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Together Funded by

Union of British Columbia Municipalities

Seniors in Bloom Program Barriere BC

Workshop Guide

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JUNE 15 • 9am

• Tree P lanting •B • Prize reakfast refr eshmen s • Mu Wha sic • F hatt’s ts ’s ’ happen un

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Union of British Columbia lities Municipa

Lett’s Le ’s Grow To Toge get eth the her err!!

shop 2-4pm

Organic G ardening “Leave it : to the Bir ds and th e Bees”

est st Fesstiv Weeke tivval ek ken all nd d of: off: f Sep Se Sept pttem pt em mb ((exa exxacctt tim be ber 13/ ber 113/14 times mes and 14t 1 th h ddate ate t T.B

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ommunity Barriere C

Isabell Eld en, a local beekeeper share her , fascinatin g knowle will considera dge abo ble a diploma importance to us. An ut bees and their in Ho gel working wit rticulture and has ina Hovenkamp has 18 h has experi plants in a greenhous years experience ence in lan e setting. dsc She also and yard maintenance aping, doing small installatio . ns We will be giving aw ay several Informatio bird houses n regarding or feeders. the role of featured in birds will this aftern also be o n pro oon groups. p gram, suitable for all age

Union of British Columbia ties Municipali

Co-Sponsored with The District Of Barriere

Barriere Community Garden 2008 Workshop Guide 8 0 0 2 n e unitity Gard pm riere Comm

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ble ant eraabl der wil willl be sidde nsi ng. t-resist mullch t-re ons on chiing . Her ccon too a healthier Angelina nding drough efi of r season ingg tin benefits summe t in contribuutin recomme g the ma m ny ben senter this interes tation. discussin main pre s her keen sen p is our re plu this pre Hovenkam a in Horticultu e candidate for ina lom nat Angel and dip a passio perience nt makes her 10033 me g is environ fundin 0-672-551

shop 2-4pm

25 red y. The Librar es and sponso Susan at Public liti calling B rriere BC M Minicipa ister by the Ba of behind pre-reg U ion the Un directly Please located m project by is n oo rde in Bl ityy Ga Seniors mmuunnit The Co through the ere T 144tth ed rri ber 133///1 p vid strict of Ba pro Septem Di b the by end of


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ns nt All Eve F O FREE E G R A H C

FOR: ER FO LEND e TBA UR CA te & tim RK YO exact da A M ALSO

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and properar teas a Smith pare sol The healing mises : Virgini pro salve, pre eds!. Presenter a herbal y consider we on. This event to make

Union of British Columbia es Municipaliti

Susan at calling ister by pre-reg DER Please CALEN

FOR: m YOUR rd • 2-4p MARK gust 23 Au , ALSO ay turd 03

Sa p 0-672-51 ping • venkam Xerisca : Angelina Ho san at 25 4th lling Su Presenter egister by ca ber 13/1 pre-r Septem Please end of ek we • l Festiva st ve Har A time TB

rriere the Ba s in behind ior directly ough the Sen by nsored located rden is is provided thr lities and spo ity Ga mmun The funding BC Minicipa The Co of y. rar ion Un Lib by the Public ject& prote Barriere acomt da trict of exBlo the Dis

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Union of British Columbia es Municipaliti

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ALSO MARK YOUR Herbs bs • S CALEN Saattu urrd day,, Aug presennte DAR F ter err:: Virg ay OR: inia Sm ust 16th t • 2-4p Pleasee ith pprre reem

& time

Union of British Columbia Municipali ties

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Work August 16th

Coffee in the

Thhiiss ev T en to to look t will be an op at portuni bounty what is happ bo ening ty to relax an and be exaam ex mple of auty. We hope in the garden d visit, a time and to that this and an nd hope “simple is be enjoy he a au fu r lly tiful” as evening will make gro gr rou oups in be an our area new oones. W we visit with e will be old to com e and so inviting friends cialize ot he r garden as well.

-registe r by ca lling Su Xeriscca cap san at 25 ap piiin ng • Sa Preesseeennte Pr 0-672-51 terr: r: Angel turday, Aug 03 us ina Hov Plea Pl e se s preenkamp t 23rd • 2-4p register m by calli ng Susa Harvest n at 25 Fe 0-672-51 exact da stivall • weeke 03 nd te

p 2-4 d Worksho August 23r g

Garden 2 ommunity

Barriere C


Barriere BC


ugust 10th


Seniors in Bloom Program

Funded by

Union of British Columbia Municipalities

e Se out Th h g u o r r Th Colou

ork to: framew y build a dil Leam h you how to ter: Bo ace Presen ram will teac bour right pl la e og th pr on ason wn The ant for - Cut do Flowering Se se the right pl 672-5103 0nd oo - Exte u to ch n at 25 help yo calling Susa ill w It OR: ster by DER F pre-regi Please :30pm e our ALEN 6:30-8 OUR C Y 10th • gardeners, se t K us R ug her MA nday, A with ot ALSO den • Su t to socialize den ar G e en ar in th in ev ity G mmun Coffee simple drop our Co a m This is and to enjoy • 2-4p t 16th s, flower 03 , Augus 672-51 turday ith Sa • at 250Herbs r: Virginia Sm llilinngg Susan m ca te • 2-4p presen e-register by t 23rd pr , Augus ay Please rd 03 Satu ennkkaam mp 672-51 ping • ovve at 250Xerisca r: Angelina H alllilinngg Susan h ca 13/14t te Presen e-register by ember pt Se pr nd of Please • weeke

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Garden 20

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Union of British Columbia Municipal ities

G ro w


session wil l be

packed wit h informativ e informatio n. Including - plants to : attract ben eficial ins - recipes to combat ects unwanted - compostin insects g - mulch

.A. share in a day that promises This day program season to end our ’s event will be a in “grand” style. day of cele bration : music and food, fun more! , Come and

Co-Spo The Distric nsored with t Of Bar riere


July 5th Work



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unity Garden 2

2-4 Particip gust 16 Herbs ants will by Virgin solar teas learn how ia Smith and uted to herb learn about lave to make a herb al salve, nde s will be prepare woven thro r. The healing pro propert ughout this _________ mises to be one afternoon. ies attribthat will _________ This eve _________ be of interest nt to man _________ _________ y. ___ Au _____ Using wat gust 23 er wisely 2-4 Xersc and mak aping specifi ing _________ c landscape. Pre planting choices _________ senter Ang suitable to your elin _________ _________ a Hovenkamp _________ ___ ______ ______ Harve

g Plantin • Tree kfast a • Bre ments refresh es • Priz sic • Mu Funded

Barriere Comm

ing at Communit the y Garden th is summer ...


ST nnell GUE Fe Mike North ity Mayor ds of un • Hea on Comm on ds ps Thom : Ron Hin n s st rdso re Fo Richa D & Ted herton, Ph ic Orc om an D on • Ec t Socio- n Specialis io Extens


- Noon

GUES Mayor Mike Fe TS nnell • Comm unity Fo Heads of North rests : Dan Or Ron Hi Thomps chert er on, ndson on PhD So & Ted cio-Eco Richard nomic son Extensio n Spec ialist •

5 JUNE 1 oon 9am - N

Various event posters & materials.


of Sept ember 13/14th

All Eve nt FREE s O CHAR F GE

The Co mm provided unity Garde n is loc through th ated dir by the the Se District ect of Barrie niors in Bloom ly behind the Barriere re project by the Union Public Librar of BC Minicipa y. The fundin g is litiess and spo ponso nsorred ed

Your Funding and The Impact It Had In the North Thompson We wish to express our sincere gratitude for your support in helping to create what we hope will be a lasting legacy in the heart of Barriere. The following pages contain a few of the highlights, and a brief overview of what your funding helped us achieve in our community garden this spring and summer and the ripples that happened as a result. - A picture says a thousand words……….

Where to Begin?? “Once upon a time”…… there was a small rural community who had suffered the stressors of the Mountain Pine Beetle impact, the McLure Wildfire, a struggling cattle industry, aging demographics and a small group that wanted to recreate a community garden that had very nearly been forgotten. This little town was just in the process of creating a local government and the little group had the honour of being the first piece of “non-housekeeping” business for the new District of Barriere. The creation of the new District gave the group the ability to be sponsored for funding from UBCM to build a new garden shed, shaded seating area and programming for the summer. What follows is the realization of our dream……….

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…………… We were just a little group and the funding was not only a wonderful opportunity but also a huge challenge. This summer was a “learning to walk the path as you create it.” With any dream, there must be those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and actually get the job done, there must be those who actually have the skills …….we were very fortunate to have dedicated champions and a very special couple shone brightly. Learning about what we have in our own community, what works best and what doesn’t work at all Learning that people support that which they help create - Learning that you have to make mistakes to grow - Learning that most everyone is happy to support something that they perceive as a benefit to the community - Lastly Learning that we are not alone and when we work together we can help to create a healthier, more connected and self-reliant community. After, the gruelling first stages of learning about proposal writing, came the hundreds of hours of backbreaking work of building the infrastructure.

Then We began the programming with an afternoon learning the basics of planting a simple container. The participants all took home their own creations and we were off to a positive start.

Rewarding, first and foremost, a source of fresh veggies. An opportunity for social “intercourse”. At the outset I couldn’t see the sense of growing anything other than veggies. I have since discovered the beauty of it and that is very hard to describe. (flowers) I’m amazed at the enthusiasm of the members and what we have accomplished.

Comments from Eric Douglas, Community Garden Member

Next, came our official “Kick Off” event that focused on the importance of trees. We were fortunate that the weather was beautiful. Many members of the community came out to share this event. We had dignitaries, including the heads of our two Regional Community Forests, our Mayor, and a Councillor from Simpcw First Nation attend and speak. We had music, locally baked goodies, fresh fruit. We were honoured to have our local Thompson Valley Players “fruit & veggies” arrive to start the festivities by marching along the newly created pathway from the local seniors residence. The community witnessed the planting of the first tree to dedicate our “spring garden” made possible by funding raised and donated by our local youth at the nearby Elementary School. We had a local nursery person demonstrate the basics of how to plant a tree, and we were fortunate to have a an employee of Forrex give a lecture to those interested. He came from Prince George and brought a generous donation of trees from the University of Prince George. Over a hundred people attended and overall, the event was considered a great success.


What the Community Garden means to me? A place to garden, to try out new and different plants for our local climate both to look at and to eat! A place to meet other gardeners and exchange ideas, learning new techniques from them, and they, hopefully, will learn some in return from us. A place where new gardeners can get advice, learn new skills, get encouragement and find companionship. A place where people unfortunate not to have their own garden, can grow healthy and fresh food and flowers at a low cost. Last but not least, the Community Garden is situated right in the heart of Barriere, where many people meet or walk through every day, whether gardeners or not. There is always also lots of good talk and much laughter.


Comments from Bodil Leamy, Community Garden Member

Organic Gardening: “Leave It to the Birds and the Bees� We learned that active engagement is a great way to learn. The highlight was when we went beyond the talking and discovered what lessons we could actually learn from our community garden. We discovered potato beetle and several other both beneficial and harmful insects.

Colour Throughout the Seasons This event demonstrated that we have a wealth of knowledge in our own backyard. Our own local gardening guru, a former curator at the Botanical Gardens at UBC presented from her wealth of knowledge, using part of our garden to demonstrate some basic design concepts. Our portable “tents� were invaluable to shade the participants on this very hot afternoon. As the coordinator, I learned to check your list twice - I arrived to discover that I had not printed off one of the essential sheets required for the afternoon. A quick trip to the drugstore solved the problem but underlined the imperfection of us all.

Coffee in the Garden Simply a time to gather and socialize, to slow down and just enjoy the company of our community members. This evening was highlighted by freshly baked pie with locally sourced ingredients. Music, strolling, chatting, and just slowing down to enjoy was the object of the event. The fresh pie did entice more of the “menfolk� to attend. We had a good attendance from further up our valley. The shower that fell later in the evening did not dampen the spirits of those who attended.

Herbs This event once again highlighted the wealth of knowledgeable and talented community members we have. One of our local Municipal Counsillors, Virginia Smith, presented. Again, there was a hands on component to this event where we made a salve. This afternoon was very well attended and proved to be one of the most popular events of the summer’s programming.

Xeriscaping Once again, we had a local community member who is a horticulturalist come and share a timely topic which gave suggestions and helped us understand that we are able to work with nature. By using common sense we can save time, energy and water, and achieve beauty in our landscaping. And once again, we had a hands on segment at the end of the workshop that gave the participants the opportunity to take home their own creations.

The North Thompson Fall Fair In a small community, we all wear many different hats. Our Fall Fair is a highlighted event every year in the valley. At the last moment they discovered that anticipated funding for a “Go Green” component to the Fair did not materialize. We were approached to see if we could fill the gap. Although it stretched our capacity, we were able to help not only the Fall Fair but ourselves. Our presence at the Fair helped to promote the work that we are doing in the garden, and it complemented the work being done to educate the community regarding subjects such as composting, gleaning, and recycling. The ability to see ourselves as “part of”, the flexibility of the funding, and our enthusiastic volunteers enabled us to not only help our community in an unplanned way, it has also opened the door for a permanent relationship with the Fall Fair.

Thank you very much for allowing us to be a part of the celebration in Barriere. The heart of the Gleaners was the heart of your Friendly Free Workshops, the bees, the sunflowers, the organic worm composting and the blue bag recycling. It made us aware of refreshing our environment. Thanks again. ~ Menno Unger, president Okanagan Gleaners

The Harvest Festival MON DAY, SEPT EMB ER 22 , 2008

This day was the “Grand Finale� of a summer of learning. We chose the “100 Mile Diet� theme to highlight the wealth of resources that we have locally, local talent, local food, local people. We invited crafters and food producers to attend. We interspersed presentations with live music. We learned about what we can do at home and we were also informed about the successes of other communities.



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Sunshine, fresh bannock, corn, local sausage, local pie, lively conversation, and yes, this day was a wonderful example of what can be done by working together.




As I indicated when I gave my talk at the Harvest Festival, I believe the Barriere Community Garden project is a huge success. You did an SER VING THE exceptional job coordinating the project. The strength of the project is NOR TH T HOM PSO N VA a reflection of the work you did to ensure involvement and participation LLEY FRO MH EFFL EY C by many special interest groups – the Barriere community developed a feeling REE K TO BLU E RIV ER of ownership & stewardship. I hope the funding and support continues as the Barriere Community Garden is an inclusive project, enjoyed by young and old.

~ Joanne Baskerville, presenter




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Seniors Coffee in the Garden Our garden proved to be an enjoyable venue for some of our less mobile, more physically challenged community members. The three morning events provided a change of scenery, an opportunity to visit with others, to enjoy the live music provided by two local guitarists, and to take home flowers from the garden. This was an opportunity to connect with others, to share their knowledge, experiences and memories. We learned that weather plays an important role. One day was overcast and had rained earlier in the morning this led to the decision of several not to attend. The Seniors Pioneer Residence staff were very cooperative and supportive, as was the support staff for the Elders from Simpcw First Nation.


Barriere Community Garden  

Barriere Community Garden

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