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A Showbiz Queenstown and Remarkables Park Town Centre Production

Music by RICHARD RODGERS Lyrics by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II Book by HOWARD LINDSAY and RUSSEL CROUSE Suggested by “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers”

Directed by BRYAN AITKEN Musical Direction by EMMA WILSON Queenstown Memorial Hall 17 - 26 May 2012 “The Sound of Music” is presented by permission of ORiGiN™ Theatrical On behalf of R&H Theatricals:

President’s Message...

with the support of Remarkables Park Town In my third and last year as President I am delighted that, al adaptation of the story of the von Trapp Family Centre and Remarkables Park Limited, we bring the music absence of some 30 years. Singers - The Sound of Music - to Queenstown after an rs, Bryan Aitken of Christchurch with us for We are fortunate to have one of New Zealand’s top Directo mer to Queenstown, the highly qualified and a second year. We are also delighted to welcome newco Collie has assisted with the children’s vocals. experienced Emma Wilson as Musical Director. Cheryl as a fine Assistant Director, but he is also Stage Not only has Vice President Marty Newell stepped up Greg Thompson as Finance Director the Manager. With Hilary Finnie as Production Manager and . production of The Sound of Music has been in good hands company, we are indebted to our sponsors, As a ‘not for profit’ community-based musical theatre of Southland and Central Lakes Trust. We are also advertisers and major benefactors, the Community Trust ued support. On behalf of my Executive Committee, very grateful to you, our loyal audience, for your contin cast, “thank you”. the Production Team and the talented and hardworking upgraded Memorial Hall venue. As a Trustee of We hope that our next Production will be staged in an you to join Showbiz Queenstown in becoming a The Queenstown Memorial Hall Trust, I invite and urge supporter of this worthy community project. oved Musical” - when you see our show I am sure The Sound of Music is described as “the World’s Most-L iz Queenstown to bring it to you. Please enjoy. that you will see why. It has been a pleasure for Showb

Alex Derbie Alex Derbie President - Showbiz Queenstown Inc.

Sponsors Remarkables Park is delighted to again support the Performing Arts in Queenstown as major sponsor of Showbiz 2012 production. The Sound of Music celebrates the hills being alive with music so it is a wonderful show to perform in the heart of our spectacular mountains. This will undoubtedly be another outstanding production by the Showbiz Queenstown team! Olivia Porter Remarkables Park Limited

Remarkables Park Town Centre is pleased to be able to help Showbiz Queenstown in their endeavours to bring quality entertainment to our region. We congratulate the cast and crew on all their hard work and wish you a successful season. Joanna Hollander Centre Manager – Remarkables Park Town Centre

Director - Bryan Aitken

A former Associate Artistic Director and original company member of The Court Theatre, Christchurch, Bryan has worked as an actor or director for most of New Zealand’s major Theatre Companies. He has been awarded a QEII Arts Council Major Travel Grant, a Trustbank Arts Excellence Award, and The 1990 Commemoration Medal for his work with youth. While a director/dramaturg for the NZBC, he adapted many stage plays for radio and also wrote for children’s programmes. He has held positions as Artistic Director of The Arts Employment Scheme, Artistic Director of the RoadShow Trust, and Course Director for the Diploma in Performing Arts, Nelson Polytechnic. He has been a guest Lecturer and Tutor at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts in Perth (WAAPA), and the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art in Christchurch (NASDA). Bryan is also recognized as one of the country’s top Drama Adjudicators, and has a national youth award named after him. Bryan continues to freelance out of The Court Theatre as a director, tutor and tour manager. His work is as diverse as the magnificent Les Miserables to the one woman show The Mourning After. He was recently appointed an Associate of The Court, an honorary position recognising his length of service. Recent musical theatre productions include: Grease, Blood Brothers, Hot Shoe Shuffle, My Fair Lady, Cabaret, All Shook Up and The Full Monty.

Musical Director - Emma Wilson Emma has always enjoyed music making. As a child, she learned to play a variety of brass instruments, including trombone to Grade 8. She also took part in several pantomimes, musicals and Gilbert and Sullivan productions with the local Light Operatic Society in Derbyshire, England. After graduating with Honours from Cambridge University in Education and Music, she became a Primary school general class teacher. Then in 2008 she realised that music was the subject she was most inspired to teach, and set up her own business delivering music workshops to schools. She also worked as a primary music specialist teacher, organising regular Christmas concerts for up to 650 children, choirs and bands. As an adult Emma was also inspired to take up the trombone again. She joined Barnoldswick, a community brass band in Lancashire, eventually becoming Musical Director. She led them for 5 enjoyable years before coming to New Zealand for a long holiday in September 2010. In Queenstown she joined various choirs, and met Mark Wilson (the talented blind pianist). They married in April 2012, and Emma is delighted to be able to support a range of music making here, both with Mark and with the wider community,

Assistant Director - Marty Newell Marty admits it, The Sound of Music is not his favourite show...but it has moved up a few places in the last few months. After arriving in Queenstown in 1995, Marty has been involved in 16 Showbiz Queenstown productions, all but The Sound of Music being on stage. He has enjoyed the challenges that the roles of Assistant Director and Stage Manager have put in front of him, while different being on the other side of the pro arch, the new roles have their own rewards. Marty’s on stage highlights are playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, Roger in Rent and Thenardier in Les Miserables. Marty has found it an honour to have been able to work with such a talented cast of new Showbiz faces as well as some of the more ‘experienced’ ones, and the opportunity to learn with them all under the direction of Bryan. “It has been amazing to have been able to study from one of the best directors in New Zealand.” Marty has enjoyed working with Emma Wilson, a Musical Director and a fantastic talent, who has been an amazing find for Showbiz Queenstown. He hopes to be able to work with her for many musicals to come. Marty has also had the services of a great crew, who have worked through many challenges and when asked, night after night have delivered all you could ask for and more. He would like to thank Showbiz for this opportunity, Emma, Jakob, Maddox and Isabella for allowing him this time to learn more about the craft he loves, and for their constant love and support.

Proudly supporting Showbiz Queenstown

Proud to support Showbiz Queenstown

Team Stringer Richard & Lee Ph 441 0798

We’re open 8.30am - 9pm, 7 days Earn Flybuys The Mall, Queenstown Phone 03 442 7313

Synopsis The Sound of Music is set in Salzburg, Austria in the year

realise their love for one another. Maria is embarrassed and

1938, before the outbreak of World War II. Maria Rainer is

when the children begin to sing “Goodnight” for all of the

a postulant at the Nonnberg Abbey, preparing to become

party guests, she sneaks away. At the end of Act I, back at the

a nun. But Maria often gets caught singing when she is not

Abbey, Mother Abbess tells Maria she cannot run away from

supposed to, and leaving the Abbey to do so. The Mother

her feelings and she must “live the life you were born to live.”

Abbess, who is quite fond of Maria, chooses to send her away from the abbey in hope that Maria can decide whether she wants a life devoted to God. Maria is sent to be a governess for Captain Georg von Trapp’s seven children. Once Maria arrives at the von Trapp’s estate, she meets the widowed Captain and discovers that he treats his children as if he is still in the Navy. Once the Captain departs for a trip, Maria teaches all the children, Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl how to sing “Do Re Mi.” The Captain returns to the house a month later with Baroness Elsa Schraeder and

At the beginning of Act II the Captain informs the children he and Elsa will be married, but the children are very upset at the surprising departure of Maria. Max is trying to teach them how to sing on stage for the Salzburg Festival, when Maria suddenly returns. The children are ecstatic and take Maria inside, while Max and Elsa fight with Captain von Trapp about the unavoidable Anschluss (the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany). The Captain rejects the idea and Elsa ends the engagement. Maria and the Captain profess their love for

Herr Max Detweiler.

each other and are soon married. During their honeymoon the

The Captain is enraged because Maria has been letting

receives a telegram offering him a post in the German Navy.

the children sing and play instead of marching and

The Captain wants to keep their family safe, and decides

studying. Maria tells the Captain that he shows his kids no

they have to flee from Austria. They choose to stay until after

love although that is what they need. Then he hears all of

the children sing in the Festival. As soon as the children are

his children singing “The Sound of Music” for Elsa, he is

finished singing the whole family leaves, and Nazis are sent

overjoyed and thanks Maria. Since the Captain intends on

out after them. With the help from the nuns in the Abbey, the

marrying Elsa, he throws a party to introduce her to all of

von Trapps successfully escape over the mountains and into

his friends and neighbours. During the party the Captain


and Maria are showing the children a dance when they both

Anschluss occurs and upon their return, Captain von Trapp

The real von Trapps The musical is based on a true story. Born in Vienna, Maria

When World Ward II broke out in September 1939, their

Kutschera was living as a novice candidate. Maria was sent

American agent sent them tickets for the next boat crossing

as governess to one of the von Trapp’s children who had

so they could fulfill their contracts with him.

rheumatic fever. In 1927 Maria and the Baron were married, and two more daughters were born.

In 1941 they purchased a farm in Stowe, Vermont where they built an Austrian chalet. After the death of Georg von Trapp in

The family hobby was music, and in 1935 they were awarded

1947, the family continued to give concerts, and after nearly

first prize for choral singing at the Salzburg Festival. The von

twenty years of concerts in over thirty countries, they turned

Trapps had lost all their money during the depression, and

their chalet into the ‘Trapp Family Lodge’. It was burned down

were invited to give concerts throughout Europe.

in 1980, and the family rebuilt the new lodge, a flourishing

In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria and the von Trapps left their

time-share guest house.

large estate outside Salzburg for the United States. As if

On March 28 1987, Maria Augusta passed away, and lies next

going for a hike with knapsacks, they went to the station and

to her husband in the family cemetery at Stowe.

caught a train across the Alps to Italy, Switzerland and France, travelled to London and then a boat to America. In September 1938 they arrived in New York with nine children, and a tenth on the way. Under the direction of Father Wasner who had travelled with them, they became known as “The Trapp Family Singers”. The family travelled throughout the United States for eight months on concert tours, but were forced to leave the country when their visas expired. Thanks to concert invitations, they managed to get visas for Scandinavian countries.

Maria Rainer - Lisa Moore This is Lisa’s first show with Showbiz Queenstown and her first performance in a musical since high school. Lisa moved to Queenstown in 2010 and teaches performing arts at Remarkables Primary School. She also teaches speech and drama locally. The role of Maria has been both rewarding and a challenge for Lisa. As a child The Sound of Music was Lisa’s favourite film and she loved to put on regular re-enactments of scenes with the neighbourhood kids. So playing Maria is a dream come true. She feels privileged to be working with such a talented and supportive cast and crew. Lisa would like to thank her vocal coach, Margaret O’Hanlon. She is also extremely grateful for the unending support and encouragement from her friends and family, especially her amazing Mum, Beth.

Captain Georg von Trapp - Chris Parvin Chris arrived in Queenstown in 1993, previewed Showbiz Queenstown’s ‘Anything Goes’ for the local press and was hooked. However, it’s taken him 19 years to get onstage and act, for the first time since he was 10 (the same age as fellow family debutante, son Alfie). Chris was drawn to the role because; “There’s hardly any dancing and I have a collection of left feet” - and had a head start because “I was the only auditionee who looked old enough to have had seven children!” He’s also the only person who truly believes Georg von Trapp had a Welsh accent. No, really…

Mother Abbess - Kathleen Brentwood Kathleen has a bit of a long standing connection with nuns. She was taught by the Sisters both at primary and secondary school and has had wonderful nuns as teaching colleagues. She has played a nun – Sister Robert Ann in both Showbiz Queenstown productions of Nunsense 1 and 2, and has even ridden a moped and been a singing telegram dressed as one. So The Sound of Music is a perfect opportunity to once again “don the habit”, dust off her third or Latin and share the beautiful harmonies of the Nun’s chorus as the Mother Abbess. Kathleen is delighted to be part of this classic show and thanks the amazing team who have worked so hard to bring it to the Queenstown Stage! Enjoy!

Elsa Schraeder - Fiona Stephenson Fiona is delighted to be part of The Sound of Music and doubly delighted to be reacquainted with Ferdinand the Fox! Fiona thanks the BBC’s Christmas TV scheduling for teaching her all the words to the show. She says it really is on every December and was a Stephenson family event. Fiona believes playing the Baroness is fantastic, as she admires her

style, wit and grace under pressure. Unfortunately in real life,

crew. Helen is playing Sister Berthe, the serious nun who does

Fiona doesn’t embody these characteristics as much, but she

not approve of Maria!

possibly likes children a little more than her character!

The Sound of Music has been an interesting experience

Fiona can’t wait for the show to begin, for the audience to see

musically as it’s the first time she has sung in Latin. She isn’t

the amazing talent of the cast and crew. Woo-Hoo!

quite sure what the lyrics mean but they sound great!

Max Detweiler - Chris McKenzie

Sister Sophia - Belinda Paradies

Chris grew up in Waipahi, and has lived and worked in

Belinda is a new addition to Showbiz Queenstown but has

Queenstown for 15 years. He started his musical career at

previously been involved in productions of Les Miserables and

the age of 10, singing ‘Silent Night’ at the Women’s Institute

Hair as well as several theatre restaurants and charity concerts.

Family Variety Show at the Tapanui Hall.

Belinda has always loved The Sound of Music and is enjoying

This will be Chris’s fourth show for Showbiz Queenstown -

singing the songs from her childhood again. She feels very

Rush! in 2005, Les Miserables in 2009 and as the love-struck

privileged to be involved in a production with such talented

Jim Haller in last year’s All Shook Up.


He loves the outdoor life, but the buzz of being involved in musical theatre has brought him back to the stage again. Chris thanks his family for their support.

Sister Margaretta - Sue Gray The Sound of Music has given Sue the wonderful privilege of singing on stage again, since being in school musicals years ago.

Liesl - Ailsa Williamson

She enjoys singing in the Gospel choir “For Pete’s Sake” and

Ailsa has been living in Queenstown for the past three years

the St Peter’s Church Choir, and assisting with the church

and this is her first musical with Showbiz Queenstown.

music on piano and pipe organ.

Since the age of 15, Alisa has been singing and performing in

Sue trained as a Registered Nurse in Invercargill and in

her home country of Scotland in shows such as Annie, Little

Midwifery in Auckland, but music is now her passion.

Shop of Horrors and The Sound of Music. Most recently Ailsa took to the stage in Simon Green’s Christmas Spectacular and performed in Remarkable Theatre’s Tales of Gold in January. Ailsa graduated University with a BA(hons) in Silversmithing and intends to return to Scotland to persue her love of creative arts. Ailsa would like to thank her partner Evan for all his support

Franz - Paul Halsted Paul arrived in Queenstown in 2006 from England, and this will be his fouth show with Showbiz Queenstown, starting with Grease in 2008. He has enjoyed being a part of The Sound of Music and can’t wait to see it come to life on stage with a wonderful and talented cast.

and patience throughtout the late night rehearsals and the

Frau Schmidt - Jean Britton

constant singing. She also thanks her employer AJ Hackett for

A singer and musician for many years, Jean returns to

rehearsal time off and huge support throughout.

Showbiz after a long absence to take on the role of Frau

Rolf Gruber - Pol Nicholson A bit of a “muso” originally from Scotland, Pol moved to Queenstown two years ago after travelling around Australia for two years. He was only meant to stay a week but he is still here. Pol has had various jobs in town, from being a full time busker to playing gigs in the pubs with “Freefall” his band. Nowdays he still gigs a lot but you will find him in The Post Office Cafe slaving over the evil coffee machine 10/10. His first theatre performance was in London Calling but The Sound of Music is his first musical with the so called “Acting”.

Schmidt. In the interim as a member of the Arrowtown Entertainers, she has been involved in the Arrowtown Autumn Festival Shows as an actor, make-up artist, co-writer and director. Jean worked with Bryan in Showbiz Queenstown’s 1993 production of Cabaret as Fraulein Schneider. From Fraulein to Frau!

Herr Zeller - Eamonn McNicholas This is Eamonn’s first involvement with Showbiz Queenstown. He is a performing musician on the local Queenstown music scene both as a solo act and in the duo ‘Freefall’. Eamonn has been in a variety of shows since coming to Queenstown

Sister Berthe - Helen Bird

in January 2011, including London Calling and Greed,

Helen has been involved in musical theatre since the age of

Glamour and Grudges: Tales of Gold.

5. Coming from a theatrical family, it was inevitable that she

Eamonn is taking on the role of Herr Zeller in The Sound

would be involved in theatre.

of Music. The Nazi Gauleiter is a great character to portray

This is her 8th show with Showbiz Queenstown and she loves

and having to perform with a German accent is proving....

being involved every year and working with a great cast and

interesting: Zeller must have some Irish roots!

David Oakley

Greg Thompson, Jason Fullerton, Jack Swale, Steve Wilde, Graham Williams

Poppy Brinsley

Emily Roche

Charlotte Ramsey

Sofia Taquet

Petra Simpson

Greta Balfour

Zoe Deering

Amelia Wikstrom

Sign It Signs

Felix Brabant

Jonty Climo

Alfie Parvin

Hugh Taylor

Jessica Greer

Jane Robertson

Fiona Bracken

Sarah Deering

Kelly Blair

Tiffany Menzies

Isabella Reid

Cast Maria Rainer

Lisa Moore

Captain Georg von Trapp

Kathleen Brentwood

Max Detweiler

Chris McKenzie

Baroness Elsa

Fiona Stephenson

Frau Schmidt

Jean Britton

Franz Sister Margaretta

Sue Gray Helen Bird

Sister Sophia

Belinda Paradies

Rolf Gruber

Pol Nicholson

Liesl von Trapp

Ailsa Williamson

Louisa von Trapp

Poppy Brinsley/Emily Roche

Freidrich von Trapp

Felix Brabant/Alfie Parvin

Marta von Trapp Gretl von Trapp

New Postulant

Tiffany Menzies


Sarah Deering

Baroness Elberfield Party Guests

Jane Robertson Sarah Deering, Jason Fullerton, Graham Williams, Jack Swale

Paul Halsted

Sister Berthe

Kurt von Trapp

Sarah Deering, Jane Robertson, Tiffany Menzies, Jessica Greer, Isabella Reid, Fiona Bracken, Kelly Blair

Chris Parvin

Mother Abbess

Brigitta von Trapp


Charlotte Ramsey/Petra Simpson Jonty Climo/Hugh Taylor Greta Balfour/Sofia Taquet Zoe Deering/Amelia Wikstrom

Saengerbund of Herwegen Trio

Isabella Reid, Jessica Greer, Tiffany Menzies

Fraulein Schweiger Herr Zeller Admiral von Schreiber Baron Elberfeld Priest Nazi Soldiers

Fiona Bracken Eamonn McNicholas David Oakley Steve Wilde Graham Williams Jack Swale, Greg Thompson

Scene 1 – Nonnberg Abbey Scene 2 – A Mountainside near the Abbey Scene 3 – The Mother Abbess’ Office Scene 4 – A Corridor in the Abbey Scene 5 – The von Trapp Villa Scene 6 – Outside the von Trapp Villa Scene 7 – Maria’s Bedroom Scene 8 – Hallway in the von Trapp Villa Scene 9 – Outside the von Trapp Villa

PRELUDIUM – Mother Abbess and the Nuns THE SOUND OF MUSIC – Maria HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA – Sister Berthe, Sister Sophia, Sister Margaretta and the Mother Abbess MY FAVOURITE THINGS – The Mother Abbess and Maria I HAVE CONFIDENCE – Maria DO - RE - ME – Maria and Children SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN – Rolf and Liesl THE LONELY GOATHERD – Maria and Children THE LONELY GOATHERD (REPRISE) – Marta, Louisa, Brigitta and Gretl HOW CAN LOVE SURVIVE? – Max and Baroness THE SOUND OF MUSIC (REPRISE) – Children, the Captain and Maria

Scene 10 – Hallway in the von Trapp Villa Scene 11 – The von Trapp Villa Scene 12 – A Corridor in the Abbey Scene 13 - The Mother Abbess’ Office


Scene 1 - Outside the von Trapp Villa

THE SOUND OF MUSIC (REPRISE) – The Captain and Children


SOMETHING GOOD – Maria and the Captain

Scene 2 - A Corridor in the Abbey Scene 3 - The Mother Abbess’ Office Scene 4 – The Abbey Chapel


Scene 5 - The von Trapp Villa


Scene 6 – The Concert Hall

DO - RE - ME – The Captain, Maria and Children

EDELWEISS – The Captain, Maria and Children

SO LONG, FAREWELL(REPRISE) – The Captain, Maria and Children

Scene 7 – The Nonnberg Abbey Garden



Back Row (L-R): Paul Frude - Bassoon, Mark Wilson - Piano, Peter Doyle - Percussion, Ben Liley - French Horn, Trevor Tattersfield - Trumpet, Bill Somerville - Bass. Front Row (L-R): Cheryl Collie - Keyboard, Alison Frude - Flute, Emma Wilson - Conductor and Trombone, Andrea Jarvis - Clarinet, Judy Guan - Violin.

Production Team

Production Manager - Hilary Finnie

Hilary loves being involved in musical theatre, and apart from a couple of years when she was overseas, has been involved in every Showbiz production since 1990. This is the fourth year she has been Production Manager. It’s been a great privilege for Hilary to work alongside Bryan Aitken, Emma Wilson and Marty Newell as they coached and schooled the cast. She thanks the very dedicated and talented department heads who tirelessly contribute so much to bring the production to you, the audience.

Head Mechanist - Jim Gibson Jim was asked to help with set construction for a couple of hours, four years ago. He’s been involved with set and stage construction and back stage crew in various shows since then! Jim did sing in the choir for a High School musical, but after a career in banking for over 40 years, backstage is where he is happiest. Jim says that we have a great backstage crew this year with a number of ‘locals’, but as is so typical for Queenstown, a couple of Scots, an Indian, a German, and even a Southlander. This year will be challenging as there are some large set movements, and very limited space backstage. Hence the scaffolding outside the stage door. A bit of musical chairs will be required! Jim says the show each year fills a gap between the end of the fishing season and the start of skiing.

Wardrobe Manager - Jan Maxwell This is Jan’s sixth show as wardrobe manager for Showbiz Queenstown. There are many aspects to making sure everyone looks the part – starting with research, then sourcing, and finally making or altering the costumes. The Sound of Music is a classic show that Jan has enjoyed being a part of, and she hopes that you will all enjoy the amazing performances of our very talented cast. “The hills (or should we say the mountains) are alive with The Sound of Music, so please enjoy this year’s show.”

Production Team Producer

Showbiz Queenstown Inc.


Stephen Counsell, Steve Pearson, Steve Wilde

Bryan Aitken

Musical Director and Conductor

Emma Wilson

Assistant Director , Stage Manager and Cue Caller Production Manager Head Mechanist

Susanna Kelm, Vivian Lyngdoh Stage Crew - Props

Tamsin Browne

Lighting Operator

Simon Smith

Marty Newell

Sound Operator

Stu Graham

Hilary Finnie


Donna Burns, Heather Riddell

Jim Gibson

Helen Black, Penny Sheehy, Samuel Farr

Lighting Design and Plotting

Dave Sparks

Hair & Wigs Manager

Set Design

Harold Moot

Hairdressers Crew Hairdressers / Chloe Meegan, Violet Milner

Set Construction

John Allan

Sound Design

Tomtom Productions, Tom Lynch

Wardrobe Manager

Jan Maxwell

Props Manager

Susan Auty

Stage Construction

Jim Gibson, Greg Thompson,


Sarah Lee, Maggie Ennis

Makeup Manager

Tomtom Productions, Stu Graham,

Ella Chaney


Kirsty Giles, Philippa Walker

Financial Director, Funding, Ticketing Sponsorship and Advertising Sales

Brodie Hall, Brian Kirk, Charlie Reid Rigging

Linda’s Hair Design / Linda Cross

Set Painting

Spike Wademan, Hamish McBride

Greg Thompson, Marty Newell Hilary Finnie Emma Newell, Marty Newell Programme and Graphic Design

An Eye For Design

Jim Gibson, Dawn Simpson, Elaine Kelly, Emma Newell, Isabella Newell, Jade Wakeford, Marty Newell, Reece Gibson, Stephen Counsell,

Emma Newell Photography

Clees Lambridis, Geoff Patterson, Matt Wong

Rehearsal Pianists

Steve Pearson, Susanna Kelm, Tamsin Browne Stage Crew

Ella Chaney

Marketing and Publicity

Rob Jennings, Liam Martin Set Backdrop Painters

Jim Gibson, David Oakley Geoff Patterson, Greg Thompson, Jack Swale,

Jade Wakeford, Jason Fullerton, Mike Brettell, Phil Gerard,

Greg Thompson

Alison Frude, Cheryl Collie James Stephenson, Mark Wilson

Children’s Caller Chaperones

Samuel Farr Di Ramsey, Gwen Taquet, Maria Wikstrom, Sarah Roche, Sarah Bultitue

Escorted musical theatre tour - September 2013 3 shows... 10 nights accommodation... flights... sightseeing... San Francisco...

New York

For more info or to register your interest contact Tori Level 1 ASB Building | 24 Camp Street | P.O.Box 253 | Queenstown 9348 | P: +64 3 4429815 | F: +64 3 4428907 | DX: ZP 95012 | |


Maggie Ennis, Melita Gizilis, Sandy Cochrane, Victoria Keating-Mackay, Zelia Horrell

Cast Liaison

Kathleen Brentwood


Maggie Ennis

Bar Manager

Graham Williams

Front of House Manager

Sandy Cochrane

Department Heads Back Row (L-R): Greg Thompson, Linda Cross, Susan Auty, Marty Newell Front Row (L-R): Maggie Ennis, Ella Chaney, Samuel Farr, Sandy Cochrane

CALTEX QUEENSTOWN Gorge Road 6am – 11pm

An invitation to join OUR

QUEENSTOWN MEMORIAL HALL TRUST all star cast of supporters We offer huge thanks to those who have generously made contributions to the Queenstown Memorial Hall upgrade project. We have already raised more than two thirds of the $3 million needed and encourage you to join our supporters whose names will take pride of place in the Memorial Hall foyer.

Queenstown’s only totally locally owned and operated Service Station

To find out more about how you can support this fantastic community project please contact Queenstown Memorial Hall Trust chair Cath Gilmour at, 0274 900057 or 4422306. Tax rebates for charitable donations apply.

Production Crew Back Row (L-R): Mike Brettel, Phil Gerard, ??, Steve Pearson, Geoff Patterson, ?? Front Row (L-R): Susanna Kelm, Tamsin Browne

Showbiz Queenstown Committee 2012 Back Row (L-R): Greg Thompson (Treasurer), Hilary Finnie (Secretary), Marty Newell (Vice President) Front Row (L-R): Maggie Ennis, Ella Chaney, Samuel Farr, Sandy Cochrane, Kathleen Brentwood, Cheryl Collie Absent: Alex Derbie (President)


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Glenn ‘Scooter’ Reid - 1971 - 2011 Our lights were dimmed late last year with the sad passing of our friend Glen ‘Scooter’ Reid. For one who was never on stage, you still managed to be one of the greatest stars Showbiz Queenstown has ever seen. You will be truly missed, but never forgotten. Scooter was attracted to theatre when a student at Wakatipu High School – his teacher Greg Thompson was (and still is) very involved, and gave Scooter the job of lighting operator for Joseph in 1988. From then on Scooter was hooked and became a permanent feature for almost every Showbiz production since. By 2003 he had dethroned Greg as Technical Director and was responsible for all technical aspects of a production; lighting, sound, special effects, video. But Scooter did more than that. He readily accepted being elected to our management committee and in 2001 started a three year term as President. It was during this time (and only during this time) that he persuaded us that we should be doing two shows a year - and we did. In 2005 he was made a Life Member of Showbiz Queenstown. By now Showbiz had accumulated a fair bit of lighting and sound gear which Scooter went about hiring out to conferences and visiting shows, and which generated a significant income stream for the society. He also put himself out to help the local schools with their shows and other kindred organisations. Scooter had a gruff, intimidating exterior which terrified many people. But behind the facade was a kind, friendly man who would do anything for you. With a bottle of Speights never far from his reach he set high standards for our shows culminating with the biggest technical challenge of all time the incredibly successful “Les Misérables”. That will be his legacy. It’s a Showbiz tradition that the techies and backstage crew put on an ‘item’ for the cast at the after party. This degenerates into a shambles but is always eagerly anticipated. Scooter never failed to take part - always in a dress and always with a Speights in one hand and the script in the other. Thanks for keeping us in the light, Scoot!

Rummage from 10-4.30 daily A unique and eclectic mix of furnishings and gifts, including the von Trapp’s settee

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Previous Productions 1975 Salad Days 1976 The Boyfriend 1977 Music Hall 77 1978 Music Hall 78 1979 Beyond The Moonlight 1980 Me and My Girl 1981 Little Mary Sunshine 1982 The Sound of Music 1983 Oklahoma 1984 The Pyjama Game 1985 Showtime Review 1986 South Pacific 1987 Music Hall 87 1988 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 1989 Annie 1990 Godspell 1991 HMS Pinafore 1992 The Doo Wop Club 1993 Cabaret 1994 Anything Goes 1995 Grease 1996 Pirates of Penzance 1996 Nunsense 1997 Hair 1999 Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 Encore 2000 2001 Return to the Forbidden Planet 2001 Nunsense II 2002 C’mon Let’s Go 2002 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 2003 Showtime 2003 Twist & Shout 2004 Rush! 2005 Chess 2006 Rent 2007 The Wizard of Oz 2008 Grease 2009 Les Misérables 2010 Oliver! 2011 All Shook Up

Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park Nestled on an elevated terrace overlooking Lake Wakatipu and the majestic Remarkable Alpine, 5 minutes walk away from the town centre and situated just below Skyline Gondola restaurant, Cafe and Luge. Stay with us and enjoy our distinctively clean, spacious and modern facilities and amenities.

Tourist Flat • Studios • Lodge • Powered/Unpowered Sites Heated spacious kitchen • Ablution Blocks • Barbeque • Internet • Activity Lounge TV Room • Laundries • Children’s Playground • In-house movie We take pride in our outstanding customer service and modern facilities that are second to none. For bookings and enquiries call (03) 442 7252, 0800 482 735 or visit our website

Proudly supporting Showbiz Queenstown

Arrowtown Born of Gold Holiday Park Stay with us and enjoy a unique and relaxing holiday experience amongst magnificent mountain views and serene surroundings. We are 600m to the town centre, 19 kms to Queenstown, 400m to the bowling green and swimming pool, 1.5 kms to an 18 hole golf course, 10 kms to a skifield.

Tourist Flat • Studios • Lodge • Powered/Unpowered Sites Heated spacious kitchen • Ablution blocks • Shaded Barbeque Area Children’s Playground • Laundries • In-house movie If you are after an affordable holiday accommodation with brand new facilities and first class service, look no further – Arrowtown Born of Gold Holiday Park is your destination. For bookings and enquiries call (03) 442 1876 or visit our website



Supporting the “ Performing Arts in Queenstown”

The Sound of Music 2012 Show Programme  

In my third and last year as President I am delighted that, with the support of Remarkables Park Town Centre we bring the musical adaptation...

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