as Design and Build Professionals and also as Green Building Professionals. For more information visit them at www. or call 830.370.1558.

Many high-efficiency energy products and practices aren’t as expensive as you may think. I’ll share this information with you in

Shower Yourself in



G reat t m a s C h ri s s ! G i ft

with the hottest shower enclosure trends.

Tula Hats

Shower Doors Mirrors Plate Glass Tub Enclosures Tabletops Windows Cabinet Glass

Jewelry Candles Wooden Gifts

Custom Glass & Mirror

Kerrville Showroom 3110 Junction Hwy

830.367.6074 also serving

John & Lynn Palmer owners

18 │ KCP │Nov-Dec 2010

by Derek Meier & John Merritt

Bandera 830.460.7728 Boerne 830.249.2747

Clothing Great Musical Gifts Store Hours Mon-Fri 10:30 - 5:30 Sat 10:30 - 2:30


Your Specialty Gift & Music Headquarters Fully Stocked


Including All Your Music Accessories

Kerrville 233 Earl Garrett 830.895.0003

Title Talk I am a Title Professional

Sterling & 18k Earrings $140.00

by Diane Green


recently came across the following speech, written by professionals from the American Land Title Association. After 39 years of experience, I continue to feel pride in the professional standards and service that the title industry provides.

As a Land Title Professional… I help protect the dream of homeownership Our industry helps protect people’s investments in their homes. For a one-time fee, we assure clear ownership of title for the homeowner and then provide insurance protection for as long as they own their property. We discover and cure errors in one out of every three real estate transactions before buyers ever reach the closing table. By working to eliminate the risks that could jeopardize home ownership, we help protect the American dream.

29 Diamond Ring 1 CT TWT 18k white gold $3,990.00

I help people create wealth By assuring clear ownership, the title industry helps people use their property as collateral, which can be used to open businesses, expand education, and provide for families. By providing lenders with insurance, we help make credit available to consumers so that they can realize the benefits of homeownership.

I help drive our nation’s economy The system that allows land to be freely bought, sold, and transferred in the United States depends on the work of the land title industry. The proof of ownership that we provide allows homeowners to grow their assets and stimulate the economy through real estate equity. Our work gives lenders confidence to provide mortgage loans, which is the backbone of the real estate—and national—economy. Diane Green moved to Kerrville in 1972 with husband, Bob, and immediately began her title insurance career at Kerr County Abstract & Title Co. Diane and Bob are grateful to have raised their family in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This is Diane’s 38th year in the title business. She is the owner of Kerr County Abstract. To learn more, call 257-5151 or visit

Merchants in America Since 1733

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by Kathy Dietert, RN, BSN and Ode Young, MD



La La


Embrace the season with an indulgent spa treatment to relax and re-energize your mind, body, and soul. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to step back and take care of yourself.


ur goal is to evaluate your needs and exceed your expectations. What a perfect time to get your Botox, Juvederm, or Radiesse to soften lines and provide a more rested appearance, or treat yourself to one of our laser treatments. Our facility is equipped with the latest and most advanced laser equipment geared to improve your appearance with little to no downtime. We offer a variety of laser services from skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, to hair reduction. All of these treatments are performed by one of us—a doctor or a R.N. If you’re looking for other treatments, our highly trained aestheticians, Emily Russ and Carissa Ballard, will evaluate your skin and provide a detailed plan to get you glowing for the holidays. In addition to facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning, Emily and Carissa can wax your lips and brows. Unfamiliar with dermaplaning? Be sure to ask about it—those who have tried it love having it done periodically— they never want to give it up! Or, for a special treat you might want to try one of their Swedish massages, sugar scrubs or mud wraps.

To keep your skin it’s most radiant and youthful every day, we offer SkinCeuticals and Vivite skin care products. Available only in medical offices, these lines contain the maximum amounts of proven skin care ingredients to help reverse the signs of aging, as well as prevent further damage. If you’ve never tried physician-strength skin care products, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised—at both the results and the price. Let us customize a skin care regime based on your skin type, your skin issues, and your budget. Prevent, protect and correct your skin with the best. One of Cecil Baldwin’s relaxing hour-long waterless spa pedicures will satiate your senses, leaving your heart and mind relaxed, your feet feeling softer than ever and looking beautiful. We offer something for everyone and spa packages are the perfect way to unwind for the holidays. A gift certificate from Bella Luz is a gift that will not be forgotten. In order to celebrate the season with less stress—a holiday gift from Bella Luz Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center is a must! You owe it to

yourself...indulge in our spa treatments. Rejuvenate, relax, refresh, and unwind. Bella Luz is the only full service medical spa in the Hill Country and has been customizing treatments to enhance the beauty of our clients for four and a half years. Call today for your complimentary consultation—we will design a program that fits your needs, as well as your budget.

Kathy Dietert, RN, BSN, has been a nurse for over thirty years with an extensive background in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Ode Young, MD, has been a physician for over twenty years with a concentration in aesthetic medicine for the past four and a half years. Kathy, Dr. Ode and their trained staff provide a full range of aesthetic services at their state-of-theart and beautifully appointed spa, Bella Luz. 1411 Water Street, Kerrville. Call 792-3552 today to schedule your complimentary and completely confidential consultation.



Come and Glow.


Bella Lurfzect gift-

Always the pe ilable Gift Certificates ava

1411 water street (corner of water and e street) • kerrville, texas •

Executive Women’s Club what Baubles & Beads Luncheon & Style Show why Benefiting the local breast cancer patient assistance fund when October 5, 2010 where Inn of the Hills who

Jan Lynch, Kathy Dietert, Gaylyn Dieringer

Charlotte Huff, Jennifer Hyde & Kacy Smith

Dr. Rebecca Barrington

Sharon Ballay & Vickie Ogilvie

Brenda Williams & Ida Worthington

Kristen Johle & Rebecca O’Bryant

Launa Kindrick & Kace Ragan

Cindy Moriarty & Teresa Rabalais

Lynn Palmer & Anne Schneider

Martha Spears & Karen Smith

Masel Quinn & Cynthia Marquevich

Lyndsey Powers-O’Quinn, Fireman Micah Booth, Skye Alexander

Rita Brightwell, Sue Robertson, Ethel Starkey

Dr. Ode Young, Gayla Penick, Pam Harman, Carrie Williams, Shelby Mazurek

Baubles & Beads

hometown events

Luncheon & Style Show

Susan Baker & Karen Holbrook

Karen Kordzik

Micki Ellis & BJ Maupin

Fay Faure & Harley Belew

George Anna Parker & Debbie Braden

Cheryl Chambers & Phyllis Ricks

The BEST Today For Your LIFE Tomorrow A diagnosis of cancer can be frightening. But today, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more hope than ever before. At Cancer Care Centers of South Texas we are devoted to treating you with advanced therapies demonstrated to be the best, and most effective. And, through our clinical UHVHDUFKRISURPLVLQJQHZGUXJVZHÂśUHÂżQGLQJHYHQEHWWHUWUHDWPHQWVHYHU\GD\JLYLQJ you and your family hope for tomorrow. Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;

Out-patient chemotherapy Â&#x2021; Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging In-house laboratory Â&#x2021; Treatment and management of blood disorders Clinical trials Â&#x2021; Financial counseling Genetic risk testing and counseling

Advanced, Personalized and Compassionate Care

+LOO&RXQWU\'ULYHÂ&#x2021;.HUUYLOOH Rebecca E. Barrington, MD, FACP


%RDUG&HUWLÂżHG Medical Oncology and Hematology KCP â&#x201D;&#x201A; Nov-Dec 2010 â&#x201D;&#x201A;23

what why when where

hometown events

Paradise in the Pacific Any Baby Can September 11, 2010 Inn of the Hills

Marian Schlunegger & Chuck Del Toro, Any Baby Can Executive Director

Stella Mooney, Jan Pease

Curtis & Carolyn Christopher

Barbara Heckman-Sauer & Robert Sauer

Mike Simpson

Ashley Lutz

Joe & Joyce Mechler, Laurie Loveland

For assistance or to contribute to Any Baby Can, call Executive Director, Chuck Del Toro, at 830.792.4222.

24 │ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

Marsha Horton, Marianne Davis, Cherry Wright

Del Del Toro, Sandy Del Rio, Kimberley & Mark Del Toro

Men In Pink

Kerrville firefighters donned pink t-shirts and collected money in glitzy pink boots at the EWC’s Baubles & Beads Style Show and Luncheon on October 5th—all to raise money for the local breast cancer patient assistance fund.

Your home for home furnishings since 1947.


1703 Sidney Baker Kerrville, Texas 78028 (830) 895-2104

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm Saturday: 9am - 6pm

,O CAL L Y /WNEDAND/PERATEDs  KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │25

hometown events Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show



Fred & Penny Van Shoubrouek Jim Banville

Charles & Tammy Mains Kyle Davenport, Janet Goldman, Kandace Davenport



What Shootin’ for the Big Bucks Why 27th Annual Fundraiser Where Hill Country Youth Exhibition Center When September 25, 2010

Junior & Ann Fritz

Libby & AJ Knaggs

Linda Johnson & Rena Stephens

Holloway Plumbing 830-896-0890 or call toll free

Marsha & Randy Olson


24 Hour Emergency Sevice

Sissy & Robert Arredondo

We Accept All Major Credit Cards Master Plumber M-16563

26 │ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

Mary Beth & Steve Bauer, Kim Metcalf

Pamela & Brian Nentwich, Mary & Scott Muehlstein

free cut & style with any color application* We offer the best products for your hair Pureology Schwartzkoph Sebastian Professional Moroccan Oil Aquage S Factor

Keratin Smoothing Treatments Mon-Sat, 9 till 7 Walk-ins welcome – Appointments Recommended 100 Guadalupe Plaza, Ste. 100, Kerrville (behind Jack-in-the-Box)

257-1311 *New Clients Only. Valid until December 15, 2010

Escape the Winter Voyager of theSeas

Studio 8

HAIR SPA & MORE kerrville

7 Night

Western Caribbean Cruise Sailing Round-Trip Galveston 2 Itineraries: Galveston, Texas; Cozumel, Mexico; George Town, Grand Cayman; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Galveston Galveston, Texas; Roatan, Honduras; Belize City, Belize; Cozumel, Mexico; Galveston

Fares From $509 per person Please contact Linda or Brittany at Kerrville Travel (830) 257-6266 for the best rates today! KERRVILLE TRAVEL • 998 A SIDNEY BAKER S. • KERRVILLE, TEXAS 78028

*Prices are per person, cruise only, based on double occupancy, are for an inside cabin, and is U.S. dollars. Government taxes & fees are additional. All prices and availability are subject to change. Royal Caribbean Ltd. Ships registered in the Bahamas.

KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │27

2010 Deserving Ladies’ Makeover Winners AFTER

Karen Travis

Makeovers made possible by Bella Luz Kerr County People Magazine The Rose Shop Ingram Veterinary Clinic Nuskins Upscale Boutique Ranch Radio Raeanna @ The Ritz Pam @ The Ritz

Wayne Rux, DDS So Fast Printing Comanche Trace The UPS Store Kevin McCullough, DO Nails by Cecil Limo by Johnny Grimes Yo Resort Hotel


Ana Keller

Laser treatments, Botox, and fillers provided by Kathy Dietert of Bella Luz.


Wayne Rux, DDS, gave the winners new smiles.


Wardrobe provided by Charlotte Taylor of Nuskins Upscale Boutique.

Pam at The Ritz did makeup.

28│ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

Cuts, color and styles by Raeanna at The Ritz.

Pedicures and manicures by Cecil at Bella Luz.

Limo courtesy of Johnny Grimes.

People and

Salada’s Think soup and salad, and you naturally think of Salada’s in downtown Kerrville. And now what began as a soup and salad bar is so much more. Husband and wife team, Kelly and Tori Varwig, continue to expand Salada’s menu. First they offered hot and cold soups, a cool, crisp salad bar, and sweet cornbread. Then a variety of breakfast muffins came along to tempt those early morning downtown workers. Salada’s latest addition is a taco bar— included in the salad bar—so you can create hot, crunchy tacos or a delicious taco salad. There are still terrific soups sure to please every taste—hearty taco soup, filled with beans, hominy, beef, and spicy taco seasonings—or perhaps your favorite is a cheese-based soup. (Those soups are great to grab and go, too, for a meal at home.) Or try the tasty sandwiches, baked potatoes, or fresh, homemade desserts. Whether you prefer a light meal or something more substantial, Salada’s has something for everyone. And...rumor has it, new culinary delights will continue to come. 225 Earl Garrett, 896-0107.

A Thanksgiving Feast without cooking! This will mark the 5th year that “Dinner is Served” will prepare all side dishes and desserts that are traditional to the Thanksgiving Feast. To complete your meal, Bill’s Bar-B-Q will once again join forces with “Dinner is Served” to provide tender, boneless smoked turkey breast. All casserole selections will be available to serve your guests who are staying for an extended visit, so stock up and don’t forget the most popular for the holiday season, the scrumptious breakfast casserole. Back by popular demand, “Dinner is Served” is serving lunch TuesdayFriday. Visit their web page at www.dinnerisservedkerrville com. Thanksgiving order deadline November 20, 2010 Dinner is Served River Oaks Shopping Center Kerrville • 830-257-2433

stuff An Izzi Bear Christmas

If you missed the entertaining cover story in our November/ December 2009 issue, check it out in our online archives at You’ll learn a bit about Vickie, the friendly and feisty little redhead who owns Izzi Bear, and how the shop came to be.

What can Reiki do for you? Reiki is a worldwide integrative therapy utilized by hospitals and patient programs, including Houston’s M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Reiki is a non-intrusive, hands-on technique that brings relaxation and supports healing at multiple levels: • • • •

catalyzes the body’s natural ability to heal reduces stress – physical and/or emotional reduces/relieves pain, especially chronic pain stimulates the immune system

Kerrville Reiki Master Anne Schneider offers free public Reiki talks and demos, as well as private Reiki sessions and training. For more information or to schedule these services, contact Anne at or (830)739-5828. Reiki I training is next available at Anne’s Ventana Al Cielo Studio on November 12 (6:30-9:30 p.m.) – 13 (10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.)

KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │29

automotive tips by Stephen Roberts

protect yourself financially


you’re going through the process of buying a car or truck, don’t just think about saving money on the purchase price of your vehicle. Some of the decisions you make will save you money way down the road. One of the most critical is insurance. Today’s roads are full of drivers with suspended licenses, no insurance, and even illegal aliens without drivers’ licenses. To protect yourself, make sure you purchase full-coverage insurance that includes coverage for uninsured motorists. I have seen many claims denied, and it really hurts when you have to pay outof-pocket for an expense that is not even your fault! You’ll also want to consider Gap insurance. Most people don’t realize what Gap insurance is, but it can save you big-time. In a total loss situation, insurance companies pay the current fair market value of your car regardless of what you owe the bank. In many cases people owe more than what the insurance company will pay out. The insurance company’s objective is to make money, not cover your auto loan. Gap insurance, in addition to full-coverage insurance, will fill the gap between what you owe and what the insurance company says your car is worth. Extended warranties are great for people who want peace of mind, knowing the cost of future repairs will be taken care of. I wasn’t always a huge believer in these, but the high cost of repairs today can make extended 30│ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

warranties a good investment. For example, a five-year/100,000 mile power train warranty that costs $1,200 could prevent you from spending $3,000 later for an engine. The key is buying warranties for the right price and buying ones with solid reputations. Research warranties online before putting your trust in any company. You do not want a repair claim denied because of exclusionary items that you were not aware of at the time of purchase.

If you pay attention to all the details surrounding the car-buying process, you can save yourself a ton of headaches and a bunch of money. Remember, slow down and take control of the buying process. If you do your research before you shop for a vehicle, you can make this an easy and enjoyable experience.

insurance company’s objective is to make money, not cover your auto loan.

Stephen Roberts grew up in Kerrville and graduated from Tivy in 1997. He went to Angelo State University, then transferred to Texas Tech University in 1998, graduating with a Bachelors of Accounting and Bachelors of Finance in 2002. He went to work for one of the Big 4 accounting firms, Ernst & Young. Recruited by a car dealership in Burnet, Texas, Stephen became its Finance Manager and was later given the opportunity to come back to Kerrville to be a Sales Manager for the dealership. He then decided to leave in pursuit of his dream of owning his own business and opened the doors to Roberts Auto Sales and RAS Finance in June 2005. It is currently one of the fastest growing dealerships in the Hill Country.

Finally, shop for the best interest rates. Most people spend weeks shopping the Internet and newspaper to find the car of their dreams, but fail to shop interest rates. Your local banks are great if you desire that personal relationship, however sometimes credit unions offer more competitive financing. Over the term of the loan you could save thousands of dollars. For example, the difference between 6.5% and 4% on a $30,000 loan over five years is $2,000.

2410 Memorial Blvd • Kerrville, TX 78028 830-257-0625 •

health by William R Thornton, MD, FACS

Blepharoplasty the natural look Our eyes are the most important cosmetic unit of our facial appearance. They highlight facial expressions of happiness or sadness, alertness or fatigue. Some people are unfairly aged by the appearance of their eyelids. As

we age, we can, and usually do, inherit the eyelid appearance of our parents. Also years of ultraviolet exposure from the sun hastens the aging process of the skin, characterized by loss of elasticity, which produces sagging and fine-line wrinkling. Ptosis, or eyelid drooping, is commonly inherited and slowly but surely increases with age. Some children need early surgical corrections to preserve normal visual development. Adults notice a decrease in upper visual fields, which is like wearing a baseball cap too low! The photos on this page are of a pre-op and post-op blepharoplasty combined with ptosis eyelid surgery. Note the relaxed, refreshed, natural look. An exaggerated “deer in the headlights” look is unacceptable. The procedures are done routinely as outpatient surgery under sedative (not general) anesthesia, monitored by an anesthesiologist for the utmost safety and painless outcome. Tiny sutures, hidden in natural skin folds, are removed in one week. During the week, patients have their eyes open without bandages and are free to read and walk normally. Patients return to full activity after the sutures are removed. Glasses are a

good camouflage in public situations, as minimal bruising and swelling lasts about 10 days.

Ptosis, or eyelid drooping, is commonly inherited and slowly but surely increases with age.


Most important, the patient interested in eyelid surgery, or any facial surgery, should seek a qualified surgeon with subspecialty training in facial surgery. I recommend patients ask for a referral from a doctor they trust and speak to satisfied patients. Dr. Thornton is a fellowship-trained, board-certified ophthalmologist and ophthalmic (eye) plastic surgeon. He has been in private practice and university academic practice for 30 years. Dr. Thornton’s primary office is located at 15316 Huebner Road, Suite 101, San Antonio. For your convenience, he also has an office at 244 Wesley Drive in Kerrville. To schedule a consultation, call Dr. Thornton at 210-633-6106.

After KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │31

health awareness


by Dr. John Bilderback, Chiropractor

injection, and surgery may follow. Spinal decompression is a new form of conservative treatment. If you are experiencing lower back pain or sciatica, certain tests might be recommended to assess the cause, type, and extent of your problem. Orthopedic tests determine if there is nerve involvement. Chiropractic treatment of low back pain or sciatica first isolates the affected muscles and the irritated joint. Stretching, massage, and exercise relax the muscles and reduce swelling. In addition, a chiropractor manipulates the joints of the lumbar spine and pelvis in order to release the pressure that has built up in the joints. This less invasive form of therapy has proven very effective in treating this painful condition safely, without the use of drugs of surgery.

Seventy-five percent of all Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some time in their lives. After the common cold, back pain is the second leading cause of absenteeism from work in the U.S. Sciatica, which is an irritation of the sciatic nerve (the largest nerve in the body), often accompanies or contributes to lower back pain. Sciatica has numerous causes including muscular entrapment, malpositioned vertebrae, a bulging or herniated disk, inflammation of the sacroiliac joint, or cancer. The result is numbness, pain, and/ or weakness in one of your legs. In my experience, sciatica and low back pain are usually caused by muscles that have tightened from injury or overuse. When a muscle tightens or spasms, it gets shorter. When the muscles in the low back and pelvis tighten, they twist, rotate, and compress the sacrum, ilium, and lumbar spine, putting pressure on the joints. In about 2 percent of cases, herniated disks occur, which may require surgery. The medical profession usually treats this condition with pain killers and muscle relaxers initially. Physical therapy, steroid

Mention this article to receive your initial visit free. Dr. Bilderback received his degree from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon in 1985. He has chosen to serve the folks of Kerr County and surrounding area for more than twenty years. 1416 Sidney Baker, Kerrville. 257-2323.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

We have everything you need when it comes to comfort and discretion with a personal touch. • Prescription Services • Most Prescription Plans • Serving All Area Nursing Homes • City-Wide Delivery • Competitive Pricing • Respiratory Medications • Oxygen • Nebulizers • Hospital Beds • Wheelchairs • Bathroom Safety • Mobility Products • Mastectomy Products • Diabetic Products & Shoes • CPAP/BIPAP • Respiratory Therapist

“We take it personally” (830) 895-2803 1331 Bandera Hwy. Ste. 5 (Mon – Fri: 7:30-5:30) 212 Wesley Dr. (Mon – Thurs: 7:30-4:00, Fri: 7:30-1:00,Sat: 8:00-1200)

“Together Meeting Your Health Care Needs”


errville Drug Co.

Joint Commission

on Accredition of Healthcare Organization

Hill Country Medical Equipment

830-895-2273 l 800-683-1757 l Pharmacy 830-895-3784 1058 Junction Hwy. l Kerrville, TX 78028

32│ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

Customer Driven Committed to Quality Patient Care with Respect, Confidentially, and Accountability Servicing Kerr, Gillespie, and Bandera counties for nearly 20 years

Why CPL? • Friendly, relaxed atmosphere with patient wait times 15 minutes or less at all locations. • We file all Primary and Secondary Insurances on patient’s behalf. • 20% patient discount at time of service or on-line at

No Appointment Necessary

hospice care by Darlene Marks, MVS



4 Have you ever experienced loneliness? I don’t mean a brief, temporary feeling that is soon resolved when a dear one returns to regularly scheduled activities.  I’m talking about long term absence, a loneliness that lasts and lasts. Hospice patients and many of their family members can begin to feel lonely simply because they are mostly isolated from those people who were once in the circle of their influence. And, loneliness can develop because a person misses the schedule they once planned and engaged in, doing the things they liked when they chose to do them. Choosing a hospice with a compassionate, caring team can make such a difference.  Loneliness does not have to be so lonely anymore.  VistaCare Volunteers are trained and seriously dedicated to bringing tenderness to each friendly visit they make.  These visits assist families by supplementng care just when patients need it most. VistaCare Volunteers, with a warm smile, bridge the gap at the request of patients and/or family members, by giving the gift of friendship. VistaCare volunteers have been known to ease the emotion of loneliness. Our volunteer staff also prepares beautiful, fresh flowers and delivers them to brighten the bedside of patients each week. Pictured here is floral designer, Marlene Bubnich, serving as administrative volunteer.  She is preparing a brightly colored bouquet for one of our patient care volunteers, Evelyn Wood, to deliver to a patient in a nursing facility here in Kerrville. VistaCare volunteers serve Kerrville and eight surrounding Hill Country locations including Medina, Ingram, Boerne, Bandera, Pipe Creek, Lakehills, Junction, and Mason.  Their primary interest is to enrich the lives of those patients who are facing a life threatening illness. Doc Fleming, pictured also, has stopped by to report his visits

to patients in Pipe Creek and Bandera, all of which now call him “friend.” Volunteers are also a significant and valuable part of our office team. Perhaps you have considered reaching out to someone who needs your compassion. It has been said, “ When you refresh others, you are refreshed.”  VistaCare Volunteers have found this to be true.  By contacting the office, you can become one of those very special people who brighten the life of another. Whether you live in beautiful Kerrville, nearby Ingram, or in one of the surrounding Hill Country areas listed above, VistaCare has a place for you. May I invite you to stop by our office, conveniently located on Water Street, to have a cup of coffee and to talk about the gift you were given to share.  Everyone has the gift of compassion and friendship tucked deep down inside.  We are serving people who need your gift.  Perhaps this article was prepared for such a time as this, the time that you and I would meet and, together, bless the life of someone else. I hope to hear from you soon. Darlene Marks, wife of Pastor Albert Marks for 37 years, is the Manager of Volunteer Services at VistaCare Hospice.  She brings her 34 years experience administrating volunteers through ministry in Texas to VistaCare. VistaCare Hospice is located at 1001 Water St., Suite 100 B, Kerrville. Darlene can be reached at 830-792-6200 or by emailing her at   darlene.marks@

KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │33

health and wellness by Sally Grassmuck, RN

Palliative Care and Hospice What Makes Them Different? Palliative Care is about offering hope – extending a hand to those facing serious complex illness. Medical terminology can be confusing. Maybe you’ve heard the terms ‘Palliative care’ and ‘hospice’ and thought they were interchangeable. Or maybe you’ve never heard of palliative care at all. Palliative care comes from the word ‘Palliation’ or the Latin palliare, which means to cloak. It refers to any form of medical care or treatment that concentrates on reducing the severity of disease symptoms. Palliative care can be used in conjunction with medical efforts that strive to halt, delay, or reverse progression of the disease itself. The goal is to prevent and relieve suffering and to improve quality-of-life for those facing a serious, complex illness. Hospice care always provides palliative care. However, palliative care is not always hospice care. Hospice focuses on caring for those who have a terminal prognosis and are no longer seeking aggressive treatments. Palliative care, on the other hand, can be provided at the same time as curative treatment and is not dependent on a limited prognosis. Patients with diagnoses such as advanced lung or heart disease, advanced dementia, advanced Parkinson’s, stroke, cancer, renal disease, catastrophic illness and/or any chronic disease that has become life-threatening could benefit from Palliative care. Palliative care can be provided at any time during a person’s illness, even from the time of diagnosis. The individual goals-of-care and options that are discussed also serve to guide treatment decisions. Relieving physical symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping are important elements of Palliative care. Equally as important is treating emotional and spiritual pain like depression, despair, fear of abandonment, feelings of isolation and loneliness. And because a serious illness not only affects the patient, but their family as well, a good Palliative Care

Team offers support and guidance to both patients and their loved ones during this complex journey. The Palliative Care Team is made up of physicians, registered nurses, medical social workers, chaplains and other complementary disciplines that all have expertise in Palliative Medicine. The benefits of having a Palliative Care Team include: clear communication, expert management of pain and symptoms, help navigating the healthcare system, understanding medical options and complex treatment choices, and emotional support for both patient and family. Palliative Care is about offering hope – extending a hand to those facing a serious complex illness. At Peterson, it is our calling to reach out and extend a hand and hope to our friends and neighbors throughout the Texas Hill Country. During a time when loved ones may not be sure how to help, the Peterson Palliative Care Team and Peterson Hospice Team are dedicated to meeting you where you are, at any stage in your life, and offering comprehensive, high quality, patient directed care. If you would like to speak to a Palliative Care Consultant, please call 830-258-7799 and someone will be happy to answer your questions and assist in any way we can. Sally Grassmuck has been a Registered Nurse for almost 16 years and a Kerrville resident for the last 6 years. She received her BS in Nursing from Baylor University in 1994. She is currently the Palliative Care and Hospice Coordinator for Peterson Regional Medical Center. You can contact Sally at 830-258-7799.

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women’s health by Mary E Prentice, MD

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) Methods


lthough the teenage pregnancy rate in the United States has declined since 1990, it is still a significant concern. There were almost half a million births to women aged 15 to 19 years in 2006 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009). Texas ranked number one in 2006, according to the CDC, with 63 births per 1000 females aged 15 to 19 years. It is also an unsettling truth that a fourth of pregnancies in this country are terminated in elective abortion. The United States has higher unintended pregnancy rates than other countries (ACOG Committee Opinion 2009). It is logical to assume that the most effective way to reduce the number of abortions is to prevent both unwanted and unintended pregnancies. High unintended pregnancy rates in the United States may be the result of under utilizing the available long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods of contraception. These methods are better known as intrauterine devices (IUD’s) and the contraceptive implant (Implanon). There are two IUD’s available. There is the Copper T380A also known as the Paragard. The device can be used for up to 10 years with a failure rate of 0.6%. It works by creating inflammation in the uterus which then causes the rejection of sperm. The Mirena device releases levonorgestrel, a type of progesterone. It is thought to prevent fertilization of the egg, prevent sperm from penetrating cervical mucus, and sometimes prevents ovulation. This device can be left in place for 5 years and has a failure rate of 0.1%. Implanon is an implant containing 68mg of a progestin etonogestrel (ENG) and is implanted in the arm just above the elbow. It primarily works to suppress ovulation but it also thickens cervical mucus and thins the menstrual lining. The most common reason patients request removal of the device is irregular prolonged menstrual bleeding. The benefits are clear. These methods

36│ KCP │Nov-Dec 2010

have the highest effectiveness, continuation rates, and user satisfaction rates. Frequent visits are not needed after insertion. These devices are highly cost effective over the long term. Fertility is rapidly reversible after removal. We can compare these LARC methods to the most commonly used contraceptive in the U.S., “the pill”. Oral contraceptives have

The United States has higher unintended pregnancy rates than other countries (ACOG Committee Opinion 2009). been found to be very user dependent with low rates of continuation. There is a higher failure rate with imperfect use (8%). More perfect users have a failure rate of 0.5%. It is an inexpensive form of contraception. We now have studies demonstrating that women who chose an IUD for contraception

immediately post elective abortion were less likely to have a repeat abortion. The biggest barrier to using a LARC method seems to be patient awareness of the devices and of their safety. Most women reported a positive attitude toward the devices after a brief education about each device. Although cost effective over a long term, a higher upfront cost of a LARC method may present a barrier. Patients should check with their insurance carrier to see if a LARC method is covered. Ask your physician today if you are a candidate for a LARC. Do not delay. References: ACOG Committee Opinion Number 450, Dec. 2009; Williams Gynecology, 2008. Dr. Prentice is trained and experienced in both Obstetric and Gynecological Medicine. She recently relocated to Kerrville, from the Houston area, where she practiced OB/ GYN medicine for 10 years. Dr. Prentice did her residency at University of Texas medical Branch and Galveston. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University.

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Melissa G. Wampler, M.D. M. Elizabeth Ruiz Wilfong, D.O. Annette Jones, RN, CNM, MSN Kathy Bogie, RN, WHNP Niessa Meier, RN, CNM

OB/GYN ASSOCIATES, P.A. Board Certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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New Home Health Patient Satisfaction Survey for home health agencies by Annabelle Lindner, RHIT & Kathy Dietert, RN, BSN

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) Home Health Care Survey, hereafter referred to as the “Home Health Care CAHPS Survey” is designed to measure the experiences of people receiving home health care from Medicare-certified home health care agencies. The survey is designed to meet the following three broad goals:  To produce comparable data on the patient’s perspective that allows objective and meaningful comparisons between home health agencies on domains that are important to consumers.  Public reporting of survey results will create incentives for agencies to improve their quality of care.  Public reporting will enhance public accountability in health care by increasing the transparency of the quality of care provided in return for public investment.

What does this mean to patients who are receiving home health services? A patient will receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey from an outside source. The survey should include the name of your home health agency on the survey. You will be asked to complete the survey and return to the outside vendor. The outside vendor will tabulate the data, complete a report, send it to the home health agency and to CMS. Medicare home health agencies are required to participate or take a 2% cut in reimbursement. Patient Satisfaction Surveys are a good way to inform those providing home health services how the patient felt about the care that was delivered. So, please take the time to complete Patient Satisfaction Surveys to help home health agencies both improve the quality of care and meet the federal requirement of completing Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Your name will not be disclosed on the reports. Beginning January 2011, the results from the Patient Satisfaction Surveys will be published on the Medicare website at www.medicare. gov/HHCompare. You will be able to view the results of the surveys by county, zip code, or by the name of a home health agency. Patient Satisfaction Surveys are an opportunity to express your experience, satisfaction and, if necessary, offer suggestions to those who care for you. So take the opportunity to do such when you receive a survey. Your opinion can make a difference in health care! Tri County Home Health has been serving our friends and neighbors in Kerr and surrounding counties since 1994. Kathy Dietert, RN, BSN, is Director of Health Services and Annabelle Lindner, RHIT, is the Administrator.

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“The Hill Country Leader In Home Health” “Over 40 skilled nurses, therapists, home health aides & other professionals provide personalized quality care to our Hill Country neighbors.”

895-3100 or toll free 800-506-5557 117 Hugo St, Kerrville Serving Bandera, Bexar, Edwards, Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr Kimble, Medina and Real Counties for more than a decade. KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010 │37

P R M C volunteers by Martha Kies Volunteer Auxiliary Coordinator Peterson Regional Medical Center


he Volunteer Program at Peterson Regional Medical Center has a variety of opportunities. When a person walks through the doors of the hospital and expresses a desire to help or as they usually say, “give back to someone as they received,” life becomes a whole new adventure. Assisting with the HEB sponsored flu shots is one recent venture. Fifteen hundred flu shots were given to local folks—our volunteers were instrumental in helping that event go smoothly. Offering comfort and support to families in the surgical waiting room is another role many volunteers enjoy. The volunteer serves as the buffer between the known and unknown process during the surgery and recovery time. Refreshments are kept ready and handy for family members whose wait is longer than expected. Volunteers don’t just sit at that desk, they come in and make sure the rooms are ready to accept patients before going to surgery and one of the volunteers spends all day Sunday baking treats for the family members. The volunteers work in the Emergency Department keeping linens stocked, sitting with a patient that is alone, checking on patients that are there for extended observation. A medical background isn’t necessary to become a volunteer; the only requirement is a desire to help someone, perhaps to find the areas they are going to or celebrating the birth of Kerrville’s newest member when the chimes make the announcement throughout the hospital. Opportunities are available for volunteers to work in several clerical areas, filling the needs that arise during staff vacations or leaves of absence. Flexibility is one of the leading attributes of a volunteer—to be ready for whatever need arises. The hospital is working diligently to assist staff and volunteers with their Wellness Program. JoAnn Hagemier, Wellness Coordinator, is always ready to teach participants how to track their progress, encourage healthy diet choices, and combine regular exercise in order to obtain a better quality of life. Drop in and visit with our volunteers. You just might want to stick around! Martha Kies, Volunteer Auxiliary Coordinator for Peterson Regional Medical Center, brings to PRMC her love of helping people, as well as expertise in volunteer coordination from serving 11 years as Asst. Volunteer Coordinator of Community Relations with Kerrville State Hospital. You may call Martha at 258-7495 or email her at mkies@ 38│ KCP │ Nov-Dec 2010

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FORD - LINCOLN 1Based on RDA Group’s GORS cumulative survey at 3 months of

400 Sidney Baker S, Kerrville TX 78028 Open until 7pm Mon. - Fri. and 5pm Sat.

service in 3 surveys of 2009 Ford and competitive owners conducted 9/08-5/09. 2Based on Automotive Lease Guide, Inc. Percentage Forecast, Sept./Oct. 2010 edition with a nonweighted 36-month residual value. 3Star ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s program ( 4Based on vehicle registration data and latest odometer readings available to R.L. Polk & Co. for 1992 and new model year full-size pickups still on the road in the U.S. as of 4/1/09. 5Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so.

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