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February 2013 | Issue 1

MOvember Campaign 2012 Queensland Freemasons team the highest fundraiser of all Australian Grand Lodges

Masonic Memorabilia exhibited

150 Years of Irish Freemasonry in Queensland

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February : April 2013

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John Irwin -

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Welcome all to 2013. We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year break. Now it is back to work. I will take this opportunity of wishing you and your families a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

As usual your magazine contains a large amount of news on the many activities that have been (and will be) occurring throughout UGLQ. As you can see, the Movember campaign has been another great success, exceeding the amounts raised in November 2011. To VWBro Paul Holland and his crew of “Mo” wearers we say thank you for raising so much towards such a very worthy cause, and putting UGLQ on the top of the masonic money-earners throughout Australia. We feature a few stories about the lodges in Papua New Guinea in this issue and hope we can continue to do so throughout the year. There are still problems occurring with the pictures being submitted. Please remember, they have to be at a reasonable resolution (between 200 and 300 pixels) to reproduce clear pictures. If you are using a camera that also shows the date on the print, please see if you can turn that date off to take a photo for the magazine. It will save us having to do it from here. This issue will have the Masonic Directory inserted in it and we hope we have covered all changes requested. If not, please advise us and we shall print any corrections in the May issue of the magazine. It is an extremely difficult task to provide a data base absolutely correct when relying on contributions from the many lodges, orders and chapters all over Queensland and PNG, especially when they are well after the deadline date for the issue. I have purchased an iPad to keep up with the increasing technology and I can assure you the Queensland Freemason issue on an iPad looks very good. From all reports it is creating interest to some advertisers. Don’t forget this month February 22 is Be a Gentleman Day. What a wonderful idea, encouraging others to do the right thing. Fraternal Regards, John Irwin, Editor

disclaimer Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not neccessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. The Editor reserves the right, due to limitation of space, to accept, reject, sub-edit and rearrange material submitted for publication. No photographic or editorial contained herein may be reproduced without prior consent of the Editor. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all advertisements comply with the Trade Practices Act 1974 as amended. All advertisements are accepted for publication on the condition that the advertiser indemnifies The Queensland Freemason, The Editor, the United Grand Lodge of Queensland and all its servants against actions, suits, claims, loss and/or damage s resulting from anything published on behalf of the advertiser.


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Masonic Memorial Centre 311 Ann Street, Brisbane Q 4000 GPO Box 2204 Brisbane Q 4001 PH (07) 3229 3533 FAX (07) 3229 9288 United Grand Lodge of QLD of Queensland Grand Master Adrian BURTON Deputy Grand Master Dr Gary John BACON Assistant Grand Master Gregory William SHORT Grand Secretary John William RAWLINSON Deputy Grand Secretary Graham Richard SCHULZ


What a fine body of moustache-growing Freemasons we have in UGLQ. Here is a picture of 16 of the Movember Freemasons Queensland Team which raised $21,505 to go towards the annual Australia-wide Movember Campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer and other important health issues. This picture was taken prior to the December Quarterly Communication at the end of last year. The Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton is shown in front with on his left, the Team leader, VWBro Paul Holland and on his right Bro Karl Schwantes, who donated a Masonic ring to be raffled. The raffle raised $3800. (See story on Page 7).

Grand Librarian Anthony Charles Geoffrey TABRETT

District Grand Lodge of North QLD District Grand Master Philip Alwyn GEERTZ District Grand Secretary WorBro Ian William Burns 1 Emerald Street, Kirwan PO Box 96, Aitkenvale 4814 PH (07) 4723 2489 FAX (07) 4723 2495

District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria District Grand Master Robert Clive WAKELY District Grand Secretary Stuart LEES PO Box 6527 Cairns Mail Centre 4870 PH (07) 4051 2713 FAX (07) 4031 4408

The Board of Benevolence Board Secretary WorBro David Roberts PSGD 60 Wakefield Street Sandgate Qld 4017 PH (07) 3869 6075 FAX (07) 3269 6725

Publication Editor - John IRWIN PH (07) 3821 2113 The QLD Freemason Published by United Grand Lodge of Queensland Art Direction and Layout Dan HANCOCK PH (07) 3162 8823 M 0419 025 584 Deadlines for the May 2013 issue will be strictly adhered to: 01/04/13.

From the Grand Master

A Happy New Year To All


Over the Festive Season I had the opportunity to relax with my family. To reflect on the previous six months and to look forward to the next six months. The first visit for 2013 was to Maryborough on January 5, where Baden Powell Lodge performed a second degree. This was in conjunction with the 23rd Australian Scout Jamboree (11,000 scouts and 2,000 leaders). What a set up and what a well run jamboree. Thanks so much to many scouts who are also members of the craft who welcomed the Assistant Grand Master and myself. There were 119 present for the second degree. I believe that the relationship between the Grand Lodge and the lodges in general is healthy and will continue to improve in the coming years. It will develop in a positive way because all parties are more open and transparent. “Communication creates co-operation”. It is so important that we should all work for the good of freemasonry and all strive for positive outcomes for all our members. In the installation ceremony when I am visiting lodges I give the “Address to the Brethren”. In part it says:- “ Humility in each is an essential qualification”. It doesn’t say “it could be an essential qualification” “may be” or “your choice”. It is quiet definite that “Humility in each is an essential qualification.” The dictionary describes “humility” as modesty; humbleness; meekness; showing low estimate of one’s own importance. All the great religions embrace and teach humility. Buddhism teaches that “humility; compassion; and wisdom characterise a state of enlight- enment.” The great Catholic philosopher and theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas defines humility as “A virtue that consists in keeping oneself within one’s own bounds.” In the Jewish faith the description of Moses was that “Moses was a humble man.” It appears in the writings of The Holy Koran for those of the Muslim faith. In the writings and holy books of the Sikh it says “ all have to bow in humility before God “.” One of the best descriptions of humility in the Christian faith is in Matthew 5 where Jesus talks of the beatitudes. Blessed are the meek Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness Blessed are the merciful Blessed are the pure in heart Blessed are the peace makers So if Humility is an essential qualification and our founding fathers wrote that into our installation ceremony----what is the opposite ? Aggressiveness Arrogance

Boastfulness Vanity

All the characteristics we do not want in our society and we do not want in our lodges. I am very confident that 2013 will be a year where more and more young men will join our ranks. Young men from all walks of life; from many varied cultures and faiths who will enrich our fraternity this year and beyond. Just a thought: Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Adrian Burton - Grand Master




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A Message from the President, Board of General Purposes.

Happy New Year brethren! Duncan McGregor, Board President

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein.

It is amazing how much change we voluntarily accept in our lives, yet we can be resistant when change affects us directly. The change of the year is a good example. We accept that one day we date everything 2012, yet the next day it’s 2013, and we look forward in setting new goals and resolutions for the forthcoming twelve months for ourselves. How many lodges take the same advantage of this quiet time to examine and set goals for their year ahead? For those lodges who have a strategic plan, it is very easy to measure the key performance indicators of the plan and set goals from there depending on whether the lodge has met, not met or exceeded each of it’s KPI’s. Every lodge is individual, the way in which we all achieve excellence will differ. It would be near impossible to come up with a “one size fits all” measure of success. We can’t judge a lodge’s success by merely how many new members it has, the smaller lodge will have qualities of excellence in itself that a

larger lodge may not yet have achieved? At the December Quarterly Communication I referred to a recent broadcast by Rupert Murdoch to the employees of News Limited about the intended division of the company into two owing to its massive growth. He cited the reason for their success as an organisation lay with the employees themselves for taking on the challenges and succeeding. I used it as an analogy for the success of the growth of our new membership, and attributing that to you, the brethren for embracing change. I reiterate that here for the wider membership, if you had not taken on the challenge of changing your lodges to become modern, professional retreats from the everyday life for good men, then we as a Grand Lodge would not be experiencing the positive growth and attitudes that we are. This year will bring a change of administration to the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, when we install a new Grand Master. Can we embrace a new direction? Can we be brotherly and accept that someone else may hold a different concept to

an idea, yet that makes neither his nor our own thoughts wrong, below par or irrelevant? As Freemasons, we all profess to admire the virtue of Charity. We all know the value invested in our public charitable face every year. But how many of us practice internal charity? When was the last time your lodge gave a sizeable donation to one of UGLQ’s internal charities? Not just bought a few jewels, but gave a decent amount to support not just the Fund of Benevolence or AMW&O Fund, but the UGLQ Bursary Fund, the UGLQ Building Fund or your local building appeal, or the Ann Street Masonic Memorial Centre Restoration Fund? Imagine if we invested one dollar back into our Craft for every two dollars we invested in public donations? What would we be able to do for ourselves with that sort of investment in our Craft? In 2013 let’s take that imagination and make it a reality. The Board and I look forward to seeing you all at the March Quarterly Communication of this United Grand Lodge. Until next time, enjoy your Freemasonry, Duncan

Cyclone and Flood Damage is with us again As this issue of the magazine goes to press many thousands of people in Queensland have been affected by the aftermath of Cyclone Oswald which caused the most havoc in the Bundaberg area with not only floods but destructive tornados over that district. Unheard of measurements of rain in hundreds of millimetres have fallen on certain areas in Queensland breaking all rainfall records and causing flood damage. It is two years exactly since the huge cyclone and flood damage that took place in the same areas. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who once again are suffering and those who are suffering for the first time from the effects of this cruel weather change. And our admiration and thanks go to the hundreds of SES workers, helicopter pilots and rescue teams who have spent many, many hours assisting people in distress. Our Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton has issued the following statement to all Freemasons regarding the present situation:



MESSAGE FROM THE GRAND MASTER Queensland Floods: “Over recent days parts of the State have been swamped from the local rain depression. Many homes and businesses have been inundated by flood waters and the high winds have also caused damage and heartache. It is so important that we as a caring fraternity are alert to the needs of our members and their families as well as the needs of our local communities. Please advise the Grand Secretariat as soon as possible of any issues that you feel should be brought to the attention of this Grand Lodge.” Adrian Burton Grand Master

Craft News

Our AGM: RWBro Greg Short Since being installed as Assistant Grand Master at the Grand Proclamation held in July last year, RWBro Greg Short has been a most enthusiastic visitor to many Masonic Centres and has taken part in the various Grand Lodge activities that require his assistance.

Greg Short, Assistant Grand Master

John F Kennedy once said, “Change is the Law of Life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

RW Bro Short was born in 1950 at Walcha, a small town nestled in the New England ranges of New South Wales. The Walcha District is mainly cattle and sheep grazing properties with the timber industries deriving products from this area as well. His father, a shearer, passed away at an early age; however his mother still resides in Walcha, presently being cared for in a retirement community. After completing his primary and secondary education at local schools, Greg took up an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic with the Walcha Shire Council. Early in his career, Greg showed great promise and assumed responsibility for workshop operations for the district. He was offered a position with an interstate transport company in Toowoomba which he readily accepted, completing his apprenticeship with them. In 1974, Greg and his wife Helen, along with their two small children, Michelle and Dean moved to Brisbane and after successfully completing training, he was sworn into the Queensland Police Force. He served at various suburban stations in Brisbane before moving back to Toowoomba where he undertook both uniform and plain clothes duties. After further studies, he was appointed as a Detective in the Toowoomba

region. Additional studies required Greg to move back to Brisbane to take up the position as a Police Prosecutor in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas. Greg has fond memories of his police service and was awarded a Commendation for duties served whilst attached to the Toowoomba Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB). A pivotal career change occurred in 1984, when Greg was given the opportunity to join the family manufacturing business, Gyral Implements. Gyral was founded by Helen’s grandfather, Albert Fuss in 1956 with the core business continuing to be the manufacture of Air Seeders and a variety of cultivating implements. The business is now managed by the third generation, with Greg and his brother-inlaw, Roger Fuss, employing some 40 employees from the Toowoomba region. Machinery manufactured by Gyral is sold throughout the eastern states of Australia and South Australia, particularly into the grain growing belts. Greg’s Masonic career began in 1981 with strong Masonic influences from the Fuss family. Helen’s grandfather, WorBro Albert Fuss joined Freemasonry in South Australia in 1927 with Sirius Lodge No. 133. Three of his sons followed in his footsteps. One son, RW Bro Keith Fuss joined the craft in 1947 again in Sirius Lodge, South Australia and rose to the rank of PAGM, Queensland Constitution whilst at Services Memorial Lodge No 393 in Toowoomba. Greg’s father-inlaw, Jarvis Fuss joined Keith Lodge, No 92 – South Australian Constitution in 1955 and he is

presently a Worshipful Brother at Services Memorial Lodge No 393. Previously, he was also a member at Aspley Lodge No 129 at Walcha, together with another brother, Roy. Greg was Initiated into Freemasonry on August 13 1981 at Services Memorial Lodge No 393 in Toowoomba. He was Passed on February 11, 1982 and Raised to a Master Mason on November 11, 1982. He has served the position of Worshipful Master on two occasions; in 1988 and 2002. Greg was appointed to the position of Assistant Grand Superintendent of Workings during the years 1996 – 2000 and was again appointed to that position in 2010. The rank of PJGW was conferred on Greg in 2004. He is also the recipient of a Life Vice Patrons jewel. RW Bro Short credits many present and past members of our great fraternity for their help and guidance over many years and is honored to have the position of Assistant Grand Master bestowed on him. He is firmly of the belief that Freemasonry in Queensland is moving through a significant stage of growth. Change is pivotal to enhance objectives of our leaders and members are encouraged to grasp the opportunity that presents to them. John F Kennedy once said, “Change is the Law of Life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” RW Bro Short is enjoying his year as Assistant Grand Master not only for personal growth but to promote the craft whereever he has the opportunity.


Craft News

Southern Queensland Lodge No. 29 active in their community The Beenleigh PCYC has recently been the subject of funding cuts by the State Government. This has forced the cancellation of their School Truancy Programme whereby a full time Truancy Officer was employed to administer the programme in Beenleigh and surrounding areas. The Beenleigh area has a very high truancy rate and the programme previously had proved very successful in tackling this problem. A meeting was arranged with the PCYC Beenleigh Branch Manager Sergeant Mark Haestier. He explained their predicament and as a result Southern Queensland Lodge No 29 brethren undertook to assist with the reinstatement of that programme in the Beenleigh PCYC. Pictured is WorBro Ray Hicks (Worshipful Master of Southern Queensland Lodge No. 29) presenting a cheque for $1000 to Sergeant Mark Haestier to assist in the reinstatement of the programme.

Visit to Leukaemia Freemason Village Members of Calen Lodge No 395, together with their wives and partners, travelled to Townsville to attend the opening of the second stage of the Leukaemia Freemason Village . The Common Room was named the “Calen Lodge Room” because of the large donations given by Calen Lodge to the Foundation. This was made possible because of the generosity of Mrs Elma Blake, the wife of the late Bro John Blake who was a long time member of Calen Lodge.



Magnificent presentation of Memorabillia WorBro Michel Freid, a member of Morningside Lodge gave a presentation of his collection of Masonic artefacts and memorabilia at the GOA General Meeting at Stones Corner in November last year. His collection is the largest in the southern hemisphere and is the second largest private collection in the world. WorBro Freid’s presentation was condensed and informative and his display made the brethren awestruck by its extent and by the ornate and deft workmanship of many items in his collection. Below are some pictures of the very old Masonic aprons and jewels he displayed at the meeting.

Movember 2012

Freemasons Queensland MOvember Campaign 2012 (By Deputy Grand Secretary, VWBro Graham Schulz)

Thanks to the MOst wonderful support of UGLQ brethren and lodges, the Freemasons Queensland MOvember Team raised $21,505 for MOvember in 2012- up from $13,000 the previous year! MOvember raises funds for prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives through support for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Beyond Blue. It is a fun way to educate and address issues that affect Freemasons and this year the team was captained by VWBro Paul Holland from Yeronga Lodge. Lodges from throughout Queensland sent donations, held fundraising events and individual members signed up and made the pledge to grow the MO during November.

UGLQ was the highest fundraiser of all the Australasian Grand Lodges! We also had six individual members in the top 20 fundraisers for Freemasons Australia, who raised a collective total of almost $70,000. The inaugural Harry Zaphir MOvember Award for MOst spectacular display of facial hair was awarded to Bro Karl Schwantes from Dennistoun Lodge, who also donated a silver Masonic ring for a raffle which raised $3800. It was won by Bro Howard Jensen of Raphael Lodge in Roma. Bro David Parker from Greenup Lodge in Texas raised almost $2000 with his outback events and bullwhip raffle. The MW Grand Master Adrian Burton grew a spectacular MO and thanked all brethren who donated towards this MOst excellent result. You can check out the donations, pictures and more details at

the MOvember website We look forward to the 2013 event and encourage prospective Masonic fundraisers to sign up as a Freemasons Queensland Team member on the MOvember website. It’s free and makes seeking and giving donations very simple and adds to the fun. Thanks again!

Reflect who you truly are

39 degrees outside for a 2nd degree inside Bro Mark Ridge of Tibrogargan Lodge was passed to the second degree at a combined meeting hosted by Woodford Lodge. It was 39 degrees outside. However 55 Brethren with a particular interest in Forestry enjoyed the ceremony inside the little Woodford Masonic Centre followed by lunch and a tour to the Bellthorpe ranges and a barbecue dinner afterwards with their ladies. Bro Ridge is pictured (centre) with the Deputy Grand Master, RWBro Dr Gary Bacon and assisting WM’s and members of the team. Also pictured are the ladies who attended the barbecue dinner.

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Craft News

Today’s Gentleman Today’s Gentleman launches the third International “Be a Gentleman” day this month. The launch will take place on February 22. There has been great success with the running of this project since its commencement in 2011 by Brisbane Freemason Wor Bro Peter Ryan, currently Master of Yeronga Lodge. “BaG” day is a day to remember the importance of good manners, courtesy and respect in modern society.

“We are so busy rushing around looking after our own concerns that we can quite often miss the opportunity to show a little compassion to those around us”

Peter believes that in today’s high pressure, time-poor society it is all too easy to forget the importance and impact of a kind gesture or a considerate act. “We are so busy rushing around looking after our own concerns that we can quite often miss the opportunity to show a little compassion to those around us”, he said. In October of 2010 Peter started an online group called “Today’s Gentleman”, which garnered such interest so quickly he realised he had struck a common nerve. The formation of the group was an attempt to collaboratively discuss what it meant in modern society to be a gentleman. Obviously out-dated notions from the Victorian era were discounted, but there were some lingering values and behaviours which still remain important according to the group. The group currently has well over a thousand supporters from over 30 countries, brought together through social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin.



“BaG” day is a day to hold the door open for the next person, give up your seat for someone who needs it more, help someone in need, let the lane changer in, let the person with two items go in front of you in the supermarket queue, hold the lift, look around you and make the world a better place one gentlemanly action at a time. Today’s Gentleman members firmly believe that these small acts when repeated throughout a community have an incredibly positive impact on society. Peter’s gentlemanly message has appeared on many internationallybased websites including The Good Men Project, and New York-based internet radio. The message has spread well through Australian media too, on ABC’s The Drum Website, in multiple newspapers including page three in the Sydney Morning Herald, on talkback radio from Perth, to Melbourne, up to Cairns and everywhere in between, Woman’s Day and The Project. (Further past media coverage available on the website below) To register you support for BaG day simply go to and follow the links or search Facebook for the International Be a Gentleman day event. All Press enquiries to Peter Ryan, or on 0407 029 881

Papua New Guinea News

Port Moresby Lodge Christmas Raffle Port Moresby Lodge No 445 conducted a Christmas Raffle which consisted of prizes donated from the brethren. Given that most of the brethren travel overseas frequently, they were asked to utilise their ability to acquire duty free items and donate an item over a period of months in the second half of the year. A sizeable chest of booty was amassed which then formed the basis of the prizes and on December 22 they were able to draw the raffle. It was a successful effort with brethren assisting by donating prizes, selling tickets and conducting the draw. The tickets were printed by Bro. J. Lazarte who very kindly donated them to the Lodge. Pictured at the second degree meeting are (left to right): RWBro John Cheung MBE PAGM, Bro Andrew Marshall, WorBro Ken Mac Arthur and WorBro Herbert Mucha.

The proceeds from this raffle will be donated to charity.

First Fellowcraft since 2005 Madang Lodge 380 conducted a Second Degree in August last year, with Brother Andrew Marshall being the first

Fellowcraft to be passed since 2005. This is a milestone event of which the lodge is justifiably proud.

MBE for well-known Freemason For services rendered to Aviation and the rural community RWor Bro John Cheung PAGM was invited to travel to Port Moresby where he was presented with an MBE.

RWBro Cheung is pictured on the right at the presentation.

He has been congratulated by Freemasons from near and far on this marvellous achievement.

Picture shows the First Prize donated by Port Moresby Lodge members. It was won by Ms P Loi.

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PNG Lodges aid Cheshire Homes New Guinea Lodge No 292 and Port Moresby Lodge No 445 put in a big effort during 2012 to assist with Saturday Morning fund raising for the Cheshire Homes. The Cheshire homes is a non profit organisation that operates without government funding and provides life skills for persons born with disabilities.

Many of the larger businesses, service clubs and other organisations, offer to assist in turn and currently the Masonic Lodges of PNG enjoy the reputation of raising the most funds on the days when they assist. Such remains the case and the Freemasons have recorded the most and second most funds raised for the

2012 year. Congratulations to all of the brethren who assisted and particularly Bro Jay Lazarte who provided a square banner which not only advertised the cause but enabled some subtle recruiting activities. The commitment by the lodges will continue in 2013 with the Freemasons locked in for April 23 and August 10.



THE PROVINCIAL GRAND MASTERS OF THE IRISH CONSTITUTION IN THE COLONY OF QUEENSLAND 1866 to 1904 CELEBRATING 150 YEARS SINCE THE FOUNDING OF IRISH FREEMASONRY IN QUEENSLAND By RWBro R. L. Grimshaw JGW Representative of the Grand Lodge of Ireland at the United Grand Lodge of Queensland The sesquicentennial year for the celebration of the foundation of Irish Freemasonry in the burgeoning Colony of Queensland began on 28 December 2012. It was on 28 December 1863, on the festival day of St John the Evangelist, that the St Patrick’s Lodge of Queensland was inaugurated and Warranted Under Dispensation by the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Colony of New South Wales, Irish Constitution. Warrant No. 279 from the Grand Lodge of Ireland duly arrived in time for the meeting of 25 April 1864. This Lodge, later known as St Patrick’s Lodge, became No. 1 on the register of the Grand Lodge of Queensland in 1904 and St Patrick Lodge No. 5 on the register of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland in 1921. Sadly, St Patrick Lodge was to place its Warrant in dormancy in 2010. The Grand Lodge of Ireland was the second of the mother Grand Lodges in the British Isles to establish a Masonic presence on Queensland soil. By January 1865 there were three Irish Constitution lodges working in the Colony of Queensland: St Patrick, Duke of Leinster and St John’s Lodges. It had long been recognised by the Masonic fraternity that the tyranny of distance made it nigh impossible to administer the lodges when a response to matters requiring a Grand Lodge decision took up to a year and sometimes longer to get a reply, whilst in the meantime further complications could be arising on important matters. The minute book of St Patrick’s Lodge No. 279 IC, dated 30 January 1865, records an Emergent Meeting confirming a resolution, supported by the three lodges, to submit a Memorial to the Grand Lodge of Ireland praying for the establishment of a Provincial Grand Lodge in the Colony of Queensland and proposing that Bro Colonel the Hon. Maurice Charles O’Connell MLC be appointed as the inaugural Provincial Grand Master. The arrival of a Warrant and Patent of Appointment dated 25 June 1866, signed by The Duke of Leinster, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, allowed the Inauguration of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Queensland, Irish Constitution, to take place on 24 September 1866 with WorBro Maurice Charles O’Connell installed as the first Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master. By this time there were now seven lodges in the jurisdiction with Hiram, Earl of Mornington, United Tradesmen’s and Hibernia & Albion Star (UD) Lodges added to the former three. RWBro Colonel the Hon. Sir Maurice Charles O’Connell KB MLC ProvGM 1866-1879 was born on 13 January 1812 in the officers quarters of the military barracks in Sydney Town, Australia. He was born the son of Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Charles Philip O’Connell and his wife Mary who was the widowed daughter of William Bligh (of Bounty fame), Vice Admiral of the Blue and the fourth Governor of New South Wales. O’Connell Jnr arrived in this world as a member of the Australian ruling class and in an atmosphere of service to the crown. His father had a distinguished army career before coming to NSW in 1809 with Governor Lachlan Macquarie as commanding officer of the 73rd Regiment with a commission as Lieutenant10


Governor – it was in Sydney Town that he met and married William Bligh’s daughter – in the years to come he was to be knighted and rise to the rank of Lieutenant General. Young Maurice was educated in England and at Edinburgh High School and then at military schools in Dublin and Paris. When he was only twenty-three, Lieutenant O’Connell responded quickly to the possibility of action and glory by joining a force of mercenaries known as the New British Auxiliary Legion which was being raised in the British Isles by Spain and in which force he was gazetted Lieutenant Colonel – he ultimately rose to the rank of General. In 1838, for his services rendered in the field to the Spanish Crown, he was made Knight of Charles II of Spain; Knight Commander of Isabella the Catholic; and Knight of the Second Class of San Fernando; and he received his own Sovereign’s royal licence to accept the orders and style himself accordingly. On returning to England in 1838 he was commissioned captain in the 28th Regiment which was going to NSW and accompanied his father, now Major General Sir Maurice O’Connell KCH – officer in command of the military forces in NSW, as his military secretary. The O’Connell family had arrived back in Sydney after an absence of twenty-four years. In 1842, upon the 28th Regiment’s departure to England, Maurice O’Connell Jnr disposed of his commission so that he might stay in Australia. He settled down to life in Sydney –engaged in pastoral pursuits and horse breeding - became an elected member of the new Legislative Council 1845-1848 and represented the Port Philip District (now Victoria). In 1848 he was appointed Commissioner for Crown Lands for the Burnett District following the aborted attempt to establish the new Colony of North Australia at Port Curtis. In 1854, in the burgeoning township of Gladstone, he was installed as Government Resident by Governor FitzRoy and gazetted Police Magistrate and Commissioner of Crown Lands. From 1854 to 1859 Gladstone made quiet, substantial but steady progress under O’Connell’s beneficent rule and guidance. He remained in official charge of the Port Curtis District until January 1860, which was immediately after the proclamation of the Colony of Queensland, when his commission became defunct – he was recalled to Brisbane and appointed a member of the first Queensland Legislative Council in May 1860 – in August 1860 he was appointed the second President of the Legislative Council, an office he held until his untimely death in 1879. In addition to his Parliamentary duties, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel Commandant of the Queensland Volunteer

By RWBro R. L. Grimshaw JGW - History Rifle Brigade – on four occasions was called upon to officiate as Acting-Governor of the Colony – in 1868 he received the honour of Knight Bachelor from Queen Victoria – in 1864 he chaired the Royal Commission for the design of Parliament House, which, as Acting-Governor, he declared open in 1868 – he had a multiplicity of other public interests; too many to mention here. In 1878 his health began to fail and in early 1879, due to his home “Rosemount” undergoing alterations, he took up residence in his quarters at Parliament House – there he died on the afternoon of Sunday 23 March 1879 from throat cancer. He joined Freemasonry as an Initiate in St Patrick’s Lodge No. 279 IC in 1864 and became Worshipful Master in 1865. He became Provincial Grand Master in 1866 and held office until his death in 1879. It could be briefly said of him that it was his dignity, impartiality, and courtesy that commanded the esteem of those who knew him – in all his honourable and distinguished career of service to his native country of Australia there was little he touched that he did not adorn. MWBro the Hon. Theodore Oscar Unmack ProvGM 1881-1892 (Past Grand Master – Grand Lodge of Queensland) was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1835. He was educated in Hamburg, no doubt a past student in commercial studies at a mercantile institute and as a youth was probably engaged in some way with the mercantile industry through his father. In 1853, at the age of seventeen years, he left his native Germany and settled in Melbourne where he is reputed to have established himself in mercantile pursuits. He married in 1858 and his first two children were born in Melbourne. In 1860 he moved his family to Brisbane and set himself up as an accountant and later as a wholesale merchant. He became a naturalised British subject in 1861. As a merchant in Brisbane Town Theodore Unmack had a colourful if not interesting career – he established an import trade with Europe and eventually engaged in a company merger with his friend and Masonic brother the Hon. J. C. Heussler MLC to form Unmack Heussler & Co. In May 1888 he was elected to the Queensland Parliament as the member for Toowong in the Legislative Assembly. He was Minister for Railways and Post Master General during the premiership of Sir Samuel Walker Griffith. On the platform and in the house he was a vigorous speaker whose intimate knowledge of commerce, education and of the industries of the State was generally recognised. In his administration of the Post Office he introduced parcels post and post on newspapers. When he left his political career in 1893 he established a practice as an accountant – he did not return to the mercantile life again. He was initiated in the Duke of Leinster Lodge No 283 IC in 1866 and in 1870 was installed Master of Hiram Lodge No 286 IC – he was Worshipful Master of Hiram Lodge on three occasions. During his first term as WM of Hiram Lodge he was appointed Prov. Grand Steward – in 1872 he was the Prov. Grand Treasurer and in 1873 Hon. Prov. Grand Secretary. He was undeniably the great guiding light of Irish Freemasonry in Queensland. When he was appointed to grand lodge rank in 1871 the Provincial Grand Lodge was on the verge of foundering financially due to poor administrative practices. Very early in his grand lodge career his talent as an accountant was recognised and utilised. It was his devotion to the ideals of the Masonic order and his boundless energy that reversed and strengthened the fortunes of the Provincial Grand Lodge in particular and stabilised the Irish Constitution lodges in general.

On 10 March 1879 he was appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master – thirteen days later the ProvGM Sir M. C. O’Connell died and RWBro Theodore Unmack DProvGM became the Acting ProvGM of the Irish Constitution in Queensland. Due to the tyranny of distance and tardy attention to correspondence he was not appointed as ProvGM until September 1881, during which time he carried the burden of responsibility. It was on his initiative alone in 1889 that a meeting was convened to promote the idea of forming a Sovereign Grand Lodge for Queensland. It was from this point that the Provincial Grand Lodge, Irish Constitution set a course resolutely towards the formation of a Grand Lodge for Queensland – and therefore, its own dissolution. Through him the Irish lodges remained in the forefront of the future developments on this matter which culminated in the formation of the Grand Lodge of Queensland in 1904 – he was afforded the rank of Past Grand Master as his of right under the new Constitution – he was also appointed as the Representative of the Grand Lodge of Ireland at the Grand Lodge of Queensland in 1913. In November 1892 he resigned as ProvGM of the Irish Constitution in Queensland – he left his successor a large and vigorous organisation. The MW Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland conferred on him the rank of Past Grand Deacon – it being the highest Past Grand rank it could bestow and this was the first and only occasion that it had been conferred. He fought for what he deemed was right no matter what the cost – records show that he never spared himself in the course of duty or the welfare of others in his long, distinguished and colourful masonic career. MWBro the Rt Hon Sir Samuel Walker Griffith PC GCMG KCMG MA QC ProvGM 1893-1897 (Past Grand Master – Grand Lodge of Queensland) was a Lawyer, Australian Politician, Premier of Queensland, Chief Justice of Queensland, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Privy Councillor and a principal author of the Constitution of Australia. He was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, in 1845. His parents brought him to Australia when he was eight years of age. He had gained very high academic distinction during his University career – he demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm for the advancement of knowledge and learning, He had a political career of great distinction: he was a Queensland politician (1872-93) who was Premier 1883-88 and 1890-93. He served as Queensland’s chief Justice from 1893 to 1903 – appointed as GCMG in 1895 and to the Privy Council in 1901. He made a lasting professional contribution by codifying the Queensland criminal law, a massive task which occupied much of his spare time in 1896-99. He served a term as Lieutenant-Governor of Queensland. He played an important role in the federation of the Australian colonies, the framing of the Australian Constitution being his major contribution. In 1903 after considerable political debate, the Judiciary Act,


History - By RWBro R. L. Grimshaw JGW which was drafted by Griffith, was passed, so inaugurating the High Court of Australia – he was chosen as first Chief Justice. He was initiated into Freemasonry in the Victoria Lodge No. 1186 EC in 1865 – installed Worshipful Master of Victoria Lodge 1871 – appointed District Grand Registrar of the District Grand Lodge of Queensland, English Constitution in 1871 – elected District Senior Grand Warden EC in 1872. When nomination for the office of Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution in Queensland was offered to him he was not a member of an Irish Constitution lodge and needed to be so if he were to be appointed to the dignity of that office. It was for this reason that he affiliated with Hiram Lodge No. 286 IC in July 1893. The Grand Lodge of Ireland appointed him the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of their Province of Queensland and he was installed in October 1893 by RWBro Theodore Unmack PProvGM. In late 1897 he resigned from the office of Provincial Grand Master and nominated RWBro George Hutton DProvGM as his successor. In the Grand Lodge of Queensland 1904-1921, like Theodore Unmack, he was afforded the past grand rank of Past Grand Master. His intellectual brilliance and achievements especially in law are unchallengeable, and despite the equivocacy of parts of his political career he made vital contributions to Queensland and Australia. As Statesman and Judge, he rendered to the public of Australia eminent and unique service, the memory of which will be preserved throughout Australian history. MWBro George Samuel Hutton ProvGM 1898-1904 – First Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Queensland 1904-1906 was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1848. He was educated at the Manchester Grammar School and migrated to Queensland with his parents in 1862. His early life saw him working, as an accountant for two large companies until in 1893 he established a private practice as a public accountant specialising in in insolvencies and liquidations – he was also an auditor for such firms as the Queensland National Bank and Manchester Assurance Co. He became a prominent figure in the business world as founder and principal partner in G. S. Hutton & McFarlane. He was a commissioned officer in the Queensland Defence Force in 1876, which was the colonial militia of the day, and retired in 1897 with the rank of major He was: a member of the Hamilton Town Council 1903-1911 and was Mayor 1905-1906 – a foundation member of the Brisbane Club – a government appointee on the Committee of the Brisbane General Hospital – also on the boards of too many organisations to mention here. He was initiated in the Light of the South Lodge No. 291 IC in Toowoomba in 1871. When Light of the South Lodge returned its warrant in 1876 he joined Hiram Lodge No 286 IC and became Worshipful Master on three occasions: 1880, 1882 and 1884. He was elected Provincial Grand Secretary in 1884. He was appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master in late1892 by RWBro Theodore Unmack ProvGM who resigned as ProvGM the 12


following day – he then acted as ProvGM ruling the Province until October 1893 when Sir Samuel Walker Griffith was installed as Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution in Queensland. He remained as DProvGM until RWBro Griffith ProvGM resigned and he was installed in his stead in April 1898 as the fourth and last ProvGM of the Irish Constitution in Queensland. He continued in office as ProvGM of the Irish Constitution until the erection of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Queensland in April 1904 when he was installed as its first Grand Master. It was at the Provincial Grand Lodge Communication held on 3 November 1903 that he announced that a deputation of Freemasons had awaited upon him and requested him to head a movement for the establishment of a Sovereign Grand Lodge of Queensland and to accept the office of its first Grand Master. He advised that he had written to the Grand Master of Ireland fully explaining the circumstances – he received a reply by cablegram from Ireland which simply said …APPROVED IF REGULARLY FORMED. The Provincial Grand Lodge then unanimously passed a resolution …that a Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Queensland be formed. The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Queensland (1904-1921) was regularly inaugurated on 25 April 1904 with MWBro George Hutton GM as its first grand master. Because all but one of the Irish Lodges in Queensland elected to join the Grand Lodge of Queensland, the Warrant of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Queensland, Irish Constitution was returned to Ireland and with that the Irish Constitution in Queensland had passed out of existence. Recognition of the GLQ became a contentious issue over the following years with the English and Scottish Grand Lodges remaining aloof and the Grand Lodge of Ireland procrastinating. The issue began to stabilise in June 1912 when the long awaited telegram from Ireland arrived… RECOGNISED BY GRAND LODGE. The Grand Lodge of Ireland struck a jewel to be worn by the representative of the GLI at the Grand Lodge of Queensland and MWBro Hutton was the first appointee – on his death some twelve months later MWBro Unmack became the representative – this Jewel is still worn by the Representative of the GLI at the UGLQ. MWBro Hutton died of cancer in August 1913 MWBro Hutton GM GLQ was an outstanding freemason of his time serving continuously in high office for twenty-two years – it was through his dedication to duty that the Irish Constitution thrived in Queensland. It was due to his passionate support of an embryo seeded by RWBro Theodore Unmack in 1889, and aided by his masonic acumen, that the movement for a Sovereign Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for Queensland came to fruition in 1904 – Freemasonry in Queensland had thereby assumed an independent identity and stepped forward into the twentieth century.

Craft News

At last! A Cale Bow Tie for the PAGM

Makers of Fine Regalia

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Past Assistant Grand Master RWBro Geoff Walker (pictured left) finally had his wish come true at the Caledonian Christmas Meeting in December 2012 when he was presented with a certificate and a Cale Bow Tie by the Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton. On many previous occasions he had asked Caledonian members why he did not get one even after it was explained that only Grand Masters received a Cale Bow Tie. The Christmas meeting was attended b y 66 Freemasons and 90 people attended the Festive Board. VW Bro Robert Wilton received a 50-year jewel which was originally presented to his father-in-law RWBro Charles Lowis. (Picture appears on the UGLQ website).


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Caledonian Christmas Meeting

Pictured at the Caledonian Lodge Christmas meeting (left to right): MWBro Adrian Burton (Grand Master), Regina Burton, Maria Sheehy, Danny Sheehy (Worshipful Master of Caledonian Lodge), Helen Short, RWBro Greg Short (Assistant Grand Master).

Continuity Lodge Presentation WorBro Malcolm Bishop, on behalf of Continuity Lodge No 242, presented a $100 sports equipment voucher, and a Sporting Achievement Certificate to both Aaron Kelly and Britney Spry, students of the Dallarnil State School, on in December 2012, at the school’s end of year function.


Lodges in Action

First Candidate since 2002 Bro Stefan Bath, the first candidate to be initiated in Fassifern Kilwinning Lodge at Harrisville since 2002 received his First Degree last November. WorBro Matthew Grace, the current Master of the lodge was the first Master Mason to be installed since 1998. The November meeting attracted many visitors who witnessed a good standard of ritual delivery and enjoyed the Christmas Festive Board. The brethren of Fassifern Kilwinning have worked very diligently to keep their lodge vibrant and interesting over the lean years of no initiates by making many visitations, practicing emulations of degree work, assisting in some degrees for local Ipswich Lodges as well as having open nights with guest lecturers on many diverse topics and it is hoped that that this new candidate will be the forerunner of many more.

The group of brethren and officers of C H Harley lodge with the Deputy Grand Master (RWBro Dr Gary Bacon) standing in the centre. Wor Bro Davison (newly installed master) is pictured fourth from the left in the front row.

C H Harley Lodge Installation C H Harley Lodge installation took place last November with WorBro Peter Davison being installed as the incoming master. The installation was a great success and was attended by the Deputy Grand Master (RWBro Dr Gary Bacon) and a team of Grand Officers, as well as many brethren from other lodges.

join Freemasonry. Another Open Night is being planned for this year.

The Installing Master was VWBro Alan Morton PAGSWks and WorBro Ian Kelly has become the Immediate Past Master after serving the previous 12 months as master of the lodge. Pictured at the November meeting are (left to right): WorBro Murray Schneider (IPM), RWBro Ted Sharp PJGW (AGSWks), Bro Stefan Bath, WorBro Matthew Grace (WM).

C H Harley Lodge during the previous 12 months conducted a very successful Open night at Stones Corner with the result of many applications being submitted to

WorBro Peter Davison and his wife Karolyn about to cut the cake at the C H Harley installation.

Pictured (at right) is Bro Cameron Short following his Initiation into Queensland Galen Lodge, with (centre) his Grandfather Bro Don Culley of Maroochydore Lodge No 392 and his Uncle Bro Max Culley also of Maroochydore Lodge. Five brethren travelled from Maroochydore Lodge for the occasion. It proved to be a happy night.

From UK to Qld. for son’s Initiation Bro Geoff Palmer from Lodge of Virtue and Industry No 4701 UGLE flew out from the United Kingdom to witness and participate in his son’s initiation into United Tradesmens Lodge No 12 in November last year. Bro Palmer Snr gave the NE charge during the ceremony. Picture shows WorBro Ian Brown (WM of United Tradesmens Lodge), Bro Stephen Palmer and his father Bro Geoff Palmer.

Three Masonic Generations At the December meeting of Queensland Galen Lodge No 481 held in the Masonic Memorial Centre in Ann Street there were three Masonic generations of the Culley family in attendance. 14


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Lodges in Action

Not Enough Aprons! At the December meeting of C H Harley lodge there was a problem. There were not enough Entered Apprentice aprons to clothe the ten EAs, eight of whom came to receive their Tracing Board lecture. Even although it was classed as a problem, the officers and brethren of C H Harley Lodge were delighted with the attendance of so many newly initiated Freemasons. The lecture was presented by WorBro Ian Kelly, the lodge IPM. Following the ceremony ladies and guests were admitted to the lodge room where WorBro Godfrey Comrie and WorBro John Henricksen presented their address entitled “Musicians Who Were Masons” to a very receptive audience of 55. The festive board which followed brought 2012 activities for C H Harley Lodge to a bright and happy conclusion.

A “Men’s Shed” is now functioning at Stafford Late last year the Master of Dennistoun Lodge No 301, WorBro Mark Paterson paid a visit to a “Men’s Shed”, in Eudunda Street Stafford, an idea which was first initiated in October 2011 by a Church group. In the initial stages of the investigation numerous meetings were held with State, Federal and local Governments looking for funding. The Brisbane City Council has been very helpful in this respect. The shed is under the auspice of St Clements Anglican Church which has a huge advantage as far as workplace health and safety is concerned. It comes under the insurance of the Church. RW Bro Lymen Gillies first spoke about the Men’s Shed idea to Yeerongpilly Lodge brethren and the lodge resolved to present a cheque to the value of $800 to start the project. The late VWBro Harry Zaphir who was the AGSW for Yeerongpilly Lodge suggested they apply to the Board of Benevolence for a “Dollar for Dollar” subsidy.

Pictured left to right are RWBro Bert Kingston AGSWks, Bro James Burgess, Bro Andrew McLaughlin, WorBro Roy English, Bro Francisco Rowe-Gonzales, Bro Thomas Baird, WorBro Peter Davison, (C H Harley Worshipful Master), WorBro Peter Leighton, Bro Grant Eaton, Bro Christian Jorgensen, Bro Emmanuel Odey, WorBro Wayne Kampe, WorBro Ian Kelly, Bro Callum Graham, WorBro John Graham. The lodges represented were Dunellan, Viking, Sir Wylie Norman and Vigilance.

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However, Yeerongpilly Lodge closed down and in discussions with WorBro Paterson, and the treasurer of Dennistoun Lodge an application to the Board of Benevolence was made and a donation to the Men’s Shed project reached $1600. This donation helped the Men’s Shed members to purchase a saw bench and router table. The Shed officially opened on October 19, 2012. What they have achieved in twelve months is outstanding and this has been brought about by donations from the Masonic Fraternity and other organisations. Our picture shows left to right: Bro Bob Newman (unattached Freemason), RWBro Lyman Gillies (Dennistoun Lodge), WorBro Mark Paterson (Master of Dennistoun Lodge) and WorBro Bob Mowat (Baden Powell Lodge).

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Lodges in Action

The picture taken by RWBro Ted Sharp PJGW of Caledonian Lodge shows left to right: WorBro Peter Hooper GStwd, Bro Michael Kilmartin, RWBro Keith Jackson PJGW, WorBro Darren Lewis and RWBro Bill Munro GReg.

Pictured from left are: Wor Bro. Stuart Murray (Master), Bro. Guy Packard (Candidate). WorBro. Russell Holland (Senior Deacon), Bro Philip Lovering (Junior Deacon).

Four Solicitors in Argyle Lodge

Caboolture Lodge Third Degree

Following the initiation of a young solicitor (Mr. Michael Kilmartin) in Argyle Lodge in November last year, the number of solicitors in the lodge has risen to four.

Last November Caboolture Lodge raised Bro Guy Packard to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

The initiation took place at the first regular meeting following the installation of RWBro Keith Jackson PJGW as master of the lodge. RWBro Bill Munro (the current Grand Registrar) was the Installing Master. Argyle Lodge meets at Forest Hill in the Lockyer Valley. All of the lawyers in the lodge have a connection to one law practice, namely CW Hooper & Hooper in Laidley. WorBro Peter Hooper GStwd owned the practice, which was established by his grandfather in 1895. In February last year RWBro Bill Munro GReg purchased the practice. WorBro Hooper continues as a consultant to the firm. WorBro Darren Lewis worked at the firm for a number of years before taking up a postition with Legal Aid Queensland in Toowoomba. Bro Kilmartin is employed at the practice as a junior lawyer under the supervision of WorBro Hooper.

Past Grand Rank recipients The recipients of Past Grand Rank in the District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria (L to R) RWBro C.H. Condon PSGW, RWBro W J Armbrust PJGW and RWBro A S Christensen PJGW. The presentation was made at a District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria Quarterly Communication. 16

Norman Park EA Tracing Board With the surge of new members joining Freemasonry it pleases everyone to witness a meeting like the one held by Norman Park Lodge in November. By arrangement between lodges a first degree tracing board was given to eight Entered Apprentices at that Norman Park Lodge meeting.

WorBro Holland was the conductor; he knows the Scottish ritual and rubric backwards so this gave him a chance to put into practice his knowledge and he did an excellent job.

Picture shows the eight brethren with some other members of lodges who attended. Left to right are Bro Brian Wicks (Norman Park), Bro Richard Wainstien (Prince Albert), Bro Tim Allen, Eanest Van Zyl, Shamus Walker and Duarne Bernhagen (all from Dennistoun), Bro Bud Stretton (AIF Memorial) and Bro Peter Matic (Mt Pleasant).

Once again it was a well attended ceremony. There were visitors from five local lodges.

The Worshipful Master of Norman Park Lodge, WorBro Adrian Sheather is in the front row fifth from the left with the EA’s.

Pictured left to right: Mrs Glad Stevens, Mrs Myrell Rann, Mrs Thora Gardiner with the Worshipful Master, WorBro Peter Percali .

A gift to Carpentaria Widows At a recent ladies night Carpentaria Lodge No. 202 Worshipful Master WorBro Peter Percali presented to each of the lodge


widows a small Christmas gift. There were 25 lodge members and wives present at the gathering.

Quick News In the Roman Julian Cesar Calendar, April used to be the first month of the year, but the Gregorian Calendar observed Jabuary as the first month. Even after shifting to the Gregorian Calendar, many people refused to give up old traditions and continued celebrating 1st April as the New Year’s Day. When simple orders didn’t work, the King finally issued a royal dictum; which stated that those who celebrated 1st April as the new year’s day would be labelled as fools. From then on, 1st April became April Fool’s Day. History is really interesting, isn’t it?

Interesting history of 1752.

From your editor

Here are two interesting historical facts that you probably didn’t know, (I sure didn’t). Just have a look at the calendar for the month of September 1752. If you think I am joking, you may search it on Google and see it for yourself. In case you haven’t noticed, 11 days are simply missing from the month. Here’s the explanation.

This was the month during which England shifted from the Roman Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. A Julian year was 11 days longer than a Gregorian year. So the King of England ordered 11 days to be wiped off the face of that particular month. (A King could order anything, couldn’t he?) So the workers worked for 11 days less that month, but got paid for the whole month. That’s how the concept of ‘paid leave’ was born. Hail the King.

King George II

In our November issue we published a picture of the presentation of a cheque for $4000 to the Tully State High School from the Tully Tyson Masonic Lodge by RWBro Alf Macdonald. The aim was to provide funds for the purchase of a new mower for the school. The $4000 included a dollar for dollar subsidy from the Board of Benevolence. Well, the mower has been purchased. The bulk of the fundraising was done by RWBro Macdonald who, over the last few years has undertaken many fundraisers for schools in the area. Though in his seventies he devotes considerable time to volunteer work and charitable causes.

Tully Tyson Lodge aids school to purchase new mower

Our picture shows Alf Macdonald with the Deputy Principal of the school, Mr. Frank Brunetto and the grounds and agriculture team (John Azzopardi, Neil Fox and Wayne Morris). The $4000 cheque was also matched with a dollar for dollar subsidy by the school, thus enabling them to obtain a top of the range mower.


Other Orders

Christmas theme at Tenpin Bowl Centre

International Order of the Rainbow for Girls: Picture shows members from Bethel 4 Sunnybank at the Bowling Centre accompanied by a girl dressed as Santa.

The Logan City Lanes Tenpin Bowl Centre did not know what hit them when Jobs Daughters Queensland held their end of year bowling competition and Christmas break-up there. The Jurisdictional Guardian Kaylene made the day a Christmas theme, and the girls did not hold back. The competition was not only to do with bowling. Each Bethel had to present an Aussie Christmas item and competition was full on, with Bethel 2 Chermside taking the win with a song and dance routine, Bethel 4 Sunnybank took out the best Christmas costume’s and there was also a special visit from Santa, who took a break from his busy schedule to present some goodies to everyone who attended. The bowling competition was led off by the Jurisdictional Guardian Kaylene, who bowled the first ball down the lane and then the Associate Jurisdictional Guardian Ian went second, with Kaylene knocking down more pins than Ian. During the competition there were prizes given to the daughters who managed to get a strike. There were several prizes given out. Every Jobs Daughter member bowled from the Jobies2Bee’s to the Daughters as well as the adult members. The competition was eventually won by Bethel 7 Townsville, again, with the adults from Sunnybank taking out the council members trophy. After the bowling there was a Christmas Party with all the goodies supplied, and everyone enjoyed the friendship and festivities. Many thanks must go to Raeleen and Brett Schaffer who coordinated bowling and Kaylene and Ian for the party afterwards. 18

Installation of Pledge Sister Katie Donsky, Pledge Sister of Maryborough Pledge Group and Office Bearers have recently been installed. The previous Pledge Sister, eleven year old Penelope Robinson, carried out her role of Installing Officer with grace and dignity for a girl of her age. The Grand Worthy Advisor of Queensland, Brooke Holden-Schulz, was also in attendance as well as Supreme Deputy Mrs. Denise Dickson. The Grand Deputy of Queensland Pledge Amanda Gilbert performed the role of Installing Marshall. Maryborough Pledge Assembly has a full assembly with girls aged between five and eleven. Katie’s term of office is for the next six months and she has chosen the Maryborough Animal Refuge as her charity, her colour is sea green, mascot is “Donna the Disco Diva” and her symbol is her black cat “Olivia”. As part of the girls’ community service they will be regular visitors to the animal refuge to help other volunteers walk the dogs, brush and play with the cats and general cage cleaning.

Penelope Robinson handed over her charity cheques on the day to representatives of Maryborough’s Community Access Bus, Fairhaven Retirement Home’s Activity Centre, OES Star Gardens ‘Rainbow Wing’, Blue Care and to Rainbows Grand Assembly. In the last six months these young Pledges, with the help of family and friends, have been responsible for donations amounting to $2136.03. This impressed the Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor Councillor Trevor McDonald, who had not heard of Order of Rainbow for Girls before he attended the Installation. He spoke very highly of the young girls who carried out the Installation and business meeting well beyond their years. Maryborough’s Pledge Group meets on the first and third Friday of the month at 7pm at the Masonic Temple, Kent Street, Maryborough. Pledge girls have one business meeting a month, to discuss what fun and service activities they would like to do, and one fun night per month.

Rockhampton O.E.S. charity donations Rockhampton charities have benefitted from funds raised by the Rockhampton Chapter 145, Order of the Eastern Star. These charitable organisations are: The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service, Angel Flight, Legacy, and Monty’s Foundation. They each received $750.00 from the Worthy Matron Sister Claudia Large. When making the presentations, Sister Large said that the importance of the first three charities she had chosen were well known to the Rockhampton community. She said that Monty’s Foundation was not so well known but was included because


it needed support. It is raising funds to build accomodation in Rockhampton for the families of terminally ill children who need to stay with them during hospitalisation. Traditionally, the Worthy Matron of Rockhampton Chapter chooses a charity or charities she wishes to support during her year of office. Charity fund-raising by the chapter during the year is directed to these chosen charities. Presentations were made during a break in the annual installation ceremony held at the Masonic Centre in Alma Street Rockhampton.

Other Orders

Order of the Amaranth

100 Years of Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry in North Queensland

The Grand Royal Matron HL Beth Kirk and Grand Royal Patron SK David Kirk welcomed two initiates ( HL Jan and SK Alan Holdsworth to Caloundra Court No 12 .and later joined in the luncheon provided by members.

Caloundra Court No 12, Order of the Amaranth meet at the Beerburrum Community Hall at Beerburrum at 10.30am on the second Saturday of the month. Picture shows quite a large attendance at the luncheon.

Saturday, October 27, 2012 marked 100 years of Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Townsville when the ceremonies of re-enactment of consecration and the enthronement of the North Queensland Sovereign Chapter No 8 were conducted by the M.P. Grand Commander, M.P. Bro. P J Rowland and members of the 33˚.

attendance. Following the Re-enactment of Consecration ceremony the Enthroning Officer V.Ill. Bro A R Grant then Enthroned Ill. Bro C J Breckon as the M.W.S. of North Queensland Chapter No. 8 and Invested the Chapter Officers for 2012-13. Earlier in the day four brethren were elevated to the 31˚ and five to the 32˚.

As well as a very large number of local members present, visitors travelled from P.N.G., North, Central and South Queensland Districts and from Sydney and NSW country. The Grand Commander was supported by Supreme Council members M.Ill.Bro J R Gist, Grand Treasurer General H.E. and V.Ill. Bro D De Candia Grand Secretary General H.E. In total 13 members of the 33˚ being in

Picture shows the Re-enactment and Enthronement Ceremony teams. Back row: V.Ill. Bros Trevor Williams, Jack Berry, Bill Baker, Andrew Grant, Em. Bros Bill Raddcliffe and Alf Macdonald. Centre row: V.Ill. Bros Peter Burke, Dominic De Candia, Kevin FitzRoy and standing Em. Bro Stewart Evans. Front row: V.Ill. Bros Ron Donnellan, Brian Smith, M.Ill. Bro Jim Gist, M.P. Bro. Peter Rowland and V.Ill. Bro Les Keane.

123rd Installation of officers Bethel No. 2 Chermside, Job’s Daughters International has held it’s 123rd Installation of officers. The Installing Officer was Lauren Harper, who, together with the other Installing Officers, performed their duties with precision and dignity. RWBro Barry Fry, representative of the Grand Master, MWBro Adrian Burton, accompanied by a team of Grand Officers together with guests representing other Orders of our ‘Masonic Family’ attended the Installation. The Honoured Queen chose an Irish theme for her Installation

and the hall was decorated to match. Carry pieces and back drop also depicted the theme. Following the Installation, five dancers from the Thistle Highland Dancing Studio, which included two daughters of the bethel, danced the Irish Jig which was enjoyed by the guests present. The dancers were accompanied by piper, Wor Bro Maurie DeHayr. The Honoured Queen is the third generation of her immediate family to obtain the position of Honoured Queen during the 61 years of Chermside Bethel. For further details about Chermside Bethel,

please contact Mrs Denise Larter on 0409 894 319.

This picture shows the daughters and adult leaders after the Installation


Serving the Community

From Left: Libby Lee and Linda Hofmann, volunteers at the Meals on Wheels.

Aid to Meals on Wheels Caboolture Meals on Wheels recently requested assistance from Caboolture Lodge No 266 to see if they would donate three new cooking pots for their kitchen. This request received unanimous support from the members of the lodge. A request was then made to the Board of Benevolence for subsidy under the “Dollar for Dollar” scheme. This was accepted and the appreciative members of Meals on Wheels received their new utensils. The picture shows that although these cooking items are used daily they are kept in pristine condition. The trolleys in the picture were donated by Caboolture Lodge earlier this year, again with the assistance of the ‘Dollar for Dollar’ scheme.

Representative for Rosies, Caloundra, Carolyn Wilson and RWBro Norrie Morris PDGM with the Street Swags.

Mooloolah Lodge No 334 active in aiding Charity Mooloolah Lodge at their Installation Banquet in November last year showed everyone just how hard they had worked to raise money for charitable donations within the community on the north coast.

Picture shows Alf Macdonald presenting the cheque to Ms Siobhan Jackson, Principal of the Tully State School.

Assistance to School Tully State School was thrilled to receive a cheque for $2000 from the Queensland Freemasons. The money, raised by TullyTyson Lodge No 340, which included the “dollar for dollar” subsidy from the Board of Benevolence, will go towards restoration of the creek bank that was left bare after cyclone “Yasi”. It is now infested with weeds. That project will include curriculum based themes including biodiversity and sustainability. The school is hoping to build a greenhouse to propagate their own plants. Tully State school students and staff are extremely grateful to Alf Macdonald and the Freemasons for their on-going support.


Their efforts were “doubled” by the wellknown Dollar for Dollar Subsidy scheme provided by the Board of Benevolence. At the banquet the representative from “Rosies”, Caloundra, an organisation assisting homeless people among many other acts of support to the less fortunate received a total of nine street swags for homeless “rough sleepers”.

Representative for Blue Care Caloundra is pictured with the six inflatable mattresses. On the left is RWBro Norrie Morris PDGM and on the right WorBro Keith Jones. IPM of Mooloolah Lodge.

The Blue Care, Caloundra representative received a Repose Community Care pack (six inflatable mattresses worth $2990). In addition to those two presentations the Worshipful Master of Mooloolah Lodge presented a cheque to the value of $2000 to ACT for Kids organisation, formerly known as the Abused Child Trust. The lodge has consistently donated this amount to Charity for the past 12 years.


Dr. Katrina Lines, Executive Director of Programs, Research and Education from ACT for Kids receiving the cheque for $2000 from VWBro Alan Godsmark PAGSWks (Master of Mooloolah Lodge).

Serving the Community

Support for Unity College continues Fidelis Conclave has supported the Unity College (Caloundra) library for a number of years. With the Dollar for Dollar Subsidy from the Board of Benevolence, the contribution this year was an excellent selection of books relating to Religion and Ethics, and the official presentation was made in the College Library. An Ex Libris plate acknowledging the part played by Freemasonry in the provision of the books was placed inside the front cover of each volume.

** Mention th receive a is ad and on your p discount urchase**

Pictured left to right: MWthy Bro. K. McElligott, Ms. B. Buchanan (Librarian), Bro I Bunker, Wthy Bro G. and Mrs. Clarendon with three Year 11 Students.

Cancer Care Service receives a welcome boost

P: 07 3807 4447 E:

Wor.Bro.David Sharples M: 0412 387 770

The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland The Foundation Funds -

Through the University of Queensland:

• The Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine • Research and establishment of effective geriatric video-conference assessment of patients in regional hospitals with no ready access to specialist geriatricians

Through Griffith University:

• Research into a cure for Parkinson’s Disease

The Hervey Bay Hospital Cancer Care Service received a welcome boost with the $3,000 donation presented by the brethren of Hervey Bay Daylight Lodge No. 521. From donations provided by the Hervey Bay Daylight Lodge social funds, the Hervey Bay Daylight Lodge Ladies funds and the Dollar for Dollar subsidy by the Board of Benevolence, the Worshipful Master, WorBro David Mungomery PSGD presented the Operations Director with a cheque to assist in the purchase of an Early Cancer Detection Unit monitor. Pictured left to right: WorBro Gordon Gentle (a past master of the lodge), Ray Johnson (Operations Director of Cancer Care Services Hervey Bay and District), Cancer survivor Julia Gentle (wife of Gordon Gentle), Clinical Nurse Consultant and Cancer Care Co-ordinator at the Hervey Bay Hospital Lyn Brebner, Coral Mungomery (President of the Hervey Bay Daylight Lodge Ladies Committee and the Worshipful Master’s wife), and WorBro David Mungomery.

The quest for knowledge and understanding of the ageing process is central to the role of the Foundation as it seeks support for this important field of medical research. Foundation expenses are low, less than 3% of income for the last few years,Your tax deductible donation or a bequest in your will (see wording below) will help improve the quality of life for older members of our community. “I give and bequeath to The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland the sum of $................. (or the residual of my estate) for the general purposes of the Foundation. And I declare that the receipt of the Secretary of the Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.”

For further information please contact THE GERIATRIC MEDICAL FOUNDATION OF QUEENSLAND PO Box 219 Redcliffe Qld 4020 Phone (07) 3883 1833 Email


Board of Benevolence

Church Service at Masonic Care Late last year members from Bethel No 2 Chermside, under the direction of Amanda Pankhurst (Honour Queen) assisted Rev. Ron Holt at a church service held at Sandgate Masonic Care Queensland. Amanda had the pleasure of introducing herself and her bethel members to the congregation and thanked Reverend Ron for allowing them to take part in the afternoon service. Reverent Ron Holt is the Minister at the Masonic Care, Sandgate. At a Bethel Meeting following the visit, a motion was passed by the daughters to donate money from the bethel to Reverend Holt for the residents to have something special before Christmas. Pictured are the girls from Bethel 2 Chermside at the service with Denise Larter (Bethel Guardian) and Malcolm ope (Assistant Bethel Guardian) at the rear with Rev. Ron Holt.

Picture shows left to right: David “Nails” Thomas OAM, Christine Long (Fundraising Co-ordinator), WorBro Roger Roberts (Secretary, Maroochy Lodge), WorBro Trevor McDowell (WM of Maroochy Lodge)

$13,000 donation towards a “Nailsmobile” for Paraplegic During November last year Mr. David Thomas OAM was officially presented with the keys to the “Nailsmobile” by brethren of Maroochy Lodge No. 168.

Coast and in Brisbane have donated $20,000 towards the project. (David has been a Scout Leader for 35 years on the Sunshine Coast).

The funds to purchase the vehicle were partially provided by the lodges of the Sunshine Coast together with a very generous donation from the Board of Benevolence as part of the Dollar for Dollar subsidy offered by the Board. Altogether Freemasons were able to provide $13,000 toward the purchase of this very special vehicle designed specifically for David, who is a paraplegic person. The Scout Groups on the North

The operation for David to get in and out of the vehicle to drive is unique and a miracle of the modern age of technology. He simply backs up his specially designed wheelchair to the side door, a hydraulic lift comes out, picks up the wheelchair, David and all, takes him inside, rotates him around and transports him on rails to the drivers position, locks the wheelchair into place ready for David to drive himself wherever he wants to go. Truly amazing!!

“Roll out the barrel” Organ

In December members of the Sunshine Coast Masonic Forum presented the Brisbane branch of the Leukaemia Foundation, (represented by Ms.Emma Quigley), with a single axle trailer and some GPS units for their Boggo Road (Brisbane) patient complex. Contributions included donations by members of the local community and those frequenting the Kawana Shopping Centre from time to time to the Barrel organ player, VWBro Klaus Hempfing of Waverley-Palmwoods Lodge No. 249. Such presentations are made possible by the generous support of the Board of Benevolence, which gives a dollar for dollar subsidy for such charitable actions. The trailer and the GPS units will make a very useful contribution to the work done by the Leukaemia Foundation. Pictured left to right: VWBro Klaus Hempfing and his barrel organ, Mrs Emma Quigley (Leukaemia Foundation ), WorBro Laurie Willersdorf (Master of Waverley-Palmwoods No. 249), Matt Cunningham (Leukaemia Foundation Groundsman), WorBro George Blowers (Secretary of Waverley-Palmwoods No. 249)



Board of Benevolence

“Doing their bit” for Sandgate Masonic Care

Left to right, John Howe, Campbell Carmichael, Wayne Williamson, Jack Canning, Bob Thistlethwaite having a break.

Back in December 2012 with summer well entrenched and the school year coming to a close, the Freemasons of Brisbane and surrounding areas continued to take on a familiar chore – mowing the lawn at the “Sandgate Homes” (Masonic care) During that month members of Lodge Tullibardine were “doing their bit” to ensure that the grounds at the Freemasons’ Homes at Sandgate were kept in pristine condition. Volunteer activities included soil preparation, planting, watering, weeding, edging and mowing.....even the famous Billy Goat was set to work. “Mowing the lawn is a great form of physical activity” team leader Jack Canning, DC of Tullibardine said. “ I would recommend it to all brethren but we have to be mindful of the rules associated with the activity” • Always wear sturdy shoes while mowing – not sandals. • Young children should be at a safe distance from the area you are mowing.

• • • • • • • •

Before mowing, pick up stones, sticks and debris from the lawn to prevent injuries from flying objects. Always wear eye and hearing protection. Use a mower with a control that stops it from moving forward if the handle is released. Never pull backward or mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary – carefully look for others behind you when you do. Start and refuel mowers outdoors – not in a garage. Refuel with the motor turned off and cool. Blade settings should be set by an adult only. Wait for blades to stop completely before removing the grass catcher, unclogging the discharge chute, or crossing gravel patches. And always remember to Slip, Slap, Slop to protect against the Australian sun.

Brethren heading off to Sandgate to help in the constant beautification scheme should remember that the location for signing on and the collection of mowing equipment has changed. It is NOT where it was for many years. It is now housed at the rear of the bus garage at the immediate right of the main nursing complex, near the car-park, and it is a lot smaller.

could be/will be rostered to attend and help in the beautification scheme but you can go along any time that you want to and just help out. They need all of the help they can get. If you get there early you may even get to take the “Billy Goat” out for a spin. Now that will be interesting.

Elaine Williamson at the mower controls

Brethren, the “homes” are always looking for more volunteers to mow lawns for the elderly. Mowing is usually out of the question for elderly people, and paying someone can be too expensive. So volunteers are needed to help out.

A dusty and dirty Wayne Williamson who controlled the “Billy Goat” Vacuum machine

Just in case you do not know your lodge

Kianawah Lodge sets sail with donation Brethren of Kianawah Lodge No. 450 recognise the importance of social interaction and applied to the Board of Benevolence for a Dollar for Dollar Subsidy to support Sailability Bayside, resulting in a cheque for $4000 being presented to Sailability officials. Sailability is a not for profit, volunteer-based organisation which, through the activity of sailing, enriches the lives of people with any type of disability, the elderly, the financially and socially disadvantaged.

The $4000 cheque presentation shows the group from left to right: Kianawah members Greg Petitt, John Castleton, Bob Clark, Sailability president Rick Caroll, Sailability Vice President Dulcie Wilkie and Kianawah members Stephen Lewis, Trevor Smith and Bob Service.

A 7.4 metre boat now proudly carries the name “Queensland Freemasons” as a sponsor on the side. It can carry 8 clients and 2 crew. Up to 75 disabled clients can sail in 14 small boats and 1 large boat in each of the two days a week that 30 volunteers assist and the weather is suitable. More information on Sailability is available at


Jewel Presentations

Jewel 60+ year

60 Years a Freemason


60-year Service Jewel for 93-yearold Freemason

Please note: To access these pictures along with 50 year Jewel Presentations please visit On the website, go to the heading “About Us”, move the cursor to “Photo Galleries”, click on “50+ Year Jewel Presentations”.. This should bring the pics up. Click on any pic and it will bring up the full size photo and the caption on it.

Pictured (Left to right): VWBro Charles Kemp AGSWks for Enoggera Lodge, Mrs Norma Reid, WBro Gordon Reid PSGD and RWBro Greg Short AGM. Mrs Reid assisted the AGM in pinning the jewel on her husband’s coat. She and her husband have been married for 71 years.

Pictured is RWBro Robson PJGW with his wife Val.

RWBro Leslie Sidney Lyle Robson PJGW of Theodore Unmack Lodge No. 60 marked 60 years Masonic service when he was awarded a clasp to his 50 Year Service Jewel at the Regular Meeting of TU Lodge in November 2012. He was proposed into the Craft by his close friend the late RWBro Alby Lorimer PDGM and it was fitting that he received his award from RWBro Gary Lorimer PJGW, who is the son of RWBro Alby Lorimer. His wife and family including his grandchildren were present in the lodge room when he was presented with his jewel.

The Annual Ladies Night organised by Enoggera Lodge in November last year was attended by more than 70 brethren and ladies and was held at the United Service Club on Wickham Terrace in Brisbane. A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a 60-year Service Jewel to 93-year-old WorBro Gordon Campbell Reid PSGD by the Assistant Grand Master, RWBro Greg Short. WorBro Reid was initiated, passed and raised in Enoggera Lodge No 304 of which his father was one of the foundation members. As well as being a member of Enoggera Lodge WBro. Reid is also a member of Euclid Lodge No.504 and Gaythorne RAC No.120 and attends his Craft and RAC meetings regularly. RWBro Short who was representing the Grand Master (MWBro. Adrian Burton) was accompanied by his wife Helen.

Chas. Gets his 60-Year Jewel Four senior members of Argyle Lodge No 164 travelled to Kirra on the Gold Coast in December 2012 to present a 60-year jewel to VWBro Chas Beutel after a lunch at the Kirra Surf Club. The Jewel was presented by RWBro Keith Jackson, current master of the lodge.

Those attending were left to right: WorBro Alan Whiteway, WorBro Peter Hooper, RWBro Rub Logan, VWBro Chas Beutel and RWBro Keith Jackson.



It is interesting to note that VW Bro Chas Beutel and RW Bro Rub Logan spent time at the beach near the Surf Club at Kirra in their army days during the Second World War. Their occupation was interrupted by a cyclone and they were forced home. RWB Logan was WM of Argyle Lodge when VWBro Beutel was initiated 60 years ago and had the pleasure of presenting him with his 50-year Jewel 10 years ago.

Quick News Masonic Care Queensland in Sandgate is well positioned for retirees to make the most of this unique bayside lifestyle, with contemporary retirement living apartments designed for easy living, currently under construction. Due for completion mid 2013, these high quality apartments will provide retirees with all the benefits and security of a retirement community lifestyle, with support services available on a fee-for-service basis, access to emergency call and colocated residential aged care onsite if it is ever needed. With prices starting from just $388,950*, retirees can enjoy the on-site facilities including library, hairdresser, day spa, canteen, medical centre, chemist and BBQ areas, as well as a clubhouse with theatrette, bar and pool table (currently under construction). A display apartment is now open for inspection by appointment. For more information, please phone Karen Tilke on 07 3869 6009.

Enjoy retirement living in picturesque Sandgate Whether its breakfast on your balcony taking in the sea breezes, a stroll along the foreshore, or catching up with friends

at one of the local café’s, the picturesque suburb of Sandgate on Brisbane’s Northside is an ideal haven for retirees.

* Please note that prices are subject to change and apartments are purchased under a Loan/Licence Agreement.

Scholarship to help dreams come true Kyle John Sherriff, who is the grandson of WorBro Daryl Harker of Yeppoon Lodge No 316 received a Masonic Lodge $1000 university scholarship in 2008.

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After four and a half years at the Central Queensland University (double degree), he graduated completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Diploma of Professional Practice. He graduated with first class honours. He is now employed by Australia’s largest construction group, Thiess Pty. Ltd. Kyle wrote a very meaningful letter of

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thanks to the lodge for giving him the opportunity to achieve his aim in engineering. The letter he wrote gave a complete history of his progress so far. He has also advised that his long time goal is to be a general manager of a large construction company. Let’s hope his wish comes true.

For friendly, professional advice contact us anytime Proud member of

Ph 3852 1501

... still family-owned


Quick News

Fishing Competition provides decade of support for Community

Pictured is WorBro Anderton who was honoured to be asked to carry the ex prisoners of War Banner in the Veterans’ Day Parade.

Norm Anderton visits the USA WorBro Norm Anderton MBE OAM PJGD, who is a member of Broadwater/ Surfers Paradise Lodge paid a visit to the United States in November to attend his grandson’s wedding. Naturally, someone like Norm would not go all the way over there without visiting a Masonic Lodge. He visited King Solomon Lodge No 60 F. & A. M. in Auburn, Washington State. At the meeting all members who were Veterans were asked to stand and were duly honoured for their service. Norm was asked to give a short talk on his personal experiences. As it was a Past Masters’ Night and Election of Officers all the Past Masters were asked to stand and give a short resume of their term as Master, after which they were also honoured for their service to their lodge. One past master at the meeting who was the first sitting Master to visit a Prince Hall lodge is noa Chaplain in such a lodge. Also at the meeting the Grand Master’s Representative presented Norm with the Grand Master’s Lapel Pin which is in the shape of Washington State As he is a German the lapel pin has a blue flower imposed on it. Norm said he had visited that lodge a number of times over the past 20 years and will maintain contact with a number of the brethren by e-mailing them a copy of his lodges’ monthly newsletter. He also intends posting them each issue of the Queensland Freemason.

iPad Edition Now available

The 2012 Fuller Masonic Lodge Burdekin Barra Rush fishing competition has reached a milestone in supporting two local community entities over the past decade. The competition held in May 2012 was once again a very successful event with record sponsorship and quite a good number of fishing competitors, who came from all over North Queensland and weighted in their catch at the Ayr Masonic Centre. As in previous years, this competition saw some of the fish caught being generously donated to the Burdekin Home for the Aged and the Home Hill Hostel aged care facilities. Competitors are drawn each year to the competition through the generosity of local sponsors who view it as a worthy community project. A big attraction for the competitors is the senior ticket prize of a Quintex 390 Explorer, Trailer and 20hp Yamaha Outboard. The junior ticket prize is a $200 voucher at a local tackle outlet. These prizes lure competitors of all ages and encourage families to participate. At the August 2012 meeting of Fuller Masonic Lodge the Worshipful Master, WorBro Anthony Birt, presented a $2500 cheque to Volunteer Marine Rescue representatives Arthur Woods and Russell Young, for VMR’s valuable contribution as ‘weight masters’ at the “Barra Rush” fishing competition. This money will go towards the maintenance and safety requirements of their newly purchased Kelvar Cat 3700 rescue boat, which will service the

Meandarra Lodge provides Listening Centre for children

Head to the app store and search: Freemasons Qld



rescue and support needs of the local and visiting boating fraternity within the Burdekin district coastal region. A second cheque of $500 was presented to Alan Griggs and George Jarvis, representing the Burdekin Fish Restocking Association Inc. These funds will go towards the restocking of “barra” in the Burdekin district waterways The restocking of the waterways with immature “barra” is a valuable asset towards maintaining “eco” environment for the enjoyment of both the recreational and professional fishing population. The Fuller Masonic Lodge master and brethren have expressed thanks to all sponsors, participants and supporters for making the 2012 Fuller Masonic Lodge Burdekin Barra Rush fishing competition such a great success. They look forward to staging an even greater 2013 Barra Bush fishing competition which will take place next month (March 23 and 24).

Picture: Back row: Alan Jones, John Norris, Gavin Jones, John Bullock, Ian Barrett, Mike L’Hullier, Richard Kelly. Front row: Darren Morse (Arthur Woods and Russel Young, VMR representatives), Anthony Birt (George Jarvis and Alan Griggs fish restocking representatives).

The Meandarra Kindergarten has had a long association with Meandarra Lodge No. 461. The Lodge building was used by a voluntary, unofficial kindergarten for many years ago and this group has over the years progressed to become an accredited Kindergarten. With the contribution of a Dollar for Dollar subsidy from the Board of Benevolence, brethren were able to raise funds and present a “Listening Centre” which is designed to improve the concentration and listening skills of young children. The unit consists of eight headphone sets connected to a jack box and lodge members added four listening books. Our picture shows children seated around the table listening to story books.

Quick News A Visit to Jamboree Camp Site

Picture shows WorBro Trevor McDowell and members of the Venturer Unit from Cooroy Scout Group

High Tea for Venturers When Maroochy Lodge No. 168 held a High Tea afternoon, with the intention of donating the proceeds to a local Scout Group, brethren were delighted with the attendance by some 80 guests. The brethren came up with the idea to invite the Scouts, through the Nambour District Commissioner, to help out serving the tables as waiters for the afternoon which would possibly assist them in deciding to which group the funds should be donated. The Venturer Unit from the Cooroy Scout Group volunteered their services for the afternoon as they were in need of camping equipment to support their outdoor activities. The brethren were very pleased and amazed with the effort that the young Venturers put in to the task and decided to donate $500 towards the equipment. They submitted an Application for the dollar for dollar Subsidy from the Board of Benevolence, which was gratefully received. At the subsequent regular meeting of the lodge, the Worshipful Master WorBro Trevor McDowell called off the lodge and invited the Scout Venturer Unit into the meeting. He then d presented them with hiking tents and Trangia gas stoves to help them with their camping expeditions.

Double Jewel Presentation A double jewel presentation late last year provided two families with an enjoyable and memorable event at Garden City Daylight Lodge No 531 in Toowoomba. The Freemason presenting the jewels was AGSWks VWBro Cam Denyer. The recipients were Cam’s father, VWBro Reg Denyer PDGDC who received a 60 year-jewel and Cam’s very good friend WorBro John Bourne PSGD (50 year jewel). Cam’s father proposed him into Freemasonry in Civic Lodge No 491. Reg was a foundation member of the lodge and John Bourne was a Past Master of Civic Lodge when Cam was initiated. The Jewels were presented after the Garden City Daylight meeting and family of both recipients were invited. Our picture shows left to right: Nicole Pascoe (Reg Denyer’s great-granddaughter), Margaret Denyer (Cam’s wife and Reg’s daughter-in-law), VWBro Reg Denyer PDGDC, Catherine Pascoe (Reg’s Granddaughter), VWBro Cam Denyer AGSWks (Reg’s son), John Bourne’s wife Estelle, WorBro John Bourne PSGD and his daughter, Lynette Garsden.

Pictured left to right in the back row at the Jamboree site with young Scouts from different States in Australia are Des Allen (Deputy Commissioner of Scouts Queensland and also Worshipful Master of Baden Powell Lodge), one of the young scouts, the Grand Master and the Assistant Grand Master.

The group comprising the Grand Master (MWBro Adrian Burton), Assistant Grand Master (RWBro Greg Short) Mrs Helen Short and the Grand Director of Ceremonies received some VIP treatment when they were given a comprehensive tour of the Maryborough Jamboree camp site at the Maryborough Show Grounds. They were also given a warm welcome by the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Queensland M/s Kirsty Brown OAM. The Assistant Grand Master reflected on his time as a scout in New South Wales and his first Jamboree in 1964 in Victoria. The Grand Master had a go a boomerang throwing with some success. He commented that the trip to the Jamboree and the subsequent second degree in the Maryborough Masonic Centre was a very successful day. He also made mention of the strong and valuable association between Freemasonry and the scouting movement. Queensland Scouts were a major recipient of funds from the Grand Masters Flood and cyclone Appeal.

Continuity Lodge No. 242 planning a busy week end April 13 and 14 2013 will be busy days for the members of Continuity Lodge when they put their plan for a busy week-end into operation. Continuity meets at the Lodge Centre (pictured) in Dallarnil, a township approximately 13km east of Biggenden. Firstly at 2.00 p.m. on the Saturday they will be conducting an Open Day at the centre for the general public. This will last until 4.00 p.m. At 7.30 p.m. they will be tyling for the commencement of a double second degree on two candidates, one being from Dennistoun Lodge in Brisbane. The Grand Master and a Grand Lodge team will be in attendance. The candidates are Bro. Kenneth Leslie Kemp from Continuity, and Warwick Finlay from Dennistoun. On Sunday, April 14 breakfast will be served at the Biggenden Golf Club followed by a 9-hole Ambrose event on the Biggenden course. This will be a lodge Charity Golf Day open to the public. All funds raised will go to local lodge charities. Further information it can be obtained by telephoning Alan Williams at 41271768.


Quick News the Toowoomba Chronicle about it and after taking delivery of his first Ford was unable to stop it so he drove around town till it ran out of petrol He was reported to have been fined for taking his horse and sulky from Ruthven Street to Margaret Street at a speed greater then a walk. TS received a medal from the Council for the saving of money in negotiating the purchase of road making steam engines while in England . TS was one of first four new candidates that were initiated in Darling Downs Lodge. Darling Downs Lodge was consecrated in 1890. TS was initiated on April 10, 1890, passed and raised in the months of June and September and had been through the chair by June 1895 (as his PM’s Jewel is dated).. By 1901 he had been appointed Substitute District Grand Master of the Queensland Scottish District by the District Grand Master, Thomas Mylne. On October 28 1904 he was promoted by Mylne to the position of his depute. In 1906 Mylne’s sudden death took everybody by surprise and in due time the brethren of the Scottish Constitution petitioned the Grand Master Mason of Scotland to appoint TS as the new District Grand Master. T S was installed in that position on November 16, 1907. During his term in Office over 50 new lodges were formed throughout the state and TS travelled widely to fund and visit his lodges. Our picture shows on the left Wor Bro Graham Burstow (grandson of T S Burstow and past master of Darling Downs Lodge No 66) with Wor Bro Colin Currie (a third generation Freemason and past master of Services Memorial Lodge No 393) displaying some of T S Burstow’s regalia.

T S Burstow regalia for display in Toowoomba One of the most familiar names known to the public in Toowoomba and District is “Burstow”. The history of the life of Thomas Stephen Burstow as a citizen is large. The information below is only a small piece of his life history. He was not only a very well-known and respected Freemason, but was also an extremely successful business man, Mayor of Toowoomba three times and was instrumental in gaining the city status for Toowoomba. He was the first Mayor to wear the robes of office in 1904. He also represented the east ward in Toowoomba for 27 years and was noted throughout Queensland for his comprehensive knowledge of the local government regulations. For over 20 years he represented Toowoomba on the Local Authorities Association and was president of that organisation three times. He was also the Chairman of the Water Board, and President of the Austral Association where Toowoomba’s great Festivals were held. He was the President of the Parents Association, Chairman of the Fire Board, member of the ambulance committee, and president and one of the founders of the Royal Society of St George. He was also President of the Toowoomba Municipal brass band. “TS” (as he was referred to) was also a very astute businessman. He was a builder and owned a cabinetmaking business and an undertaking and embalming business. TS had some very set ideas. He never shaved and never drank. He also opposed mixed bathing at the council baths and that was met with protest from one of his daughters He purchased one of the first cars in Toowoomba and often wrote a report for 28


During his time as the DGM in 1910 it was recorded that he travelled 13,255 miles to visit lodges. He travelled10,926 miles by railway, 2064 miles by steamship, 185 miles by coach and 80 miles by motor car. He also at one point had some dealings with the Quatuor Coronarti Lodge No 2076 in England as there is a jewel here stating that when he would have been travelling about as the DGM for Scottish Freemasonry that is when that lodge started in England. His early activities in other orders are not known although he held the position of Grand Superintendent of the Scottish Royal Arch, Freemasonry in Queensland from April 6, 1916 to April 22, 1921. He was also appointed to the 33rd degree in the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Scotland on March 11 1914 and served as Depute for the province of Queensland. He was presented with an honorary Junior Wardens Jewel by the Grand Lodge of Scotland on May 12, 1913. During the time that TS was the District Grand Master, the Masonic Home and Orphanage Fund (T.W Robinson Trust) was set up in 1915 as a result of a bequest by a past district grand treasurer. £3000 was later handed over to UGLQ The Scottish Masonic Patriotic Relief Fund was founded on November 9, 1914 for the relief of dependants of Scottish Masons who had fallen during the war. Donations totaled £1800. Presumably claims on the fund were not as great as expected as grants totally £21 were paid before the closure of the Scottish District Grand lodge. TS installed the First Grand Master of the UGLQ and was instrumental in the formation of the UGLQ along with Alexander Corrie. TS died on the July 24, 1928 at the age of 70 and is buried in the Toowoomba Cemetery. The Burstow Lodge and Chapter are named after him The Wall Certificate is currently located in the Neil Street Masonic Centre hanging on the wall in the ante room. This Certificate has been signed by all Masters of Scottish Lodges in Queensland in the year of 1908. The Regalia has been donated to the Neil Street Masonic Centre for display by Wor Bro Graham Burstow and the Burstow family. The display of the regalia and T S Burstow jewels will be arranged when the building of the cabinet to hold them is completed.

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Bro Charlie Martin from Endeavour Lodge No 26 presenting the Citizenship Certificates, Bursaries and Perpetual Shield to the successful students from the Cooktown State High School, Isobel Johnson (left) and Darcie Sieverding.

Indooroopilly Cooktown Citizenship Awards Installation The Annual Citizenship Awards sponsored by Endeavour Lodge No. 26 are presented to a male and a female student at Cooktown State High School who must have actively participated in and contributed to a wide variety of school and civic activities. The Perpetual Trophy is held at the school and a plaque with the names of successful students is added each year. In addition to the Trophy and Citizenship Certificates, bursary funds have been administered by the school since the inception of this award in 1990. From the information brethren received this year, both Isobel Johnson and Darcie Sieverding have achieved the same lofty standards as previous students. They were therefore the worthy recipients. The lodge has a proud history association of 137 years with Cooktown, having been formed there in 1875.

Rathdowney Installation

WorBro Ian Tomlinson is shown being congratulated on his Installation as the Worshipful Master of Indooroopilly Lodge No: 155 by VWBro Martin Overman AGSW.

It was a proud moment for Bro Geoff Rose of Burleigh Lodge No 307 (pictured left) when he witnessed the initiation of his son, Mr Andrew Rose into Freemasonry at Rathdowney Lodge meeting. The ceremony was attended by some 27 Masons, including one Entered Apprentice and one Fellowcraft, with six lodges being represented. The Worshipful Master of Rathdowney Lodge is WorBro Ian Oakes.

This group photograph was taken at the Indooroopilly Installation last year. The Worshipful Master and Brethren of Moorooka Lodge No: 405 assisted Indooroopilly with the installation of the WM and his Officers. In the picture standing in the front row on the left is Bro Clyde Winzar, who was presented with a 60-year-jewel during the evening by WorBro Vince Hay.

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Quick News

Queensland Freemasonry in “Variety Club Bush Bash” The Grand Officers Association has purchased a 1983 Ford ZX Fairlane for entry into the 2013 “Variety Club Bush Bash”. This vehicle, presently painted as an American Black and White Police vehicle, “Car 54” has been a previous formidable competitor in many a charity bash for Kidney, CareFlight and Variety Club Newcastle to name a few. The vehicle is presently being prepared for entry by GOA members VWBro Murray Sondergeld and WorBro Matthew Sondergeld (Warwick Lodge No 160). It will get a new paint job and have Masonic logos emblazoned all over. The 2013 “Variety Club Bush Bash will be running from August 5 to August 14. The route travels from Emerald in Central Queensland to Mission Beach on the North Queensland Coast via the Mount Isa Rodeo, the largest rodeo event in the Southern Hemisphere! The vehicle will be a wonderful medium for promoting Queensland Freemasonry to the wider community during its travels. It is planned that lodges in the districts will also be involved in sausage sizzles and other fundraising activities in conjunction with the running of the “bash”.

The 1983 Ford ZX Fairlane in American Black and White Police car livery.


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