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Jimmy Welch Beast

Mark Westerby Spanish Mountains

Paul Adams Factory No.2

Mark Westerby Emma Wood

McCoy Wynne Seagulls in Night Sky #3

Harry Archer Atmosphere

Jimmy Welch - Beast When touring round Sri Lanka I took time out in the Royal Palace Park in Kandy. I soon became the interest of a group of Toque Macaque Monkeys. This was the first shot I took before their curiosity got the better of them and they ransacked my equipment! Mark Westerby - Emma Wood This image was part of a fashion shoot inspired by The Women’s Land army - the British civilian organisation created during the first and second world wars, to replace men working in agriculture. Mark Westerby - Spanish Mountains These are the Ronda Mountains, a wild dramatic tract of mountains which surround Ronda, Andalucia’s ancient city. McCoy Wynne - Seagulls in Night Sky #3 This long exposure photograph depicts what the camera can see but the eye cannot . . . the intriguing and abstract flight patterns of sea-gulls in the midnight sky.

Edition: Limited to a maximum of 25 from each image Size: Overall print size including border approx 50 x 40cm Exhibition venues and dates: Manchester | 17 September - 17 October 2010 Matt & Phred’s Jazz Bar, 64 Tib Street, Manchester. Newcastle upon Tyne | 12 March - 24 April 2011 The Biscuit Factory, Stoddart Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. Visit for more information. Buy from gallery venues: Matt & Phred’s (Comme Ça Art The Biscuit Factory

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Selected by Claire Turner (Comme Ça Art, Manchester) and Sam Knowles (The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle) and chosen from the entire entry submission to this year’s SUN Awards. The SUN Special Edition is the only annual exhibition of its kind where you can pick up original, often personal work by professional, commercial photographers that is rarely displayed publicly, let alone available to buy and take home.

George Coppock Lone Tree

Gill Moore Sunflower, six weeks

Danny Craven Trolleys

Nick Dunmur Ray’s Lido #One

Richard Moran Forest

Paul Adams - Factory No.2 To translate the architecture of this building into the flat planes of a photograph, I focused on its graphic qualities and patiently waited for the right day and the harsh sunlight and deep blue skies I needed. Harry Archer - Atmosphere Photography is my connection to the world and inspires me to be creative, I’m always seeing our environment within a framed vision, trying to capture it with a different viewpoint. Wind turbines are one of the subjects that draws my eye and I wanted to show these massive man made machines being dwarfed by the sky from which they get their power. These turbines are on the moors near Bury and the sky was an ever changing beast due to high winds, so I set up my camera and waited until the clouds and light were just right to give me the effect needed. George Coppock - Lone Tree This shot was taken in the heavy winter snow fall surroundings of my local village. It’s situated within Bramham Park where the Leeds Festival takes place, a stark contrast to what it looks like surrounded with festival goers. Danny Craven - Trolleys Airports are a fascination to me. I travel a lot, so I guess I have more chance than most to capture the stark beauty that others have to rush past. This image is part of a series that documents transient spaces of commerce and travel, the non spaces are often at first not what they seem. This image was taken, like many in the series, in an airport departure lounge, what at first looks like an abstract image is actually a collection of luggage trolleys shot from a high viewpoint.

Nick Dunmur Ray’s Lido #Two

David Seed Mad Music

Guy Farrow Cow

David Seed Winter Hill

Nick Dunmur - Ray’s Lido #One Made in Malta on film, this picture of a Morris Traveller has a particular significance for me as one of them was our family chariot when I was very small. Because of its historical connections with the UK, Malta still has many old British cars in use - most in surprisingly good condition thanks to its climate. Nick Dunmur - Ray’s Lido #Two Also made in Malta on film and in a similar location at the north of the main island, this picture is one of a series made in a ghost resort - a strange, post-apocalyptical place where time and tide were slowly reducing the place to dust. It’s hard to illustrate the pace of decay in a fortieth of a second perhaps but I like places which people have left to natural forces to do what they will. Guy Farrow - Cow This was a shot for fashion stylist Lisa Jayne Dan. The brief was very open, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something a little more unusual and eye catching. Fortunately the cow was good to work with and the model had a good understanding of balance. David Lindsay - Another Place Antony Gormley’s sculptures are installed across a mile of Crosby beach. Although there are over one hundred iron statues, each has it’s own place and viewpoint of the landscape meaning there’s almost an infinite number of perspectives depending on sculpture you are closest to.

David Lindsay Another Place

Phillip Shannon Bubbles

Gill Moore - Sunflower, six weeks Taken from my “House Portraits” series; the sunflowers are homegrown. Week by week the developing scene kept distracting me. Sell-by dates are so over-rated. Richard Moran - Forest This is a one-off shot, one frame, one split second in time, not heavily thought about but when you see something you see it. Shot in Keldy Forest, North Yorkshire, on colour neg film on my trusty Pentax 6x7. The mid-tones in the image give me great faith in using film. David Seed - Mad Music Taken at the Fasnacht Carnival in Basel, Switzerland. It’s the country’s largest popular festival with around 20,000 masked participants taking part. The parade consists of groups of marchers in masks depicting cultural and satirical events of the past year with the marchers playing a variety of musical instruments. David Seed - Winter Hill After abandoning the car and walk down Goyts Lane to shoot a location at Errwood Reservoir in the Peak District I noticed the overhanging sunlit snow on a bank with its captivating contrast between the blue snow and grass in the shadows. Phillip Shannon - Bubbles I wondered whether it was possible for something to have the purity of graphical shape but yet be organic in origin. Once I had discovered the idea of bubbles it took four hours to capture this single image.

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