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Anna Carey’s work pays tribute to the architectural legacy of the Gold Coast by reconstructing holiday establishments of a by-gone era. Her choice of buildings uncovers social memories associated with summer journeys and sandy beaches, while at the same time rescuing a working class ethos that preceded the current code of holidays as an extension of shopping. The buildings portrayed are made – just as the originals were – of humble materials, the décor is succinct even in its luxurious intent and the sense of decay seems to be designed to further exalt our need to treasure its memory. The space surrounding the buildings seem to isolate them almost as homage to their unassuming modesty and as a comment on the clash between the subtropical and the urban, of paradise and our shabby claim to it. Anna Carey holds a Bachelor of Visual Media with Honours (First Class), Griffith University, and lives on the Gold Coast. Anna Carey Golden Palms 2012, Giclee print, courtesy of the artist.


The title of this series “Camino” refers to the pilgrimage of the Way of St. James (mostly in Northern Spain) that ends in Santiago de Compostela where the Saint’s remains are said to reside. Demuth’s images trace the memory of this walk in the ghostly depiction of new paths, avenues and corridors that seem to populate these crepuscular works. We ascend, descend and find openings calling us to travel further, to pay little attention to the dilapidated surroundings and focus on the light, on the shifting focus of the unique technical process signature of the artist. Kim Demuth holds a B.A. - Honours (First Class) from Queensland University of Technology, and lives in Brisbane.

Kim Demuth Camino Dias 29 2010, sculptural photograph, courtesy of the artist.


Evanescent gazes inhabit the ethereal faces depicted in this series of portraits by photo-media artist Patricia Casey. Photomontage and stitching in the surface of the paper challenge the documentary nature of the photographic medium, creating a poetic dreamscape. Totemic and celebratory the works renew our sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. Patricia Casey holds a Master of Visual Arts (Research), Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, and lives in Sydney. Patricia Casey Elsewhere (Lucid Dreaming) 2012, photographic montage, embroidery, courtesy of the artist.


The Greatest Story Ever Told 2

Set in late 2012, in time for the end of the Mayan calendar, “The Greatest Story Ever Told 2” utilizes traditional biblical epics to explore contemporary culture and the values of Generation Y. With an apocalyptic tone and ironic charm the battle between good and evil is re-enacted for our unbridled entertainment in full technicolour and with a cast of actors that even “The Saviour” would feel humbled by. HolyGreenCow holds a Bachelor of Photography with Honours (First Class) from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith Univeristy, and he lives in Brisbane.

HolyGreenCow Forbidden fruit (detail) 2012, Archival Digital Print, courtesy of the artist. HolyGreenCow Aftermath 2012, Archival Digital Print, courtesy of the artist.


The way we represent landscape is as much a picture of nature as a self-portrait of our social relation to it. In these remote landscapes Derz explores the relationship between experience and representation by shifting from positive to negatives in an effort to capture the mystery that lies beyond the familiar. The remote and isolated vistas become as much a question about the space depicted as about ourselves. Shoufay Derz holds a Master of Fine Arts by Research (Media Arts), University of New South Wales, and lives in Sydney. Shoufay Derz ash plume I (detail) 2012, Giclee pigment print on archival cotton rag paper., courtesy of the artist.


These images bring to memory the long holiday trips with its passing landscapes, changing light and its abstract bands of colour. They depict movement and stillness as metaphors for life’s transient states engaging us in a meditational trance between the corporeal and the spiritual while opening the store of memories associated with life’s journey. Jane Burton Taylor holds a Master of Arts in Photo Media, College of Fine Arts, Sydney, and lives in Sydney.

right: Jane Burton Taylor Earth 9 (detail) 2009, C-type analogue prints on Fujiflex Crystal Archive, courtesy of the artist. Jane Burton Taylor Earth 8 2009, C-type analogue prints on Fujiflex Crystal Archive, courtesy of the artist.

Jane Burton Taylor Earth 5 2008, C-type analogue prints on Fujiflex Crystal Archive, courtesy of the artist.

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Catalogue essay: Maurice Ortega, 2012 Cover image: Kim Demuth Campo 4.16pm 20.06.2008 (detail) 2009, sculptural photograph, courtesy of the artist © copyright 2012: QCP, the artists, and the writer

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