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February 2012 | Volume 1


Movember Success

Gathering of the Clans

Movember Campaign a Great Success. Results of Queensland Freemasons’ participation

This popular Scottish Ceremony and Banquet will be held on March 31 this year in Brisbane.

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Grand Masters Flood Appeal News Two more organisations benefit from Flood Relief donations

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February : April 2012


editors note John Irwin -

Since our last issue we have passed through Christmas and New Year and I hope all brethren and their families experienced an enjoyable festive season. I often think how amazing the celebration of Christmas is to everyone. It all started with the birth of Christ over 2000 years ago. People all over the world recognise this fact and celebrate the event every year by expressing best wishes to their relatives and friends by forwarding cards,( and now e-mails) and also providing presents to young and old alike. Decorated Christmas trees, celebration lunches, Christmas Carols, Fireworks, are all part of the event. I am sure, like me, you hope it will continue forever, because it is a wonderful way of expressing our love and friendship to all whom we know and respect. This issue is packed with more interesting articles and lodge contributions and we trust it is to your liking. Many thanks to all those Freemasons who have expressed their satisfaction with the magazine layout and content. You also have an additional item with this issue in the form of the Queensland Freemason Directory. A few changes have been made to the presentation of the items in this publication and we hope it will assist those who use it to contact secretaries in lodges and other orders throughout Queensland. Fraternal Regards, John Irwin, Editor

disclaimer Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not neccessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. The Editor reserves the right, due to limitation of space, to accept, reject, sub-edit and rearrange material submitted for publication. No photographic or editorial contained herein may be reproduced without prior consent of the Editor. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all advertisements comply with the Trade Practices Act 1974 as amended. All advertisements are accepted for publication on the condition that the advertiser indemnifies The Queensland Freemason, The Editor, the United Grand Lodge of Queensland and all its servants against actions, suits, claims, loss and/ or damage s resulting from anything published on behalf of the advertiser.


Feature Stories

4 Movember

The wrap up of how you went

8 On the Land and On the Square A story of generosity 10 Warwick Freemason presented Naval Award 14 Gathering of the Clans 15 Grand Masters Flood Appeal Update

88 Travel Feature: Africa

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On the Cover Our cover for this issue depicts the members of the governing body of UGLQ - The Board of General Purposes. These are the brethren who are making the important decisions for the long term future of the fraternity. Pictured left to right seated: RWBro John Aronis PJGW, Grand Treasurer; RWBro Col. Mander PAGM, Vice President; RWBro Duncan McGregor, Board President; RWBro Theo Tavoularis PJGW, Grand Registrar. Standing left to right: RWBro Tony Ozanne PJGW; RWBro Charles Reich PAGM; WorBro Herman Kleiner PJGD; RWBro Doug Cunningham PJGW; Bro Peter Johnston, RWBro Michael Muirhead PSGW. The picture here is of Board member WorBro Shawn Ket, who was unable to be present for the group photograph.

Presented by Travelmasters

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Deadlines for the May 2012 issue will be strictly adhered to: 02/04/12.

From the Grand Master

A Happy New Year brethren to you and to all members of your family Adrian Burton, Grand Master

My last visit for 2011 in mid December witnessed a fine double first degree of a father and son at Stones Corner with 7 Entered Apprentices and 3 Fellowcraft present. What a great night. My first visit in 2012 at Ann Street in mid January also witnessed a double first with 10 Entered Apprentices and two Fellowcraft present. Across the hallway another lodge had two fine young men participating in a double first degree. The degree work is of a high standard and any lodge would be proud of this fact. This, brethren, I see as the platform for 2012. We are moving forward with a high calibre of young men joining our fraternity in increasing numbers. Make sure that your lodge is prepared to receive and maintain our new candidates. I was so pleased in January to find that Her Excellency the Governor of Queensland had accepted our invitation to attend the ANZAC meeting in the Grand Hall on Wednesday night April 25. She will be accompanied by Mr. McCosker. Please put this date in you diary.

BEST EAST AFRICAN GAME RESERVES Especially timed for the world famous Migration of the Wildebeest, the greatest wildlife show on earth

Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Great Rift Valley, Masai Mara


Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan

7 Day Deluxe Nile Cruise

Best Egyptian Temples including world famous Abu Simbel

BEDOUIN HERITAGE OF MODERN DUBAI 26 Days - Departs 17 August 2012 All-Inclusive Cost, $13,990pp ex Brisbane Prices are per person, twin share and include all flights ex Brisbane, deluxe accommodation, comprehensive sightseeing, most meals, plus services of the best Guides and Tour Escort.

Conditions apply. Subject to change.

As we become more transparent and engage in the wider community there is certainly broad acceptance of our ideals and community involvement. I and my team are very confident of our future. A thought: Think and act positively at all times. Fraternal Regards, Adrian Burton, Grand Master

Website: Email:


Craft News

QUEENSLAND FREEMASONS PERFORMED WELL IN MOVEMBER CAMPAIGN Queensland Freemasons played a great part in raising money through the “Movember” campaign during the month of November 2011. Money raised from this campaign will go to prostate cancer research and depression programs. The team consisted of various lodge representatives throughout UGLQ and also included the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Assistant Grand Master and the Deputy Grand Secretary. Team captain, VW Bro Harry Zaphir said that the total amount raised by Freemasons in Australia was over $57,000 of which Queensland entrants were responsible for over $14,000. In the Queensland team Trevor Green (Mt. Pleasant Lodge) was the No. 1 fundraiser, Harry Zaphir (Dennistoun Lodge) 2, and Karl Schwantes (Dennistoun) 3. Several Fellow Craft Freemasons who worked very hard to make their target were Karl Schwantes

Norm Anderton Broadwater/Surfers Paradise Lodge.

Raised over $900 with what he calls a “modest effort at growing a Mo”. He is 90 years of age.


(Dennistoun) and Jamie Williams (Douglas Lodge Rockhampton). Australian statistics revealed that Trevor Green was No. 1, Harry Zaphir No.3, Karl Schwantes No. 5 and Malcolm Campbell (St Andrew Lodge) No. 8. It was also revealed that the Australian Freemasons team was the biggest community organisation team in terms of funds raised in the world, and the team was in the top 10 fund raising teams in Australia. The sprinkling of Masonic Mo’s was quite evident at the Quarterly Communication on December 7 when most of the “wearers” got together for photographs. Trevor Green is to be congratulated for being recognised as No 1 Fundraiser in the Australian Masonic team. UGLQ Deputy Grand Secretary, VW Bro Graham Schulz was a strong supporter, drum beater and all round head cheerleader in the program and he also grew the most amazing Mo!

Graham Schulz

Deputy Grand Secretary.

Karl Schwantes Dennistoun Lodge.

Jamie Williams

Douglas Lodge




ABOVE: A group of the participants complete with Mo’s at the Quarterly Communication, December 7 2011



L to R: VWBro Col Bannerman, RWBro Brian Ling and RWBro Ted Sharp Trevor Green,

Mt. Pleasant Lodge


A Message from the President, Board of General Purposes.

Happy New Year brethern

Duncan McGregor, Board President It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. Clarence Darrow Commonly misattributed to Charles Darwin, (maybe it has something to do with the initials?), this quote basically means that you don’t have to be physically fit or super intelligent to survive, but rather, you need to adapt to the changes around you; be they environmental or changes in attitude/ perception.

summer reading” and the comments have been outstandingly positive. One brother commented that he had learnt more and had more questions answered about Freemasonry in one sitting by reading the Antient Charges, than he had in over 25 years membership. Of course the Antient Charges, Constitutions, Laws and Regulations, and our ceremonial workings and rituals all profess to two main themes: the character and behaviour expected and insisted upon of our members; and the discipline to be enforced where brethren fail to maintain those standards either personally, or collectively as a lodge. Indeed we have no further to go than our First Degree to find words such as: “never disgrace it, for you can be assured it will never disgrace you.”; “cheerfully embrace the opportunity of practising towards him that virtue you now profess to admire.”; “the advantages of education and discipline by which means alone we are rendered fit members”; “by such a prudent and well regulated course of discipline”, or of similar nature depending on your own lodge’s workings.

In the last two magazines I have written about self examination of your lodge and planning for the future. This time I am extending on the remarks I made at the December Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge.

Of course, to enforce discipline upon another is one matter, to practice it freely and voluntarily (i.e. self discipline) is another matter entirely, and is the hardest to achieve.

Brethren who were present on that occasion, or who received the Board of General Purposes Report and the addendum, have contacted me or spoken to me on my visits to lodges since about how they have “done their

So with that in mind, go to the mirror, take a good long look at yourself and ask yourself this question, “Am I practising Freemasonry, or am I just another member of a Freemasons Lodge? Are all my actions in my daily life reflecting positively on

Freemasonry? What am I doing to ensure that my lodge is viable and healthy, or am I holding it back from growing?” Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside. The lodges that are thriving have made that decision to change their ways themselves, no external influences however powerful can breed success where it does not want to grow. There is a minority of our lodges that appear to resent having Grand Officers in attendance at their meetings or practice meetings. Note I have said Grand Officers, as I have attended meetings of lodges as President. Now while having a Grand Officer attending meetings of your lodge will not make it suddenly become viable and healthy, there is a strong correlation between the health and attitude of those lodges who include their visiting Grand Officer (aka the Assistant Grand Superintendant of Workings) into all meetings of the lodge, and of those who don’t. Now as I have said, change cannot be forced and those lodges that are not prepared to change won’t be changed. The question for 2012 then is, “Should healthy viable lodges that are adapting to the changes around them be recognised or rewarded for their efforts?” I’ll leave you with that thought. Until next time enjoy your Freemasonry. Fraternal Regards, Duncan McGregor,Board President

Follow me on at: President Board of General Purposes UGLQ

Attendance at Quarterly Communications The Board of General Purposes has decided to reintroduce the entry card system from the March 2012 Communication of Grand Lodge. All brethren attending will be required to complete an entry card and exchange it for the handouts. The entry cards will be located in the change rooms on the first floor and will also be made available in the members section of the UGLQ website to be printed off and completed prior to arrival on the evening. The handouts will now be located in Lodge Room No. 1 on the first floor and brethren should make their way there to exchange their card for the handouts prior to going to the Grand Hall for the communication. The Board hopes through this revised system to give brethren feedback on the night of how many and who attends the Communication of Grand Lodge, and to use the information gathered to assess how to improve attendances in the future. The next Quarterly Communication will be held on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 commencing at 7.30 p.m.



Craft News

Answers to Your Questions The following information has been issued by the Grand Secretary in answer to some questions which have been asked regarding the items listed below:

Sign of Fidelity – MW Grand Master

The Sign of Fidelity is not given to the MW Grand Master when he is visiting a Lodge EXCEPT when the Grand Master is occupying the Masters Chair when performing the Lodge Installation Ceremony or the Consecration or Re-Enactment of Consecration of a Lodge. The sign is given when an Officer crosses the Centre line of the Lodge, in the eastern part of the room.

Forms of Address

If the Grand Master, the Deputy Grand Master or the Assistant Grand Master is visiting your Lodge the correct mode of address in conversation is “Grand Master”, “Deputy Grand Master” or “Assistant Grand Master”, as the case maybe. Their given names and surnames should not be used even if they are personal friends while they are engaged in an official capacity.


Dispensations are granted by the Grand Master of the day for various reasons. A dispensation is a written authority to allow a Lodge to temporarily do something that either the Book of Constitutions, Rulings and Decisions or the Lodge By-Laws may not otherwise allow to happen. Dispensations or other permissions that may have been granted by a previous Grand Master are for his term of office ONLY and cease on the completion of his term of office. Further clarification on dispensations can be obtained though the Grand Secretariat.

Providing quality aged care for 80+ years When you need care for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to choose an experienced, accredited and quality aged care provider. Masonic Care Queensland’s residential aged care facilities are fully accredited, and we have been providing quality aged care services, accommodation and support to the Masonic community and Queensland seniors, for more than 80 years.

For more information on residential aged care, dementia care or respite care services, please contact your nearest Masonic Care Queensland care community: Cairns Townsville Sandgate Tin Can Bay Arundel

Ph: (07) 4080 1200 Ph: (07) 4789 9777 Ph: (07) 3869 6000 Ph: (07) 5488 1300 Ph: (07) 5594 8100


Craft News Professor Adams said income from the gift will be directed towards supporting research that benefits pastoral industries and the sustainable management of rangeland, pastoral and related inland Australian landscapes. “In particular it will be supporting research into the types of low-impact, broad-acre agriculture that are the future of sustainable land management for a large proportion of the Australian continent,” he said.

Trustees of the Paech Estate, Cedric and Mary Holland hand the donation to Professor Mark Adams (left) and Professor Stephen Garton (right). Picture and article by courtesy of the University of Sydney.

On the Land and On the Square RWBro Cedric Holland, former Board of General Purposes President and member of Yeronga Lodge No 246 has been featured in a Sydney University news item with his wife Mary as Trustees of an estate which has resulted in a major bequest to the University of Sydney for research into sustainable agricultural science. The unexpected gift of over $8.6 million is from the estate of the late Mrs Nancy Roma Paech, who grew up on the land but was never a farmer or grazier. “This is an extremely generous and far-sighted gift which will have a transformational impact on the research to be conducted at our new Centre for Carbon, Water and Food,” said Professor Mark Adams, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Mrs Paech was the daughter of a farming family


from ‘Leeson’ Station, Winton, in outback Queensland. She spent her early years on the station and her affection for rural Australia is thought to date back to that time. She was known to be interested in methods of crop production without the use of pesticides. When her father died in the mid-1920s the estate was divided between Nancy and her elder brother, Robert Speirs. When Nancy died in 1987, her estate in turn was managed by her husband Donald Paech. It was only after Donald Paech died in 2009 that the University was made aware of the bequest. Up until then, it had no idea of Nancy Paech’s intentions to donate her estate to the University. Trustees of the estate, Cedric and Mary Holland, said Nancy’s wish was that interest from her bequest be directed towards “financing research in matters pertaining to agricultural science”.

“This use also reflects Nancy Paech’s early life and recognises that a large proportion of the world’s poorest people are dependent on rangelands and the animals they support, and that there will be increasing demand for knowledge in this field from countries like China and Africa and India,” Professor Adams said. Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Professor Stephen Garton said this gift would bring long-term positive benefits for the University. “Income from the bequest will fund the establishment of a new academic chair in Range Science which will focus on the sustainability of inland Australian landscapes used for animal production. As well there will be a number of visiting professorships, PhD scholarships and master’s scholarships all named after Nancy Roma Paech,” Professor Garton said. The research and associated activities supported by the Paech Bequest will be conducted through the Centre for Carbon, Water and Food of the Faculty of Agriculture, at the Camden Campus of the University of Sydney. A new facility to house this interdisciplinary centre will be completed in 2012.

Barron Barnett Programme Change

The QLD Freemason May Deadlines

The lecture by WorBro Don Barry PGSwdBr on “The Origins of Freemasonry. A Personal View” is now scheduled for the March meeting of Barron Barnett Lodge No. 146. This should be a very interesting lecture where he presents his opinions about the beginnings of the Order. His views are sure to be controversial to some.

Copy Deadline - Contributors to the Magazine please note: Deadline for Copy for the May issue is


Monday, April 2, 2012 Please have copy and pics in before this date

Craft News

Masonic Care Queensland has been a real family affair for Val Knickel, who first encountered the organisation when gaining employment as a nurse shortly after its Townsville aged care facility opened more than 32 years ago.

Since then, a number of Val’s family members have lived at Masonic Care Queensland, including her Parents, Husband, Aunt, Uncle and Brother-in-law.

across 10 sites, including high, low, and dementia residential aged care, respite care, palliative care, day therapy, retirement living and rental accomodation.

“When I needed care myself, I knew that this is where I wanted to go. After working here for such a long time and having various family members live here, I knew this was the best place to go,” said Val.

Masonic Care Queensland’s larger sites in Sandgate, Townsville and Cairns provide a continuum of care for residents with retirement villages, residential aged care and community facilities co-located on the same site. Masonic Care Queensland’s other sites are located in Atherton, Rockhampton, Tin Can Bay, Arundel, Kingaroy, Texas and Crows Nest.

Masonic Care Queensland is the care services and retirement living arm of the Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons, Widows and Orphans’ Fund, and has been providing quality aged care and accommodation services to the Masonic community and their families for more than 80 years.

For more information, please visit

As a leading not-for-profit provider, Masonic Care Queensland now delivers a comprehensive range of services to all Queensland seniors

Artist impression of proposed Townsville apartments.

A new era of contemporary retirement living With a history of providing care and support for more than 80 years, Masonic Care Queensland is shaping a new era with contemporary retirement living. Our proposed modern retirement living apartments in Townsville and Sandgate will offer retirees luxurious, open plan, spacious design with balconies, air-conditioning, secure parking and electronic security.

• • • • •

Live in a community of like-minded people Access to emergency call services Support services available (fee-for-service) Residential care co-located on site Available to all seniors in the community

For more information or to secure your retirement lifestyle, please phone Karen Tilke on (07) 3869 6009.


Craft News

Presentation Group HMAS Sydney. Pictured with WorBro Graham Husband at the Medal presentation are some of the officers and sailors who attended.

Warwick Freemason presented with Naval Award WorBro Graham Husband, current treasurer of St Georges Lodge No 20 in Warwick has been presented with the Australian General Service Medal Korea by the Captain of HMAS Sydney, Captain Luke Charles-Jones CSC OAM at a special ceremony onboard the “Sydney” at Garden Island.

modern day sailors and their commitment to their duties. WorBro Husband was Master of Moorooka Lodge No 405 in 1980 and Killarney Lodge in 1996.

The presentation to WorBro Husband was arranged by Commander Andrew Leary RAN in conjunction with the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs over a twelve month period. WorBro Husband’s naval history with the RAN, RANR, RANER AND RAFR spans over the period from June 2, 1952 to March 4, 1990. When he retired his rank was Petty Officer Stores Naval. He had a certain link with the name “Sydney” as he had served on the Aircraft Carrier HMAS Sydney in 1953, 1954 and 1955. Attending the presentation in the Wardroom of the Sydney” were 18 specially selected officers and sailors. WorBro Husband presented the Captain with a framed photo of his Korean tour of duty in 1953-54. A reception followed with drinks and food. He said he was very impressed with the

2012 Stanley Pocket Diary Available 10

Captain Luke Charles-Jones congratulates WorBro Husband after presenting him with the Australian General Service Medal Korea.

The ever-popular Stanley Lodge Pocket Diary, 2012 edition is now available. It contains a full list of Lodges in UGLQ, together with some other orders and provides calendars with Lodge Installation details listed under the dates. And it fits nicely into the pocket of your jacket! Net proceeds from the sale of the Diary go


to Masonic Charities. Over $20,000 has been donated to various Charities since the Diary commenced in 1987. It sells for $5 and can be obtained from John Irwin, 8 Pandora Court Cleveland, QLD 4163. Phone 07 38212113 or email

Craft News

First Step in Freemasonry Bro Bruce Lee of St Andrew of Townsville Lodge is pictured after taking his first step into Freemasonry. He is being welcomed by RWBro Phillip Geertz, District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of North Queensland.

Picture shows Left to Right: Andrea Steele (Crow FM Board member and owner of Kingaroy McDonald’s franchise); John Carey, Stanwell Corporation (manager of Community Relations Tarong Power Station); RWBro Alan Townson PAGM and WorBro Bob Coleman, Duke of Strathearn Lodge, Wondai.

Crow FM Transmitter Commissioned On November 16, 2011 a new broadcast transmitter and emergency power supply was commissioned at Wondai by community radio station CROW FM. Station Manager Wayne Kratzmann expressed his sincere gratitude to the Freemasons of Queensland for the grant that enabled the replacement of the weather damaged and failing transmitter. A grant from Stanwell Corporation also allowed for the provision of a generator for emergency power supply.

Sunday Brunch idea proves popular Pine Rivers Lodge No 511 members decided some time ago that they should organise a “brunch” on a Sunday morning every two or three months. Lodge families and widows are always invited to attend. Two such events have so far been held with good attendances at both.

The new facility will permit the all weather broadcasts of community information during all contingencies. Cr Kathy Duff expressed the strong support of the South Burnett Regional Council for the project. At the opening ceremony, Chair of the Grand Masters Flood and Cyclone Appeal Committee RWBro Alan Townson was accompanied by Board of General Purposes President RWBro Duncan McGregor, Deputy Grand Secretary VWBro Graham Schulz and WorBro Bob Coleman, from the Duke of Strathearn Lodge in Wondai.

The Lodge Shop

Quality Merchandise! We supply to all Masonic Orders

Contact Tony Ozanne for any of your requirements Installation/Centenary Gifts, All types of Name Badges, Lapel Pins, Past Masters Jewel, Gloves, Caps, Shirts, BBQ Aprons, Cufflinks, Self Inking Stamps, Regalia, Eton Jackets & Jigger Buttons Picture shows WorBro Alan Kerr, Bro Scott Kennedy (the host) and WorBro David John (Junior Warden) enjoying a chat prior to the food being served.

Phone: (07) 4125 1059

Website: Email:


Report from the Board of General Purposes Membership and Marketing Committee.

The Change is On

progressive Board of General Purposes, our jurisdiction is very well placed to continue to set the pace and standards for modern Freemasonry.

Greg Goding,

In fact the Grand Master will lead a delegation to the Grand Master’s Conference which will follow the Grand Installation of the Grand Lodge of Victoria. That particular conference will focus only on membership and marketing and Queensland has been invited to be the facilitator and lead the discussions.

- January 2012

Chairman of Membership & Marketing

Our Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton often comments about the positive attitudes and feelings conveyed towards him by Queensland Freemasons as he travels the State. Right across the jurisdiction he is told by our membership that they are very happy with the direction we are heading and are feeling confident about the future of the Craft. That direction both he and his predecessor MWBro Graeme Ewin have taken in their leadership of the UGLQ has certainly gone a long way in bringing about the changes needed to make Freemasonry something to which those men who live in this modern age would commit themselves. Freemasonry is as relevant today as it has been at any stage throughout history. Men still want to belong to an organisation with values. Tribalism as part of a man’s DNA makes him want to belong to a meaningful group. They want to belong to a worthwhile society that has a rich and meaningful background and Freemasonry is still the obvious choice. The biggest problem that all jurisdictions have had to deal with is the pace of change in the world we live in. Technology is changing so rapidly that the bulk of us are simply found wanting. Men of all ages who are living and working in the year 2012 are busier than any generations who have gone before them.


This Grand Lodge has an attitude by which we are continually looking to improve the lines of communication. We want our membership to be fully informed on every aspect. We want to overcome the log jams that prevent accurate and timely dissemination of information. We are asking for feedback from every quarter and we are listening. Our Grand Master and The President of the Board of General Purposes have made the decision to ensure that Quarterly Communications are not long winded affairs by making the concerted effort to have them completed in a timely fashion. The last two have been completed by 9.10 pm, thereby allowing those who wanted to attend and be home at an early hour could do just that. It also ensures those who stay for the supper to be able to enjoy the company of friends they may see only every three months and still be home at a reasonable hour. This innovation has been very well received by those who attend the Quarterly Communications.

They readily embrace smart phones, iPads and social media such as facebook. They are prepared to spend their hard earned income but only on quality. They will not waste their money and more importantly they will not waste their time or their lives. It is often said that they are generally “money rich but time poor”.

The internet continues to be the most useful tool we have to communicate what Freemasons are doing in the community. This applies not only to our own membership but also the general public. We are working on iPad applications which will mean that the Queensland Freemason Magazine will be available via smart phones and iPads and are already part of the Queensland Freemasons Website.

As an organisation, being guided by a Grand Master with a vision and who is being supported by a very

Another innovation being developed is to create Electronic Rituals compatible to iPads and iPhones for which the


modern Freemason is asking. There are obvious challenges which must be met in order to ensure these applications are available only to Craftsmen, but they will be met. As much as all these innovations are extremely important to our survival and growth, it all has to be done without losing contact with those of us who may be struggling with the electronic age. At present we have two distinct groups in the Craft – those who embrace the electronic age and those who are just a little bewildered by it. Our challenge is to embrace both groups and to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks, and that anybody who is serious and genuine about the Craft growing is not left behind. The recent survey conducted throughout Queensland made us very aware that our membership (although feeling we were doing an appropriate amount of Charity Work) wants us to get a lot more recognition for the wonderful work that Freemasons do on a daily basis. To this end we have now entered into a relationship with a PR Media Group which is already doing excellent work in getting our message out there to the general public. In the first month of our partnership they were able to get media releases printed and news items broadcast that we could only dream of in times gone by. The excellent work being done by the Chairman, RWBro Alan Townson PAGM and the committee of the Grand Masters Cyclone and Flood Appeal is being fully supported by the PR team. We can now reasonably expect that we will receive the recognition that we would hope for, as the projects commissioned by that committee are commenced, built and completed. The success of the team led by the Grand Master who took part in the recent “Movember” campaign also gained valuable recognition because of our association with this professional PR Company. The PR Media team is there to assist all lodges throughout the entire jurisdiction. If you have a good news

Craft News story that should be told then please send it through to the Deputy Grand Secretary, VWBro Graham Schulz and we will do what ever we can to develop the story and have it published or broadcast. Have no doubt that there is a “change in the air” and our Craft is in a better position than it has been in a very long time – but there is a long way to go. Many would have heard me state that “if nothing changes then nothing changes” or “do what you have always done and you will get the result you have always got”. I am also aware that there are still some of our members who have found it very difficult to

change to be part of a modern world. They fear change and rather than allowing change, they prefer to attack those who have the vision needed to change a lodge or the Craft in general. If they were so correct in their views; if what they would espouse or what they would take us back to was so correct then their lodges would be in a far better state than they are now. In many cases they have been the leaders of their lodges for years and yet their lodges are in real trouble – how can they think they are so right when their own lodges are on the decline. Regardless of how visionary our

Grand Masters are; regardless of how progressive the Board of General Purposes is; regardless of how hard the committees and the Grand Secretariat of this Grand Lodge work and regardless of how well trained and how committed the AGSWks of Queensland are – nothing will ever be achieved to change the fortunes of any lodge in Queensland if that lodge fails to recognise what has caused its demise and then genuinely gets its “House in Order”. RWBro Greg Goding PAGM GSWks Chairman of Membership & Marketing

Gympie State High School Centenary March 9-11, 2012

Past Grand Officers Association Emergent Meeting

A Centenary celebration of interest to many Freemasons in Queensland will be held in Gympie from Friday, March 9 to Sunday, March 11, 2012. Included in the past students list is the Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton, and a number of other well-known Freemasons.

The emergent meeting of the Association was held on November 29 last year and some decisions resulted from discussions among those present. After conducting the business, the meeting was directed to the relevance, continuance, name, membership and finances of the Association. The Grand Master, MWBro. Adrian Burton the Deputy Grand Master, RWBro Gary Bacon and the President of the Board of General Purposes, RWBro Duncan McGregor were present at the meeting. They expressed their support and a wish that every effort was made for the Association to continue, while recognising this would require the backing and participation of many more members. RWBro McGregor gave notice that he would be presenting a Notice of Motion at the next meeting of the Association on March 29, 2012 to the effect that the word “Past” be deleted from the title of the Association and that it be known in future as “The Grand Officers Association UGLQ”. All Grand Officers are invited to attend the March 29 meeting at the Stones Corner Masonic Centre,, however only financial members would be able to participate in the decision making. Grand Officers will have the opportunity to pay the membership fee at the meeting to allow them to participate. President of the Association, RWBro John Ryan PJGW said the Association’s progress was important and he looked forward to support and participation by Grand Officers. He can be contacted by e-mail at

Braemar Lodge No 89 which meets at the Gympie Masonic Centre, will be holding a quick meeting on Thursday, March 8 at 7.00 p.m. followed by a three-course meal at the festive board ($20 per head). There will be music entertainment with dignataries (past students) giving brief experiences and singing of the school songs. The Gympie High School principal, Murray Wegner is a Braemar Lodge member. Those wishing to attend are asked to contact the secretary, Dave Adamson (54425658, mobile 0427966517, e-mail A feature of the centenary celebrations will be the Multi-Sport Arena project. This will be one of Gympie’s largest outdoor undercover arenas. It will consist of two resurfaced basketball courts with regulation sideline allowances. Former students and interested citizens of the Gympie Community are being asked to contribute to this important project by donating money and having special bricks forming a wall with the record of their contribution to the history of the school. Further details of the Centenary Program and a record of all events over the celebration period can be obtained by contacting the school on 5489 8333 or by visiting the website at

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Craft News

Gathering of the Clans next month WorBro Rodger Klopp, Yeronga Lodge convenor of the 2012 Gathering of the Clans is advising that the big day is fast approaching (Saturday, March 31). He advises that whilst the Scottish Ritual lodges are well aware of the event, those of the wider Masonic community are less so. This article provides some general information for brethren who intend to, or may wish to attend the ceremony. The ‘Clans’ has become an institution within Queensland • A Scottish Third Degree (candidate Bro. James Sherrit, son of DGDC David Sherrit). This will be conducted at Grand Hall, tyling at 2.30 pm sharp. The ceremony is performed to the ritual working of the host lodge (Yeronga No. 246). The office bearers and charge work will be shared across 20 of the Scottish Ritual lodges. The Most Worshipful Grand Master, the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master and Assistant Grand Master have expressed their willingness to attend. A delegation of 10 Officers from the District Grand Lodge of Western Australia (holding under the Grand Lodge of Scotland) will also be in attendance. Grand Lodge has authorised the wearing of traditional highland dress for participants and visitors. • While the degree ceremony is under way, the ladies attending will be undertaking a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art at Southbank. Those not wishing to avail

Freemasonry since its inception as the Combined Meeting of Scottish Ritual Lodges back in 1980. It is now a biennial event, and in 2012, is to be hosted by Yeronga Lodge No. 246. This year’s event returns to metropolitan Brisbane, having been conducted most recently in Bundaberg (Athole Lodge) in 2010, and in Toowoomba (Argyle Lodge) in 2008. The host lodge plans the event in conjunction with a ‘Clans Standing Committee’ comprising representatives of the last two events, plus experienced volunteers from the Scottish Ritual Lodges. This year’s event on Saturday March 31 includes the following activities:

themselves of this activity can partake of an afternoon tea at the Ann Street Masonic Centre, where they will be feted to a presentation from ‘The Body Shop’. • A post ceremonial banquet is to be held at The Irish Club, 6.15 pm for 7.00 pm., with entertainment from Celtic band ‘Ishkar’. This event is now fully subscribed. • Bus transport will be provided to take those who will be attending the banquet, from the Grand Hall in Ann Street to The Irish Club (175 Elizabeth St); also, to return people to car park sites along Wickham Terrace later in the evening after the event. ‘The Gathering of the Clans’ also provides an opportunity to raise funds for charity. The recipient of net proceeds this year will be going to Can-Teen, a support organisation for teenagers with cancer, and their families. A major raffle has been organised.

OES Helps Legacy Rockhampton Legacy has benefitted from the Rockhampton Order of the Eastern Star’s annual distribution of the funds they raised for charity. Worthy Matron of Rockhampton Chapter, Sister Julie Whyte had named Legacy as one of her charities for the year. She learned that Legacy was in need of special chairs for their clients use so two chairs meeting legacy’s requirements were donated. Ruth Gardner of Rockhampton Legacy said


they were very happy to receive the chairs that were comfortable, with good lumbar support and strong armrests that enable clients to use them to help rising to their feet. “They are placed in our office where clients, often accompanied by a carer are interviewed. We have already had positive feedback about them”, she added. Pictured in the photo left to right are: Ruth Gardner, Ian Power of Rockhampton Legacy and Sister Julie Whyte, Worthy Matron, of Rockhampton Chapter 145.]


To contribute, contact the Clans Convenor. All Freemasons in the jurisdiction are encouraged to come along and witness what will be a colourful and impressive ceremony in the Grand Hall. This is a rare opportunity for lodges of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland to witness the entrance of Grand Lodge teams under the call of ‘The Pipes’, the parading of the Banners of the various Scottish Ritual lodges, and a Third Degree ceremony performed by a selection of the best Scottish craft ritualists in Queensland. The Clans Committee would really like to see 600 Freemasons inside the Grand Hall on March 31. Come along and be part of it. For any further information view the website – gotc2012/ or Google ‘Gathering of the Clans 2012’. You can also call WorBro Klopp at (07) 3389 0049.

Grand Masters Flood Appeal News

SES Grant Grand Masters Flood Appeal Gayndah Lodge No 188 in conjunction with the Gayndah Rotary Club and North Burnett Regional Council, made a combined effort to provide $33,000 towards the upgrade of the Gayndah SES training room and kitchen facilities. The Grand Master’s Flood appeal provided $20,000, North Burnett Regional Council $7000 and Gayndah Rotary $6000. The result will place Gayndah SES in a more resilient position to handle natural disasters and emergencies which may occur in the future.

Picture shows MWBro Adrian Burton GM (left) with Mr Maurice Law AM, Chief Commissioner for Scouts Queensland.

$75,000 Donation for Scouting HQ Restoration A cheque for $75,000 has been presented to the Chief Commissioner for Scouts in Queensland by the Grand Master towards the restoration work carried out on the Queensland Scouting headquarters at Auchenflower in Brisbane following the excessive damage caused by the Brisbane River Flood. The amount has come from the Grand Masters Flood and Cyclone appeal which, in December, reached the target of $1,000,000. The committee overseeing the appeal has placed the funds to various organisations across the State devastated by the floods and the cyclone earlier in 2011. Every dollar raised is applied in total to community organisations. There are no administration fees. There has always been a close bond between Scouting and Freemasonry over the last 100 years with many members of the craft being former members of scouting and many still associated with both organisations. The Grand Master accepted an invitation from the Chief Commissioner to look at the restoration work being carried out. The Chief Commissioner visited the Grand Master at Ann Street to accept the cheque for $75,000.

The project was the result of a visit by the Flood Appeal Committee Chairman, RWBro Alan Townson PAGM. All the stakeholders involved extend sincere appreciation to UGLQ for its generous donation through the Flood Appeal, and all those brethren who contributed to the appeal throughout Queensland.

Picture shows from left: WorBro Ray Harris, WorBro Bill Turner, Bro John Smith, WorBro John Mullaley, WorBro Terry Cleary, SES member John Lamb, WorBro Des Cowburn, local SES Controller Dave Wilson and WorBro Bill Mellor.

Abbreviations and Appellations Contributors are reminded about the correct style to be used when quoting all Masonic abbreviations and appellations. Examples are as follows: MWGM, MWBro, RWBro, VWBro, WorBro, DGM, AGM, PAGM, AGSWks. Also please note that the style to be used for quoting dates is month, day and year, i.e.: February 1, 2012.


Lodges in Action

The Haggis “a must” Columbian Resident receives at Caledonian Christmas Meetings Third Degree in Prince Albert Lodge All roads led to the Masonic Centre in

W Bro Keith Jones presenting R W Bro Dr Gary Bacon DGM with Sir Isaac Isaacs’s umbrella.

Donation of a Unique Historical Artefact to the Library WorBro Keith Jones of Mooloolah Lodge recently presented the Secretary of Tibrogargan Lodge, RWBro Dr Gary Bacon DGM, with an unusual artefact for the UGLQ Library Museum. It is a carved ivory handled umbrella that once belonged to Sir Isaac Isaacs (1855-1948), the first native born Australian Governor General (1931-36) and a prominent Freemason. Sir Isaacs was the first Grand Registrar of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria in 1889. The umbrella was given to Keith’s father, VWBro C H G Jones, by a work colleague at T C Beirne’s Store, Fortitude Valley, WorBro Viv Barnes, a nephew of Sir Isaacs.

The carved ivory handle of Sir Isaac Isaacs’s umbrella.

Ipswich on December 10 for the annual Christmas meeting of Caledonian Lodge No 14. One of the most popular features of the Festive Board is the traditional Haggis, and this time the word got around Ipswich so much that the longest serving member of Caledonian, RWBro Colin Murray PAGM was interviewed by a local newspaper journalist from the Queensland Times. Col Murray has been a Freemason for 62 years. He referred to the traditional Haggis, mentioning that when it was first served at Caledonian Lodge it was in a tin imported from Scotland. For many years now it has been supplied by the well-known Haggis manufacturer, Margaret Bryant of Warwick. In his interview Col gave Freemasonry a great boost and provided readers with a wealth of information about the organisation and the many millions of dollars the Queensland Freemasons have raised for charities over the years.

Bro Julio Nunez (full family name Julio Caesar Nunez-Rojas) became a Master Mason at the Christmas meeting of Prince Albert Lodge in December 2011. Julio arrived in Australia some 18 months ago looking to establish permanent residence here as he lived in Santa Marta, Columbia and the living standards there are quite low and generally people are not well off by any means. He has a temporary student visa and has found it incredibly hard to make progress in his ambition to live in Australia, but he has been supported, both financially and morally by members of the lodge and he is starting to just get his head above water. He is so keen to stay here and just marvels at being accepted into Freemasonry. His father is a Freemason back in his home town and correspondence to the family is organised by the lodge using Microsoft translator facilities. He cannot attend as much as he would like as he works from 6:30pm at night cleaning, so he really has started from the bottom and is restricted to 20 hours work a week, without any Government assistance.

Col is pictured here with his wife Helen at the Christmas Festive Board. It is not known if the picture was taken before or after the Haggis was served. No doubt if it was after, the plate would be really clean.

Prince Albert members are quite proud of Julio and they admire his fortitude. A call has been given through the lodge to seek assistance from anyone in the Masonic fraternity who can assist him with work which he would be able to accomplish at a more suitable time. He is a strong young man and determined and willing to succeed as a “true blue Aussie”.

Santa Visits Prince Albert Lodge Prince Albert Lodge lived up to its usual high standard of Festive Boards when Santa visited the lodge in December with a bag full of presents. He is shown here with his “little helper”, Dennis Johnson. 16


The Worshipful Master, officers and brethren of Prince Albert Lodge with Bro Julio Nunez. This picture was taken following Julio’s third degree ceremony.

Lodges in Action

Father and Son in Double First Degree Yeronga Lodge had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Richard Arthur (41) and his son Brenton (19) into Freemasonry by conducting a double first degree witnessed by over 100 brethren, including the Grand Master and other Grand Officers. At the conclusion of the ceremony the Grand Master spoke about the unique situation and the enquiries coming to lodges in particular via the internet. He mentioned that there was always a strong number of enquiries following the Brisbane Open House day held in October. Four Fellowcraft and seven Entered Apprentices were present at the Yeronga meeting. In the last two years Yeronga Lodge has had more candidates than in all the decade of the 1990’s. In the 1990’s the average age was 57 years and in 2010 and 2011 the average age was 34 years. There are also 12 active Master Masons in Yeronga Lodge.

Pictured following the double first degree are MWBro Adrian Burton GM, Bro Richard Arthur, Bro Brenton Arthur and RWBro Geoffrey Walker AGM.

MWBro Emmanuel Anthony PGM presenting Message Stick No 2 to WorBro Bill Smith and his wife Verna at Gatton Lodge Installation.

Photo above is one of the Message Sticks designed by Gatton Lodge.

“Message Sticks” at Gatton Lodge No 87 On the walls in the anteroom of Gatton Lodge No 87 there are, what they call, “Social Tracing Boards” that record memorable events in the life and times of the lodge and Freemasonry in Queensland. In keeping with the formal explanations and/or lectures for the Masonic Tracing Boards in each of the various degrees in Freemasonry so too, there are explanations and/or stories associated with each of the Gatton Lodge Social Tracing Boards (STB). One of the early STB records the occasion when the then Grand Master, MWBro Emmanuel Anthony, came to Gatton Lodge to present a Fifty Year Service Jewel to VWBro Clive Wheeler and he also formally opened the new annex to the Masonic Centre. The lodge Master at that time was WBro Arild Tornquist and to mark the occasion Brother Arild presented the Grand Master with a souvenir that went on to become the infamous Dunny Key. MWBro Anthony later presented the key back to

Gatton Lodge with the hope that the lodge might develop it as a token to the “hearts and minds” of men by conveying messages of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. The lodge has combined the concepts of its Boomerang Gavels and the Dunny Key to form Message Sticks to go to all parts of the world where there is Freemasony. The lodge has four such Message Sticks. A Message Stick comprises an aluminium bronze copy of the Dunny Key connected by a chain containing 33 links to a Boomerang Gavel along with a special log book to record the travels of the Message Stick. At Gatton Lodge Installation last year MWBro Anthony presented Message Stick No. 2 to WorBro Bill Smith and his wife Verna in appreciation of their sterling work in promoting Freemasonry in Gatton and South East Queensland. WorBro Smith has been Master for three consecutive years and Gatton Lodge is the third lodge in which he has been a Master.

EST 1927

Jewellery Designers and Manufacturers

Finest Quality Masonic Regalia & Jewels

• White Mess Jackets (with pocket) • White Gloves • Cummerbunds • Bow Ties

Somers & Son P.O.Box 33 Sumner Qld 4074

Phone 07 3279 4511 Fax 07 3376 4172

• Presentation Bibles • Serviettes • Masonic Jewellery • Pins, Links, Rings, Pendants in Gold or Silver Mon-Fri 8.00am-5.00pm Thurs 8.00am-6.00pm Sat 9.00am-12.00pm


Lodges in Action

Freemason from Finland visits Gold Coast Bro Ismo Nojd of Keha Lodge No 127 (GL F&A M Finland) paid a visit to Gold Coast Daylight Lodge No 519 in the latter part of last year. The Worshipful Master, WorBro W Bruce Dobell PGStdBr (V) welcomed Bro Nojd and invited him to address the Lodge. In his address he said it was his first visit abroad, and that he had enjoyed being in Australia very much as English was his first foreign language. He explained how Freemasonry had come to Finland. About 200,000 Fins had emigrated to the USA and some had become Freemasons in New York. Upon returning to Finland some of them set up a lodge in Helsinki under the Grand Lodge in New York using hand-written

notes brought from America. There were now over 150 lodges in Finland and his Lodge had 31 members. He remarked how much better the weather was here compared with Finland. RWBro Reg Webber PJGW also welcomed Bro Nojd and presented him with a Queensland Freemason’s tie. Secretary of the lodge presented him with a portfolio of information about the Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Daylight Lodge, the United Grand Lodge of Queensland and Freemasonry in Australia. Bro Nojd had originally made contact with Gold Coast Daylight Lodge through the Grand Lodge Secretariats of Finland and Queensland.

QUEENSLAND BLIND ASSOCIATION INC. (Formerly Welfare Association For The Blind) White Cane House, 26 Warwick Street, Annerley, Brisbane, Australia, 4103. Box 444 Annerley, 4103.

We provide :

Phone Fax Web

(07) 3848 8888 (07) 3848 6989

• One free white symbol cane given to new members - as a symbol of blindness •

Financial assistance to members who require assistance with Home Maintenance, Rates Payments, Electricity Accounts and the necessities of everyday living.

North Queensland

Lodge Secretary’s Seminar in the North A lodge secretary’s seminar was held at Masonic Care in Townsville during October. The seminar was well patronised by local and district secretaries, some of them travelling from Ingham and Charters Towers to attend. The Grand Secretary, RWBro John Rawlinson was the guest speaker. He gave a very informative address and he supported it with a Power Point presentation and a number of handouts. Subjects covered related to the various forms used and their requirements and the procedure on how to request jewels and Past Grand Rank. The District Grand Master (RW Bro Phillip Geertz) extended his thanks to all who attended. It has been suggested that it could be an annual event.

• Low vision equipment on sale to members and public. Catalogues available. • Reading services available by appointment

Form of Bequest (that will ensure legal endoresement) “I give, devise and bequeath the sum of $______ free of all duties to the Queensland Blind Association Inc. for the purposes of the said Association within the State of Queensland and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary of the Association shall be a full sufficient discharge to my Executor or Trustees, and shall absolve them from seeing as to the application thereof”. Donations are tax deductable - thank you

Please help lighten the burden of blindness. Help the association to continue to give practical assistance to the blind. 18


Picture shows seminar attendees around the table. RWBro Rawlinson is standing on the left.

Other Orders

Impressive ceremony at Maryborough

Petrie Preceptory Installation At this annual Installation Muster Fr. Geoffrey Collins was installed as the Venerable Preceptor of Petrie Preceptory. The installation ceremony was skillfully carried out by Ven. Fr. Max Vincent and his team. The Preceptory had the privilege of having in attendance Rt. Emt Fr. John Ross the District Grand Prior of Queensland and his Grand team. The newly installed Venerable Preceptor has managed to learn the Scottish workings of Petrie in a couple of years. He was previously a member of a Preceptory in the south west of England. He is the only member of Redcliffe First Settlement Craft Lodge belonging to Petrie, but this will change at the next muster with one of his friends joining. The strongest Craft Lodge presence in Petrie Preceptory is Caboolture Craft Lodge No. 266 with nine current members. And they have a full years work in front of them with two new initiates starting their degrees at the next muster. You will find the history of the Preceptory at: ‘KT page’.

Diamond Anniversary Celebrated in Style

Past and present Job’s Daughters taking part in the Obligation Ceremony at the Bethel No 2 60th Anniversary.

Bethel No 2 Chermside (Job’s Daughters International) recently celebrated its 60th Anniversary with the theme “Diamonds Through the Decades”. The bethel was instituted on November

An impressive ceremony was conducted by the Province of South Queensland, North Coast and Central in the Masonic Centre, Maryborough last November. The ceremony was held to install V Illus Bro Gene Norman Johnson 33 deg, SGIG as Deputy for that Province. The installation was carried out by V Illus Bro Alan Verran 33 deg, SGIG, assisted by his installing team from the Province of Brisbane Metropolitan. The province had the honour of hosting nine members of the 33 deg of the Antient and accepted Scottish Rite for Scotland and three members of the Scottish Rite in Australia. These representatives came from Brisbane, Toowoomba, Warwick, Home Hill, Sydney NSW, Hervey Bay and Maryborough. An enjoyable banquet prepared by the ladies was held following the ceremony.

Picture shows back row L to R: V Illus Bros Arnold Horne, Graham Ledlie, Paul Kennedy, Ian Hogan, Peter Keller, Graham Tench. Front row, L to R: V Illus Bros Ian Young, John Muirhead, Alan Verran, Gene Johnson, John Jamieson, Ron Bryant.

10, 1951 and was the first daughter bethel of Bethel No 1 Windsor. It has since flourished into a bethel that is proud of its heritage and achievements but mostly proud of its binding ties of family, friendships, and fraternity. The celebrations kicked off with 80 people attending the 60th anniversary commemorative meeting on November 4, 2011. Representatives of the Masonic fraternity including representatives from the Great Priory of Queensland Knights Templar, the Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Order of De Molay, as well as past and present Job’s Daughters and other members of the Order attended. During the meeting, past and present Job’s Daughters, led by the Honoured Queen Shellie Walker, took part in an Obligation Ceremony in which they renewed their Job’s Daughters

Obligation. Another highlight of the evening was the “Diamonds Through the Decades” librarian’s report. Many past and present members of the order told of their fond memories and historical signs of the times of not only Bethel No 2, but Job’s Daughters as a whole in Queensland, its families, friendships and fraternal ties. Sunday, November 6 brought 50 “Jobie” supporters together to share the Diamond Jubilee High Tea. The afternoon was indeed a trip down memory lane, as the hall was decorated with memorabilia including backdrops, gavels, installation cards, carry-pieces, and photos. A power-point presentation of photos collaging a myriad of memories and snippets of history since the early 1950’s, fondly compiled by Mrs Sandra Sommerville PHQ Bethel No 2, provided a stirring highlight for the afternoon.


The Craft

Jachin and Boaz That on the right was called Jachin And that on the left Boaz By VWBro R. L. Grimshaw AGSWks Jachin and Boaz were the names given to the two large cast-bronze pillars that stood on either side of the porch-way or entrance to that magnificent temple which King Solomon built at Jerusalem according to God’s instructions. It has been well documented in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, in 1 Kings, Ch.7:21 and 2 Chronicles, Ch.3:17 that the pillar on the right was called Jachin and the pillar on the left was called Boaz. There has been a good deal of conjecture by Masonic scholars over the years in designating which is the right side and which is the left side of the entrance to the temple and consequently the correct name being assigned to the pillars. In nearly all cases the debate incorrectly focuses on the viewpoint as to whether the worshiper is entering or leaving the Temple. Whilst 1 Kings, Ch.7:21 reads: And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin: and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz; there is no further detail provided on the location of the pillars; and indeed there is no need for further information as the description of their individual location is succinct and complete. The main body of people who have a problem in understanding what the Bible reading is saying are among the Freemasons – Theologians do not seem to have the same problem. Let us then examine the whole concept from the point of view of our ritual. We find the main reference to the columns at the Temple of King Solomon in the Explanation of the Second Tracing Board. Here our attention is drawn to the two great pillars which were placed in the porch or entrance and that the pillar 20

on the left was called Boaz and that on the right Jachin. We are further enlightened on the dimensions of these pillars, how and where they were made, certain of the embellishments on them and of their separate and joint significations. All of this conforms to the writings in the King James Version of the Holy Bible in 1 Kings, Ch.7:13 to 23 and 45 and 46 and also 2 Chronicles, Ch.3 and Ch.4. This part of the explanation is specific to the pillars which are part of the Temple itself.

connection with the individual positioning of Jachin and Boaz on the front of the Temple. The Temple itself has its own identity and, like all objects in the creation including the human species, has four aspects namely: front, back, right side, and left side; all determined from an imaginary point from within the body or structure with the front as the focal point. Consider a motor vehicle and the location of the left-hand headlight or the right-hand mudguard, both of which are determined from an imaginary point within the vehicle and looking forward. The front of King Solomon’s Temple, which included the porch or entrance, faced the east and thus the left side of the house was to the north and the right side of the house to the south. Irrefutable proof of this is found in the King James Version of the Holy Bible at 1 Kings Ch.7:39 … and he set the sea on the right side of the house eastward and over against the south. The theologians who revised the King James Version of the Holy Bible and published it in today’s English, variously as the Good News Bible and the New International Version, clarified the location of Jachin and Boaz as follows: 1 Kings Ch.7:21 – Huram placed these two columns in front of the entrance to the Temple: the one on the south side was named Jachin and the one on the north was named Boaz; and in 2 Chronicles Ch.3:17 – The columns were set at the sides of the Temple entrance: the one on the south side was named Jachin and the one on the north side was named Boaz.

Next we are informed of the reason why King Solomon placed the pillars at the porch or entrance of the Temple. We learn that this was to create a memorial to those miraculous pillars of fire and cloud which aided the Israelites during the escape from their Egyptian bondage. They were placed in this most proper and conspicuous situation so that the children of Israel would have a reminder of the happy deliverance of their forefathers continually before their eyes when going to and coming from Divine worship. This reason has no direct


The simple conclusion to the whole matter is that when King Solomon reared up the pillars in the porch of the Temple he named that towards the right side, or the south, Jachin and that towards the left side, or north, Boaz. The wording of the King James Version of the Holy Bible, our Volume of the Sacred Law, is simple, concise and unambiguous. Our Tracing Boards show the Temple from the inside looking out and consequently the rubric in our ritual is confirming to the brethren that Jachin is on the right side of the porch or entrance and Boaz is on the left.

Gulf of Carpentaria

Social Event in Cairns

Endeavour Lodge 26

District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria past and present District Grand Masters and the new Deputy District Grand Master are shown at a social event on the Cairns Esplanade.

Bro Jeffrey Gascoyne (centre) is a newly initiated brother with Endeavour Lodge No 26 which meets at Edmonton in North Queensland. Shown on the left with Bro Gascoyne is VWBro Lyndon Brandt, Deputy District Grand Master, District of Carpentaria, and on the right, WorBro Jeffrey Carroll IPM of Endeavour Lodge

Picture shows some of the Gulf Safari tourists on the banks of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Gulf Safari 2011 Back row L to R: RW Bro Allan Wakeham, RW Bro Bob Wakely, RW Bro Carl Richardson, VW Bro Lyndon Brandt, RW Bro Bob Lackey, RW Bro Peter Johnson. Front Row L. to R. RW Bro Brian Smith, RW Bro Duncan Walker, and RW Bro Bob Morris.

Oldest Masonic Lodge in Innisfail area

Carpentaria Lodge Bursaries

Geraldton Lodge 3544 (English Constitution) is the oldest Masonic lodge in the Innisfail area. The lodge was consecrated in January 1911. It is now one of only four English lodges remaining in Australia. This year under the order of “Overseas Grand Rank” Bro George Dafforn was conferred as an OGR officer, and entitled to wear his distinctive Grand Rank regalia at all Masonic meetings. Within the English constitution all members below rank of Grand Inspector are titled Worshipful Brother as are all present and past Masters. All other brethren have their title as brother.

Four bursaries were presented to Year Twelve music students of Cairns State High School for “Outstanding Leadership and Contribution to Music.” Five years ago these four young ladies formed a string quartet comprising of two violins, one viola and one cello. This presentation was the culmination of their work and dedication over the past years. Chiarene Cooper is the Lead violin in the school orchestra and Isabella Whitmill composed the music played at the music night for her entrance into the International Baccalaureate program. Carpentaria Lodge makes these bursaries available each year in appreciation of the Cairns High School Choir whose members sing each year at the Freemason’s Anzac Memorial Service. The lodge this year acknowledges the assistance given by the Board of Benevolence in making this project possible through its “Dollar for Dollar” subsidy scheme.

George Dafforn in his new Grand Rank regalia.

Pictured left to right: Mrs. Lizanne Smith (music teacher), Chiarene Cooper, Imogene Hanrahan, RWBro Noel Wheeler (Master of Carpentaria Lodge), Emily Browell and Isabella Whitmill.

In the words of RWBro Robert Wakely, the District Grand Master of The District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria, the 2011 Gulf Safari was a “resounding success”. A combined team of Grand Officers and District Grand Officers, accompanied by their ladies travelled by bus, private cars and even a motor bike from Cairns to Normanton, thence Kurumba and back to Georgetown, and returned to Cairns over three very full, action packed days. The Installations of Norman Lodge No 56 at Normanton and Sir William Wallace Lodge No 64 at Georgetown were conducted by a combined team led by the Deputy Grand Master, RWBro Dr Gary Bacon. At each venue the visitors were warmly welcomed by the strength of the tropical sun and the manifest commitment and hospitality of the local Freemasons and their ladies. The vistas encountered were eye arresting and interesting, ranging from yellow flowered kapok (pillow) trees, to the Barra waters of the Gulf to the magic environment of the Undara Lava tubes. The Gulf Safari has been a highlight of the northern Masonic calendar for decades....long may it be so. Think about joining in this adventure in August 2012.

“Have bike, will travel”. This couple travelled 1000km during the Safari.


Serving the Community

Freemasons Support “Walk for Life” Cancer Appeal

Pictured Back Row: WorBro Charles Burrell (WM of Maranoa Lodge No 47), VWBro Brian Reardon (Secretary Raphael Lodge No 30), RWBro Peter Thomas. Front Row: Bro Paul Cole and his wife Theresa, VWBro Ken Rainbow AGSWks, Bro Ray Martin, VWBro King Lethbridge and wife Elizabeth. On floor in front: Bro Cole’s children. (Picture by courtesy of Western Star, Roma).

The Roma Freemasons Centre Committee has donated $500 towards the “Walk for Life” Cancer Appeal which is held in October each year. The committee’s donation has been made possible through paid public outings of Roma Freemasons who proudly display the Freemasons Banner at local events in the town.

Qld Masonic Touring Club Inc President Address Phone E-mail Secretary Address Phone E-mail


Phil Bishop, PO Box 5124, Brassall. (07)3813 0182. Paul Millow, PO Box 334 Bli Bli 4560 (07)5450 0467.

The annual event consists of 10 to 15 people forming a team and raising a minimum of $1000 per team. Starting at 4pm Saturday, percipients walk continuously until 10am Sunday, each team having to have at least one person walking at all times and carrying their “ Baton “. A brief Prayer Session is held early in the evening and the walk is led off proudly by

Cancer Survivors . The Centre Committee Chairman VWBro Ken Rainbow presented a cheque for $500 to Ms. Theresa Cole to aid her contribution to the appeal. Theresa’s team raised $1600 and the total raised this year from all the teamd is $92,000 which is not bad for a small town like Roma.

Rally Programme for 2012 January 26th February 11th -12th March 17th – 18th April 28th -29th May 26th – 27th June 2nd – 11th July 14th – 15th August 4th 5th Sept 19th-26th Oct 20th – 21st Nov 12th-18th


Burpengary Park Lake McDonald Clifton Kilkivan St George (to Barcaldine) Barcaldine Kingaroy Goombungee Beaudesert Wondai Kenilworth

‘Aust Day Picnic’ ‘Lakeside Rally’ ‘O’Shanley’s Rally’ ‘Bush Camp Rally’ ‘Mid-west Rally’ ‘Roving Rally’ ‘Premier Rally’ ‘Camp Fire Rally’ ‘37th Annual State Rally-CCCQ’ ‘Duboisia Rally’ ‘Club AGM & Rally’

Serving the Community

Important Events for March and April 2012 The Grand Master (MWBro Adrian Burton) has provided a list of important events he will be attending during the months of March and April. Brethren and ladies interested in attending any of these events would be made most welcome.

Left to right: Bro Graeme Gully (SW Port Moresby Lodge), WorBro Paul Constable (IPM Port Moresby Lodge), Bro Ferdinand Almeda (IG Port Moresby Lodge) Bro David Hebbend (EA New Guinea Lodge), and in the wheel chair a handicapped lady from Cheshire Homes.

Stirling effort by New Guinea lodges Two New Guinea lodges are living up to the genuine tenets and principles of Freemasonry and all reports show that they are enjoying every bit of it. New Guinea Lodge No 292 and Port Moresby Lodge No 445 combine with other organisations to raise funds for the running of the Cheshire Homes, a local New Guinea Organisation that assists people with disabilities. Cheshire Homes has been well established in PNG for many years. It is reliant on sponsorship and donations from business houses and volunteers, although it does get minimal government support to pay salaries for the teaching staff at their main centre in Port Moresby. About 10 years ago the Cheshire Homes committee decided to run a sausage sizzle to raise funds to support their day to day activities and this event has become a weekly one outside one of the main supermarkets. The two lodges assist by running the sausage sizzle once a quarter and they are never short of members assisting at the stall. Recently they sold 1071 hot dogs and raised K2552.24 (approx $1235 AUD) through donations in the charity box. This allowed Cheshire homes to deposit almost K5000 ($2419 AUD). As a team the two lodges probably raise the highest amount of money every time they offer their services. There is no presentation. It is a social commitment both lodges have taken on to assist those less fortunate than themselves. They even have several potential candidates and an affiliate assisting and enjoying the work.





Centenary of Gympie State High School

Braemar Lodge No 89. Gympie

MARCH 21-25 Grand Installation

Melbourne, Victoria


Gathering of the Clans

Ann Street Brisbane, and later, Irish Club.

APRIL 20-23

Grand Installation

Adelaide, South Australia


Anzac Day

Ann Street Brisbane

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Serving the Community

Viking Masonic Lodge Supports Manup Viking Lodge No. 394 is the last remaining School Lodge in Queensland. It draws a significant number of its members as Old Boys and Teachers from the Anglican Church Grammar School, Churchie, located at East Brisbane. When the ManUp charity was highlighted in the Old Boys Online newsletter, Viking Lodge thought it was a cause worthy of support.

Pictured are left to right: Chris Brady (Clinical Nurse Little Haven), Ian Groundwater ( Woolooga Masonic Lodge), Sue Manton (Business Manager - Little Haven)

A small local lodge makes a big difference Two years of fundraising by the Woolooga Masonic Lodge has enabled Little Haven Pallative Care Inc. at Gympie to purchase a much-needed new syringe driver. The Woolooga Lodge raised an impressive $1,000 which was then matched dollar for dollar by the Board of Benevolence of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. Ian Groundwater who is the Worshipful Master of Woolooga Lodge said that the fundraising drive was a great effort from such a small community.

ManUp is endeavouring to raise money for prostate cancer nurses in hospitals throughout Queensland. In a similar manner to the Jane McGrath Foundation, which raises money for breast cancer nurses, Manup is trying to put prostate cancer nurses in hospitals. Prostate cancer kills the same number of men each year as breast cancer claims women. Unfortunately, the profile of prostate cancer and the support mechanisms in place are nowhere near the levels achieved by the Pink campaign. The idea for ManUp came from a member of the Churchie community, Jill Costello, a breast cancer survivor and beneficiary of the breast cancer nurses in hospitals. When Jill’s husband, Brian contracted prostate cancer, Jill saw the need for the same level of support that she had received. Thus ManUp was born. The members of Viking Lodge raised almost $1300 towards this initiative. Further, once a support nurse is in place, an additional grant towards equipment may be available from the Board of Benevolence Dollar for Dollar Subsidy.

“The main fundraiser was two old-time dances at the local Hall and even the music was supplied free-of-charge by fellow Freemasons. The Woolooga Hall itself was shifted off its stumps in the January floods when nine feet of water went through it so further fundraising dances are on hold until the floor is steady again” he said. Sue Manton, Business Manager of Little Haven, says that this is one of the reasons why she loves her work at Little Haven so much. “Working for an organisation that cares for and helps people in the time that they most need help is truly worthwhile and it is heartwarming when we receive support like this from our local community. Thanks to the generosity of local organisations like the Woolooga Masonic Lodge, Little Haven can continue to supply the specialist medical equipment needed by our clients completely free of charge.”

For more information contact John on (07) 3821 2113 or Dan on 0419 025584


Pictured above is Jill Costello, flanked by her husband Brian, being presented with the cheque by Viking Lodge Worshipful Master, WorBro Peter Leighton.

We hope you’re enjoying this issue.


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Serving the Community

School Captain receives $500 Bursary

Photograph shows the retiring President, RWBro Roy Fursman PAGM presenting the club’s cheque for $6,000 to Mr Simon Lockyer, “Youngcare” representative at the club annual general meeting at Kenilworth during November 2011.

Donation to “Youngcare” by QMTC Inc. Among the objectives deeply enshrined in the Constitution of the ‘Qld Masonic Touring Club Inc’ is one which members take seriously to heart. That objective is to raise money on behalf of a selected not-for-profit charitable organisation. Indeed, since the club’s foundation on June 9, 2001 donations from fund raising and member contributions have totalled $48,687.15. Hence, “Youngcare,” designed to create awareness and drive change to deliver real choices for all young people with full time care needs, was selected. During 2011, whilst enjoying the recreational benefits of being in the club, members set about the task of raising funds to assist more than 6,500 young Australians living in aged care institutions because of severely limited alternatives. Being young is about having a lifetime ahead of you while aged care is designed for someone who is at the end of their life. The reality as it stands is that a young person with care needs will share a residence where the average age is 86 years and in most cases their specific requirements will not be met and differ greatly to those of the elderly. Countless studies have shown increased depression brought about by social isolation. “Youngcare” has set up apartments in Brisbane and is currently engaged in the construction of similar facilities on the Gold Coast. Two water-tanks costing $8,000 were needed and so club members, understanding that all young people deserve young lives, set out to lend a hand and with the assistance of the Board of Benevolence “dollar-for-dollar” scheme were able to contribute $6,000 toward that cost. The charitable disposition of all Masonic brethren is widely understood and club members therefore would have no hesitation in recommending “Youngcare” to any lodge looking to give assistance to a charity outside Freemasonry.

Photo Left to right: WorBro Glen Walters, Bro Blair Davis, WorBro Ray Watt, Miss Georgina Hall, WorBro Clyde McLean and VWBro Neil Wales.

Calen Lodge No 395 members attended Calen District State College for their Presentation Night in November last year. Bro Blair Davis, Junior Warden of Calen Lodge, addressed the audience and presented Miss Georgina Hall (school captain) with a $500 bursary. Bro Davis was a former Dux of the school and School captain in 2002. Blair’s grandfather, Calen Lodge member WorBro Clyde McLean, was also in attendance.

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Board of Benevolence

Active Auxiliary at Sandgate Freemasons Home

Fidelis Conclave supports Unity College

During the final stage of construction of the Lucinda complex the Auxiliary of the Freemasons Home, at their 2010 Annual General Meeting accepted and endorsed a proposal to donate to the Board of Benevolence enough funds to purchase 12 Invacare 1600 beds, electric with mattress etc at a total cost of $26,196 to furnish one of the units within the Lucinda complex. These beds are now installed in Bower Bird Court, Lucinda. Every year the Auxiliary generously donates money to purchase equipment for the care and comfort of all residents. With wise purchasing of products and donations of craft items for sale in the canteen now known as “Jessie’s Place”, along with tea/ coffee and toasted raisin toast, an accumulation of funds was sitting in the bank account earning very small interest. The consensus was to utilise this money to bring added comfort to the residents in Lucinda. The Auxiliary continues to work tirelessly for the benefit of all residents. It was founded by the late Jessie Gilmour and run by volunteers since 1969. Some original volunteers are still with the Auxiliary today and new volunteers have been coming on board over the years, It brings great joy to all the volunteers as they extend love, friendship and compassion to the wonderful residents of this Freemasons Home at Sandgate.


Photo shows (from R) Mr. Rudy Goosem, Principal, WthyBro Bill Niven and MWthyBro Keith McElligott at the presentation.

Since the establishment of Unity College at Caloundra in 2006, Fidelis Conclave No. 19 OSM has shown an interest which has taken the form of donations of Reference Books for the College Library. On November 28, 2011, a set of newly released Australian

History Books was presented to the Principal by the Conclave Supreme Ruler, Wthy Bro Bill Niven. The donation was enhanced by the assistance of the Board of Benevolence through the Dollar for Dollar Scheme.

Visitor to the Sick – Brisbane South The Board of Benevolence is seeking a “Visitor to the Sick”, especially for Princess Alexandra, Greenslopes and Mater Hospitals. This voluntary position is not intended to conflict with the local lodge almoner. Contact is normally made by a lodge secretary or a brother from a country district requesting that a brother or widow be visited for companionship


and to ascertain if they require assistance. Visitors to the Sick are requested to advise the Board secretary each month if visits have been made. This can be accomplished by writing a brief report or by phone giving details of those visited. Please phone the Board secretary, David Roberts, on 3869 6075.

Board of Benevolence

Oxygen Concentrator keeps Cedric active

Choir “risers” to the occasion

For many years Sandgate State School has visited Masonic Care QueenslandSandgate to perform a Christmas musical recital and, commencing this year, residents are now invited to the school each term to enjoy a musical performance.

Standing L to R: Bevan Brennan, Lee Bryce Lodge No 142; Clive Johnson, Athole Lodge No 53; Peter DeMerlo, Isis Lodge No 93; John Rimmington, Bundaberg Lodge No 472; Derek Brown, Sir Augustus Lodge No 154; Col Hay, Ballantyne Lodge No 130. Seated: Maria Burnet, Bundaberg Health Services Foundation; Cedric Bartlett.

Ten Lodges in the Bundaberg and surrounding district combined their funds, through Bundaberg Lodge No 472, and applied for a Dollar for Dollar Subsidy from the Board of Benevolence to purchase an oxygen concentrator for the Bundaberg Health Services Foundation.

The first patient to benefit is WorBro Cedric Bartlett PGSwdBr, who has terminal cancer but remains an active and highly esteemed member of Biggenden No 136, Lee Bryce No 142, Tyrian No 27, honorary member of Sir Augustus No 154, and is involved with several other orders.

One of the missions of the Foundation is to provide non-Government funded medical equipment to Bundaberg Hospital.

This machine gives a guaranteed supply of oxygen, is easy to manoeuvre, and can operate from a variety of power supplies.

WorBro Graham Jacobs, a volunteer bus driver for residents and member of Northgate Remembrance Lodge No. 285, learnt that the choir was in need of Choir Risers (elevated tiering on which choir members stand for their recitals). The active Community Fundraising Group run a fortnightly sausage sizzle and develop a strong Masonic presence in the local community through their support of charitable organisations. The Dollar for Dollar Subsidy from the Board of Benevolence enabled Brethren to support the school’s P&C Association Music Support’s Group to secure the risers. The cheque was presented at a full gathering of the school with local press in attendance to report on the occasion.

Endeavour sponsors Citizenship Endeavour Lodge No 26 has presented a Citizenship Award to a male and a female student at Cooktown State High School each year since 1991. Students must have actively participated and contributed to a wide variety of school activities and achieved a high standard in industry, reliability, initiative and sociability. Pictured left to right are: Ben King, Bro Charlie Martin, and Darcie Sieverding

The perpetual trophy is held at the

school and a plaque added each year with the names of the successful students. Certificates are presented and, on the students’ behalf, the school manages the funds which are spent on books and activities. The Board of Benevolence has again provided a Dollar for Dollar Subsidy to assist with this enduring scheme.


Jewel Presentations - 60 Year

Douglas Lodge 60 years of Veteran receives Jewel Freemasonry and Worshipful Brother Raymond Young 63 years of Marriage OAM, Past Master of Douglas Lodge No. 36 is shown presenting Brother Ian Power OAM of Douglas Lodge No. 36 with his 60 Year Service Jewel, Lapel Pin and Certificate at Bro. Power’s residence. Bro. Power was initiated into Douglas Lodge on November 9, 1950.

Grand Master Presents Jewel in Synagogue

WorBro Rex Stoffell is shown with his wife Betty at the Coolangatta Lodge Installation after he had been presented with his 60 year service jewel by RWBro Col. Mander PAGM. Betty is wearing a Masonic Homes Jewel presented to her for the support she gave Rex during his year as Master in 1980-81. They have been married for 63 years.

Sons present jewel and certificate to their 94-year-old Dad

In December last year the Grand Master MWBro Adrian Burton presented a 60 Year Jewel to VWBro George Frey at the Margaret Street Synagogue. The presentation attracted quite a number of Freemasons and the Rabbi at the Synagogue was quite accommodating in allowing it to be held there. In September last year VWBro Reginald George Fry, PDGDC. of Ballantyne Lodge 130, was presented with his 60 year jewel and certificate, at a small ceremony in his home at

Four jewel presentations at Gatton Lodge

Picture above shows the Worshipful Bretheren attending the presentation of the 60 year jewel to George Frey: Front Row, left to right: Danny Toren, David Diamond, Doug Ramsay, Jack Carroll, Nathan Magnus. Back Row, left to right: Phillip Cohen, Morris Leiboff, Cliff Thomas, Bert Boock, George Frey, Adrian Burton, Dr. Michel Friend, Nir Toren, Dennis Wardell, Ken Herman.


This photograph shows Gatton Lodge No 87 members who received service jewels


MacKenzie 60 Year Pin VWBro John Irwin PDGDC about to congratulate WorBro Harry MacKenzie PGSwdBr after presenting him with his 60 year pin and certificate at the Stanley Lodge meeting in December 2011. WorBro MacKenzie was initiated in William McLeod Lodge No 241 in November 1950 and affiliated with Stanley Lodge No 37 in March 2005.

Sugarland Gardens Bundaberg. It was a very proud and emotional time for Reg, now in his 94th year, being presented with his 60 year jewel by his son WorBro Peter Fry, and with his certificate by another son, Bro Ian Fry, in the company of his wife, family and brethren from Ballantyne Lodge their ladies and the AGSWks VWBro Peter Demerlo. Reg enjoyed the company of long time friend WBro Ron Kelly, who recieved a 50 yr Jewel in 2010. Many lodge meetings of the past were recalled by the brethren over afternoon tea. Reg joined Freemasonry when he was 34. He was initiated on June 16, 1951, passed on July 14,1951, and raised on the August 11, 1951. Picture shows Reg with his sons Peter (left) and Ian (right). and pins at the lodge Installation last year. There were four presentations made. With the four recipients is WorBro Bill Smith, Worshipful Master (third from the left). The presentations were made by WorBro Brian Wheeler. Pictured left to right are: WorBro Ron Lee (initiated 1961), WorBro Norm Goltz (initiated 1961), Wor Bro Bill Smith, WorBro Fred Kleimeyer (initiated 1950) and Bro Alex Tudhope (initiated 1950). The lodge has a policy of making members who have paid their dues for 50 years or more Honorary Life Members of the lodge with full voting rights.

Jewel Presentations - 70 Year

Rare award in Camp Hill Lodge

Blue Care resident receives his 70 Year Jewel

On December 12, 2011, a 70 year jewel was presented to WorBro Alex Gibson by RWBro Mervyn Gray, PJGW.

Some members of Douglas Masonic Lodge No 36 (Rockhampton) travelled to Blue Care Retirement Living Complex at Gracemere Gardens to present VWBro Mervyn Wellings with his 70 year service jewel. VWBro Wellings was initiated in 1941, installed as Master of the lodge in 1966, admitted to Grand Lodge in 1977 and became Past Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1984. He has served Douglas Lodge with distinction. The staff at Gracemere Gardens supplied afternoon tea to mark this important occasion.

Bro Alexander Cameron Gibson was born in October, 1919, and was initiated in Doric Lodge at the age of 22 years on November 19, 1941. He was then a soldier in the Australian Army on World War 2 service. He was installed as Master of Doric in 1966, and remained with Doric until it closed in 1995. Moving to Toowoomba, Bro Alex joined Garden City Daylight, but on returning to Brisbane in 2001, he became a member of Camp Hill, where he is much esteemed. He is a Life Vice President of the AMWOF.

Pictured with VWBro Wellings are left to right: VWBro Ted Cordell (AGSW for District No. 50), VWBro Jim Large, RWBro Graham Manning, VWBro Don Wust (Lodge WM), WorBro Roy Fox.

A happy 70 year Jewel Presentation Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge member, WorBro Don McNab received his 70-year jewel in November 2011 at Masonic Care. RWBro Gil Rounsefell (pictured right) delegated his duty of presenting the jewel to WorBro McNab’s son. The presentation was well attended by lodge members and included the President of the Board of Benevolence.



(07) 3217 3088


(07) 3863 4000



Quick News

Christmas Eve at Bunnings

New Crowd Funding Website Offers Fast Track for Charitable Ventures and Community Programs

On a Christmas Eve visit to his local Bunnings Store, the Grand Master found that Santa Claus was happy to acknowledge him and hand him the larger bell in honour of his rank. If you look closely into Santa’s eyes, you may notice they bear a striking resemblance to those of RWBro Eric Summons.

Australia’s charities and community groups are set to receive a major boost with Australia’s most comprehensive Crowd Funding Platform, iPLEDG, launching January 1 2012. The purpose of iPLEDG is to facilitate the raising of funds required to turn ideas and concepts into reality, and encompasses the three key funding areas – commercial, creative and charitable. iPLEDG is the only site in the world to do all three. “The current economic climate has made it harder for charities and community projects to raise much needed funding,” said Marketing Director Bryan Vadas. “Additionally, many smaller charities do not have the resources or focus to continually attend to the business of fund raising.”

AGSWks Prize Stanley Lodge No 37 is well-known for the excellent raffle prizes given out at their festive boards. This particular prize was given to the AGSWks, RWBro Ted Sharp, who could not work out how they could expect a good report of their meeting.

Crowd funding is essentially the raising of monies from the crowd (local communities, friends, family, fans etc) in the form of pledges. iPLEDG’s crowd funding platform provides charities and community groups a wonderful alternative platform for raising funds that is quicker, simpler, easier and far cheaper than traditional fund raising companies. “Given that Australians each year donate $11billion to 60,000 registered charities, there was almost universal recognition that this concept could significantly help

not just charities but community groups in general,” Mr Vadas said. “Project creators simply log onto and upload the details of their project along with the amount of funding they are seeking and the timeframe in which they aim to secure the money.” “Project funders can then search by sector and read a little about each project before deciding to which ones they would like to pledge.” “iPLEDG is perfect for those with groups such as surf lifesaving and sporting clubs, community groups, smaller charities, and even schools with particular fund raising projects such as requirements for shade sails or additional seating.” Crowd funding is growing exponentially as a successful source of funding in Europe, South America, Africa and the USA and has proven very successful for charitable organisations. iPLEDG is now taking applications of interest and are offering VIP specials during its prelaunch phase. To register interest, visit “We are very much setting iPLEDG up as a company everyone wants to do business with, everyone would like to work for, and one that astute investors would like to own.”


Bert Kingston’s

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Wor.Bro.David Sharples M: 0412 387 770


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the Masai Mara are dense with game. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to tick off the ‘Big 5’ as you also travel via Mt Kilimanjaro and the spectacular elephant herds of Amboseli to the Great Rift Valley. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the Masai people in their remote bush villages and experience their incredibly rich tribal culture that has survived for centuries. The prolific and unique wildlife of Samburu Game Reserve includes large numbers of the ‘big cats’ and herds of the most colourful giraffes, plus many unique species found nowhere else. A short flight north brings you to Egypt, where you’ll step back even further in history to the time of the ancient Pharaohs. That first glimpse of the Pyramids is the fulfilment of a life-long dream for most travellers while the city of Cairo is imbued with mystery and intrigue.On a deluxe seven-day Nile

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Captains Paddock Vineyard

Burleigh Heads Burleigh Surf Apartments

Hideaway Haven Bed & Breakfast

A vineyard, cellardoor, cafe and B&B nestled high on the Boonie Range in QLDs South Burnett, two and a half hours North West of Brisbane. Meals are home cooked. Great views private cottage sleeps up to Four People, great base to explore the region. All details and contact on our website. P (07) 4162 4534 E

1 & 2 bedroom apartments & 3 bedroom sub-penthouses fully self contained apartments with spa baths. Expansive sea views opposite patrolled beach. Resort facilities – indoor heated pool & spa, outdoor pool, full sized floodlit tennis court, gym, games room. P 07 5535 8866 E

Serene surroundings only 11k from Bundaberg Airport situated in a small hidden valley on 12 acres of private rural setting. Sweeping views over orchards, dams and bush; wildlife aplenty. Relaxed secure setting; pool and BBQ facilities; 2 separate lounge rooms; continental or full breakfast, TV’s in each bedroom. Hosts: Marcia and Garth. Address: 72 Tysons Road, South Bingera, Bundaberg 4670. P (07) 4155 0448 / 0403 873 129. E

Hosts: Peter and Maryanne

Special Rates For Freemasons. Call For Details


The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland

The Foundation Funds -

Through the University of Queensland:

• The Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine • Research and establishment of effective geriatric video-conference assessment of patients in regional hospitals with no ready access to specialist geriatricians

Super Charge

Through Griffith University:

• Research into a cure for Parkinson’s Disease The quest for knowledge and understanding of the ageing process is central to the role of the Foundation as it seeks support for this important field of medical research.

Foundation expenses are low, less than 3% of income for the last few years,Your tax deductible donation or a bequest in your will (see wording below) will help improve the quality of life for older members of our community. “I give and bequeath to The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland the sum of $................. (or the residual of my estate) for the general purposes of the Foundation. And I declare that the receipt of the Secretary of the Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.”


For further information please contact THE GERIATRIC MEDICAL FOUNDATION OF QUEENSLAND PO Box 219 Redcliffe Qld 4020 Phone (07) 3883 1833 Email

BARRON BARNETT LODGE No. 146 UGLQ Background to the Lodge

Wor. Bro. Barron Lewis Barnett Past Grand Deacon (G.L. of England) Deputy District Grand Master, Q’land (E.C) 1882-1903

The Lodge was originally consecrated on 15th August 1903 under the English Constitution. RWBro Barron Barnett was the foundation Master. RWBro Barnett migrated to Queensland in 1866 and was initiated into Prince of Wales Lodge in 1869, becoming Master in 1874 and Deputy District Grand Master, Queensland EC from 1882 to 1903. In 1887 he travelled to England for the Queen Victoria Jubilee celebrations and brought back the sword currently used in Grand Lodge ceremonies, and a silver mounted Director of Ceremonies baton which he presented to Prince of Wales Lodge and which was later presented by them to Barron Barnett Lodge. In 1903 the District Board of General Purposes recognized the need for Masonic education along the lines of the Emulation Lodge of Instruction in London. This was the initial basis on which the Lodge was formed. With the formation of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland in 1921 the Lodge assumed a role in both research and education. The Lodge meets in the Ann Street Centre on the third Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November, tyling at 7.15PM.

Programme for 2012

In addition to the addresses outlined below, all present are invited to participate in a discussion on a previously advised Masonic subject. A review of a book, usually on a Masonic related subject is also presented.

March “The Origins of Freemasonry, A Personal View”. WBro Don Barry PG SwdBr. The author presents his opinions about the Order’s beginnings. March 21“The Furniture of the Lodge” VWBro Milford Eyres Gr Chap. The Lodge will open in all Degrees and after each opening a short address on the VSL first, Square second and Compasses third will be presented. May 16“Masonic Astronomy”. Bro David Cook. Two of the seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, Astronomy and Geometry, are held in high esteem by Freemasons. This paper investigates this and explains the importance of Astronomy in our teachings. July 18 “Testing for Proficiency”. RWBro. Neal

Hewton PJGW. The paper investigates the history and reasons for the need to test for proficiency in trades and Freemasonry, and questions the adequacy of testing carried out in the UGLQ.

September 19 “The Development of Masonic

Ritual”. Bro Andrew Fowle. This paper addresses the origins of our Rituals and examines their development through History towards the diversity we find today.

November 21 Installation of Wor. Master and

Investiture of Officers for 2012-13. Barron Barnett Lodge welcomes invitations from other Lodges seeking an address when they have no Ritual work or are interested in a Daily advancement of Masonic knowledge.

The QLD Freemason - February 2012  

Quarterly magazine for The United Grand Lodge of Queensland

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