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By Shouvik K. Sarkar


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This book is a science research related book which is written from knowledge and research of the writer. It will be interesting one for readers of all age groups who are willing to know new facts. This book shall explain many facts related to spirituality and other paranormal sciences. This book is a gem to know about various phenomena that takes place around us but are unexplained. Issued in 2018



I will like to thank all the readers of this book for reading this book. I will also like to thank my family for their inspiration and support for this book. This is the second book I am writing and hope it will be the interesting one.




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Who Is God? -7 a. Truth Behind The Mythological Stories b. Spiritual Powers Power Behind Astrology - 23 The Universe And Its Creation - 29 Mechanism Of Humans - 38 Creation Of Humans Artificially - 43 Life After Death - 49 Science Behind Deja Vu - 54 Telepathy - 59 Telepathy And Computers - 63 Concepts Of Time - 69 UFO And Aliens - 74 Power Of Genes And DNAs - 79 Parallel Worlds - 85 Invisibility - 89 Science Behind Immortality - 94 Secrets In Bermuda Triangle - 99 Weather Control - 103 a. Creation Of Mystic Earthquakes, Rains, Cyclones, Volcanoes, Tsunamis And More Teleportation And String Theory - 111 Anti Gravity Experiments - 117 Understanding Self Power - 121 Nuclear Power - 126 Superhumans And Working Of Our Body - 129 Some Other Techs – Universe End - 135 Some Mysterious Places - 140 Power Of Astra And God’s Powers - 147


Who is God?


Who Really God Is –

The question that does god exists is a million dollar question. Though at present times there is hardly anyone who believes in god completely. At old times the belief on god of people was much more. There are a lot of books from old days which states the presence of gods. Does right things are written in these books is a big question? The answer can led us to the conclusion over the debates on gods. So for that we shall examine the truth of these books. And if we really examine them we will find that many things written on those books are actually correct. Proper present day researches have led to this result. So is it means that occurrence of gods is also true? The answer should be yes absolutely as some are correct so is all.

But from where do we conclude it? The fact that many things like destiny of people and many other things written in these books are proven to be perfect, then why not the unproven things. So we should understand that these books are right and so we should believe in them. This will make us understand many concepts. First of all we should understand who really god is?

We imagine Almighty is the creator, the creator of us, universes and all other matter in the universe. But before that the existent things are not created by god. What are those things? Those are the most important things constituting the whole system. They are time, energy and space. The concept behind these three things is the real science to be understood. We will think here as they are here in the system from very start


and will be there till very end if there will be any. The two among these three that is space and time in magnitude can be regarded as Infinity. It means that they do not have any start or end. All other things are just between the existences of these three, made by them, within them and will be destroyed also within them. Their creation is a result of the energy. Let us elaborate it.

At some point of time there was some energy at any point in space. But due to some phenomena the whole energy started converting into matter. This can be explained as follows. As mass can be converted into energy if moved with speed of light according to Einstein similarly energy can be converted into mass by some phenomena according to the equation mass = Energy / (speed of light)2. In fact every matter is made of energy some stored in it in raw form and rest being in converted form as mass. From this principle we can explain the gods and creation of universe. It can be understood as follows.

In fact the very first creation by this energy is that of the Almighty. It is the sound of Aum (Om) and is the base of all other creations. This can be understood as energy can change its form. Now let us come to the book, the Hindu holy book Shri Bhagvata Gita. In that book it is clearly stated that the Almighty has no form it is formless. It is also stated that in it that almighty is everywhere. These two statements can be understood from the principle that energy can change form and is everywhere and is within every object in the system. So the almighty is having all the energy within him and is the very first creation by the energy present at start. But after it the sequence of creation goes on. Then occurred the creation of gods. The first of them


is Lord Shiva. Who created Lord Vishnu and from whose navel Lord Brahma is created. So the Almighty (sound of Aum) has been in such state that it was able to create the Lord Shiva and transferred all of its energy to him. In fact Lord Shiva is also regarded as Almighty as he is also having all the energy. In fact all these gods can be treated as almighty as they have almost all the energy present. Now Shiva is known as the destroyer, Vishnu as the controller and Brahma as the creator. They all are having some superpowers also. Besides Brahma was having the architect skills of creating the universe, humans and rest of gods. Hence all these were created by Brahma.

Now if we see the other gods they are vayu(wind), surya(sun), shani(saturn), chandra(moon) etc like these are created by Brahma. The rest of gods like Devi Parvati who was daughter of Daksha who was son of Brahma or was created by Brahma. Indra referring to the senses and who is the king of heaven was also one of the creations of Brahma. The rest of gods be it ganesh, karthick, lakshmi, saraswati, yam the god of hell etc were sons of these gods. Even shani who is known as son of surya(sun) can be thought like this. Saturn is a planet originated from Sun hence its son. The point is that the first three creations of the almighty is the three lords Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu and they are the creators of how our system is today. Now there are many more gods who are said to be reincarnation of these Lords. In fact they can be thought as a part of any of the Lords who comes to earth as their messenger and gives the knowledge of right and wrong, good and bad to people from the gods and also ends the devils from the earth. That’s their role be it Krishna, Ram, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or anyone else. Now let us see the way principles


of gods are. The science behind reincarnation in detail is present in the chapter life after death.

In fact most of reincarnation of Lord Vishnu has been near the end of a yuga. There are four yugas and these cycles repeat them every time a cycle ends. They are Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kali Yuga. At present we are in the Kali Yuga. At the end of this yuga the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu name Lord Kalki will born. He is expected to born in Shambal village which is near India Tibet border. He will destroy all the evils of Kali Yuga for a fresh start of the next yuga that is Sat Yuga in which the rate of evil will be again the minimum. In fact Lord Ram was born in sat yuga and Lord Krishna in dwapar yuga the most famous reincarnations of Lord Vishnu. In Sat Yuga the evil rate was very low and the life expectancy was high. It slowly do decreased with yugas and in Kali Yuga at its end it will be minimum. The evil rate will increase gradually also. This is the story of yugas. There are lots of more things written among many of these holy books and is also available in the internet. If you want any of these books you can contact me. Some more things are being explained below.

These are the day in Brahma Calendar which is much more than that of our calendar. It is said that in one day in Brahma calendar is equal to one 71 x 14 cycle of yugas in ours. Though the no of years in yugas goes on decreasing from Sat yuga to Kali yuga. A Brahma is said to be living 100 years of Brahma and after that a new Brahma is born or created by Vishnu. The age of present Brahma is 50 years. These are some of the facts from these books. Due to this difference the


wife of Balaram the brother of Lord Krishna had to travel through yugas to marry him. Now we shall look over the creation of universe and the various powers being hold by gods.

First of all understand the concept of time. Time has no start and no end as said earlier. It keeps on moving always and do not stop at any point either. In powers of god we will discuss few points like events in time and so on. Now let us come to the creation of universe. As humans are created by the almighty similarly the universe is architected by them. Not only a single but there are many universes in the system. All these are architected by the gods in fact by Lord Brahma. To understand how, we will have to look at the science behind the powers of gods. So this part explained that the mythological stories are definitely correct and who really god is?

Concept Of Fixed Events In Time –

First of all we should understand the concept behind time. Time is the thing whose start and end is yet not known. It keeps on moving. And at any time there are a number of events going on which extends to all the events occurring in all the universes. But is they are going on their own or are fixed from before and is controlled by something. This is the first point to understand. In Shri Bhagvata Gita it is said that humans are slave of their destiny. This statement is absolutely true. But from where does destiny arises and how is it fixed from before. Today time machines are very near to be made but do time machines can make it possible to change our past or future. Or


we can only have a look at it by using time machines. The second statement is the correct answer. It means that events in time are fixed from before. It gives the concept that we are in a system in which everything is working in a predefined manner. But how does it works.

Let us discuss the concept of astrology. In it, it is stated that every planets and stars nearer or far has effect on humans or other living beings workings. But the nearer planets has considerable effect while far away ones has less. So while calculating in astrology only nearer objects is considered. But to understand the fixed events in time concept we require to keep in mind the basic concept of astrology. It leads us to the thinking that each and every object in the universe has effect on every other one. It means a star has effect on other stars, planets, asteroids & other matter due to gravitation which determines its movement. And also this star has effect on living beings.

It is of two types, one is gravitational which is very less for people on earth except that by our own earth. The second one is electromagnetic. It is generated by the electrical components moving inside any star or planet which gives rise to electromagnetic waves which travels all the way from there to earth and hardly loses its intensity and affect the humans working by affecting their thinking. In fact every object living or non living emits an electromagnetic fields due to presence of moving electrons and protons (charges) inside their structure if they have any. So this waves effects the living beings as well.


This is the case with each and every star, planet and other object in the system. So a star or planet affects the other objects like stars, planets etc and so their movement is fixed. According to their movement their location is fixed at a point in time. At that time the effective electromagnetic waves for living beings generated by them is also fixed. Thus the humans acts accordingly which means the humans acts are predefined. Thus we are only working as we are meant to be by the system and not by our own. It is fixed. This is why many sages in previous ages said that they were able to see future and really could do that. There is much more science behind that. But how do gods control the whole universe. In fact movement of planets, stars etc and working of living beings all are predefined by the system in time.

How Gods Created The Universe And Us –

What gods had done is engineered the system. The laws of the system was not made by Almighty. It is predefined by the energy. The Almighty has only made it into be in various forms as it is today. Like water, air, planets, stars, humans and much more. The science behind this also is according to the laws of the system or energy. There is no alteration to it. That is why it is many times said in Gita that nature is our god. The almighty is the creator of universe, living beings etc but also are having the most possible knowledge by which they have their spiritual or top level knowledge and powers. All these powers are in fact inbuilt to any person or material according to the laws of the system but we hardly recognize it. Now we will go to the science behind creation of the universe.


The universe had been created by big bang. But the architect behind it is Almighty. At once there can’t be a big bang. The conditions must be made like that, that there happens a big bang. An immense pressure pointing outwards from the centre was required to scatter the remaining energy after the creation of three lords. This immense pressure condition was created by the almighty in such a way that some of the energy gets accumulated as mass and get scattered into the system forming universes, galaxies, stars, planets etc. That’s how the universes are made. But then how do living beings are formed?

We all know about how cells replicate. Unicellular organisms and some multi cellular organisms also generate their offspring alone. Thus organisms can be created by a single human being as well. Not proven for human beings but we can imagine it as a possible solution. Thus the almighty Brahma has such powers and so he had created the gods and human beings. In fact it may have happened that some cells of Brahma replicated by its own which kept on replicating and thus creating humans, animals and all other living beings. The knowledge of the almighty gods are so much they had done it. Thus living beings are created.

Special Powers Of Gods –

Every power we possess is the result of knowledge. Many sages had predicted in previous yugas about the happenings of Kali Yuga. They also predicted that Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu will take birth near the end of this yuga. The location is


Shambala village near India – Tibet border. Tibet is the place where most people are devoted to god. So there the maximum possibility is present. In fact researches are conducted on it also. Shambala is the place where technology is much more advanced but the village is kept secret from the rest of the world. Hardly anyone from outside is allowed to enter Shambala. There are many more predictions of future in Bhavishya Purana named book which is a granth a holy book. This means that the future can be seen from before. To understand the science behind it we have to consider the phenomena of Deja Vu.

Deja Vu is a phenomena in which we can see the future from before and when the incident happens in future which we see in present we realize that this thing we have thought. This phenomena happens with everyone but hardly anyone discusses it. But it is a fact. It means we have the capability to predict the future. We also learnt that future is fixed. So that incidences from future can travel to present as thoughts of human beings. When we concentrate too much we can understand it. This phenomena keeps on happening every time and we just need to concentrate to pick it up. That’s how one can see the future and the sages in earlier ages does exactly it. They concentrate and thus could tell the future. Future can also be predicted by astrology as we have seen.

How Almighty Changes Its Form And What Is Soul –

Here also we will go by the laws of nature. Accordingly any matter can change its form and we know it. But what about


living beings? In older ages sages can do that. We should be thinking it like this that humans are also a form of matter who has the ability to think and feel. This is the only difference between matter and living beings. But a bus also moves still its made of matter and is non living. It has various components which make it able to do that. Similarly heart and brain in human beings are two components that make them do everything by their own. But they indeed are made of matter and are abided by its own laws. So if they can be kept intact then the being can still stay alive even after changing its form. Additionally this can be done by gene changing. By changing gene the internal structure of body is minutely affected but the being changes from one form to another. There are procedures by which this can be done like genetic engineering. Some chemicals and conversion to energy can do it as well.

Also the energy within the beings is their driving force. This energy gets into animals when they takes birth and gets released when they dies. This is also called the soul. In Gita it is said that the soul never dies. It drives living beings for the jobs they do throughout their life. After that when the body dies it leaves it and goes to the gods in heaven after which it again comes back in earth or other planet to enter them. Remember in other planets there may be creatures who can also live and think but their body structure may be different according to their nature that made them. So how the soul drives the body? It affects the thinking of the being, feels the pains and happiness of them etc. This energy is such a energy that it can do all these things. That is why it is called the soul and is not any form of matter like the body is. So it is immortal and will be there till the end of time.


Now one being can change its form either by changing its gene. In this case the internal parts stay as it is. Also it can dilute all its parts but such that it can be remade like before. This is how a being can change its form. Everything can be done by more knowledge. The architecture or the code is required so that to make the body stay intact. And who has this knowledge they can do all of it. It can be done by converting one into energy. It is discussed later.

The Power Of Mantras (Some words with miraculous powers) –

Can voice or thinking can create supernatural phenomena. In earlier ages we know the mantras (some special lines of words) can create almost anything. It is believed that only the sound vibrations can create such energy to make the weapons of god (astras) work. But does only words can create such affects? The older yuga peoples regards them as knowledge only. There can be such words as words are also a form of energy that can create magical effects when thought or told. Nothing is impossible from the point of view of science. If you can direct the proper energy towards proper destination it can create effects be it light up a arrow, replicate the no of weapons or destroy the whole world. It may be also possible that there is god’s help in it. On reciting proper mantras gods give that energy to that people who then directs it towards any specific object living or not. And as we know energy can do anything so the gods passing that energy to the arrow or something else can cause the supernatural phenomena. These two theories are what may be by which the mantras do work.


Other Powers –

The most powers that gods do possess are from their knowledge. One of the much special one is to able to see everyone from far away distance. The art of yog is a very special one. By it anyone can obtain a lot of power. A god can see everything and know what is going through anyone’s mind as well. It has a reference to telepathy. One thing can be said that the knowledge of god is much more than us. So they may have such knowledge by which they are able to see everything from far away distance. They obtained this knowledge due to staying here from much more time and knowing each and every law of nature and also the powers within us. This above phenomena might be because of the ability of the god to capture the light waves from all parts of the world that are directed from the objects towards space. It can only be a possibility. They created the universes but still that is governed by the laws of nature to some extent. A different universe may have different laws but that too shall be within the range of nature’s laws. The previous phenomenon has links to the phenomena of telepathy which is a somewhat known process at these days that everyone possesses. There may be many other abilities inside everyone knowing the way to attaining them at its peak is the way by which anyone can obtain these powers and that is definitely will be by knowledge and yog which increases concentration. Thus the power to see everything and everyone from far away is by somewhat the phenomena of telepathy.

The next very special one is the power of immortality. The perfect way is not far away from unknown. It relates to anti


ageing. By stimulating our genes such that its coding changes such that the body never gets old. How can this be obtained? It can be obtained by genetic engineering by which we can know the code that makes it not to age and stay immortal and to make the code to be like that by either direct gene changing or by chemicals. Yes chemicals can too do this. Such chemicals might have came out way back from the sea known as Amrit and drinking which all the gods became immortal. In fact at present most of the experiments are focussed in this field as well. And we are very near to discover it completely. Hence the supernatural powers of god are in fact not supernatural but according to the laws of nature and is a result of proper knowledge of gods or other old age’s humans as we can see it in many mythological books.

The next things are creating special powers like lightning, fire, wind etc. These are quite common and they are these days being created by humans too. So gods possessed the knowledge for all these from way back as they are itself the creator of these wind, fire etc. So they can make it at their ease. These can be related to various weather changing experiments or other experiments that can generate fire of nowhere. It can be obtained by heating up a place too much by concentrating heat over there. Thus it is not much of a hard task. They are possessed by many humans from old ages as well. The second theory that gods supports it on reciting mantras is much more evident as humans can do it by mantras while gods do it just by their will. So its the gods who have proper knowledge of it and helps humans on reciting proper mantras. The humans at present are also on the verge of making them. The inventions by humans are discussed from next chapters.


Some other powers like moving up the water by will power, walking over the water, not burning in fire etc can also be explained by science. At present there are many objects that floats on water due to buoyancy but body weight of living beings and their structure makes them to get drowned while walking over water. But some way if we can make our body buoyant we can too float or walk over water. This is pure science and can easily be obtained. There are stories of people from these days as well who can do that. Once again it proves that the gods have much superior in knowledge than us. They have knowledge of everything that is possible. Not burning in fire can be thought as making the body heat resistant and moving up waters by will power can be done by concentration and much more are there in the list like this.

All these are thought as science fiction till these days but in fact are science research topics and many researches are conducted on them. So these special powers are not a big thing and can be understood by some thorough research which will make us gain knowledge.

But how do gods obtains such powers without any external help. This takes us to the thinking that human body has immense power and we must be willing to unlock all of them. The kundli of beings which stays along the spinal cord of beings can open these frontiers. Some real yog and proper knowledge of how to enlighten it can lead to vast expectations to be coming real. Many researches are conducted over them these days as well. They can be obtained by immense concentration and proper knowledge. Then any human being can also obtain many of these powers which are evident from


old days stories. But still human can never become god as they can never get all of the knowledge that the gods do possess. And by no way they can become the creator hence they should never be compared to gods or we should stop worshiping god. What Almighty had said in Gita is that proper belief in god and spending life over good deeds the gods will guide us to a better life and at last to salvation (relieve from the cycle of life and death). The soul will still stay as it is.

In heaven what happens to us in fact happens to our soul. As we seen that soul is such a energy that can feel and guide the body. So it goes through the feeling of good and bad in heaven or hell accordingly and according to their deeds. We get rewards of our good works and disregards of our bad deeds. But we have seen that everything is predefined. In fact the former statement is also according to the later point. But our soul should try to change the flow of energy and keep it in good track for good results. The thinking though is guided by the stars and planets, but some part by the energy from soul as well. So the soul should make us stay on good track and it will have effect on everything around us. We will get the results accordingly as well. We should keep in mind that everything is guided and predefined from before except some part of our souls. Good thinking will led to good deeds and proper results. This statement has also been stated in Shri Bhagvata Gita.

More research is expected over these to understand about ourselves, our universes and their history. We shall have a look on everything mentioned in this chapter in detail in the rest of the book.


Power Behind Astrology


There are a lot of fields in which human researches is going on. These researches are mostly secret and out of knowledge of normal people. Astrology is also among them. We know astrology that is what it does. But the science behind it that is how it do it is known to very less. With astrology we can easily predict the future. Able astrologers can tell future of people. But still there are many persons who do not believe in astrology.

But how can the future be predicted. We have studied in the last lesson about it. But first of all discuss that how an astrologer predicts the future from date of birth or lines in palm. Then we will come to its science. What an astrologer does is makes a birth chart according to the stars and planetary position which happens at the time of birth and later throughout the life of the concerned person. According to present birth conditions and some mathematical calculations the future positions of the planets and stars are being known. Over all that the birth chart is made. On watching the various stars and planetary positions in birth chart the calculations are made. And in palmistry the various places in the palm denotes the place for various planets or stars. The lines denote various factors like life line, heart line, mind line etc. These lines and where they are present that means over which star or planetary area, their length denotes the various characteristics over anyone’s life. The effect of various planets and stars at various positions according to birth chart in someone’s life is predefined. Similarly the effect of various lines at various stars and planetary positions is predefined in astrology. The astrologers predict the future of someone on that basis.


But there is always science behind everything. Science is behind astrology too. The science depends on the concept of effect of energy on everyone’s thinking. And we do what we think. If our alone thinking and working is predefined then it might lead to many uncertainties. But if of everyone in the world’s thinking and working is predefined then there will be no uncertainties. Thus we are living and working as a system whose outcomes are predefined. This concept is specified in previous chapter as well. What really happens is elaborated below.

The energy from planets and stars is of two types. Namely they are electromagnetic and gravitational. The gravitational energy is used to control the movement of various other celestial bodies. But here for humans or other beings it is cancelled by the earth’s gravitational field which is much higher here. So the gravitational energy combined with the effects of so called big bang helps the planets to stay in proper areas as they are meant to be. In a broader view if we think the positions of all planets and stars in space in the universes at a time are fixed from before according to their speed and effects from surrounding forces. This means if we think like that the effect of them on any of the humans throughout the cycle of time is fixed. Hence the thinking and working of humans are also completely fixed. As the concept was declared in previous chapter that we are in such a system where humans are also working according to some predefined laws of nature and their working throughout their life and their time of death also is fixed accordingly. But how?


Let us see that. For that we have to understand the electromagnetic forces. Every body emits electromagnetic waves. These waves carries the electromagnetic energy with them. Hence we, our matters in earth or elsewhere or the celestial bodies emits electromagnetic waves. Now our body or other celestial bodies or matter does not have a electromagnetic wave receiver. Also the effect of electromagnetic waves from small bodies is almost zero because of the amount of energy they releases is very small. Hence practically only the waves from celestial bodies can reach us. We can read out these waves if we have a electromagnetic receiver. These two points should be kept in mind to understand the science behind astrology.

Now how these waves originate. Every rotating object generates a magnetic field. And every object inside has rotating electrons and also electrical components like electrons, protons etc. All this give rise to the electromagnetic energy. The magnitude from the celestial bodies is larger because of their size. One matter has some effect on a human or another human has too effect on that person but that is too small and is negligible. Hence the effects of nearby celestial bodies are only considered.

Now who acts as a receiver. The human brain is such a thing that can act as a transmitter as well as receiver. In fact in it the neurons communicates between them by electromagnetic waves only thorough synapses. So they can receive the electromagnetic waves. This process is said to be telepathy in which the brain receives the waves from other bodies that may be a celestial body or a nearby person. The waves from


faraway person are too small to be received. Hence the human brain itself acts as the receiver. Now after receiving the waves from the celestial bodies it works according to those waves as they affect the thought process.

This happens to every person. Hence anyone who comes closer and interact their interaction was also predefined as both of them are working as predefined. Even their coming closer for the interaction is too predefined. And so also the outcome of the conversation is fixed. Hence the complete procedure is fixed and it applies to every aspect of work anyone performs. And everyone is always working. Let’s take an example of an interview. A person applies for a job as affected by his stars. The interviewer watches it and calls him for interview according to his stars. Then on interview the applicant comes down for interview as his stars had made him for so. The questions asked and answers given, everything was defined according to the stars and planetary positions. So let the candidate gets selected and that too is defined by the position of the stars of the interviewer. Hence in a broader view the candidate’s stars might be stating that he has a chance of job at that time. But there may be another question that both of them are so near hence why both do not do the same thing but performing different jobs.

The reason can be explained like this. From birth everyone is starting to fill up with thoughts. At every instant they have a thought process according to the stars. Their next thought depends on his previous thoughts or from some new learning incident. Thus the result of that person’s next thought which comes out as words or an activity is the result of his


previous thoughts. And all these thoughts are the result of stars and planetary positions. Now the brain will decide the result from the thoughts or the outcome. It depends on mood or present circumstances all of which is defined by the stars. For a specific circumstance, a mood and specific response from outside the brain will always decide for exactly same result. Hence the person will decide according to his star and planetary positions.

That’s why it is always said try to have a good soul which will lead to good outcomes and results. This is how completely the phenomena of astrology work. The astrologers only predict on the basis of only mathematical calculations though. So in a broader view the faith of every person, animals, birds, living beings, planets, stars, other celestial bodies or more specifically everything is predefined that is within the system comprising of multiple universes. Hence if we think we are working on our own we are not it is predefined by nature. So the best thing we can do with this life is to stay happy at every moment irrespective of the condition as we cannot control it and try to spend it with good works and enjoy it.


The Universe And It’s Creation


We all know that the universe is expanding. It means it had its start from a definite point. But does the universe was a piece of matter from beginning. It’s actually not. If you had read the previous chapters you will be knowing that the ultimate source of everything is energy that was converted to sound vibration of Aum (Om). Some part of that energy got converted into matter and rest kept its form. So how it happened.

At some point in time what happened is this energy started getting converted into matter. The energy in amount was immense and was concentrated in a small area. That area still was stable. From formulae we can see that for one unit energy the mass generated will be 1/c2. So in that stable condition some such events happened that made the energy to start getting unstable and converted to mass. That event may be by will of almighty. The energy at start must have been in such form that it was not dissipating any of it to the surrounding. We know that there are many forms of energy and so there can be one that holds itself and not dissipates. That kind of energy may be still present in places and we can feel it only if we go through it. This is also guided by laws of system. We also know that energy can change its form.

So that energy with no propagating waves was still at its place. But such an phenomena got initiated that some of this energy started readily getting converted into mass and some energy goes stored inside that mass. That energy might have caused that mass to try to move outwards from that point. But it is still not that much to get it started. The first such particle created would have been a quark and a anti quark.


The combination of a quark and a anti quark can lead to same amount of energy as from which it gets formed. Both are different or anti in their charges as well so on combination their charges will also get cancelled out. Also quarks are more in mass than antiquarks. Hence some amount of energy was due to some incident got converted into masses called quarks and anti quarks. It means the energy converted to mass is divided. This may be by the will and plan of almighty. But what exactly would have made it is still a mystery. By this time the particles start moving outwards as the so called universe started expanding along a sphere from the starting point. Once this pair of quark got made many such pairs started being made and it goes on. From this pairs these quarks and anti quarks got separated. Then what happened is these quarks got accumulating together and started forming bigger particles namely lepton, boson, proton etc. These quarks after being getting accumulated formed positive charged particles. And the anti quarks similarly formed negatively charged particles called electrons. After forming particles gave rise to another form of energy called gravitational energy. This gravitational energy made some quark and anti quark pair to come much closer and that on the whole got converted into neutrons and it’s smaller parts. The mass of neutrons mostly depended on the quark combinations mass because it is more. But they are not completely united. They are just closer and holds each other by gravitational energy exactly like earth holds the materials over it. Like this the electrons, protons and neutrons got made. Now as I previously said that energy can change its form. So some of the energy still present in the anti quark gets accumulated in it and got converted to centrifugal energy creating force after it formed the electron. So the nearby electrons started to execute a force to the protons and neutrons due to this centrifugal force making them go outside while the protons, neutrons and the


electrons trying to pull each other and collapse. This made the electrons to revolve round the protons and neutrons in the atom.

This is exactly what happens with the solar system or other star planet systems and the universe. We will come to it later. And another thing that is in our vision is new atoms are still getting generated from cell replication when our birth occurs or we grow. This means that cells are such a thing that can replicate or give rise to new atoms. From where these new atoms gets a entry. Definitely from energy that comes from the food we eat, air we breath and much more. That energy is converted in such a way that new atoms are being made form that. So now let us move forward in the main topic.

So atoms are made but all of them were not similar. From here diversification in universe started. Different structure of atoms got made. Then due to difference in their structures and according to their valences different molecules are formed. The accumulation of different molecules together gave rise to different substances like hydrogen, oxygen, iron, gold etc. Slowly they grew larger in number and larger and larger and formed stars. By this time two stars or the objects in universe have got separated to quite a distance. This is again by that basic energy some part of which being converted into pressure. This immense pressure created the various particles to scatter in different directions in a spherical shape. Now another form of energy gravitational energy comes into play. It makes the atoms in stars to come together and collide and there is no centrifugal force between atoms to make this not happen. So this generated a lot of energy. This lead to many nuclear


reactions inside the stars and which produced a lot of heat. In fact with that energy the nucleus of two hydrogen atoms fused together to form a helium atom. The hydrogen is most susceptible to nuclear reactions because it has only one proton and electron hence its fusion will require least energy. So the stars got formed and it started burning after some years.

In fact these stars are formed after many years of the exerted outside pressure that might have caused the particles made from energy to move outward. The first elements formed from those particles are hydrogen because of its smallest molecular structure. After that for this reason a huge gas cloud made of hydrogen and helium got formed. What happened later is that due to gravitation these hydrogen atoms started accumulating towards each other from a distance. The range of each accumulation for a star is defined. The atoms outside that range goes for some other hydrogen atom and formed different stars. And thus these stars are formed. Some are small while some are large. The selection was based on the amount of force exerted on different atoms. For example two atoms came closer in a place and four at other. Then the atom that is in between them will go for the four atom combination as that will exert more force. Again the exact distance between them is a factor. So keeping all these in mind different stars are formed of different sizes and at different distances from each other. This can be applied to galaxies also. Before making of the stars the gas clouded divided itself on the basis of more gravitational force exerted. And thus different galaxies are formed. Note that all galaxies are of different shape that is oval, spiral shaped as it is on a growing sphere and depended on gas clouds.


But now due to the phenomena as explained above different stars are formed at different positions. They started burning as explained. Due to this the shape of galaxies started looking of different shapes like elliptical, spiral etc depending on the position of stars in it. This is how the galaxies are formed in the universe. Now universe is the total combination of all the things that is created from this energy source. So this is one universe. Now there may be multiple energy source generated from a single energy source that might be by almighty and thus leading to multiple universes. But still there the laws of universe will be according to laws of nature as everything inside the system is according to laws of nature. But the laws may be different from that of our universe as it may be architected by some other way than that of us.

Now are the planets got created. In a similar way as the stars are formed the various atoms of elements got mixed up together to form different objects. The various elements formed due to different combination of electrons and protons as explained earlier are now getting combined to form different molecules which got bind together to form large shaped objects called planets. Now due to smaller size and elements less susceptible to fusion the planets do not burned and on the contrary stayed much cool. Though the inner part is still hot and the materials there are in molten form still it’s not that hot for the elements there to undergo fusion reaction. So the planets got formed with different constituents but not hydrogen like that in stars. Now due to the centrifugal force again like in atom the planets started revolving around its nearest star cancelling the gravitational force. Our solar system have also been formed like this.


Also some of that energy that created all of it is still present in that form in some parts of the universes and is often known as black holes. It can be in many other places and other forms and still are not known. Also this energy had been converted into many other forms and matter but the whole of the energy that was present can still be obtained back if we combine every substance in the universe.

So far we have only discussed the creation of planets, stars and the universe. But our universe is very dynamic. Many phenomena are going on at once over these even after its creation. Like the expanding or swallowing of stars, creation of new planets, stars, asteroids, their movement etc. But we will not discuss them here. This chapter is concerned only with the creation. There is another thing to be understood that is creation of humans and other animals. They are also part of the universe and their creation too must be explained. If you ask me they are creation of almighty. In a similar way as the almighty engineered the universe creation, he had engineered the human’s creation.

In fact the first animal and humans are created by almighty. Here the theory of evolution is completely contradicted by this theory. But if you ask the holy books the existence of humans are specified to be much earlier from that specified in theory of evolution even much before dinosaurs. So it can be stated that after the creation of almighty the first human was created by them and who was created in such a way that they can create their child. This is also a complete work of architecting by the almighty to make a species who can extend their species, think and perform activities. In fact all the


animals and plants have been made by almighty. It can be explained as follows. As unicellular organisms replicate there cell by duplicating them. Similarly multi cellular organisms do and grows. They convert the energy they obtain from outside for creation of new cells and in fact new molecules and atoms. This is done by respiration and eating of food and other means. So a cell is such a structure which that can replicate itself and so can convert the atoms and molecules from the food into new atoms and molecules. This is how organisms grows.

But for birth of an offspring two cells at first combine to form four new cells by mitosis. That cell then grows by food and oxygen and multiplicities. So the atoms in them too do so. This is not that a complex phenomena and the organism develops naturally. And in this way new humans and animals are made and their species goes on. But the very first creation was by the almighty and it was engineered such that the creation can do all these phenomena including thinking, living and continue the species. The creation of organisms could have been done in many ways from scratch like making the body, brain, internal organs etc artificially. This is explained in the chapter creation of humans artificially. So all these things are architected by the almighty.

In reality the universe and its phenomena are huge in number and to write about them is a vast topic. There is no need to write about all of them also because you can find them in other books as well. And we should keep in mind that the universe is architected by almighty as are we and other organisms. So we should always be thankful to god for that. Still how he had converted the immense energy into other


forms is still a mystery and shall be one of the biggest discoveries if we can ever find it. A lot is told about the almighty and gods in the first chapter. But these question about how the energy had created almighty and by what way almighty had converted the energy into mass is a very big question. Its answer can find the base of everything and answer to every almost every possible question asked. The creation of humans are explained in the chapter creation of humans artificially.


Mechanism Of Humans


This topic was quite explained in the first chapter. The mechanism of humans is a topic in which we will see how humans work in reality. This will make us the difference between thinking humans as a self made organism to a device which is working as predefined. The biggest thing which make human’s what they are is their consciousness and feeling or emotions. This never makes human think like what they are actually a machine. Now we will see how humans work.

What we collected from astrology is the life of humans is predefined and is on the basis of celestial bodies and various other objects in the system. All of them put effect on the working of the machine called humans whose working is defined by their thinking and decision making. In fact these two parts of the human including their birth and death all is defined by these bodies or the nature. It is applicable for all bodies. Hence all of the lives in the world are predefined. Thus we are in a system in which the machines called humans are working as defined by the nature. This is the reality of our system. We will come to its science later but first let us discuss then what is our true purpose in this world? Biggest point is that no one do ever realise it like that. So our purpose here is to live a life which can give us happiness and be fruitful for others so that they can get happiness and also for the good of the earth. This is the purpose why we are living. And to realize that we should have true knowledge of ourselves. Books like bhagvat gita provide that. Now we move forward towards the science of the mechanism of humans.

The concept is based on astrology. Our fate is based on the position of stars, planets and other bodies. As discussed


earlier the position of any planet, star or any other body is predefined from the concept of creation of the universe. According to this at a point in time the position of stars and planets etc are fixed from before. It was defined from the very start of our system. It can be understood by reading previous chapter. So at a point in time the life of any human is also predefined. It is because at that point the position of the stars, etc is fixed hence their effect on humans. This is same for the time of birth of humans too or other organisms as well. But how do these stars effect organisms. Before that we should also understand the concept of soul.

Soul is a form of energy which enters a body of any organism during their birth and leaves it after death. After that after a certain period of time it again enters a different body. So the soul is immortal and ultimately it gets mixed with the almighty which ends its cycle of birth and death. The soul is such a form of energy which experiences all the happiness and unwanted happenings of the organism’s body and mind. We also know that human body which is made of matter is also made from energy only. Now we shall see in detail the complete working.

As human body is made from energy it is affected by energy too. The various parts connected by neurons do communicate with energy and the form of energy is electromagnetic. The complete working of humans is guided by this energy. As the process of human thinking and decision making is based on it so is the working of human brain. In fact the stars and planets also emit electromagnetic energy and this energy directly affects the brain and its processes. Hence the


body is driven by this energy and its functioning is completely guided by it. In fact the electromagnetic waves radiated by these celestial bodies and other objects in the system enter the human brain as thoughts and defines it’s working. In fact the thoughts generated by the brains are a form of electromagnetic wave only. So the brain collects these thoughts and works accordingly. In fact the whole process of decision making is also a type of thought only. These thoughts are defined by these electromagnetic impulses from the bodies in the system and hence the working of organisms and humans. We have a little freedom in our thinking part which we can do by our own. But not the working or decision making part. A portion of our thoughts is our own guided by the soul. The rest is from the other bodies in the system. So a good thinking can lead us to good results in our next birth or reincarnation. That’s why it is said to think good and it will lead to good deeds and life.

The soul is such a form of energy which dictates the thinking and so a good thinking from soul will lead to good results in next life as said in bhagvat gita. In fact it will affect the time of its next birth so that the life of the soul in reincarnated life generates a good life. This is driven by the laws of nature too though. So the lives of humans are automated and is defined by the celestial and other bodies. In fact due to the presence of electron and atoms in all bodies each of them emit some electromagnetic waves. These wave are captured by the brain and make its decisions and so guides the life of the person. It is applicable to all the persons and so the inter human communications are also defined from before. Hence the working of the total system including celestial bodies like stars, planets or other bodies like non living matter in earth or living organisms is defined and is in coordinated and balanced


state within the system. They are in fact predefined. The soul is such a energy which can stimulate the brain to generate new thought but the decision made is defined by the stars and the thinking from the soul has least effect on it. But that has effect on the next birth of the soul. This is how the humans work.

In fact most details are available in previous chapters. This chapter only extended that part and added some new concepts to the subject. And keeping the whole scenario in mind the working of humans is presented. So this is the mechanism of how humans work. And we never realise it.


Creation Of Humans Artificially


Creation of a new living being is always a complicated process. Generally it can happen by metakinesis and cell replication. The procedure of birth of a new being is by metakinesis. After that cell replication takes place for it’s growth. We will not go much deeper through it as it is available in many books. Our concern is regarding the creation of first living organism of a species that how almighty has made it. It is obtained by the process of cloning of single cells. Also clones of completely developed organisms can be made. Our discussion will be limited to these two topics only in this chapter.

What does cloning means? It means to develop another object similar to the object from which it is made. Cloning of a single cell is very simple. In this process the cell only requires to divide itself. The cell division takes places by the process of kinesis in which the cell divides all its constituents into two parts. The cell at first grows and after some time delinks from each other. In this way a new cell born from old one. The detailed process is available in life science books hence not discussed here. The process is known as cytokinesis. But cloning in more complex bodies is not so easy.

The first ever cloning was done by the almighty in which they created new beings from some cells. All species are a result of it only. The technique is not like that for single cells. In fact many cells present in the organism replicate themselves in the whole process. But the complete creation of organisms is not only that. In fact after the very first cell starts to replicate it is guided by some codes known as DNA. We all know every cell has a lot of molecules. A different set of molecules can create a


different DNA. So the molecule constituents differ in everyone’s body is different hence they get different looks, height etc. We shall go in it deeper. At first we will look at the techniques used by humans for the same. Then we will go for our creation by almighty.

The process of cloning is not that simple. There are evidences that even many humans have been cloned successfully so far. There were many places where research is being conducted for cloning and with much success. To clone a human we should be doing it like this. At first the DNA of the subject to be cloned should be taken out. Then the DNA is transferred to a vector. A vector is the space where DNA is stored inside a human or organism. After it the vector is transferred to a cell. It is followed by the detection of cell as clone which is followed by its growth. In simple words the DNA is extracted and placed on an object which preserves it and is transplanted to a cell then, later which grows and becomes something exactly resembling the subject. The clone resembles exactly like the subject in appearance and activities.

This is because in any animal the DNA stores all the information regarding his type, appearance and other features. So the need is to understand the DNA and copy it to the clone. Or it’s even better if we can create a DNA which may or may not be similar to anyone. Now we shall elaborate the cloning technique. A human body is made of some mechanisms and the features of these mechanisms is encoded in the DNA. We shall see the creation of humans by almighty and by humans both now. First let see the way they are being created by humans.


Humans can create new humans artificially. They may be the clone of someone in which the persons DNA is copied while some are created from scratch in which the DNA is manufactured as a new one. While cloning the DNA is collected from any subject. Then that DNA is kept on a vector. A vector is a substance which can insert the DNA into a cell with the cell still having the ability to replicate. This cell may be any cell with chromosomes. Now this cell replicates with the information stored in it. Some more DNA’s with different characteristics are inserted like that in this cells and whole combination of DNA’s forms a gene. Such gene regulates the formation of proteins which regulates the characteristics like which animal we are or our appearance and features. In fact we require such millions of genes which control the development of our various body parts and the powers we possess. Different types of genes form different body parts and also the type of animal we are. All these genes are synthesized in a similar manner. And after replication of all the cells containing similar genes occurs and forms the various parts of the human body. In the meantime other cells with other genes replicate and ultimately the human being is developed and formed with all of them together. So we see that it’s the gene or more specifically the DNA that makes us what we are. Moreover a DNA is comprised of RNA which is the most basic part in human structure. This is how a human can be grown artificially. The most complex part is to create the gene or DNA which will provide the building block of the humans. Also if we can create the DNA and the gene then we can create the human being from scratch and with whatever ability we want it to. This is the basic science behind creation of humans artificially.


Now what exactly almighty has done is created the DNA, gene and cells and from that they have grown the very first human or the very first animal of some species. The almighty is having all the knowledge and so it is not difficult for him to do so. So that’s how the very first human might have been created. DNA creating from scratch is still tough for humans but almighty had made it much time back as he is the creator he has the knowledge as well. So we are here as we are today.

In fact the DNA may have been made from synthesis of some molecules which form the gene that makes the human. This is how we are engineered by the almighty. Now let us see in deep the concept according to which we are made from simple pieces of atoms. A combination of few atoms made a molecule. We know that an atom is made from energy. Now the combination of some of these molecules made the DNA. The combination of some DNA made a gene. Again combination of some molecules made various other components inside a cell and thus ultimately the cell. Now this gene is transferred inside the cell by this vector method. After that the cells starts replicating and grow. Different cells with different genes started growing. Now the code in the gene determined what sort of reactions to take place so defines what structure will be formed or how strong it will be. Like human and elephant both have teeth but of different type. This is defined by the gene. Also the size of one’s hand in human is also defined by it like how heavy it will be. This is same for all other parts. In fact the gene may act as a catalyst for the various reactions during cell replication and defines its level and intensity. This is why the body parts in different species are of different type. Though in one species like in humans they are similar but their sizes differ. But most parts are common to all the species indeed. This is how the


genes direct the formation of different. This theory can easily provide an argument against the theory of evolution which I never followed. In this way the various body parts and ultimately the organism like us got built. This engineering is directed by genes and hence mostly termed as genetic engineering as well.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that in reproduction too the same phenomenon happens. The only difference is the gene enters the cell automatically during metakinesis and then after process is the same. Hence the overall process of generation of new human beings is more or less same as we have seen in artificial creation. In fact these artificial techniques are obtained from the default technical processes only.

Now go back to our original discussion and we should notice that all animals possess more or less the same body parts. So genes are the building block of everything. And all the species are architected by god on the basis of these building blocks from very beginning. This means our start is from humans only and that the other animals were too present here from very start. There were some other animals too but they got extinct only. There is no evolutionary process as mentioned by Darwin’s theory. And behind all of it the hand is of the almighty only. They send us to earth to live and prosper. Remind you almighty is formless as said in holy books. In fact it can take any form even of humans and that is why we worship the almighty too in human form only. The true creator of everything is the nature as we seen in first chapter.


Life After Death


It is always an interesting question that what happens to us after our death. Is there an afterlife or reincarnation? The answer lies in the holy books. In them it is said that with our death our body ends its time period on earth but not the soul. It gets exited from the body and travels to the gods from where it is send back to another body on earth after some time. But is there any scientific explanation behind it? Yes it do have an explanation. There were many stories of reincarnation we may sometime hear from someone. We will discuss about the soul and its cycle of reincarnations in this chapter.

We have discussed earlier that soul is form of energy that drives the human body not completely but partially. But it do sense all the happenings that the human undergoes throughout his lifetime and also transmit thoughts to the brain of the human. The soul is a sacred thing. But throughout the lifetime it goes through many transformations and it gets polluted. One of the biggest challenges to humans is to maintain its sacredness. Sacred here means the soul is free from evil works and thinking. But for some people during the lifetime it gets polluted by both bad works and thinking which may be mostly due to influence of bad peoples. So in spite of all these the human should try to keep his soul clean. Only if it can stay clean throughout its lifetime it will be regarded as completely sacred and get rid of the cycle of birth and death and will obtain the almighty. Else after some punishments in the hell for bad doings and some good time in heaven for good doings it has to come back to earth and take birth again. And also on earth it will suffer more or less as per its thoughts and works in its previous birth. The goal of the soul is always to obtain almighty where it will get rid of all sorts of happiness and sorrow. This is


all what written in the holy books. Now we shall see the science behind them.

How do the soul gets polluted? We know soul is a form of energy. It receives waves from the brain and its constituent energy gets converted accordingly. The soul can be in positions where it is half contaminated and there when it’s full. But how the soul gets contaminated or free from contamination? It is achieved by those energy waves which make the soul to behave as evil or as innocent. It happens as the soul will be triggered in evil works or good works according to that energy. It occurs as from influences from evil and good energy sources. Then it getting completely contaminated which is a near zero possibility it can try to regain its sacredness in its lifetime. So we shall always try to regain its sacredness by indulging good thinking to it. The thoughts that the brain emits is somewhat according to the soul’s condition. So there is a balance between the thought brain emits and the condition of soul. That is why it’s said to try to keep the soul in sacred state with good thoughts still it is possible as the soul is completely contaminated is a near zero possibility. In fact the soul sets a condition for the brain according to which the thought waves from brain are emitted. That is how it works. It’s like a atmosphere for the brain depending on which the animal brain thinks.

Now we shall discuss the science of afterlife and reincarnation. Once a person get dead the journey of soul energy with it ends. The matter which is in the form of body is burnt and thus its story ends. But the driving energy that is soul leaves the body when the body stops functioning. There may


be a connection between the brain and soul energy and they are coupled together. So when the brain stops its function the soul too gets free and leaves the body. The energy of soul then starts its journey towards its destination that is towards almighty. The soul is such a form of energy that can drive itself. It also experiences the feelings and is the main living conscious object in the human body. But after leaving the body it detaches from the bodily experiences but retains its condition it obtained while leaving the body. In fact it has electromagnetic waves from the brain too which identifies its knowledge and deeds on earth. So it is required for it to get sacred again. For that it has to travel to heaven or hell accordingly.

In hell this energy is purified but before that it has to feel the pain for its wrong doings on earth as depicted in holy books. So after the pain it gets it is purified and then the energy regains its original form and so it can make someone think good and keep his life towards right track. The purification is done by removing all the evil thoughts and all memories stored in the soul energy. After that it spends some time in heaven where it experiences happiness for its good works in earth. The time period in heaven or hell of a soul depends on the amount of good or bad thinking and works done by it on earth. It’s because it’s the soul energy that makes the brain to make an thinking from its own, that can be good or bad besides of the effect of other celestial bodies on it. It means it’s the soul only that can affect the human working besides the celestial bodies. Though its effect is minute but still it has an influence on the person. So keeping it sacred can make the person do right things in life. So the soul goes through the cycle of heaven and hell and that is regulated by the gods. It is called the afterlife condition.


After that the soul is send to re enter a body on earth and drive it. The body depends on the previous life’s works of the soul. For more sins it may enter a body that is blind or for good works it will enter a body that is fine. This is called the reincarnation. After reincarnation the body drives the new body exactly like it had done with the previous one in last life. It’s previous life works also decides it’s next life as well. It means it will enter a body that may be born on a time when the celestial bodies are in favourable condition and so will have a good life for its good works in previous life. And again for more sins it has done it may enter a body that takes birth at the time when the planets are not in favourable conditions. So it has to suffer with unpleasant feelings throughout his whole of life. This is how the cycle of life after death happens as depicted in the holy books.

The last thing that a soul wants is salvation. It means it will get rid of all good and bad feelings and get mixed with the energy from where it is created which is the almighty. It happens when the soul gets completely purified and performed no sins throughout its last lifetime in earth. Then what happens is that the soul energy gets mixed with the ultimate energy source that is the almighty and adds to the pool of energy there. So from where the soul is created it gets end up there only its journey. That is the source from where the universe is also created. So the soul achieves salvation. And the journey of the soul ends. These are the things that happen to someone after their death.


Science Behind Deja Vu


Sometimes we realize that something is happening that we have sensed or imagined at sometime in past. It’s quite like what happens in the famous hollywood movie Final Destination. This phenomenon is termed as Deja Vu. It is a Chinese term and the Chinese first named it. But what actually it is and is it real. And if it is real then how is it possible. These questions are answered here. But before answering these questions we will again have a look at the Hindu mythologies. In these books there are many stories regarding some sages do telling the future of persons to them. So it might be a possibility that those sages were aware of this phenomenon and can control it. That is why they do predict the futures. We have seen that our futures are fixed from before and one way of knowing future is by astrology. But every specific single incidence can be felt by our mind and if we can understand which one is right we will be able to recognize the future. So what is required is to control the phenomenon of Deja Vu and if we can do that, then at any time when we feel required to know the future we can do it. This is what the sages can do. So first we will look at the science behind it.

We know future and every incidence is fixed in time. To understand Deja Vu we require understand events and time. Here we will consider the fact that events can travel time. An event is an activity occurred at a point of time. So if an activity will occur after five years from now then we can say that an event will occur after five years. Now that event will generate some waves that can carry something like we can say the images of that event. Now those waves which can travel time will carry the event from a future point to present. And our brain can sense it. So when our brain senses it we feel a Deja Vu


experience. This is how Deja Vu takes place. We will now see it in detail.

But the question that arises now is that how does those waves can travel time. The answer is very simple and definite. It’s the way humans can travel time. In detail we shall discuss about it in the chapter Concepts Of Time. But in short let’s see the concept here. As we know that brain can recognize electromagnetic waves and it’s the human brain that experiences the Deja Vu. So it’s the electromagnetic waves that do possess the capability to travel time. There were different time frames in different parts of the system as given in spiritual books. Like that it is also a fact that electromagnetic waves can travel time. The how part is discussed in the mentioned chapter above.

Hence those electromagnetic waves that had travelled time are present here and there in the universe at present time. These waves are sometimes recognized by our brains and hence we can sense the future. This is the case with many animals like cats and dogs also. They can understand and differentiate very well that which wave is from future and which one is created at present. Hence they are known for their sixth sense and so they do inform us about any upcoming disasters. This is because the molecular structure of their DNA and brain is such that their brains possess some special power or sixth sense to detect the waves from future. In a similar fashion it is available in humans as well but not that strong like animals and so most of the times we could not differentiate which wave is from future events and which is not. But how do the events are carried by electromagnetic waves? It is explained below. At a


point in future an event that will occur and the objects of that event are supposed to emit some electromagnetic waves. As we know events are fixed in time so is the emission of these waves. So they do travel through time and reach the brain of animals and humans at present. Now the question is that how do these waves are generated even if that event has not happened yet. So we will be going through a new concept to understand it. The concept is basic idea behind the creation of time machine.

Let’s see it. Some of the greatest scientists like Einstein had proposed a fourth quadrant called the time quadrant besides the space quadrants for evaluating events. The basic reasons are all of these above phenomena. We shall look over an event like this now. All the events had occurred at a specific space quadrant (X – Y – Z) and a time quadrant. The time quadrant starts from start of time and ends at end of time as did the space quadrants and hence their dimensions can be considered as infinite. It clearly states that all the events had occurred at some point in time. It means all the events had occurred that may be of future, past or present and we are only travelling through time to see and experience it. This is another revolutionary concept and adds to the concept of fixed events in time. Thus we can say that a future event has occurred and the waves generated at that event travels through time at a faster pace backward to reach us and are being captured by our brains. This phenomenon is called Deja Vu.

This supports the concept of astrology as well which states that the events in future are fixed. And this concept adds to it that all those events in fact have occurred in future. This


concept is also the base behind making of a time machine. We will discuss about it in more detail in next chapter. It can be said like this that we cannot see the future at present if we travel through time at present pace but if we increase our speed in time we can go to the future as well. This above concept is also among one of the fundamental properties of nature.

Hence we can say that Deja Vu is real and it has a base as well behind it. Now how can we understand it? In old ages many sages can detect it by using their sixth sense as many other animals can do. For that the brain should be equipped with the sixth sense which is in fact present in it but not much active. Some chemical secretion in the brain can make the sixth sense active. It happens as some specific chemicals in the brain may make a very good differentiator that can differentiate between the frequencies of waves coming from the future and those at present. That can be achieved by meditation and forcing the brain to secrete the proper chemicals made of proper atoms and molecules in it. It can also be done by taking those chemicals voluntarily as food from plants or by manufacturing it artificially and can also be done by activating our kundali which performs the rest. Thus by these ways we can make our sixth sense active and hence can detect the Deja Vu experiences. This is the science behind Deja Vu which is revealed. Thus Deja Vu is real and is a quite common and useful phenomena which is scientifically proven. The sages had control over it in early days by invoking their sixth sense mostly using meditation.




Telepathy is a subject that is considered with many misconceptions. The presence of telepathy is world proven. It is not anything paranormal but has been based completely over scientific phenomena. We shall discuss all of it in detail in this chapter. But let us start with what is telepathy? Telepathy is a natural phenomena gifted to us by the nature and almighty. It means that one person can connect to another person and exchange their views directly by their thoughts. But how is it possible. It is nowadays scientifically proven fact. The basic reason behind it again is the transmission of signals by electromagnetic waves within the brain. The brain transmits and receives electromagnetic waves to communicate. From this statement we can get an idea about how telepathy occurs. Now let us see what is telepathy in detail?

Telepathy is a phenomenon by which we can communicate with one another by thoughts only. It means what we think will be communicated to someone else brain from our brain. So everyone can understand what we think. It is the base behind what we say understanding peoples psychology. When we are near to someone we can understand his psychology and this is only due to telepathy. And psychology means what the person is thinking behind his speech. Now let us see the science behind it.

The science is very simple. As we have seen that the human brain has an electromagnetic waves transmitter and receiver in neurons by which they communicate within the brain and from outside. In fact within the brain the neurons communicates through synapses which creates a electromagnetic signal by creating a difference between the


electrical potential within neurons. What really important is that an electromagnetic wave is generated and this is the basic constituent of thoughts or other brain activities like visual, audio, feelings etc. We should see that all these require communications within the brain. So all these signals are processed and transmitted by electromagnetic signals within the brain. So it can be said that the brain is a complex network of neurons that communicate and functions using electromagnetic waves. Now waves can travel to any place. But while travelling its intensity decreases as it is inversely proportional to distance. But if somebody is nearby the intensity of the wave from the person to that person will be not that low. Now his brain also has inbuilt electromagnetic receivers. So what will happen is that his brain can receive these waves and can decode it to understand the thought or other operation of the person’s brain that the wave was carrying. Thus the second person will be able to understand the thought directly from brain to brain without the need for it to be spoken. This is the mechanism behind telepathy.

Now if the receiver person is near to the transmitter person the thoughts can be understood as its intensity is still quite but else the intensity will be very low and so the receiver person cannot decode the thought wave and hence telepathy will not be successful. This is why only near persons can read or understand the thoughts of the other person. In fact telepathy is effective if two persons are nearby. Else we require some sort of amplifier or external devices which we will see in the next chapter.


So now how does the encoding or decoding of thought waves takes place. Every thought object that is visible object, thought, audio object etc has some specific amplitude associated with it. So if a amplitude of say some nanometres or less is detected then it may correspond to similar results in the receiver brain as in the transmitter brain. For example a word say hello originates in transmitter brain. Then the transmitter transmits the electromagnetic wave to itself and the environment. A nearby receiver brain will receive it and decode it. The amplitude of h will be say something and in receiver brain when that amplitude is detected it will correspond to h only. It is similar for rest of the letters also. Hence the word will be decoded as it is in receiver brain. The case is similar for emotions or audio and video thoughts as well. This is one of the very effective properties of the brain. In fact everything we see and hear are also stored as audio video thoughts in brain.

But even for persons quite near the receiving intensity of the wave decreases by quite a bit due to many barriers in between and also distance. This is why the thoughts are never exactly understood for even nearby persons. But there is some effect of one persons thinking on the other person nearby on the contrary to almost nothing for far away persons. This is the basic concept behind telepathy.

But we hardly ever recognize other’s thoughts and this is due to the reason explained above. But after invention of digital equipments these are no more a barrier. With amplifiers we can amplify the signals for their proper detection and decoding. This is presented in the next chapter.


Telepathy And Computers


In the previous chapter we have read what is telepathy? So we got an idea it is pure science. So it can be modified according to our needs by proper discoveries and inventions. And human race had done exactly that. They have made electronic devices like computers that can interact with human brain through electromagnetic waves. These devices are called brain computer interfacing devices in which the computer can be made to interact with the brain and even more. These are of two types invasive and non invasive. In invasive the human brain requires a physical device to get connected with it and computer. In non invasive the connection is without any physical device connected and hence can be made from a distance. Today there are even devices that can make brain to brain communication possible over a distance. Now let us see what these devices are and how they work.

Let us start with invasive brain computer interfaces. In this sort of technology a headset or some device like that is attached to the head to connect with the brain. One end of it is attached with the computer. And then the electromagnetic signals are received and transmitted to the brain from the computer with the help of it and specialized software. The technology is carried on by three ways. They are optogenetics in which the waves are carried by a light signal to the brain, sonogenetics in which sound waves are used and electromagnetic waves directly which is the best way to do it. In invasive brain computer interfaces no receiver or transmitter is required as the brain is directly connected with the device through wires. Now once it is connected the data can be sent or received to and from the brain. There can be various in fact all sorts of signals that can be recorded which the brain processes in its normal functioning. There are various algorithms for


encoding and decoding of these brain signals by computer. The signals are transmitted as electromagnetic waves to the brain which reads it and then function accordingly. Also the brain sends the electromagnetic waves which the computer receives and decodes it to understand it. All these are performed by specific software. The signal processing part is discussed later.

Now let us come to the non invasive brain computer interfaces. In these brain computer interfaces the interfacing is without any direct connection. This can be done by some radio transmitters and radio receivers which can amplify the wave before transmitting or receiving it. These are very specialized devices as the wave that reaches the receiver would be very small in magnitude and hence require much amplification and also the wave that is transmitted should be of so higher in magnitude that when it reaches the brain it could be detected by the brain. Some special type of Delta T Antenna is used for it. So the electromagnetic signals are transmitted and received this way. Now the signal received should be decoded and encoded signal should be sent over the network. This is done by software and is described later on in this chapter.

Various functions performed by this software are audio & video simulation means what the human had seen or heard is stored as audio and video in the brain. It’s about replication of this signal in the computer by receiving these signals. On the contrary creating such audio and video signals artificially and sending it to the brain creates hallucinations. It also performs the function of receiving the thoughts from brain signals and decoding it and also sending the thoughts as electromagnetic signals to brain. One another function performed by this


software is to control the human body parts from specific part of the brain by sending specific electromagnetic signals to the brain part. There are many other types of signals also that can be encoded and decoded by the software. These are discussed later. All these encoded signals are sent through electromagnetic waves which can be detected by the brain and also the received signals are electromagnetic which is then decoded to get the resultant copy of brain data.

Now what do the software does? It has the work of encoding and decoding the electromagnetic brain waves and get exactly of the copy of the data that the brain has. In fact the brain has readymade encoders and decoders. So the software must have the same encoding and decoding mechanism that the brain has? The software is readily available but to very few selected people and is very expensive. One of the antennas used to encode and decode the signals is called the Delta T Antenna. All these modules together comprise of the connection between human brain and computers using the method of telepathy. The next modification in the technology is brain to brain communications.

In brain to brain communication there must be some equipment to amplify the waves. The encoding and decoding is not required as the mechanism is same for all the human brains. So the thoughts could be understood well if the waves comprising it is detected and amplified. This is achieved by invasive equipments like specialized headsets. Through these headsets one brain can communicate with another directly and hence called brain to brain communication.


All these researches had started way back during the 1950s and 1960s. The first major project used to develop this technology is Project MK Ultra funded mostly by CIA. One of the scientists in this project whose work is considered is Dr M F Persinger who had developed the God Helmet or Shiva Helmet. This strengthens the fact about existence of gods as most of the scientists these days are validating the presence of gods. It can be supported by another fact that is presence of Lord Shiva statue outside the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. So Dr M F Persinger and rest were the first to develop this technology in that project.

This technology has led to many revolutionary ideas as well. It includes making of robots which can be controlled by computers or completely automated robots that can work completely as humans do. Another breakthrough in research is robots controlled by human brain which is also a result of this tech. All these technologies are a huge breakthrough in science which gave us the concept of cybernetic immortality of humans which means to store all the human brain data in computers after the human’s death. The science behind them is similar to as explained above.

As human brain data can be recorded by computers so can be stored. This stored data includes audio & video, thoughts etc as perceived by the brain throughout its lifetime. Now from knowing this functioning of brain and the various circuits in brain robots are being made which too has same type of circuits and functions using electromagnetic waves as human brain does. So that can be controlled by computers and even human brain as explained earlier for the case of humans.


And last but not the least another thing possible by this tech is that of projecting voices directly to head or brain using computers and this is called telepathic telephony. Thus these technologies are revolutionary in nature and have the ability to change the course of mankind. The persons behind these techs have made them so lethal that it can make people into a new species named robosapiens and can control the humans as in fact robots which follow exactly any command given to him including walking, sitting, drinking etc. It can also record the persons all brain activities. All these made this era a new era in science and it is that of electronic devices.


Concepts Of Time


What is Time? It is a big question as it is also among the elementary objects that had made the universes. The others are space and energy. Now we shall recall few features of time like events are fixed in time. Our main goal in this chapter is to understand the concept of time travel and what is time. So we will proceed towards that from the basics. First of all we should consider that time is a dimension. From that point of view we can develop a concept of time. So theoretically we can consider that we can travel backward and forward in time. But is it practically possible? Yes. There were stories during the second world war about the time travelling experiments conducted in which some of the soldiers vanished from recent time frame to some other time frame and when they returned they revealed they have been through really tough situations during their journey. One of the most pioneering works of time travel is done by Nikola Tesla. So there are proofs of people travelling time. Even there was sometimes news about people coming from some future time to present time. These people appears from nowhere in space and appears at once at a place in a time. So there are stories of time travel. And if all these are real then we will try to figure out the science behind it.

So let’s start the time by thinking as a dimension. Now also each and every event in time is fixed throughout its existence. So we are travelling through these events with a constant speed of time. The only reason we does not feel it is because of our consciousness level which doesn’t let us to do so in such a way and also we are not taught it ever. But persons who are conducting researches over time machines think time in this sort of manner. Now what happen if we increase our speed and travel in forward or backward direction in time then we can travel to a future or a past point in time.


This is the basic principle behind a time machine. Quartz is one of the constituents that comprise a time machine. Let see now how can we travel time.

The concept can be explained as follows. According to Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 he said that we can travel time if we reach nearer to the speed of light. But travelling with that speed is a highly improbable. But some scientists have believed a phenomena and might had made a device by which we can travel time. This is as this. For that we require a large cylinder, fill it with large number of gases and then rotate it with very high speed near to that of light. It will emit gravitational waves and other waves. Now if we try to reach nearer to it and travel with that speed we can travel backward in time. Similarly travelling in opposite direction around the cylinder will take us forward in time. This experimental idea has led to some familiarity about travelling time. Also theoretically it is said that if we travel with speed of light in space or around a black hole and so came back after some time back to earth there will be a time lag and it means we had travelled with a slower speed than time and so when we came back we lagged in time. There are a lot of news about this experiments and theories. Many such experiments had been conducted by Nikola Tesla during his tenure. But the practical science behind it and understanding the science behind these experiments is still too much to be understood but a basic concept is present at end of this chapter. In fact some experiments on time travel like one in Philadelphia are real and made time travel concepts practical.

So now let us have a clear cut idea about time. Time is something that flows on its own conditions and also it can be


regarded as a dimension. We can travel forward and backward in it. But can we change it? There are stories written in the holy book Gita that Lord Krishna has stopped time to recite this holy book to the world. Is it really had been done? The fact is that time can’t be changed, we can stop time, go forward and backward in time to see its events but could not change them. It means time is flowing at a continuous speed in which fixed events are happening and we are not moving along the time dimension. We are stationary in it. But if we start to travel at the speed of time in its dimension then it will stop for us. Also of we move at a faster speed we will move in future and if we travel in the other direction we will move backward in time. It is just a analogy but can be used to understand how time works. To move forward or backward in time the ways are described in a previous stanza. So from the above discussion we can gain a very good idea about time. But the science behind moving in time is really difficult but we can have an idea about it like this.

If we can convert us to energy which we will see in the chapter Invisibility then we can travel in time as waves emitted from energy can travel time. We have seen it in Déjà vu as it is a property of waves. This is supported by string theory as well which says that only those objects can travel in higher dimensions which can travel in one dimension like strings. Also Einstein’s equation is satisfied that we can travel in time if we travel with speed of light which will convert us into energy and we seen that energy through waves can travel time. But we require to get back to our material body after travelling time. This process of getting converted to energy from material body and back to body from energy is explained in the chapter Invisibility.


So we will not proceed much further with time but had understood it as a mechanism of the system in which we and the universes reside. Time should be regarded as separate entity which has its own properties and researches should be conducted by thinking it like that and we can get to move much further with it. So we conclude the discussion of concepts of time with it which should seem to be more clear after it.


UFO And Aliens


This is another question that is of interest for many that are we alone in this universe. We have so far seen that we exist and also the existence of god is also very much true. But are there other creatures like us or may be different from us and do they travel to earth and make communication with people on earth. Well there are lots of incidents that highlight the appearance of UFOs and aliens on earth and making communication with people over here. Most of these incidents are noted in the USA. So does the United States are hiding something from the public? In fact US hides many information and mostly in its core are the CIA, NASA and NSA with the governing body who are always being intimated of all the secret information. The CIA with the US governing body conducts many researches named various projects like Montauk, MK Ultra etc but hardly anyone in public get much information about it. The world had also started to develop this trend. So many incidents related to UFOs have been kept hidden from the public. The persons who have seen it or faced it only do believe in it. The most famous among them is the one in Roswell, New Mexico. I have many files with me that validate these incidents and details are provided about them. I will present some in this book.

So beside Roswell some other incidences are in Kentucky, Alabama, Madagascar etc. They had been in fact seen at places all over the world even in India. But what they really do here and how they have made their way to here. First let us start with the Roswell Incident. Roswell was a army base and many saw a balloon type object crashing there from air in the year of 1947. Later the officials declared that it was a crashed balloon but images in newspaper clearly indicated it was something different. But the news had been buried by the


officials slowly. Another famous incidence in this regard was the disappearance of Fred Valentich. And he is still missing. He was a pilot in an airplane. He with the plane got lost from radar and then completely and till few days they were not found. Some days later the plane was found but no signs of Fred. This was related to a alien abduction later. There are many stories like this over the last few centuries. One project called Project Blue Book is conducting research over UFO sightings and had listed over sixteen thousand such cases all over the world. This clearly indicates UFO sightings are not only a myth. There was once a news that an attack by aliens have been made at Los Angeles and the US army pilots have started there defence over there. This incidence is famously known as battle of Los Angeles. So aliens are no more stories and movies only.

Now let us discuss how they have known us and what they do here. So what they are doing here? The answer lies within many secret meetings between them and concerned staffs from all over the world particularly US. There are pacts which are being made for getting the advanced alien technologies from them. It is also regarding future planning for earth’s peoples to where they can settle down if someday the earth is no more a suitable place. It is regarding making of spaceships that can travel far from that of now. And the list is even longer. In fact the complete story is as follows.

There are more than one civilization where these extraterrestrial people reside. Some came by their own searching the universe. The rest tracked us by receiving signals from us. These signals are transmitted to the outer space in a special sequence different from cosmic signals for searching


extraterrestrial intelligence. And some received these signals and replied to it after which a communication is developed by which they tracked us and came up here. There are various projects carried out in this respect. At start some UFOs had simply came over here to attack. But after that some extra terrestrial treaties have been made which defines the types of operation that can be performed between these different civilizations. So all these operations were been carried out covertly by the CIA, NSA and the US government with some other intelligence and defence agencies of other countries. The public is kept completely unaware of all these stuff. Many past files related to it are destroyed and new files are preserved as top secret. The discussions are like that these extraterrestrial intelligences post no more threat to national security as was once published in one of these documents. This may sound like a fiction movie but these are not. These are real stuff. So there are a lot of stories about aliens and lot of ongoing projects over them. Now let us move to the other questions.

How aliens are made? Are they from our galaxy or other? Are they more powerful than us? Are they more powerful than god? The best answer to these questions can be provided by people who have seen them or encountered them. Most of the papers that are leaked or presented could not answer any of these perfectly. What they say combined with our research are as follows. There can be two types of aliens one that is like us made by the almighty. The second is the one made by the aliens itself and are like robots controlled by their master aliens. The first one should function according to the laws of system because whatever it be it must be a law within the system. It may be different from that which is at our place but still must sit with the laws of system as nothing is outside it as is created by


nature designed by almighty. Hence almighty is definitely more powerful as they are also creator of aliens and their knowledge must be higher than the aliens whose knowledge may be more than those that in earth. But still whatever the aliens have invented and discovered must fall within the laws of the system. They may or may not be from our galaxy as this system is vast and they can be from anywhere. There may exist such conditions where life can prevail hence the aliens had been selected to be placed there. They may be here from before us or some after our reign on earth. There technology may be like us, better or even worse than us. The exact knowledge can be obtained by communication with these aliens who sometimes visits the planet. The communication is little leaked and hence hard to know. But the biggest point is that aliens are real and they are sometimes here as well. The people who met them or encountered them or tried to leak any information had been announced as crazy by the government and others to make the information lack base. All behind the curtains are the CIA, NSA and some other agencies with the central governments and they better knows than us about all these stuff but hard to get any information from their part. So we are not alone governed by the nature and almighty in this system.


Power Of Genes And DNAs


In the previous chapter we studied about UFOs and aliens. Now again get back in study of our own civilization. So we have taken an understanding over genes and DNA previously. And we got to know that they are the building blocks of all intelligent beings. So they are indeed very powerful. We shall have a detailed look over it in this chapter.

Let’s start from scratch. We know genes are made up of DNAs which are made of various molecules which are made of individual atoms. Now these genes are present in cells but the cells have the ability to replicate and its replication is guided by genes. The cells are made of molecules and can be made artificially by linking specific molecules. They are made of such atoms and molecules which can replicate if they are provided with more proteins, vitamins etc which are converted to cells by these prevailing cells with the guidance of genes. This is how the process of creation of new organisms occurs. Also development of an originated organism is guided by genes. In fact the mRNA a amino acid carries the information from DNA which guides the formation of proteins and vitamins inside the organism body. It occurs like this. The specific molecule inside the gene is carried by the mRNA as it mixes with it and later released to make proteins form whose structure and constituents is guided by the carried DNA part. In fact that part acts as a catalyst in the metabolic reactions inside the body to form specific proteins, vitamins etc. There are different strands of DNA or genes which is involved in formation of different proteins in different parts of the body and hence different cells altogether and number also which defines their size and power. Now let us look at the power of genes and DNA. Clearly we can understand that if we change someone’s gene by changing the DNA he may become a human with different abilities or even


different organisms altogether. But how can we change someone’s DNA. It’s definitely by changing the molecular constituents inside the DNA. This looks simple but it is not that simple that it looks. Making a sequence of atoms to make a DNA is not an easy stuff. We have to start from understanding the sequencing that prevails in an organism from before to make an identical or similar DNA artificially. And the constituents of all cells are identical but that too requires to be copied. After that by combining a sequence of DNAs genes are formed inside the cell which defines the structure and character of the intellectual being.

So DNAs and genes are the building block of all metabolic and intellectual functions that are performed by an organism. These included the structuring of brain, heart, body muscles, internal organs etc. Even the brain is structured by the genes. But once structured the brain is completely outside the influence of genes. Brains in same organisms are always similar. After that the ability of brains are influenced by its surrounding and from celestial bodies. It is by the type of information it retrieves and processes it works on its basis. Some part is destiny and rest is computation. The growth of body size, strength of body parts all are defined by the genes. And always for same organism the gene structure is quite similar. So now we will look at how we can be able to convert a lion to a rat. It can be done simply by changing its gene. But to change a gene by taking it out and transplant a new one the cell will die and eventually the organism. But that will happen if all the cells with different genes constituting the organism are tried to be converted at once. If it is done one by one then the process can be done. Scientists have made systems successfully which can convert genes of one organism to


genes of another to make them that one. This is explained below.

So now let us see how. At first we require to select some cells where the transplant shall be made. Then we have to replace the gene with the one of the organism which it is wanted to be made. It is called DNA transplantation. In a similar manner DNA of all cells have to be transplanted or replaced. What comes is a new organism. Another way to do this is DNA translation. In it some chemicals are inserted which binds with the DNA of the cell such that some not required part of the DNA dissolves and some part of DNA get attached to the existing one. Thus a new DNA strand or gene becomes active. It also changes the organism from one to another or the characteristics of the organism based on the type of DNA attached. These two are the basic procedures for changing DNA and genes of organisms. Now we shall have a detailed look.

But first let us answer a question that does it mean the structure of organisms depends on genes and not the amount of food it intakes. This can be explained as follows. All of the food that a organism intakes can be excreted out. But its only the genes that defines that how much part of the food will be converted to proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates etc that are cell constituents. So how much cells of particular types will be created is defined by these genes only. Hence the structure and size of organism is defined by genes and to some extent the food taken in as well. This is why genes are one of most important constituents of the body. Now we shall another way


of converting genes. It is by the use of organism’s brain. Lets have a look.

Brain have immense power. We can make the genes of the body to change also using it. This can be done as follows. We can make the secretion of certain DNA like chemicals from the body by it and make it to get entered inside a cell exactly like we do in a normal process. Inside the cell the DNA will mix up with the chemicals which are also a form of DNA and make a new DNA strand that is gene or completely replace the old strand and thus changing the organism. This is also feasible.

Now we shall look in detail about how gene transplantation takes place. It is a very complex task to convert all the genes of a living body. If it is done by nature to an organism offspring it is called mutation. But mutation doesn’t work on living body. We can call it as transplantation. In it the gene is at first made available in the body be it inserted or created inside the body. Then it is passed to the cell where it shall be transplanted. The next process is similar as in cloning. We create a vector by help of which we insert the gene into the concerned cell as in cloning but before that the gene within it is being dissolved. This can be done by some other bio chemical insertion which reacts with the gene and dissolves it. In fact everything happens with chemical molecular reactions. Like the entry of a gene is done by vector which creates the space and takes the gene there. It occurs by successive bio chemical reactions between the vector ingredients and cell ingredients. And the gene also gets inserted by similar means. Thus the bio chemicals in the vector be such that it can make space for the gene by reacting with cell membrane and dissolving it and then


the cell regenerates its membrane. In the meantime the gene which got placed within the vector gets its place inside the cell. The gene too gets its place by reacting with the vector and diluting it to enter before the vector regenerates it by successive reactions. This special property of biological objects to regenerate is a very important trait for organisms. The regeneration takes place by reacting with some proteins which constitute and in fact forms the new cells under catalysts. This is the whole science behind us which is explained before as well. Now how did the vector and gene moves to the target cell. It can be directly implantation or by any of the transportation means inside the body like relaying with the body tissues or other means. Thus the cell gets a new gene. It can be done directly by the brain using computers connected with it as brain can do anything inside a body of organism by providing specific signals to the concerned object within body and brain can be controlled by computers as we have seen earlier. It can also be done by biological means. By using brain there is no need for dissection or any other biological phenomena and the organism can stay as it is. This procedure should be repeated for all the body cells and thus the organism gets converted accordingly to different structure or other organism. But this is not that feasible hence the biological methods have been employed over smaller structured organisms only. But using brain to create and transplant genes is more feasible and is an very advanced technology developed which can be used to convert one organism to another. Now we shall look over mantra power of older days that how it can do so.

In older days also gene changing was possible and that by mantra power with the power of waves our constituents. That is explained later.


Parallel Worlds


Parallel Worlds is a completely new term for non science admirers. So first of all let get familiar with this term. Then we shall have a look within the science of its creation and functioning. Parallel World or Parallel Universe as the name suggests are referred to similar worlds and universes to us somewhere else in the universe outside our one. There organisms similar to human exists and they also work exactly same as humans do here in time being. It means if a person travels from USA to India here on earth his corresponding body on some planet on a parallel universe will also travel same distance but his source and destination may be different depending over the planets size and structure. These universes are always getting created in a similar way as bubbles are created out of hot water each bubble representing a universe. And these universe are similar to us in functioning and are related to us in working as well. The laws of nature and time are similar to that of our universe. Such a concept is termed as parallel universes. But are parallel universes real? We shall have a look over it.

Scientists on the basis of some special telescopes have given this theory on the basis of their observations. This theory is also based on the basis of quantum physics. So still few believe and few do not over these theories. I am also among the non believers. I have not met anyone so far who can convince me and make me believe over it either. I doesn’t think there is any logic behind this theory that people will react exactly similarly at so far distances or even if they stay near. The theory of parallel world is based on the principle that when the universe and our planet got created similar mechanisms were carried outside our universe also where new universes were being created and if the laws of nature are same in the


system which it is then that universe creation and ongoing process of its development will also be identical to ours and everything there would be exactly same like that of us. And the theory specifies that there must be at least one such universe. But I practically believe over the theory that almighty had created us and the universe definitely obeying the laws of nature. Then similar such systems is a possibility but not a confirmatory one. But creation of the organisms are by natural objects which is engineered by almighty. So if on any other such universe there have to be beings exactly like us then almighty has to make them like that. Our creation that is so much intellectual can not only be a coincidence. And the possibility of happening so is least. I doesn’t completely believe in it but there is a possibility I can always say. This theory also states that space and time has no start and no end in which the creating matter is always resident from beginning and will be there till end and the creation of universes is as that of bubbles coming out of water as was said ago.

Another principle which is considered for making the hypothesis of parallel worlds or universes is dependent on the theory that electron exists in two states at the same time and if weren’t the whole atoms and hence everything would have collapsed. So it says that if electrons can be there in two states at the same time then why not universes. But according to this book the electrons stay stable inside atoms due to the centrifugal forces that exists and cancels the attraction of opposite charges. Hence the possibility of parallel universes according to this paradox is completely eliminated by this book. So there have been efforts to have a look deep into the space for such object universes but according to me it is a hard fight to win.


All these assumptions and findings of quantum physics had led to the hypothesis of parallel worlds paradoxes. But practically the possibility of this is least and I will never bet on it. In fact creation is ultimate work of almighty and we should believe over it and if god had decided to made the system like that then only it would have been present. And also according to this book the universe is expanding quite like proposed in big bang. So that assumption for parallel universes that the creation of universe is like bubbles coming out of water and each bubble resembles a universe is also contradicted. Hence according to me and what I have written in these book completely contradicts the theory of parallel universes.

There are many more points over which the foundation for parallel universes is laid but I doesn’t think any of them will be going to come up with positive results in upcoming days. So it is just a theory so far.




Invisibility is a very interesting topic. People vanishing from one place and appearing on other places. Such things are very common in old ages and by some extraordinary power possessing people. But is that really possible? Well many of us does not believe over them because they never understand them correctly. Everything is science and hence can be explained. There were researches in present world as well where it is being tried to make some objects vanished from one side of a wall and make it appear over other. But how does it possible. The answer relies over science of our existence. There were terms in spirituality about sidhis which means attaining such states where you can gain such super powers. There are a total of eight level of sidhis. The science behind it is also among one of the sidhis. A sidhi can be achieved by meditation. But now let us see the science behind it.

As its said that that the science is related with our creation. And we are created from energy which is invisible. Hence its easily understood that if we can change our form back to energy we can become invisible. This is quite a ask but its possible and its science is explained later on. Lets start with the example of particles. What we require is to create a machine by which we can convert any physical object into energy. And after some time that energy back into material object. For this if we go deep we will understand that we require to break the object into its constituent smaller forms and lastly energy so that the energy still possess the ability to reconstruct it into matter after some time. This is a sort of intelligent energy. We have read about intelligent energy which is our soul. But there can be many different types of intelligent energy like the soul. This energy can know what to do and do respectively. There is another problem and that is to break down the matter


into its constituents we require a huge amount of external energy. But there can be ways by which this can be done. One way is by concentrating the energy around us to the matter which can be very high which even we don’t know. So when we convert the matter into intelligent energy which can remake itself when required or even if not then after some time we can solve the matter crossing the wall problem. Both is possible. We can make the energy define it by electromagnetic waves which can guide it back to matter after some time. In the mean time it will cross the wall. Also the matter can be guided by the electromagnetic energy, like that it can remake itself when it feel so. It is possible because we know that electromagnetic waves can carry signals and these signals can interact with all other waves to guide them to do anything as decided. Also every matter has some portion of electromagnetic waves. Hence the matter can itself capable of converting itself into energy and back to matter. But it does not have any free electromagnetic energy that can make it work voluntarily. So we require some intelligent organisms like humans to provide it that and guide it through the conversion process to energy but it can get back to its original form by its own. But such is not the case with humans. So we will see the case of humans now.

We know that humans work by the electromagnetic waves. It is because their brain emit and receive electromagnetic waves. So the brain has neurons which can emit electromagnetic waves hence can be said that humans too can. So humans can emit electromagnetic waves which can guide the energy created from their body back into body after some time or when it feel so. The electromagnetic waves can be configured like that. But the question now is that how do the body will convert it to energy without the help from any external


energy. The answer is from the energy that lies within the body. In fact the body does not accumulate so much energy from food but it can obtain it from meditation. In fact by meditation one can concentrate the external energies to concentrate over a position. It is like this that the electromagnetic brain waves generated from brain can guide the external energies to focus over a point or a object. And by this way it can command the external energy to concentrate over the body hence convert that to energy. So the person can go invisible. But this energy that had gone converted from body must have some portion of the electromagnetic waves which gives it command to get convert back into material body exactly like the universes got created from energy. So some electromagnetic wave must be present with that energy.

Now one can easily imagine that once the body got converted into energy its speed in any direction will increase because speed of waves are always much high. One more thing we can conclude from it that we can also travel in time dimension by doing so because we have seen that wave has property that it can travel in time as well due to which the phenomenon of dĂŠjĂ vu do occurs. This is supported by string theory which states that waves can only travel in higher dimensions. We will look at string theory later. Now we shall see that how do gods can go invisible without even meditation. This is because they have so much knowledge that they can direct the energy from system to their body even without meditation. So they can do so.

There is another way by which humans can go invisible but by that they can be touched or even their presence can be


understood as the place they will be shall become blank. This is possible by the help of objects that can absorb whole of light and does not reflect any. This will make a night type dark condition in the place where the person covered with that object shall be. This is not a perfect solution but a easy one.

Hence in this chapter we have seen how we can go invisible, travel time and gain back our material existence by science. In next chapter we will have a look at a topic in which many prolific researches are being conducted. It is about immortality.


Science Behind Immortality


To understand immortality we should first of all understand the reasons for death. Death can be due to aging which decreases the ability to cells and tissues of the body. This results in a heart attack at a later stage due to decreased ability of cardiac tissues. Or any disease can result in a death caused because of decreased power of immune system. Diseases like high pressure, sugar etc are a result of decreased power of metabolic cells which results in accumulation of glucose in arteries and veins. And another cause of death can be accidents like a hit on a head may cause blood clotting in brain or cut in an wrist may cause irresistible flow of blood from body. Even there can be situations where the head got separated from body due to an accident causing the person to die. So to overcome complete immortality we have to not only overcome aging but the rest as well. For that the foremost important thing is the healing power of cells and body parts. In older ages once gods have been known to drunk the nectar that made them immortal. But what actually that was. That might be some sort of a chemical that had increased the healing power of bodily cells. Remember that this nectar was taken by gods but not the almighty. So the gods were like normal humans before taking it but after taking the nectar they became immortal. The almighty were immortal from beginning and will be till end of time. So the god took it and became immortal. Thus by taking some sort of chemical someone can become immortal. Now let us see it in detail.

We have already got knowledge about cybernetic immortality. Now we shall have a look over biological immortality. Scientists had discovered a ingredient called NAD+ which is present in younger people cells much more that in older person’s cells. So with age this ingredient decreases in


body which causes aging. Experiments on mice showed that if we inject this ingredient in the cells of older organism their skin and other body parts do also became younger. Hence NAD+ is one of the components that influence aging. Another concept is that by injecting telomeres in the body will do it. Telomeres forms a protective cap over the chromosomes and so it prevents the cells from dying. But neither of them is a perfect solution so far. We require to obtain a solution that can completely cure aging and also recover the cells and body parts in case of damage. Is this really possible? Yes it is but to do so we require to perform a lot of experiments. Here we shall look only over the concepts of immortality.

As said immortality can be achieved by taking proper chemicals. But what should the chemical do? It must be able to repair any cell in case of its death or damage and also be able to produce new cells as required. In case of death of a cell with NAD+ constituents the cell that will replace it must also have a similar composition. For that the body must have such hormones which provides a uniformity in production of NAD+ in the body till end that is for infinite time for the case of immortality. Such chemicals must be manufactured be it from natural plants, leaves or from chemicals through experiments. So the hormones produced by taking the chemical medicine will do the rest of the job preventing the person from aging by maintaining uniformity in NAD+ level in cells. But what in case of damage of a body part. In that case the person also require some hormone whose secretion will cause the part to repair by producing cells. But how? In a damaged body part some or all of the cells of the part dies. Hence the cells that are present still in the body after the damage must replicate itself at a higher speed and must be induced by the damage of some part of the


body getting damaged and hence the damaged body parts will recover by that mechanism. Also the structure produced by these cells must be similar to its previous structure in the body and hence the damaged parts must get replicated. It is similar to the case when a person is born and his body parts develop. In a similar manner a damaged body part should be able to be recovered by cell replication catalysed by such hormones produced by specific chemicals inside the body and also genes which causes the body parts to grow quickly but only in the case of a damage which it requires to identify. But does hormones can stimulate cell growth. Some hormones can act as a catalyst which can help the cells to replicate. In plants such a thing is found that auxin do act as a catalyst for cell replication. So in animals also there must be hormones and enzymes which can control cell replication and we have to find it. This whole mechanism is a complex mechanism but not a impossible one. Such a thing will do the job. Also when some body parts gets damaged due to some illness it can be recovered by a mechanism which can replace the damaged cells with new ones and thus replicate a healthy part replacing the damaged part. In case of diseases like cancer where the cells replicates itself with a higher rate the hormone causing it to do so must be inhibited or its effect should be lessened by a way and hence the abnormal cell growth will come under normal condition and the disease will get cured. All these functionalities inside a body can be obtained by specific hormones which can be produced by taking corresponding chemical medicines. Thus immortality is possible in reality. We shall have a look at it in a little bit more detail now.

But what sort of chemicals can produce such hormones? Hormones like insulin, growth hormones causes organisms to


age. High level of them in body causes person to age quickly. Experiments shown that reducing their level will cause the person to age slowly and his life span do increases. Similarly there may be inventions of new hormones that can artificially placed within the organisms body by medicines which can repair damage cells, stop aging completely and replicate cells as and when required. A chemical can go inside the body through food, transport of various parts inside the body through blood and some part of it may get stored to a place inside as a hormone or even it react with hormones inside the body that causes aging and create a new hormone that prevents aging. Similarly some hormones can go inside the body and get stored as hormones which will cause the body to repair its damaged cells or replicate it as required. All body functions are regulated by hormones which are in fact regulated by genes. So gene transplantation can also be a way by which we can produce and control gene flow and hence immortality. It is by production of specific hormones inside the body by those genes. In fact there should be some such gene sequences which can act as a catalyst to convert the proteins and enzymes into such hormones which can lead organisms to immortality. The proper chemical structure of hormones required to make organisms immortal is still to be found out and hence proper experiments should be carried out in this regard and we may get fruitful results which are not so far to achieve. Aubrey De Grey is one of the pioneer scientists working over it. But there is another question. Does immortality is a blessing really? I doesn’t think it is so because with time life can become a burden over someone and he may feel that he should not be living so long.


Secrets In Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle one of the most mysterious places over earth. The myth is that any people going over there get lost in the place but no one knows how. Generally no one know exactly anything about what happens there. But there are few stories that is being said over there. We shall examine them, And about these stories generally the government supresses them as they supresses about existence of telepathy, UFO and many other researches. We shall look over it here.

There were lot of stories regarding Bermuda triangle. In fact many of the aircrafts lost there were never been found. First of them were regarding the US army aircrafts in 1945 which vanished and haven’t been found. And most recent stories are from this century. In fact more than hundred ships and seventy five aircrafts are known to be vanished from the Bermuda triangle. But what really happens there. Most of the stories related to Bermuda triangle has one thing in common. Even satellites have proved it. It’s the presence of huge layers of clouds over the ocean surface in the Bermuda triangle. But what really these clouds are. There are few stories and let first go through some of them.

In 1970 a person and his father were travelling by a flight over the Bermuda triangle. They left from Andros town. After some time they lost their radar and they saw a huge bunch of cloud. This is told by them when they came back from the place. After that they entered the cloud there were flashes of light. Later a U shaped opening was noticed and they entered that. After some time they got out of it and saw the rays of sun coming. But they felt weightlessness over there. After exiting the cloud they saw that the tunnel collapsed and it looked back


like a dense white cloud only. All the electronic and magnetic instruments had malfunctioned. Then they contacted Miami and said they were near some place called Bimini. But the people in control room said they couldn’t find them there. After some time the control room said they saw the aircraft over Miami. The persons on the flight saw their watch and it was only 45 minutes in it from when they left. Then they landed at palm beach. It was around 250 miles from Andros to Palm beach and it can not be travelled in 45 minutes but according to their clock they have done so. So how did they have done that? They thought it of a time warp.

There were many other stories related to UFOs, presence of Atlantis, human errors, high gravitation, methane hydrates etc. The theory of methane hydrates states that it gets dissolved with water arising from below sea surface and when it is dissolved it reduces the density of the water hence anything passing over it doesn’t float and get drowned. But one thing common from all eye witnesses is the presence of huge clouds over the place and are clear from satellites as well. Hence the most acceptable story is of violent weather. Recent discoveries also revealed that the weather is the real cause. But how and what sort of clouds are these? They are explained.

These clouds are huge in size with hexagonal shape and straight edges and are referred to as air bombs by many. High speed winds blows from there at a speed of 175 miles / ph. Their size varies from 20 mile to 50 miles. They have the capability to create tsunamis even 45 feet high. And also they do create extremely violent tornados. All these are sufficient to bring down aircrafts and sink even large ships. So this


extremely turbulent weather is the real cause of all accidents over the place of Bermuda triangle. But how did the above incident can be explained. It is like this. When they entered the clouds there speed was low but inside it got so high that it travelled such a huge distance in so little time. In this way all other incidences can be too explained. But what cause that sort of clouds to be formed over only that place. Lets have a look at it.

The major reason behind those clouds may be the prevailing low pressure above the warm water in the region. This causes the vapours to rise. The vapours are created at a higher rate and due to low pressure they are accumulated as dense cloud as well. This may be the real reason behind the occurrence of such heavy and dense clouds over the region. This is also the reason why there is not much proof behind the disappearances so far as not many had guessed these clouds to be the cause. And also may be there were situations when there is not that much cloud cover and that time the passers goes through it without much trouble.

Hence one of the mysteries on earth is solved by our scientists and it was so easy to guess but no one had been able to do so far before now. These clouds are the real cause.


Weather Control


Creation Of Mystic Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis And More –



Humans have advanced so much that even the natural phenomena like rains, cyclones, earthquakes etc are not out of their reach. They have made a statement over the nature as well. So natural phenomena can be even controlled by humans these days. We have heard about it that it was done in older days. It was possible then and also possible now. We shall look at how modern human civilization had gained control over the natural phenomena. About older we will have a look later. So with advancement of science many frontiers are being unlocked. A simple example of it was when during the Olympics the Chinese Olympics federation had made arrangements to make any cloud rain outside the stadium during matches by artificial means to prevent the stadiums from rain. This is a high level technology. But this is among one of the least capable ones. The real technologies are far beyond imagination. If we talk about rain then we shall see that from cloud formation to raining with thunders all can be controlled artificially these days. So now we shall have a look over the explanation of these technologies in detail one by one. Lets start with earthquakes.

Mystic Earthquakes –

So far we have known earthquakes is only a natural phenomena. But in fact at present days earthquakes have become a artificial phenomena as well. With the help of science we can create earthquakes of any magnitude at any place. But how? For that we have to first look at the science behind


earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused due to seismic waves that may be created by displacement of tectonic plates or a huge displacement of rocks under earths crust or even volcanoes. Some man made causes of earthquakes are underground mining, underground explosions etc. All these are visible by eyes. In fact whenever any displacement of soil under the earths crust occurs a force acts over the surface based on the place of impact and causes seismic waves to be generated. This is due to the huge force generated due to this phenomena that is caused by the falling or displacement of some other portion of the underground soil. In fact when a plate goes over another a portion of the soil becomes blank hence unstable and also the collision creates a force and so earthquakes take place as a result. Similarly when a underground mining or explosion is done some force is generated due to explosion and also the vacant place created creates a chance for the upper soil to take that place which causes a landslide and that force again can cause seismic waves to arise and so a earthquake to occur though minor. All these are though known and can be seen. But there is another way by which earthquakes can be originated even without touching the soil and no one can see the process either. This will be what we shall be talking about in this chapter. It is explained below.

It is by the use of means called HAARP. HAARP stands High Frequency Active Aural Research Program. It was designed for many purposes by US like for investigation for minerals present below the soil and much more like that. But while experimenting one of the scientists of the group accidentally created a earthquake and from then more researches have been conducted over weather manipulation so that these natural phenomena can be conducted artificially. We


shall have a look over the technology now. It consists of a huge antenna for low frequency waves transmission and receiving. This waves are called extremely low frequency or ELF waves. They are radiated from the antenna directed towards a specific direction of surface. These waves has the power of creating vibrations even on the and beneath the surface of earth at specific resonating frequencies. Hence these vibrations do create a little earthquake which makes the loose surfaces below to move on its line and after some time any loose surface gets displaced from its position which creates a tectonic plate movement like condition. Hence this displacement causes a major earthquake over the surface. The amount of these loose surfaces is plentily available almost anywhere. Hence a major earthquake is always on the cards by these ELF waves and HAARP. This has become one of the major threats to humanity and many earthquakes have been created using them so far but US or any other government has never accepted it. Also there are six more centres like HAARP all over the world. Thus seismic waves can be created using HAARP.

Mystic Rains And Cyclones –

Mystic rains and cyclones are also a possibility by these ELF waves. But for that first of all we should understand the science behind rains and cyclones. Cyclones are created due to difference in air pressure. The process is as follows. When due to warmness the density of air decreases and the air rises up it creates a low pressure region. The surrounding air with normal pressure fills the spot and it also gets heated at that spot and rises up. So again some air from surrounding fills the spot. Near oceans the water is moist and hence a lot of clouds


are also formed due to this air as they moves up. Hence the cyclones are loaded with clouds as well. Clouds are formed due to accumulation of huge amount of moist together and it gets cooled. If a place gets heated uniformly, not very much and over a distance then only clouds are formed over that place. When these moist air comes together and forms huge drops of water the air can not resist it then and the water comes down in the form of rains. Now as a result the difference is always created due to which a come and go situation of winds arises over the place. This causes the wind to swirl and hence the cyclone starts rotating. Thus a cyclone is formed and it contains clouds as well. Remember wind is only a blow of air that is caused due to difference in air pressure caused due to heat over a place. Cyclones that are formed north of equator swirls counter clockwise and those south spin clockwise. This is due to difference in earths rotation along its axis. Now next question is how did the cyclones travel. It is similar to flow of wind. Due to swirling and presence of high pressure winds outside they prefer to go towards air which is low in pressure than it. Hence it travels along that direction. The air in between the cyclone has lower pressure but it keeps untouched from outside and hence the rain and little storms are available inside it. So wherever this cyclone passes it is experienced by very high speed winds followed by thunderstorm and lightning followed by again a high speed wind. Remember the winds inside does not has a uniformity hence the speed of winds inside cyclones are also varying and in fact higher than normal winds. Hence the cyclones from inside are turbulent while in outside they form a very high speed flow of wind only. It travels along the pressure gradient. Now we shall see how they can be formed artificially. Lets start with rain.


When a part of the moist air gets heated it rises up. In fact it can be heated by ELF waves by concentrating a lot of these waves and hence its energy to a point. The point gets heated up and so the air rises. That’s all to be done. When it goes up it gets cooled and accumulation of lots of such air by heating a lots of wind over a area can cause rainfall and even heavy rainfalls. For cyclones too these waves by heating the area creates a pressure difference as explained is required for the formation of cyclones. Thus that pressure gradient created over some short spot creates the cyclone to form and it can be directed in any direction by creating pressure gradient in that direction by ELF waves. A pressure gradient is just a name for difference in the pressures of a area. Thus by heating a small portion cyclones can be formed while heating uniformly large areas rainfall can be brought by. Now for rainfalls the air should be moist. Moist air can also be formed artificially by HAARP. It is formed by the waves interacting with the plasma of ionosphere. At resonating frequencies the waves breaks the plasma and its ingredients like moisture and water gets separated from it and becomes base for forming of clouds. Hence these moistures works as the base for rainfall. Thus rains and cyclones are also possible to be formed artificially.

Mystic Volcanoes –

The reason for volcanoes are not very hard to understand. In volcanic eruptions magma comes out beneath the ground breaks the rock surfaces to come out and explodes. The process is like this. When the earths crust gets heated up abnormally then the magma which is combination of materials beneath the earth surface in molten form and which is readily


available deep below earth’s surface is formed which part is not in that state from before. This molten magma due to lower density and buoyancy flows upwards and comes till the surface of earth. Where the earths surface is at higher density and the magma is available and is in lower density it erupts out of the surface and dissipates all of its constituents outside. At places where there is lesser density of soil there sometimes gases came out of the magma and hence stops its eruption. The heating may be due to heat from sun absorbed by the soil or can also be from any other source which is the main cause of volcano formation and its eruption depends on density of soil. Now it can also be formed by ELF waves.

The ELF waves can heat up the earths crust by concentrating a lot of its energy over those points thus creating the volcano. After that the earth’s surface can be made harder and more dense by these waves as well by compressing the earths surface by these waves at resonating frequencies. Hence a volcano gets erupted. This is how ELF waves can eb so dangerous.

Mystic Tsunamis –

Tsunamis are created by earthquakes under sea water. The ELF waves are able to produce its effect below water as well. Hence as landslides and earthquakes are caused by on surface similarly they can be done below water causing the tsunamis. Tsunamis are creation of huge waves which are so huge and powerful that when they hit the coast they still has the power to cause a lot of destruction and often big floods with it.


Thus tsunamis are also a big possibility by artificial means like HAARP and ELF waves.

Mystic Weather Changes –

As we have seen that these ELF waves has the ability to produce heat or even can cool the air or any place. The heating is by concentration of waves at any point that causes heat and even can burn anything. So if this heat can be produced in a controlled way to a limit over a uniform region then that places temperature will rise and will create the feeling of a summer season. In a similar fashion when the heat waves at a place is absorbed by some other means then that place gets cooled. This can be done by the HAARP towers which can absorb all the upcoming heat waves over a surface and which can be redirected from that surface towards the towers which can control it. Thus that place over the surface gets cool up and will make the feeling of a winter season. The extracted heat can be cooled by many means present in the HAARP base. Thus the weather can be controlled as well by these ELF waves and HAARP.

Other Mystic Phenomena –

ELF waves can do in fact any sort of manipulation with natural phenomena starting from weather manipulation to ignite a nuclear reaction in any nuclear plant, etc. It has become one of the devastating works for destroying the natural phenomena over earth. It can be a asset though if it is used better reasons.


Teleportation And String Theory


Teleportation –

As it is discussed before that human beings and other organisms can travel distances in a blink of a eye and not being visible in between if they converts themselves to energy, travels and returns back to its material form. We have heard many times that gods can do that without any external help and humans too can do it similarly. We shall have a look at it in last chapter. In this chapter we shall only look over the machines that can do that. This process of getting invisible then travelling some distance and coming back to his own form with help of external machines is called teleportation. It is one of the latest researches in science though it started way back. But how is it done?

We have discussed it somewhat in earlier chapters. What really is required to go invisible is the conversion of itself to energy. For that purpose only we require a lot of energy. And also for getting back into material structure we require to store a code in that energy by which we can get back to original form. That code can be stored within those brain waves that will carry the memory of the person with him. From those waves the person can be reconstructed. There is another possibility to have another machine in the destination which has the code and that decodes it. So we require two types of machine, one which can convert the person to energy and the second which will convert the energy back into person. Only one which will convert the person into energy and provide it with the code of creating itself back and also some code that after how much time or which place to get converted back can also do the job. This phenomenon is called teleportation. In this way the person


can reach to distant places instantaneously with speed of waves and also without being visible in the way. But how did the person can get converted into energy and reconstructed back. Lets see.

A huge amount of energy projected at the atoms, in fact to the quarks can disintegrate the quarks back into energy from which it is formed. It is by combining all quark anti quark pairs by that energy overcoming centrifugal force inside atom. In this way the whole body can be converted into energy. The brain stores the data of the human’s whole life. So it require to hold on to it. These data are kept safe in the form of electromagnetic energy carried by electromagnetic waves. Now this whole energy must be defined with some more data like when to get back to matter and how. Electromagnetic waves can be treated as intelligent waves which can think and also create or define anything if we say generally. So these waves will carry the information by which whenever the situation comes about reconstructing back be it based on time or location it will trigger the rest of the energy to create back its original form by some mechanism which is unknown and is related to the creation of universe like creation of matter from energy. In this way the whole being will be constructed back and his memory he will regain as the electromagnetic energy will place itself back to his brain. This is how the teleportation will work.

If we use a second machine at some location then it will have the way by which the energy will be converted back to matter and the person. His thoughts will also be restored. This is the second method behind teleportation. Teleportation of photons had been tested. So for humans is still under research


but its possibility is that its sure and can be done. The only thing to be found out is the way of conversion of energy into matter. It can do the trick. Now we shall see its another implementation as it is also discussed briefly ago. It is about travelling of matter or humans in higher dimensions. It is explained by the string theory.

String Theory –

For understanding string theory we have to first understand the concept of higher dimensions. Lets see it. Zeroth dimension is a ideal point which is dimensionless. Now lets move to first dimension. When we connect two ideal points a straight line is obtained. It is the first dimension. Next the second dimension is an x and y axis or a plane. Third dimension is our earth with three dimensions x, y and z. Now the concept of fourth dimension is also explained ago and its time. Its our movement over time. In this we can move forward in time. Now lets move to upper dimensions.

In fifth dimension we can move left and right in time. This can be explained as someone wanting to be a cricketer or a scientist in his childhood. In one dimension of time he became cricketer while in other he became scientist. This can be done in five dimensions. But in this type there will be two worlds. In one the person will be cricketer and other he will be scientist. But both are running in its own flow. Now if we want to make both of the persons forms to meet one another. This is like meeting of two different three dimensional structures. If it occurs it will form a six dimensional cube like structure. Hence


it’s the sixth dimension. It can be done by two types. One person’s one form travels in time to the point when the two forms got separated and then travels along the other forms timeline. He will one day reach the other form. But this is not feasible. So he takes a shortcut way and that way is the sixth dimension. Now in this universe every dimension in infinite. Now let us think the universe as a zero dimension. Then there will be another universe in zero dimension whose laws are different than that of ours. But remember all universes must be according to laws of system. The connection of both these universes is the seventh dimension. The second dimension or plane in the connection of two universes by which we can travel to a third universe then that is called the eight dimension. The ninth dimension is the third dimension in this system. The time in this system is the tenth dimension. Now another theory states that whatever thinking comes to our mind definitely be happening in those ten dimensions means in present or past etc. Though the presence of much higher dimensions or to think the concept like this as stated in string theory is not justified by this book.

Now it is also stated in string theory that to travel in these dimensions we have to be in only one dimension which is not possible by us. A superstring is the perfect example of one dimension. And it can only travel through higher dimensions. Now why do only it can travel in higher dimensions? It is because to travel between two dimensions a perfect one dimensional object can only do that. A superstring is a object that is present inside quarks as stated by physicists and vibrates along one dimension. So it can do that. But waves are also perfectly one dimensional hence it can do that too. Hence travelling in any dimension corresponding to higher dimensions


is possible by superstrings or waves. This is called the string theory. But according to this book string theory is only a hypothesis and presence of superstrings is not real rather its the waves which do travel above three dimensions and make quarks. Also the presence much higher dimensions is not justified. Hence there is a lot of things to be proved by string theory to make it as a granted one completely.


Anti Gravity Experiments


The next challenge is to understand that can we counterpart gravity. Is superman real? In old ages we have seen proofs of gods travelling through the sky or standing in the sky without wings. So is that really possible? Yes it do. It is very easy to understand. A piece of light cotton rises up in air due to wind which makes it to rise up counteracting gravity. It means the mass of the object determines the force of gravity experienced by it. It is also proven by the equation F=GmM/r2 where m is the mass of object which if made less zero then there will be no force exerted by it by mass of earth M or other planet even if they are larger in size. It will be a space like condition and people can move by will in any direction in three dimensions. The force they will exert in upward direction they will move by that much direction. So can human make their body weightless. Yes but there is also another possibility that is exerting more force upwards than the gravitational force. A normal human generally cant do that. We shall examine both of them here.

It can be said that as wind can flow above the surface in spite of molecules present in it. It is due to the turbulence in the winds molecules that makes them stay up and rise at times. This can be understood by the example of a bucket with water If we rotate the water around the corners of the bucket in a circle then the water from the corners will rise while the water level in the centre falls. Similarly if we can even create turbulence in the molecules of atmosphere outside our body it can create a similar condition. Then this will create the body to rise upwards. This is like we are taking us upwards by giving the force over the surrounding as our base. This is a way. This is how we can rise upwards by keeping our body intact and also similarly by creating turbulence in molecules outside our


body at a level in atmosphere we can move forward as well exactly like we swim. This is the real concept behind flying and possible too. If we can swim in water go down in it we do can swim in air too. The second concept of making us massless is again by converting us into energy and gain back our structure after reaching the top where we can move forward by swimming in air or space where there is less gravity and we can move freely in any direction. In the first case a pressure is creating the person to rise. So for standing in the sky too we require to maintain that pressure in our surrounding. It is like continuing our hands in water for staying at a place in it. So we have understood quite a lot about counteracting gravity. Now we will look at how we can create turbulence in the surrounding.

Definitely for turbulence we require some energy to do it. That energy can be obtained by concentrating the energy present in our surrounding to that place and make the air turbulent. It is by making the molecules within the air get loosely packed and hence the air will become turbulent in flow. Continuously doing so for some time will make the air more and more turbulent. Like a cyclone can make us fly anywhere similarly a highly turbulent wind if can be controlled by us through energy can take us to where we want to. Though this time it will never be devastating as cyclones neither look like it. Its only the turbulence in the air that will make us rise. We can walk over water as well. In this case we have to make our body buoyant by reducing water and other irrelevant matter so releasing out them in the form of energy. All this powers can be achieved by concentration and proper meditation. These are some ways by which we can fly. But science has reached until the process called Biefield Brown effect to counteract gravity.


We shall see about it now. It works similar to the phenomena mentioned above. The biggest demerit with gravity is that we cannot create them like other waves hence no chances of creating a antigravity. It is a fundamental property of system. So no such method is in existence so far. Now we shall look over the scientific experiment and how it made anti gravity in fact which is not really anything related to gravity.

In that process a resonant gravity field coil is used in which electrons are passed around the coil which ionize the nearby air and a similar turbulence is created around the coil which creates the matter attached with the coil to rise up. This is pretty easy to do and hence a upward lift can be generated by this as well. But concentration of energy is far better option though difficult to do but is better because of no requirements of external sources.


Understanding Self Power


So far there are many supernatural power stated in this book. Now in this chapter we shall look over the powers that any human can possess. These powers are also possessed by gods who got that much knowledge to recognise their powers. And so they obtained that. Every normal human can obtain it. We shall look how? The only way to attain any power is meditation which can help us control the energy available in the universe or convert energy from within. Also the power of words or mantra power is another way in which humans can possess supernatural powers. First start with how proper meditation helps attaining meditative consciousness and powers.

By proper meditation we can activate those neurons in human brain which has the ability to concentrate energy from surrounding or convert the energy within to any form. This can be done as follows. Those neurons which are generally present in the spinal chord of the body has the code inside it by which we can provide signals to the energy inside or outside to act accordingly. This code stored as electrical signals inside the neuron will travel by electromagnetic waves to the energy and pass the signal to it to do the needful. We have read energy can be intelligent. So it can be done like this that to accumulate a amount of energy to a place that electromagnetic waves will pass the signal to it. In fact its like a electronic machine in which the electronic signal from electromagnetic waves will guide the energy in the universe concerned. This is one of the inner powers. It is quite like as mentioned in teleportation where the electromagnetic waves guides the energy to creation of human beings back. So this is one of the powers of humans.


From some other neurons inside the body present in the spinal chord which possess the power to receive wave signals from extremely far away objects even and can be activated by meditation then humans can see the happenings of whole universe from sitting in a position far away. This is another type of power humans possesses. All these neurons are referred as kundalis in holy spiritual books which if humans can activate can achieve extraordinary powers. There are seven kundalis and activation of each gives rise to one level of sidhi. There are total of eight sidhis attaining which is the highest level of power humans can achieve. It can be achieved by proper meditation. Now let us go back to the energy concentration part and what it can do. In fact in can create mass destruction by gathering all energies of universe to a point or on a smaller scale make the person invisible, create fire, rain, rotate the earth by its axis or move it, change weather, make human fly against gravity, protect him from external less powerful weapons by forming a protective layer, create any sort of destruction felt to be done, kill people by diseases, cure diseases etc. in fact almost anything we can think can be performed by these kundalis. Now we shall see how do the kundali power can cure diseases. We have heard that Jesus had done that only by his touch. But how?

If someone is ill then there is some cure for him like if someone is lame then he can be cured by recovering his tissues or by giving him a new leg. Both can be done by a touch. If his tissues are to be recovered then we can make the adjoining tissues to replicate itself in that place replacing the old tissues. It can be done by initiating a reaction of replication in the place. It can be done by energy as we know our bodies are also constructed from energy only. Similarly a new leg can also


be provided to the person. We can make our body to auto heal as well by converting our DNA into such a one which can provide self healing capabilities to our body. We have got an idea about it in the chapter immortality. In fact all diseases can be cured like this. Now we shall look over the reason by which Lord Krishna had made all the sages had their lunch by himself taking just a single grain of rice. This can also be done by one of the sidhis. It can be done like this. We know every human is related to one another. To have enough food means we require to have enough food in our stomach. So how can be a person taking a grain of food can do it? It can be done as the body stores much of extra carbohydrates in the form of body fat and all, so if we convert that back into food we can do so. This can be done. Even food from outside can be directed as converting its form and entering the stomach and getting back into food form. This can also be easily be done by lord Krishna who is almighty. He can take a grain convert it into multiple grains and send it to the stomachs in invisible form as energy. This is also a possibility. In fact there are so much knowledge and power that almighty possesses that the exact science can never be confidently said. These all are possibilities. So by these ways this miracle would have been done. So some of the powers that can be achieved by kundalis and sidhis is stated. In fact almost any power can be achieved by using them that is by energy which can create anything. Hence we have a lot of self power and we are always unaware of it. The knowledge and power of gods are always far superior than us and its because they are our creator and hence know each and every property of the system. Just a little explanation of the science is given here. But the exact procedure is not known yet and if ever be known can be revolutionary. But these were real in earlier days as the sages and many people have the knowledge. Now we shall have a look over the mantra power.


The concept behind mantra power is also the same. Its about concentrating various energy from the universe in various directions for various purpose. This is done by thinking and reciting the proper mantra which collects the energy from the source that is from various spaces in universe and then pointing to the destination by any means and the energy will follow it. This is how the weapons or mantras do work. By thinking or reciting the mantra will direct the electromagnetic waves with that code to the energy which will be guided by it to the destination according to the code. This is how the mantra powers do work. Hence the ultimate fact is that if we get the proper knowledge on how to direct the energies then we can utilize them to perform almost anything.

This can be done by proper meditation and activating the knudalis. The kundalis are the neurons in the spinal chord as said. There are total of seven such places in our spinal chord. If we can activate them which is called sidhis we can obtain extreme power and that is the true powers that humans and organisms do possess. There we have the real self power within.


Nuclear Power


Many of us know about nuclear power quite well. It can be obtained by two ways nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. In fission an atomic nucleus divides itself to two atomic nuclei. A huge amount of energy is released by it. On the other hand in fusion reaction two atomic nuclei combines to form a bigger nucleus. In this though the amount of energy released is larger than fission reaction. The science is very easy to understand and common though still explained in short. First let us look in fission reaction.

In nuclear fission reaction a nucleus is bombarded with neutrons. It created a chain of nuclear reactions that cause the atomic nucleus to absorb it and then due to instability split itself into two smaller nuclei. Thus atoms of two different element are produced from atom of an element. These processes produces a lot of energy. This energy is controlled in nuclear reactors and is used for various purposes while when used as bombs they are uncontrolled and causes mass destruction. This process creates enormous energy and it is in the form of electromagnetic energy and kinetic energy. In it the mass of resultant nuclei is less than the parent nucleus. The difference in energy is released out. Sometimes a chained reaction is made in which the produced neutrons out from the first fission reaction initiates the next fission reaction and so on. In it the total amount of energy released is even larger. One of the examples are fission of uranium nuclei to form two lighter nuclei. A nuclear reactor is used for the whole purpose. They are very dangerous and are generally should be used outside residential areas. Now we shall look over the fusion reaction.


An example of nuclear fusion reaction is that the combination of two hydrogen nuclei to form a bigger helium nucleus. They too do produce enormous energy. It is the process that takes place is sun. But the helium atom again breaks into two hydrogen atoms there due to fission. The process of fusion is like this. Two nuclei are made to collide with high speed which result in the formation of a bigger nuclei and some other atomic particles are produced as a result. The energy due to atomic bonding in the resultant nucleus is less than that in the combination of nuclei which started the process. The difference in energy is liberated as heat and light energy. This process is called nuclear fusion. In it the energy produced is more than fission reaction. It can also be chained. In which the process continues to form bigger and bigger nuclei. Fusion of bigger nuclei is difficult to control. In this way nuclear reactions are done which can produce enormous energy.

The resultant energy in either case is defined by the equation E=mc2. The mass difference is converted to energy by this equation. Thus the energy produced is enormous as we can see easily from this equation. It is one of the basic sciences in creation of our universe as many higher elements are made only like this during the creation of the universe. More details about nuclear reactions are available in many places over the web and hence we should not move further here.


Superhumans And Working Of Our Body


Are superhumans like spider man, superman, ironman, magneto, professor x, terminator etc are real. They all can be, present science advancements can explain them easily. We have seen that we have the inner power to gain many supernatural powers by our own nervous system only. But that level of consciousness is not that easy to obtain. Science always depended on external tools to do them. They are dependent on external machines. Lets see how they do make superhumans possible.

Lets start with a spider man. The story is like a spider had bitten an ordinary man who grows qualities resembling both spider and humans. It can happen and do like this that the spiders bite must be able to inject some chemicals that could change the gene of the person. It is very easy to understand. The chemical will flow through blood to the respective place where it interacts with a gene. Genes are made of DNA which are of atoms and molecules. So the chemical may react with any gene by specific method as stated earlier to make a new gene which has the properties of spider. The method would be to like entering the chemical to specific position in a cell and make it interact with the gene there. It can also make a completely new gene by itself and give it a place inside any cell. It will function similarly. Thus a human like spider man might be on our cards. This is quite like mutation. And hence spider man is not only a science fiction.

Now we shall have a look over superman. The reason behind superman attaining those special powers is not mentioned anywhere except he is an alien. So there can be a single explanation to his powers and that is that he has


activated his some of spinal chord neurons and due to that as explained in previous chapters he can produce a turbulence in air besides him and by which pressure he rise and then by similar science he flies in air as someone swims in water. This can be the only explanation behind superman’s powers. Thus superman can also be real.

Now let us move towards ironman. It is quite easy to understand that machines and equipment like that iron man wears can easily be made and can be used to make real iron mans. In past a lot of such weapons have been made for army and tested for war but never been implemented in front of public. The only problem is that can human body can handle that much stress. The answer is that with proper training it is not impossible.

What about magneto. Magneto has the ability to lift heavy metals by magnetic fields. It is also possible in reality. If someone can induce currents in his body like a coil and withstand it then he can produce strong magnetic fields around his body by which he can lift metallic objects. But how can someone withstand electricity inside his body. He was a mutant that is his gene was such that electricity doesn’t have effect on his body. It is specifically like the Electric fish which can produce electricity at will and also do not have effect over it. The cells of the fish are with such electric potential and so affinity for electrons. But that is controlled by signals of brain. The ion channels are opened or closed by brain signal only which on the contrary creates the electric potential difference. Whenever the signal is produced the cell gets ionized by releasing electrons from its atoms. Its like providing a electric


signal to the cell which induces an electron based on it. So electricity is produced within the body. Due to the affinity for electrons the cells are not destroyed either hence the fish can withstand it. Mutation can change the gene which can create such cells inside the body. Hence the person with the mutation can produce electricity and also do not get harmed by it. Such is the case with magneto. And due to it an magnetic field will always be created whenever electricity is created inside its body. Hence his powers and he can create electromagnetic effects on will.

Now we shall have a look at professor x and terminator. Professor x has the power to find people anywhere over the world by his mind. It is easily possible due to telepathy by which everyone is connected and a higher control over the mechanism that is detecting even small signals by brain can do it. And terminator are in fact made of brain computer interfaces we have seen in the chapter telepathy and computers. In fact bionic hands are real and they had been made already.

So all these superheroes described in movies are having a scientific base and can be made real as well. Now we shall look over the working of our body.

Working Of Our Body -

Now we shall look over the functioning of body by neural signals. Suppose we want to move our hand. So we think first from which a electromagnetic wave is generated which passes


the signal and the corresponding brain part receives it by which an electric current is generated and transmitted via neurons. The electric current is generated as the electromagnetic wave it receives it creates a electric potential by activating an electron an striking it out of the atom of neuron. Hence an electric gradient is generated which keeps on moving as the electrons are strike out from the respective neurons in the way by electromagnetic waves. So the free electron reaches the hand position neurons. The motor neuron does this job in this case. Here the electric signal from neurons of our hand makes it to lift a bit by the property of electromagnetism. In fact human body has tiny magnetic components like iron in blood, other things in muscles. All these are moved by this electric signal through the nervous system. Hence the body can be exactly thought as a robot where the hand muscles and other movement are like those of motors. Another thing to be noted is that how much movement to be done depends on the electricity passed by neurons and hence the electromagnetic fields. The amount of electricity passed is controlled by electromagnetic fields of thoughts. Hence thoughts control everything. This is how other movements also takes place. All voluntary things works like with the help of this electric signals and other elementary components inside body.

All these elementary components are produced by the involuntary activities like food digestion etc which can be voluntary though also. There are neurons there which can make it voluntary as well but generally they are involuntary and provides the ingredients required for voluntary works of the body. The science behind digestion of food is well known. It’s the only involuntary thing operating in body with heart beating too some extent and some other. Though digestion can also be


voluntary by secretion of specific enzymes in the stomach by brain it can be done. The science behind it is like this. The enzyme secretion requires some chemical reactions in the body. The chemical reactions is done by the electric current which makes the reactions exactly as the electrodes can make reactions in the battery. These are a type of complex electrochemical reactions in fact In this way some chemicals are created inside the body from existing substances and they are secreted along the chemical gradient. In involuntary case they are only chemical reactions though but in case of voluntary secretion they are electrochemical in nature. This is how humans cry as well and tears came out of their eyes also. In fact by electrochemical reaction a enzyme is secreted and that enzyme acts as a catalyst for reactions that lead to flow of tears having those enzymes from lacrimal glands within the eye to outside. Now we shall have a look at the science behind emotions. In emotions we feel stressed or relaxed at our neuronal cells which are in fact a chemical or molecular structure and we feel it only. This is happened once again by the electrical signals which makes their state into stable or unstable by electrochemical reactions inside the cellular structure. Hence we feel the pain or happiness. This pain in fact tries to destroy our body cells as stress is created and happiness tries to keep our body cells in a better state. This thing creates a disturbance in the body and hence we sense a feeling.

This is how our body works though this is very brief description of functioning of our body. More detail of the functioning of our body will be presented in next book that is Vol 2 of this book.


Some Other Techs – Universe End


Almost everything has an end. The universe is no different. As universe is part of the system so although system has no end but universe definitely will have one day. One of the questions is when and how? In fact energy is integrated as quark in such a way that quark may not get converted back so easily but universe will definitely have and end as it is only a collection of celestial bodies which is loosely packed by gravitational and centrifugal forces. But before that let us have look at the end of the earth. There are many ways by which the earth can come to an end. If nothing then definitely the sun will grow and burn the whole of earth. Other possibilities are a black hole swallowing the whole of earth or any other cosmic phenomena. But let us go to the spiritual books. Many things are mentioned in it correct so about it is also stated and that too be sought to be right.

It is stated there that at the first the resources of earth will come to an end. Then human will slowly get eliminated from the earth. It may be to other planet or become extinct. The more probability is they should leave to some other planet with advancements in technologies which we can see even at this time. So after human left the planet the first attack will be of water. The oceans and rivers will flood because of underground water will seep out due to lack of minerals in soil and the whole earth will be sublimed under water. After that the sun will dry the water because of its heat which will be due to its increase in size which we know will definitely happen. And after that the whole earth will be under fire, volcanoes, earthquakes and all sorts of disasters. By this time the earth will have been destroyed. But nature do have some other plan before it gets completely destroyed and get dissolved in the sun. The atmosphere will blew up but and the sky will be the space then.


Some furious winds will come from that space and which will dry up the fire and the fire will stop. But by this time the earth would have became completely different than present and no chances of life is anymore possible here. This wind will cause some destruction before the earth leaves its axis and get lost from our solar system somewhere deep in space and its journey will continue in space like an asteroid or some other celestial bodies. This is the fate of earth and we will be a spectator of it.

This way many cosmic events always keeps on occurring in the universe and so universe will have no effect on it due to that. God and Almighty will still be there protecting mankind from devils and evils somewhere else. But god has created the system and it will always be like that. But the universe in which we are and many like this will also have an end. The universe is expanding due to the way it has developed. Slowly one day will come when the distances between the celestial objects will increase which will reduce their centrifugal force and gravitational force too. Due to this the these objects will loose their path and like earth will be lost somewhere in the space or the system. The laws of science there will change. There will be a new start of journey somewhere else. In this way the galaxies, solar systems everything will disintegrate one day. The solar systems will get lost somewhere far away from their galaxies. Some may encounter a black hole, some may disintegrate from their system and each body within the solar system will get lost and so on.

Now first answer a interesting question. Why sunrise and sunset are at different times daily? If the earth takes twenty four


hours to rotate then the sunrise and sunset should occur at fixed time daily because the sun is fixed. So lets go deeper. In fact nothing is fixed not the sun, nor earth at its circuit. We are moving in the universe besides the earth is moving in an elliptical circuit around sun. So when the sunrise occurs and the sunset occurs and again the sunrise occurs next day the earth is at different position in the circuit or orbit. As the orbit is elliptical it cover different distances in twenty four earth hours over it. And that’s why we can easily understand why sunrise occurs at a different time on the other day. Its because the rotation and revolution together doesn’t make the exact distance every time in twenty four hours. So the daylength changes. In winter it is less because the earth is far away and it covers less distance in its orbit due to the distance and also less angular distance. While during summer while its near it covers more distance due to speed and also angular distance. So making some calculations in mind we can understand why they are so.

There are many other possibilities of end of universes. In which there may be some universe which may collide with that of ours. The gravitational pull of that if that is greater or our if it is larger in size will at first create collisions between the objects at the exterior and there may new laws come together also. After that slowly each and every object in the universe may collide with one another and one day will come when whole of both the universes have been destroyed. There is a vast range of possibilities in fact in this much of unknown systems where even new laws of science can come into play and create some destruction or even prevention to some extent. But mankind may be still safe and watching all over destruction of their solar


systems, galaxies somewhere.







And they will be there still the whole system comes to an end which may or may not happen. If happens everything will be converted back into energy. It is possible if many respective universes made of antimatter collides with those of matter like us and matter is destroyed liberating only energy from where they originated.

So till the universes collapses and system regains its form as energy when everything even almighty will merge with nature humans will also have been merged by then. Even the latest technologies could not prevent them to happen. The universes destruction can happen with different possibilities and we will be a mere spectator of it. Though how it will happen is fixed but to find it is a very difficult task. It is because everything in the system is like a machine which is running once started with no external control or adjustments made over it. So it will collapse one day as the movement and other tasks of each and every object in this system is predefined and was specified while it was created. And no one can prevent it from happening. But three things energy, space and time will continue to prevail and with continuation of time may give rise to new systems. This is the ultimate fate of our system and universe also with us may be watching it completely.


Some Mysterious Places


There are a lot of mysterious places all over our world and we can not figure out them correctly still. We shall have a look over them here and also behind their sciences. So lets start.

Rameswaram Setu –

Situated in India it is a bridge over the Indian ocean from India to Sri Lanka. Said to be built long ago during the age of Lord Rama by a battalion of monkeys with big heavy stones. But miraculously those stones floated over the sea and not get drowned in spite of their heaviness which is due to both their length and breadth which were quite large. And interestingly carbon dating had shown that the dates obtained from it and according to spiritual books merge. But the major cause behind them floating may be due to its structure that is it is hollow from inside and due to buoyancy it flowed and even taken the weight of persons travelling over it. It is one of the mysteries.

Vrindavan Gardens –

It is place located in India where was said to be the place where Lord Krishna grew up and used to spent a lot of time. It is said that at Vrindavan gardens a form of Lord Krishna still comes and spends some time in evening in invisible form. And whoever sees that place in night some bad happenings may occur with him because god doesn’t want anyone to visit the rematerialized form of him. He may get salvation after death but this material life might be ended by god then. But the science is that the energy released from the god at the nidhivan is that no


human has capability to withstand that so they dies. The major reasons are the negative energies within our body and soul which are effected by it. If someone is completely pure from soul then they can withstand it but which is a rarity. That energy from god will burn out all evils and so no person can withstand it.

Pyramids Of Egypt –

The pyramids of Egypt which were well known as one of the wonders of the world and one of the biggest structure in the world as well. It is a tourist spot also. These are created as tombs of the Egyptians. Most of it is public. But there is a secret chamber deep inside them and was well found out in 1975 but was not disclosed. What was in it to keep it secret is still a mystery. Some say it is to maintain balance. In fact there is a lot of theories but the reality is far away from being known.

Zero Gravity House –

In California a place was found where gravity doesn’t works. So a man who discovered the place has built a house there to make the place a tourist attraction. And it works like it also indeed. There were many more places in the world where zero gravity has been experienced. But what is the science behind it? It can happen by two reasons one if some other force cancels the gravitational force and other the mass decreases over there. In this case the findings say that a deep layer of magma reduced the effective mass over there which made that


part to have very low gravity. Also current from magma works as another force creating strong magnetic fields in opposite direction that cancels gravity. All these are cause of zero gravity over that place.

Area 51 –

Area 51 is a place where a military base of the United States is located far away from civilian regions. It is a secret place and entry of general public there is prohibited. The reason behind it is the captured aliens who might have been kept there. It is said that some aliens who were captured from the Roswell incident have been kept there from that time. So it is a prohibited area. The rumours and fact is in fact found to be correct about the aliens.

Crooked Forest –

Crooked Forest is a place in Poland where the pine trees present in the forest are oddly shaped and there stems in the form of a circle. They were planted during the 1930s. But what could have caused them in that shape. The theories are that they may be due to difference in gravitational fields along the field gradient which caused the aligned stem or trunk to come down and thus forming such shapes. Another theory says that it may be due to heavy snowfall in that area which submerged the trees and when the water melted it became like that. The snowfall is a better idea as the first one should cause many other grasses and other objects their similar fate. Also the


structure doesn’t support the gravitation theory exactly. So snowfall that may have once occurred is a better theory. Whatever they are one of the wonderful gifts of nature.

Easter Island –

The Easter island is situated in Chile. It is a tourist spot and is famous for its bizarre monumental statues created by early Rapa Nui people. The statues are said by someone to be created by aliens. But the fact is they are human made as easily can be understood if seen. But another question is does they are only for attraction purpose or anything else. History says that due to lack of communication medium and huge databases to store history people often in past had preserved the remains of their civilizations in the form of monuments. This is just another example.

Dwarka City –

Dwarka was the city situated in India and was created by Lord Krishna in the coast of Arabian sea. For long time historians couldn’t find it as mentioned in spiritual books but at latest its remains have been found in the below water of the Arabian Sea. This clearly explains the occurrence of it as a very famous and flourished city once in the west coast of India. And it also creates light over the divine reincarnation of Almighty in the form of Lord Krishna. Each and every house of it was made of gold and its remains too shows exactly that.


Eternal Flame Falls –

It is a small waterfall situated in one of the national parks of the United States. Besides the waterfall there is a small flame that rises from the ground. This may be extinguished and reignited whenever felt so. The reason was a mystery for long. But later research stated that it was due to the underground hydrocarbons that seeps from the ground and comes to the surface and if fired produces a wonderful looking flame. This is another beauty of nature and science.

Shambala –

Shambala is a place in India near the India Tibet border. Here it is believed that the next incarnation of almighty Lord Kalki will take birth. This place was one of the places which make even Hitler to grew interest and try to find it. It was never found though by anyone. It is said that completely sacred people can only enter the place. People presently staying over there too possess some miraculous powers but they stay away from the other people and live their life in their own style and happiness. It is said to be present in the Himalayas and when Lord Kalki will born people will start to learn more about it after that. That’s the power of people there and wish of almighty.

Shaolin –


It is situated in China and is the most famous place for learning Kung Fu. Though Kung Fu in itself is an amazing and mysterious. It is said in old days by Kung Fu miracles was being done. Proper Kung Fu can lead to it if done with a sacred soul. It’s a find of some people from the Buddhist religion. It is said that many from Tibet possesses this miraculous powers of Kung Fu which can also be explained by science though not done here as it is quite similar to rest described in the book and can be understood by thinking in the right direction. So this real Kung Fu is always a mystery to understand but its way and science are said that can be found from many documents in Shaolin.

Thus these are some of the mysterious places on earth and the list is long. There are many more such places all over the world though they are gifts of nature and are also explainable by science. This is some of the mysterious places on earth.


Power Of Astras And Gods Power


In this chapter we shall first of all understand the difference between a astra and a shastra. An astra is something which is created by god by his knowledge and expertise. It was gifted to humans though on the basis of their devotion and expertise. The shastras are the ones that are created by humans for their self use by their expertise. So astras are always much more powerful than shastras. So now let us see the science behind the astras. There are many astras like the brahmastra – that could destroy the whole world, pashupatasta – one that has no answer and many other ones. We will see the science behind the astras and some of them in details.

So astra as said can be used by mantra power only. It can be used by using any weapon like arrow, swords, spear or even a stick. In fact the work of the weapon is to point to the destination. The rest is done by the mantra – some words with miraculous powers. What a mantra does is direct a set of energy according to the words spoken to the point pointed by the weapon. For directing that energy as we have seen we have to activate our special neurons that is obtain sidhi which can obtain and direct energy to the point specified. It may be also possible that the person had not obtained sidhi but on reciting the mantra god helps the person by directing the energy to the pointed place. Both are possibilities but either of them is the true fact. Lets see some examples.

Agni Astra –


If someone uses a agni (fire) astra then quite a lot of the heat energy will be concentrated to the pointed place and that place will be fired up due to that. This is how agni astra work. The words has the power to direct heat energy only or god helps the person reciting it to redirect heat energy to the pointed place. The code in the form of electromagnetic waves does the trick to accumulate and redirect the energy here in the form of heat energy.

Varuna Astra –

It is for producing water in the form of rain with heavy lightning and thunder and causes quite destruction as well. This mantra make the moist air accumulate to the pointed place. The energy heats a place near any water zone which makes the water from their rise the place into atmosphere creating clouds. Then a pressure difference is created by the energy in a similar way which brings the clouds to the pointed place and rain. This mantra directs the energy in such a way that it performs all this function. This is the secret behind varuna astra. Like this there are many other astras. Now we shall look over some major astras.

Brahma Astra –

Brahma Astra has the power to destroy the whole world. Brahma is one of the almighty and so his name came from brahmand meaning the universe. So brahmastra will obtain its energy from the universe which will be so much that it can


destroy the whole world. It will gather any form of energy whatever it may be if directed on any organism it will be destroyed else the whole world will be. The mantra is like that it can do that stuff. This is the science behind brahmastra.

Now there were codes that can be recited in mantras which can release back the energy into the universe. This codes or mantras are used for sending back the astra once its released even after that. This can be used for brahmastra and many other astras. This was the science behind them.

Pashupat Astra –

Created by Lord Shiva this astra has the power to destroy the universe or all other astras. It is most powerful because it gathers most energy. We know the first creation is of Lord Shiva so he has the most control over the energies and so his astra have. Lord Shivas weapon Trishul also works similarly and has even more power though. This is why the pashupat astra can destroy even brahma astra and other ones as well. This is the science behind Lord Shivas pashupat astra.

There are astras which directed over which human will kill him because the energy directed in that case will be in that manner that whoever it is directed to will identify him by his any special identification symbol and will be directed towards it. Its quite like the guided missiles which are guided towards a ship or anything else. Remember the energy gathering and directing may be done by sidhi of the person or by the help of gods. So


this is how the astras work in real practice. Now we shall have a look over the power of gods.

Gods Powers –

Gods have a lot of power which they obtained from knowledge of theirs. First thing is they have obtained all the sidhis due to which they have their powers. In fact with their knowledge they obtained the sidhis and from that the other knowledges like what we call science became useful. That’s why they can control anything by their will only like from rains, wind, sun, birth, death etc. This is the basic reason behind the power of gods.

Now let us move to almighty. As almighty were the very first creation of the energies in the system they have this knowledge of sidhis and all other things from very start. By that only they have created the earth, humans, universe and all. The only reason is that they have created that they should be most worshipped. In fact all things that had created us and help us to survive should be worshipped. This is why Lord Krishna stopped worshipping of Indra the king of heaven and started worshipping of even a mountain Gobardhan which acted as a life saver for the people there. This was the reason.

Now getting back to the powers of almighty we can understand that they have immense knowledge of the laws of system, sidhis, samadhis and almost everything. That’s why they had been all the powers of controlling everything by will or


by astras as well which too can be controlled by their will. But they are in the path of right. In fact powerful people from soul always prefer to take the path of right though that is not the only reason they were in it. That’s why they are the creator, controller and even the destroyer. They can too control any phenomena like rain, wind, solar energy, birth, death etc. All what they say should be considered right and should be followed because it must be the right thing not only because of their power but their understanding. They should always be worshipped because they always protect the people who are in right path, maintain the right in the world and always will make the world a better place to live in.

This is why they are almighty and they should be always worshipped and that too from the heart. Then we can always make the world which is so beautiful by nature can also be a beautiful place to live on.




_______________About the Author

This book is the first research related book the author has written. In total it is the second book by him. He is in fact a programmer as well a writer. He is basically from the city of Kolkata, India. His books are a work of his imagination and interest. You can contact him at for any comments or reviews. Thank You.

Shouvik K. Sarkar

The science behind supernatural powers  

This book is a research related book covering many topics that seems to be supernatural including gods and many other processes in the unive...

The science behind supernatural powers  

This book is a research related book covering many topics that seems to be supernatural including gods and many other processes in the unive...