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August 2013 | Issue 3


Grand Installation See inside for coverage of the 2013 ceremony

Freemasons entry “Car No 132” is up and running

What’s happening at the Ian Maddox Library in Ann St.

A visit to the oldest functioning lodge room in the world

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August : October 2013

editors note John Irwin -

Well, here we are again with another issue of the Queensland Freemason to keep you up to date with many of the activities happening throughout the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. I have mentioned the Grand Installation and hope it shows a well-deserved coverage of events that took place. And we have also continued to bring you news of the Variety Bash which is probably on or nearly finished when you read this message. We have pictures of Car 132 and some further information on this great fund-raising exercise. Please keep those donations coming in. I would like to encourage more contributors to send in their stories and pictures of ceremonies and events that have happened each quarter. We like to see many instances of service to the communities in the form of fund-raising and cheque presentations. Quite a few of these occasions published may attract other lodges to do something similar, and so it goes forward in providing charitable acts to those who need attention. But I would remind these contributors that we are still having some problems with the quality of pictures provided. We try and avoid a large crowd of people in the one photograph. It is better just to have a nice picture with up to five or six in it. And please watch the focus. Some of the photos are out of focus which does not help to make a good clear picture on the glossy background of the magazine. If in doubt, see a professional photographer and get a few ideas from him. Happy Reading! Fraternal Regards, John Irwin, Editor

disclaimer Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not neccessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. The Editor reserves the right, due to limitation of space, to accept, reject, sub-edit and rearrange material submitted for publication. No photographic or editorial contained herein may be reproduced without prior consent of the Editor. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all advertisements comply with the Trade Practices Act 1974 as amended. All advertisements are accepted for publication on the condition that the advertiser indemnifies The Queensland Freemason, The Editor, the United Grand Lodge of Queensland and all its servants against actions, suits, claims, loss and/or damage s resulting from anything published on behalf of the advertiser.


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On the Cover Our cover this month depicts the Installation of the 28th Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, and possibly every Freemason present at this important ceremony would agree that it was a resounding success. Of course a great deal of practice is needed by many people to make sure every little detail is covered and all

Masonic Memorial Centre 311 Ann Street, Brisbane Q 4000 GPO Box 2204 Brisbane Q 4001 PH (07) 3229 3533 FAX (07) 3229 9288 United Grand Lodge of QLD of Queensland Grand Master Dr Gary John BACON Deputy Grand Master Alan Maurice TOWNSON Assistant Grand Master David GRAY Grand Secretary John William RAWLINSON Deputy Grand Secretary Graham Richard SCHULZ


participants know exactly what they have to accomplish. Even more so in the ever-increasing technical area where the watchful eyes of the video cameras are relaying the ceremony to the outside world. It was a wonderful ceremony, and will be remembered for years to come. The coverage begins on Page 4 and continues to Page 8. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Grand Librarian Stephen ROWLISON

District Grand Lodge of North QLD Acting District Grand Master VWBro I. J. (Ian) Barrett District Grand Secretary WorBro Ian William Burns 1 Emerald Street, Kirwan PO Box 96, Aitkenvale 4814 PH (07) 4723 2489 FAX (07) 4723 2495

District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria District Grand Master Robert Clive WAKELY District Grand Secretary WorBro J (John) Spooner PO Box 6527 Cairns Mail Centre 4870 PH (07) 4051 2713 FAX (07) 4031 4408

The Board of Benevolence Board Secretary WorBro David Roberts PSGD 60 Wakefield Street Sandgate Qld 4017 PH (07) 3869 6075 FAX (07) 3269 6725

Publication Editor - John IRWIN PH (07) 3821 2113 The QLD Freemason Published by United Grand Lodge of Queensland Art Direction and Layout Dan HANCOCK PH (07) 3162 8823 M 0419 025 584 Deadlines for the November 2013 issue will be strictly adhered to: 01/10/13.

From the Grand Master

Grand Master’s Inaugural Message


Greetings to you all. I write these words immediately following the completion of the events continuum that comprised the 2013 UGLQ Grand Installation. What a series of special, uplifting experiences to share with the local and visiting Fraternity alike. At the outset let me record my sincere thanks to the Queensland brethren from right across this vast State who supported the Grand Installation to the max. I include here all the many attendees and those who selflessly gave direct support via a myriad of backroom and front-of-eye tasks. Every event drew optimal numbers and proved motivational in effecting superb operational and ceremonial performances. The quantum of visitors from inter-State, New Zealand and New Caledonia was inspirational. Their feedback was uniformly positive and complimentary. Thus the many hours of planning and rehearsal bore tropical fruit in abundance. The old adage that practice makes perfect holds true. The Grand Installation ceremony itself was streamed globally in a first for Queensland. A composite DVD will be available as a permanent record for participants, families and reference.The platform of commitment and competency that so characterises the commencement of the new Masonic term will act as a most effective energiser for me and all the new team. Well done brethren. It is a privilege to walk in your company and be identified as a Queensland Freemason. Gary



OUTSTANDING ATTRACTIONS ANCIENT CULTURES COLOURFUL LIFESTYLES Santiago - Nazca Lines - Lima - Cusco - Sacred Valley Machu Picchu - Ollantayambo - Puno - Lake Titcaca Amazon River Cruise Manaus - Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Buenos Aires

FULLY ESCORTED TOUR EX BRISBANE From the pulsating energy of Rio, the European sophistication of Buenos Aires and the mystery of long-lost civilisations in Peru, to the awe-inspiring peaks of the Andes and the secrets hidden in the lush folds of the Amazon SOUTH AMERICA IS A CONTINENT OF CONTRASTS – ALLURING, INTOXICATING AND UNFORGETTABLE -

September 4 Quarterly Communication Grand Hall, Masonic Memorial Centre, 311 Ann Street Brisbane Commencing at 7:30pm. Your attendance at this Quarterly Communication would be greatly appreciated


Departs 3 May 2014 - Cost $16,990pp *Prices are per person, twin share. Conditions apply, subject to change.

CALL TODAY FOR COMPLETE BROCHURE Ph: 1800 672 988 Cnr Cotton & Ferry Sts Nerang


Craft News - Grand Installation 2013

Grand Installation 20 13

The 28th Grand Master for the United Grand Lodge of Queensland was installed in the Grand Hall at the Masonic Memorial Centre, Ann Street Brisbane in another brilliant display of pageantry, well conducted and a spectacle which all of the 650 people must have enjoyed to the fullest. MWBro Dr Gary Bacon, secretary of Tibrogargan Lodge No 305 has now reached the top position in Freemasonry in Queensland, and is all set to make sure we progress forward with him at the helm. It is well noted that with an installation this size happening every three years there must be some improvement in communication technology to spread the word throughout not only the city of Brisbane, but globally via video. And this, in effect certainly took place on the afternoon of July 6, 2013. Who would have thought that a disappointed Freemason, having had to take his holidays away from Brisbane on that day, solved the problem with his iPhone. WorBro Luke Elin, the UGLQ Webmaster arranged for his wife to drive the car on the Pacific Highway near Newcastle while he and his son James watched the ceremony. (See photograph on page 5). He was not the only one. WorBro John Whitehorn from Caloundra Lodge was Barra fishing in Darwin and was watching the ceremony from the Top End! The Deputy Grand Secretary’s wife was watching it at home while she was



baking for their daughter’s QMO concert the next day. It would never have happened but for the high technical work performed by Bro Andy Halton from Lostock Films. His coverage of the whole afternoon ceremony was outstanding. This ceremony was also witnessed in South America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Bro Halton had arranged 100K nodes on the Google content distribution network. Grand Masters from every Australian State, New Zealand, New Caledonia were present, accompanied by a team from each area. A representative from Columbia was also present. Many of the visitors attended the large banquet to follow at the Hilton Hotel, and joined in at functions held on the Sunday. Altogether, it was a weekend to remember.

Craft News - Grand Installation 2013

MWBro Dr Gary Bacon

RWBro LtdCol (Ret’d) Alan Townson being invested as Deputy Grand Master by Past Grand Master, MWBro Emmanual Anthony PSM PGM.

Past Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton introduces newly installed Grand Master MWBro Dr Gary Bacon to the brethren

The Grand Director of Cermonies, RWBro David Sherrit, who admirably performed the huge task of introducing visiting Grand Masters, visiting delegations and controlling the entire program for the Grand Installation.

RWBro David Gray being invested as Assistant Grand Master by Past Grand Master, MWBro Graeme Ewin.

WorBro Luke Ellen viewing the Grand Installation on his iPhone near Newcastle as his wife drives the vehicle.


Craft News - Grand Installation 2013

Grand Master Installation Address by MWBro Dr Gary Bacon July 6, 2013


steemed and valued Brothers of the Fraternity, from the corner reaches of the Australian plateau and austral islands

A hearty welcome and sincere thank you for your abundant and uplifting presence here this afternoon in this unique, commemorative memorial setting. One cannot but be energised by three latent but palpable forces amassed within these Helidon Sandstone walls foundated by master craftsmen over three generations ago. First there is the shear quantum of the Masonic knowledge base and service present therein. Laid out year by year we would travel back to the ice age occurring during the last years of the Pleistocene. What an unsurpassed experiential data bank to access and utilise as the nutrition of future growth in our honourable Institution. Second there is the photonic energy captured over three plus centuries by the canopies of the massives that were felled in the rainforests of North Queensland that their timber might adorn this place and create an ambience for ceremony and contemplation. Third there is the dynamic for innovation and enterprise that comes from the diversity of the DNA array within each Freemason and the assembly at large. The distribution and coverage of talents over the whole human dimension and contained within our Fraternity’s membership is a powerful tool poised for harness in the work of profiling our Institution within the wider community. The key to our future prospects lies in the unlocking of this human based potential. Not one of us uses a smidgeon of the potential energy that physics foundates within us. The synapse rich Einstein via his brand algorithm proved that we each possess a theoretical high load of 1.5 tetra joules, the equivalent of a massive tsunami. Let’s all of us start making bigger waves. To this end I have in mind the rewriting of that old Masonic motto: Audi Vide Tace (see, hear, be silent). That is the one bequeathed to the Masonic world by the Premier Grand Lodge in December 1813 when after a bitter separation of three score years the Ancients and Moderns formed the United Grand Lodge of England. Maybe they had had enough of 6


disruptive discourse and demanded silence. In any event the words adorn many a Masonic pamphlet and building, including headquarters in Adelaide, though more intrusive is the culture of secrecy and introspection engendered in generations of Masons to come. I suggest Audi, Vide, Clamo (‌ I shout) as a more appropriate catch cry for our modern times. The shout is not meant as a street side vocal; rather it is a call for energised communication, proclamation and marketing of our Institution and its timeless core values of mateship, caring and integrity. It is a prompter for effecting a themed outcome I call Community Connect, raising the profile of Freemasonry through the plethora of volunteering, service provision, bursaries and charitable works that our members provide to society in general and to their local communities in particular. Modern marketing tools are available to assist greatly in this effort and our demonstrable, positive local experiences with social media combined with outward focussed, inclusive events including, Brisbane Open House, combined lodge open nights, distribution of natural disaster appeals to community groups, bannered local engagements and the like, all auger well for a continuing pulse in recognition and that special follow on; the holy grail of membership attraction. Nevertheless, practitioners will readily agree the best and direct recruiter is the competent member, happy in his lodge membership. Clamo cannot be, thus, just directed outwards. The necessary accompanying Connect is with our members. Indeed, retention strategies are as important as attractant strategies. An increasing number of our lodges have hit the right formula for their particular member array. They have made their lodges a haven where men are happy to spend quality time. For some it has been the hand- over of responsibility for social activities to the young Turks brigade. Some have introduced educational programs via interactive knowledge sharing Q&As. The realisation that our speculative Craft is a conduit to achieving some measure of excellence in the non-nebulous, seven liberal arts and sciences can be liberating and empowering. Others have brought special themed events for full family participation. In successful lodges the members have engendered a culture of self-respect for each other, combined with a real sense of individual contribution to the group effort. There is usually no one protocol that

Craft News - Grand Installation 2013 achieves entire success; rather elements are trialled to achieve ownership and that combination which works. Prescriptive protocols are usually left aside. The cumulative effect of both external and internal Clamo initiatives must be to meet our obligation, owed to our forebears, to create a sustained future well-being for our unique Institution, that is, to renew our social fabric, reinvigorate our demographics and thus build the next generation of Masons. In this continuous rejuvenation phase let me acknowledge and applaud the vital role that our lodge stalwarts, the long termers, play in conducting and mentoring the new entrants into the Craft. At this juncture I acknowledge the Masonic nurturing I received in Tibrogargan Lodge No. 305, my apprenticeship under Grand Master Burton, and the life nurturing I received from my dad who is present. The following ‘bucket list’, term attenuated, provides a means of self -imposed motivation and discipline and facilitates the application of performance review, viz • Restructure for a full time senior Membership officer • Appoint an Ambassador of Youth Orders • Consecration of a University Lodge • Achieve a corporate, commercialised footprint at 311 Ann Street • Establish a Sir John Dudley Lavarack KCMG DSO Visitors Room • Value add a first entry into the 2013 Variety Outback Bash • Compile a compendium of initiatives from successful lodges • Hold a Masonic Family Expo event • Schedule ONE TEAM colloquiums • Re-profile Men’s Health issues I congratulate all the members of the 2013-14 Grand Officer team, those embarking on their first experience and those returning for additional service, for your selfless commitment to this UGLQ. Enjoy and grow in your allotted tasks. The real contribution that our Masonic choir, organists and heralds make to our ceremonies is acknowledged. I thank the Queensland Fraternity for this singular personal honour that you have graciously bestowed. I shall do my best to ‘justify the choice which the brethren have made.

Father and Son Bro Jack Bacon MM of Cooloola Lodge No 524 was witness to a memorable July 6 2013 when he was present for the installation of his son MWBro Dr Gary Bacon as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. Bro Jack was Initiated on June 30, 1950. He was Passed and Raised into Burleigh Lodge No 307. After resigning due to transfer he re-joined in Gympie and then Cooloola at Tin Can Bay where he has lived since retirement in 1988.

Past Grand Master and Board of Benevolence President

Grand Masters from all States The Grand Masters of all Australian States and New Zealand are pictured above with the newly installed Queensland Grand Master at the Grand Installation on July 6. They are left to right: MWBro Selwyn Cooper (New Zealand), MWBro Robert Parsons (South Australia and Northern Territory), MWBro Robert Jones (Victoria), MWBro Dr Gary Bacon (Queensland), MWBro Derek Robson (NSW and Australian Capital Territory), MWBro John Wallace (Tasmania), and MWBro Stephen Jancec (Western Australia).

On the left in this picture is MWBro Adrian Burton, (outgoing Grand Master) with RW Bro Tony Love (President of the Board of Benevolence) at their last official meeting in the Grand Master’s office. MWBro Burton congratulated the RWBro President and members of the board on the great job they had accomplished including many challenges experienced over the last three years. $57 million dollars had been invested in new aged care facilities in Queensland.


Craft News - Grand Installation 2013


His own number plate and a block of land!

Guide Dogs Queensland receives $48,146

The Grand Installation Banquet which followed the installation in the Grand Hall, Ann Street was held at the Hilton Hotel in Elizabeth Street. It was a gala dinner and enjoyed by all who attended. During the course of the evening some very interesting presentations were arranged. The Past Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton featured in several. Pictured above he is shown receiving his genuine personalised number plate from his wife, Regina. The “27” represents the fact that he was the 27th Grand Master and of course the “PGM” refers to the fact that he is now a Past Grand Master. Regina also presented her husband with a small parcel of land she purchased in Scotland which entitles him to be called Lord Adrian Burton!

At the Grand Installation banquet on July 6 the opportunity was taken to present a cheque to the value of $48,146 as a donation to Guide Dogs Queensland. This extremely successful charity drive was organised by the Past Grand Master’s wife, Mrs Regina Burton.


Our picture shows left to right: Debbie Zyms (Solomon’s trainer with Solomon); Aileen McGregor-Lowndes (Business Development Manager, Guide Dogs Queensland) and Mrs. Regina Burton. Readers will remember Solomon was featured in the November 2012 issue of the Queensland Freemason.

Craft News

Freemasons entry “Car No 132” is up and running As this issue of the magazine goes to press the 2013 Variety Bash will be up and running. It runs from August 5 to August 15. A tremendous amount of work and energy has been placed in the ultimate success of the Freemasons Queensland entry, Car No 132. President of the Grand Officers Association (RWBro Doug Wells PSGW) and the executive of the association have been extremely active in organising the entry and raising money for the Variety Bash organisation. This is the first time ever that Freemasons of Queensland have placed an entry in such a large fund-raising project. The picture of the car below with all its detailing shows how eye-catching the vehicle will be as it wends its way from Emerald in Central Queensland to Mission Beach in Queensland’s North. The detailing was professionally attended to by Bro Bruce Allen (Landsborough Lodge), owner/manager of ATL Graphix and staff at Beerwah. The GOA President has expressed his grateful thanks to them for their efforts.

Thanks has also been expressed to Murray and Matt Sondergeld, Mal Creed and others from Warwick for getting the car to the condition it is in for the start of the Bash. Murray, Matt and Mal are the drivers.

would be handing out brochures and fly the flags provided by the GOA. RWBro Doug Wells and his wife Ros have made six promotional “Freemasons Queensland” utility aprons for the drivers to wear during the Bash so that Queensland Freemasonry will be promoted to the public. The aprons (pictured below) have a pocket to hold promotional brochures for the drivers to hand out to anyone showing an interest in knowing more about Freemasonry. The work in getting this project up and running has been nothing short of amazing and it is to be hoped that it will provide interest and donations for the worthy cause.

The brethren of Alexandra Lodge in Emerald have been running Sausage Sizzles in aid of Car 132 entry in the Variety Bash. Local business houses came to the aid by donating food supplies (Coles Supermarket) and a trailer for use by a local company called “Party On”. The Grand Officers Association secured two sites at the Lions Flea Market in Emerald Rotary Park and the Car 132 was to be displayed there on the Sunday, before the commencement of the Bash. Brethren

The smell of a $4000 cheque! Aileen McGregor Lowndes is shown receiving a cheque for $4000 on behalf of Guide Dogs Queensland from WorBro Ian Brown, Master of United Tradesmen’s Lodge No 12 following the lodge proclamation. The dog “Ruby” seemed to be very interested in the cheque. The lodge conducted a fundraiser called “Dining in the Dark” to raise the sizeable donation.

Variety Bash Boost for Rathdowney Lodge The “Variety Bash” got a real boost in the town of Rathdowney recently when Car 132 turned up at the Rathdowney Lodge installation. It created quite a lot of interest when being driven down from Warwick. Picture shows the car on display with (left to right) VWBro Jim Ritchie, WorBro Ken Harvey, WorBro Ian Oakes and VWBro Murray Sondergeld. Murray is the man who led the “rebuild” of the vehicle ready for the “Bash” and he will be driving it with several other support drivers.

Deadline for November Issue Please Note the deadline for copy and Advertisements for the Nov issue is:

Tuesday, October 1 2013


Craft News

Library News I would like to let everyone know what’s new and what’s happening at the Ian Maddox Library in Ann Street. Not only have we launched our new web site, but we also bring some great new resources to both you, our members, and the general public. The library is a great place to drop in for a coffee and surf the Internet. We are open during business hours. I would like to thank Tony Tabrett, the former Grand Librarian, for his continued Yours fraternally, Grand Librarian, Stephen Rowlison support.We hope to see you soon. Visit us today!

Online Library The Online library is now open to members and invited guests. Users of the system can now search the entire collection from their own computer. A number of new features will be added to make the borrowing process even easier. I am calling on all early adopters to request account access and provide positive feedback on what additional features would be of benefit. Progressively digital content will be added including biographies, videos and music.

Book Sales The library has also launched an online shop featuring new book titles from the online retailer Amazon. If you are looking to purchase books from Amazon (in any category), we would appreciate your patronage from the library web site. The library will receive a sales commission from sales that are made from the library web site. If you purchase from Amazon without going through the Library web site, we do not receive any income. The price of the books is identical. Our aim is to become self-funded so please support the library by going through our web site. Shop online now

Online Family Searches Family searches are now also online. Perhaps you know of someone who would like to know whether their father or grandfather was a Freemason. Kindly refer them to the Library web site. Friends of the library and museum will receive a high quality print of our coat of arms, (English, Scottish or Irish) and a letter of acknowledgement signed by the Grand Master, MWBro Dr. Gary Bacon.

Happy Hour! Every Friday from 6:30pm join us on the ground floor for drinks and nibbles. We hope to see you there. Everyone is welcome so bring your partner and friends. This is a great way to introduce new members to Freemasonry.



Latest Releases The Symbolism of Freemasonry, By Albert G. Mackey This anthology is a thorough introduction to classic literature for those who have not yet experienced these literary masterworks. For those who have known and loved these works in the past, this is an invitation to reunite with old friends in a fresh new format. From Shakespeare s finesse to Oscar Wilde’s wit, this unique collection brings together works as diverse and influential as The Pilgrim s Progress and Othello. As an anthology that invites readers to immerse themselves in the masterpieces of the literary giants, it is a must-have addition to any Born in Blood, By John J. Robinson Its mysterious symbols and rituals had been used in secret for centuries before Freemasonry revealed itself in London in 1717. Once known, Freemasonry spread throughout the world and attracted kings, emperors, and statesmen to take its sacred oaths. It also attracted great revolutionaries such as George Washington and Sam Houston in America, Juarez in Mexico, Garibaldi in Italy, and Bolivar in South America. It was outlawed over the centuries by Hitler, Mussolini, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. But where had this powerful organisation come from? What was it doing in those secret centuries before it rose from underground more than 270 years ago? And why was Freemasonry attacked with such intense hatred by the Roman Catholic church?

Online Member Services

Online Gift Shop

On the web site you will also find a new section entitled “Member Services”. In the first instance we would like to profile any services you can offer to other members. We are keen to build up a referral database of members which will help each another. Perhaps you provide the a-z of services and you want to let other members know you are out there? Naturally if a brother’s services are of the highest quality and available at a fair price compared to others, it makes sense to engage him.

We now have our own special gift shop for you, your friends and anyone who is looking for something special. Get an S&C clock! This Square and Compasses Clock comes in either Round or Square. Customise it with your own lodge banners. It is well past high time you had one of these. Just $23.90 online only. Shop now

Craft News forms the Mount Morgan section of the Capricornia Collection. His study promises a new analysis of the history of the Mine by examining areas of praise or criticism in the operations of Mount Morgan, its triumphs and disappointments. His research shows that the company provided a guaranteed income, social and educational support to generations of Mount Morgan people, but failed to expand its activities and initially disregarded the surrounding environment.

As the author of a new PhD study, Ray Boyle is about to fill in this large gap in our local knowledge and set the record straight. A former CQUniversity staff member and prolific local writer on the mine, he began work at the Mount Morgan mine in April 1948 as an apprentice fitter and turner.

The analysis also addresses the extent to which Mount Morgan Limited followed or departed from industry practices elsewhere, the extent of influence exerted by directors and senior staff, and the introduction of a welfare scheme and social initiatives, as well its persistent, but ill-fated attempts to diversify its operations. According to Ray, who has already authored a total of 28 consultancy reports, conference papers and publications dealing with a wide range of topics relating to the history and heritage of the mine, there are few local people remaining who were associated with this period of the mine. Most are unaware of the reasons for its success or failure, and of the management decisions that ultimately affected the lives and prosperity of the Mount Morgan community. The study is well documented with tables, photos and illustrations including a valuable appendix of its long-serving managers and directors.

In 1968, already holding tertiary qualifications in mechanical and electrical engineering, and while employed in  professional positions at the mine, he enrolled in further engineering courses with the recently established Capricornia Institute of Advance Education (Central Qld. University’s predecessor). He left the company in 1983 after 13 years as Chief Engineer. During his last year at Mount Morgan, his recommendation that the Company should donate its archival material to the [then] Capricornia Institute was accepted and this material now

Beginning with the original August 5 1882 letter from Fred Morgan to T S Hall, offering a half share in the proposed Mine, the Capricornia Collection at the CQUniversity Library consists mostly of files relating to the new company from 1929 onwards; files which Ray has been able to scrutinise intensely, aided and supported throughout by the invaluable library staff. It has been nevertheless a daunting task, for the Collection consists of no less than 100 metres of ‘archive boxed’ files, mining and survey plans, engineering drawings, photographs, slides and motion pictures.

You have often heard the saying: “If you want a job done regularly and properly, ask a busy man”. Well, this could apply to a busy Freemason who is about to be nominated as Master-elect of Thespian Lodge No 268 which meets on the first Thursday of every month at Stones Corner Masonic Centre, Brisbane, as a daylight lodge. He is Bro Barry Swann, whose volunteer job is driving as many as 20 patients a week from their home to hospital and back using a vehicle donated by Summit Leasing to the hospital Bro Swann’s practice is to do everything possible to keep his passengers happy on

their trip in because it is always unsettling to go into hospital. Likewise, he also tries to lift their spirits on the way home, as they have often had a difficult day.. He takes them to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane and returns them to the comfort of their own home after treatment. The trip by car is much more enjoyable than by public transport. The Mater Hospital in Brisbane is the only hospital with a patient car service. Bro Swann finds it satisfying to be able to make life that little bit easier for ill and needy patients who would otherwise have to take public or community transport. This is what Freemasonry is all about.

Researcher Ray Boyle (centre) with supervisor Professor Cryle and some of the helpful staff at the Capricornia Collection of the Central Queensland University Library, Kelli Stidiford, Cathy Dennis and Alison Scott.--Information and picture by courtesy of the Central Queensland University.

Historic mining research by Freemason in Central Queensland A well-known Freemason in UGLQ RWBro Ray Boyle PDGM, a former Central Queensland mining executive, is about to submit a ground-breaking thesis which will be avidly read by some of Australia’s leading mining historians. RWBro Boyle is a member of Mt Chalmers Lodge No 184 and a former member of Mt. Morgan Lodge No 57. The following information regarding his thesis has been provided by the Central Queensland University and was published on May 9, 2013. Most Australians have heard about the nineteenth-century “quarry of gold” and its fabulous wealth, but few know about Mount Morgan Limited, which operated the mine from 1929 to 1993, or indeed about the triumphs or disappointments that occurred in the 61 years of its working life, or the events that followed its return to the Queensland Government.

Volunteer Hospital work for a Caring Freemason


Craft News or Trick the Eye. In 1749, The lodge decided to have an organ to provide music for their ceremonies. Up till that time music had been provided by violinists in a musicians gallery. Contact was made with Josef Snetzlear, a London organ builder and friend of Handel, and he agreed to provide an instrument. Cost was to be 75 pounds which included transport by sea from London. (Snetzlear had provided an organ for Handel for his performance of the Messiah in1742)

This is a picture of the ancient organ taken from the Lodge Canongate Kilwinning Booklet.

A visit to the oldest functioning lodge room in the world By WorBro Reg Magee, Viking Lodge No 394 The article on the Deputy Grand Organist’s visit to the Tokyo Lodge in the May issue of this magazine brought to mind a visit I made in 2009 to what was the oldest functioning lodge room in the world. At a meeting of the College of Surgeons some years ago, I had a conversation with a visiting Scottish surgeon who, when he found I had an interest in organs and organ music, told me of an organ in Edinburgh in a Masonic lodge in which a note had been found which stated that the instrument had been approved by Mr. Handel. In 2009, when visiting the UK, I went to Edinburgh to investigate the matter a little further. The Chapel of St. John was erected in 1735 by the members of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge. Before that time, not having their own building, the members met in private houses and other places. A piece of ground was purchased in St. John street and a new home for the lodge was erected at a cost of 400 pounds.

On entering the lodge room one sees the master’s chair which dates from the early 18th century with its magnificent canopy and the pillars on either side, the work of Stewart Watson. The Wardens’ chairs are placed in the northwest (SW) and southwest (JW) corners of the room, preserving the ancient Scottish arrangement of the interior having the Master’s and Warden’s chairs at the three points of a triangle, the Master being at the apex. The walls are adorned with portraits of lodge dignitaries and persons of note. One of the most impressive features of the lodge room is what appear to be four alcoves containing statues of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Byron and Shakespeare, but on closer inspection they are paintings on the wall using a clever technique known as Trompe l’oeil

Lodge Canongate Kilwinning, No.2 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, owned the building and held all its meetings there from 1735 until 1992, when rising costs and increasing property rates forced the members to transfer the ownership to Royal Order of Scotland.



In 1754 it was installed in the lodge room but had to be brought in through the west wall as it was not possible through the lodge doors. Evidence of the breaching and repair can be seen today. This organ has been played continuously for all Masonic ceremonies apart from two occasions when maintenance was required. Also it has been played for radio and TV programmes. It is still hand pumped, but there is a foot treadle that that can also be used if necessary. The specification is:- Single manual, naturals black, sharps/flats white. Two rows of stops:Left side : Salicional ; Sesquialtera ; Flute 4 ; Flute 8 Right side : vox celeste ; cornet ; principal 4 ; open diapason 8 Other items of interest were the “lockit kist” in the secretary’s room in which the Master’s regalia is deposited, two very old bibles which are used in the ceremonies and other lodge memorabilia. The old kitchen (which is older than the Chapel) contains a 16th century fireplace which has a motto above which reads “Tomorrow, no sorrow be here” It was a pleasure to visit this historic Masonic Temple which is substantially the same as it was in its earlier days and where the brethren have met for 278 years.

The Chapel of St John. previously owned by Lodge Canongate of Kilwinning. Ownership of the Chapel was obtained years ago by the Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland.

Craft News

Pictured in the centre of the group are RWBro Alan Townson, (Deputy Grand Master), WorBro Tom Stewart (Worshipful Master) and RWBro Gordon Ellis JGW (secretary of the lodge).

Ironsides Lodge Installation Bro Tom Stewart became the new Master of Ironsides Lodge No 454 at the lodge Installation last month. The picture above shows members of the Grand Lodge Team and a group of some of those who attended the ceremony.

Bus Tour prior to NZ Installation The New Zealand Grand Installation will be held from November 15 to 17 in Auckland and to add enjoyment to the visit a bus tour from Auckland to Wellington is being arranged. Those interested in going on the tour are asked to contact David Gray. His e-mail address is: Highlights of the tour include five nights’ accommodation, five breakfasts and two dinners, a city highlights tour in Auckland, visits to several Wineries and many more interesting activities. Cost is expected to be approximately $1300 per person. Contact David for more information.

Duke of Leinster Golf Day The Duke of Leinster Golf Day is coming up again this year. It will be held at the Nudgee Golf Course on Sunday, September 22, 2013 and will consist of the usual four person 9-hole Ambrose event. Players are requested to be ready on the day at 1 pm for the Hit Off at 1.30 pm. This golf day has become an extremely popular event among Freemasons and their friends. Last year’s event attracted a field of 40 players and was won by a team

organised by Kianawah Lodge. Cost for each person will be $35 which includes green fees, sandwiches, trophies and a raffle.. Entries can be submitted and information obtained by contacting Justin on 0412 731 067 or Alan on 0412 208 719. Sadly your editor is going to miss it. He will be over in Canada sampling a few golf courses there!


Craft News

GOA Book Fest, August 31, 2013 The Grand Officers Association is conducting a Book Sale at Stones Corner Centre on Saturday, August 31, 2013 as a major fundraising activity, and the Association executive is hoping for a record roll-up  for this ever-popular way of providing the community with a choice of reading material for all members of the family.     Preparations for the Book Sale are well underway with quite a number of donated books already collected. This Book Sale will be held in the car park area of the Centre. It will commence at 7.00 am and close about 4.00 p.m. A Sausage Sizzle is also being

A high hope for new knees

arranged by Stanley Lodge No 37 brethren, and soft drinks and bottled water will also be made available for sale. Freemasons, their families and friends are all welcome to come to this Sale and have a bite to eat while they are there purchasing a book, magazine, or any other reading material available for sale. The Association also hopes that the donation of books will continue right up to August 31, so keep those books rolling in. Saturday August 31, 7:00am to 4:00pm. Stones Corner Centre

Past Assistant Grand Master, RWBro Greg Short did not take long after the July 6 Grand Installation to prepare himself for a twin knee arthroscopy. Our Grand Master has commented: “You have set a high recovery standard that will be hard for us mere mortals’ to achieve”. This picture was taken by the GM outside the Spare Parts section of the PAGM’s company Gyral HQ in Toowoomba. It is doubtful that there would be any spare knees inside.

Enjoy retirement living by the Bay Whether its breakfast on your balcony taking in the bay breezes, a stroll along the foreshore, or catching up with friends at one of the local café’s, Masonic Care Queensland in Sandgate is well positioned for retirees to make the most of a unique, bayside lifestyle. With contemporary retirement living apartments designed for easy living, Masonic Care Queensland provides retirees with all the benefits and security of a retirement community lifestyle, with support services available on a fee-forservice basis, access to emergency call and co-located residential aged care onsite if it is ever needed. Due for completion late August 2013, these high quality apartments are proving popular with more than half already under deposit. The apartments have an open plan, spacious design with air conditioning, balconies and opening windows to catch the sea breezes. The 14

kitchen and bathrooms feature stone bench tops and the buildings have secure parking and video security.

A new range of purchasing options are now available! For more information, please phone Karen Tilke on 07 3869 6009.

Retirees can enjoy the on-site facilities including library, hairdresser, day spa, canteen, medical centre, chemist and BBQ areas, as well as a clubhouse with theatrette, bar and pool table (currently under construction).


Craft News Three Generations with the one apron Every now and then we get some interesting stories of family members sharing their Masonic activities with each other. Here is one of interest to readers. At Unity Lodge 300 in Townsville a memorable night was enjoyed by all when 21-year-old Jarrod William Cristaldi was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. WorBro. Norman Wilson, Jarrod’s grandfather, who has been a member of Unity Lodge for 52 years, assisted in the presentation of the Master Mason’s apron that he had worn so proudly when he was raised in the third degree. The very same apron had been presented to and worn by Bro Jarrod’s father, WorBro Gary Cristaldi. The three members of Unity now account for 82 years of membership and service to the craft.

Memories of HMAS Sydney Two framed prints named “The Menin Gate at Midnight” and “The Immortal Flame” have been resurrected from the spare room at the Masonic Centre in St George by brethren of Balonne Lodge No 294 and presented on loan in perpetuity to the St. George RSL Sub Branch. They were brought to light during a clean-up at the centre and upon examination it was found that the frames were made of timber from HMAS Sydney. They were originally made to be sold to help get finance to build the Canberra War Memorial and to provide work for servicemen returning from the First World War. A certificate of authenticity for this purpose was provided on the back of the paintings. The local RSL Sub-Branch arranged to have them repaired by a Brisbane conservator and they are now on display in the Peter Teh Memorial Room at the St George RSL. The photograph shows WorBro Cecil West and WorBro Peter Cameron handing over the prints to RSL President Graham Nosse and RSL Secretary Terry Salmon.

ANTON BROWN FUNERALS Bro Jarrod Cristaldi is pictured on the left with his father, WorBro. Gary Cristaldi, and WorBro Norman Wilson is seated in front.

** Mention th receive a is ad and on your p discount urchase** P: 07 3807 4447 E:

Wor.Bro.David Sharples



(07) 3217 3088


(07) 3863 4000


M: 0412 387 770


Lodges in Action

Brother to Brother In a touch of family recognition, two very well-known Freemasons from Warwick featured in a 50 year jewel presentation at the Warwick Masonic Centre recently. WorBro Tom Bryant PGStdBr was presented with his 50 year jewel by his brother, VWorBro Ron Bryant. But they are not in the same lodge. Tom is a member of Cunningham Lodge No 90 and Ron a member of Warwick Lodge No 160. Their father Ted and their other brother Keith were also members of Cunningham Lodge. Brother Ron was initiated passed and raised in 1969. He has been Master of Warwick Lodge twice, 1975 and 2001. Brother Tom was initiated, passed and raised in Cunningham Lodge in 1963. He was Master of that lodge on four separate occasions. He was also lodge secretary for approximately 15 years.

Kennedy Lodge Second degree

Pictured are left to right: VWBro Peter Wesener, MWBro Menzies, RWBro Norman Wesener and WorBro Bradley Wesener.

Family sits in the East Woodford Lodge No 182 meetings will be interesting during 2013-14 with the Worshipful Master being joined at the left and right in the East by his two sons. RWBro Norman Wesener PJGW is the new Master of the lodge. His son, WorBro Bradley Wesener, who installed his father in the installation ceremony will be seated on his left as Immediate Past Master and his other son, VWBro Peter Wesener AGSWks will be seated on his

right as AGSWks for Woodford Lodge. The Installation was attended by MWBro John Menzies PGM and Grand Officers. MWBro Menzies presented a Widows Pin to Mrs Shirley Riddle, widow of RWBro Norman Riddle PJGW. After the ceremony family and friends enjoyed a spit roast at the Woodford Bowls Club.

At lodge in Cornwall, England

The picture shows Bro Norman being congratulated by WorBro Stan Coleman, the Worshipful Master of the lodge.

For the first time in three years Kennedy Lodge No 11 in North Queensland was fortunate in having the opportunity of performing a 2nd Degree. Bro John Norman was passed to this degree in June this year.


WorBro David Benn of Tully Tyson Lodge No 340 has very pleasant memories of a visit he made to a lodge meeting in Cornwall England. His visit was made possible by his son-inlaw whose brother is a member of Beacon Lodge No. 9425 which meets in the township of Bodmin, Cornwall.


Following the meeting a group photo was taken of all present at that meeting. WorBro Benn is standing on the left of the Worshipful Master of Beacon Lodge in the centre of the picture. Bro Nigel Brown, who arranged the lodge visit is

shown standing second on the right in the front row. WorBro Benn remarked to the “Qld. Freemason� that he has been a Freemason for just on 50 years and this visit to Beacon Lodge in Cornwall was one of the most memorable he had experienced.

Lodges in Action

In this photo Charlie is checking the heart rate of AGSW V Wor Bro Russell Millar who had an “encounter” with Marilyn. Wor Bro Roger Roberts (Maroochy Secretary) is there just in case.

A Touch of Hollywood Comes to Maroochy Lodge No 168 The Proclamation of Wor Bro Trevor McDowell for a third term saw two “Hollywood Greats” join the ladies, guests and brethren for an evening with a difference. “Marilyn Monroe” and “Charlie Chaplin” mingled, danced, kissed, serenaded and worked the room feeding off the feel good energy and smiles. All the formalities of the evening were entwined and handled with respect over nearly four hours of what can be described by many as the most enjoyable evening ever! Many photos were taken by the paparazzi and the Maroochy Official Photographer for everyone to enjoy. Maroochy Lodge No 168 has undertaken a

program of presenting “Showcase Events” to energise the brethren and their ladies, encourage friends and family to join the events exposing them to Freemasonry as an organisation that is modern, aware of the demands of the day, enjoyable, whilst retaining the history of the Craft. In order to attract new candidates the lodge has worked on the presentation of the lodge centre, the ritual work and a very warm welcoming attitude. Lodge members have established a target of three themed showcase events a year, being the Installation, a family Christmas event and a “low tea” event. The Hollywood theme night was best summed up when the two actors forwarded complimentary e-mails later. This proved the recipe was working.

Charlie poses with Libby Graham (L) and Muriel Wood (R), wives of very long standing brethren of Maroochy Lodge. Strong supporters of the showcase events

Marilyn is shown taking on the dance of the night with Wor Bro Tom Coleman an octogenarian with a wooden leg. He is still dreaming for one more dance.

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Lodges in Action

Proud Moment for Dad

This is a picture of father and son after a third degree ceremony at a C. H. Harley monthly meeting. It was a very proud dad, WorBro Peter Davison who had the pleasure of raising his son Luke to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Double First Degree at Roma For the first time in many decades, Raphael Lodge No 30 in Roma conducted an historic double initiation ceremony. This ceremony took place on the first Saturday in June. Brothers Shane and Troy Robertson are now also Masonic Brothers and they were excellent candidates. The night was a happy occasion with lots of visitors, lots of traditional country hospitality, hot food at the festive board and the work was performed to a very high standard. Greetings were received from visiting lodges including:  Maranoa (Raphael’s sister Lodge in Roma), Mitchell, Charleville, Corona (Wallumbilla), Murilla (Miles), Boonara (Goomeri), Landsborough (Sunshine Coast), Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast), North Australian (Brisbane), Dennistoun (Brisbane) and Derwent Valley Lodge (New Norfolk, Tasmania). The picture taken after the double first degree ceremony shows (left to right): RWBro Peter Thomas (a member of Maranoa and Boonara Lodges, acting Senior Deacon), RWBro Brian Reardon (Secretary), VWBro Ken Rainbow (Director of Ceremonies), Bro James Targett (acting Inner Guard), Bro Shane Robertson (Entered Apprentice), VWBro Graham Schulz (Junior Warden), WorBro David Jensen (Worshipful Master), Bro Troy Robertson (Entered Apprentice), WorBro Col Vaughan, (Immediate Past Master), Bro Ian Bassett (Senior Warden), VWBro Kim Ruru (AGSWks), WorBro Charles Burrell from Maranoa Lodge (acting Junior Deacon). Absent from the picture were: WorBro Bill Burton (Tyler), VWBro Jock Sullivan (Mitchell Lodge) who delivered the Charge after Initiation, (VWBro King Lethbridge (Charleville Lodge) who acted as Chaplain, and VWBro John Lethbridge (Maranoa Lodge) who provided the music. The number of visiting lodge representatives participating in the ceremony showed what a great co-operative effort it was to perform an historic double Initiation in South West Queensland. 

Grand Officers Association Queensland Annual General Meeting to be held at:

Stones Corner Masonic Centre Monday, 16 Sept 2013 7:30 pm $5 for supper and drinks For information and joining enquiries - Mervyn Gray M 0414 510 316 E 18


Pictured left to right: VWBro Bert Kingston AGSWks, Bro Luke Davison, WorBro Peter Davison.

Photo and text: James Barclay.

Another Initiate for South Burnett Lodge South Burnett Lodge No. 427 gained another brother at their July meeting when Kingaroy bank manager and rural fire fighter Travis Smith completed his First Degree. Pictured are left to right: IPAGSW VWBro Arthur Hawthorn, Bro Smith and the Worshipful Master, Wor Bro Ross Olsson. The lodge still has a number of Third Degrees to complete over the next few months. In his closing address to the candidate and the lodge, WorBro Olsson said: “It is good to see more and more younger candidates coming into Freemasonry. This stimulates the Craft and helps to guarantee the longevity of the lodge.” The lodge centre is situated in William Street Kingaroy. South Burnett Lodge meets on the first Thursday of each month except January and tyles at 7.30 p.m.

Lodges in Action

Photo shows l to r: RWBro Greg Short AGM, newly affiliated member Bro Bill Law, and RWBro Alan Townson PAGM.

Memorable night at Argyle Lodge

WM for the fourth time in 29 years VWBro Ron Anderson PDGDC (centre in picture) was installed as Worshipful Master of Stanley Lodge No 37 at the lodge installation. in June. On his right is MWBro Adrian Burton (Grand Master at the time) and on his left, WorBro Vic Haseldine (Immediate Past Master).

Three Generations at Initiation

Angus Robert Drewitt was a very proud initiate at Atherton Duke of Connaught Lodge No 150H last month when he was introduced to Freemasonry in the presence of his father and grandfather. His father is WorBro Robert Drewitt and his grandfather is WorBro Brian Drewitt who is a member of Gwydir Lodge No 211 in New South Wales. The ceremony was attended by RWBro Duncan Walker PAGM who represented the RW District Grand Master. Pictured are from left to right: WorBro Brian Drewitt, WorBro Rob Drewitt, Bro Angus Drewitt and RWBro Duncan Walker PAGM.

This is the fourth occasion VWBro Anderson has been installed as master of this lodge over the past 29 years. They are grouped with lodge officers and brethren for this picture.

A well attended meeting of Argyle Lodge in the Forest Hill Masonic Centre 45 km east of Toowoomba in June this year consisted of a Scottish Third Degree and an affiliation obligation when Bro Michael Kilmartin was raised as a Master Mason, and Bro Bill Law (Bon Accord Lodge, No 669, Scotland) became affiliated with Argyle. Present at the meeting were the Assistant Grand Master, RWBro Greg Short accompanied by Past Assistant Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master designate, RWBro Alan Townson and a team of Grand Officers. Another instance of Masonic family connections came to light when it was revealed that Bro Kilmartin’s father is married to WorBro Jarvis Fuss’s niece and WorBro Fuss is the father-in-law of RWBro Short.

Yeppoon Lodge Installation Yeppoon Lodge held their 89th installation in April and our picture shows the Grand Master and his team of Grand Officers together with Yeppoon Lodge officers in attendance. WorBro Daryl Harker is now the Worshipful Master of the lodge. Freemasonry has always been strong in the small community of Yeppoon.

Pictured left to right: WorBro Jarvis Fuss, RWBro Greg Short AGM, Bro Michael Kilmartin, RWBro Keith Jackson (WM or Argyle Lodge), and WorBro Don Huskisson (Director of Ceremonies).

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Other Orders

Order of the Amaranth 51st Grand Court Installation Honoured Lady Heather Jones, the newly installed Grand Royal Matron, received congratulations from MWBro Adrian Burton, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, when this picture was taken at the Open Installation of Grand Officers of the Grand Court of Queensland at Shangri-La Gardens, Wynnum, on Saturday May 25. The Installing Officer was Sir Knight David Kirk, who is continuing as Grand Royal Patron. Distinguished guests in attendance represented many of the associated Orders within the Masonic Family. The Philanthropic Project for 2013-2014 is Parkinson’s Queensland, with the chief fund-raiser being the “Starry, Starry Night” Dinner Dance to be held on Friday October 4, 2013 at Shangri-la, Wynnum The Order of the Amaranth is an organisation of master masons and their female relatives, whose principal objects are to encourage and promote the practice and principles of truth, faith, wisdom and charity. For further details please contact the Grand Secretary on 07 3359 4480. Pictured are MWBro Adrian Burton and Honoured Lady Heather Jones following her installation as Grand Royal Matron.

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Grant Royal Arch Convocation Comps Daren Mansen and John Tompkins are shown in this picture after receiving their Exaltation into the Holy Royal Arch at Grant Royal Arch Chapter Convocation. Pictured left to right are:V Ex Comp Alan Clayton (2nd Principal), V Ex Comp Denis Crilly (sponsor of Comp Mansen), Comp Mansen, Ex Comp Keith Robinson-Griffith (1st Principal), Comp John Tompkins, R Ex Comp Cec Horne (acting 3rd Principal) and V Ex Comp John Lindsay (sponsor of Comp Tompkins)



Other Orders

From left to right; Miss Queensland J.D. Bailey Millard – Jancie Logan – Honoured Queen Krystal Cope – Amy Reeves

Job’s Daughters Degree of Royal Purple The degree of Royal Purple is one of the highest honours a member of Job’s Daughters can receive. It is given to a deserving passed member who must have been a Job’s Daughter, and must have put many years of consistent and tireless dedication towards promoting and maintaining the Order. It is usually only presented by the Supreme Guardian of Job’s Daughters and normally when the recipient is in the United States of America at a dedicated special meeting. However after much emailing and communication, the Supreme Guardian granted permission to present the award, and on May 12, 2013 the prestigious medallion was presented to a past Job’s Daughter and still working member of this, and many other Masonic related organisations. The worthy recipient was Mrs Jancie Logan, who is well known in Job’s Daughters for her consistent dedication and drive to promote and work for the Order here in Queensland. Jancie was initiated into Job’s Daughters, Bethel No. 5 Ipswich in 1955. She went on to become a Majority Member and served as Bethel Guardian in that same Bethel. She also became the Grand Guardian of Queensland for Job’s Daughters in 1989-1990, and is still associated with Job’s Daughters today. The special ceremony was conducted at Booval Masonic Centre by members of the Queensland Jurisdictional Bethel. It was interesting to note that the Honoured Queen, Senior and Junior Princesses who chaired the meeting have all been or are Miss Queensland Job’s Daughters. The Honoured Queen Krystal Cope conducted the meeting which included a welcome ceremony for new members Bernadette Schultz, Bethel No.24 as a full member and junior representative Bethany Halpin, from Bethel No. 23. It was great to see so many of Jancie’s friends and acquaintances present at the function, including the Jurisdictional Guardian Kaylene Loadsman and the Associate Jurisdictional Guardian Ian Milne, all of who enjoy the meeting and the special celebrations that followed.

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Serving the Community

Donation to Animal Shelter Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge has made a generous donation to the Peninsula Animal Aid organisation. Our picture shows Trish Brighton the Secretary holding the cheque after it was presented by the Worshipful Master, WorBro Peter Smallbone (holding a blue plaque which will be placed on the kennels in recognition of the donation made by the lodge). Bro Adam Browne is shown on the left. Adam coordinated the fundraising effort made by the lodge to help support the local community animal shelter. The Board of Benevolence through its dollar for dollar subsidy scheme helped build up the total amount to $1141.

Stanley Lodge assists Guide Dogs VWBro Ron Anderson, WM of Stanley Lodge No 37 is shown presenting Mrs Regina Burton with a cheque for $1000 towards her project of raising funds to aid Guide Dogs Queensland. The Grand Master, MW Adrian Burton looks on as his wife receives the donation. The amount was achieved by using net proceeds from the ever-popular Stanley

Pocket Diary which is produced each year by the lodge to aid Masonic charities. Mrs Burton chose Guide Dogs Queensland as the charity she would assist during the three year period of her husband’s position as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. The total amount raised to the end of June this year was $48,146. The Board of Benevolence provided a dollar for dollar subsidy to bring the total up to nearly $4000. The clinical manager of Headspace Dr Philip Stacey said that it was encouraging to see such a positive community response from young people, families and other service providers to the Headspace Mackay Centre.

Star of the North Gayndah Freemasons support Lodge supports “Headspace” flood recovery Members of Gayndah Lodge No. 188 have demonstrated yet another example of Freemasonry working in the Community. Supported by a Dollar for Dollar Subsidy from the Board of Benevolence, a donation of $400 was made to the Gayndah Historical Museum so they could replace two mannequins lost in the 2013 floods. Picture shows the presentation of $200 by Brian Hutchinson of Gayndah Masonic Lodge to Cynthia Berthelsen, President of Gayndah Historical Museum. The presentation took place in front of the first of two replacement mannequins.


Star of the North Lodge No 401 which meets at the Masonic Centre in Mackay recently donated an amount just under $4000 towards the purchase of waiting room couches for Headspace, an organisation formed to work closely with young people to get them the services they need to get their lives back on track.

Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local is the head agency for Headspace Mackay which provides 12 to 25 year olds in the region access to a range of services to improve their mental health and general well-being. Pictured is Dr. Philip Stacey holding the cheque presented to him by VWBro Earl Macfarlane, Secretary of Star of the North Lodge. With VWBro Macfarlane is RWBro Bruce Coulson and WorBro Robert Thomson. (Information for this article was supplied by courtesy of the Mackay Daily Mercury)

September 4 Quarterly Communication Grand Hall, Masonic Memorial Centre, 311 Ann Street Brisbane Commencing at 7:30pm. Your attendance at this Quarterly Communication would be greatly appreciated


Quick News

WorBro Robert Wallace, WM of Hamilton Lodge 186, with RWBro Lou Grimshaw JGW and the Grand Officers

Freemasonry In North Queensland Freemasons from the various lodges in the Mackay region demonstrated their enthusiasm for the Craft when they turned out in goodly numbers to support Hamilton Lodge No. 186 at its Installation Meeting at the Walkerston Masonic Centre in May 2013. On this occasion WorBro Ronald Antoney PGStdBr, “the go to man”, was stepping down as Worshipful Master yet another time having now served the office on eight occasions in two different lodges – five times in Excelsior No. 359, now defunct, and three times in Hamilton No. 186. His successor to the Chair of King Solomon was WorBro Robert Wallace PGStwd who was being installed for the

fourth time in Hamilton Lodge. Grand Lodge was invited to attend and RWBro Lou Grimshaw JGW came from Brisbane to represent the Grand Master and was led into the lodge room under the baton of VWBro David Willans AGSWks, accompanied by two PAGMs and attended by a contingent of nineteen Grand Officers. A sumptuous Installation Banquet was held at the Mackay Aero Club where WorBro John Rowe PSGD received a sixty year clasp to his Fifty Year Service Jewel and donations by the Lodge of $500 each were made to the Variety Club Bash Car 132 entry by the UGLQ Grand Officers Association and to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Thespian Lodge donates Dialysis Chair to Robina Hospital at the August meeting of the lodge that a collection was to be commenced at the October Installation to raise funds for a donation to the Renal Unit at Robina in recognition of the service given to the lodge by WorBro Mortimer. At that meeting lodge members and visitors donated approximately $120 to this fund. Pictured is WorBro Bill Mortimer making use of the chair. With him are Louise Macleod (Nurse Unit Manager, Renal Unit, Robina) and WorBro. Bob Cook (Secretary of Thespian Lodge).

During his term as Master of Thespian Lodge No 268H, WorBro Bill Mortimer was undergoing dialysis treatment at Robina Hospital three times a week for almost four years. The lodge learned of the dedicated service by the hospital and felt obliged to recognise it in some way. Discussion with the hospital showed that a new dialysis chair was the most needed item. The idea of making a donation to the Renal Unit at Robina Hospital was born in August 2012. WorBro Bob Cook made an announcement

At the Installation meeting in October, the brethren and visitors donated a further $754.15, with the proceeds from the day’s activities also being added to this sum. The lodge thus achieved the total sum of $2267.70 towards the venture. Later, a decision was made to include the proceeds from a combined Bar-B-Q with Logan/Beenleigh Lodge No.536. An amount of $550 was added to the cause. The Dialysis Chair was purchased from Midmed of Morningside at a cost of $5,500 The company very generously donated the GST on the chair, with grateful thanks from lodge members. Two stainless steel metal marked plaques were manufactured and applied to the chair by Concept Stainless Design also of Morningside, for a total cost of $396.

WorBro Corley, a Past Master of the lodge, took the responsibility for transporting the Chair to Robina. Purchase of this chair would not have been possible without the dollar for dollar subsidy provided by the Board of Benevolence. The staff at the Board of Benevolence were most helpful to the lodge during the period of obtaining and having the chair presented to the hospital. Approximately 20 members, wives and families from Thespian Lodge No.268H journeyed to the Robina Hospital, Renal Unit for the presentation of the chair.

The Dialysis chair presented to the hospital by Thespian Lodge No 268H


Board of Benevolence

Board of Benevolence changes RWBro Tony Love PJGW has retired from the Board of Benevolence at the end of his three year term as President.

Caloundra Hospital receives Humidifiers These pieces of equipment are particularly useful in the treatment of children as they can still be comforted on the parents’ lap while the treatment proceeds.

The Combined Sunshine Coast Lodges together with a donation by Caloundra Lodge and a Dollar for Dollar subsidy from the Board of Benevolence made the purchase of these pieces of equipment possible.

Tony joined the Board in 1999, chaired the Relief and Planning and Review Committees, and served as Vice President from 2007 until he became President in 2010. Staff at the Board Office and Masonic Care Queensland thanked Tony for his leadership and wished him well in his retirement. Tony is especially looking forward to spending more time with his wife Margot, travelling and his treasured sailing vessel Patriot. RWBro Bruce Milner was invested as President of the Board of Benevolence at the Grand Installation. Bruce joined the Board in 2002 and has served as Treasurer, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Vice President for the past three years. WorBro Bill Leveritt PGSwdBr also retired from the Board of Benevolence. Bill joined the Board in 2004 and has served on the Planning and Review and Relief Committees. Bill and his wife Elenor are looking forward to extensive overseas travelling coupled with the enjoyment of photography.

Pictured are Janine Clive (Clinical Nurse), Mark Forrest (Unit Manager), and Alicia Gurierrez (WishlistSunshine Coast), with brethren of Caloundra Lodge No. 387 and their wives at the presentation of two Portable Oxygen Humidifiers to the Caloundra Hospital.

Board of Benevolence Members The Board of Benevolence members prior to the June Board Meeting paid a visit to the display apartment at Sandgate. This picture was taken in the apartment’s dining room. Standing, left to right are: Spencer Christensen, David Roberts, Colin Breckon, Bruce Milner, Gavin Brady, Tony Love. Seated, left to right: Graham Mulligan, Theo Tavoularis, Campbell Carmichael, Tom Wiltshire, Bill Leveritt. (absent were MWBro Adrian Burton, Gary Mark, and new member, John Aronis).

The Board of Benevolence welcomed RWBro John Aronis PJGW who joined the Board in July. He serves on the Finance Committee.

$700 to Camp Quality Birthday Barbeque Each year the Central Queensland Daylight Lodge No 532 holds a birthday barbecue at the Gracemere Masonic Homes in Central Queensland. The picture shows brethren, their wives and residents from the homes enjoying the annual event.


Recently Warwick Lodge No 160 presented Kaitlyn Meiklejohn with a cheque for $700 for her chosen charity, “Camp Quality”. Kaitlyn has an inoperable tumour on her pituitary gland which she will have to suffer for the rest of her life. She is shown here with the Worshipful Master of Warwick Lodge, WorBro Allan Mylrea (left) and her proud grandfather, VWBro Les Meiklejohn.


Quick News Notice of Annual General Meeting The Sixty-eighth Annual General Meeting of The Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons, Widows and Orphans’ Fund will be held in the Eustace A. Jones Community Hall at Sandgate Homes, 60 Wakefield Street, Sandgate on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

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The following are eligible to attend: Life Patrons, Life Vice Patrons, Life Vice Presidents, Life Governors, who are subscribing members of a lodge holding under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland.

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Any subscribing member of a lodge holding under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland who has made a donation of $100 or more to the Fund during the year. David T. Roberts, Board Secretary

Benevolence activities Dollar for Dollar subsidies to the value of $22,500 were approved and paid to 16 Lodges in the April-June quarter. These subsidies assist Lodges with their community support and activities. Organisations such as the Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast Action Rescue Helicopters, Riding for the Disabled, Camp Quality, Leukaemia Foundation, Gayndah and District

Historical Society, Montville Village Association, St Johns Community Care and a number of hospitals benefitted from the financial support by the Board of Benevolence for Lodges’ community engagement. The Board has also supported the entry of the Freemasons’ Vehicle 132 in the 2013 Variety Bash by a donation of $30,000 and Dollar for Dollar Subsidies.

Cheque presentation in the Tablelands Members of the Masonic Centre Hall Committee presenting cheques to Atherton Blue Care Centre, Tablelands Respite Centre and Royal Flying Doctor Service at Atherton.

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The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland The Foundation Funds -

Through the University of Queensland:

• The Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine • Research and establishment of effective geriatric video-conference assessment of patients in regional hospitals with no ready access to specialist geriatricians

Through Griffith University:

• Research into a cure for Parkinson’s Disease The quest for knowledge and understanding of the ageing process is central to the role of the Foundation as it seeks support for this important field of medical research. Foundation expenses are low, less than 3% of income for the last few years,Your tax deductible donation or a bequest in your will (see wording below) will help improve the quality of life for older members of our community. “I give and bequeath to The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland the sum of $................. (or the residual of my estate) for the general purposes of the Foundation. And I declare that the receipt of the Secretary of the Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.”

For further information please contact THE GERIATRIC MEDICAL FOUNDATION OF QUEENSLAND PO Box 219 Redcliffe Qld 4020 Phone (07) 3883 1833 Email


Jewel Presentations

60 years celebrated

Jewel 50+ year

Bravo! Kevin Shaw received the hearty acclaim of the brethren as he received his 60-year service jewel at a meeting of Prince Albert Lodge recently.


Please note: To access these pictures along with 50 year Jewel Presentations please visit On the website, go to the heading “About Us”, move the cursor to “Photo Galleries”, click on “50+ Year Jewel Presentations”.. This should bring the pics up. Click on any pic and it will bring up the full size photo and the caption on it.

Jewels presentation night at Scotia Lodge Scotia Lodge No. 263 recently had cause to celebrate a special occasion in the presentation of 50 and 40 year jewels which they did by inviting family and friends to witness the presentation ceremony being conducted in the lodge room, followed by a Festive Board supper catered by Jobs Daughters. 50 year jewels were presented to WorBro Don Munro by his brother-in-law, Wor Bro Bob Davis; and to Bro John Hughes by WorBro Stuart Nobbs. Immediately following the 50 year presentations, in a previously unannounced move, WorBro Don Munro presented on behalf of the Lodge, a 40 year jewel to a very surprised WorBro Bob Davis. Pictured from the left is the Worshipful Master of Scotia Lodge, WorBro David Kirk with his Director of Ceremonies, WorBro Greg Hovey. In the front row are the three jewel recipients, WorBro Bob Davis, WorBro Don Munro and Bro John Hughes together with WorBro Ken Davis of Morningside Lodge who visited Scotia Lodge to witness the presentation of a jewel to his brother Bob.

The Master of the lodge, WorBro Ross Fraser congratulated Kev and spoke of his colourful career before presenting him with his certificate. Ross then asked Kev’s wife Mavis to pin the jewel on his jacket. Witnessing the presentation was Kev’s daughter, Rayleen. Mavis produced a huge cake, iced with Kev’s name, and everyone got a slice. Mavis and her daughter added the woman’s touch to the event with floral table decorations and plates of tasty sandwiches. Wor Bro Kevin James Shaw was initiated in Fraser Coast United Lodge No.019 on May 21 1953. He affiliated with Empire Lodge No 197 on November 28, 1962. He was Installed as Worshipful Master of Empire Lodge on October 27, 1971, and affiliated with Prince Albert Lodge No 248 on February 25, 2002. Wor Bro Shaw has always been very active within Prince Albert lodge and is a most loved and respected member of the Craft in general, but especially with his brethren in Prince Albert Lodge.  Our photo shows WorBro Kev Shaw with his wife Mavis after she had pinned a 60 year jewel on his jacket. Standing behind is the Worshipful Master of Prince Albert Lodge, WorBro Ross Fraser.

60 year jewel for Joe Wilkins In May this year Laurence (Joe) Edward Wilkins (pictured right) was presented with a 60-year jewel by William McLeod Lodge secretary, WorBro Alan Armitage PGStwd. WorBro Wilkins affiliated with William McLeod Lodge No 241 in 1990. His mother lodge was Molesworth Lodge and he was also a member of Yeerongpilly Lodge of which he was Worshipful Master in 1983. The presentation of the jewel took place at the Wilkins residence in the presence of Wor Bro Dennis Burchill, Mrs Robyn Britton (WorBro Wilkins niece) and Mrs Peggy Armitage.


60 year jewel for Vic Brown

Ionic Prudence 50 year pin

WorBro Vic Brown (left) receives congratulations from VWBro Tom Lane who presented him with his 60 year service jewel at Queensland Lodge No 2 meeting.

Bro Bill Meadows of Ionic Prudence Lodge No 77 received a 50-year pin from WorBro Nev Hamlin. Those in the picture are from left to right: WorBro Doug Ramsay, Bro Bill Meadows, WorBro Nev Hamlin, WorBro Brian Howell, WorBro Arthur Emery.


Jewel Presentations

A 50 year jewel for Past Grand Master A proud moment for Past Grand Master MWBro Graeme Ewin, who received his 50-year jewel from the Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton at the June Quarterly Communication in the Grand Hall, Masonic Memorial Centre, Ann Street Brisbane. MWBro Ewin was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland from 2007 to 2010. He is a member of Prince Albert Lodge No 248. RWBro Lou Grimshaw (left) congratulating WorBro John Rowe.

A Dedicated Freemason for 60 Years It was five days before Christmas in 1952 when twenty-six year old John Henry Rowe, a sugar cane farmer near Mackay, took his first step in Freemasonry at the Hamilton Lodge No. 186. He was a keen and dedicated Freemason from his earliest days as a member of Hamilton Lodge and has remained so up to the present time. He was a member of the building committee which was instrumental in the construction of the Hamilton Lodge building in Mirani and was to become the first Master after the new building was

Monty honoured in Walkerston Lodge

Pictured above left to right are: WorBro Wayne Sommerfeld, VWBro Allan McLean AGSWks, WorBro Monty Edmonds, VWBro Bill Jansen.

completed in 1962. He is known for his charity by the support he has given to numerous local organisations and was in the forefront of the effort to establish Nanyima, the Aged Care Home at Mirani. He is well known as a ritualist of no mean ability and has long been a role model and exemplar for newer members by supporting and encouraging them on their journey to the Masters Chair. WorBro John Rowe PSGD was presented with a 60 year clasp to his 50 Year Service Jewel by RWBro Lou Grimshaw JGW who represented the Grand Master at the Hamilton Lodge Installation in May 2013.

At a meeting of Walkerston Lodge No 482, WorBro Monty Edmonds received his 50 year jewel. This was a family affair as Monty received his jewel from his brother-in-law, VWBro Allan McLean AGSWks, while his son-in-law WorBro Wayne Sommerfeld witnessed the presentation. Also in the photo is DC, V Wor Bro Bill Jansen, who is a long time family friend and neighbour. During his long association with Walkerston Lodge Monty has regularly held office and is still holding office at present. Members from most local Masonic lodges attended, with a brother travelling from Townsville to witness this special occasion. Monty is a WW11 veteran, and his 89 year life has been recorded in book form with the help of RWBro Alan Hutchison and his wife Grace.

50 year jewel for RWBro Griggs RWBro E. R. (Ted) Griggs P J G W of Rockhampton Lodge No:106 was presented with his 50 year Jewel, pin and certificate in July by the Worshipful Master VWBro. K. W. Powell PDGDC. Brethren of the lodge and ladies accompanied the WM to RWBro Griggs home to present the Jewel. An enjoyable afternoon tea and catch up with Ted followed the presentation.

Bro Peter Rowland honoured At an informal ceremony at his home in July, Bro Peter Rowland of Lamington Lodge No. 110 was presented with his 50 year jewel by VWBro Greg Wheeldon (IPM of Lamington). Also present were past masters RWBro Robert Savage (left) and WBro Richard Crooke (right).


Quick News

Emergent Meeting for Master Mason An emergent meeting of Mackay Lodge No 24 was held so that Bro Michael Moriarty could relocate to Canberra ACT as a Master Mason. Picture shows Bro Moriarty with his proposer, RWBro Alan Hutchison PJGW, the lodge Director of Ceremonies.

Past Masters Jewel well-earned Following a successful year as Worshipful Master of the well-known Caledonian Lodge in Ipswich, WorBro Danny Sheehy (right) is shown after receiving his Past Masters Jewel presented to him by the

Joram Lodge 2nd Degree Pictured is Bro Campbell Eldridge who was passed to the Degree of a Fellowcraft at Joram Lodge No 440 meeting in the Sarina Masonic Centre the night before the emergent meeting of Mackay Lodge No 24. With Bro Eldridge is the Mackay Lodge Director of Ceremonies RWBro Alan Hutchison PJGW.


Deputy Grand Master Elect, RWBro Alan Townson. The installation was held at the Ipswich Masonic Centre in June. (Picture taken by RWBro Ted Sharp PJGW.)

$50,000 for new playground at Dalby The banks of the Myall Creek in Dalby are home to a new playground, thanks to a $50,000 donation from the Freemasons. The donation by the Grand Master’s Flood and Cyclone Appeal was used to construct the new playground with a


soft-fall surface, and purchase equipment including a rope-climbing frame. Dalby Freemason WorBro Col Waters and flood appeal coordinator RWBro Alan Townson DGM said local Lodges were behind the project, which will benefit local families for many years to come.

Quick News

South East Queensland Chapter Worthy Patron: Past Grand Master Adrian Burton Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia Incorporated in NSW

Honorary Life Members The Queensland Masonic Touring Club President WorBro Phil Bishop recently had the pleasure of bestowing Honorary Life Membership on its treasured foundation members, WorBro Bob Read and wife Elizabeth, and VWBro Arthur Shaper PDGDS and wife Ronnie. Bob Read is listed as No.1 on the members’ register and as a retired printer, contributes greatly in many ways to enhance the Club’s profile. Arthur Shaper’s craftsmanship is well known to members of the club, many of whom own some of his meticulous handiwork. His efforts have raised many charity dollars. The gathering at Lawnton on June 14 also marked the occasion of Bob Read’s 80th birthday. This rally/get-together was the first opportunity for many members to

meet again after their travels to the Interstate Masonic Rally held in Berri, S.A. in early May. A total of 29 couples from Queensland attended and thoroughly enjoyed the company of other Masonic travellers from NSW, ACT, Vic and the hosts, S.A. All participated enthusiastically in a full programme of activities and entertainment. Following the Rally, QMTC members moved off in many different directions and took the opportunity to explore such highlights as the Great Ocean Rd, Flinders Ranges, Uluru etc on the way home. It is always a pleasure to meet other Freemasons while “on the road”. Contacts are often initiated because of the Masonic logos displayed on our caravans and many a pleasant “happy hour” has followed a “happy to meet you, Brother”!

Atherton Duke of Connaught Presentation Members of the Atherton Duke of Connaught Lodge who have received 50 and 60 Year Jewels at Atherton on the 4th July 2013. L to R Wor Bro N Russell(50 Year), Wor Bro G Bullpine ( 50 Year), Bro L Llewellyn ( 50 Year), Wor Bro W Mc Donald (50 Year), Wor Bro R Wharton ( 50 Year), R Wor Bro P Lowrey (60 Year), Not present Wor Bro Barrett (60 Year) R Wor Bro R Rich (50 Year)

In March 2012 a group of like-minded Queensland Freemasons established the South East Qld Chapter of the Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia, which has branches in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. The Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia is a social motorcycle-riding club. They are a non-brand specific riding club so no matter what brand of motorcycle you ride (minimum 250cc), so long as you are a Freemason in good standing you are welcome as a member. The Association also has associate membership open to non-Freemasons both male and female who can take any office except presidency, (for which you have to be a Freemason). It is an Australian-based group of independent masons who share the thrill of riding with other members of the Fraternity, family and friends and raise a little money for charity along the way. Social Rides take place on the second Sunday of the month, leaving from various locations. They are planning to have one weekend ride a year. If any prospective members or other clubs have any questions or would like more information about the Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia they should contact the Chapter secretary, WorBro Peter Jacques at 07 3122 2339 or Prospective members can read the mission statements and constitution at the National Web Site and for South East Queensland visit See the facebook page at www.facebook. com/groups/303038286398965


Travel Feature - Travel Masters

Travel Master’s Flagship tour is on again in 2014 Check out the complete brochure today by calling 1300 852 799 or email Passionate … Sensual … Exhilarating. Like the seduction of the tango, South America’s treasures are best embraced up close and personally. Travel Masters annual Small Group tour ‘Spectacular South America’ is scheduled to once again show travellers this fascinating and entrancing continent. Fully escorted from Brisbane, this 32-day package combines all the must-see highlights combined with a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

in a traditional Tango House and much more. Travel Masters’ 32-day fully escorted tour departs on May 3 2014. Priced at $16,990 per person twin share, the package includes all airfares ex Brisbane, accommodation in high quality four and five-star hotels, comprehensive sightseeing with many exclusive highlights, excellent English-speaking guides, and much more.

In Peru, you’ll visit bustling Lima, the ancient capital of Cuzco, and the ancient Incan icon of Machu Picchu. The tour also includes Lake Titicaca, with a visit to Sun Island and the Uros floating reed islands. One of the undoubted highlights will be a three-day cruise on the historic MV Arapaima deep within the heart of the vast Amazon River region. Add the hedonistic lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro with its eclectic mix of beach culture, stunning scenery and pulsating samba rhythms. The tour also includes the awesome Iguassu Falls, while in Buenos Aires, you’ll find yourself swaying to sultry Latin rhythms

Freshwater Lodge Installation WorBro Paul Cleary was re-installed as Worshipful Master of Freshwater Lodge No 406, District of Carpentaria when they held their Installation last month. Among those present were VWBro Lyndon Brandt, Deputy District Grand Master, attended by a team of District Grand Officers, and VWBro Bob Hannell who



is the Grand Lodge Representative for Freshwater Lodge. One of Bro Hannell’s hobbies is wood turning and woodwork. He made a Masonic clock mounted on a timber cut-out of Queensland which he donated as an addition to a fine array of prizes. The clock was won by VWBro Brandt. Pictured are (l to r) VWBro Brandt, DDGM. WorBro Cleary, and VWBro Hannell.

Quick News

Eminent Scottish Masonic Scholar to visit Queensland Bro Dr. Trevor Stewart M.Litt PhD will be visiting Queensland to speak in Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville in September. He is sponsored by member lodges of the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council and will speak throughout both countries. He will present papers in Cairns at the W.H.J. Mayers Memorial Lodge of Research on September 16, in Brisbane at the Barron Barnett Lodge meeting on September 18 and in Townsville at the W.H. Green Memorial Masonic Study Circle on September 20. He is a retired Lecturer who was educated at Birmingham, Sheffield, Durham and Newcastle Universities. His academic work specialised in eighteenth century English literature and his Doctoral research focused on a coterie of enlightenment gentlemen Freemasons who lived in the North of England and Scotland. He has addressed important Masonic conferences in the United States and Europe as well as the United Kingdom. His many papers include an illustrated monograph of the Haughfoot Lodge, founded uniquely in the Scottish Borders region in 1702. In 2004 he was the Prestonian Lecturer appointed by the UGLE. He is a past Master of three English Lodges and in 2010 he was installed as RWM of Lodge Sir Robert Morley 1641 in Edinburgh. A book of his papers will be available at a cost of $35 plus postage if required. Papers in the book will include the following titles; The Curious Case of Bro Gustav Petrie; Robert Burns, Bard, Mason and National Treasurer; Enlightenment in the Alps – Shelly’s forgotten novel St. Irvine (1811); Polymnia and the Craft; Gentlemen Entrants in the 17th Century; The Rev Dr Desaguilers’s visit to Edinburgh; The Edinburgh Register House MS (1696); Scottish Masonic Processions; The HRDM; Plato reconsidered; Masonic Symbols; Those two Pillars again!; Martinez de Pasqually. Advance reservations for the book may be made to the lodge secretaries. His address in Brisbane is titled “The Revd. Dr. John Theophilus Desaguilers’ visit to Edinburgh”. This paper sets out in detail, using the minute books of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No. 1 the actual evidence of what happened when he, a Past Grand

Master of England, visited the Lodge of Edinburgh in the Summer of 1721. It has been rumoured for generations that he brought the third degree to Scotland at that time. This paper discusses that subject. The author was granted full access to the manuscripts of Edinburgh Lodge, a privilege rarely extended to anyone. In Cairns his address will be presented on Monday September 16 and the subject has yet to be decided. In Townsville he will discuss “Masonic Symbols”. This paper presents a theoretical view of some of the well known Masonic symbols (e.g. the squared pavement, the spiral staircase, the beehive etc.). It also explains what lies behind the story in the Second Degree of the battle against the Ephraimites. This meeting will take place at the Townsville Masonic Centre on Friday September 20. After the address in Brisbane, brethren are invited to question Bro Stewart on any aspect of his address or early Freemasonry in England and Scotland. Barron Barnett Lodge will Tyle at 7.30 pm in the Ann Street Memorial Centre. To assist in defraying costs associated with Bro Stewart’s visit, a charge of $10 will apply. A light supper will be available after the meeting and refreshments will be available for purchase. Advance bookings for catering purposes and enquiries may be made to the Secretary, RWBro Neal Hewton by telephone at 3489 1456 or email Enquiries in Cairns may be directed to WBro Harvey Lovewell, The W.H.J. Mayers Memorial Lodge of Research at 07 4097 2887 or Enquiries in Townsville may be directed to RWBro Graham Stead, W.H. Green Memorial Masonic Study Circle at 07 4725 4288 or


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The quarterly magazine for The United Grand Lodge of Queensland

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