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THE AWARD-WINNING BROADWAY MUSICAL WITH FEATHERS! Book by Harvey Fierstein Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman Based on the play by Jean Poiret By arrangement with ORIGINTM Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

If you know The Birdcage then experience "La Cage Aux Folles" Directed by Bryan Aitken

1 - 7 September 2013 Tickets on sale June 2013

Welcome to the murderous, cut-throat world that is Chicago in the 1920s! First I would like to pay tribute to our talented and committed cast who have put in hours upon hours of rehearsal time, be it singing, dancing or acting. Their efforts will truly amaze you this evening. Showbiz have been extremely lucky to have had the talents of Bryan Aitken as our director. For the cast he provides knowledge and guidance for them to improve and grow as actors, for Showbiz Queenstown, his theatre experience allows us to continue to grow and improve as a group. Chicago would not be the show it is without the music and the dance, for this we must thank Emma Wilson as our Music Director, and introducing Anna Stuart as our brilliant choreographer. The creative three have assisted Showbiz Queenstown in producing one of our best productions ever. Our brilliant crew have worked tirelessly to provide, through lighting, set and props a world for you to immerse yourself in. As a non profit organisation, Showbiz Queenstown would not be able to continue to offer professional class productions without the support of our major sponsors Remarkables Park Town Centre, and all the businesses and individuals throughout the community who make our productions possible year after year. To you our loyal audience; as always, thank you for your support, now sit back, relax and enjoy our first production in the upgraded Queenstown Memorial Centre. My exit music please....

Marty Newell President, Showbiz Queenstown 2013






16 - 25 MAY 2013 STARRING






The 1920s are roaring with hot jazz and cold-blooded killers. As the Overture ends, we’re introduced to Velma Kelly - a vaudevillian

who shot her husband and the other half of her sister act when she caught them in bed together. Velma invites us to sample All That

Jazz while showing us the story of chorus girl Roxie Hart’s cold-blooded murder of nightclub regular Fred Casely. Roxie convinces her husband Amos that the victim was a burglar, and he cheerfully takes the rap. Roxie expresses her appreciation in song (Funny Honey) until the police reveal to Amos that Roxie knew the burglar, shall we say, intimately, and Amos decides to let her swing for herself. Roxie’s first taste of the criminal justice system is the women’s

realise there’s no one they can count on but themselves (My Own

block in Cook County Jail, inhabited by Velma and other merry

Best Friend), and the ever-resourceful Roxie decides that being

murderesses (Cell Block Tango). The women’s jail is presided

pregnant in prison would put her back on the front page.

over by Matron “Mama” Morton whose system of mutual aid (When You’re Good To Mama) perfectly suits her clientele. She

Back after the Entr’acte, Velma cannot believe Roxie’s continual

has helped Velma become the media’s top murder-of-the-

run of luck (I Know a Girl) despite Roxie’s obvious falsehoods (Me

week and is acting as booking agent for Velma’s big return to

and My Baby). A little shy on the arithmetic, Amos proudly claims

vaudeville (after her acquittal, naturally). Velma is not happy to

paternity and still nobody notices him, Mr. Cellophane. Velma

see Roxie, who is stealing not only her limelight but her lawyer,

desperately tries to show Billy all the tricks she’s got planned

Billy Flynn. Eagerly awaited by his all girl clientele, Billy sings

for her trial (When Velma Takes the Stand). Billy’s forte may be

his anthem, complete with a chorus of fan-dancers to prove

showmanship (Razzle Dazzle), but when he passes all Velma’s

that (quote) All I Care About is Love. Billy takes Roxie’s case

ideas on to Roxie, down to the rhinestone shoe buckles, Mama

and re-arranges her story for consumption by sympathetic

and Velma lament the demise of Class. As promised, Billy gets

tabloid columnist Mary Sunshine, who always tries to find A

Roxie her acquittal but, just as the verdict is given, an even more

Little Bit of Good in everyone. Roxie’s press conference turns

sensational crime pulls the pack of press bloodhounds away,

into a ventriloquist act with Billy dictating a new version of the

and Roxie’s fleeting celebrity is over. Left in the dust, she pulls

truth (We Both Reached For the Gun) while Roxie mouths the

herself up and extols the joys of life Nowadays. She teams up

words. ROXIE becomes the new toast of Chicago, and Velma’s

with Velma in that sister act (Nowadays), in which they dance

headlines, trial date and career are left in the dust. Velma tries to

their little hearts out (Hot Honey Rag) ‘til they are joined by the

talk Roxie into recreating the sister act (I Can’t Do It Alone) but

entire company for the grand Finale.

Roxie turns her down, only to find her own headlines replaced by the latest sordid crime of passion. Separately, Roxie and Velma

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MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR Remarkables Park Town Centre and Remarkables Park are delighted to again join and support the Performing Arts in Queenstown as major sponsors of the Showbiz 2013 production, Chicago. The preview promises a musical extravaganza by a talented cast and crew through show stopping numbers and an unmissable tribute to the heart and soul of theatre. This will undoubtedly be another outstanding production by the Showbiz Queenstown team! David Bell

Olivia Porter

Remarkables Park Town Centre Manager

Communications and Projects Manager

Diversified NZ Property Fund

Remarkables Park Ltd


is considered a ‘concept musical’.

Some of the characters were actually based on performers of the

Unlike The Sound of Music, for


instance, which follows a logical continuum and is based in reality, Chicago is not.

Much of what you see tonight from the characters, if it isn’t about how they graft and present their front, then it’s about

When creating Chicago, the artistic team realised they were

their dreams and aspirations. How they are going to take the

dealing with a subject that would need to be staged somewhat

headlines, become a celebrity.

differently to the ordinary musical. Devised in 1975, they were able to look back at how a story line from the 1920s may be

It is also a terrible indictment about the American Justice System


of the 1920/30s, as the story line is based on real court cases!

If you look at the canon of work of Kander & Ebb (Cabaret, The

But really listen to the music - it is so redolent of its time. So

Rink, Kiss of The Spider Woman etc.), you see not only were they

evocative, and marries with the lyrics and characters sentiments,

not mainstream musical creators, but also liked to ‘package’

so completely.

their material. To give them a ‘treatment’.

By Bryan Aitken Chicago is based on a Vaudeville. A collection of scenes and songs that make up the whole. So within that format we find: a leading man with a chorus of girls a la Ziegfeld Follies, a ventriloquist, a run-down clown, a chanteuse draped on a piano, allusions to Pantomime and Burlesque comedy routines, and an Emcee to introduce the proceedings.

A former Associate

He has been a guest Lecturer and tutor at Western Australia

Artistic Director and

Academy of Performing Arts in Perth (WAAPA), and the National

original company member

Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art in Christchurch (NASDA).

of The Court Theatre,

Bryan is also recognised as one of the country’s top drama

Christchurch, Bryan has

adjudicators, and has a national youth award named after him.

worked as an actor or director for most of New

Bryan freelances as a director, tutor and tour manager. His

Zealand’s major theatre

work is as diverse as the magnificent Les Misérables to the one

companies. He has been

woman show The Mourning After. He was recently appointed

awarded a QEII Arts Council

an Associate of The Court, an honorary position recognising his

Major Travel Grant, a

length of service.

Trustbank Arts Excellence Award, and The 1990 Commemoration Medal for his work with youth.

Recent musical theatre productions include: Grease, Blood Brothers, Hot Shoe Shuffle, My Fair Lady, Cabaret, All Shook Up, The Full Monty and The Sound of Music for Showbiz

While a director/dramaturg for the NZBC, he adapted many stage

Queenstown. He will return in two months to direct La Cage Aux

plays for radio and also wrote for children’s programmes. He

Folles, Showbiz Queenstown’s production during Gay Ski Week.

has held positions as Artistic Director of The Arts Employment Scheme, Artistic Director of the RoadShow Trust, and Course Director for the Diploma in Performing Arts, Nelson Polytechnic.

Emma has always

becoming Musical Director. She led them for 5 enjoyable years

enjoyed music making.

before coming to New Zealand in September 2010.

As a child, she learned to play a variety of brass

She came here on holiday, but quickly fell in love with the town.

instruments, and took part

She joined the Community Choir and it was there she met Mark

in several pantomimes,

Wilson (keyboard 2 in the orchestra for this show, and he was

musicals and Gilbert and

previously a Musical Director for Showbiz). They married just

Sullivan productions with

over a year ago, and Emma has since become involved in many

the local Light Operatic

different musical activities in town. She gives private music

Society in the UK. Music

lessons, has started a children’s choir, and plays with the Jazz

took a back seat for several


years, when she started work as a primary school

The Sound of Music in 2012 was Emma’s first theatre production

teacher. But in 2008 she realised that music was the subject

as Music Director, and proved a great success. Chicago has been

she was most inspired to teach, and set up her own business

an even greater challenge, as the musical and dramatic elements

delivering music workshops to schools. She also worked as a

interweave with magical complexity and speed. Emma and the

music specialist teacher, organising regular concerts for up to

cast have benefited from workshops with specialist singers and

650 children, with choirs and bands.

orchestra leaders, and Emma is very grateful to Showbiz and Bryan Aitken for giving her the opportunity to extend and develop

As an adult, Emma was also inspired to take up the trombone again. She joined a brass band in Lancashire, eventually

her music leadership skills.

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New York

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Locally Owned and Operated, we are Queenstown’s only industrial laundry and linen hire service, supplying the hospitality industry in the Southern Lakes


Synonymous with

Broadway musicals. “As a child I would spend entire Sundays

style, Anna Stuart’s

watching the black and white shows. My favourite actors

exceptional talent as a

were and still are Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly”. Anna’s own

choreographer and dancer

performance resume started at the age of 8 in The King and I

has been appreciated by

and includes South Pacific and West Side Story.

Queenstown audiences over the last ten years.

The opportunity to be part of Showbiz Queenstown, finally arrived when they announced they were doing Chicago. “I was

Anna trained in her

given a cast that is incredibly talented and dedicated and given

hometown of Blenheim in

licence to create one of my ultimate favourite musicals in my

ballet, tap and jazz dance.

own unique way…. how cool’s that?”

Her talent was evident in early years when she

“I would like to thank my mum for the endless dance lessons,

received her first scholarship to train at the New Zealand School

taxi service and putting up with my tantrums. To my students

of Ballet at age 12. Dancing was cut short with study for a

at the Queenstown School of Dance for bringing the passion of

Computer Science and Accountancy Degree and of course the

dance back into my life and to my husband for being my rock….

big OE that followed.

show after show… I love you lots x.”

Trailing the love of her life to Queenstown, everything changed back to dance. Starting with Starry Eyed then Hair and Cabaret. With a tap dance background Anna’s passion has always been

James has been

town, which I am now pleased to call my home (when I’m not

performing on Queenstown

somewhere else)”.

stages for several years, including playing leading

James can next be seen on stage as Kenickie in July’s

man Chad in Showbiz

Invercargill Musical Theatre production of Grease before

Queenstown’s 2011

returning to Queenstown to perform in Storming Theatre’s

production of All Shook Up.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Remarkable Theatre’s Calendar Girls, and Showbiz Queenstown’s upcoming production of La Cage Aux

This time however he is

Folles, for which he will be rehearsal pianist as well as an on-

relishing the opportunity to

stage performer. He is also currently writing productions of his

serve a musical purpose,

own and hopes to make his directorial debut later this year.

having returned from a stint in Sydney to take on the roles of audition, rehearsal and performance pianist and repetiteur for Chicago. He says “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented cast, production team and orchestra featuring many familiar faces but just as many new ones as well. I am always amazed by just how much talent is drawn to this wonderful little

Nicole grew up in

Of Chicago, Nicole says it has to be the ultimate musical for any

Ashburton and has spent

singer/dancer. The fantastic music combined with the Fosse

her adult life in Lyttelton

style of dance, clever script and lyrics, colourful characters and

and Arrowtown, where she

humour make it a truly wonderful show. Velma Kelly is such an

has lived for over 5 years.

amazing character: strong, sexy and sassy; she is so much fun to play.

She studied ballet from the age of six and attained

She says “It is an absolute thrill and privilege to play the role of

Cecchetti Advanced level.

Velma Kelly surrounded by such a wonderful and talented cast

She was in numerous

and crew. I am so grateful to Showbiz for taking a chance on me

ballet, dance recitals and

(an unknown!), to Margaret O’Hanlon (my vocal coach) and to

shows during her child

Anna Stuart (my dance teacher). I have been overwhelmed by the

and teenage years, and

support and encouragement I’ve received from my dear family

her previous musical theatre experience was as a dancer and

and friends, enabling me to take on the hugely challenging

ensemble member for Ashburton Operatic Society during this

role of Velma - not least from the biggest loves of my life, my

period. After a 20 year break, Nicole started dancing again three

husband Craig, my gorgeous children Madeline, Ollie and Jed,

years ago and loves having dance back in her life again.

and my parents. Thank you for letting my dream come true xx.”

Fiona (Fee) is originally

She has worked incredibly hard for this role, having had singing

from ‘Langton Hill Farm’ (to

and dancing lessons for the past 12 months in preparation. “I

be precise) Lincolnshire,

know what it’s like to want something really badly like Roxie and

East England. She arrived

I have definitely been sneaky, ditzy and manipulative at times in

in Queenstown just over six

my life (What a swell gal I am!). Up until now I haven’t been to

years ago and has never

prison though. Fingers crossed.”

looked back. Apart from the odd on-stage role at

Fee would like to thank her fantastic boyfriend David Oakley,

Primary School, her theatre

Lara, Nina, her wonderful family, especially her Mum and

career never really took

colleagues at QPS, her horse and the fantastic cast and crew!

off until she performed the

She also thanks Margaret O’H, Anna S and Sue P for all their

role of ‘Marty’ in Showbiz

singing and dancing expertise.

Queenstown’s Grease in 2008. Since then she has been in many shows with Showbiz

“I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as we’ve enjoyed

Queenstown, Underground Productions and Remarkable Theatre

performing it.”

including Les Misérables, The Sound of Music and a personal highlight of hers – portraying poor old ‘Nancy’ in Oliver!. Fee enjoys the amazing feeling of becoming someone else for the night and the great learning curve throughout the rehearsal period. Fee considers the role of Roxie Hart as her “dream role”

From Lincoln UK, Robert

musical at the theatre school in over a decade. Memorable roles

had been in Queenstown

at university were as Kisster in 12 Encounters with a Prodigy

only four months when he

and Pentheus the King of Thebes in The Bacchae, where he


performed completely naked on 3-foot high stilts!

He’s always loved the

Rob loves the limelight, and says he feels truly honoured to

stage and played many

be cast as Billy. He is humbled by the loving support from the

roles for the Lincoln

fantastic cast and crew, as well as the continued enthusiasm

Theatre Royal, starting at

from his colleagues at the Crowne Plaza Queenstown.

age 7 when he played the Scarecrow in The Wizard of

“I’d like to thank Bryan Aitken, Steve Wilde, Emma Wilson,

Oz. At age 10 he received

Anna Stuart and James Stephenson for continuing to support

a standing ovation, which

me even when I keep doing things wrong! It’s with their help,

told him he might be good at ‘this acting malarky.’ Since then

determination and professionalism that I have the confidence to

roles have included Khashoggi in We Will Rock You, Frank ’n’

play the challenging role of Billy. The biggest thank you goes to

further in The Rocky Horror Show and Danny in Grease.

my travel buddy and close friend Hannah Preece - I could not ask for a better friend!”

Robert achieved a BA Hons in Drama Anglia at Ruskin University where he won numerous acting and singing awards, and was president of the Theatre Arts Society for two years – during this period the Society produced The Wedding Singer, the first

David arrived in

David is very much looking forward to playing the part of Amos,

Queenstown four years

who he believes is a great character to portray. “Of course,

ago and Chicago is his

this means I get to sing the fantastic song ‘Mr Cellophane’

third Showbiz Queenstown

accompanied by a great orchestra. It’s a favourite of mine and I

production. He made his

hope, after tonight, it will be a favourite of yours also.”

debut as the evil ‘Bill Sikes’ opposite Fiona

“I would like to thank all my friends, family and colleagues

Stephenson’s ‘Nancy’ in

for their support. Margaret for the singing lessons and Fiona

Showbiz’s 2010 production

Stephenson for blowing my mind as Roxie.”

of Oliver!, which was his first ever acting and stage

“To the rest of the cast and crew, you’ve all been fantastic - I

performance. Since then

loves ya!”

he has been involved in quite a few other shows for Remarkables Theatre and also appeared in Margaret O’Hanlon’s Rock and Roll Suicide. He has two more shows lined up in quick succession after Chicago. Playing ‘Picasso’ in Storming Theatre’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile in June and ‘Messieur Renaud’ in Showbiz Queenstown and Memorial Centre Productions’ La Cage Aux Folles in September. This should make for a busy winter!

This will be Rachael’s

“She’s assertive, cunning, comedic, full of innuendo and has

20th Showbiz Queenstown

challenged this soprano to find her ‘low voice’. A joy to perform!”

production, her theatre credits include Godspell,

“Love and thanks to Dan, my boys Rob and Tom and to my

Return to the Forbidden

workmates at Lumino QT Dental for their support and for

Planet and Jesus Christ

‘keeping it real’ - very important for us arty types! Thank you

Superstar in the role of

also to the Chicago cast and crew. You are the loveliest group

Mary Magdalene.

of thespians ever! Enjoy the show ….I believe it will be one of Showbiz’ best!”

Rachael loves the magic of live theatre, and says using actors, musicians, stage set, lighting, sound, make up and costuming to create something exciting is a true art form. “And the best bit is bringing it all to life in front of an audience so they in turn are moved by it.” In 2009 Rachael played Fantine in Les Misérables, a highlight of her performance career, now from one extreme to the other, she is playing Mama Morton!

Originally from Foxton and

both Abbey Musical Theatre, Palmerston North and Musical

now based in Auckland,

Theatre Dunedin.

K.R. graduated from NASDA with a Bachelor

This is a reprise role for K.R., who played Mary Sunshine for

of Performing Arts in

Showbiz Christchurch’s 2008 production of Chicago, “but I’ve

Musical Theatre, which

had a lot more fun this time around due to the fact that there are

launched a professional

so many wonderful people here in beautiful scenic Queenstown.

career. Performances

And I get to live over the road from the lake with fantastic views

have included Pondlife

of The Remarkables.”

Angels for A Different Light Theatre Company, and for The Court Theatre in Christchurch Guys and Dolls, The Country Wife, The Producers, The History Boys, La Cage Aux Folles, Anything Goes, Cabaret and most recently as Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing. Other highlights have included Little Shop of Horrors for the Auckland Theatre Company, Assassins (Silo Theatre), Sweeney Todd (Peach Theatre Company), 1931 (Blue Baths Rotorua), Avenue Q for Dunedin’s Fortune Theatre, and Miss Saigon for

K.R. hopes to one day host a fishing show!

Act 1 Overture Orchestra

All That Jazz Velma and Company

Funny Honey Roxie

Cell Block Tango (They Had It Coming) Velma and the Cell Block Widows

When You’re Good to Mama Matron “Mama” Morton

All I Care About Billy and the Follies A Little Bit of Good Mary Sunshine We Both Reached for the Gun Billy, Roxie, Mary and the Reporters Roxie Roxie and her Boys

I Can’t Do It Alone Velma

Chicago After Midnight Orchestra

My Own Best Friend Roxie and Velma

Act 2

Entr’acte Orchestra

I Know a Girl Velma Me and My Baby Roxie and the Boys

Mr. Cellophane Amos

When Velma Takes the Stand Velma and the Boys

Razzle Dazzle Billy and Ensemble Courtroom Scene Ensemble Class Velma and Mama Morton Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag Roxie and Velma Finale Full Company

Amanda Fearnehough

Christiana Zhu

Christina Wilson

Gary Clearwater




Singer/Dancer (Liz)

Christiana grew up in Auckland and has recently moved to Queenstown where she works as the Trade Marketing Executive at Destination Queenstown. This is her first show with Showbiz, however she is not a stranger to the musical theatre stage. Past credits include West Side Story, Les Misérables and most recently Miss Saigon where she played the role of Kim and earned nomination for Best Actress in the Northern Area Performance Theatre Awards 2013.

Currently a Teacher Aide at Queenstown Primary School, Christina grew up in Alberta, Canada. She began dancing at a young age making her stage debut at just 5 years old in the Spring dance recital at Bonnyville School of Dance. Having trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary dance not only is this her first Showbiz show but also her first musical! She enjoys the challenge of performing and the energy of a fantastic cast. She says Chicago is her favourite musical.

Gary is originally from Oamaru and has been in Queenstown since 2007. Gary began his theatrical involvement as back stage in Oamaru and Balclutha. His first time on stage was in Balclutha in two plays One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Panto at the O.K Corral. This is Gary’s second show for Showbiz Queenstown having been part of Les Misérables in 2009 and he has enjoyed all the new challenges that Chicago has given him.

Jen Shirra

Jodie Glinster

Lisa Moore



Kyle ThompsonConnell

From Glasgow via Sydney, Jen has been in Queenstown nearly 7 years. She’s danced since the age of 3, and performed regularly in her native Scotland. All Shook Up was her Queenstown debut, and she says she’s very like the flirty, sexy, powerful woman she’s portraying! “A big thank you to my amazing fiancé for putting up with seeing very little of me, and also our beautiful wee kiwi man – I can’t wait for you both to see me on stage!”

“What woman doesn’t want to secretly dance around in her underwear?” asks Tatler Restaurant manager, Jodie. She started dancing and acrobatics at aged 3 and has performed regularly since the age of 5. She has trained in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and character, and in Circus Arts with SPC on the Gold Coast, performing Trapeze, Lyra and Aerial Web. Jodie performs regularly with Flame Productions as an acrobat, fire dancer and stilt walker and loves entertaining. Chicago is her first Showbiz show – and her favourite musical of all time!


Lisa made her Showbiz debut last year as Maria in The Sound of Music, and was attracted to Chicago by the music, the quirkiness and the Vaudeville genre. From Invercargill, Lisa has been on stage since she was 6, and is a teacher at Remarkables Primary School. She also teaches speech and drama. She loves being in shows for the friendships, and the challenges of performing in differing styles and taking on different characters.

Amanda hails from Liverpool, England. She went on to study performance art at Northumbria University. Since moving to New Zealand she has appeared in several productions including Daughters of Heaven and The Rise and Fall of Little Voice in Wellington. Amanda feels that Chicago has encouraged her to embrace her inner psycho.

Kyle grew up in Tauranga and was highly involved in theatre technical production work through high school and Baycourt Theatre. Through these experiences he developed a passion for the stage, combined with a new love for dance and he has now ventured into performing. Kyle is looking forward to featuring in Showbiz Queenstown’s La Cage aux Folles later this year.


Graham Williams

Haley Purdon

Huffer Campos

Jacqui Ennis

The Judge


Singer/Dancer (M.C.)


Graham Williams has been in Annie. Graham Williams has been in Cabaret. Graham Williams has been in The Sound of Music. In fact you could say he is the biggest “has been” in Showbiz Queenstown.

Haley, from Auckland, has been in Queenstown 9 years and is Senior Market Manager for Orbitz Worldwide. She’s been dancing since age 7, and loves to be part of the amazing dance numbers in Chicago. “Singing and dancing together is quite a challenge, and it’s been fantastic to see it all come together.” Children; Harrison (9) and Sophia (8) are Haley’s biggest fans for her first Showbiz Queenstown show.

Huffer (Rafael) came from São Paulo Brazil in 2008. Based in Wellington, he couldn’t believe his luck that his return to Queenstown for a brief stint as Starbucks store manager coincided with Chicago, his favourite musical ever. His previous Showbiz productions were Oliver! and All Shook Up. Huffer sings in church, pubs and with friends, and has also done some TV advertising and recorded two CDs with a gospel black choir.

Originally from Dunedin, Jacqui trained in modern dance from the age of seven. She was moved to Queenstown with her family at the age of 10 and ever since dance has taken a back seat. With her mother, Maggie on the Showbiz Queenstown committee she has been dragged into the theatre world. She helped out back stage with Les Misérables and is now making her stage debut. She says the era of Chicago and the dancing and costumes drew her to audition.

Michelle Thayer

Paty Kirchoff

Paul McLachlan

Peter Laurenson

Singer/Dancer (Go-To-Hell Kitty)


Singer/Dancer (Fred Casely)


Paul grew up in the small town of Clinton and then ventured out to the big cities of Wellington and Christchurch where he has spent most of his adult life. He now lives in Wanaka where he works as an artist. Paul was involved in musical theatre at high school and after a six year break he decided to return to the stage. Chicago is Paul’s first Showbiz show and his first time on stage in Queenstown. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Pete has lived in Queenstown 15 years and is a Building Manager at Lakes Environmental – he also has a second job being Queenstown’s ‘Mayoress’! A Showbiz virgin, his only stage performance was at age 40 when he was in Starry Eyed in 2007. Being in Chicago has been a challenging opportunity for Pete, particularly getting the rehearsal dates into his diary! He’s loved the team spirit, and having lots of talented people around to learn from.

Michelle, from West Otago, went to High School in Dunedin and now lives in Wanaka. She has a Bachelor of Performing Arts from NASDA. She’s been performing since she was 8 (Gretl, The Sound of Music) and since then highlights include roles in Winnie The Pooh, Oliver!, Cats and Rush! Michelle loves the music (and the movie!) of Chicago, and enjoys the challenge of portraying somebody completely different truthfully.

Originally from Brazil, Paty has lived in Queenstown for 8 years where she works as a Pilates teacher at Vital Pilates Studio, Millbrook Resort, Nadi Wellness Centre. Although this is her first Showbiz show she has danced most of her life including being part of a dance company for 10 years, travelling around to festivals, competitions and dance shows. She is thankful for the opportunity to get back on stage and describes Chicago as being simply “amazing”.

Sam Farr

Tania Carter


Singer/Dancer (Annie)

Terence (Fitz) Fitzgerald

Tiffany Menzies

Sam hails from Timaru and in his 5 years in Queenstown he has been involved in 12 shows, including performance in Showbiz Queenstown’s Oliver! and All Shook Up and in the crew of The Sound of Music. Before moving to Queenstown Sam was in productions at high schools in Rangiora and Timaru, and with the South Canterbury Drama League. He’s been on the Showbiz Committee for three terms and “loves being able to help bring amazing shows to the local community.”

From Invercargill, Tania has been in Queenstown 4 years and runs fashion boutique d t carter here, and another store in Invercargill. From a school talent quest at 11 to numerous shows with Invercargill Musical Theatre, her highlight is Electra in Cats. Tania was in All Shook Up, and of Chicago says “I love the music and energy, and the amazing friendships which come from being part of the Showbiz family.” And of Merry Murderess Annie? “I’m lovin’ the chance to be a bad ass!”

Singer/Dancer (Sergeant Fogarty)

From Surrey UK, Tiffany has been performing since a very young age, and Chicago has been a favourite since she was a young teen. A seasoned performer, she has been involved in 16 shows in her 5 years in Queenstown, the highlight until now being Les Miserables. When not performing, Tiffany is Operations Manager at Shipleys Audiovisual, and a volunteer firefighter. Like her character, she does what has to be done to get results – bar kill anybody!

Tiffany Mitchell

Yukin Naidoo

Zelia Horrell

Singer/Dancer (Hunyak)


Singer/Dancer (Mona)

Tiffany is making her debut for Showbiz Queenstown. She is normally looking after her wonderful family by day and rocking the stage by night in NZ’s most fun band, LA Social Club. Chicago drew Tiffany to audition because her three favourite things are involved; singing, dancing and acting. Tiffany has graced Queenstown stages before in Starry Eyed, in 2001 as Toni Childs and again in 2010 as Anastasia. She has enjoyed being involved with Chicago, but is looking forward to being able to eat again!

Yukin was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He moved to Queenstown four years ago where he started exploring his musical abilities beginning with singing at church. Chicago is his first ever time on stage where he sings and dances as one of ‘Roxie’s Boys.

Zelia hails from Riversdale in Southland and came to Queenstown via Oregon 2 years ago. She’s Marketing Coordinator at AJ Hackett Bungy NZ and has loved performing since she was 10. While she’s stoked to have been selected for her first Showbiz role, she’s been in several Remarkables Theatre productions. Her favourite role was as a Kit Kat girl in Cabaret in Oregon – a show with many similar theatrical qualities to Chicago – punchy songs, great choreography, fun costuming, a little scandal and some laughs!

Originally from Christchurch, Fitz made the move to Queenstown after the earthquakes. On arrival he studied singing with Margaret O’Hanlon and joined Emma Wilson’s Queenstown Community Choir. He is an intermediate Ceroc dancer and has performed several small parts in shows at school level and backing vocals in more recent productions.

Singer/Dancer (June)

Fiona Bracken Helen Bird

Isabella Reid

Jules Molloy

Backing Vocalist

Backing Vocalist

Backing Vocalist

Backing Vocalist

Kathleen Brentwood Backing Vocalist

Angus Buchanan

Bill Somerville

Emma Wilson

Gen Numaguchi





James Stephenson Jared Anderson

Lyndon Crabbe

Mark Wilson

Keyboard 1



Keyboard 2

Paul Frude

Phil Hartshorn

Sheena Naughton

Trevor Tattersfield





Hilary Finnie

Greg Thompson

Marty Newell

Jim Gibson

Production Manager

Finance Director

Stage Manager/

Head Mechanist

Hilary was asked to help with publicity for Godspell in 1990, and has been involved in nearly every show since. Chicago is her 6th show as Production Manager. She feels privileged to have worked alongside an exceptionally talented cast, a very hard working and dedicated crew, and the incredibly talented creative team. “Sit back and enjoy the spectacular production you’re about to see.”

Greg has been looking after Showbiz finances for the past six years and has this year taken on the additional role of Technical Manager arranging all things ‘teckie’ to do with the production. After working in the Memorial Hall for the past 30 years and always having to ‘make do’ he is ecstatic about the new modifications to the stage. “It’s almost like a ‘real’ theatre now and it just makes the teckies life so much easier” he says. He regrets that Showbiz stalwart Scooter Reid did not live to see the changes that he dreamed about too.

Set Designer

This is the fifth show Jim has been backstage, and the second as Head Mechanist. A lot less challenging than last year as there is less set to be moved during the show, and more room to move! There is a great crew backstage, and Jim is very appreciative of the many helpers with the set build and set up in the Memorial Centre. The shows become more technical each year so there are always new challenges for the stage crew thrown up by the Director. Sit back and enjoy a fantastic interpretation of Chicago.

Dave Spark

Tom Lynch

Jan Maxwell

Lighting/Video Designer

Sound Designer

Wardrobe Manager

Dave is a professional lighting and video designer with 15 years of experience in the industry. He has designed for shows and corporate events all over the country including Showbiz Christchurch and recently the NZ consortium tour of Hairspray. This is his fourth show as lighting designer with Showbiz Queenstown, previously designing for Grease in 2008, All Shook Up in 2011 and last year’s The Sound of Music.

Being born into an exceptional musical Arrowtown family, it’s logical that Tom would follow a career in performance. His gift for creating ‘the perfect sound’ was discovered when he was sound assistant for the Showbiz production of Chess in 2005; he has been on the technical team for most local theatrical productions ever since. Credits include Les Misérables, All Shook Up, The Sound of Music and more recently the Memorial Centre Opening Concert.

Jan has been involved with Showbiz Queenstown since 2007 and during that time has worked on cowardly lions, pink ladies and the odd orphan or ten. She says “Chicago is a show I have always wanted to work on; it has feathers, sequins, glitz and glamour! I have enjoyed working with the very talented cast. What an amazing group of actors and dancers, well done everyone. Let us ‘Razzle Dazzle’ you tonight!”

Chicago will be Marty’s 18th year involved with Showbiz Queenstown. Having spent a few years on stage, this will be Marty’s second time taking on the Stage Manager’s role, a role which he says has its challenges but they are by far outweighed by the satisfaction of seeing a production like Chicago come together. “Love and a big thank you to Em, Jakob, Maddox and Bella and All – That – JAZZZZZ!”

Amanda Berryman

Linda Cross

Ella Wilson

Trish May

Hair Co-Manager

Makeup Manager


Hair Co-Manager


Bryan Aitken

Sound Assistants

Music Director

Emma Wilson

Wardrobe Manager


Anna Stuart, Bryan Aitken

Rehearsal Pianist

James Stephenson

Production Manager

Hilary Finnie

Financial Director & Technical Manager

Greg Thompson

Stage Manager

Marty Newell

Head Mechanist

Jim Gibson

Assistant Mechanist

Melanie Grindell

Lighting and Video Design, Light Plotting Set Design Set Construction Sound Design

Dave Spark Marty Newell

John Allan, Shotover Engineering, Certified Scaffolding, Jim Gibson

Stage Crew

Jan Maxwell

Wardrobe Assistants Heather Frampton, Heather Riddell, Helen Black, Karen Mitchell, Lea Evan, Pauline Weatherburn, Sandy McInally, Steph Percy Hair & Wigs Stylists

Linda’s Hair Design - Linda Cross

Crew Stylists of Hair - Amanda Berryman, Brenda Bygate, Crystal Jung, Jordann Nash, Kay Mortimer, Keri Pollock, Kristin Mackey, Tina Fuller Makeup Manager Make up Artists

Ella Wilson Belinda Sutherland, Kirstin Mitchell

Assisted by

Tom Lynch, TomTom Productions

Light Rigging and Set Pack In Brian Marquand, Chris McKenzie, David Oakley, Geoff Patterson, Greg Thompson, Jim Gibson, Liam Cordelle, Matt Bradford, Samantha Perry, Sophie Lake, Stephen Counsell, Steve Pearson, Trent Hall Set Painting

Peter Byrne, Matt Bradford

Brian Marquand, Emma Newell, Jill Derbie, Jim Gibson, Melanie Grindell, Myriam Carlos, Steve Pearson Anna Bouzaid, Myriam Carlos, Phil Gerard, Stephen Counsell, Steve Pearson

Andrea Reeve, Chelsea Kerr, Holly Hoogvliet, Jen Shirra, Lauren Veneziano, Rikki-Lee McLean, Tessa Taft


Greg Thompson

Sponsorship and Advertising Sales Emma Newell, Greg Thompson, Marty Newell Marketing and Publicity

Trish May, Hilary Finnie, Marty Newell, Emma Newell

Programme and Graphic Design Programme Photography Prompts Social and Catering Bar Manager

An Eye for Design Emma Newell Matt Wong Photography Matt Wong

Jill Derbie and Victoria Keating Maggie Ennis Graham Williams

Properties Manager Ruth Hamilton Assisted by Rebecca Weatherburn, Sarah Dobson

Front of House Managers

Lighting Operator

Simon Smith

Lighting Assistant

Liam Cordelle

Bar tenders, ushers & programme sellers Friends of Showbiz Queenstown

Sound Operator

Stu Graham

Sandy Cochrane and Maggie Ennis

Showbiz Queenstown sincerely thanks the following people and businesses. Alexandra Musical Society An Eye For Design Angela Johnson, NASDA Anna Maree Morris Central Drycleaners Central Lakes Trust Certified Scaffolding Colvin Construction Ltd Crew Stylists of Hair EFTPOS Specialists Fabric Collections Guthrie Bowron Hec Chisholm Hirequip i-SITE Queenstown Impact Screen Prints Invercargill Musical Theatre John Allan Set Builder Lakefront Apartments Lakes District Museum Lakes Environmental Lakes Leisure Lakes Weekly Bulletin Lakeview Holiday Park Linda’s Hair Design Matt Wong Photography Mediaworks Mountain Scene Musical Theatre Dunedin Peter Orpin Queenstown Events Centre Queenstown School of Dance Queenstown Times Rebecca Barnes Remarkables Park Limited Remarkables Park Town Centre Richard Marrett, NASDA

Roxburgh Pioneer Generation Brass Band Shotover Engineering Showbiz Christchurch Sign-it Signs The Mirror The Orange Group Ticketek TomTom Productions Wakatipu High School Wilkinson’s Pharmacy Special thanks to Kate Moetaua and the students of Wakatipu High School who ‘walked’ the stage during the plotting of lights: Adele Diack, Emily Peters, Vanessa Woodward, Rosie Glover, Sam Cameron, Ben Stevens, Lily Gamson, Amy Jackson, Georgia Bartlett, Isadora Lao, Poppy Collins and Laura Hill Our sponsors, funders and the businesses that donate or discount goods or services are as essential to this production as the cast and crew. We are indebted to them for their generosity. To the families, friends and colleagues of cast and crew thank you for your patience and support.


Marty Newell


Steve Wilde


Alex Derbie


Greg Thompson


Hilary Finnie


Kathleen Brentwood

Sandy Cochrane

Cheryl Collie

Maggie Ennis

Samuel Farr

Emma Newell

David Oakley

Ella Wilson


Cheryl Collie

Fae Robertson

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Graham Williams

Greg Thompson

Kathleen Brentwood

The Mall, Queenstown Phone 03 442 7313

Marty McLay

Sandy Cochrane

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Glad to bring some Razzle Dazzle to the amazing Chicago cast, and look forward to creating new styles for you.

proud to support Showbiz Queenstown and their production of Chicago

The Mall, Queenstown.

EmPowER youRsELf by fasHion Remarkables Park Town Centre Hawthorne Drive, Queenstown


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Wishing Showbiz Queenstown all the best with their production of ‘Chicago’

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