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Your guide to local businesses and events, with articles and activies for all ages. Mass Exposure UK Ltd, Manchester House, 52 Chester Street, Flint CH6 5DH Telephone: 01352 250135 • Email:

Welcome to “Shout about Flintshire

Local communities need local businesses and services. The biggest problem for local businesses is how do they make sure the local community know that they are there in an economical and cost effective way? Well now you have a way to get your business known to 1000’s of local people on a bi monthly basis in a cost effective and targeted way. We distribute a minimum of 5000 booklets from Talacre to Deeside to businesses and homes in the area all hand delivered through your letterboxes, this means that all the people in your local area know that you are there. What else do we offer? In each issue there will be editorials and articles relating to the local area, sections for mums, dads and the kids, so it’s not just an advertising booklet. We will also offer a recommendations page where local people can write in when they have received excellent service from a local business so we can tell everyone. We really hope you enjoy “Shout about Flintshire” and help to keep your local economy buoyant during these turbulent times. Kindest Regards

Mike Osborne

Managing Director Mass Exposure, Shout about Flintshire

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Local people will be reading it Distribution to a minimum of 5000 homes & business Low cost advertising The more people that advertise the bigger the area we can cover

One off design fee for New adverts - £50 Alterations to adverts charged at £15 per issue Get 50% off the design fee* when you sign up to place an advert in 4 * Must be same advert each time (no changes) or more issues.

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Our award winning boutique shop, now established for over 3 years, is situated in the heart of Chester’s historic Town Centre specialising in Single Malt Scotch, American, Irish and Japanese, English and Welsh whisky. We also stock over 100 liqueurs from all over the world, including the full range from My Gineration, a Cheshire based company. You will find some of the best Rum, Gin, Vodka, Brandy (from around the world), Cognac, Armagnac, Whisky Liqueurs and our house blend Chester Cross Blended Scotch Whisky. In-store we have 3 casks of single malt whisky quietly maturing (always worth a taste) and also a cask of our own Mead, blended with Cognac and Scotch whisky. Once a month we hold tastings at our shop, Master Distillers and Brand Ambassador’s come and host evenings here, educating and converting people from all walks of life to the finest Single Malt whiskies on the market today. Last year we had the inaugural ‘Chester Whisky Festival’, with 26 exhibitors of Single Malt Whisky, Bourbon, Vodka, Rum & speciality spirits from all over the world and 3 Master-classes to boot. We didn’t know what to expect on the day, but it surpassed our expectations, having 650 people turn up and taste as much as they could handle over 7 hours, a good time was had by all and people kept asking as they were leaving if we would do it again? How could we not! So you’ll be pleased to know, that it took place this October, at ‘The Crowne Plaza Hotel’ in the heart of Chester city centre.It was again a phenomenal success, with sales up on last year. We had people from all over the UK attend, as well as some from as far away as Sweden!! we’d love you to join us for next years festival, so please keep the last week in October free and come and see what it’s all about!! On a final note, we pride ourselves in the service we give to Chester and surrounding area’s, We would like to invite you to come into the shop the next time you’re in Chester, come and sample our wares and see for yourself that there’s no such thing as a bad Whisky, you just haven’t found one you like yet. 4

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The Social Media Hospital Campaign The group campaigning to stop the closure of Flint Community Hospital has built on the experience of seasoned

campaigners and has took opposition to a new level with the use of Social Media, that has left both Politicians and Health Board professionals scrambling to catch up. Through Facebook and Youtube they have reached and engaged an audience that they say has boosted support for their campaign and at the same time brought the generations together as a community. A Save Flint Cottage Hospital Facebook Page was created and alongside the ‘Off Flint’ site over 4000 members were able to receive updates and information to challenge Betsi Cadwaleder University Health Board’s findings and proposals. The first major public display of opposition to the plans was on 18th September when over 2000 people took part in a march, to coincide with a consultation meeting at Flint Town Hall. Led by Delyn M.P. David Hanson and supported by Town and County Councillors from across the political divide – it was a march the public organised itself, to protest, we facilitated the event - we were amazed at the amount of people that took to the streets. What happened was the biggest spontaneous protest in the town’s history. We had every generation come out that day, from the most senior members of our community to the youngest. With a single voice we were telling BCUHB that they had got their plans very wrong, that the services at the Hospital were cherished and valued and needed by a town that has a population of over 12000. The protest certainly caught the eye of the media, and was covered extensively by Regional and National Media outlets. Our town has a large and increasingly elderly population, and they need to know that when it’s needed care is close to home. The health board say that if they close the hospital these people will be cared for at home. This they say is their plan. The campaign spokesman said that “we do not feel that this is safe, realistic or achievable and is an abdication of the health board’s duty to care for the most vulnerable in our society.” In support of the campaign a number of fundraising initiatives have been launched. The one that has caught the public’s attention most is a Calendar Girls type publication that will be on sale in time for Christmas. We’ve been astonished by the types of people who are putting themselves forward said the spokesman. People from all backgrounds are coming forward to help raise money for the cause. There is a community spirit in Flint like never before - they’ll be a few startled faces when the calendar is revealed. People are doing whatever they can to save Flint Hospital - The Campaign goes On.

SMHC Printed & Designed by Mass Exposure, Flint. Tel: 01352 250135



e view. An Insiders Outsid

General Recoveries Limited 1st April 2012

By now most of us will have noticed that we are in a recession, we fully appreciate that the politicians from all parties will try and tell us that the real figures show that we are not actually in a recession but …………. ask yourselves do you feel better off? This is not intended in a sarcastic way, but do any of us feel better off? I know that we don’t and no amount of smoke and mirrors from George Osborne or Ed Balls is going to make us feel any better ……….. yet. So where does that leave us over the next 3, 6, 12 months? Trying if we can to pay off debt from our collective fat years! Credit cards, easy loans, draw downs on mortgages to pay for all those debts and to buy things we could not afford out of income or be bothered to save for. But is it all our own fault or is it those evil, bloated bankers with their big salaries and even bigger bonuses? The true answer is that we are all guilty of over borrowing and over spending using OMP……. other peoples money. For our part we have spent the last 10 years fighting banks, mortgage companies, sellers of all forms of poor quality, over priced and ineffectual insurance products - helping people get back on track with their lives. The extent of general miss selling of financial products is endemic in the system, everything from pet insurance, payment protection insurance, life insurance, mortgages, loans and everything in between. Recently we have seen some of the most horrendous stories from client’s - many of whom have dealt with what they would have considered to be decent, reliable, trustworthy institutions who have ripped them of and taken huge sums of money for providing a substandard product and service. It is in everyone interests to check what financial agreements they have entered into, particularly mortgages, life insurance, loans and other financial products that have been sold to them by all financial institutions. Do not assume that because you were dealing with a major high street name or famous company (even one that advertises on television) that they are there to help you, nothing could be furtherfrom the truth. They are your inflexible friends, they don’t give any help - extra or not - and they no longer persuade to save money as a habit.


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QUESTION Those of you who use an ordinary bank

branch and speak with a ‘teller’ over the counter, what do you assume is their main job ?

ANSWER To sell you additional banking products. It is worse than being in a supermarket. Why because at least in a supermarket you actually get something for your Did you buy your property under any RIGHT TO BUY Scheme? money. The prime job of the bank tellers or counter staff If so you may have a claim against your:LENDER / BROKER OR SCHEME COMPANY. is to part you from your money ……….. permanently. They are now not there to assist you in the running of your DON’T DELAY, account but to sell the range of bank products that they have on sale. They earn points on a weekly basis and we all know “points equal prizes”. General Recoveries Ltd, Enterprise House,

Bank Charges

Who remembers the fight that banks put up over these unreasonable penalties and costs? How can anyone justify £25 for a letter saying you have gone £1.50 over your limit? How can they justify £25 for bouncing a direct debit for £20 which takes you further over your limit to which they add a further charge leaving you now £50 in debt for £1.50. Well you can blame the courts as they agreed with the banks.

Aber Industrial Park, Flint, Flintshire CH6 5EX Tel: 01352 731009


Did you buy your property under any RIGHT TO BUY Scheme? If so you may have a claim against your LENDER / BROKER OR SCHEME COMPANY.



Credit Card Charges

On the face of it the banks and card issuers lost this battle to the OFT. The OFT, the so called consumers friend and web sites such as Martin Lewis trumpeted that this was a great victory. The OFT said charging £30 for a late payment or over limit was wrong and extortionate and should be stopped. Well was it extortionate…….YES Was it stopped - of course not. The card issuers now charge £36 for the same ‘offence’. They just divide the charge into three different offences, one for being late paying, one for going over your limit and one for contacting you to tell you are late paying - your DD bounced and you now owe them £36 more than you did 30 seconds ago. Better still the bank which they own has also earned £50 from you for doing the same thing to the card provider. So for your offence of bouncing a DD for £1.50 you have now been charged at least £86.00 and all these other sites newspapers etc called this a victory………….some victory.

Keep reading this is just a start For those with problems CALL US - we give an initial free appraisal of your financial products ….. see if you have a claim.

General Recoveries Ltd, Enterprise House, Aber Industrial Park, Flint, Flintshire CH6 5EX Tel: 01352 731009

RIGHT TO BUY The idea of owning your own home is everybody’s dream. However, some of these dreams became nightmares…. Many people who bought their home under on of the “RTB schemes” will find they have been 1. Overcharged 2. Sold the wrong mortgage product 3. Made to take out unnecessary insurance policies 4. Were over charged on fees 5. Paid fees that you did not know about 6. Paid fees and did not get a mortgage of an offer you could not afford 7. Had problems with paying the mortgage you had taken out 8. Persuaded to borrow money to finance costs of your right to buy. If any of these points to you and your family, you may have a claim against those who ripped you off.

DON’T DELAY, CLAIM TODAY! Call us today or call in at our office

01352 731 009

General Recoveries Ltd, Enterprise House, Aber Industrial Park, Flint, Flintshire CH6 5EX

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Medium Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku Puzzle




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7 3

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4 Across1 2

8 4 1

1 2 8 6 4 5 9 4 3 7 9 6 4 6 5 9 8 7 5

1. Large oval fruit (5) 3. Units of time (7) 7. Fished commercially (7) 9. Several music tracks issued together (5) 10. Irritated (5) 11. Birds of prey (6) 13. A business that serves other businesses (6)


9 5


1 6 4 5 6 8 1 3 6 3 5 8 2 3 5 4 7 1 6 4 8 9 2 3 5

Sudoku Puzzle


Sudoku Puzzle

9 8

7 3 8 4 1 2

15. 18. 20. 22. 23. 24. 25.

SUDOKU 8 4 1

1 2 8 6 4 5 9 3 7 9 6 4 4 6 5 9 8 7 5

Published (6) Save from loss or danger (6) Having three dimensions (5) The relative magnitudes of two quantities (5) Passage selected from a larger work (7) School for special training (7) Flowed back (5)

Down 1. Based on traditional stories (8) 2. Lubricated (5) 3. Happening without warning (6) 4. Alterations (7) 5. Stately (5) 6. Japanese form of wrestling (4) 8. Leg joint (5) 12. Enlightened (8) 14. Violent windstorm (7) 16. An earth pigment (5) 17. Cure (6) 19. Additional (5) 20. Periodic repeated series of events (5) 21. Elaborate song for solo voice (4)

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Buzz Project

The Buzz Project was developed to enable students at Ysgol Maes Hyfryd to access the local community as well as developing their key skills . Communities First supported the project which enabled the school to gain premises at the community centre behind the Catholic church. Father Wilcox has been very supportive and has backed the project wholeheartedly. Since the project commenced in November 2011 it has gained in popularity. The café has a loyal customer base which we are very grateful to. Volunteers offer tremendous support to our students and are a main stay in making the project successful. The students attending the café have additional needs and the café helps develop their basic skills in numeracy and literacy. Students have also accessed accreditation in the form of OCN in ‘volunteering in the community.’ We also are currently looking at further accreditation. The café offers soup and home made cakes. The cakes are made in school and the students are very proud of their culinary skills. We are currently in the process of purchasing a uniform for the café staff which will display the Buzz Project logo. School held a competition to design the best logo and Sion Williams won the competition. This logo is also be used on official letter heading for the café. The school choir also offer entertainment on the last Tuesday of each half-term. The customers thoroughly enjoy listening to them. The project also has its own committee which includes the students, volunteers and the Youth service. This forum helps to drive the project forward and we are currently looking to expand our menu so watch this space!! We hope you will come along and sample the delights on offer as well as experiencing the unique atmosphere at our café. The café is open from 10.30 to 1.30 every Tuesday. We look forward to offering you a warm welcome.

St. Marys Church Hall, Coleshill Street, Flint

Chiq Nails & Beauty Full Time Mobile Nails & Beauty Be pampered in the comfort of your own home, without the salon prices. All areas covered Treatments Available

Nail extensions from £15 Soak Offs • Natural Overlays • Back Fills • UV Gel Polish • Manicures • Pedicures • Acrylic Toes Hollywood Toes • Lip Wax • Chin Wax Eyebrow Wax • Underarm Wax • Bikini Wax Half Leg Wax • Full Leg Wax • Eyebrow Tinting Eyelash Tinting • Eyelash Extensions • Facials Ear Piercing •Spray Tanning • Glitter Tattoos


From 1st December there will be £5 OFF all nail extensions

Contact Sandi on 01352 781858 or 07564 851479 anytime Printed & Designed by Mass Exposure, Flint. Tel: 01352 250135


Why we all hate claims companies!

Do you get really annoyed when you get a text saying that you are entitled to thousands from your recent accident that you never actually had? Ever wondered how this nonsense has happened? Well Mark Lampkin, owner of Lampkin & Co Personal Injury Solicitors explains why and how this should stop on April fool’s day. Until the millennium a solicitor could not pay a fee to anyone to get work but this ban was removed at a late night sitting of the Law Society and the cat was let out of the bag. This gave birth to Claims Companies whose only purpose was to get the names of people injured in accidents and sell them to solicitors who were prepared to pay. It also meant that recovery drivers, repair garages, insurance brokers and unions started to pass names to solicitors for cash. There have even been some cases where emergency services personnel have been tempted to sell details on. The worst culprits however were the insurers themselves and their legal expense insurance companies. Did you know the twenty to forty pounds that is added on to your car insurance every year for ‘legal protection’ actually gives you nothing more than an obligation to ring a certain telephone number and then have your details “passed” or rather “sold” to a panel solicitor? That is really all legal expense insurance is - a referral fee, a ‘nice little earner’. Treating injured accident victims as commodities like this has inevitably lead to bad practice of these trawling text messages and the horror stories of cash for crash scams but hopefully this will end in April 2013 as the ability to get paid for selling cases is outlawed. Hopefully that will mean that only people honestly injured and deserving of compensation will hunt out a reputable, expert solicitor and not have to run the gauntlet of being pestered by calls from insurers and texts from scurrilous claims companies all trying to sell their claim to the highest bidder who invariably gives a terrible service having had their profit margins trimmed to the bone by paying the lion’s share of the costs to the referrer. So that is why these claims companies send scattergun texts because if they catch one person who actually has a claim they will sell it for hundreds. There is a way to stop this now. Just tell anyone you know, friends or family, that if they have an accident to ring a good, local and above all reputable solicitor, and only a solicitor, to get the right advice. If you let anyone else refer you on then you are merely fuelling the system at your own expense.

Mark Lampkin All opinions expressed in the above article are those of Mark Lampkin and not of ‘Mass Exposure’ or ‘Shout about Flintshire’.


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Injured and need to make a claim?

Choosing your own solicitor makes a difference Don’t find yourself using a faceless solicitor you’re unable to meet in person. Your claim for compensation is too important to be left to chance. Using a claims company or your insurer’s choice of solicitor to obtain the compensation you are entitled to means you won’t be able to choose a local solicitor with personal injury expertise. When you instruct Lampkin & Co Solicitors to handle your claim you’ll know which member of our legal team is handling your case from the moment we get things started. We know this is important. We pride ourselves on our client-focused approach and we’ve been helping accident victims receive the compensation, rehabilitation and support they need since 1999.

To make a no win, no fee claim choose Lampkin & Co We are your local, expert personal injury solicitors

Watch our welcome video on the website or on YouTube and discover why we’re the right choice to handle your claim. Scan and watch our new video!


For free advice call

Lampkin & Co Solicitors

01244 525725 or email


Aled House, St. David’s Park, Ewloe, Flintshire CH5 3XA Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 301 730)

THERE BE DRAGONS! Dragon sculptures by Poplars Forge… Flintshire’s finest craftsmen

Nestling in a secluded little spot on the outskirts of Buckley, Poplars Forge has earned a venerable reputation as Flintshire’s finest iron-working forge. And it’s from this humble workshop that some of the most intricately detailed, and widely renowned steel dragon sculptures are lovingly created.

Poplars Forge; home of the original dragon sculpture

Renowned as a powerhouse of style, creativity and innovation, the Poplars Forge team designs and builds sensational steel dragon sculptures for both private and commercial sale. Complete with a certificate of authenticity, each dragon sculpture is a beautiful addition to homes, gardens, hotels, restaurants, offices, or anywhere else you require an objet d’art. Handmade to order by craftsmen with over 35 years of iron-working experience, the creation of each Poplars Forge steel dragon requires meticulous attention to detail - and approximately 80 hours of work. The team takes great pride in employing traditional, oldfashioned metalworking techniques, which ensures each dragon sculpture is exclusive and completely individual. Poplars Forge dragon sculptures are testament to the very best that British design and artisanship has to offer. To discuss individual commission and transport requirements, or for further information, please call Poplars Forge on 01244 546249.

Poplars Forge, Unit 17 Pinfold Workshops, Pinfold Industrial Estate, Buckley CH7 3PL

Tel: 01244 546249 Mob: 07944 026282 12

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Window Cleaning See the world through sparkling clean windows! • Regular, reliable window cleaning • Professional, friendly service • Modern, Pure-water Window Cleaning Method

Call us for a free quote!

01352 734812

Williams Window & Driveway Cleaning Tel: 01352 734812 Mob: 07765 802079 E:


It has been my great privilege to serve as MP for Delyn for the last twenty years. Here in Flintshire we have a lot to be proud of locally. We have some of the most spectacular views in the country and a great history. We have fantastic beaches and an outstanding area of natural beauty in the Clwydian range – it really is a great place to live. But we also have a strong county for the economy of Wales and the North West of England. Although there have been some huge changes over the last two decades, with the loss of coal and steel jobs, throughout this time and despite the wider economic problems, the Flintshire economy remains strong. You only need to look at the Airbus plant at Broughton which employs around 7,000 people, our wind energy capability, or the paper mills in Flint and steelworks at Shotton, to see that we still have a powerful manufacturing base in the county. Our links across the border as part of the so-called ‘Deeside Hub’, with companies like Vauxhall at Ellesmere Port, makes us one of the most powerful economic areas in the UK. We have a diverse economy as well. Thousands of tourists seek out a Flintshire holiday every year which brings a huge amount of money to our local shops and businesses. During the Budget I heard from dozens of angry caravan park owners and associated businesses that were enraged by the Government’s so-called “caravan tax”. Thankfully the Government saw sense after weeks of hard campaigning both locally and down in Parliament. We have a strong agricultural sector with dairy, beef and sheep farming. Our rural markets and shopping/retail offer really does add to our local wealth. Mold Food and Drink Festival continues to go from strength to strength. This year over 12,500 people took part and organisers have every right to expect another fantastic turnout when it takes place again next year. Being MP for Delyn has allowed me to get around Flintshire more than most. Every week I try to hold a surgery somewhere in the constituency so that constituents can come and talk to me and, in turn, I can be their voice in Westminster. I am always happy to come and visit local businesses, promote them locally and generally hear people’s views. Over the last few years I have been involved in Flintshire Business Week and have sponsored a reception for Flintshire businesses which takes place on the House of Commons Terrace. This event is always extremely well attended and gives businesses a way to talk directly to MPs and Government Ministers. My job is to remain accessible. I have a full-time office in Flint which last year sent out in excess of 15,000 letters. Certainly over the last few years that has been a big shift in the way people get in touch, but whilst more and more people send emails, others prefer calling my office (01352 763159) or writing in through the post. Last month I made the point during a debate on Police and Crime Commissioners that there are still over 8 million people in the UK that have never used the Internet – over 5.5 million of these are over 65. Just over two years ago I took to the unchartered (well for me anyway) territory of twitter. I know that it is not the be all and end all when it comes to communications, but it is a great way to keep in touch. I have amassed a reasonable 5,000 followers to date – many of whom are constituents. You can follow me on twitter @DavidhansonMP, follow on me on facebook or email me at Alternatively you can write to me at House of Commons, London SW1A OAA.


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Your one stop catering solution!

Buffets for business lunches and individual needs. We cater for 1000’s of people every year and service many blue chip clients. We also have “Jiffy” catering trucks that will visit your business premises supplying hot and cold food with regular “Specials”, all at times to suit you at no cost to the employer. We take our business very seriously and have been accredited the highest rating, 5 Stars from our Environmental Health department. You can have confidence that we will deliver, the food will be of the highest standard and we will do it with a smile!

For all your catering needs, either business or personal, ring Mandy or Mike on:

01244 536273

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Wepre Lane, Connah’s Quay


01244 811122

CHILDREN EAT FREE AT ANYTIME One selected children’s main course meal free for each adult meal ordered from our char grill, chicken, fish or veggy dishes menu. Children’s meal is Burger, Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Aponi Papoose or Veggy Sausage all with chips & beans. (Offer not on Christmas and New Year’s party nights - Fri & Sat from 23rd Nov plus Sun 23rd Dec & Mon 31st Dec)

2 MEALS FOR UNDER £12.00 Monday to Friday 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm and all evening Monday. These substantial meals are from our Chief’s menu and include; Homemade Lasagne Homemade Burger (6 oz pate) Fish, Chips & Peas (mushy or garden peas 5 to 6 oz fish) Chicken, ham & leek pie Aponi Nugget (red lentil loaf) Chilli con Carne & Rice Chicken Diane (with strips of chicken) Texas Chicken (with strips of chicken) Half Rack of Ribs, Rump Steak (this is a smaller portion at 5 oz) Junior Scampi (with chips) Junior Gammon, Egg & Pineapple (with chips) - That’s buy one get one half price!!!!

WORKER’S HOUR £2.25 per pint CARLING, JOHN SMITH’S, FOSTERS & STONGBOW ARE ONLY £2.25 PER PINT. Worker’s hour is Monday to Friday 5 - 6 pm in our Saloon Bar only

MIDWEEK TERRESTRIAL FOOTBALL MATCHES ONLY SHOWN IN OUR SALOON BAR on our 4 large screens - CARLING, JOHN SMITH’S, FOSTERS & STONGBOW ARE ONLY £2.25 PER PINT From 5:00 pm on match night’s (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday when terrestrial football is available - offer only available in the Saloon Bar.

CHRISTMAS PARTY NIGHTS LIVE MUSIC - £21.95 for 3 course meal & live entertainment. Fri & Sat from 23rd Nov plus Sun 23rd Dec. NB Music is NOT Country & Western - lively 60’s, 70’s covers band. Tables available from 7:30. Food served by 9:30. Keep table all night until 2:00 am. Booking, deposit & pre-ordering required.

CHRISTMAS DINNER £55 Adults, £30 Children. Traditional Christmas dinner served at 1:30 and 2:30 pm Christmas Day. All the courses, all the trimmings, Outline Christmas Day Menu: Bucks Fizz on arrival, Choice of Soup, Pate or Prawn & Chorizo starters. Mains is a choice of traditional turkey with all the trimmings, Roast Beef, Salmon or Nut Roast. Desserts: Christmas Pudding, warm chocolate cake, cheese board or ice cream. Booking, deposit & pre-ordering required. BAR OPEN 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY NIGHT £35 for 3 course meal & live entertainment with BLUE MURDER Tables available from 7:30. Food served by 9:30. Keep table all night until 2:00 am. Booking, deposit & pre-ordering required. Music ranges from Soul to Rock.


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FULL DESIGN SERVICE AVAILABLE Manchester House, 52 Chester Street, Flint, flintshire CH6 5DH

C.T. SKIP HIRE To Book your Skip or ask for a Quote

Please call us on

01352 733780 or

07930 229294 MIDI & MINI Skips Delivered & Collected to the Flintshire Area Fast, Reliable, Same Day Delivery Domestic & Commercial Waste Removal Open 6 days a week Mon-Sat Licensed Waste Management Facility

Printed & Designed by Mass Exposure, Flint. Tel: 01352 250135


s t c a t n o c l Helpfu Local Authorities Flintshire County Council: Tel: 01352 752121.

Wrexham County Borough Council: Tel: 01978 292000. Cheshire County Council: Tel: 0845 11 333 11. Chester City Council: Tel: 01244 324324. Emergency numbers If you need to contact the Police, Fire and Rescue Service or Ambulance Service in an emergency, dial 999 or 112. North Wales Police: Tel: 0845 607 1002 (English) or 0845 607 1001 (Welsh). Cheshire Police: Tel: 0845 458 000. North Wales Fire and Rescue Service: Tel: 01745 343431. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service: Tel: 01606 868700 Other Hospitals Deeside Community Hospital: 01244 830461. Flint Community Hospital: 01352 732215. Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital: 01244 684305. Holywell Community Hospital: 01352 713003. Llangollen Community Hospital: 01978 860226. Lluesty Hospital (Holywell): 01352 710581. Mold Community Hospital: 01352 758744. Penley Community Hospital: 01948 832070. Ruthin Community Hospital: 01824 702692. Trevalyn Hospital (Rossett): 01244 570446.


Hospitals (with 24 hour A&E) Wrexham Maelor Hospital: 01978 291100. Glan Clwyd District General Hospital: 01745 583910. Countess of Chester Hospital: 01244 365000.

Out of hours medical advice Flintshire: Tel: 01244 813823 - If you need urgent out of hours medical care (weekdays 6.30pm to 8am, all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays) Wrexham: Tel: 08450 202131 - Call Shropdoc if you are registered with a GP in the Wrexham area for urgent out of hours medical care. NHS Direct: Tel: 0845 4647. For confidential health advice and information 24 hours a day. Helplines and Organisations Flintshire Social Services-Tel: 01352 752121 District Nurses-Mold Clinic-Tel: 01352 755527 NE Wales Carers Information Service-Tel: 01352 751436 Citizens Advice Bureau-Tel: 01352 753520 Victim Support-Tel: 01352 751538 AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham): Tel: 01978 312556 Serving the communities of the county borough. Support Line: Tel: 020 8554 9004. Confidential emotional support for children, young adults and adults for problems ranging from alcohol abuse to trauma. The support line has links to appropriate organisations. Child Line: Tel: 0800 1111. Comfort, protection and advice for any child or young person with any problem. NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: Tel: 0808 100 2524 (Wales); 0808 800 5000 (England). Information, advice and counselling to anyone concerned about a child at risk of abuse.

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Local Gas Safe


Supplied and Installed from







Tapas Tuesday 2 for 1*

on all Tapas Dishes SHARED OLIVE

A contemporary Mediterranean restaurant for every occasion, Shared Olive offers a simple, fresh style food in relaxed surroundings. Where customer service will speak for itself. Please see our website for more details. View our feedback on Tripadvisor

68 The Highway, Hawarden, Clwyd, CH5 3DH Telephone: 01244530053 • Email: *Terms & Conditions Apply Buy two Tapas Dishes and Get the cheapest one free. Deal not available with any other offers. Selected menu items apply. Only available on Tuesdays.

Shout About Flintshire - Issue 01  
Shout About Flintshire - Issue 01