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Interior & Architectural Trends 2013 / 14 & Beyond


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How Design Trends Are Forecast

Trends for 2013/14 The H.ACKtivist Liquid Geology The Vision The Curator

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The Trend Forecasting Process

Trend Forecasters Predict: • Why & when a trend will Emerge • How & why a trend will be Reinforced • How & why a trend will Shift Direction

The Trend Forecasting Process 1. Review previous seasons trends 2. Establish the current situation 3. Research future planned events 4.

Analyse unexpected events


Mix in latest Designers work


Identify common denominators

What do we research? Research & Analysis of Global:            

Gallery & Museum Exhibitions Environmental Issues Politics & Economics Societal & Cultural Change Science & Medicine Technological Developments TV & Film Food, Drink & Dining Fashion - Apparel & Accessories Transport & Travel Architecture, Hotels & Retail World Events & Celebrations

2013 / 2014 Trends

The H.ACKtivist

The H.ACKtivist

Originates from SS12 ‘Colour Capital’ + aspects of ‘Motel’ & ‘ARTificial’ from SS13 + ‘CraftPunk’ from AW12/13

The H.ACKtivist

Recession Rebellion! -Underground movements become mainstream – ‘Outsiders’ lead the way -Taking back control (anti-establishment) -The power of the Collective -A Creative attack -Deconstructing & Reassembling -Consumers as final decision makers -Challenging convention with humour

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ReForm, Share, Connect ReInventing & ReClaiming

Pop-Up Solutions, ReClaimed Spaces & Crate Communities

The Junkyard Beirut ď ľ Photos by Anthony Rahayel

Container City, Mexico Created by a business collective, it includes restaurants, a gallery, bars, stores & apartments

Reconfigurable The STACK storage system from Seletti is a cohesive collection of modular storage solutions

Free Port cabinet by Martí Guixé for BD Barcelona “Ask him to design you a chair and he’ll offer you a solution for sitting down!”

Reconfigure, Revamp, Replace,

Interchangeable modules for greater personalisation & versatility in the kitchen














Modern Art-itecture CafĂŠ Germain by India Mahdavi

Giraffe Childcare Centre by Hondelatte Laporte Architectes

Architects in Paris adopt a childlike imagination as larger-than-life statues push through these buildings animating the interior space and urban landscape with a playful sense of humor

Surreal & Soft Bath by Karim Rashid


Mylos basin by Rapsel ď ľ


Academy of Music, Word & Dance in Belgium by Spanish Architect Carlos Arroyo 

▲De Rietlanden designed by Slangen + Koenis Architects

Outdoor Wallpaper

‘OUT’ Wallpaper can be applied to exterior of buildings – By Wall & Deco (Italy) Launched at Fluorisalone 2012 in Milan, the system allows for incredible photographic reproductions & large-scale graphic designs to be applied onto outside walls. The system consists of an adhesive, a technical fabric and a finishing treatment.

Colour Palette

Plus Gloss White & Black Highlighter & Cyan ď ľ

La Murrina


Burke & Hazelden

Neon continues

Michael Kors

Color Reform Spectrum Edition from ABC Carpet & Home

Emerging Bathroom Trend: Poured Concrete

Liquid Geology

Liquid Geology

A Summer take on Forces Of Nature from AW12/13 + an evolution of El Estancia from AW 13/14

Exploring our roots & connections with nature = Biophilia

Exploring simpler, more grounded ways of living: A type of Voluntary Simplicity for all

The Urban Homesteader trend continues: Connectivity & Community

Greater environmental awareness

Heavy sculptural forms and rippled textures emulate undulating and multi-layered rock formations with an unexpectedly glamorous outcome

The wonders of the natural & manmade worlds in harmony – A Future Primitive perspective

Future Primitive Images by Luxigon

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Winning proposal by US-based architects ‘Oppenheim Architecture + Design’ Desert lodges & resort in Wadi Rum, Jordan – slated for completion in 2014 The architectonic lodges will be carved directly into the cliff face utilising the existing geological geometries of the rock to devise the form with an intentionally primal elegance “Here, where desert sand meets desert stone, we devise a new contract between man and nature. To live in harmony with the natural world, we must learn how to re-engage the land.”

Localised 3D Printing

ď Ž

Neo Natural Exploring the potential of localised 3D printing projects such as Stone Spray: A solar-powered multi-directional robotic 3D printer mixing soil with a liquid binder to solidify the soil granules and create architectural forms By Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill & Petr Novikov from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Blend In

EndĂŠmico Resguardo Silvestre, Mexico by Gracia Studio

Material Mimickers

Design Industry is a collection of ceramic tiles from Italian manufacturer Refin.

The Oxyde range is designed to look like oxidised metals such as rusting iron

Organic Forms


Architects & Interior Designers embrace organic forms and natural rhythms - turning away from the tendency towards the regularity of straight lines and the conformity of boxes  Sinuous, undulating, slatted panels and layers create graceful curving motions. A visual softness is created within the confines of ‘the box’. Pertinent interior examples include: -The Graffiti Café in Bulgaria by Mode Design Studio -Sensualscaping Stairs by Atmos Studio -BanQ restaurant in Boston extensively incorporating Plyboo Bamboo Plywood

Theatre In The Round


The ‘chefs table’ phenomenon sees kitchens begin to move from the back of the house and instead be placed more prominently in open plan living spaces. And this is also the catalyst for a change in shape from rectangular to a curvaceous, inviting ‘theatre in the round’. It is a complete rethink of how we prepare, cook, eat and experience food together

Rock Formations & Undulations

Nicholas K


The style of ‘Rooms Hotel’ in Georgia is inspired by the surrounding mountain environment Photos by Irakli Bluishvili

Keeping It Natural

Natural Curves

Bolefloors - The world’s first industrial-scale manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree’s natural growth. Bolefloor products are regular tongue & groove and run approx. 10 feet in length

Colour Palette

Dark Petrol Tones

Alexi Lubomirski

Haider Ackermann

Rich Copper

Eskimo radiators

MUNNA Burberry SS13

BEN.NA by Damien Fredriksen Ravn



Future Primitive

Jo No Fui

The Vision

The Vision

An evolution of ‘Aurora’ from AW12/13 + aspects of ‘ARTificial’ from SS13

The Vision ď Ž

Evolution of Bio-Tech trend with a new mood: -Delicate, Gentle, Soft -Purposeful & Practical -Less Clinical, Sterile, Masculine -More Human, Soulful, Soothing, Feminine

ď Ž

Partially achieved via a more subtle, but nevertheless futuristic palette: -Fragile pastels & soft cosmetic tones find a place next to white, black & silver sheens

Colour Palette

Diffused Pastels Danish architecture firm BIG worked alongside landscape architects Topotek1 and artists Superflex to create the Superkilen park, which stretches 750 metres through the Nørrebro neighbourhood in the north of Copenhagen. Includes miscellaneous street furniture from 60 different nations across a brightly coloured carpet of rubber at this park in Copenhagen

Blush tiles by FLOR

Kirstie van Noorte

FUTUROTEXTILES 3 Touring Exhibition 2012 - 2014

Living Material Projects & Exhibitions ď Ž

Bio Lace, part of the design research project of Carole Collet, is an example of a grown material proposition. Collet asks if food & textile production can be combined (biofacturing). Creating plants that replace textile machinery (addressing issues associated with population boom projections) might be possible by reprogramming plants at a cellular level to create hybrid plants that produce both fruit & vitamin rich textiles from the roots

Vertical Farms


Vertical garden by Luis & Tiago Rebelo de Andrade & Manuel Cachão Tojal, Portugal

• •

Skyscraper greenhouse from Plantagon, Sweden

Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri, Italy

Architects are exploring urban vertical farming and gardening: Plantagon’s first vertical farm is due for completion in 2014. It will grow & supply enough food to feed 50,000 people a year Installation of trees on Stefano Boeri’s Vertical Forest is well under way

GAMMA collection by Arclinea




Heath Nash


Paola Navone

Studio Bertjan Pot

Iridescent Reflections

Music Hall & House by Cor & Asociados in Alguena, Spain Faรงade clad with iridescent pearl ceramic panels

Transparent Colour Boundaries

NEOREAL: In the Forest by Canon

House in Rokko, Japan by Tato Architects

Diffused Pastels

ď ´ Bathroom in Nhow Hotel, Berlin by Karim Rashid

Hotel Angely, Paris

Fashion Influence

Coloured and changeant metallics, and glow in the dark fabrics with a distinctive otherworldly styling

Renault concept car by Ross Lovegrove

“Our intention is to reveal nature's underlying blueprints and transfer them into a new design language“ – Ross Lovegrove

The Lure Of The Sea Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel, Songjiang District, China

Water Discus Dubai

The Curator

The Curator

Aspects of ‘Emporium’ & ‘Ancient Times’ from AW12/13 + elements expanding on ‘Orient’ from SS13

The Curator ď Ž

New Opulence

-A luxurious, glamorous styling is desirable to counter drawn-out austerity -It is an escape to a romanticised world ď Ž

Adoption of eclectic mix of lavish historical styles that look & feel special: Late 19th Century decadence Art Nouveau & Art Deco Antique Eastern Victorian Gothic & 2nd French Empire Baroque

Colour Palette

Plus Black, Oxidised Bronze, Pewter & Gold

Emerald to Absinthe

Dapper & Dandy

Etro + D&G Menswear AW12/13


Enrico Zanolla

Aiveen Daly

Anne Gelbard


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Interior & Architectural Trends 2013 /14 and beyond  

An insight into interior and architectural trends for 2013/14 and beyond

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